Sunday, 3 February 2013

Man at the Helm versus The Monster

A year, almost to the day, after we recognized his courage and his determination with which he stood up for his beliefs in Court on Feb 8th, 2012, we mean to show again our full and unequivocal support to Mr Tony Bennett in his forthcoming Court Appearances on February 5th/6th, 2013.

The Adamastor, a mythical monster that allegedly sank all ships that tried to cross the African Cape that separates the Indian and Atlantic Oceans was feared by all XVth Century sailors or so did proclaim Portugal’s National Poet, Luis Vaz de Camoes, in his poetic odyssey “Os Lusiadas”.

That monster stood between mankind and what was to become today's global world.

Adamastor was the last obstacle to overcome in the conquest of the Maritime Route to India, the world’s first sea trading lane.

Bartolomeu Dias (Cape Town)

It was finally conquered in 1498 by Vasco da Gama but it was Bartolomeu Dias that crossed that feared line, in 1488, where supposedly Adamastor lurked waiting to ambush the next ship that dared enter “his” waters.

Adamastor’s magnificent powers proved to be that of a toothless, clawless tiger more becoming  a newborn kitten rather than the ruthless monster he was made out to be...

Adamastor didn't exist. A myth created out of bluff and fed on basic fears

But that fact doesn’t take away a single ounce of the courage of those who dared indeed to face him.

Only AFTER these sailors courageously went to confront him did they see that they had nothing to face.

Today we can say that Adamastor doesn’t exist and even jest about it, but we owe that certainty to all those who courageously put their lives at risk to willingly face the monster.

Fernando Pessoa, arguably Portugal’s greatest poet, with whose opinion I tend to agree with, wrote this poem that although is about the Adamastor, is much more about the tremendous courage of the man at the helm of the ship that sailed to confront the monster:

For the last few years we’ve been living a similar situation, concerning the "Maddie Affair".

A myth has been created that there’s a “Libel Adamastor” that will have us all hanged and disemboweled after torture if we as so much dare sail into waters other than those set by the Establishment in its version of what happened to Maddie.

Somewhere out there, overlooking the forbidden waters waits the monster, the “Libel Adamastor”, for any foolhardy ship that hell ruthlessly sink as well as make any survivor suffer a fate worse than death.

Ships are only to sail on Establishment charted waters, irrelevant of logic, reason or LEGALITY.

The fact that the Establishment states, as it publicly has, that by having their “arguido” status lifted when the case was TEMPORARILY archived, the McCanns' innocence was PROVEN, it proves that the Establishment sees itself above Law when, on one hand, it intentionally overcomes it by stating as Law what Law doesn't say or even can be minimally interpreted as such, and on the other deems anything that goes against a complete and absolute legal misstatement as libel.

And it also proves that the Establishment knows that it’s unable to silence dissonant voices through reason so they must do that through a terror campaign.


A terror campaign based on none other but the ruthless, feared as much as fearless, “Libel Adamastor” a horrific myth convolved in terrible tales brought in by Northern icy winds… it is even said that it has a hyphenated name, Carter-Ruck, to remind us all of a bi-forked tongue of the most venomous of snakes!

Run to your homes, protect your children!

Who isn't afraid of such a creature? Only the fools and even then it isn’t quite certain if they aren't...

Well, about 6 years ago, there was word that a the ship “TRUTH” was hiring a crew. The pay was nil and there would be no booty to claim afterwards.

It promised nothing but to sail on own charted waters, irrelevant whether or not if it was to encounter the “Libel Adamastor”.

One only needed to possess values and decency to become one of its sailors.

Many of us jumped on board knowing full well that by doing so we were assuming to possess these requirements: values and decency.

Today we know that many, many sailors neither possessed and because they possessed neither, they shamelessly lied about possessing both.

There was a peculiarity about this particular ship.

“TRUTH” had no Captain.

Many were those who tried to fill the “vacant” post. Unsuccessfully though because Truth has no master but is itself the master of all.

But as in any ship it had, and has, a “man at the helm”.

Many a sailor has held the helm from time to time, and, unfortunately as we're now finding out, most of them to try and steer the ship from its rightful course.

Fortunately for all, without success.

But there have been two sailors who deserve the highest commendation for having stood behind the helm when the seas were indeed very rough, Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett.

Both have proven their selflessness and courage "under fire" or in seas that only the brave and the resolute are able to stand behind the helm.

This January 2013 we had Goncalo Amaral at the helm. He kept the ship steadily on course without fault and because of it, the "duel" scheduled to take place at sundown didn’t take place because the CHALLENGER apparently “reported sick” and asked for a postponement.

This Tuesday, February 5th, 2007, it seems that it will be Mr Tony Bennett at “TRUTH’s” helm.

There is one major difference in the seas in which Amaral sailed and the one Mr Bennett is about to face.

Mr Bennett is sailing head on against the monster himself.

Mr Bennett is to face the “Libel Adamastor”. Carter-Ruck.

We can only express our utmost support to such show of bravery.

Mr. Bennett, history has shown time and time again that righteousness prevails over cowardice.

We sincerily hope that the outcome is the one we predict it to be: "TRUTH" will sail unscathed through such troubled seas and that there are greater bounties to be found than those with chests filled with jewels and gold.

Another Portuguese sailor, Fernao de Magalhaes, after who the Strait of Magellan is named, has also given the world a name that is pronounced a million times daily by those who haven't the faintest idea why it has such a name: the Pacific Ocean.

The name, Pacific, was given to this Ocean by Magalhaes as a comparison between its peaceful waters and the boisterous winds and waves that he had been able to sail through in the Straight, in 1520,  sailing under Spanish colours on the first circumnavigation of the world.

We, Mr. Bennett hope to welcome you on peaceful waters on the other side of your "Magellan Strait" after you've successfully overcome the Machiavellian waves and winds they've thrown against your, our, ship the "TRUTH".

