Friday, 15 February 2013

Surprise "Attack"

No, I did NOT pose for the picture.

“Where were we on the Great Maddie War?”

“In "Textusa’s Pearl Harbour".”

“No, that’s what said I was going to speak about. The question was to know if you have understood what I’ve said so far.”

“Before the monkey experiment you explained how you were in some sort of trench warfare kind of war but trenches were filled up with both all you people and BHs, side by side, and that you people were doing all their fighting for them because the objective was to centre the attention on the McCanns and anything else was off-limits and made untouchable either by making people be afraid of being sued or by making them feel they were ridiculous.

“Very good! I see I passed aside a brilliant teaching career!  Do you still remember what was it all about?”


“What was the objective of the war?”

“Didn’t I say it just now? The objective was to centre the attention on the McCanns.”

“That was the objective of the fighting but winning the war meant making hundreds of thousands  stop being interested in Maddie or the McCanns.

The GMW had to take place as a consequence of the BHs having blown sky high the McCann as the sacrificial lambs for the death of their daughter, a status they were forced to recall by recalling “The McCann Hunting Party 07”.

The idea was to slowly erode away that idea. To slowly ride down the McCann tidal wave and bring it down, if possible, to a ripple or, better yet, to a smooth plane of water…”

“Oh yes, I remember it now… to avoid any newcomers and to drive people away as fast as they could.”

“Also I said that after 1,000 days of conflict the topics discussed, by around only 5,000 people, had basically strayed away from the McCanns to “WH” intra-fighting; that there had been a power shift, from the “scientists” to the “monkeys” so that those in the BH Centres of Decision weren’t the same people who were there at the beginning of the conflict; that we had a change of Government in the UK that meant that the Nepotistic Network had to adapt quickly and the connections between the BHs and the politicians changed or were in process of changing; that the BH Camp was crumbling from the inside with bitter fighting between the various factions and that Britain was tired of the Maddie issue and was really looking forward for it to end."

“Yes, that’s what you said and that was when you said you launched "Textusa Pearl Harbour’s" which, you said, changed the outcome of the conflict.”

“Well, in our opinion, it contributed significantly, if you pardon the immodesty…”

“Could you just cut to the chase and tell me what was that “Pearl Harbour” thing?!?”

“It was our “Last Call” post in July 2010. That’s what the equivalent to Pearl Harbour was in the GMW.”

“Why that post in particular?”

 “I call it the “Textusa Pearl Harbour” as, like the military operation that took place on December 7th, 1941, it caught everyone by surprise and the adversary’s reaction to it turned out to be decisive in the outcome of the conflict in which it happened.

However there was one major significant difference between both cases.”

“And it was?”

“In the case of the Japanese, they were “forced” to attack as a result of the fuel embargo set on them by the US after having occupied Indochina, while no one forced Textusa to “attack”, which we didn’t… I mean, in reality, it wasn’t even an attack or meant to be an attack… it was just taken as such… you know, a gross “operational” misunderstanding…”

“Huh? What? Say again?”

“You know how when two parts communicate that there are always three points of view?”

Mine, yours and the real one? Is that it?”

“Yes, that’s exactly it.

When someone says something, there is what the person thinks has been said, what the other part hears having been said and what the person really did say.

With that post I thought I said something, but the BHs read it differently and, in hindsight, neither part was right."

“Say again, please”

There was what the blog thought it said and there was what it said, and in this case the blog thought it was saying something and the BHs heard a different thing when the blog was actually saying something else!"

“Please, please, make some sense about you just said…”

“Let’s start by what I said, then, if you would just be a little patient, I’ll explain how it’s different from what I thought I said.”

“Yes, go ahead by all means…”

“So, what I said was: Black Hats, I’ve worked enough on the couple and their friends and when I come back from holidays I’m going to post about other people who were there in that particular resort during that particular week.

This, if you read the post, is what I said.”

“Right, go on.”

“Next, what I thought I said.”

“Go on.”

“To understand what I thought I said you must know what I thought I knew at the time.

Direct Link vs Reality

I was an absolute believer of a direct link between the T9 and London via Jim Gamble.

That meant that I thought that it was just the T9 and Gamble that called ALL the shots.

I knew the whole table thing was ludicrous and the Tapas sheets were as real as a Black Hat with a peaceful mind.

But the fact that the Tapas dinners were accepted as fact meant that the appearance of Guest’s names on Tapas sheets meant the involvement of both Tapas and Guests.

The difference of what I thought then and what I’m certain of now is that then I thought that this involvement was forced, or passive, and now I’m certain that it was an active one.

I thought that the names of the Guests that appeared in the Tapas sheets were there because they were people who wanted or were convinced by the T9 to help out a couple with already enough trouble on their hands and certainly didn’t need anymore problems by being known that they hadn’t been anywhere near Tapas, or the apartments, in those evenings/nights.

About the Ocean Club, I thought the management had been coerced to go along with the abduction story by the British who flew in on Jim Gamble’s orders, and had instructed their staff to lie accordingly.

So, to sum up, I was absolutely convinced that the T9 were indeed the ONLY bad guys and the names that appeared on the reservation sheets were just gullible or forced participants in the cover-up.”

“Following you…”

“Have to confess that then I was absolutely intoxicated by the BH propaganda. I was absolutely within the nice and neat white picket fence that they had masterfully manipulated me to be in!”

“Yes, I can see that!”

“So, this is what I thought I said: “To all those who were in that particular resort during that particular week, I understand your current predicament and know you were dragged into all this, but to explain exactly what happened I have to show that the Tapas dinners are fake and to do that and show how phony the McCanns are I must bring your names up. If you can, have them confess before I return from holidays, because that’s exactly about what I’m going to post when I return from them.”

“A little bit too naïve, yes? It’s totally not you…”

“Yes I was and was absolutely heartfelt. I really thought that the swinging was only between the T9 and that they had, together with Jim Gamble, shunted a connection to London that had forced London to act.

