Friday, 6 June 2014

SY Contradicting SY

SY, the pawn, has been moved on the board of this sick game the Maddie affair has become  A significant move. They have now as intended, set foot on Praia da Luz, right on PJ’s doorstep, or rather, right in their living room.

The world saw live, British officers of that once prestigious police force known as Scotland Yard in very disreputable positions, namely on their knees, sifting with their hands through the dirt of Luz with the pretence enthusiasm of someone who knows that everyone knows they’re pretending to find Maddie’s corpse and also knows that whoever was watching them also knew that SY knew before it started that it would be easier to find gold nuggets on that piece of land than any trace of the English girl.

Last Tuesday, the whole world accompanied SY's public humiliation live.

SY would take that humiliation gladly and then some more if the real objective had been achieved, which, as we write wasn’t: to seduce PJ.

The evident aloof and distant posture by the PJ agents on site indicates clearly that PJ is far from being seduced into participating in the farce.

It’s like SY was telling PJ “look what fun we’re having playing Find-Pieces-of-Maddie. It’s fun! C’mon, play with us! Look how much fun it is to get dirty! Our mums will be furious!! C’mon!” and PJ answering “Nah… nope, not interested. We’re too busy here… having fun crossing our arms and watching the clouds pass by. But by all means do continue to play alone.”

If the farce was a B-movie, it would be like David Niven playing, as he did best, the gentleman thief together with his voluptuous female partner planning to have her (SY’s officers on the ground) seduce the owner of the house (PJ) while he (Redwood and his Grange team) went up to rob the safe (PJ’ investigation) up in the bedroom.

But in this version the to-be-seduced owner has turned to the seductress and told her very drily “Madam, do tell your boyfriend that if he ever is within three feet of my stairs I’ll have his legs broken on the spot. Now please stay clear of me, I have better things to do.”

Whoever was watching TV on Tuesday, must have thought it was filmed somewhere in England, or at best, in Gibraltar. SY spending a very significant amount of human, material and financial resources on something that PJ didn't show even the slightest interest in.

Are SY acting on intelligence received and if so why are they, rather than the PJ, initiating the searches? Wouldn’t normal procedure be to forward this to the country with jurisdiction, to act on it?

One just has to imagine the scene replicated inversely - PJ spectacularly setting up camp in Leicester to examine every inch of some piece of scrubland in its outskirts with helicopters, drones, ground radars, dogs, excavators, etc to look for the body of a Portuguese girl while SY, although present, would keep their distance from what was happening right in front of them.

It would be completely ludicrous, wouldn't it? Yet, the other way around is a real scenario as we all saw it with our own eyes.

Just the fact that anything that might be found has to be reported to PJ and so become part of their investigation and not of Operation Grange begs the question – why isn’t PJ interested in finding whatever is to be found there in the first place? Isn't it interested? The answer is yes, they are interested in finding Maddie's body but no, they're not interested in looking for it there.

SY literally doing all the dirty work for PJ while they are watching them do it.

If everyone, and we mean everyone, didn’t know it was a farce, SY would be calling PJ incompetent.

As everyone knows it’s indeed a farce, everyone just cringes witnessing SY humiliating itself.

Using again a movie reference, if this was one of those American prison ones, the PJ was only missing shotguns placed on hips to be guards with SY in the role of prisoners, on their knees,  dressed in SY uniforms instead of orange fatigues.

Subtitle: Policemen clean grounds in Praia da Luz (man in blue is PJ )
Guards and prisoners don’t fraternise much in those movies, now do they?

We think PJ has grounds to sue SY for harassment. In the last months it has been exaggerated.

But one thing one has to give the British side is that it’s persistent. But like any determined stalker, it’s shameless but above all patient. So it will continue to harass.

Now, once set foot on the ground, the problem facing Britain is on how to keep SY there on foreign soil where it is not welcome and where it is made to feel that way.

It the intent is, as we said to infiltrate “enemy lines”, to do that one cannot abandon the battlefield. SY has to find ways to prolong its unwelcomed stay. Otherwise they will have to go back to harrassing-by-distance.

Sure it can go over each inch of that piece of scrubland in maximum detail where it has been authorised to be, but each inch scrutinised today is one less inch to have an excuse to scrutinise tomorrow.

That’s why SY has now come up with two other locations it says it intends to search. They couldn't request to search these when they asked to search for the first one otherwise they wouldn't gain time.

And while the request for these two further locations are under PJ analysis, SY has unsurprisingly to us requested to stay an extra week on the authorised location.

We also heard for the first time during this past week that SY also wanted to check the sewers near apartment 5A with optical cables. As far as we know this hasn't been formally requested or been authorised.

The octopus trying to spread its tentacles. Anything will do. They must stay.

But what has been requested and been authorised is not clear. We didn't know the searching of sewers around the scrubland had been formally requested or been authorised. The image above, however, could be from the roads existing inside the scrubland.

SY thinks that only through continuous physical presence it can pressure PJ into submission. Into conceding in opening the files to SY's eager eyes. Or at least allow a SY liaison officer in the PJ investigation.

They have deserved it, they think. After all they have spent loads of cash on “dinner and flowers” to now come away empty handed. Well, it is mistake many men do make isn't it? Ask any woman with self-dignity.

But they face a problem. That problem is called Mark Harrison, the British advisor who searched PdL in 2007 looking for Maddie’s body. A dead Maddie. A dead Maddie in PdL.

 “This report has highlighted the extensive and professional efforts made by the Portuguese authorities regarding the search to locate Madeleine McCann alive. It has now begun to consider further opportunities to re-search locations in order to address the possibility that she has been murdered and concealed nearby…. “

“At the conclusion of this initial process of ‘clearing the ground under your feet’, I am satisfied a systematic review and search procedure has been conducted and accurately recorded by the PJ.”

“It was also essential that the official management and recording of the search was conducted by the Portuguese police themselves rather than by British officers without any powers and not conversant with Portuguese law and judicial processes.”

Doesn't that last phrase in the quote above hit the nail on the head about what went on this week in PdL?

Mark Harrison states his credentials – National search adviser for all police agencies in the UK and visiting Professor of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Southampton.

He worked with experts from the University of the Algarve between 20JUL07 and  10AUG07: Professor Oscar Ferreira and Alverinho Dias assessed the terrain and Dr Jorge Goncalves  marine biologist was also a consultant.

We wonder what sort of expertise Redwood has brought in to assess such a difficult task. We have heard of a British team of specialist forensic archaeologists from Alecto Forensics from Preston Lancashire being present. We just hope they're not as “competent” as FSS.

Assistance to Harrison was directed by Guilhermino Encarnação, PJ Regional Director, who also decided the order of priorities for searching and the terms of reference for the search activity.

The searches were recorded and mapped and contemporaneous video commentaries were provided of all search activities which took place between 01 - 08AUG07.

Previous searches to find a missing girl alive or dead lasted 7 days from the date Maddie went missing.  2 of the 3 zones had been repeatedly searched and involved 80-100 personnel from GNR, Fire Brigade, Civil Protection, Red Cross and Urban Police. Officers on horseback and air scenting dogs were employed.

2 officers from Leicester Police were involved:  DIs Neil Holden and Alan Orchard.

Holden attended a meeting at Portimão with Harrison, the PJ director and PJ agents on 23JUL07. Holden was also the family liaison officer (the rest had been sent home after a week).  Harrison recommended the employment of EVRD and CSI dogs. The dogs were deployed on 31JUL07. 2007.

Harrison conducted reconnaissance flights using the Civil Defence helicopter.

Timetable  of searches:

23JUL07 meeting at Portimão, attended by PJ Director, Harrison, PJ agents and Neil Holden.

25JUL07 PJ Director set priorities for searching - accommodations of McCanns and friends , Murat’s Villa and grounds and vehicles of suspects and friends.

26JUL07 PJ Director asked Harrison to consider the beach for re-search and marine environment.

30JUL07 meeting with Harrison, PJ Director, DI Alan Orchard. Timeline sent to PJ to re–search areas.

31JUL07 canine searches of properties of McCanns and friends. Report sent to PJ with copies to Leicester police and NPIA.

01AUG07 canine searches of East beach and wasteland in Luz.

02AUG07 Villa in PdL – items were removed to screen

04 - 05AUG07 Robert Murat’s property with canines and geophysical equipment.

07 - 08AUG07 West beach and remaining wastelands with canines.

08AUG07 drains around 5A - visual inspection.

When there was a search for a living child, dwellings, business premises and refuse bins were searched.

After the conclusion of the searches, there was a meeting in Portimão with Goncalo Amaral, the PJ Director, Martin Grime - the dog handler, a representative from Leicester Police and Harrison.

Besides the significant difference in commitment by PJ and current absence of Leicester Police, how do they compare to the current searches being undertaken?

Open area East of PdL between the village urban limits and Boavista Golf Club, which was previously searched by dogs. He suggests wells and fissures in cliffs would be possible places, on the ‘least effort’ principle.

PdL shoreline – with EVRD dogs (it had already been searched by the Maritime Police and CoastguardHarrison concluded that a beach burial was extremely rare. He recommended a limited search of rock falls at the base of the cliffs and a sweep of the beach by dogs and geophysical equipment. He did feel it was possible for Maddie’s body to have been dumped in the sea.

Mark Warner crèche area could benefit from a further search – by enhanced detecting methods for human remains.

Harrison did not recommend a full scale re-search of the village, without new information or intelligence.