Now, as absolute outsiders of the case, and speaking about it based only on hearsay, it seems that Mr Bennett's main defense, in our opinion, seems to rest on the fact that others can say things and he can't.

It seems to us that it's a very reasonable basis for one’s own defence.

I believe that in civilized nations it’s something that's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

It seems also that Mr Bennett’s flaw resides in the fact that he signed a document whereupon he agreed to abide to some sort of IMPOSED limitations to his rights to express himself.

We will not provide our personal opinion about if Mr Bennett breached or not such agreement, although it doesn't require much to understand to which side we tend to lean.

But we will give an opinion about whether there was, or wasn't, an agreement to be breached.

I’m not very familiar with British Law but I know that in ALL civilized nations one cannot sign a document limiting one’s rights.

And if one happens to sign such a document, then it has no legal value whatsoever.

That’s why there are many discussions about euthanasia, which, as far as I know, remains illegal in the UK.

Euthanasia is based on a document voluntarily and consciously signed by someone who voluntarily gives up his/her own right to live. Not stating my opinion about it, as this is neither the time nor the place, but describing the legality of the signed document, which is absolutely none.

It’s a document where one accepts, in WRITTEN form, what one is not allowed to accept, by LAW.

In the same manner, no one is allowed to accept limitations to his right to speak FREELY, irrelevant whether one signs, or has signed, a document to that effect or not.

And if others can say things that only one can't we’re definitely into FREEDOM OF SPEECH territory and far from libel one.

And, from what I've read, Mr Bennett hasn't said anything that official sources haven't also said, including those directly linked to the couple, namely Clarence Mitchell.

So IT IS a case where Mr Bennett is not allowed to express himself in the same way others are free to do so.

And we are talking about XXI’s Century Britain and not the one when it was absolutely legal to execute someone for poaching on a nobleman’s grounds, right?


  1. Again a wonderful post. As a portuguese, i have to thank you for the way you so brilliantly made the connections with our brave history and two of our brilliant poets. They all had live ahead of their time, that's why, every time I read Fernando Pessoa, I discover what he says, what he thinks is very contemporany, very actual.
    Brilliant the connection of all that heroes with GA and TB. I hope they both overpass the torments cape they went trough just because their heart got touched by the faith of a little girl they never met.
    I have to confess that at the pass I use to disagree with methods used by TB to express his believes. That case had so many oportunists looking for a moment of fame, that at the beguining I put him on that bucket. Over the time, I change my mind and now i tend to agree with his methodes because sometimes to get your voice heard, you need to do courageous and outstanding steps. He is in UK, he knows the monsters he is fighting, starting by the Mccann's and their PR machine, who have done everything to chip the brains of the British and from there, the brain of the world. He could choose to fade and live a peaceful life as a retired solicitor. But non.... He decide to stand up and fight with open eyes and an open heart for a basic right that was almost forgoten for Madeleine- the right of justice, the right to have the truth revealed. He always stand under his real identity, with his face and sometimes his adress exposed to the world. That is courage and an absolute confidence on what he was doing. As a parent, I take that oportunnity to thank him for everything he have done for Maddie, because in fact was not only for her, was for all the children in the world, who at one time could be at risk and have their rights limited. While using the word risk, i'm not talking of negligence or domestic violence, which i don't believe was Maddie case. I'm talking only on the risk of not having justice.
    I would like to be a fly and see in the future which story the Mccann's and their Tapas friends are going to tell to their children about a old man, who stand for the rights of their sister on his own while their parents spent millions to send him to prison. That is what sumarizes the attitude of this parents, transforming in to rubbish all their words, their runs, their interviews, regarding a fake search. In fact, since minute one, they just searched money and fame to be used in the most hediond way- to silence who question their methods and their words.

  2. Wonder if the British Media is going to report anything with impartiality.

  3. I too would like to thank all on board Truth for the courage they have shown in unchartered waters and especially right now for Tony, who will be facing 2 attorneys and 2 barristers. I would love every editor of a British paper to read this article.

    God speed Tony. May truth come out shining and radiant and may everything and everyone who tried to silence it lie battered on the rocks.

  4. I think we're living History.
    I compare tomorrow as James Stewart in Frank Capra's "Mr Smith goes to Washington" movie.
    In that movie "...and prove his innocence on the Senate floor just before the vote to expel him. In his last chance to prove his innocence, he talks non-stop for about 24 hours, reaffirming the American ideals of freedom and disclosing the true motives of the dam scheme. Yet, none of the Senators are convinced. The constituents try to rally around him, but the entrenched opposition is too powerful, and all attempts are crushed."
    In the end TRUTH prevailed.
    In my opinion, Mr Bennett was picked on by the BHs due to his apparent his naivete that would make him easy to manipulate. But Mr Bennett is far from being naive. He's a good hearted man but not naive.
    The BHs thought they had him completely dominated when they forced to sign the agreement. Yes, he was forced. No one twisted his arm or tortured physically him to sign the paper, but by presenting the outrageous costs it would mean to proceed it was IMO psychological torture. I would have also signed that agreement. Disgusting is proposing the agreement for signature.
    Tomorrow Tony Bennett is facing the the System. I'm not in any way making any sort of judgement about the Judge who will be presiding the proceedings. I truly believe in his/her independence and am not seeing the BHs risking any interference with a Court in such a public event (even though I bet the tamed Media will not report it).
    I am referring to the System's representation by Carter-Ruck who also find themselves on "trial" after so much speculation about their capabilities.
    Mr Bennett risks prison, that's a fact. But no Judge will send him to prison lightly. The McCanns aren't popular and I'm only seeing Mr Bennett be sent to prison as a last resort by the Judge.
    The case is obviously unbalanced. Anyone can see that. Nothing Mr Bennett did deserves the disproportionate punishment proposed.
    They tried to scare him, by throwing enormous pound numbers at him (it was like that he was forced to sign the agreement that has now pushed him to Court) but they forgot that if I owe you a thousand it's my problem but if owe you a million it's your problem.
    I think CR is in much more trouble than Mr. Bennett tomorrow. They've already shown it by reinforcing their team against a single man (isn't that just so Capra's Smith?)
    They can't discuss facts about Maddie because Mr Bennett can easily prove that what he's said has been said publicly by others and discussing facts in a Courtroom is the last thing that BHs want to happen.
    So they will discuss the breaching that Textusa so eloquently has shown that it is, at best, the breaching of an ILLEGAL document.
    But even the breaching is not exempt of suspicious behaviour on the part of the BHs. From what I read it was an evident entrapment.
    I am very optimistic about tomorrow, and I am willing to bet that tomorrow morning a bombshell will hit the stands about someone being arrested linked with the Saville scandal (ridiculous amount of people that are found involved in sexual scandals in such a "puritan" Britain) just to divert the attention from the Trial.
    But as Textusa has said, we the few resolute and steadfast thousands will be here to watch and to react to any injustice if there's to be one.
    I wish the best of luck to Mr Bennett.
    I read somewhere that luck protects the brave. If that is true, Mr Bennett you and Mr Amaral have the best protection possible!

