Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Master-Sublieutenant

As  promised, somewhere in the "Pacific Ocean", near the "Magellan Strait", we waited to welcome “TRUTH” after its helm was in Mr Bennett’s hands for a two day long combat.

There’s never been a ship built as sturdy as “TRUTH”. There never has been, and there never will be.

She’s taken hit after hit, attack upon attack, has seen her woods splinter under many a cannonball of pure vile, hatred and deceit, has seen itself outnumbered by vessels with the latest weaponry that money and influence can buy but there she has always been, her sails filled with pride.

We said that the seas that Mr Bennett was to sail in those two days were the most dangerous known to date, as he was sailing head on towards the bi-forked tongue "Adamastor".

If the original Adamastor was indeed a myth, the one “TRUTH” was to face, Carter-Ruck, was very, very real.

Both mythical and real possessed .a common trait: their enormous mythical powers.

Of the original today we know them to be absolutely fake, of the latter, from what winds are saying, it seems it has a disproportionately bigger bark than bite.

We have to wait and see to find out what real damages, if any, were caused in these two days of arduous combat.

We must confess that from what the winds have whispered, it was the “rocks”, immutable and with jagged edges, that on both sides of the “strait” caused most of the damage rather than the bi-forked tongue monster himself.

The “strait” was narrow indeed as the Court considered it irrelevant to the hearing the facts relating to Madeleine's reported disappearance, the widespread availability of Dr Amaral's book, that Mr. Bennett is the only person on the entire planet who is actively being inhibited from expressing his opinions on the disappearance of Madeleine as well as the the circumstances under which Mr Bennett agreed to give the undertakings - on 2 October 2009.

It was made very clear that court orders, injunctions and undertakings must be strictly obeyed until set aside one way or the other, varied or revoked, whatever may be said about the circumstances under which they were obtained, about how oppressive or restrictive they were.

One very narrow “strait” indeed. But Law is what Law is and Law must be obeyed and that is exactly what we've strived for these past years: the obedience of the Law that some have incomprehensibly escaped to abide by.

To steer a vessel in extremely rough seas, through such a narrow passage and with a “monster” lurking is one heavy task to burden a single man.

The “monster” is said to have shown up with humpers and shifters for the loads of boxes of files. The situation described paints a comical picture, a physical threat of might/money spent, compared to our sailor who arrived with one small box.

About the “monster’s” performance I would rather not speak much about it other than noting that it came to a Courtroom to, under oath, state that his clients swear that their child was abducted. Rather unique, I think.

Thank goodness we’re dealing with mythical figures otherwise I would have to open a parenthesis to explain that we were now into fictional narrative… what? We’re not? Oh… fascinating.

It is not about the undeniable and commendable courage that Mr. Bennett showed in looking the “monster” straight in the eye(s) (we believe that besides being bi-forked in tongue, it also showed up with 5 pair of eyes) as mentioned about in the last post that we wish to talk about today.

It’s about what we deem to have been the most important thing that happened in those two days and that was the fact that the “monster” faced Mr. Bennett when he was at “TRUTH’s” helm.

Not withdrawing any of the value and importance of Mr Bennett’s heroic stance in those two days, because both must be remembered and cherished here onwards, we think that what also has to be highlighted is it was much more important for the “monster” having to face Mr. Bennett rather than Mr. Bennett having to face the "monster".

What is the worst thing you can do to a bully

Face him, confront him. Show him how resolute you are. However much fear you feel, you’re prepared to face the pain he so often threatens he’s able to inflict.

And once the bully understands that, he's left with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

He may even strike out but even then, knowing that you’ll be able to take it and, worse, you may retaliate, his attack won’t be as confident. 

Much like the difference between catching a fly or a bee with one’s bare hand.

Mr. Bennett faced the bully, but he didn’t face him alone.

I have this theory that the “mythical” Adamastor really does exist but confronted in his “seas” by the sailors led by Bartolomeu Dias, he has cowered away to this day somewhere in Table Mountain.

Mr. Bennett for those two days was indeed the man at “TRUH’s” helm. But a helm connected firmly to a ship. The “TRUTH”

Mr. Bennett on those two days showed the “monster” two things: his courage and his, and our, ship.