He did conclude that as searches were limited to certain locations “therefore  it cannot be said that the concealed remains of Maddie are not within the village of PdL”.

Is SY simply acting upon the words of Harrison when he concluded that it could not be said that her concealed remains were not within the village? Meaning the choice of site/s is speculative and based on assumptions?

But, although he does say that it cannot be ruled out that the body may still be in PdL, none of his recommendations for re-searching are being followed by SY currently. There seems to be no indication of the beach search, cliffs or anywhere near Boavista Golf Course. The search in the immediate vicinity of the apartment (terrains), which were reported previously and were not recommended by Harrison.

He allows the possibility of Maddie's body being in PdL due to his limitations, and those were only in reference to private properties with no public access. People's homes. The scrubland now being searched is privately owned but anyone can access it as it isn't fenced.

He considers that what he did to be enough. It covered all plausible possibilities. He, in our opinion, just says what he says to be on the safe side.

So, as can be seen, SY faces a huge problem. There is very little to search in PdL that wasn’t searched in 2007. Little they can do that wasn't done in 2007. Then with the full collaboration of PJ. Even the sewers around 5A were searched.

SY faces a real big problem in finding excuses to prolong the stay in PdL.

PJ is already saying that it needs its agents for other duties now that the holiday season is picking up. Tough job ahead for SY.

But SY has another problem. You see, by doing this specific search, SY has contradicted itself.

The current search area, as of 03JUN14 is an area of scrubland, around 1.5 km from the McCanns’ apartment, between Rua 25 de Abril and Rua de Calheta. This search will presumably be as meticulously recorded as the searches outlined by Harrison.

What needs to be known is why did SY arrive at the conclusion that this particular scrubland required such spectacularly expensive searching, using means never before seen to look for a missing person in a specific and delimited area.

It is said that it was because a witness “saw a man walking holding a little girl who looked like Maddie in his arms near this area”.

Today 06JUN14, CdM paper edition, says that it was a female tourist who now says she saw a man, within a group, holding a little girl in his arms:

Scotland Yard also ensures that there is a British witness who saw one of the men carrying a child in his arms up to the wasteland, situated less than 500 meters from the resort. The British say that he fled, but before he was able to bury the girl's cadaver.

Unless there was a proliferation of men walking around with blonde little girls that night in PdL, this man can only be Smithman. We already have him and Crèche Dad. One more is a little too many. As Kate says, one coincidence, two coincidences… the third coincidence is not a coincidence.

The scrubland is more than 500 m from the resort. It's 1,500 m. If the man had the time to bury Maddie, how long was the witness watching the scene? Apparently she saw him carry Maddie and saw him flee, so one can assume she saw him bury her. And how plausible is that?

How plausible is it that a group of men holding a girl looking like Maddie is only now been reported, 7 years after? And people still doubt that this case is filled with collaborationists. Real and imaginary.

Ridiculous. As usually all “third coincidences” are.

Jornal de Notícias, June 3, 2014 - paper edition, as shown in Joana Morais, says very clearly that it was Smithman the reason for the choosing of that specific scrubland:

“The site in Praia da Luz where the British Police yesterday began the search for the body of Madeleine McCann was not chosen at random. 

Seven years ago, a witness saw a man carrying a child in his arms in a nearby street, walking towards the beach. And, in the close vicinity, live people whom the English detectives consider to be persons “of interest”. 

It was the cross-checking of this data, coupled with the fact that a vacant lot underlies both factors, that has led the police to the believe that the girl's body may have been buried there.

So it was Smithman the basis for SY to have requested to search that scrubland.

Only it could not have be Smithman.

Says who?

Says SY.

SY has stated very clearly that Smithman wasn’t seen anywhere near the scrubland it is now searching.

SY is now saying that Smithman left the apartment, headed down Rua da Escola Primária and after crossing with the Smiths, turned RIGHT, toward West, up Rua 25 de Abril:

But in UK Crimewatch, according to the BBC was the truest account of what happened that night, SY says that he went the opposite direction!

As pointed out in our Discrepancy 13 - The Smith Sighting, on our UK Crimewatch - Discrepancies II post (25OCT13), it is quite clear that SY in October 2013 said that Smithman after crossing with the Smiths, turned LEFT towards the East heading down the road towards the church as the BBC's UK Crimewatch reporter is showing below:

“It was here at 10 pm that an Irish family witnessed another man carrying a child, they saw him coming down the hill from the direction of the Ocean Club heading that way towards the beach. Could this have been Madeleine and her abductor?” (UK Crimewatch video at 23:34)

Absolutely no ad libbing is to be considered as the reporter is showing in which direction the last witnesses to have seen the key suspect say he went. If it was that way, then that way it was. To the East.

What a confusion. SY in October 2013 says he went East and SY in May 2014 says he has gone West.

If it can be “accepted” that SY contradicts us (we say Smithman went South), what cannot be accepted is SY contradicting itself. And that is exactly what it is doing with this farce. SY is denying the “truest account” told by… SY.

In in the next months which direction will SY tell us Smithman went? He now has only two directions left: North and South. The first will provide the excuse to go over the terrain which we were initially told was going to be searched. South, we got that covered.

But let’s refocus on the game and what this move means.

Let us at this point make clear our position about SY and its investigation. Those thinking that we think the SY is whitewashing the events, are wrong. As also wrong are those who think we think SY is being honest to the bone and is after the truth.

For us, SY has received clearly a clear mandate: to find closure on this subject.

What closure means (or indeed if the end result of this SY exercise will really mean closure) depends on what SY can do and how far it can probe into the material truth.

We are realistic and understand that it is interests involved that determine what “SY-closure” will mean. It's not sentimental things like “truth” and “justice” that determine such a thing of such political importance.

As we have said, there is a power struggle and so the weight of different interests vary in time, making the guidelines which SY will follow change. That’s why SY seems to be wavering between intentions. 

Redwood is but a Pac-Man. He, in our opinion, just does what he's told to do, goes where he's told to go and says what he's told to say. 

PJ is most certainly subject to equal pressure at least it has the dignity as not to “moonlight” as actors in farces as we have seen SY do so often recently, namely UK Crimewatch, BinSuperBockman, Algarve-18-sex-assault menace and now SY Circus in PdL.

Too many farces in so little time.

For us, there are 3 possibilities for “SY-closure”:

- leave things as they were and re-archive (abduction) as foreseen in our Non-Psychic Prediction Of An Outcome: The SY's £2M Review” post (17FEB12);

- a limited version of truth (death circumscribed to McCanns and/or T9 without exposing any cover-up) as said in our Rats post (10JAN14);

- or full truth (explaining the cover-up was due to wanting to protect the activities of swingers - without getting into too many names).

Only the last will, in our opinion, provide full closure.

This farcical search of PdL scrubland is, in our opinion, a significant move away from the first of abduction.

It was never meant to be a serious police operation otherwise the search locations wouldn’t be announced weeks in advance, thereby giving an opportunity for possible removal of evidence. Much less by giving the visibility they did with a helicopter flying over the area now being searched and then take almost a month to act.

It is a fact that UK is spending a significant amount of resources on this now presumed fact: Maddie is dead.

That is what has to be retained from this episode.

Overcoming the ridiculousness of this whole thing, it just isn’t reasonable to think that SY would be allowed to put up such an onerous spectacle without supposedly having a solid basis to pursue the “death” lead.

After UK CW in October, Smithman was here to stay. After this operation Maddie is indeed dead.

For some reason Rothley is antagonistically silent.

Abduction has literally been thrown out the window.

Here, SY has another problem: to explain how it came to the conclusion that Maddie is dead.

After all, it was having reached that conclusion after a certainly laborious and painstaking process, that this ridiculous expenditure in PdL is justified.

It cannot have been on a hunch or a feeling. It has to be some sort of solid evidence as to why SY now absolutely assumes Maddie is dead.

Saying it was the result of a bungled burglary is not enough. Pat Brown has come up (literally invented, by her own words) a possible scenario in which a burglar could have killed Maddie - accidental death by suffocation while trying to keep her silent.

On a first look it could be something SY could indeed use but Pat overlooks the exact same thing that Mr Amaral did when he spoke of the death by couch-falling accident: time needed for cadaverine to develop.

The conversation between Jez and Gerry occurs at 21H15 and Kate realises Maddie missing at 22H00, that leaves less than 45 minutes for a process that requires at least 1 hour and a half.

Gerry and his pathetic “proud father moment” places Maddie in her bed at 21H00/21H10. He, unlike Matt before him, says he sees the little girl. He places Maddie in bed when he looks at her and identifies her as his daughter. That limits the time any burglary followed by manslaughter could have taken place.

As we said in a comment to our last post, when one sees a pig flying it doesn’t mean that pigs have started to fly. It means that pig was made to fly and one has to focus all one’s effort to understand how and why it is indeed flying. Because it is flying. That cannot be denied.

Whoever made the pig fly has to explain, in detail, the how and why.


  1. Correia da Manhã, paper edition – 06 June 2014

    Front Page

    Title: Searches for Maddie – Gonçalo Amaral demolishes English investigation

    Subtitle: British bet on thesis of little credibility

    Inside Pages 8 and 9:3

    Uppertitle: Maddie case: Investigating three Portuguese with drug trafficking criminal records

    Title: Phone calls frame Maddie 'kidnappers'

    Subtitle: Gonçalo Amaral demolishes English investigation and says it lacks evidence and credibility

    by Tânia Laranjo/Rui Pando Gomes

    They are Portuguese and have a criminal record for drug trafficking. The English police states that they assaulted the apartment at the Ocean Club resort, in Lagos, and killed Madeleine McCann on 3 May 2007.