  5. Bom dia!

    Eu considero este post ,de apoio a um Cidadão de UK, importante porque há Cidadãos que devem ser apoiados.

    Eu nunca escondi, que no meu País, eu sempre apoiei um Cidadão Português.

    Eu vejo , nas redes sociais, muitas observações acerca de T.B. que não são agradáveis. Mas, eu acho tudo isso muito estranho. E, eu acho estranho porque TB está a ser acossado por concidadãos que não o defendem nem o apoiam na saga contra o C_R.; contra a CompanhiaMc.

    Para mim, lutar contra o nepotismo de C_R e dos McsInfinitos é essencial nesta guerra sempre tão injusta e muito pouco clara. Eu não consigo entender a razão de TB não ser apoiado.

    Vejo que nas redes sociais aluta pela Justiça se resume à Justiça para a Menina. Mas, então as outras Vítimas não têm apoio porquê?

    in googlês:

    Good morning!

    I consider this post to support a UK Citizen, Citizens important because there are to be supported.

    I never hid that in my country, I have always supported a Citizen Portuguese.

    I see, in social networks, many comments about TB that are not pleasant. But I find it all very strange. And I find strange because TB is being harassed by countrymen who do not defend nor support the saga against C_R.; Against CompanhiaMc.

    For me, fight against nepotism and C_R McsInfinitos is always essential in this war as unjust and very unclear. I can not understand why TB is not supported.

    I see in social networks The fight for justice is summarized to Justice for Little girl. But then the other victims have no support why?

  6. TB signed the document before a judge so it isn't illegal, and it's not what he claims. He claims he didn't breach the agreement. He shouldn't have signed the document in the first place. Now the chances are fifty/fifty and I hope he wins, but if he loses I think it's not a case to jail him.

  7. Eu agradeço esta pequena informação. Eu estou muito longe dos factos todos.

    I appreciate this short information. I'm far away of all the facts.

    Good day

  8. Anon #6,

    I must disagree with you.
    I must make it clear that I don't know the specifics of TB's case as apparently many people don't.
    I disagree with you when you say that the document isn't illegal just because it was signed before a Judge.
    If there's a case where we've witnessed Justice Systems being manipulated Maddie is it. Memory fails to remember another case where the Justice System have been as tainted as in this one.
    Not saying that the Judge present was in any way corrupt, the circumstances surrounding the signature are relevant. It was more like a high-school student signing a document before a teacher that he would do a bully's homework for the semester. The fact that the teacher would accept such a document is telling because it would be evident that the agreement between the parts had been reached in a very "unbalanced" manner.
    I consider the archiving of Maddie's process due to lack of evidence to charge the McCanns as illegal. It was the adequate entity that took that decision but in my opinion that decision was taken for convenience's sake rather than due to the content of the documents to be decided about. According to you it's a legal decision. I cannot counter that. But how else can I call a wrong legal decision made by the right legal entity other then illegal?
    Also, a Judge's decision is not owned by truth. That's why many are overturned by higher Courts, which makes the decision from the first Courts not to be legal.
    Also we've witnessed many times how people with enough money to hire expensive legal teams get away literally with crime before the Court's very eyes?
    I subscribe Textusa's opinion that the document in question is illegal. An agreement was reached in front of a judge but between a person who found himself without the material means required to pursue his convictions and another who had almost limitless means to raise the bet. That particular Judge by "legalizing" what IMO was an illegal document didn't harm only the interests of TB but of Maddie's.
    Continuing to disagree with you on your comment when you say it's no reason for TB to go to jail. From what I've been able to understand, TB is being accused of Breaching a Court Order (the one you consider legal and I illegal). I don't know if Breaching Court Orders have various degrees of premeditation as murder charges do. I don't think there's a "light" Breaching and a "heavy" one. Breaching a Court's Order is, as far as I know, a serious offense punished with a prison sentence.

  9. Today UK is proud ....... about King Richard III ´DNA.

    "A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of ..... "

    So, i can tell a joke:

    Breaking news: the couple mccann will sue King Richard III. C_R already in action.

  10. Mr Bennett please know that there are many people that are praying for you and that tomorrow may have the outcome you so valiantly have fought for.
    Maddie the disrespected child has been blessed to have you, Amaral and Textusa defending her rights.
    I think it's time your opponents take this opportunity to start to mend things up.
    These last years have shown that it will always be an uphill battle for them and the social networks will always be here to satisfy curious eyes.

  11. Absolute characterisation - the "Libel Adamastor"

    I also believe that this "document" was signed by coercion. Who could not have signed in such a situation.

    I am glad that there is support here for Mr. Bennett - I too hope Truth will scour out the lies and deceit.