And if one could force London to act one would obviously be able to force the OC into doing anything!”

“Well, it has its logic… and have to say that what you said and what you thought you said are rather different indeed… so, what did the BHs think you said?”

“This: BH’s, I’m on to your game. I know you were swinging and have nothing against it but I know that the McCanns and their friends didn’t have any sort of power to influence things they way they were manipulated. I’m not after you but I want the McCanns and their friends to own up to what they did. If when I come back from the holidays the T9 aren’t confessing I’m going to start writing about all that is outside that nice and neat white picket fence all the way to the apple tree!

And this is basically what was common between our “Textusa’s Pearl Harbour” and that of 1941, with all due respect to the lives that were lost that day of WW II.”

“Explain, please.”

“In both cases the attacked were surprised as they never thought they could be attacked where they were and in both cases the reaction to that attack proved to be decisive.

In the WW II, the fact that the US entered the conflict was decisive for it to be won by the Allies.

In our case, we believe that we, unwittingly, catapulted the events into following the directions they did and which culminated with the Armistice of 12 May 11.”

“The what?”

“Never mind… I’ll get there in a minute.”

“Ok, go on.”

“To understand the exaggerated reaction on the part of the BHs to this post you have also to understand what prefaced it, and that was the The Stroller posts.

You know, the ones where we demonstrated that the man Smith had seen was none other than Gerry McCann wanting to be seen with a blonde little girl that although very similar to his just deceased daughter, wasn’t. The girl he was seen carrying was sedated but very much alive.

“Yes, I remember them…”

“With these posts we got the BHs confused on how to react because although we were clobbering Gerry we were also going into hazardous grounds: the body,

If Gerry was carrying a live girl where then was Maddie’s body?

So most BHs remained silent throughout these posts but some understood the danger and started to put up a fight.

Some even risked their construed “WH” persona in the effort of not allowing us off that nicely built white fence around the McCanns.

Their efforts proved to be completely unsuccessful, as today it’s a given that it was Gerry with Tanner’s daughter that was seen by the Smiths.

However this BH reaction made me realize two things, one right then and there and the other in hindsight.”

“And they were?”

“There and then was that the grass was greener on the other side because on this side, our side, our grass was all dull and brown not because it lacked quality but because it had its roots set in soil filled with maggots and moles.

In hindsight, to understand how seriously they took the “threat” to jump the fence that they thought they had read with the Last Call post because the The Stroller posts showed what, and they saw it, Textusa was capable of, just based on the PJ Files and local geography. This proved two things, both very, very dangerous to the BHs.

First it showed that Textusa could think outside the box and not go with the flow just because the rest of the pack went that way and second that it could READ in the PJ Files what could be extrapolated from them and that was what the BH had worked so hard to distract from.

With our Last Call post, we, I must again confess, unwittingly, moved the spotlight from the centre of the stage, or the apple, and showed that there was a whole apple tree behind it!

Although the blog’s only intention was just to widen the spotlight maintaining the focus on the McCanns and at the same time illuminate the rest of the stage, the BHs thought that I was just about to point that light directly into their faces.

After about 1,000 days of war, and over 1,150 days after Maddie died, someone had, for the first time, explicitly threatened the “sacred” grounds so carefully and arduously built around the apple tree!

Alarm bells must have rung in BH HQ. Something had to be done!

So they reacted.”


"Freddie Mercury sang, as only he could sing, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, but what seemed to persecute the BHs was certainly something called A Crazy Little Thing Called Fate.

Remember those five things I said happened in the first 1,000 days of the GMW? Well, as fate would have it it was about that time, 1,000 days, that it was when we published that fateful post.

The “monkeys” were at the helm busy with what wasn’t important and the “scientists” were home trying to see the best way to connect with the new Government.

So, as had happened on the fateful evening of May 3rd, 2007, where someone wrongly suggested and where someone else wrongly accepted the abduction story as the best way to get out of the hot water they were in, this time, somewhere, some “monkey” took the absolutely wrong decision of bringing back the “The McCann Hunting Party”, now in its version of 2011.

Remember this was a decision made by the “monkeys” who knew not why they were defending the “apple tree” but only knew that no one was to go near it.

They thought that slamming the McCanns was the objective while the real one was to mitigate the tidal wave caused by the launching of the campaign against them in 07.

If they didn’t know what had caused it, how could they know that it was what they should have focused their attention to?

Slamming the McCanns was just a secondary objective and not the desired end-state. More like a long-term diversion maneuver to keep the attention away from the “apple tree”.

The real objective was to control that mob by dampening their enthusiasm until bit by bit they would get tired of the subject and go home.

And when they finally went home all that was needed was to let the subject die and be absorbed by the entrails of the internet.

And people were leaving because besides Textusa I don’t recall any other blog or forum putting up new stuff out there. The discussions grinded intentionally over and over on the same topics and the only novelties on the various blogs and forums were those that were being printed by a very biased media.

The complicit media recycled clutter and the blogs and forums chewed it as if it was a new recipe freshly out of the oven!

The tabloid “monkeys” were controlling completely the game! They set the rhythm and determined directions! Every single time they threw a “bone” out there, one could almost see the enormous dust cloud formed by all those chasing it!

As you can see, at those 1,000 days the “monkeys” had their foot literally on the pedestal of victory and didn’t know it! They were so, so near… and they blew it.”

“But how? If they were so near, why would they do something that stupid? I mean, whatever they did because I still haven’t figured it out what they did do wrong yet…”


Ignorance?!? Now you tell me they were ignorant?!?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. More precisely that the 2010 “monkeys” were completely ignorant.”

“The 2010 “monkeys”?!? Make sense woman!!”