    The phone calls made before and after the crime were used as evidence to support the searches that have been ongoing since Monday.

    Scotland Yard also ensures that there is a British witness who saw one of the men carrying a child in his arms up to the wasteland, situated less than 500 meters from the resort. The British say that he fled, but before he was able to bury the girl's cadaver.

    They want to hear the three suspects, but they still lack the evidence to support the claim.

    “Those who are going to commit a robbery do not travel on foot and they will not abandon a body so close to the crime scene. Moreover, there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment”, said Gonçalo Amaral, the former PJ inspector who investigated the case and considers that this new theory is not credible.

    This version is, incidentally, one among others contained in the letter rogatory which determined that the searches would take place. Though it is the strongest, the British open the door to other possibilities. Other five suspects are listed, they also have a criminal record for theft.

    Seven years after the disappearance, the British police now guarantees to the Public Prosecutor's Office that their claim was well founded. The description given by a British holidaymaker coincides with one of the suspects who lives nearby. The woman saw him speaking in English on the phone, as he passed, carrying the child in his arms.

    (this translation of main piece was taken from Joana Morais, who we thank, at:


  2. (cont)

    Insert 1
    Phones may prove crime
    The English authorities attached to the rogatory letter the intelligence about the phones of the three suspects. They say that these were in the resort and that they talked between themselves by mobile.

    Insert 2
    Ex-PJ says that thesis points to parents
    Gonçalo Amaral says that this new thesis points again to the parents: “Acoording to international procedures, to look for a body in the place of disappearance is to make responsible those who had the child under their care”

    Secondary News 1

    Title: Frailties of the English Theory

    Subtitle: PJ doubts thesis sustained by the English

    - Searched scrubland
    The scrubland where the searches are focused was searched by the authorities. On the day of the disappearance also tenths of policemen were on that site and were looking for the child.
    - Hard to bury
    In the scrubland where the English police has focused the searches there are various rock areas that make it almost impossible for a body to have been buried in that place.
    - Hiding a crime
    PJ considers of little credibility that in the case of a failed burglary, the thief would risk transporting the body. The norm would be to abandon the place and corpse.
    - Speak English
    The female tourist says having heard the suspect speaking in a British English. Taking into account it is a Portuguese who supposedly was speaking to another Portuguese, it isn’t credible that the conversation was in another language.
    - Keep secret
    It raises doubts to the PJ the fact that it is a group. In case that should happen, it would be difficult for the “secret” to have been kept for so many years.
    - Dog scent
    Maddie’s death – in the English theory – happened 7 years ago. It would be difficult for the tracking dogs to pick up cadaver odour.

    Secondary news 2:

    Title: Searches until next week

    The searches on the scrubland will be prolonged until next week. SY has already requested to the Public Ministry the collaboration of other criminal police organisms, which should be accepted during the course of today.
    The English guarantee that the searches took longer than anticipated and that the need more time to rule out the possibility that Madeleine McCann is buried in that location. They want, at least, one more week to be able to work in the area. Only after the results of the search is the Public Ministry to decide if it accepts SY’s request to hear the three Portuguese.

    Secondary news 3:

    Title: What the English say

    Subtitle: British press highlights the effort by the English and Portuguses ins the searches for Maddie’s body

    - BBC
    In its online edition, it highlights the importance of the tracking dogs and the of the georadar equipment in SY’s new diligences near the Ocean Club, in Praia da Luz.
    - Daily Star
    Highlights the fact that the police started to search for vestiges in various sewer entries, not far from where Maddie disappeared. It also highlights the Portuguese collaboration.
    - Daily Mail
    Daily Mail says that bones were discovered and that SY has been keeping the parents updated on everything the police is doing in Praia da Luz

    Top of pages 8 and 9:

    Title: Police on the ground

    Sock – It was found
    In the searches a sock was found which the English want to confirm if it belongs to one of the possible kidnappers. DNA tests may be requested.

    On site – Drug plant
    A cannabis plant that was detected in the area is making the English suspect that location may be a place used by traffickers do hide drugs.

    Searches – Micro cameras
    In the searches, SY used micro cameras to check the sewers near were the searches took place. On the ground, holes were opened.

  3. Nothing in UK news about Portuguese drug dealers.
    Are press in Portugal pushing SY to declare their hand about what they are searching for and why? By declaring 3 Portuguese dealers and pushing for confirmation or denial?

  4. They should put up road signs warning of "man crossing with girl in arms" in PDL like they have for ducks and turtles in the US! There was a plague of them in 2007!

  5. Either you are right, or SY has dismissed Smithman. To SY, he as nothing to do with the case.
    The Smiths, in UK CW they were key witnesses but SY has come to the conclusion that they saw an innocent man.
    Jane Tanner saw Creche Dad and not Bundleman. Smiths saw a man (CD?) not related to Maddie.
    All those supporting SY must now defend 3 Portuguese abductors. It's the only thesis that justifies the choice of scrubland. A woman who we're hearing of for the first time saw a group of men who we never heard about before. That'is what SY fans have to defend.
    The group also responsible for sex assaults? Which one was wearing burgundy shirt?
    You want my opinion? The only thing SY is really doing is wasting our money and a whole bundle of it.

  6. On CMTV, presenter Nuno Graciano has asked "Are these British mad?" comparing with the Asterix phrase
    Ridiculed the sock. Found after 7 years, not 7 days.
    Could ibe Zeze Camarinha speaking perfect English
    Ridiculed the whole thing!
    They said it would make a good sitcom.
    What humiliation!

  7. Now this is becoming way too ridiculous for anyone to give any credibilty to what SY is doing. Money would be better spent if thrown into a fire.


    Ao fim da primeira semana de buscas por Maddie, a polícia britânica admite desistir da linha de investigação que levou às escavações. Ainda assim, a operação vai continuar até à próxima quinta-feira, na Praia da Luz.


    Buscas por Maddie interrompidas 2ª e 3ª feira para prosseguirem noutros locais

    Segundo disse à Lusa a mesma fonte, as buscas, que têm estado centradas num terreno interditado pelas autoridades, a aproximadamente 500 metros do apartamento onde a família McCann passava férias, deverão incidir na quarta e quinta-feira em outros dois terrenos já identificados.

    Na manhã de hoje, os dois cães pisteiros levados pela polícia britânica para detetar um eventual odor a cadáver estiveram a farejar locais previamente delimitados pelas autoridades, no terreno onde pelo quinto dia se centram as buscas.

    Durante o fim de semana as polícias portuguesa e britânica preveem continuar as operações de busca por indícios relacionados com o desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann.

    A operação estaria inicialmente prevista para durar cerca de uma semana e terminar durante o dia de hoje, mas o prazo foi estendido até à próxima semana.

    Além dos cães pisteiros, as autoridades já utilizaram nas buscas um georradar, tendo igualmente vistoriado parte do sistema de esgotos da povoação.

    As operações de busca por indícios que ajudem a desvendar as circunstâncias do desaparecimento de Madeleine acontecem sete anos depois da menina inglesa ter desparecido.

    A menina desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 3 de maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos, mais novos, num apartamento de um aldeamento turístico na Praia da Luz, Lagos.


    Video: Resort 'affected' by ongoing Madeleine McCann investigation

    With the spotlight falling on Praia da Luz again, tourists and locals have spoken of the "atmosphere" in the resort that has been inundated by police and journalists as the search for clues into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann goes on. One hotelier said the case had been "catastrophic" for business, with many people who were due to stay this week cancelling, and one holidaymaker said the town was "clearly not safe" for those with children. Lucilia Matos, who has run the Aurora Sol guest house for the past 12 years, said only four of her 20 rooms were occupied, and three of those were taken up by journalists.

  11. Why not stop calling it Praia da Luz and just call it what it really is: Little England?

  12. We would to make our readers aware that unlike Smithman and SuperBockman I and II, these 3 Portuguese sock-losers thesis is from Correio da Manha and not from SY.

    We have yet to hear from SY that this unknown, but unsurpringly British, tourist's tale is indeed the basis for all this money spending and spectacle putting.

    If it is, then we do think that a lot of money would have been saved by sending a couple of agents (authorised by the Portuguese Public Ministry) to discreetly walk around the scrubland so thouroughly searched.

    What we are saying in this post is that it cannot be because of Smithman. According to SY (not the Smiths) he was seen walking the opposite direction.

    And he was seen alone.

    And he didn't speak, so it can't be said what language he spoke, much less in what accent.

    He wasn't on the phone (by the way, not very practical to carry a child and speak on the phone - couldn't one of the buddies have held the child while he was doing that?).

    That means we have, according to SY, 3 men holding a girl similar to Maddie seen in Praia da Luz on the night of the 3rd: Crèche Dad, Smithman and Sockman.

  13. Who was the top investigator on drugs in Portugal? Gonçalo Amaral. His curriculum is impressive and was largely highlighted for many months. So, did anyone believe that a police with such curriculum and conducting the most expensive investigation Portugal ever had, have missed the " drug dealers " SY is talking about 7 years after? Off course not. GA still the big stone on Mccann's and SY shoes. After 7 years SY was forced to admit, Maddie is dead and died on the night of the events. PJ and GA defended that thesis since the first week.
    The drug scenery is to revitalize Euclides Monteiro. A shame to see SY trapped on their own mistakes and completely ridiculous.
    The triangulation on mobile phones show that the Mccann's and at least one of their friends used the mobiles on wild locations where a body could be tempoary hide. This was on many papers in 2007, including the inconvenient " 24 Horas" . SY, if they want to found evidences, just need to follow the clues from 2007 and look into private houses.

