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The Importance of the F-Word Slander Stunt

As promised, updated 16Jan, 20:20:  

Quoted from The Mirror (MARTIN FRICKLER), published 14 January 2010: 


As she suffers unimaginable agony, the police chief who should have been finding missing Maddy spits out vile four-letter abuse at the McCanns..  

Disgraced detective Goncalo Amaral yesterday let rip at Kate and Gerry McCann with a foul-mouthed outburst. The former policeman was asked if his book about their daughter Madeleine was hurting the couple when he barked: "No, f*** the McCanns." 

Amaral then laughed as he walked off, despite being caught on camera insulting a couple who have suffered so much anguish in recent years.” 

Quoted from The Sun (TOM WELLS and ANTONELLA LAZZERI), published 14 January 2010: 

“THE ex-cop who led the Madeleine McCann probe sparked new outrage last night after launching a four-letter tirade against the missing child's parents. Brazen Goncalo Amaral spat, "F*** the McCanns" when asked by a BBC TV reporter if he felt his wild claims about their daughter were hurting them.” 

Quoted from the Daily Star, published on 15th January 2010 


BBC bosses sparked a row after accusing Goncalo Amaral of a four-letter tirade against Kate and Gerry McCann. They insisted the ex-detective said: “F*** the McCanns,” when asked by a BBC reporter if he felt his allegations were hurting the couple. 

But last night it was claimed he said: “Fala com McCanns,” which means: “Speak to the McCanns”. Asked if he had sworn, Mr Amaral replied: “Never. I don’t know what you are talking about.” 

Rival TV companies refused to broadcast the footage after their translators studied it. But it was broadcast, with the key word bleeped out, by the BBC in the East Midlands. 

A BBC spokesman said: “The exchange was recorded on camera. The swear word was bleeped out for transmission as it was clearly unacceptable to broadcast such language at 6.30pm.” 

Quoted from Sky News (MARTIN BRUNT), published on 15th January 2010 


Spare a thought for my new best friend Goncalo Amaral. I’m beginning to think the former detective in the Madeleine McCann case has a point when he complains about the British media attacking him. 

My Beeb colleague accused him of saying “F*** the McCanns” in an alleged off-guard moment when we all followed him out of court the other day. 

What he actually said was “Fala com McCanns” which means “Ask the McCanns”. The rest of us, through our interpreters, understood perfectly what he was saying. I think he needs a good libel lawyer. 

Isabel Duarte may be free when she has finished pursuing him over his book on the Madeleine case.” 

 The “Butterfly-Effect” states that the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings in China will start a chain of events which’s spiral will end up causing all the havoc of a major hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.

To exemplify this effect there’s the worldwide proportion of an apparently, at least to its authors, “harmless” fib about a dead-turned-abducted little girl in the Algarve early May 2007, to the point of making her parents a well-known pair of celebrities.

We’re now looking at a butterfly straight in the eye. Amongst those in the business of deciphering, its common knowledge that the most frequent letter used in English, is the letter “e”. In a ciphered message, once you’re able to crack the most recurrent phenomena all you to do it is replace the respective space with referred letter and you’re left with a simple newspaper crossword puzzle to complete.

It’s not that simple, but you get the idea, I hope.

If the letter “e” is the most common, then I would almost say that the most recurrent word in English is the F-word. No, I’m not saying that whoever speaks the language is a pervert, or obscene by nature.

I’m just trying to highlight its common use.

Is there any movie or TV series nowadays without it?

You may not know it, but the F-word is the richest word ever created by mankind.

It can be used to express anything in a sentence. It can be a noun, a verb, an adverb, an interjection or whatever. I mean, f**k, f**k me if f**k can’t f**king be whatever the f**k we want f**k to f**king be. Or, as the Americans say, ain’t that just a f**k?!?

Others words, in other languages, may equal it, but none is able to surpass it.

I don’t know any other myself, and I know some languages, and I do find hard to believe that there’s another. So I stand by my statement that, linguistically, we’re before humanity’s greatest achievement: the F-word.

Its use is so common and useful that, unlike other interjections like heck, jeez, Gosh (written always with a hypocrital capital letter just in case God sees through the “scheme” and will punish us in the here-after) or bullocks, it remains pure and unaltered in its original form.