And a ship with a resolute crew. A crew that answered the call both in body and spirit.

In body, by those who forced that on both days they had to put 'COURT FULL' notices outside the Courtroom.

In spirit, by massively showing how supportive they were with Mr Bennett’s cause through all known social networks.

A crew that didn’t make its presence felt on something because it was “hype”. On the contrary, as although it was unquestionably newsworthy, the media blackout did all it could to smother the event.

A crew that came because of something that now has lasted for 69 months. That’s 2,100 days. Around 5,8 years.

A crew that came regardless of having suffered massive misinformation campaigns all this time.

A crew that reported for duty!

And what a crew! “TRUTH” is as well manned as she will ever be!

Let me tell you now an episode of Portuguese history that I find adequate for this moment.

It’s about a gentleman called Duarte de Almeida.

Duarte de Almeida was the master-sublieutenant (alferes-mor) of the Kingdom of Portugal during the Battle of Toro that took place on March 1st, 1478.

The master-sublieutenant of the Kingdom of Portugal, or simply master-sublieutenant of Portugal or master-sublieutenant of El-Rei was the senior officer of the Crown who had the job of carrying the flag of the King of Portugal.

Until the creation of the office of “condestavel” of Portugal (the kingdom’s first dignitary, the first one being D. Álvaro Pires de Castro, 1.º Conde de Arraiolos (1382-1384)), the master-sublieutenant was, by definition, the commander in chief of the army. After that, it became essentially an honorary position, until the end the monarchy, in 1910.

During the Battle of Toro, Duarte de Almeida, D. Afonso V’s master-sublieutenant, found himself surrounded by enemies that cut off his right hand, which made him hold the King’s banner with his left.

However, they also cut off his left hand and he, desperate but valiantly, took the banner in his teeth to avoid being taken by the enemy. He resisted to the utmost of his strength and fell.

The enemy then seized the flag, but Gonçalo Pires, managed to recover it.

And in those two days, in a London Courtroom, and on the internet, “TRUTH’s” crew showed a resolution that equals that of Duarte de Almeida’s.

We don’t know what the damages the two days have caused to the “TRUTH’s” hull but we know that our adversary now knows that they may “cut off both hands” of our master-sublieutenant during this battle and even make him fall due to exhaustion, but that there will always be another to recover the banner.

And after this one, another… and so on.

Mr Bennett held Maddie’s banner valiantly as we all were able to see. 

We’re not wishing or predicting any “harm” to Mr Bennett’s "capabilities" to hold that banner whenever he feels called to do so.

Nor are we pressuring in anyway the Judicial System on this particular case.

We just want to show the Black Hats, namely those that WEREN’T anywhere near that Courtroom, physically or otherwise, that independently of the outcome, which we hope and pray will be highly favourable to Mr. Bennett, they will have many of us ready to continue the fight with the same determination

The Maddie case will not go away.

Mr. Bennett, once again our sincere thank you for your courage.

Your current silence is understood as the wise warrior is the one that knows when to rest to be able to fight another day.

Post Scriptum:

After more than 10 years after the Casa Pia scandal broke out, it was in late November 2001, the last Court to which Carlos Cruz and others could appeal to has turned down their appeals. This means he has to go to jail.

So "TRUTH" continues her journey, regardless of how long it takes her to reach port

Once her crew has the mind set on reaching a certain port, rest assured that that port will be reached.


  1. This is a balanced article. I like the reference to tides that has echoes of this post.

  2. Vexatious litigation? Did Page really take notice of what the press had to say or is this to make out Mcs are not vindictive? More likely they don't want Mr B sent to prison and risk him then revealing all he knows. He would have nothing to lose then. That really would make headlines and show how freedom of speech is denied to a UK citizen.

    'Adrienne Page Q.C., did make one important submission right at the end of the proceedings'.

    "My Lord, my clients wish to make clear in the light of press reports today that they do not wish for Mr Bennett to be sent to prison, nor do they want to punish him in any way; all they want to do is to ensure that he stops what he has been doing".