“As I said, the “monkeys” that had any linkage with the 2007 events, namely the “McCann Hunting Party 07” and the start of the GMW, were too busy with their in-fighting than with the “business” at hand, leaving that to the “monkeys” that had nothing to do with the events of 2007 other then feed the public as instructed.

The “high-rank-BH-belts”, as I also said, were more worried in reestablishing the Nepotistic Network in accordance with the new government meaning that the Maddie case was, at the time, the least of their worries.

With all this in a cauldron of confusion, cross-interests and lack of real awareness added to the lack of engagement on the subject by those who could make the difference it could only end up in disaster!”

The “07 Decision Board” who had decided on the “McCann Hunting Party 07” and on the start of the GMW had after these 1,000 daysdisbanded” leaving the “monkeys” in business as I explained yesterday.

I’m as sure that no one from the Tabloids was part of the “07 Decision Board” as I’m sure they were the biggest presence in the “11 Decision Board”.

And what were the tabloids interested in? Sales! For them the McCann saga had been a very profitable one and they were certain that they would only let go of it after squeezing the last penny out of it!

“No doubt about that! But still not getting the “Pearl-Harbourness” of all this…”

“As I said, after our Last Call post, a decision by the BHs had to be taken, but which one?

After all, for the first time someone was stepping on forbidden territory, on out-of-bounds ground on no-man’s land as in land that no man, or woman, was supposed to tread!

To the uninformed it made perfect sense to move in on the McCanns before this Textusa character exposed what was there for all to see in the PJ Files!

The popularity of the couple, by their doing, was so low that it was becoming an embarrassment to be in any way linked with them.

The whole “Maddie thing” was like a rusty nail continuingly pricking UK’s dignity and credibility to the point of not only causing a wound but infecting it.

People were expecting that the new Government to put an end to this embarrassment.

The timing was perfect!

And by bringing the McCanns down they had two added bonuses: the solution to the Tony Bennett problem and the solution the Goncalo Amaral problem!

With the arrest of the couple and their friends these two legal processes would crumble without reaching the Courts!

It was time to pounce on the McCanns!

So before this “Textusa” started to do whatever it was she going to do that could compromise the integrity of the apple tree they slowly but steadily started to pull the rug from under the McCanns’ feet.

But there was a problem that they weren’t aware of…”

“And that was?”

As there was no one there to tell them about the GLITCH, or how important it was not to have Maddie's body to be stumbled upon, that had literally forced the 07 campaign to stop dead in its tracks, they simply didn’t know."


"One GIGANTIC ooops, you can say that again! That vital piece of information had been LOST with all that had happened in those first 1,000 days.

So they can’t be blamed for launching “Operation Dumbass”."

Operation Dumbass?!?”

“That’s the name I gave it. And it went as planned by the BHs. Exactly the way they had planned it.

The plan, I must say, was quite audacious and if pulled off right it would restore Britain’s credibility to its merited status!”

“And what was the plan?”

“Well, I wasn’t there so I can but speculate, but I think it went along the following general lines: make the McCanns scared so they would squeal and whine, then go to them and offer “help”. That “help” would culminate with the British Prime-Minister summoning the prestigious Scotland Yard who would, as they always do, solve the case brilliantly: the McCanns did it!

So they fired Jim Gamble and the McCanns sensing that the new Government was becoming too unfriendly for comfort came out to say that the Fund was running dry… remember that?”

“Yes, in fact I do.”

“That was the expected squealing and whining from the dastardly pair as they were clearly saying if you don’t continue to help us we’ll spill the beans!”.

So the BHs "compliantly" reached out to “help” them by giving the idea of Kate of writing a book with her version of events.

And they even gave extra help by providing someone to “help” her write that book!

 Understand now the name of the Operation?"

“Yes, I must say I do”

“They even convinced the McCanns to sign their own prison orders by writing that letter to Cameron!"

"I think I found a glitch in your theory!!"

"How so?"

"Well The Sun had the world's exclusive on the serialization of Kate's book, so what you're saying is that they were killing their own golden egg goose! If the McCann's got arrested, down the drain would go that so much profitable serialization, right?"

"See? That's another example of miscommunication! Only this time it was intentional."

"Intentional? How so?"

"Have you read the book?"

"You know I have! Not something I'm really proud of, but yes I did read the thing."

"Don't you think it was little bit self-incriminating?"

"Not a little bit! Completely and utterly self-incriminating!!!"

"So when The Sun said they were going to serialize the book after its publication they meant every word they said, they just, deliberately, didn't say all the words they really were meaning to say."


"They left out the words "and after the arrest" which makes the whole difference. When they said "we're going to serialize the book after its publication" they really meant to say "were going to serialize the book after its publication and after the arrest." 

But they couldn't exactly say it then, now could they?

"They had the world's exclusive to the most self-incriminatory document to what would have been the arrest of the century!!! Can you just imagine how BIG a gold mine that was?!?"

"No question about that!" 

"So on May 12, 2011 the SY Review was pompously announced by Britain’s Prime-Minister himself!

That is what I call the Armistice of 12 May 11 which marked the end of the Great Maddie War and the ill-fated start of “The McCann Hunting Party 11”."

“So, who won the GMW?”

“No one, my dear, no one. Look at it this way, it was like in the Balkans when NATO came in. SY waltzed in as the interposition force for this war. The war ended and no one officially won.

But I can tell you who lost it: Cameron and Scotland Yard."


“As I said, the GMW ended and the “The McCann Hunting Party 11” began not only with the exact same glitch, which meant it was destined for disaster from the start, but with one other major difference from the 07 version!

“What difference?”

“The McCanns

“The McCanns?”

“While in the 07 version they never knew they were being hunted, in the 11 version they knew at once they were prey!

SY had to produce the expected results quickly so most likely they didn’t beat about the bush and went straight for the McCanns.

Only in May 2011 did the McCanns realize in what a cesspool of snakes they had been standing in for the past 4 years!