Now that’s a word if I’ve ever seen one. It has long lost its original connectivity to fornication, so it’s absolutely ridiculous the use of asterisks, bleeps or the “f-word” expression (one that I’m using in this post just to protect those who accuse me of sometimes (?) being obscene).

I do believe that many a child with Maddie’s age when she demised can fill in the blanks, or for the most sensitive, the asterisks, followed by a delicious giggle that only a child that age can, and was something Maddie lost together with her life on that May evening right before her mother’s eyes.

This to say, that the blowing out of proportions any and whichever use of this word, as is the case, can only mean precipitation, hysteria and having nothing else to do or hold on to. Summing it up, it reveals desperation.

But mainly, it reveals a biased mind. A preset one that is only willing to hear only what it filters. One thing is sure: it reveals a basic, animalistic type of personality. And animals usually live in herds and are known to have a commonly understood language to communicate between each other.

Things do tend to get out of control, especially in uncontrolled mind. There might be intent in being so biased, or there might only be hatred. Or profit. Or all of the above. Only one of these preformatted minds could even think that ANYONE would come out of a Court-room and utter an offense against or about a counterpart. I only see two possible reasons for one to do that: having lost the litigation, and in an insane furious outburst of having lost all, directed to the adversary who is the easy target to blame; and the other is having lost sanity completely.

Neither was the case in the interview with Gonçalo Amaral. Not even Gerry McCann would do it in one of his typical temper-tantrums, that’s how impossible I think it would be.

The British Tabloids are expected to do hateful, judgmental and with little or no research reporting. They please the ignorant that they want to keep on coming back for more.

The already referred language code existent and understood only between and by animals. But now, we have BBC making this type of thing. Oops. Now what?

Let me take just one step back. We are hearing all these things about the Portuguese coppers taking a stand saying, under oath, that Maddie not only is DEAD as her parents faked an abduction and helped conceal her body.

Yes, this has been reported submerged in the expected offensive language against Amaral and in the victimizing one in favour of the scum. But, take all the clutter away, that is the information that is coming out.

Responsible people, with adequate responsibility at the time of the events, are pinning on the couple a series of very serious accusations and are quite adamant on the little girl’s death. You don’t have to be exceptionally bright to start to wonder…these guys ARE cops. They handled the issue first-hand. What is the reason for their hatred against the McCann? Why are they doing it? What is there that makes us suspect that the Portuguese cops don’t do their job?

These suspicions are based solely upon baseless suspicions of disgracefulness, corruption and nasty drinking habits, thrown at us time and time again by tabloid-reporters. As if the Brits could give ANY moral lesson about drinking etiquette.

Corruption, where? And is Amaral treated by the Portuguese in any way that he should feel embarrassed? I see only that type of behavior coming from the McCanns.

They MUST know more than the Press does. Yet, they are treated as liars long before they even take the stand… Like as if they’re purposefully and cruelly hurting the holy couple. Well, that’s because they hate the Brits. That’s the only plausible explanation. Wait a minute, either I wasn’t paying attention, but I don’t remember the when or why there was a racial issue here to start with.

I only remember that suddenly the Portuguese cops turned to pigs the moment they called the McCanns arguidos.

Something certainly smells fishy here, and it isn’t of sardine, one’s mind continues to think, I think.

Back to the BBC blunder. Tried to get the link for the video and nothing exists anymore. I haven’t seen it yet, and somebody is being very careful in making sure that I don’t.

Me and the whole wide world. Didn’t know censorship was so prolific in the UK…

Even my friends at The Sun linked a video with Gerry rambling on about how innocent they were and how they wanted to cooperate and all that crap that we all know by heart at this point in time.

The F-word reporting was, to say the least, premature, and in whatever angle you look at it, it’s intentionally biased against a specific character in this story.

You simply don’t confuse “fala” or “fale” with “foda” or “fodam-se” (the Portuguese don’t require any asterisks as of April 1975) unless you’re looking for which and any way to smear somebody much before he has even had the opportunity to open his mouth.

The message is loud and clear: the British Press, ALL of it, is like a rabid dog ready to pounce on Amaral, and will, given the slightest opportunity, jump on him and rip his throat apart.

Why, one cannot avoid asking. Let me invert the roles in this episode. Leet me establish some parallels: SIC is Sky News, Expresso is The Sun and RTP is BBC. Suppose that the Expresso, in its online edition, announces that RTP has reported that that Gerry McCann had said, exiting the Court-room when asked something by a TV reporter had intentionally insulted the Portuguese inspector by barking a “F**k Amaral”, and walked away with a smile on his face.