  3. Thank you Textusa, best article ever!

  4. Sem palavras ... brilhante como sempre!...
    É com um prazer imenso que sigo os seus raciocínios e é enorme o deleite que sinto ao ler o que escreve, com os conhecimentos, inteligência e sabedoria que revela.
    Em relação a estes últimos posts ... encantada com as suas lições de História de Portugal, com o orgulho e patriotismo de que dá nota e, sobretudo, pela subtileza com que tenta devolver-nos a dignidade que muitos persistem em tentar retirar-nos.
    Muito obrigada.

  5. I read comments from people who actually attended and who were in support of TB.
    There are lot of comments on JH that explain what seems to have happened...
    What didn't happen is TB giving his supporters details to the court.
    Gunnill admitted to lying, so hardly the hero of the hour.
    I also understand Adrienne Page QC represented the McCanns in their out of court settlement against the Express newspaper. The same newspaper who Gunnill tried to obtain the book in order to assist in writing an article that was never published?
    If I'm wrong about these facts, someone please let me know.

  6. if you or any one thinks MIKE GUNNILL got the book to write an article then you are all very much mistaken,remember how many times he said
    I LIED
    good article textusa,about the only one i can understand:-)))))

  7. Truth is an undying flame. Lies are shadows that scatter before the light of Truth.
    Mr Bennett is a rare thing indeed - a hero and a flagship advancing before us, sails billowing wide and full.
    Truth will have her day.

  8. No caso Mccann V TB, o importante são as enormes vitórias que ficaram registadas nas entrelinhas:

    1- foi das poucas vezes que a Carter-ruck foi forçada a ir a tribunal porque é famosa pelo método terrorista de destruir os seus oponentes com cartinhas e negociações antes do avale de um juiz.

    2- A Carter-ruck foi ridicularizada pelo caricato desequilibrio de forças: de um lado um escritório de advogados de topo, do outro um pensionista só mas replecto das suas convicções e de um apoio moral materializado pela Net que tem como escritório o mundo inteiro.
    No meu coração fica a melhor imagem desta história que, por ironia tem a assinatura da BBC Eastmidlands: TB caminhando lentamente mas de cabeça erguida enquanto puxava um saco-carrinho onde presumo, estará aquilo que os BHs, os Mccann e a Carter- ruck mais temem- a informaçáo que ele compilou e tudo quanto terá chegado às suas mãos nestes quase 6 anos, à revelia dos Mccann.
    Só "naives" acreditam que informação importante foi passada aos números de telefone propostos pelos Mccann. Eles bem tentam, com todas as campanhas e com a ajuda dos jornais...mas a informação, quando é importante, segue outros canais, menos mediáticos mas mais eficazes. E é isto que os Mccann temem e é por isso que querem TB calado e através deste silenciamento, o silenciamento de outras vozes incómodas.

    3- finalmente tivemos a confirmação preto no branco do envolvimento dos media na protecção aos Mccann. Jornais que publicam noticias consideradas de " encher chouriço ", deixam passar uma que dava primeiras páginas para todos os gostos? Ummm, cheira mal, muito mal...para o lado dos MCcs e do seu gang.

    4- Finalmente, podemos, legitimamente associar os Mccann aos multiplos avistamentos da criança. Se não, porque é que a testemunha da NZ guardava informação para largar nos media num dia tão conveniente? Adensou-se em 99% a suspeita de que todos os avistamentos têm a mesma assinatura por trás. E não é irrelevante o facto de sistemáticamente acontecerem em paises muito longe de Portugal. Os Neo- zelandeses querem lá saber dos avistamentos de uma miuda que dizem ter desaparecido em Portugal? Muitos nem sabem onde é Portugal? Portanto este avistamento foi para consumo externo, para inglês e português ver. Se o avistamento fosse em Espanha ou noutro qualquer país europeu( como seria lógico pela proximidade), seria um mau negócio para o casalito e seus apoiantes. Num ápice, eram desmascarados, mas não sem antes causarem um surto de urticária aos milhões que mudam de canal sempre que eles poluem os ecrans.