  12. Somewhat off-topic, sorry, but...
    the integrity (or lack of) of the MET:

    "Polícia inglesa 'roubou' identidade de crianças mortas"

    British police identity theft of dead children.


    About Mr. Bennett's "breach of agreement", who's getting people to lay traps to Mr. Bennett to fall in...? Who is behind this guy Mike Gunnill?
    I smell a, I smell many, many rats! What a stench!


    "Mike Gunnill

    My raising the subject before Mr Justice Tugendhat of Mike Gunnill's actions in deliberately entrapping me into selling one book has prompted a swift reaction from Carter-Ruck and Mike Gunnill (still a member of this forum I believe). For on Wednesday 15 February he attended his local solcitors, Beckett Solictors in Rainham, Kent, to swear an Affidavit setting out the circumstances in which he first lied about being Michael Sangerete, and then lied again about neeeding a copy of '60 Reasons' for the purposes of 'historical interest'."
    "I therefore emailed the Defendant in January 2010, using the pseudonym 'Michael Sangerte', requesting a copy of the '60 Reasons' booklet. Given the use of my photograph in the original Sunday Express article...I thought it extremely unlikely that the Defendant would agree to sell me the '60 Reasons' booklet if I wrote in my own name, hence my use of a pseudonym."

    "As can be seen, the Defendant was initialily reluctant to sell me the '60 Reasons' boolket because of the undertaking he had given...However, when I pressed the Defendant further, he confirmed he had been able to locate a copy..."
    "I inforned by my contact at the Sunday Express that I had been able to obatin a copy of the '60 Reasons' booklet from the Defendant. My contact told me the newspaper wished to consdier a possible article at their 11am editorial conference, so they sent a courier round to my house to collect [the] package which I had received from the Defendant, together with my summary for a proposed article, first thing in the moning. I was curious to see if I could get the Defendant to admit publicly that he had been breaching his undetakings..."

    Mr. Bennett wrote:

    "So, to put it in a nutshell, this member of our forum, Mike Gunnill, tried to get me to break a High Court undertaking, and potentially get me into serious trouble, just in order to make a grubby few tenners. Or so he says."

    I suppose Mr. Bennett should have been a little more cautious, but this is despicable!

    "Or so he says"...exactly, Mr. Bennett, I too do not believe that...

  14. About TB breaching his undertakings, to be accurate he is asking to be released from 3 of the undertakings so he is free to speak about them as others can and that is his position. Definitely true he signed the document under duress.

  15. Maybe the PJ should send the DNA samples to the lab that identified Richard 111 remains after hundreds of years. There was a big item on the BBC news this morning explaining exactly what was done and how the conclusion was reached that the DNA was definitely his. I wonder how many alleles matched...

  16. MP Hune charged and judged with perverting the course of justice and could serve a prison sentence. Isn’t it wonderful when the people governing us are untrustworthy? It inspires great confidence in politicians. NOT!

  17. "Tony Bennett Today at 2:35 pm
    I've been here all day, frantically working on last minute preparations for tomorrow, not helped by a fresh bundle of papers from Carter-Ruck over the weekend containing details of two new case precedents and a whole set of novel legal argumetns by Adrienne Page Q.C., designed, she hopes, (to flatten me and pile on the pressure) assist the judge"

    Last minute papers must be a cause for adjournment?
    If TB had a lawyer, I'm sure they would ask for time to respond. This seems an abuse of process at the expense of an unrepresented defendant.
    Normally your lawyer wouldn't be around at weekends to respond to paperwork.
    To suggest she's there to help TB is ludicrous.
    As many have noted, why such big guns against one pensioner with no lawyer in what the BHs claim is a straightforward case of 3 breaches of an undertaking. What exactly is at stake is what the UK press should be asking themselves?

  18. They've pulled all tricks on Bennett like they did with Amaral. What they didn't count on was the support that both would get, especially TB. I hope he's aware of the support he's receiving but I'd prefer that the Justice system be very aware of that support. Tomorrow will be decisive and any ruling will be against the BHs. If they win and TB is sent to jail, they'll lose because it will be scandalous how much legal power was put together to fight a single man, if they adjourn they'll lose because we know TB is in for the fight, if they lose, they lose!
    To you people of Carter-Ruck, how does it feel to be the "bad guy" in a movie?

  19. The way I see things is like a ship the size of a Titanic is nudging a rowboat against the rocks because it is afraid to lose a transatlantic race against the little boat.
    Speaking about the Atlantic, I think it would be wise to empty it so it can hold Carter-Ruck's reputation going down the drain...

  20. I notice the absolute silence from the OFFICIAL McCann Camp.

    I imagine they're hammering away boards to cover the window and bracing themselves for the gale force 5 winds that will be coming from exactly where they're expecting to come.

    We don't know whether the gale will pass over or tear the house apart, but we will soon find out.

    By the restlessness of the rats in the hull of the BH’s Ship…. we suspect the latter.

    But let’s wait and see.

  21. Unpublished Anon Feb 4, 2013, 4:30:00 PM

    We haven't published your comment, with lyrics, because we intend to use it in a separate post, hopefully soon!

    Hope you understand, and thank you for commenting!

  22. Best of luck to Mr Bennett the good guys always win in the end, team Mccann will need to recruit more keyboard monkeys to try and keep their ship afloat. About time we had another sighting of Maddie to keep the fund afloat because Maddie dead = fund dead.

  23. Soon the general public will be made aware of the duplicity of team Mccann. How Mitchell was employed the consummate spin doctor his role to 'control what comes out in the media' the fund will be revealed for what it is clean money goes into it and dirty money comes out to pay greedy lawyers who attempt to crush anybody that does not agree with the spin. Madeleine was never abducted there is not one shred of evidence to back an abduction up, so why was Kate Mccann (a suspect in Madeleines disappearance) allowed to write a book about it. The government has acted way beyond the normal call of duty to assist the Mccanns, is there a direct government connection in protecting the Mccanns? Carter Ruck claim they are working for free, why would they and why should they? were there more persons involved in this than the Tapas 9 are they the ones being protected are they involved in government? Chris Hulme has been shown up for the liar he is and should now face a prison sentence, good for the judge at last we are seeing people who are not corrupt.
    For TB and Amaral I wish them the best and pray that common sense and justice will prevail in both their court cases. The Mccanns should be the next to serve prison sentences.