Pretty unbelievable stuff, right? You would think so, wouldn’t you?

As this had come from RTP, my brain would assume it as truthful.

But pretty soon reality would sink in and very quickly see that it was not. That would make me start to wonder on the reasons that RTP would have to have to have lied so blatantly, so offensively, so out of proportion, about Gerry.

See where this is heading? I know for a fact that at least a couple of people who are demanding an official retraction from BBC. And from what I know of them, they will be as tenacious as a bulldog on a Postman’s leg. Only a vet will pry them away from that leg.

 The forthcoming BBC retraction will confirm the viciousness of the English Press, not only the Tabloids, against Amaral.

People will start to question what kind of reporting has been done on this subject. Has all been based on emotion? Why on earth would the BBC of all news agencies put foul words on the mouth of someone who didn’t say them?

Then the subsequent adding up of one on one will start. The little girl WAS Brit. This is NOT taking British stand against Portuguese. It’s all a shameful smoke screen to protect some Brits who’ve hidden the fact that their British daughter is dead.

F***K, (or “Oh My Gosh”, for the more sensitive) UK is HELPING animals to get away with murdering a BRITISH child!!!

This, together with the prospect of this book and its content being in the news for a long, long time in the forthcoming projected legal battles, can only lead to one conclusion: The time to bail out is NOW.

If this Trial was the iceberg upon the McCann’s Titanic, then this F-word Slander Stunt, was the confirmation that the water is going to overflow compartment after compartment.

The unsinkable is about to sink. What was a mistake of judgment by a reporter will catalyze the McCann’s fall. Like a butterfly fluttering its wings.

Sky News is already talking of libel… and guaranteeing that THEY understood the thing correctly immediately. I bet my bottom dollar that in many an editing room there has been given the order to start producing McCann-crucifying stories.

How they with this trial in Portugal, could “finally” get their hands on the Amaral’s book and were absolutely flabbergasted on how cunning the couple and friends have been. That they, the Press, the victms, were used by these evil scheming scum, and that, unfortunately for society, there’s no longer a death sentence in the UK.

Yes, there will be blood. The British pride will demand it. The runaway train has left the station. There simply is no stopping it now. The best that can be done is to contain the damage. I bet all the earnings out of the previous bet that right now, David and Gerry are putting on all their possible, and then some, pressure on their governmental “friends” to get them off the hook on this one.

But there are some things that are impossibilities. Let us remember that Gerry had gone back for reinforcements before this. If things were bad, now they’re much, much worse.

You want to do your part? Well, it’s pretty simple. Just join the party, and demand a public retraction from the BBC.

The more the merrier. Then, when it’s published, as it will be, by the BBC and Tabloids do find a nice and comfortable couch and enjoy the show.


  1. 'fucking' excellent post textusa

  2. Agreed - fcking excellent post.
    Unbelievable that they already pulled that clipping.
    Someone saved it on Maddie Case Files however.
    The train has indeed left the station.
    Living in South Africa where we had no freedom of speech I always looked at Britain with envy.
    The journalists were tough and took no shit and came up with the dirt.
    I am trusting there are still some of them out there and God help Kate and Gerry when they put through their stories.

  3. Brilliant post!

    I did see it and the 'bleep' seemed longer than 1 syllable to me. I found the faux 'shock/horror' nauseating and those involved sounded like spoilt teenagers having their 4 penneth. 'Professional' certainly didn't enter into it.

    The BBC is next on my list!

  4. Good morning Textusa...This article is the usual arse licking up the Mccanns. However, they raise the point about free speech and they believe the findings of the dogs...Which means that they are also aware that the Mccanns are Fraudsters, scam artists,,Shame they did not print that in their article..
    A very good piece in fact I would go so far as to say a Brilliant piece from you. I am glad to see you are writing once more.


    Tony is working on this slander...I am still also hot on their heels.


    More corruption in the Midlands police force.


    Grenville Greenes account of the threee day hearing.

  8. Look, he said it, OK?
    You can hear it, even bleeped. The BBC checked with their sound technicians and would not have broadcast it if they had been in any doubt. There has been no retraction, there won't be.

    It hasn't helped that there are at least three different versions being put about of what he 'really' said. He screwed up, accept it and move on.

  9. Anon:


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