    Em suma, quer TB se retire ou não desta luta, já fez história e despertou o respeito em milhões de cidadãos. O que conquistou é directamente proporcional ao que os Mccann perderam. Parabéns, volte sempre. É por certo um motivo de orgulho para os seus netos e um marco na defesa dos direitos das crianças. Espero que este descanso seja um até já porque outras vozes se vão levantar para provar que a jogada dos Mccann é uma luta inglória- Não podem processar/ calar o mundo inteiro. Eles estào a transformar o desaparecimento da filha numa "maçã de Adão" muito apetecível.

    O que não me surpreende, ou talvez sim...é o silêncio de JBS. Nem um post, para quem andou tão activo?

  9. Based on what I’ve read one can tell you that CR are nothing but a bunch of very average lawyers if that!
    Tudor never said a word.
    Martorell was dismaying.
    Page was as dull as bat on a beam.
    Dean was whispered 1 question by Page in those two 2 days.
    The 5th person only took notes and contributed with nothing. As a transcript will be available, what was that person there for??
    I had heard they don’t get much practice in court and it showed!
    The fact that Martorell had to pretend to be unaware of everything else on the internet or read the PJ reports just says all.
    If there wasn’t 5 of them and 1 of TB, I would think that TB was CR and CR was TB!!
    When the court transcript is put out it’s going to make one interesting reading!

  10. Anon #9,

    I think Puff the Magic Dragon is a good name for CR. It takes away any sort of feeling of threat if you perceive them as full of wind. They are just bullies, once you stand up to bully they back down, the fear of them goes.

  11. The Mccanns have dragged Cater Ruck and Co down. Good! they all belong in the gutter - well done Textusa you are brilliant xxx

  12. I’ve heard that when Martorell was asked who else Carter-Ruck were going after or trying to close down she answered only one other blog.
    Just goes to show how FULL OF WIND were all those that came here to THREATEN WITH LEGAL ACTION against your blog and your readers.
    Tony Bennett held the Maddie Banner on those two days, I agree, but Textusa has been holding that Banner from the moment she opened shop!!
    Thank you Ma’am!!!


    A wonderful article to stick on Carter- Ruck walls.

    And for that lawyers to be very sure about their ridiculousness, I advise an enjoyable reading trough the multiple comments posted on the article.

    Carter-Ruck, the Mccann's are your END. They damage your reputation. As a Karma, everything connected with them, soon or later will be destroyed because in a Era where information can be reached just by clicking a link, you cannot keep fooling people and acting like if the world had been frozen on the 15th century.
    They invited the public to their saga on the day they raised the alarm and spread a theory for which they failed to provide a single evidence. They reinforced that invitation few weeks later, when they settled a Fund to ask our donations. What they want now? Millions of stupids who could only pass them donations and stay quite without asking obvious questions? We are far away from the "stupid" public the Mccann's created on their fiction. No any court can stop or transform our doubts in some illegalities.
    We can question the actions of politics, doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc, etc, with impunnity... Why should we be punnished while question the words and the attitude of 2 parents who deliberately refused to colaborate with the police investigation? This is terrorism, inquisition in the most darked side.


    Excellent reporting from the court room.

  15. What the BH's achieved with persecuting TB was to tell all bloggers that they're on safe ground! If the mighty CR can't get to them who can? I heard somewhere, I think it was on twitter that insult and offensive language are part of the right of freedm of speech. If they are, why wouldn't be expressing an opinion?

  16. The Mccanns have hired such heavyweight lawyers for this case which must be costing a fortune - who is paying for their services, what really happened in 5a !

  17. How many superinjuctions do the Mcs have in place? why is none of this in our media. The internet and twitter are relaying the case why not the press?

  18. Carter Ruck have lost all credability in court they are a bunch of overpriced bullies,and they never bothered to read the pj files how unprofessional of them what fools they have made of themselves.

  19. Why they hired so expensive lawyers to silence people if they believe their daughter was abducted by a stranger and no other possibility is admitted?

    This lawyers seem not be compatible with the theory they defend.
    When are they going to publish the accounts from the Fund clear stating how much money was spent on the search of their daughter and who recieved that money. We, as donnors, have the right to know where went the money.