  24. To the readers coming from JH, you're welcome!

  25. All the best to mr TB. I believe millions in the world are with him, respecting his courage and attitude. I hope, some in Uk spare time to clearly and in an educated and correct way show up to support him on his battle. He already make history and creat a wave of panic on Mccann's and BHs waters.
    The BHs are assaulting many blogs, trying to multiply themselves to appear like if they are a big number. they try to discredit TB and are going so low to the point of leaving treatning and completly disgusting posts. At Joana Morais blog, we can see the attempt and all the great effort some are spending to suit their new agenda

  26. Textusa @ #21,

    Thank YOU!

    (Lovely song, isn't it?)


  27. "In a letter to Carter-Ruck dated 30 January covering a number of matters, I wrote this:...."
    Tony B ( available at Mccannfiles)

    What a cold reply from Carter- Ruck, showing a completly absence of humanity, while they are being paid by a charity Fund settled to hypothetically search a little girl. The same girl, TB is defending based on factual documents provided by the official investigation, which also raised doubts about the statements of the psrents and their friends.

    BTW, regarding the trial today " ATC/11/0841 McCann & anr v Bennett", what means "McCann & anr"? Who/what is "anr"?

    I hope you overpass all that torment with success mr. B. Only a corrupted and manipulated judge could not see your innocence and honestity on that. Your doubts are legitimate and are shared by millions in the world, including one of the top USA profiles, Pat Brown, who travelled to PDL to see in loccus if what the parents and their associates delivered to police and press could be possible. Her conclusion- impossible. If so, the Mccann's lied, still lying and had fool millions with a Fund based on a lie.
    I know, the all case is very embarassing for the UK authorities and media, who let the story go with blindness and a total support. An error, proving sometimes the error did not compensate. Don't try to mend an error with another error. Condemning a old pensioner to prison or to spend a single penny on that case, is ultrajous and an error even bigger then the one at the origin of that case.
    The Mccann's decide to lie on the investigation of their daughter and decide to fool the world with a fake search just to grab money to pay evil lawyers which main strategy is terrorizing their oponents before reaching court, THEY HAVE TO PAY ALL THE EXPENSES RELATED WITH THAT TRIAL. THEY COULD HAVE AVOID ALL THAT, LONG AGO, IF THEY ACCEPTED THE RECONSTRUCTION PROPOSED BY PJ. AS A PROSECUTOR SAID IN A LISBON COURT, THEY REFUSED THE RECONSTRUCTION AND BY DOING THAT, THEY FAILED TO PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE.
    Doubting and questionning them, is a consequence of their own decisions and they have to accept that as a fact. The only way to change that fact, is filling the forms to reopen the investigation and request the reconstruction. Why they don't do that? Are they not confident on their innocence? Was not a strange thing to not be confident at their innocence?
    They have a problem, contrary to them, dogs don't lie and the nose of that dogs already provide many proves about their capacities and infalibility. Hard to argument against the nose of trained dogs, which properties where largely studied by experts and cientifically certified. Dogs are police partners all over the world. Is the entire world being foolish by the dogs nose? Carter-ruck, you are a shame and that case just show the world your dark side.
    That old pensioner is standing up to defend the rights of a little girl. Everybody seems to forget that at the base of all that circus there is a girl, who has the right to have her disappearence properly investigated. Stopping the investigation and delivering dubious stories to the official investigation is not defending the rights of the child, is not caring about the safety and the life of the child( if the parents believe she could be alive). The old man, like millions in the world, cares. He should not be send to prison or charged with anything because he cares.
    We all care.... Then, Carter-ruck need to settle a battle against the millions in the world, who don't believe a word delivered by the Mccann's and their helpers. How many versions they delivered to the police just to contradict a factual enemy, the window of the 5a?
    All the best TB. You deserve a great support.


    That video must be shown today in the British Court. Just have a look at Gerry's face and reaction when a portuguese journalist start asking questions related with" reopening the case" and " do the reconstruction". Gerry was almost furious and hating that moment.

    Thanks to Joana Morais and to who made that video available to the general public. It is probably, one of the few times, the Mccann's were not under pre-agreed questions.


    Ah!Ah! Marinho Pinto... A formiga ataca o elefante no sitio onde este é mais vulnerável, a tromba.

    É bom que o esponham. Tem muita lábia para condenar os outros... Dentro do seu mundo, explora o que pode.... Não foi ele que alterou os estatutos da Ordem para ter um salário e uma reforma milionária? E quanto recebeu pelas fotos manipuladas da Cipriano?
    Quanto recebe e quem lhe paga para testemunhar contra GA no caso Mccann's V Amaral?
    O que é que ele sabe sobre os acontecimentos de 3 de Maio para poder dizer em tribunal que GA difamou os Mccann e prejudicou as buscas de Maddie, ao escrever um livro que é o espelho da investigação feita por uma equipa de topo da PJ e balizada pelo Ministério Publico, pelo Director da PJ e pelo Ministério da Justiça? Sim, é bom que se saiba que cada passo dado na investigação, cada conclusão, teve a permissào das mais altas entidades judiciais em Portugal.
    O Marinho para ser testemunha tem de ter estado na PDL a altura dos acontecimentos ou vai basear o seu depoimento no " disse que disse" de um qualquer papagaio pago a preço de ouro, ou nas historietas inventadas para o caso Cipriano? Parece-me que vai haver mais um Tuga a emigrar repentinamente para o Brazil. O bruxo foi primeiro, para preparar terreno. Nem a Madeira lhe pareceu terreno seguro para se esconder e virar anónimo. Eh! eh! "what a Karma".... Maddie openning her wings to have justice.
    Espero que GA não ceda a qualquer negociação. Passaram 6 anos, mas nunca é tarde para se fazer justiça e se expor os métodos dos que fogem dela.