  14. O circo Maddie na próxima semana estará transformado num teatro de fantoches. A personagem principal? Redwood. Espero que use protector solar com ecran total porque os UV da PDL nåo perdoam- vai sair de lá " completamente queimado".

  15. I think the cherry on top of this absurd case would be for Amaral to be found guilty of hindering the search for Maddie for having said that Maddie was dead.
    Why aren't the McCanns suing Redwood?
    McCanns, hello... looking for BODY = Maddie dead
    Amaral wrote a book that was read by 1 or 2 million people. How many millions watched on TV that SY was looking for a BODY?
    Why aren't you suing SY?


    Autoridades portuguesas dão luz verde para Scotland Yard interrogar oito «pessoas de interesse»

    Os detectives da Scotland Yard receberam luz verde das autoridades judiciais portuguesas para interrogar oito «pessoas de interesse» no âmbito do caso do desaparecimento de Maddie McCann, em Maio de 2007, na Praia da Luz, no Algarve.

    Os agentes destacados para a «Operation Grange» identificaram mais cedo este ano oito pessoas que poderão contribuir para resolver o caso do desaparecimento da criança.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu do quarto dos seus pais no Ocean Club, na Praia da Luz, a 3 de Maio de 2007. Na altura, Maddie tinha quase quatro anos de idade.

    O lote de «pessoas de interesse» inclui três ladrões que vivem perto do descampado na Praia da Luz, actualmente a ser vasculhado pelas equipas britânicas.

    O jornal Mirror avança que nenhum interrogatório terá lugar até que estejam concluídas as actuais buscas.

    Os detectives da polícia metropolitana acreditam que Maddie terá sido levada por um «gangue» que acordou a criança sem querer e entrou em pânico, durante um possível assalto ao apartamento onde a família estava hospedada.

    Análises ao histórico telefónico mostram que estas pessoas realizaram um número invulgar de chamadas entre si nas horas que sucederam ao desaparecimento.

    Também se sabe, explica a publicação, que três das outras cinco «pessoas de interesse» trabalharam no Ocean Club na Praia da Luz.

    As notícias chegam depois de as autoridades terem confirmado que estão a realizar testes de ADN a pedaços de roupa encontrados durante as buscas.

    Os cães pisteiros britânicos que ajudaram nas buscas da jovem April Jones foram vistos novamente esta sexta-feira a vasculhar o descampado perto do popular aldeamento turístico. Os detectives também continuaram a fazer buscas no sistema de esgotos, a cerca de 300 metros do Ocean Club.

    As autoridades terão procurado objectos que podem ter sido abandonados no local pouco depois do desaparecimento de Maddie.

    1. Anonymous 6 Jun 2014 18:01:00,

      SY may have not "seduced" PJ but they have certainly seduced the press.

      More pressure than this is indeed impossible.

    2. This news is false. SY cannot question anyone in Portugal nor can PJ question anyone in the UK. That's what rog letters are for.
      It can, and PJ has to comply if authorised by the Public Ministry, ask via rog letter to have for PJ question people in Portugal but cannot question them directly.

  17. Ah! Ah! As 8 pessoas de interesse são os Tapas 9, excluindo Diane W por respeito à idade.

  18. The search is going to break on Monday and Tuesday for shifting to another location. Since when a police search breaks for shifting? Just come to my mind GA saying that they worked day and night, missing weekends and giving poor attention to their own family, in 2007. And they were also searching a body.
    You are right Textusa. All that is to burn time while they try to assault PJ files.

  19. Seriously? Who loses a sock when burying a body? You have got to be kidding me. Don't these people see how ridiculous they are?

    1. i believe they do,but they don't have any say in the matter

  20. Helena Figueiras, RTP, highlighted the excuse of the Mccann's for not being in PDL - on their site "Findmadeleine" they said they are following the events through the media.
    Jogging when others were searching, going around Europe to feed their Fund when the police need their help, staying at home while the police is digging. Never the name of a site was so ridiculous and inappropriate " Findmadeleine". Where is their slogan- Leaving no stone unturned?

  21. Hasn't SY paid one heck of a compliment to the reliability of the dogs? It's been seven years and they are trusting in their capabilities. If they can detected Maddie's scent after seven years then a 3 month scent would have been a piece of cake.
    Bringing the dogs now is the best confirmation that Eddie and Keela's work was reliable!

  22. The 8 people become people of interest for SY because they live next to the land they are searching and activate their mobiles on the night of May 3. Is that the scientific method used by SY on their investigation? If they live there it is normal to have their mobiles activated there. Or now, people can't use mobiles at home?

  23. Ah! Ah! A SY vai Gozar o feriado do Dia de Portugal e depois dizem que é para mudarem de local. Como é bom o sol do Algarve acalmado com muita Superbock.

    1. Yes! It is a nice long 4 day weekend! SY only works weekdays and respect Portuguese holidays. It's understandable, they might need an extra shovel and all shops are closed.
      Who is paying for the agents while they sit on their *rses?

  24. Keela and Eddie were dogs from the British police trained under special conditions and Very expensive. The new dogs, belong to private companies owned by ex-polices. Everything is odd on that team

  25. SY are definitely pawns in this saga, it goes on and on, now nothing surprises me about the Maddie case. I do agree with your theory Textusa about Payne being very involved, he has kept silent and not said a word to defend himself which could suggest he has much to hide. You have had almost one million hits on your blog so very well done. Whatever secrets this group have will haunt them for the rest of their pitiful lives, poor little Maddie her rights counted for nothing amongst this selfish group.
    When the Madeleine McCann PR machine appears on the news spinning unbelievable yarns we just turn off now, totally disillusioned with our weak and feeble justice system.


    Maddie search expanded as effort branded PR exercise

    The search for Maddie McCann is to be expanded into a second week as UK Police have been given a second week to search a large area of scrubland and two other sites, as the effort is branded a PR exercise.

    The search, which was criticised yesterday for lacking a focus and direction has now been expanded to include another two sites close to the location where Maddie disappeared in 2007.

    The search, part of a €10m investigation launched in 2011 by the Metropolitan Police Force at the instigation of the British Prime Minister has yielded no significant evidence that could lead to an arrest or charges or done anything to help reveal exactly what happened to Maddie seven years ago when she mysteriously disappeared without trace from apartment 5a in Praia da Luz.

    The investigation was started as the Metropolitan Police Force faced a growing wave of public discontent over corruption allegations and cover-ups, and face even more damaging revelations in the months to come, over the continuing fall out from the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry.

    Sources in the Met have told the Sunday World that the investigation is a desperate attempt to reclaim the reputation of the force with a trophy case and a result which, the force hopes, will put its troubles behind it.

    “It is a distraction. There are hundreds of missing children in London who have not been found and why we should be spending millions on searching for a child who went missing in another country I don’t know. Why isn’t this money being spent on the other missing children?”, the anonymous detective told the Sunday World.

    The investigation led by Detective Inspector Andy Redwood is now nearly two years old and will have to deliver results soon before the public and critics ask questions about a seemingly open ended investigation with a blank cheque for one missing child, while so many other missing person cases in the UK are given a fraction of the resources to help find them.

    The Met asked the Portuguese authorities for permission to search three sites and its original search was due to be completed on Friday.

    Cold Case specialist, Alan Bailey, claims that the three sites over many acres, with 12 locations for specific ground penetration radar searches, is simply shooting in the dark because it is impossible to search the areas fully and forensically in such a short time, even with the extra seven days.

    “The search lacks focus and direction. There is clearly no specific leads or intelligence beyond a traditional geographic profiler’s suggestion of possible locations where a preferential paedophile may have dumped a body or possible evidence”, he told the Sunday World.

    The sites were all checked previously in the immediate days after the disappearance of Maddie and any chance of discovering buried material or disturbed soil were much greater then than seven years later, he said.

    The search areas totaling up to 15 acres according to one source, simply does not inspire confidence that the investigation is on the brink of a break through.


  27. cont

    Every time the Met promises a major breakthrough it risks damaging its position.

    “Cold case investigators should dampen expectations and only promise to do all it can to bring a fresh set of eyes to a case. It is dangerous and upsetting to raise people’s expectations’, the former head of the Irish Cold Case unit told the Sunday World.

    The force will face considerable difficulty if it fails to deliver after this last ditch attempt to solve this very difficult case with these new searches.

    There is some concerns that f there is no significant movement in the investigation it may be forced to push for arrests which may not be merited.

    The Met will look for a face saving exercise and by pushing for arrests that the Portuguese authorities may not support, could give them a neutral way out.

    By promising to solve the case in a fire engine fashion, overtaking and by implication deriding the work of other investigators on the case, then it has perhaps, set itself up to fail and to fall from a great height.

    1. "part of a €10m investigation launched in 2011"

      So it's already in a two figure amount. Great!

  28. For us, there are 3 possibilities for “SY-closure”:

    - leave things as they were and re-archive (abduction) as foreseen in our “Non-Psychic Prediction Of An Outcome: The SY's £2M Review” post (17FEB12);

    - a limited version of truth (death circumscribed to McCanns and/or T9 without exposing any cover-up) as said in our “Rats” post (10JAN14);

    - or full truth (explaining the cover-up was due to wanting to protect the activities of swingers - without getting into too many names).