  20. #14, thank you for pointing us in the direction of that blog! I second your words, a very clear and simple reporting of what went on in the court, I'm enjoying reading it. It's so delightful to see C.Ruck exposed as what they truly are, as many have said here before, they seem to be overpriced shity lawyers, not doing their "homework" properly, not even bothering to be well prepared and know the matters they are defending inside out! In portuguese we would say they are "ídolos com pés de barro", idols/gods with clay feet, easily breakable...

    "Through further questioning it transpires that although Ms Martorell is aware that the PJ Files have been translated into English she apparently does not know anything about the PJ documentation. She seemed adept at avoiding any definitive answers, one way or the other, to Mr Bennett’s questioning. He states that with each question Ms Martorell keeps relating to the booklet as a whole when the contents are found on the internet. To clarify, he asks “what parts are you referring to?” Ms Martorell replies that Mr Bennett had written the introduction to the booklet but then struggles to recall anything else as having being written by him."

    Um excelente texto sobre os "ídolos com pés de barro, neste blog, autoria de Isabel Ferreira, a carapuça enfia perfeitamente nos C. Ruck e afins!

  21. Wasn't Gunhill's Express the paper that conveniently paid the T9 that load of money to avoid libel?

    So a paper that already has had a major loss about this matter before now goes and plays legal games between the McCanns and TB?

    Another "McCann coincidence"?

    Was Gunhill really just a rogue reporter or a reporter on an assigned project? If so, by who?

  22. So the Express newspapers are in court taking notes but not reporting hmmmmmm.
    Just who is paying for CR their fees are astronomical and they do not need to work for free for the Mccamms and why would they?the mccanns cannot afford these ongoing fees for 6 years so definitely not the private company otherwise known as the madeleine fund. Just what is going on here CR should never have got involved with the Mccanns they have ruined CR or maybe CR just ruined itself through pure greed and arrogance. Bit by bit its becomming unravelled soon we will all know who is propping up the Mccanns and more importantly why? I note how silent SY are at present with operation grange waiting to see the outcome of this case perhaps.

  23. Brilliant!!! And i was there on the good ship 'truth' TONY IS THE MAN


    Um dia a justiça acontece. Por isso os advogados dos Mccann querem a todo o custo silenciar quem os questiona e evitar tribunais.


    That poor child! I imagine her stepping out of her home with a neon sign over her head saying "Live me alone, I' NOT Madeleine McCann!"

  26. @9

    Tudor et al didn't need to say anything. It was unnecessary for them to be there except to incur costs for TB to subjugate him further with horrendous costs. TB admitted a breach of the Court Order but has mitigating circumstances and a possible entrapment. The question is whether Judge T. considers that the agreement TB made contains unproven facts. It is this he has to weigh up and decide hence the possible "stay" and subsequent Libel action. In reality it is touch and go as to whether TB can win through. I am hoping for the best.

  27. In Joana Morais blog, quoting criminal profiler Pat Brown:

    «Freedom of speech is not the same thing as stalking. The McCanns ruthlessly go after those who are vocal about the lack of evidence for abduction of Maddie and who wish to purport theories about the evidence that does exist. The McCanns could easily "turn the other cheek" by simply saying that they understand some people think they have involvement in the disappearance of their daughter because of their negligent treatment of their children, because cadaver dogs hit in their apartment and car, and because they have been suspects under police investigation, and, hopefully, one day, they will find Maddie and clear their names. They could also return to Portugal to cooperate with the police as requested, do the reenactment, and open their fund for scrutiny as to how donations were spent. All of these things would make people think more highly of them and allow the McCanns more time to focus on "finding" their daughter rather than dealing with litigation. Instead, the McCanns work to shut down any dissenting opinions and drag people through court and destroy their lives.»

  28. The terrible dilemma must be if Mr Bennett wins his case then the Mcs can slope off quietly and lick their wounds. BUT if he 'loses' then he is able to lift the stay and go back to a libel trial where he can produce all his evidence. The Mcs would have to appear in court and be cross examined.
    Judge Tugendhat is a proponent of free speech so maybe he is in favour of a libel trial. I think he is a fair man and will make a decision that falls within the boundaries of what he is able to do in law.