  30. Fiz uma viagem rápida pelas edições online dos jornais portugueses e como era de esperar, não vi qualquer alusão ao caso Mccann V Bennet que decorre hoje nos Uk. Nem mesmo o tabloide da caserna CM lhe dedicou uma frase. Muito Lift Consulting para controlar prejuizos.
    Como andam em pânico, Mccann's e BHS.

  31. Unpublished Anon Feb 5, 2013, 5:42:00 AM

    We haven't published your comment because you made the same "mistake" as Unpublished Anon @ Feb 4, 2013, 4:30:00 PM (now Anon #26) because, as said, we intend to use it in a separate post, hopefully soon!

    Hope you understand, and thank you for commenting!

  32. Long gone are the days when The Sun would have its front page with "McCann's Stalker on Trial".

    Friends no more?

  33. Anon #31,

    It seems The Sun has more important new to report:

    To ALL British Press. SHAME ON YOU for not a word about TB!!!

  34. A wonderful allegory and tribute to both TB and GA. Thank you.
    We should thank our lucky stars that there are people of this calibre about. Particularly as a supine British press, police force and Establishment have been prepared to gloss over the glaring facts of this case and peddle the ridiculous abduction theory. It is an insult - an absolute insult, to the British and Portuguese people.
    As all this unravels in front of a growing global audience - as it most definitely now is - all those involved in this dark episode will be forever haunted by the name Madeleine McCann; the child they wanted us to forget.

  35. Isn't it interesting how a RIDICULOUS Maddie sighting hits the news "immediately" and the manipulation of legal system that is on trial today is not mentioned.
    To you journalists, the difference is made out of courage.


  37. Retired lawyer faces jail for 'harassing' Kate and Gerry McCann

    A retired lawyer who has repeatedly accused Kate and Gerry McCann of covering up their daughter Madeleine's death is facing jail for harassment.

    For almost five years, Kate and Gerry McCann have suffered the anguish of not knowing what happened to their daughter Madeleine.

    Through it all, they have also had to contend with a sustained campaign of harassment conducted by a small band of fanatics convinced they had a hand in their daughter's disappearance.

    Now, one of their main tormentors is facing jail for refusing to leave the McCanns' alone.

    Tony Bennett has waged a campaign since 2007 against the couple – repeatedly accusing them of covering up the girl's death in leaflets, books and on internet postings.

    On one occasion, the Madeleine Foundation, which he runs, handed out 1,500 pamphlets in Rothley, the couple's home village in Leicestershire, entitled "10 key reasons which suggest she was not abducted."

    Another booklet has been posted by registered delivery to the McCanns' home.

    Next month, a court will decide whether to jail Mr Bennett, 64, for contempt of court.

    The action is being brought by Mr and Mrs McCann who have grown increasingly disturbed by Mr Bennett's attacks on them.

    Mr Bennett is accused of flouting an agreement in the High Court – made in November 2009 – that he would stop repeating allegations that the McCanns were in some way involved in their daughter's abduction.

    Since then, Mr Bennett, a grandfather-of-two from Harlow in Essex, who is obsessed with the case, has posted on the subject of Madeleine McCann's disappearance an astonishing 3,800 times on one website alone.

    Lawyers acting for the McCanns accuse him of breaching the undertaking on at least 149 occasions. The list of alleged breaches is not exhaustive.

    The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "This has gone on for a long time and Kate and Gerry now feel enough is enough. It is obviously very distressing for them. The fact they are taking legal action speaks for itself.

    "Tony Bennett is his own worst enemy by persistently doing what he does, he has brought this action on himself."

    The couple, both doctors, live in hope their daughter may still be alive and continue the search for her.

    A Metropolitan police review of the evidence, put together by Portuguese detectives, continues but is not thought to have produced any significant new leads in the search for Madeleine.

    A draft order seen by The Sunday Telegraph, which a judge is expected to rule upon at a hearing in February, includes an option for Mr Bennett to be "committed to HM Prison for a period" to be determined.

    Mr Bennett could also be fined and ordered to pay costs that are likely to bankrupt him.

  38. (cont)

    The undertaking Mr Bennett signed – he will now claim he only agreed it under duress – prevents him from making a number of claims in relation to Madeleine's disappearance from her parents' holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz on May 3rd 2007.

    At the time she was just three-year-old.

    The agreement signed in court states: "The defendant [Mr Bennett] undertakes not to repeat allegations that the claimants are guilty of, or are to be suspected of, causing the death of their daughter Madeleine McCann; and/ or of disposing of her body and/ or of lying about what happened and/ or of seeking to cover up what they had done."

    The undertaking also included the destruction of a book "What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 60 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted" and a leaflet "What really happened to Madeleine McCann? 10 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted."

    But since that November 2009 undertaking, Mr Bennett has continued many of his activities.

    The list of 149 alleged breaches, compiled by the McCanns' lawyers Carter Ruck, includes a book: "The Madeleine McCann Case Files: Volume 1" and a series of postings on the social networking website Twitter.

    Mr Bennett runs the Madeleine Foundation, whose website has been subject to scrutiny by the McCanns' legal team, while also putting up 3,800 posts on another website The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann at a rate of about five a day.

    Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Bennett was largely unrepentant and seemingly happy to repeat some of the allegations that put him under threat of contempt.

    He first became interested in the case while watching it unfold on television in 2007.

    He attempted to bring a private prosecution against the couple in November 2007 for child neglect – on the grounds the couple were eating dinner with friends when Madeleine was abducted – but the case was thrown out in a magistrates' court.

    Mr Bennett said: "I have done my best to comply with the undertaking but I would argue to the courts it was an unreasonably wide undertaking to sign.