    Citação de "TEXTUSA PRESENT POST "SY Contradicting SY"

    1ª - 98%
    2ª- 1,9%
    3ª - 0,1%

    Pelo que me é dado "observar" o indefensável tem sido suportado por razões que a própria razão desconhece, e como os "Homens de Bem" nada fazem, as consequências estão à vista.

  29. What is SY going to do in the next 4 days? I know nothing but what I'm asking is what stories are they going to spin from here until Wednesday? With what are they going insult our intelligence again? I'll be curious. To the disgraced SY officers do enjoy your pints and Quiz shows. Need a suggestion? I know of a little place, called Tapas. But you need to hurry because reservation is required. Do get up early and expect a queue. But it's worth it, that's what been said.

  30. I made the mistake of looking again at some of Gerry McCann's blogs. Stomach churning stuff. What I totally fail to understand is the total silence from all family members, all relatives and acquaintances of the tapas group, all McCann's colleagues and patients, and all Rothley residents. What effect must all this have on the well being of the surviving children? Do none of the people who know them personally care??

    1. Great comment and I totally agree with you. I doubt anybody close to the McScammers believes their lies either that's why they do not defend them. We all know K&G are a pair of egotistical liars.

  31. Tonight Sandra Felgueiras on her RTP1 programme said something that compliments this post - no PJ element present in Luz accompanying SY has anything to do with the case. That shows the indifference shown for what the British police force is doing. And not allow any contact between their agents and SY

  32. And Sandra also said that PJ believes that it was a foreigner who committed an isolated crime while staying in Portugal.
    That fits David Payne to a tee.

    1. Or Gerry McCann

    2. 00.11

      Or Kate McCann. I meant who killed Maddie. I don't think Gerry dud it. I think it was David or Kate. Both fit PJ profiling. It was an isolated act and they were staying temporarily in Portugal at time. David left the country sooner than Kate.
      Gerry in my opinion helped hide the body that night.

    3. Sandra says: "The PJ, meanwhile, has discarded Euclides Monteiro as primary suspect, and believes now, that the man who may have taken Madeleine, was a foreigner that has committed an isolated crime, at a time he was in Portugal."
      It's who took her and not who killed her. She says it's a man.
      It's Gerry/Smithman IMO.
      Also she says that this search is based on what the Smiths saw. She doesn't mention any British woman.

  33. And Sandra Felgueiras ( 6a às 9) brought back the images of Eddie and Keela searching Macc apart & car plus the arguido status as a result of this actions. She also said it was the Smith sight, what is behind the searches and advanced the information that for Redwood, this will be his last investigation. He is going to retire. She tried to interview him but his face was so " enfadado" ( I could not find the right word in English) that he enter the car avoiding her.
    Redwood look tired- the millions spend did not compensate and now he is going home humiliated, to retire without glory. What a Karma- everything the Mccann's touch, has a fatal destiny

  34. A sock! SY have really put their foot in it.

    1. Someone said they found a glove. Well, you've got to hand it to them!

  35. I think SY should consider the possibility of Maddie having disappeared into thin air. During the weekend SY should take some samples of of the air of PDL and have it checked for DNA. But first have the dogs smell it first.

    1. If the dogs sniffed the air around 5A, all they would detect is the McCann's bulls**t.

  36. Ah! Ah! SY are cleaning the Algarve and paying for it. Good for owners and Municipalities to avoid the biggest summer nightmare - the fire in forests. Give them green light to search also the center and North of the country.

  37. It must have been difficult to have been Andy Redwood this week. To have brought all his fancy toys to Praia da Luz and then find no one wanted to play with him. Then going on the internet night after night – yes, I’m sure he does that every day – to read how humiliating all was.
    A puppet may be made out of (red)wood but has feelings too. I hope the next week is as bad for him.

  38. Andy Redwood digging reinforces the importance of the dogs used in 2007, and their finds. If dogs were been used in both situations and nothing was found on the land, but per opposition, the Presence of a body was signalized on the boot of the Renault Scenic, means that this vehicle was used to move the body from 5A to another location. The investigation must be back to the first suspects, exactly where PJ believes is the key to solve the case.

  39. SY's farce in PDL was also a sore reminder to all those there who helped things get as far as this point how stupid they were. Innocences lost that night. A few names come to mind.

    1. And on the internet too and I'm not not referring to "pros". Some names also come up.

  40. Just noticed abductor carried M and phoned at the same time!

    1. Those three-armed abductors are 'so unreliable.'

  41. Textusa,
    You mention 3 possible outcomes: re-archiving, partial truth and full truth?
    Where is whitewashing? That’s where I think SY are heading to.
    AR has received a mandate but to find an alternate version. One that explains Maddie dead but that doesn’t involve T9 or anybody else. That’s what I think they’re struggling to achieve. That’s why burglars now kill and why men enter homes not to steal but just to assault little girls.
    SY is constructing the profile of a burglar, who his pals don't even know he is a perv. He assaults the Mcs apartment not to rob - his friends who are helping him think that’s what he was doing - but to rape M. If things had gone according to planned, he would have raped M and then picked up something on his way out like the camera or other objects he could find get his hands on. The friends would think he just robbed and wouldn’t ever know about his perversion. But things went wrong during the burglary/assault and he killed M.
    He confesses to his friends what happened inside and without much time to think they help.
    This is what I think SY is doing in PDL. To find an excuse for not finding the body after making all possible to find it.

    1. Anonymous 7 Jun 2014 11:23:00

      That possibility is indeed a possibility as all are. But some have higher probabilities of happening than others as we all know. But what is to be considered is the stupidity factor. How stupid it will be to take this or that option as all of them have unpleasant consequences.

      If anything SY should have learned in these 3 years and 1 month is that whatever conclusion it will come to, it will scrutinised. Really scrutinised.

      This was evident – or is evident – in the SY Circus at PdL: whoever wanted to know what was happening, followed the issue on the internet. MSM was looked at, with few exceptions like Correio da Manhã, as to sample what “foolers” wanted to fool us with as they have persistently done in the past.

      Internet was to know what was going on, MSM to know what they wished to have us know. The MSM has always been a useful source of information, as we have tried always to show. Disinformation always reveals intent and intent always reveals reason as to why.

      People who are on the internet to misinform tend to forget that.

      But back to your question, another thing this case has proven is that a lie has very short legs. When one is lying one has to lend detail to the story (truth has all detail required but even the simplest of lies is based on invented detail). When one does that, pieces NEVER fit well together. Never, ever.

      My father always told me that there are two things that can never be returned: a stone cast and a word said. Once committed to a lie, there is no way back. Once said that this is what we think happened, we not only cannot start believing another as we have conditioned ourselves to the invented detail.

      That said, we think it would be ridiculously stupid for the Establishment, represented in police matters by both SY and PJ, to commit themselves to a story without a shred of truth besides the fact that Maddie was killed on May 3rd.

      That’s why we considered only those options that are somewhat linked to the material truth.

      But, as we have said so many times, stupidity is much more fascinating than intelligence. The latter has limits but the first is limitless.

    2. As example of what we say above, to "find" Maddie's somewhere in PdL would be a stupidity of a size never seen up to now in this case and we have witnessed some pretty stupid things.

      If she was to be "found" in spot A then she could never be "found" anywhere else.

      That's why this circus is about everything but about finding Maddie's body. That would be the last thing they hope to find. And they look with such eagerness because they know it's nowhere to be found.

  42. Any more wacky theories today?
    Public Ministry should call bluff and let them search 2 other sites. Or SY will say we nearly got them but we were stopped.

  43. The British press always bring other cases when they want to credibilize the shame of their police. Parents of Ben Needhan supporting the Mccann's, says SkY News. Even add few pinches to make SY less ridiculous - the team was the same used in Kos Island in 2012 to search Ben. If so, why SY did not make the same coverage of Ben searches and why the mother of the boy complaint regarding the lack of help from British authorities when compared with millions allocated to review Madeleine investigation? The British media playing with elephant memory of the public.
    BTW, where is Martin Brunt. Why is he not covering PDL searches live and showing to the world, the BRT from Tapas? After all, he made a video seating on a table he claims to be the BRT? Now is the appropriate time to revive the negligence on Mccann's children and show the evidences they have to support their stories- BRT and Diane Webster photos on the beacch must be given to the Portuguese media if they want the sceptical millions like me, to believe. NEPIA BRT or photos to bake their lies.

  44. In truth we have no idea.
    In truth we see how destructive the lies by British msm were to the PJ.
    I am witholding thoughts of a whitewash due to the knowing what we think is what we create.
    So I believe justice is coming for Madleine until such time as I hear conclusively from Grange that the parents are innocent.
    I think the UK is having many enemas right now and I think the mop up crews are wearing thin.
    Truth will out.
    Believe it.

    1. Su,

      Don't know why but you rcomment only arrived now at Blogger.

      About SY reaching the full truth possibility, we hope it does. But even if it does, they will have to explain all the pantomine as of UK Crimewatch and onwards.

  45. breaking on Sky....,ground radar out today and Portuguese police confirm searches due between PdL and Lagos

    1. If it took a week to check that scrubland, then how long are we talking here? Months?

  46. Joana Morais has on her blog the video and translation of Sandra Felgueiras program " Sexta às 9". According to Sandra, the Smiths sight is behind the British searches. She highlighted the idea that was Gerry, who the Smiths claimed to have seen that night but this was not inserted on PJ report..