All those would had been there to “help” them were just there waiting for the first opportunity in having them take the fall alone to pounce on them!

Imagine how painful it must have been for that idea to sink in...”

“I can only imagine their despair, confusion, anger…”

“And I can only imagine the paleness of those who had decided to stop the game in 07 when they realized, at once, what a predicament Cameron had unwittingly put SY in…”

“One thing I’m sure and that is that I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of whoever convinced him to do that!

Especially when you look back and see how that they had the GMW won and that stupid decision compromised it all.”

All they had to do was to close the tap slowly and the stream would become a trickle and the trickle mere drops until it dried up completely

“Please make sense…”

“They would just shut down the forums and have their "White Hat" bloggers start to “lose interest” in the issue or start to get "tired of blogging" and the issue would simply die away.

The McCanns would have had their punishment: a stigmatized life for the rest of their days and the issue would be forgotten."

“And the McCanns would just take it silently?!? What about their threat of spilling the beans?”

“That just goes to show how misguided that couple was of their self-importance…”

“How’s that?”

“Dear, all that had to be done was to do what was already done in 2007 and maintained since: issue a “gagging order” to the Press.

The only difference is that this time it would be against anything that came from the McCanns.

They could even replicate the “Libel Terror Campaign” parody this time against the couple instead of for them as it has been all these years.

If no-one hears a tree falling does it really fall? If the media was told that nothing from the McCanns was to see the light of day, then the light of day wouldn’t see it, would it?

Have you heard much of the McCanns in the Tabloids since the May 11 Armstice?”

“No, in fact I haven’t

“And I believe that if there wasn’t a SY Review pending right now, no one would be speaking about Maddie this following May.

Maybe just an oddball or two… in some unread blog in the entrails of the internet.

But there's a positive side to all this.”

"There is?"

"Yes, I believe that by now Scotland Yard can have their name on the Guinness Book of Records by claiming that they have set the record for the Police Force, in the whole world, with the longest time with the Maddie case on their hands."   


  1. What can Scotland Yard do except sit on the review? They know there are still MW holiday brochures out there, which may pop up at any moment.

    These clearly show the tapas was NOT part of the package.

    This is a solid fact, simple to prove and would cause a mountain of difficult questions. Who would arrange an inclusive package holiday and then pay again for all the meals?

    The tapas meals never happened.

    What they were doing and why in the OC is open to debate, the cover up by the OC and MW is not.

    An all inclusive package where the flights were extra money, the airport transport was extra money and all the meals were extra money, they were really desperate to be there. I wonder why?

  2. There was always one thing that I had found very strange and that was the Tabloids', namely The Sun, sudden silence about the McCanns immediately after the book was published. They had published parts of it so the content was no surprise. Also the tabloids are about the only thing Kate doesn't insult or point a finger at, so they had no reason to feel offended. I remember find this very strange and if I remember it right the next time Kate appeared was already aged with the Missing People (I'm not sure) outside some official building very, very aged. No wonder!

  3. Textusa at the helm!!

  4. Textusa

    Had to read your latest post over and over to get it into my head,.

    Am I right in thinking that we are, in effect, at "Checkmate" and we will not progress any further?

    Is it possible that even though the forums go round and round discussing the same things over and over as you say that although this looks unproductive, in a way, it still keeps the members waiting for progress. Even though it sometimes grates that they do keep discussing the same points from different angles, it has served some purpose.

  5. Anon #4,

    Thank you so for your insightful comment.

    First, in “our” game, between us and them, we pawns have done our job and now the game is left for the big pieces to play it out.

    We as spectators can only but watch, and watching is highly underrated in this instance. We should take pride in leaning back in our long chairs and just watch is a game with a completely random outcome.

    In the game between “them” the SY Review has catapulted things in a way it doesn’t allow them to get off the board. It’s like the Black King is all alone out there and the other side, even Blacker, has all the Knights, Bishops and Rooks, plus 2 Queens but doesn’t want, because it can’t, advance with a checkmate.

    So it’s an embarrassingly procrastinating sort of a game, where the prey lives terrified by the opponent’s next move, while the opponent is racking his brain on how to delay even further the game.

    Now please take into account that “the prey” is not a single entity but many desperate to not be considered as such. That means that “their” game is played on many boards which vary in importance. If, at first all were pushing the blame towards the McCanns, with the SY Blunder now everyone is just trying to push it away.

    We have interesting milestones ahead, Goncalo Amaral, Tony Bennett and May 12, 2013 to name the foreseeable ones. I won’t predict outcomes but all are surrounded by the most intricate complexities starting with those “assigned” to defend the McCanns being absolutely fed-up with the couple.

    They’re all literally on “damage control” mode and that’s why it’s much, much better to be a watcher than a participant.

    We, on our part, will continue to write because there’s still very much “hard evidence” to be put out there, while we watch with high interest both the low-important boards and the high-relevant ones.

    Never said that “discussing the same things over and over (…) looks unproductive” because I believe otherwise. If things stopped being discussed, then they would have won, and we’ve fought hard for that not to happen. I see “discussing the same things over and over” or recycling clutter as forcing them not to afford to leave the “battlefield”.

    Fortunately, our path allows us to continue on to new things. I had a long post where I reflected, in a philosophical approach, to the elements of communication, but it was apparently so complex that it was voted to be kept for future publication..

    But I tell you one little thing that was on it, and that is for every issue in our lives time allows us to see context clearer with each passing day and that "clarity" is unavoidable progressive phenomenon. It can't be stopped as one can't "unknow" what one has learned today.

