Friday, 5 February 2010

Another (Yawn...) Response to a Pinkie

Sometimes the McCs post a comment in a long gone post, so that I won’t go into the trouble of writing a reply.

This way, when history comes and searches these words, they had the last say, and my silence would be taken as an agreance.

Check this comment, put in today, Feb 5th, about the F-Word Slander Stunt, that I posted on Jan 15th:  

Anonymous said : Feb 5, 2010 6:49:00 PM Look, he said it, OK? You can hear it, even bleeped. The BBC checked with their sound technicians and would not have broadcast it if they had been in any doubt. There has been no retraction, there won't be. It hasn't helped that there are at least three different versions being put about of what he 'really' said. He screwed up, accept it and move on.

Dear A-hole (since you’ve not identified yourself and I have nothing to call you by, I decided to name you based on what my imagination sees you might look like),

Maddie was abducted.

"You can hear it, even bleeped. The BBC checked with their sound technicians and would not have broadcast it if they had been in any doubt."

Kate and Gerry are good parents.

David Payne is my hero. I wish he would do me like he did Kate. Blah, blah, blah.

What other cr*p do you want me to say?

When are you going to get through that thick skull that the simple fact of you saying something is okay, that it doesn't just mean that it is okay? Because, not only it isn't, as your bravado confirms IT IS NOT.

Even a dumbass brain like yours knows that this charade has gone the way it has due to your friends in high places, and these friends are not very loyal to others than themselves. Basically low-life people like you.

Your friend at BBC has made a big poo-poo, so don't push your luck, because there might not be any there for you.

“He screwed up, accept it and move on”. And take it like an adult.

About the versions, in your dreams, or nightmares since I imagine you sweating cold whenever you think of Amaral, but please, please, please do ask your BBC friend to put it somewhere on the net, bleeped, unbleeped, silenced, even doubled over, so that EVERYBODY can see it and make there own judgement.

Why won’t he do that?

A symptom of "missing" friends? How about, the absence of your famous friends at the “1000 days of Maddie Cash-In Celebration”? Didn’t that just send shivers down your spine? Of course not, it’s required to have one to start with.

Oh, I’m moving on. But in the direction that displeases you the most.


  1. A - hole ou 1 zé mole com tremendas afirmações e disparates idiotas e falsos. Enviei apenas a um amigo de confiança para tomar providências,caso entendesse.

  2. Maria,

    Although the response seems a little passionate, it certainly isn't.

    I don't feel disgust, hatred or loath for these idiots. I have the worst of all feelings that a human being may have for another of its species: pity.

    About false statements and false allegations... well, they are quite easyt spot. Whenever you see a pinkie openening his mouth to speak, he's lying.

    Mind you, not out of desease, but of need.

  3. The matter of, did he or did'nt he, is now in the hands of OFCOM. The fact that this footage has been removed is an admission that he 'Did Not'.

    Martin Brunt, as much as I dislike him, admitted in a round about way..(Must not upset the McCanns Martin. Or you will be out of a job) That he 'DID NOT'.

    The ball is in the BBC Court, maybe next time they will take advice from Sky News..when in Portugal at least find yourself a reporter that understands a little of the language.

    While we are on the subject of being honest. Let us turn to the 'FUND'

    The Fund is based on a FACT..The FACT being that Madeleine was abducted.

    Now was she or was'nt she?...there is no proof of an abduction, only the word of her parents.

    Therefore, the Fund is based on ALLEGED:...The FUND is a fact, the abduction is not.

  4. 'Mind you, not out of desease, but of need'

    Too true.

    It is the always the need.


    An excellent piece of deduction.

  6. Oh,Text! You speak to me in english...oh...and I have the IM translator quase "tão bom" como o google translator.(escolho-os free).

    Of course you write to all...I understand that .

    I thank You your´s advice.

    Por vezes,está a acontecer, torna-se difícil comentar....dá erro,atrás de erro. Há que insistir MUITO.


    McCanns new agony.


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