  47. SY has to look on the bright side of the sock - it allows FSS to test it for DNA and when it says that it hasn't anything to do with the Mcs it will for once be speaking the truth!


    Madeleine McCann suspects to be arrested soon, Portuguese police say

    Portuguese police sources have confirmed to the Observer that a number of suspects identified by Scotland Yard detectives will now be arrested "in the very near future" over the disappearance seven years ago of Madeleine McCann.

    Police confirmed that "several people" had been identified by the Metropolitan police, who have had officers and two sniffer dogs in the Algarve all week searching a large area of scrubland close to the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz where the McCann family were staying when the three-year-old disappeared in May 2007. The search of that particular area, the Portuguese police source said, would end on Sunday and shift to another area.

    It has been six months since the initial request by the Met for access to "three prime suspects" for questioning, although it is believed as many as eight could be on the interview list. It would be the first significant arrests in the case.

    The three are thought to be burglars who may have carried out raids in the Portuguese holiday resort and live locally, although the Portuguese would not say whether the men had criminal records. The development comes after a cold-case review by British officers and involved the painstaking examination of hundreds of phone records from the area on the night when the toddler vanished from her bed as her parents ate supper with friends at a nearby restaurant.

    On Friday, officers in Met police uniform were seen studying a flat area of ground at the opposite end of the area. They had previously focused on a hole covered in undergrowth. Forensics officers sifted through soil in large sieves inside a white tent set up to cover the void but nothing of interest has been found.

    Portugal's attorney general's office said in January it had received an International Letter of Request in regard to "prime suspects" sent by British police investigating the disappearance. On Saturday, the source said there was still no date set for questioning to take place but they definitely wouldn't take place during the current search phase of the investigation, which they said would expand to new sites on Wednesday, culminating by "no later than next Friday".

  49. (cont)

    Police also confirmed that all the suspects are still resident in Portugal and that interviews would take place at either of the two Algarve police stations, at Faro and at Portimao, and would be conducted by Portuguese detectives with their British counterparts allowed to sit in but not able to intervene.

    The people police want to talk to will be immediately constituted as "arguidos" - a Portuguese term for someone who is a suspect, a term which garnered infamy when Madeline's parents, along with a man called Robert Murat, were given the status by Portuguese authorities. All three were cleared of being arguidos by a prosecutor in 2008.

    Earlier this week, the Praia de Luz mayor, Victor Mata, has said the timing of last week's search – which coincides with the resort's busiest holiday period and brought dozens of journalists back to the area – "couldn't be worse". He said the area's tourism industry was suffering and local people were being "punished". Mata warned that if there are more searches in future, he would seek court action to try and stop them happening during peak summer period.

    "The people of Luz are not against the searches for Madeleine but seeing as it's been seven years, they would have appreciated it if they could have started in a few months' time."

    Kate and Gerry McCann released a statement on their website saying they are "encouraged by the progress" being made by search teams in Portugal.

    Writing on their Official Find Madeleine Campaign Facebook page, the couple said: "We are kept updated on the ongoing work in Portugal," and added: "Thank you for continuing to stand by us and supporting our efforts to get Madeleine home."


    Maddie case: Searches to continue on two sites outside the urban perimeter

  51. Os ex- trabalhores do OC e os atuais, contemporâneos de 2007, que se preparem porque a SY deve estar a armadilhar a investigação de modo a incriminar alguns. A história deste caso já mostrou que descredibilizar vestigios/ provas reais e fabricar outras, não é problema. Tudo é feito com o maior dos à-vontades, atropelando valores éticos, morais ou os direitos fundamentais dos envolvidos, etiquetados sempre com os piores epítetos e apregoando estes feitos nos media de todo o mundo.
    Se eu estivesse na pele destes trabalhadores, procurava a PJ para desmascarar os eventos da noite de 3 de Maio e dos dias que se lhe seguiram. Entreguem os nomes de quem vos pediu para mentirem à policia e aos jornais ajudando a esconder os factos.
    Da análise dos depoimentos sobressai uma evidencia que nào deixa duvidas" depoimentos vagos para um acontecimento marcante e todos muito iguais". Estudos mostram que atendendo ao caracter racional da espécie humana, é impossivel ter o mesmo depoimento para um determinado acontecimento. Quando falo em mesmo depoimento, refiro-me ao texto usado. Os depoimentos parecem cópias uns dos outros, demonstrando que nào são da autoria de quem os depôs. Foram programados por alguem e papagueados pelos " mexilhões" desta história provavelmente debaixo de pressòes e promessas de que nada lhes aconteceria. Agora, se não se mexem bem se tramam. Ainda acabam a pagar por um crime que nåo fizeram. Sejam espertos, procurem a PJ e GA e o advogado deste.
    Redwood està stressado e bebaixo de pressão do governo inglês para resolver o caso e pôr um ponto final, com ou sem corpo. Estas buscas são só uma fantochada para convencerem a PJ e criarem terreno na opiniåo publica para a machadada final.
    Vào à PJ e contem o que sabem e quem vos pediu/ mandou/ obrigou a mentirem.

  52. An extract of a commentary on what could be going on in PDL, by GA in CMTV, is available at Joana Morais blog.
    I hope Dr GA never stops exposing the odds of that case. We, the public, need to be aware of what some unethical polices can do to protect criminals and charge innocents. If what is being suspected, is true, this must raise a big and open discussion in UK - HOW MANY TIMES THEIR POLICE HAVE DONE IT AND WHY THEY NEED TO DO IT ON MADDIE CASE? what is behind Maddie events that can't be disclosed to the public?

  53. BBC news last night RM interviewed briefly - said suspects shouldn't be named until evidence against them as it's devastating to be accused.
    7 days more work and 2 other areas to be looked at and work will continue over weekend.
    Several local suspects to be interviews in next couple of weeks. SY will be in ATTENDANCE so it's PJ doing interviews.
    Looking at Escola Primaria where suspect with child seen.
    2 e fits shown - the one that looks like G (and also Martin Brunt)

    1. Público,7 Junho :

      .... "fonte da Polícia Judiciária (PJ), negou que as autoridades se estejam a preparar para deter alguém em breve.

      Segundo as informações da PJ, esses interrogatórios nunca acontecerão antes

      de terminarem as buscas,

      que estão em curso desde o início da semana na Praia da Luz e se deverão prolongar até ao próximo sábado.

      Os interrogatórios deverão ser conduzidos pelos detectives portugueses

      e os ingleses poderão,

      se para tal tiverem autorização,
      acompanhar os inquéritos, mas sem intervir.

  54. Would like to add to my comment about BBC last night:
    Phone records are of interest to the police.

  55. The PJ reopened the case and did their work in silence so SY tried to derail it after trying to steer it in the direction they wanted it to go. These searches are the last ditch attempt to stop the inevitable questioning and we can see how ridiculous they appear. No wonder PJ seem amused by SY!

  56. Em relação ao caso Maddie, Gonçalo Amaral falou em "farsa e encenação" para se referir à atual tese da polícia inglesa. Comentando na CMTV, o ex-coordenador da Polícia Judiciária considera ser "recambolesco" a ideia de haver um "ladrão que se assusta com a criança e a mate".

    Ler mais em:

    E o ex Corrdenador da Polícia Judiciária Gonçalo Amaral ,que chegou a ser o responsável pela Investigação ao desaparecimento de Maddie, critica a tese da Polícia Inglesa e fala em farsa e em encenação.

    GA: há jornalistas britânicos que falam numa farsa, numa farsa algo pelos media e, talvez não passe disso. É perigoso e é grave esta tentativa de arranjar uma tese, uma teoria, uma nova teoria de alguém que vai praticar um furto e que se assuste com uma criança de três anos , que a mata , que a leva dali para fora .
    Acho que é rocambolesco.



    Search for Madeleine McCann to move to new site around water treatment plant linked to suspect

    - Officers due to start scouring area near Praia da Luz resort on Wednesday
    - Police will focus on area by a small water sub-station, farmhouse and well
    - Heroin addict Euclides Monteiro working at water and sewage plant in Lagos
    - It was four miles from Ocean Club where Madeleine was staying with parents

    By Andrew Young In Praia Da Luz, Portugal
    Published: 01:19 GMT, 8 June 2014 | Updated: 02:53 GMT, 8 June 2014

    The search for Madeleine McCann is to move to scrubland around a water treatment plant where a prime suspect may have worked.

    Portuguese police sources have revealed that British officers are due to start scouring the area near the resort of Praia da Luz on Wednesday.

    A fingertip search of wasteland in the centre of Praia da Luz is due to be completed today.

    Then they will turn their focus to two areas by a small water treatment sub-station, a derelict farmhouse and an abandoned well.

    Heroin addict Euclides Monteiro was working at a water and sewage plant in Lagos, four miles from the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz where Madeleine was staying with her parents, Gerry and Kate.

    Ex-colleagues of Monteiro, who was born in Cape Verde, have suggested that his duties included visiting other treatment plants in the area.

    Monteiro used to work as a waiter at the Ocean Club but was sacked for stealing tips a year before Madeleine, then three, vanished in May 2007 – amid fears she had been abducted in a botched break-in by a thief looking for cash.

    He was signed off sick several days before she disappeared and did not return to work for two months.