  6. Thank you once again for a brilliant post !I made a last minute dash to London last week,to be at the Tony Bennett v MaCaans court case,and it really was something I will never forget,I thought Mr Bennett "fought his corner" really well,and to meet so many like minded people was incredible.We must hope the Judge,gives a fair judgement next Thursday ,following a last minute "declaration" that the MaCaans do not wish Mr Bennett to be imprisoned ,nor punished,????BUT that he just stops what hes been doing!!!!??????Remind me ,how much are Carter Ruck charging them for that day and a half in court,do you think the bad press announcing that the MaCaans were trying to imprison a pensioner,the evening before had any bearing on that last minute announcement ,also the entrapment fiasco had to be seen to be believed .In other words "all of us" must keep our thoughts to our selves,without "blogging".My son has said I must be careful as to what I say ,OR I could be the "next"Tony Bennett!!!!!I might be 73 in 2 weeks time,but my answer to that is Mr and Mrs MaCaan "bring it on" sorry Text,I think the day we are controlled by people like the MaCaans will be a very very sad day/.


    Mais uma baixeza de Murdoch e do seu "The Sun". Não admira que o jornaleco tenha pago milhões pela excluisividade das mentiras e devaneios de Kate Mccann.

  8. Kate & Gerry McCann appearing on 'The Andrew Marr Show' BBC1 this Sunday 17th February at 9.00 am, with Iain Duncan Smith MP and singer Sinead O'Connor. Also participating: Baronness Helena Kennedy QC and John Witherow acting editor of The Times


    Another example of how Justice works these days. A trial is taking place about Luis Figo (soccer player) having been paid to have breakfast with Jose Socrates in a marketing ploy for the elections of 2009 which Socrates won.
    One of the arguidos, Rui Pedro Soares has said that they've been waiting for this day to come because they will tell all in Court! Reaction of the Court? To decide that the proceedings are not to be made public!!!
    It's illegal and unconstitutional but does the Justice System cares when it comes to protect their own? Of course not!

    news about Pt and this blog is here.

    Good day.

  11. Textusa and Sisters,

    I never ever thought compassion could arise in this case and yet it has.
    I think Gerry caught on sooner than Kate that they were actually the shining apple on the tree. Kate just fell flat for the adoration and kind words and kept getting shinier and shinier.
    An image popped into mind whilst I was reading this and it was of that whoosh clunk video. Kate captured in a way that kept us all agog and astounded and something we still raise today when we repeat and repeat the bits we remember.
    Someone gave her something that day that dropped all her defences. Someone also filmed that and someone also leaked it out.
    The thing is to find who that someone was.

  12. Su,

    Understand your point of view. Agree with it in generic terms but not on the specifics.

    Yes, BEFORE the SY Review, there might have been some back turning and eye avoidance that could indicate, to the McCanns, and Gerry in particular, that they were being manipulated.

    But all was open to interpretation and possible misunderstandings.

    The relationship between the BHs and the McCanns, in my opinion, was made up of a gross symbiotic miscommunications.

    Neither party, nor us, really understood in what kind of relationship they had with each other.

    The McCanns thought they were having a protocooperating relationship, where two parties interacted with each other beneficially, Neither party need to interact with each other they interact purely for the gain that they receive from doing this. They they do not depend on each other for survival.

    We all, unwittingly, saw it as more sort of a inquilinistic relationship, in which one party, the inquiline, makes use of the other party’s habitat without causing any detriment to the host. Inquilinism is a sort of commensalism whereby two living organisms relate with each other where one benefits and the other is not significantly harmed or helped.

    The BHs saw it as an amensalism relationship. Quoting Wikipedia “Amensalism is the type of relationship that exists where one species is inhibited or completely obliterated and one is unaffected.”

    Some erroneously thought it to be parasitism. However in parasitism, by definition, one member of the association benefits while the other is harmed. However antagonistic or antipathetic the relationship may have been between the McCanns and the BHs neither part could afford to openly harm the other. This was a silent fight, the public could never see any signs of damages.

    Thus the more realistic approach by the BHs: amensalism. But with one wrong assumption: they thought they could pounce on the McCanns when the time was right. In that, they were very, very wrong.

    AFTER the SY Review, things have become perfectly clear between the parts.

    They are currently on a synnecrosis symbiosis, which is the interaction between species that is detrimental to both organisms involved. At this point in time both parties are seeking to cause the most damage they can to the other.

    About Kate vs Gerry being the one aware, a lot has been written about their personality disorders, including in this blog. Here I agree with you. My opinion is that Kate, since that fateful evening, has had her mind continuously occupied in finding justifications for her acts and so has been completely void on what surrounds her with the exception of the most pure hatred for all those that come between herself and her thoughts of innocence.

  13. Anon #8,

    May I has asked me to put the following comment about the Andrew Marr show:

    "I don't think I have the appetite for it.
    I think I'll just eat toast for breakfast."


    "Politicos espiados por detectives privados na Catalunha" = espiados pela Método 3

    Decididamente, Mccann's e BHs só se associam a trambiqueiros. Cada vez ficam mais ridiculas as palavras de Gerry a pedir que as medidas propostas por Lev virem lei, e é cada vez mais ridicula a atitude de tentar silenciar quem teima em não se deixar convencer.
    Esta ligação dos Mccann com os BH é um barril de pólvora que só precisa que se incendeie o rastilho para expor o seu cerne: dois inimigos viscerais condenados a terem de se amar/ tolerar para sobreviverem.
    A M3 é um belo exemplo da acção dos BHs sobre os Mccann. Quem os recomendou como detectives? Só pode ter sido quem tinha em comum com os Mccann, o interesse de não ver o paradeiro da filha revelado e tinha ainda um interesse perverso- o de queimar a imagem dos Mccann e assim mostrar que eles tinham de se auto- controlar e jogar o jogo de acordo com as regras que mais interessavam a quem tinha realmente poder. Será que começa a encaixar a peça do puzzle chamada Brian Kennedy?