    I wish Mr Bennett every success but would understand if he is running out of steam and can't face the demands a libel trial would put on him. Brave man!

  29. When is somebody going to sue Kate for all the lies she has told in her book, especially stating CR are working for the Mccanns for free are we expected to believe that CR for 6 years have not charged the Mccanns when the court case with TB has already racked up over 200K in CR charges. They lied about their apartment and forced entry when there was none, cuddle cat being placed on a shelf that did not exist, everything they say is just lies and now this latest sighting in NZ is probably organised by team mccann to detract from the TB court case. The media are frightened to print anything factual about Mccanns who are these people that can manipulate our justice system and silence the media and have heavy weight lawyers at their beck and call and never once themselves appear in court. The mind boggles....

  30. This is from the couple that have used the media from day one to put out their fake abduction story, which does not have one shred of evidence to back it up, and have raised millions of pounds for their private bank account enabling them to bring litigation cases and have attached themselves to decent charities to make it appear that their private limited company is also a charity when it was nothing of the sort, and now can you believe it..

    "Campaigners for statutory underpinning will hold a conference in Westminster on Monday when Gerry McCann will tell ministers that "Leveson without the law is meaningless".
    Victims of media intrusion will be joined by shadow culture secretary *Harriet Harman* and Liberal Democrat Justice Minister Lord McNally at the Hacked Off event. The Culture Secretary, Maria Miller, has been invited.
    Mr McCann, father of missing Madeleine McCann, will say: "Kate and I had the misfortune to suffer from everything the press could throw at us. The reason we subsequently agreed to the ordeal of giving evidence to the Leveson Inquiry was that we don't want anyone else to have to go through what we went through.
    "The Leveson package, including the legal underpinning, is the minimum acceptable compromise for us, and judging by the polls, for the public at large too. Leveson without the law is meaningless."

  31. Wonder if the law they claim to regulate the media will be applied to them and to their fabricated sights, or if they are going to continue exceptions.
    They are behind some of the most hedionds campaigns against a third part: who don't remember their assault into Hewlett, TB, GA, Ricardo Paiva, etc, etc?
    They have the right to say and do whatever they want with total impunnity, covered by the most convennient strategy- always an anonimous source, while others have to refrain and stay quite.
    We, the public, would like to know how they achieved that number- 75% of the public sharing Mccann's point of view regarding this
    issue. How they selected the participants on that survey and how many they were? This percentage looks so fake as the all story.
    What is also amazing is there is dozens of victims of the media, but we just see and heard the Mccann's. There is Mccann's everywhere, like a viral pandemia, intoxicating every corner of every paper. I hope, when they appear to deliver the words we all vomit already, some spread some eggs to at least make them having to clean their faces.

  32. Bom dia!

    Gerry sempre gostou de marketing; como tal, prepara-se para amanhã ir falar = fazer queixinhas de LL e de DC- a quem estiver presente nas bancadas de Westminster.

    O sentido de oportunidade é extraordinário , já que em PT há negociações e em UK temos TB a desejar os Mcs presentes também.
    Embora, UK vá fazer de tudo para evitar essa situação.

  33. Unpublished Anon Feb 11, 2013, 11:37:00 AM.

    Any irregularities in official documents should be reported to the appropriate department.

    If you think there are irregularities in official documents which have gone unnoticed by the authorities they should notified, namely the Passport Office and the SY.

    We don't deal with recycled clutter, unintentional or otherwise, to avoid any attempt of coming up with all kinds of conspiracy ideas about the case of Maddie's death...

    Thank you

  34. The resigne of the Pope and the scandal/ fraud involving the " Findus " lasagna, contaminated with horse meat, will kill Gerry event tomorrow.

  35. Gerry Mccanns speech at the hacked off conference.
    "Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    I don't often find myself making speeches at events like this. But I'm happy to do so for Hacked Off, because I passionately believe in the cause. And now is a critical time for the campaign.