    "In the last two years I have not written specifically about the details of how she [Madeleine] might have died or how the body was hidden.

    "It is my sincere conviction that one day I will be proved right. I truly believe that one day the truth will be told. And yes I am risking a breach of the order by saying that."

    Asked how he felt about harassing a couple, grieving over the disappearance of their daughter, Mr Bennett replied: "The thing that came closest to harassment was when we distributed the '10 reasons' leaflet in Leicestershire in August 2009.

    "Three of my colleagues in the Madeleine Foundation distributed a small quantity of leaflets in Rothley. I would honestly say that perhaps that was a leaflet distribution too far.

    "If Madeleine was abducted I would accept what I have done is a wicked campaign of harassment. If I am wrong I am evil. But if I am right, I am a victim of simply having the desire to pursue the truth."

  39. Anon #35 to #37,

    The link you've provided is of Jan29th of... 2012, not exactly the most recent.

  40. Anon #35 to #37, by the same person who calls himself a journalist.

    Home Office launches secret review into Madeleine McCann's disappearance
    The Home Office has secretly begun a review that could lead to a fresh police inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

    By Robert Mendick
    Published: 9:00PM GMT 06 Mar 2010

    “Pressure is now being put on Portuguese authorities to agree in the first instance to a three-day review of the case that could be held at Interpol's headquarters in Lyon in France. The McCanns will hope the Home Office can persuade their Portuguese counterparts to co-operate in a case review. The review – were it to go ahead – would involve British police working with Portuguese counterparts as well as experts in child abduction across other European forces.”
    “A further obstacle was removed with the death from stomach cancer two weeks ago of Guilhermino Encarnacao, who was in charge of the Policia Judiciaria in the Algarve."

  41. Em relação ao anon 35-37, nem sei o que diga.
    Aqui está o link do Telegraph de hoje:

    Nem uma palavra sobre o caso Mccann V TB, portanto a minha suspeita será legitima. O anonimo terá feito uma montagem de uma noticia antiga no cabeçalho do Telegraph de hoje. Se foi assim, mais um(a) saido de dentro do caso e enterrado nele até às orelhas, a tentar atirar areia para os nossos olhos. Qual é o objectivo? Distrair, manipular, tentar aumentar o número dos que condenam TB e que querem vê-lo preso. Julgam que assim o conseguem calar e que conseguem assustar aqueles que o apoiam.
    São tão patetas que ainda não perceberam que para o caso Maddie em particular, já ninguém procura os jornais como fonte de informação fidedigna. Há 4 blogs, incluindo este, que constituem a melhor fonte de informação.
    Os BHs andam tão desesperados que assaltam todos os blogs numa tentativa de se multiplicarem e tentarem monopolizar a discussão. Desta vez parece ser o da Joana o mais atacado e até há posts de um(a) tal Isar que chocam pelo mau gosto e pela violência.
    Ao anon 35- 37... Não se esforce tanto. O Telegraph ou qualquer outro media Inglês não interessam para nada no caso Mccann . Quando quisermos saber novidades sobre o caso Mccann - TB, vamos a Mccannfiles onde o autor do site deixou a informação de que TB fará um post em momento apropriado.
    Os media ingleses são irrelevantes para o caso Maddie, mas não deixa de ser muito relevante o facto de não terem dedicado uma palavra a este assunto. Estão ocupados com as duas noticias do momento - a legalização dos casamentos Gay e o esqueleto do monarca descoberto em Leicester.


  43. When at half-time in a "fight-to-the-death" between a Rottweiler and Chihuahua silence reigns in both corners, I would say that R in "R vs C" hasn't put a show that would make his mommy proud.

    But that's me thinking out loud in all this silence.

  44. Eh!eh! Last week, Maddie in Brazil. Now, Maddie in New Zealand and amazing, with DNA.. The DNA that was hard to find in the 5A seems very easy in New Zealand. A job extension from the remains of the king. Since they identified the king, why not Madeleine?

  45. TB made an update on Jill Forum, page 7.
    I hope everything gos well with him today and the judge see all the rats hidding under Mccann's umbrella.


    I remind you that the Daily Star was the ONLY paper that "harboured" the couple after the "Kate's book Disaster" back in 2011.

    Thank you M. do C. for the heads-up.

  47. Well what is the Daily Star? The king of the tabloids with a very poor quality. Equivalent or worse then the old revista "Maria" in Portugal.

  48. TB's trial reported by Mike O' Sullivan the one who mistook "Fale com os McCann" [speak with the McCanns] with "F*** the McCanns"

    ( thanks to Joana Morais)

  49. Oh we go again!

    According to SIC (portuguese tv channel):

    "British police analyses DNA of a little girl who looks like Madeleine McCann"

    A "sighting" in New Zealand", but according to this article the police were alredy sure that the girl was NOT Madeleine, so why the DNA analysis now?! Maybe at the request of the poor girl's parents, since the article says the sample was voluntarily given, to stop the nonsense and to have some peace in their lives.
    (in this article it is mentioned that the DNA testing is for "completeness" of the investigating of this matter)

  50. After reading the update on the trial written by Mr. Bennet in Jill Havern's (also in McCann Files)I have a bad feeling about the outcome of this seems that so far Mr. Bennett is being prevented by the judge from bringing up facts and important questions that would help him defend explain and justify his position and his acts:

    "The judge severely limited my questions to Carter-Ruck's Solicitor and Partner, Isabel Martorell."

    "I think I am right in saying (we shall see tomorrrow) that none of the facts relating to Madeleine's reported disappearance are of any relevance whatosever to this hearing."

    "Nor is the widespread availability of Dr Amaral's book; that was also ruled as irrelevant."

    "I was able to demonstrate that I was the only person on the entire planet who was actively being inhibited from expressing his opinions on the disappearance of Madeleine. That was also ruled entirely irrelevant to the issue of whether I had breached any of my undertakings."