  15. Catalonia spy case company has dossiers on politicians and judges.
    Metodo 3
    " Now a vast political espionage scandal"
    What did SY take away in those boxes?
    Why were they accompanied by Spanish police?
    Why did JT say in her statement that she feared arrest by Spanish police?
    M3 no longer in business.
    Is this a possible turning point? Time is the enemy of the Mcs

  16. High ranking SY officers have been arrested in the hacking scandal. No one can be sure that participation in a cover up today will not emerge tomorrow.
    When review was set up to investigate as if it was an abduction was their brief.
    If SY were to produce evidence of abduction, they would have to fabricate evidence, which only Portuguese police can act on to bring a prosecution. The Portuguese are now very unlikely to play ball with a scenario of abduction. SY can't take it further without the Portuguese police.
    They know the UK will resist any attempt to bring T9 to Portugal.
    As you say, stalemate in chess terms.

  17. #11, Su:

    Do you mean this video?

    It's a BBC Panorama, from Nov.19/2007

    It uses some footage made by their friend Jon Corner and Gerry talks about the "window of oportunity"(from 50.00 min on).

    If you don't have the time to watch the full programme, here you have the part were Kate goes "whoosh clunk", at 6.oo min.:

  18. Still on the Panorama video, besides the "whoosh-clunk" part, another bit also really shocked me, when Kate talks about peoples's criticism about how well they seem to function for parents who have their daughter missing, she says:

    "I've been like that before, there's been other cases of children that were taken or killed, or WHATEVER, and you think to yourself, how does anyone cope with that?"
    Or WHATEVER???
    Is it just me or that sounds incredibly cold and uncaring?! Gosh!

  19. Textusa

    I am Anon 4.

    My apologies about my comment. I think what is missing is a "comma" after "as you say" - I am sorry it was a mistake. It reads correctly with a comma - I would not want to mis-quote you in any way.

  20. Anon #19 (Anon #4)

    Please, no need for apologise. The sentence with the comma does gain another meaning but without it it would express a legitimate view to the post. My answer as far from being a criticism and if it was in any way read that way, it's my turn to be apologetic.

    With the comma, we seem to share views, that having subjects discussed over and over keeps the BHs busy and attentive.

    We here will do what we can, which is to continue to keep our promise in pursuing the whole truth, which means to keep posting new things, within logic, reason and feasibility. If they're "ignored", it's not our doing.

  21. No sights at moment. Days ago, some Mcmedia reported the Mccann's heading to Russia and Ukraine on their search ( for money, must be).
    I can guess.... Next Thursday, the world will be floaded by news reviving a old sight. What will be new and making the Mccann's and Bhs desperately looking for a sight? TB. The judge is going to say the result regarding the trial Mccann's V TB. I hope Maddie start having justice with her rights and the rights of who defends her and the truth to be known, CLEARLY STATED. Mr, TB deserves all the best regarding his strenght on the fight for Madeleine rights.
    I hope, you too Textusa never give up on the search for the truth.

  22. Breaking news:

    "The parents of Madeleine McCann, the British child missing in Algarve in 2007 and Gonçalo Amaral did not reach a court settlement in the civil proceedings in which the former PJ inspector is accused of alleged defamation.

    A source from the Defense told Lusa this Monday that "the parties haven’t reached agreement" and has called for "the reactivation of proceedings" in the 1st Civil Court of Lisbon, who will now have to schedule a new date for the beginning of trial."

  23. Thank you Anon #22 for such a timely info!

  24. Anon #22

    Good news indeed. Any bets on how long it will take them to drop the case?

    I'll tell you right now that if they go through with this they will surprise me!

  25. Anon 22 : seems news from a Brave Man! Courageous and, mainly vertical in character!

    There they go again to Court!!!

  26. This explains the Russian sighting: to divert from the negotiations between McCs and GA. GA confirms that there's no price for integrity!

  27. Nao li a edicao em papel mas adorei este titulo:

    'PGR afasta Cândida Almeida do DCIAP' in CM

    (ja nao era sem tempo. Esta sra e uma praga na justica portuguesa. A seguir corram com o Marinho que Portugal agradece)

  28. Agentes del Cuerpo Nacional de Policía detuvieron ayer por la tarde al director de la agencia de detectives Método 3, Francisco Marco ( o tal que prometeu uma prenda no Natal de 2007)

    (Agradeço a Mila do Hasta)

  29. mc, thank you!

    The pathetic carnival is steadily coming to a closure. And with the McCanns going rogue so openly I don't envy whoever is responsible for the damage control.

  30. ''

    O Pasquim do CM ja nao tem esta noticia em destaque na edicao online. Para a encontrar, tive de procurar.
    Nao e irrelevante o facto de ter apenas 2 comentarios, ambos contra GA. Muito 'LIFT' a controlar o que os portugueses devem ler.
    Se fosse mais um desses avistamentos ridiculos, estava 'garrafalmente plantado na primeira pagina' e agradeciam-se comentarios a alimentar a saga.
    E uma vergonha e sera que quem esta na edicao destes jornais ainda nao percebeu que nos portugueses ja percebemos todo o esquema e vamos deixando diariamente, de comprar os jornais que pretendem 'toldar-nos o pensamento'? Quando muitos deixarmos de comprar, voces perdem o emprego. Depois nao se esquecam de bater a porta da 'LIFT' ou de Rothley para vos arranjarem um tacho.
    Eu faco a minha missao em prol das criancas do mundo e da policia do meu pais- NAO COMPRO MAIS O CORREIO DA MANHA, seja em papel ou nao. Nao merecem um centimo do meu trabalho.