    We are at a crossroads. In one direction, the prospect of lasting change to the failed system of press regulation, based on the painstaking work of Lord Justice Leveson. In the other, attempts to brush the problem under the carpet - to create a fix - so that nothing really changes.

    Our elected politicians face a critical choice. They can either do what Leveson recommends - wholeheartedly and properly - or they can turn their backs on the issue, and turn their backs on us, the victims of press abuse.

    Kate and I had the misfortune to suffer the worst that the press could throw at us.

    * We were labelled as murderers without a shred of evidence.

    * Stories were published saying our daughter was dead - over and over again, with no evidence.

    * We were subjected to round-the-clock intrusion at a time of terrible stress, with photographers camped outside our door.

    * We were intimidated. Our young children, especially, were scared out of their wits.

    * My wife's private diary, revealing her innermost thoughts in her darkest days, was published without her consent.

    * Rumours were dressed up as the truth

    * and downright lies became front-page news. One newspaper claimed that we sold Madeleine into slavery in order to pay off our mortgage.

    The slurs went on for months- despite our best efforts: Meetings with editors, assurances from our lawyers, a letter from the chief constable of Leicestershire police calling for restraint- all ignored. And they continued for the simple reason that there was no-one and nothing with the power to stop them. cont.....

  36. cont..
    People say: `Your experience was so unusual, we can't draw any lessons from it.' Well I disagree. Our experience was extreme, but it was a consequence of the same sick culture that led to the abuse of many other people, some of whom are here in this room today.

    An insatiable hunt for headlines combined with a total lack of respect for other people. The mentality that can turn a family's distress into cold, hard cash. Profit from misery.

    In our case it led to the sacrifice, not only of the truth, but of our dignity, privacy, well-being and most importantly the search for our missing daughter, Madeleine.

    I believe we have a responsibility, as decent citizens in a democratic and caring society, to learn lessons from it.

    The parliamentary select committee on the media said in 2010:

    "The newspaper industry's assertion that the McCann case is a one-off event shows that it is in denial about the scale and gravity of what went wrong and about the need to learn from those mistakes. The industry's words and actions suggest a desire to bury the affair without confronting its serious implications, the kind of avoidance which newspapers would criticise mercilessly and rightly if it occurred in any other part of society."

    Three years later, I see little remorse, no contrition. Sections of the press are still in denial. The sick culture has not changed, and they can't be trusted to change it of their own accord.

    If you look at the reporting of the Leveson Inquiry and the behaviour of some newspapers since then, it's clear that they aren't sorry and they still think they should not have to answer to anyone when they publish harmful lies and distortions.

    The reason Kate and I put ourselves through the ordeal of giving evidence to Leveson was simple: Nobody should have to endure what we went through. A system has to be put in place to protect ordinary people from the devastating damage that the media can cause.

    When David Cameron set up the Leveson Inquiry he said in parliament: "We must keep the public - and the victims of what has now emerged - front and centre at all times." And he also said: `We will have to be guided by what the inquiry finds."

    When he gave his own evidence to the Leveson inquiry he promised to protect the people who have been thrown to the wolves as we were. We saw this as grounds for hope that we'd see real change.

    What Lord Leveson proposed last November is not tough on the press and it's not a threat to free speech. For me personally, he did not go far enough. It seems to me that the judge did everything he could to make his proposals workable for the newspapers while giving the public some protection.

    In the end they get to regulate themselves, which is something very few industries are allowed to do, and which many people felt they had lost the right to do so.

  37. cont...
    For us and for other victims of press abuses, Leveson's proposal is the minimum acceptable compromise - and, judging by the opinion polls, the public feels the same way.

    But what has happened? Two and a half months on we can see precious little progress towards implementation of Leveson, and we are hearing backsliding words from politicians. This is an opportunity for our elected MP's, whose reputation with the British public is at an all time low, to redeem themselves. The Leveson report is not something to be negotiated with their friends in the press. Any watering down of the Leveson plan now, whether in a Bill or a Royal Charter or whatever, would be like surrendering to the press and saying the whole Leveson process was a waste of time.