    Hope the tide changes in the following hearings, fingers crossed!


    BBC news reporting on TB case.

  52. Anon #51

    That's the BBC East Midlands, which is regional.

    Like Xclamation/JMorais says in the YouTube acoount: "TB's trial reported by Mike O' Sullivan the one who mistook "Fale com os McCann" [speak with the McCanns] with "F*** the McCanns"

    The same BBC East Midlands that took ages to issue an apology when at the time the piece aired I remember Mr Mike O'Sullivan saying that he was so astounded that he had to get a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion to make sure that Amaral had indeed said "F*** the McCanns" before airing the piece.

    Funny how one can keep a serious face when saying "The McCanns don't object to allegations, what they object to is the publication of those allegations". In other words, you are allowed to say whatever you wish about the case and that's alright as long as you don't make it public. So why say it, then?

    Another thing, it's alright to write to the Prime Minister and that's not breaching, so if Mr Bennett took the trouble to write to each one of us that same letter, then he wouldn't be breaching anything!

    What a blooming freaking circus the McCanns have made out of Britain!!!

    Counting the McCann's friends:
    1. The Daily Star,
    2. BBC East Midlands
    3. ...

  53. O comportamento da imprensa hoje é a prova do que se suspeita. O julgamento de TB vai no segundo dia e os jornais foram inundados por mais um avistamento na Nova Zelandia. Estrategias para entreter o publico e o afastar dos locais onde estão realmente a acontecer coisas sérias.
    Como sempre quem avista a criança chega tão perto que pode ver o coloboma, mas nao tem discernimento para chamar a policia. Como sempre, a criança vai a uma loja( como se os verdadeiros raptores fossem tão estupidos que exposessem as suas vitimas assim a olho nu).
    Como sempre o autor do avistamento sai disto com um certificado de burrice enorme, mas como é anónimo nao causa mossa. Esta deixou esta trivialidade " estava tão concentrada no avistamento que até se esqueceu do que é que a criança comprou".
    Quando é que estes pais vão deixar de gozar com a desgraça da filha? Quando è que a SY vai deixar de gozar com os contribuintes ingleses? Quando é que a imprensa portuguesa vai deixar de gozar com o público? Enfim, avistamentos qb é o que é.

  54. "Tratamento desumano em hospital britânico abala confiança dos cidadãos" in JN hoje

    ( Mas há milhões de libras para gastar a rever a investigação ao desaparecimento de uma única criança e outras tantas para gastar em tribunais/ juizes na tentativa de silenciar vozes incómodas)

  55. "Arrests in 'VIP' sex ring inquiry Daily Star"
    (available at Mccannfiles)

    Looks like the picture of TB was wrongly used on the article reported above. An innocent mistake, or a strategy to play some dirty game that suits the agenda of a certain group? Always doubts surrounding the dark world of that group.

    Wonder if somebody is going to be punnished after a so tremendous mistake. TB have to close his mouth and prevent his brain from thinking and questionning the obvious, but others can trow his image into a very dirty bucket with total impunnity. What damages more the image, the discussions on the net regarding Mccann's contradictions or a picture on a paper connecting you with some sexual dirty activities? I hope TB sues who made such mistake.

  56. Yesterday, the papers in Portugal were intoxicated by the article regarding the sight in New Zealand. Today the article will be washed out. As usual, the media used to control damages and drivevthe most convennient business for team Mccann, where I include the BHs.

  57. [Note: Image was removed about 02:00am 07/02/2013]

    Como muitos viram, deu tempo para ser visto e fazerem um screenshot para ficar registado este erro ou o propositado erro.

  58. #55 and #57,

    I hope Mr. Bennett demands clarification from the newspaper, and maybe even sues them! Of course, now it has been wooshed, but some have managed to save it for posterity, here in Jill Havern's forum:

    I do not believe it was an unfortunate mistake, not in a million years!

  59. The BBC quotes the McCann barrister Adrienne Page: "Ms Page said the McCanns had not brought the court action to punish Mr Bennett or send him to prison."


    They made a committal application containing the words "They ask that he be imprisoned or made subject to such penalty as the court thinks appropriate."

    Sounds like it isn't just the Amaral case in which they are back-pedalling.


    At last some proper journalism - with comments!

  61. The biggest mystery about Madeleine Mccann is who is paying for all this misinformation, silencing of the media, fake sightings, recruiting keyboard monkeys and why are they prepared to go to such lengths in this cover up of the parents. When there is so much controversy and suspicions about the parents and their more than cooperate tapas friends who lied for them and for what reason did they lie? The Mccanns are definitely back tracking now with the Tony Bennett case they definitely wanted him imprisoned but that is not going to happen he has a tidal wide of support on the internet and they know it. The beginning of the end is now in sight for the Mcscams and their fraudulent fund. Cadaver dogs don't lie but the Mccanns do.

  62. And all eyes are on Kate and Gerry.
    Come let us open them wider.
    Who suggested that it would be a good idea to carter ruck Tony.
    Someone they maybe trusted who assured them it was a good move.
    They have been led to the slaughter and I want to know who the Judas Ghost is.
    That image of Tony instead of Cyril Smith is to their detriment not to Tony's.
    And when the papers start printing they will be made to be monstrous beyond measure.
    Who knows the press might even lie and make them even worse than they are naturally.
    And we won't know.
    The only thing we do know is that Madeleine disappeared.
    Cadaver was found.
    And a huge cover up fell into place.

    To me justice for this child is for every single person who lied to be named and shamed as widely as possible.

  63. Su

    "Who suggested that it would be a good idea to carter ruck Tony"

    I doubt that it would have needed much suggesting, given that in her book Kate refers to "nutters who pour forth bile on the internet", "anonymous lowlife", "sad specimens" and, in Bennett's case, "his nasty little organisation"!

  64. Su: if ( and i agree with You, i think no a mistake and give time to all and see) so, i can do a joke, here:


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