    Metodo 3 no seu melhor: 3 elementos presos incluindo Francisco Marco, aquele que disse ha anos que traria Maddie de volta pelo Natal.
    Espero que a policia espanhola entre a fundo na investigacao aos meandros desta empresa. Talvez encontrem pistas importantes sobre os falsos avistamentos de Maddie, as actividades do Fundo Mccann e as perseguicoes a GA.
    Quando foram escolhidos para detectives privados dos Mccann, os Mccann e quem os escolheu sabia bem o curriculo da empresa. Nao foi para procurarem a Maddie que eles foram contratados. O tempo so adensou as suspeitas que todos temos ha anos. E tempo das policias oficiais trabalharem em conjunto para desmascararem quem anda a gozar com o publico e com os impostos de milhoes, pelo mundo fora.


    Assino por baixo

  33. #32,

    E eu, idem!

    Depois daquelas declarações em que afirmou que em Portugal não há corrupção...coitada da senhora, bem que precisa de ir descansar, está mal da vista e da cabeça...

  34. I wish we could be privy to the terms of the negotiations proposed by the McCanns...I bet the proposal included clausules demanding Mr. Amaral to retract his theory and be forever silent about the case, and that, from what we have come to know of Mr. Amaral's character, he would never accept!

  35. Ah! ah! O Marinho Pinto mansinho, há minutos na RTP a propósito de Cândida Almeida:

    ....." o importante não é quem parte, é quem vem.... Espero que seja um magistrado que não ceda a presões politicas nem perseguições...."

    Pondo as barbas de molho? Tarde piou porque cedência a pressões e perseguições têm sido os principais ingredientes do caso Maddie. Em qual dos adjectivos cai o seu testemunho a favor do casal Mccann contra GA?

    Começa a levantar-se o véu. A Candida foi afastada por violar o segredo de justiça e passar para fora o que deveria ficar dentro da investigação. Quantas vezes isto aconteceu no caso Maddie? Os Mccann até lavaram a roupa antes de serem surpreendidos pela policia. Quem os avisou sobre tal visita? Isto para não falar na vergonha que foi o Eurojust e as cartas rogatórias.
    Não admira que a sra esteja incontactável. Mais uma que vai fugir para Paris.

  36. Anon #34,

    Disagree with you. In my opinion the McCanns weren't in any position to demand anything. They may beg for some sort of silence but that's all they can do. I would also liked to have been a fly on the wall. I think what i would witness would be the McCann's team offering money to Amaral.
    They are the sort of people that think money can buy anyone.
    They had 6 months to come up with an agreement and Amaral cut out any possible negotiations right after the first month. The Defense, or Amaral's team now states that the case as to reactivated. That was said on 18Feb. Let's see how long it will take team McCann to go to the Court saying that no agreement has been reached.

  37. The Mccann's can't surprise anymore. They will drop the case against Amaral but first they will play the dirty game of the sights for a little long, trying to cement the idea of Hewlett being the Paedo evil who was behind Madeleine disappearence.

  38. “As nossas convicções assentam na experiência profissional, em factos e indícios recolhidos e da sua interpretação à luz do Direito. O nosso trabalho desenvolveu-se com o objetivo da realização da justiça através da busca da verdade material, a única que deve prevalecer face a um universo que torna vulgar a verdade da mentira”.

    (Maddie – A Verdade da Mentira. Olhão, Julho de 2008)

    Por GA.

    Com GA!

  39. Textusa,

    You have committed yourself to the very tedious task of untangling the skein, and you are doing an impressive job. Bit by bit, the truth is surfacing and I hope your decisive role in this will be duly acknowledged in the future.

    There is however one point in your theory that is puzzling me, and I thought that maybe you could clarify it or point me to where in your blog you already did so if I missed it.

    What is unclear to me is what you think was the precise goal of the "McCann hunting party 07". To have the McCanns charged - I understand and agree with that - but charged with what exactly? In the summer of 2007, it would seem to me that the BHs could go after the McCanns in two different ways:

    * Option A: have the McCanns charged for several crimes including body concealment and false testimonies;

    * Option B: have the McCanns charged for child neglect and false testimonies, but no active involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.

    I may be wrong, but I believe that Option A was way too risky for the BHs. The police would not buy that the T9 alone hid the body, if only for a couple of days. A bunch of tourists could not possibly do that without substantial logistic help. The police would look for accomplices. The T9 members might resent being the patsies, they might talk. The amount of damage would be highly unpredictable. Hence, Option A did not look like an option at all. It never did, IMHO.

    The BHs may initially have hoped that the Portuguese PJ would be corrupt enough to pick some random pedo from the region and get him to confess that he killed the little girl and destroyed the body, but it soon became clear that this would not happen. Pointing at the McCanns was then arguably their best move to feed the mass hysteria - but they could "only" afford to implement Option B.

    For Option B to be successful, however, it did not really matter whether the body could be found or not. That is why I would not invoke the absence of the body as the motive for recalling the "party". Another very good motive came in August 2007, when the sniffer dogs Eddie and Keela trashed Option B in a matter of hours. From that point on, the BHs had no choice but protect the McCanns and generate a maximum amount of clutter around them - starting the "Great Maddie War" you so brilliantly exposed.

    As for the SY review, your interpretation as to why it stalled is very plausible, except that I would not rule out the possibility that David Cameron tried to play against the BHs, maybe with the intent to use the review as a political leverage. Who knows, something might magically pop up someday when the timing is right.

    Please don't hesitate to correct me.



  40. Dear Alex.

    Thank you for your comment.

    First, to answer your question: the BHs wanted the McCanns charged for the exact circumstances in which the “Maddie occurrence” happened.

    The reasons as to why they wanted that I hope we will explain in the next post, hopefully the last in the “Conversations with Fred” series.

    Now about your reasoning. First let me tell you that by presenting a option and ending your argumentation with “Hence, Option A did not look like an option at all. It never did, IMHO” is imposing a strong limitation to an open discussion.

    As it happens, as I answered above, it’s exactly the option which you think it never was which I think that was.

    But let’s look at your elected option “child neglect and false testimonies”.

    False testimony as to what? Of being neglectful?