    And the idea that Kate and I, and all those other victims, might have relived our darkest days in the full glare of the media, for no good reason, is offensive. If our testimony was in vain, it will be a permanent stain on the reputation of this Government, and I believe that many other families will pay a heavy price in press mistreatment."

    Sometimes it seems as if our politicians just don't know what the right thing to do is. Just like in the past, they seem to be so compromised by their own relationships with the press that they are unable to see what needs to be done for the sake of the public. And that is exactly what the newspapers want. They want politicians to squabble and manoeuvre, so that they get to carry on business as usual. They need a compliant Government to tiptoe around them and avoid hurting their feelings.

    It's obvious that no one wants the Government to shackle the press. What we all want is a free press -indeed Leveson would enshrine it- but we need a free press which is both responsible and accountable- two values which are in short supply. So that if the press trample on people, they have some remedy.

    We need a proper watchdog whose independence and effectiveness is guaranteed. That is what Leveson recommends. He says the press can regulate themselves, on condition that their regulator meets some basic standards. He says what those standards are, and he says there must be an independent body that checks those standards are met. He says that it is essential- not desirable, ESSENTIAL- that the body carrying out the checks is set up in statute, though it must be completely free of political influence after that.

    Considering what the press has been doing to people, they should see that as a good deal. All the polls show that is what the public thinks. And it looks as though most parliamentarians think that too.

    Leveson without the law is no change. It's the PCC all over again. It's the world we know, of newspapers abusing innocent families with impunity. What happened to us would happen to other British families in the future.

    It is up to our Prime Minister and our other politicians to prevent that. He promised he would. To keep his promise, all he has to do is follow what Leveson said, and put the Leveson recommendations into law through parliament, without meddling and back-door deals. And without checking whether the press is happy about it.

    There can't be any half measures or compromises. Leveson made many concessions to the press so his recommendations are already a compromise. In fact they are the minimum acceptable compromise for the people who, in the Prime Minister's words, were "picked up and thrown to the wolves." That is us. That is Kate and I, and some of the people in this room, and many other people around the country.

    I said at the beginning that we are at a crossroads. Please, this time, let's choose the right road.''

  38. Thank you for posting the speech when this is all unravelled and we find out the truth there are going to be some very powerful people that have protected the Mccanns and why?
    What about when the Mccanns sold Kates diary to the Sun to be serialised and she spoke about her sex life with Gerry??? can these two really be serious about press intrusion when they willingly give such intimate details of their sex life to the tabloids. This saga must be coming to a close now they have made a mockery out of everybody including themselves. KARMA what goes around comes around.
    They dragged the Roman Catholic church into their money making and publicity schemes and today the first Pope in 600 years has resigned, the Gerry and Kate curse strikes again!!

    Thank you Textusa for your search for the truth xx


    This sums up Gerry and Kate.

  40. Publicidade ao jerrycan?

  41. Gerry and Kate would love to permanently silence the media. At present rich people such as the Mccanns pay for superinjunctions to silence the 'free' press. This speech is all about them, no mention of any body else, no mention of Madeleine its all me, me me and always has been with them. One day the world will wake up to the scamming McConns.

  42. Gerry finished his speech with 'lets chose the right road' well he definitely didn't chose the right road did he, from the start he has been dishonest and the further he has gone down his 'right road' has shown him to be a self serving dishonest liar.

  43. Gerry

    "(...) our testimony
    (...) will be a permanent stain on the reputation of this Government"

    What true words! From a doctor trying to get into an exclusive swinging circle, to a media's spokesman. It would be funny if the reason wasn't the death of your own daughter.

    Continue to bark into the wind.

    At least Hugh Grant didn't come up with an abducted by aliens story to be in that car when he was caught with that hooker.

  44. Mcs want to suppress the press and control whats published about them as they already do. The more they go on about it the deeper we dig !!

  45. Anon #41 has a point! "rich people such as the Mccanns pay for superinjunctions"
    Of course! Now setting up the fund so quickly makes sense! They had to get this sorted before they could do anything else.

  46. Well done on your excellent blog Textusa, we have followed your blog since the beginning and love reading your articles the 'truth' can never be sunk because she will always come to the surface.


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