    Suspicions about him were heightened after analysis of his mobile phone data placed him near the apartment when Madeleine vanished.

    Monteiro, who had served a jail term for burglary, died in a tractor accident, aged 40, in 2009. His widow Luisa has insisted he had nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

    The two new areas reportedly due to be searched are on a back road, half a mile from the Ocean Club. One is a ten-acre area of thick undergrowth.

    It is believed that the sites were identified by British officers before they flew out to Portugal.
    A Scotland Yard spokesman said yesterday: ‘We will not provide a running commentary on the progress of an investigation.’

    1. Well, well... it seems "our" person of interest is after all a... person of interest. Interesting.


    Caso Maddie: regresso ao ‘esconderijo’

    A primeira fase das buscas aproxima-se do fim

    Polícia inglesa volta a usar sonda junto a habitações

    Autoridades acreditam que Maddie possa estar, ou já esteve, enterrada naquele local.

    Hoje, 11h58
    Nº de votos (0)

    Por:Rui Pando Gomes

    A polícia inglesa voltou a pegar nas picaretas para escavar numa zona próxima do esconderijo encontrado no início da semana. O buraco, com cerca de um metro de profundidade, já tinha sido alvo de intensas buscas. É ali que acreditam que Maddie está ou esteve enterrada.

    Plásticos e outros objetos enterrados levaram os especialistas forenses a regressarem ao local. O batalhão de polícias e especialistas forenses iniciou cedo os trabalhos. O chefe máximo das operações, Andy Redwood, fez questão de levar para o terreno todos os seus apontamentos e documentação, numa altura em que se aproxima o fim da primeira fase de buscas.

    Numa luta contra o tempo, a polícia inglesa voltou a usar sondas para analisar o subsolo numa zona muito próxima da rua 25 de Abril e a poucos metros de vários blocos de apartamentos. Estão a ser analisadas as últimas zonas onde os investigadores acreditam que possam ter sido mexidas e possam esconder algumas pistas sobre Maddie.

    Ao sexto dia seguido de buscas era notório algum cansaço por parte dos inspetores, enquanto que as câmaras de filmar continuam a acompanhar ao pormenor os trabalhos.

    “Não houve nenhum assalto àquela casa”

    Gonçalo Amaral garantiu ontem, comentando na CMTV as novas buscas por Maddie, que “não houve nenhum assalto àquela casa”. O ex-coordenador da PJ justificou a sua tese referindo que “não falta uma TV, uma máquina fotográfica ou dinheiro. É uma manobra para fazer esquecer o que existe”.


    Madeleine McCann police to search TWO new wasteland sites

    Jun 08, 2014 10:50
    By Martin Fricker

    Maddie parents bracing themselves for "significant news" ahead of new search targets

    British detectives hunting for missing Madeleine McCann will continue their search for clues on two new patches of wasteland.

    A police team with forensic experts and sniffer dogs has been scouring an area of ­scrubland near Praia da Luz for six days and is due to finish there today.

    Portuguese sources said Scotland Yard would shift its focus to new sites nearby on Wednesday after a two-day break for public holidays.

    Yesterday the Sunday Mirror visited both spots, half a mile from where Maddie vanished in 2007.

    One is an overgrown field surrounded by a 3ft wall.

    A source said: “It was mentioned in the request letter Scotland Yard sent to Lisbon and has not been subjected to searches before.”

    The other, the grounds of a derelict farmhouse with an old well, is a fly-tipping site.

    Detectives are also set to quiz up to eight suspects when the search is finished.

    It is understood three of them are local crooks and the rest worked at the Ocean Beach complex, where three-year-old Maddie was on holiday with her parents.

    Kate, 45, and Gerry, 46, are said to bracing themselves for “significant news”.

  60. Where is the promised media discretion?

    1. Gonçalo Amaral has hit the nail on the head on this subject, when he said in the CMTV interview that it's all a show-off for the media, because, in a huge area of terrain to search, the digging and the searching have happened right on the edge of the terrain, a few steps from the police "do not cross" tape, to allow the media to film and take photos...nothing happens deep inland of those wastelands...

      ( )

  61. Brilliant pic, from winnower's tweet

  62. Neglect is deeply embedded in the minds of UK even if they don't like Mcs.
    Throw out neglect and the whole case is thrown wide open and points only at Mcs.

  63. Hi Textusa,
    Been wondering. Are your feelings positive or negative at the moment. There's one heck of a lot of negativity on the sites - general consensus seems to be of a cover-up.

    But you've always maintained that answers to this 'mystery' lie in PDL - and Ocean Club Workers in particular (sure you'll correct me if wrong).

    Pat Brown has stated her interest in the location where McCann's phone 'pinged'.

    Possible reasons for optimism:
    SY have moved from looking for a 'live Madeleine'(their original claim) to bringing in the cadaver dogs - the result being everyone can now speak of what they've always truly believed (pro and anti) that Madeleine is,sadly, dead.

    Now we learn the police are looking at OC workers and searching the site on the route where Gerald McCann's phone 'pinged'. They've also discounted Tanner's fairystory of a sighting.

    I'm beginning to believe there could be good times coming soon for all who believe in justice (withiout wanting to sound too pompous). What d'ya think?

    1. Anonymous 8 Jun 2014 22:43:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Our optimism is based merely on good-sense and realism. We sincerely hope BH finally use their good-sense and start to be realistic. It will be the best for all and the only scenario that will bring real closure.

      As always, only when the snow settles in the globe, the scene is revealed.

      From our porch we have to tell you that the game seems to be played very interestingly.

      Whoever is responsible for moving SY’s pawn is playing every trick possible in the book.

      SY is leaving all but one option left.

      The one left out is abduction. The abandonment of this thesis began with BinSuperBockman back in March and since then SY has confirmed this in a crescendo up to this very expensive show they put on in Praia da Luz.

      Maddie not only is dead but was dead when her body left that apartment.

      But all other options remain open. Including the one we didn’t mention in the post but that has been brought up in comments: whitewashing.

      Please don’t read in our words above that we’re thinking the whitewashing option is the most likely one. When we say all options remain open, we mean ALL options.

      Against whitewashing we continue to advice that it would be stupid. Really stupid. Really. More than Kate publishing her book. And that was really stupid as everyone knows.

      We are very eager to see what is going to happen on Wednesday. We have been given the indication that significant moves will be made. We hope so.

      Two last final notes. One is directed to SY, or its manipulators, and that is to remind them, if we may, that 2014 is not 2007/2008. And there are legal problems that cannot be overcome no matter the will to overcome them. Not saying that there’s that will. Just saying that what is possible to do, or more importantly, what is not possible to do, is independent of some wills.

      Will use an example that came up in a conversation while talking with Fred today:

      “Lagos made the wrong decision when it refused to sell the small beach (Praia de Pinhão) to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt when they showed interest in buying the house that overlooks it. They would bring over other rich celebrities to the region and these would spend significant amounts of cash…”, said Fred

      “No, Lagos didn’t make any wrong decision there. Even if Jolie & Pitt offered to pay very, very well for that house and beach, it wasn’t up to the mayor to make any sort of decision on the subject. Beaches in Portugal cannot be sold to privates. Beaches are always public. So there was simply no decision to be made. It was decided upfront”, I answered.

      Some things are simply legally impossible.

      The last final note is to readers. The crux of this case lies not in the PJ (or SY). It lies in the echelon above the PJ: the Portuguese Public Ministry. On what it will be allowed to decide. That simple.

      As for the rest, we will wait, patiently, without any positivism or pessimism, for Wednesday.

    2. Many thanks for your peply. Very intersting. Interesting times indeed.

  64. Gonçalo Amaral: "Teoria de rapto de Maddie não passa de uma farsa" Atualidade - CMTV Entrevista COMPLETA


    Tio de Joana não assume crime
    João e Leonor Cipriano, tio e mãe de Joana, foram condenados pelo Tribunal de Portimão pelo homicídio da menina de oito anos e pela ocultação do cadáver

    Decisão: negado pedido de liberdade condicional

    Tribunal de Execução de Penas entende que João Cipriano não assume a prática do crime, vitimiza-se e não demonstra empatia para com a vítima.

    Hoje, 09h49
    Nº de votos (0)

    Por:João Tavares

    O Tribunal de Execução de Penas de Lisboa recusou o pedido de liberdade condicional de João Cipriano, atualmente a cumprir 16 anos e oito meses de prisão pela morte da sobrinha Joana Cipriano, de oito anos, desaparecida desde 12 de setembro de 2004 da localidade da Figueira, em Portimão.

    O corpo da menina nunca foi encontrado, mas João e a irmã Leonor - mãe da criança - acabaram condenados, pelo Tribunal de Portimão, depois de um julgamento de júri, por homicídio qualificado e ocultação de cadáver da criança.

    No final de setembro de 2013, o tio de Joana cumpriu metade da pena. No entanto, o tribunal concluiu que não estão reunidos alguns pressupostos para a liberdade condicional: João não assume a prática dos factos criminosos, exterioriza sentimentos de vitimização, não demonstra empatia para com a vítima, tem cadastro e soma quatro sanções disciplinares enquanto recluso. João Cipriano cumpre pena na cadeia da Carregueira, em Sintra.

    Segundo o acórdão, "seria para a sociedade incompreensível e contraproducente que alguém que é responsável pela prática de um crime tão grave como aquele pelo qual o recluso foi condenado, beneficie da liberdade condicional uma vez atingido o meio da pena".