    Let me tell you that not one living soul that read about Maddie in the world thought, in the Summer of 2007, that the McCanns hadn’t been neglectful. Neglect was implicit. Neglect walked together with the McCanns. So much so that to people that don't read much about Maddie (99,99% or more of the world's population) still think the McCanns neglectful albeit all the media, both serious and otherwise, campaign to say otherwise.

    But let’s accept that what you state is correct. They would only be charged with neglect and false testimonies about neglect.

    Then, what about what happened to Maddie? Was she abducted? Leaving things at “neglect” level, as you "propose" would forcibly endorse the abduction as real, wouldn’t it?

    By July 2007, the abduction theory no longer convinced anyone and was eroding very, very fast. The fact that the dogs found traces didn't come as a surprise to anyone because everyone knew that the girl had died in that apartment.

    So, for option B it seems that it did really matter whether the body could be found or not, as without a body or an explanation as to what happened, you’re left with the abduction, which I’m assuming you’re not a believer of.

    And any explanation for a body would always involve Maddie’s parents making it impossible to keep things at a "neglect level".

    Charging the McCanns with “body concealment and false testimonies” would solve the abduction dilemma once and for all.

    But you raise a very valid point by saying “The police would not buy that the T9 alone hid the body, if only for a couple of days. A bunch of tourists could not possibly do that without substantial logistic help. The police would look for accomplices”.

    I couldn’t express better than you have the reasons as to why the McCann Hunting Party 07 was recalled. A body was mandatory to stop looking for accomplices, which was exactly the last thing the BHs wanted.

    About “The T9 members might resent being the patsies, they might talk” let me exemplify as to why they wouldn’t.

    First because the “Maddie occurrence” is, apparently, in no way linked with the ongoing swinging besides the possibility of a child walking accidentally in on two adults engaged in sexual activity, which could be limited to have happened within the T9 and so NOT involve any other guest in the matter.

    Second because if I was paying for your VERY expensive lawyers and I didn’t have anything to do with those pesky dogs finding evidence (well, you didn’t know I did…) would you turn against me, who was helping you not only with the best possible lawyers but also with the best “moral support”?

    By the way, the expression “way too risky” was the most common one used against the blog to contradict our The Stroller posts.

    Hope I answered your questions.

  41. And Alex,

    About the SY and David Cameron I’m not seeing any “something might magically pop up someday when the timing is right” to compensate the humiliating two years without results.

    Nothing, besides the sheer impossibility to advance, can justify the public humiliation of such an institution with the prestige Scotland Yard had. Yes, do notice the past tense.

    The SY Review was a proposal by the BHs that, like the McCann Hunting Party 07, went awry for the reasons you so eloquently put about the T9 alone hiding the body.

    Now, I believe that one could look at the Leveson Inquiry as a strong “possibility that David Cameron tried to play against the BHs, maybe with the intent to use” it “as a political leverage”.

  42. Textusa,

    Thank you for your clarifications.

    Sorry for sounding a bit peremptory. It was not my intent. The truth is, I don’t have a strong opinion on this and that is why I asked you.

    I think you convinced me that Option A was feasible. I did not need to be convinced that it had some advantages over Option B, yet with some drawbacks.

    I guess my main concern arises from: "A body was mandatory to stop looking for accomplices, which was exactly the last thing the BHs wanted". How could they make sure, even with a body, that the police would stop looking for accomplices? If the body had been found in July or August 2007, the police would surely have wondered how they were fooled by the T9 during more than 2 months. I imagine they would have been particularly eager to expose any external help provided to the T9, if only because their own credibility was at stake.

    The fact that the body had been hidden for some time, regardless of whether it was destroyed or not, seemed like a serious objection against Option A. That is why I said: "Option A did not look like an option at all". But, you are right, this was an overstatement. The BHs might have figured out a way to just deal with that.

    The "nice" thing about Option B is that it would lead the justice to officially endorse the abduction theory, certainly a very appealing outcome to the BHs. But the drawback indeed was: there was no abductor. Well, it was a drawback, but they could deal with that too as they proved able in the following. Before the sniffer dogs, the police had strong suspicion against the T9 but no irrefutable proof, so I would imagine that the neglect theory could stand in a court of law. The McCanns would just need to explain their lies. Something like "we were afraid to lose custody of our twins, there was no checks during dinner" could perhaps do.

    Again, I am just thinking loud, not claiming that things happened in one way or another.

    Needless to say, you are right in assuming that I am not a believer of the abduction/negligence theory.


  43. Alex,

    It's all a question of who you believe had the control.

    As a clue, let me tell you that I fully believe that the McCanns have been completely ostracized by the "BH World". They now know they are, and ALWAYS were prey.

    Why don't they spill the beans, instead of playing strange alliance games in which they continue to be used?

    I'll tell you my opinion. They can't. And they know they can't. The people they would be up against wouldn't allow a single word from them to see the light of day.

    For how many years have the blogs been putting the "truth" out there?

    Am I disbeliever of blogs? Of course not. Blogs will have a fundamental role when historians are to do research on the subject. But now, today, this very minute, the resources that influence the public opinion are still in the hands of very few.

    Befriend them and the world is yours. One without values, but it is yours nonetheless. And when I say values, I'm obviously referring to the spiritual ones, because about the material ones I've always heard there's no such thing as free lunches.

    I have to correct something in my last postings. I said that the next post would be the last in the "Conversations with Fred" but I forgot that I promised him to speak about two other themes: Priority Zero and Black Hat Gangs, so, no, it won't be the last one.

  44. Textusa,

    Finding out who had/has the control is what makes it relevant to keep on discussing this case. There is nothing we can do to bring Madeleine back. Even telling the truth will never render the justice she has been denied, or clear the disrespect she has been hold in for so long. But discussing the case can at least help us understanding in which world we are leaving.

    I will be reading your next posts with pleasure.




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