    Joana terá sido morta depois de ter visto a mãe e o tio num ato incestuoso. Terá sido esquartejada e atirada aos porcos. Em 2009 Leonor culpou o irmão pelo crime. Ele já tinha feito o mesmo.

  66. Gonçalo Amaral (CMTV interview), he mentioned that there are clues that point to the possibility of the body no longer existing...this reminded me of the recurrent comments from a Luis Arriaga in newspapers and blogs, claiming the PJ knows the body was cremated, and where it happened.
    Also, Mr. Amaral mentioned something quite interesting..when asked if he believes we will ever know what happened the night Madeleine disappeared, he replied "yes, when the MI5 releases its files on the case,we will know. Let's not forget that the british secret services were on the case from day 1, on the scene"...and, "when the dogs were brought in (Eddie and Keela), along with the british forensics team, there was a british officer in charge of the whole operation, and after the work was done, that officer was in Faro airport to return home, he was with a PJ officer who went to see him off, and that british police officer received a phone call informing him that there was someone from the MI5 at the airport waiting for him to "discuss" the findings and the work of the dogs, before he left to the UK"...all witnessed by the PJ officer. Gonçalo Amaral added "as I see, we're not here making up things" (meaning conspiracy theories, fantasies)

    (the above is not an accurate translation of Mr. Amaral's words, mind you, it's an approximate version)

    1. Anonymous 6Jun 2014 22:12:00

      Louvando o trabalho inestimável de TEX e equipa, talvez agora percebam melhor a razão da percentagens atribuidas no post em causa.Infelizmente , temos pena...

  67. Guardian - Sun sets on week long search for MM.
    2 new search areas will be near campsite. ( gypsies, Hewlett??)
    Mcs plead for people not to spread rumours based on inaccurate press reporting!!!

  68. Paulo Sargento on SIC, “Queridas Manhãs”, 09/06/2014.
    He received information that the McCanns had been inside the PDL church at 05H00 on 14/01/09. They were photographed but the photo wasn’t clear.
    Sargento wrote to the Bishop of Algarve to try to confirm the story. After a month without response he sent he Bishop a mail. This mail replied to with the justification of a delay – the Bishop had investigated what had indeed happened. The reply confirmed that the McCanns had been in the church the night in question at 05H10.
    Sargento went to speak personally with the Bishop. The Bishop did not ask for any confidentiality about this conversation.
    The Bishop didn’t know beforehand that the McCanns were going to use the church that night. It’s assumed it was the Hubbard’s who had the key.
    The Bishop found one thing strange - Susan Hubbard’s anxious call to him to confirm if people were asking questions about this visit. The Bishop told her that if there wasn’t anything wrong in relation to that visit then Susan had nothing to be worried about people knowing about the visit.
    On that same day at 17H30 a public service was held at the church.
    Sargento says that whoever knows the inside of the church it’s impossible to hide a body there.
    That in 2007 one place under works was an old cemetery few metres behind the church and that now has been paved with cement.

    1. SH the K8 guardian; owner of the church, and behave like someone "who wears the pants at home"; she also likes a lot to take care about the situations.

    2. I don't understand the significance of been inside the PDL church at 05H00 on 14/01/09. Do you mean they were inside the PDL church at 05H00 on 4/5/07

  69. Further reading for newer followers of this case

    1. Thank you for everything xx

  70. Really worth watching, Pamela Meyers and how to spot a liar:

    I have seen this before in some Maddie sites but it was pulled out because of rights. I think that was because images of Mcs were inserted in it. This is the original and I googled for it so I don't think there's any problem with posting the link.

    1. Anonymous 9 Jun 2014 14:13:00

      Thank you so much for the link!

      We think the followiing Pamela Meyer's words are completely applicable to the Maddie case (at 01:50 of the video) and its implanted clutter:

      “Lying is a cooperative act

      Think about it. A lie has no power whatsoever by its mere utterance, its power emerges when someone else agrees to believe the lie.

      So I know it may sound like tough love but, look, if at some point you got lied to… it’s ‘cause you agreed to get lied to.

      Truth #1 about lying… Lying is a cooperative act. Now, not all lies are harmful. Sometimes we are willing participants in deception for the sake of social dignity, maybe to keep a secret that should be kept secret, secret (…)

      But there are times we are unwilling participants in deception and that can have dramatic costs for us.”

    2. I hope you have watched the edited version at the link I posted above at 13.42. Enjoy.

    3. I hope you have watched the edited version of this available on the link I posted at 13.42. Enjoy.

  71. Você na TV: Caso Maddie - Nada foi encontrado durante as buscas no terreno


    A Portuguese-South African joint "operation"

    When I read this headline of “Correio da Manhã” (“Let us dig the site’ - South African businessman challenges Robert Murat”) my first thought was that Mr. Stephen Birch is mentally challenged, as people say in USA.

    There is no legal system in any country of the world where a citizen must prove that he is innocent, just because other citizen accuses him of something. First, the proper authorities must collect enough (and solid) evidence to accuse him, than take him to court and give him the right to challenge the evidence.

    But when I remember the preposterous remarks of Mr. António Teixeira, a former high ranking PJ inspector, siding with a lunatic and a mentally retarded person, I believe that the reasons for the “Birch Operation” to be launched now and with such a careful planning and a large amount of logistical and financial support can’t be explained only through the diagnostic of a psychiatrist.
    Publicada por Paulo Reis em 14:30:00

    1. Obrigada a quem enviou/colocou o link para a rubrica da TVI.
      Gosto de ouvir o Advogado A.Pinto Pereira, embora me parecesse que foi um pouco boicotado pelo ex PJ; este, se ouviram defende a tese dos proMcs e da SY. Daí que , eu pense que nem vale a pena traduzir o que o S. Teixeira disse, já que a Agência noticiosa oficial copia e traduz o que vem na imprensa de UK. Seria redundante.

      A quem colocou a ligação para o Blog do Jornalista/Blogger Paulo Reis, os meus parabéns, pois elucida sobre os papéis desempenhados por alguns personagens.

  73. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Anonymous 9 Jun 2014 19:10:00,

      Your comment has been removed due to copyright issues.

  74. Blacksmith's post tonight - what????? Can you help me to understand this Textusa? Please!

    1. Anonymous 9 Jun 2014 23:20:00,

      We did say we are living interesting times, didn't we?

      If hurricanes happened in winter - in this case even that may well one day happen - we would say snow is being thrown about inside the globe by gale force 5 winds.

      We are simply enjoying the spectacle.

    2. Regardless what Blacksmith believes, what Scotland Yard is doing is not going to bring anyone before a court to face criminal charges and it won't shed any light on what happened to Madeleine.

      You've got to hand it to Mr. Redwood and company what better way to tell the public how strongly you believe that Madeleine was killed by a burglar then to have numerous officers within camera range picking at a thin layer of soil over bedrock. Such hard work, they must really believe in what they're selling don't they?

    3. Agree, Guerra. It's a too expensive show to be anything else.

    4. I feel Redwood has sold his professional reputation (along with his soul) in exchange for the "early retirement"...handsomely paid, of course...the regular pension (to avoid inconvenient questions) with some nice perks on the side (very hush, hush, of course)!

  75. Faltam dois dias de buscas, mas a PJ, que acedeu aos pedidos dos ingleses, está convencida de que "vão suar e não vão encontrar nada"


    Madeleine McCann: New Search 'Will Be Useful'

    By Tom Parmenter, Sky Correspondent, in Praia da Luz

    The renewed searches in Praia Da Luz will be "useful" in understanding what happened to Madeleine McCann, a former Portuguese Attorney General has told Sky News.

    Pinto Monteiro, who was in post when Madeleine disappeared in the resort of Praia Da Luz in May 2007, explained that he believed the Portuguese and British are working professionally together in the latest phase of the investigation.

    "All investigations deemed to discover what happened to Madeleine will be useful - we need to establish some certainty as to what happened," he said.

    He added that the case was a complex criminal investigation due to "hundreds of false directions, hundreds of false statements… some were well-intentioned and others just malicious".

    Specialist teams have spent the past week on new searches.

    Monday was a rest day for the detectives and search staff who will move their focus onto a new site on Wednesday. Today is a national holiday in Portugal.

    The scrubland they cordoned off for the past week is once again open; most of the holes dug have now been filled back in.
    The site where police have been digging for evidence.

    A discarded Metropolitan Police evidence bag is one of the few items the teams have left behind.

    The detectives have not revealed what intelligence led them to conduct the searches on the land which now seems to have been discounted from their investigation.

    Portuguese police sources confirmed to Sky News that the next searches on Wednesday will take place on sites just outside Praia Da Luz.

  77. I ask only these 2 questions:

    Let's suppose that during the search in the scrubland during last week SY would have found something relevant there. Something that would make it necessary to search any of the two locations that are going to be searched tomorrow. Would SY take 2 days off before going there or would it pick up their gear as quickly as possible and just go?

    If it would just go, what was the need for this rest?


    Two new areas

    1. Spot the mistake!!!! What the heck would images show between these dates????? Surely they need images from BEFORE 2007 to compare with after!!!!!

    2. Of course! Unless SY are saying the burglars kept her body and then buried it again years later.
      Lots of terrain will change in 7 year s- heavy rainfall, animal digging, vegetation grows. Given that first 3 digs would be chosen as most likely sites, next 2 are least likely.
      Suspects, should be described as people of interest. Suspects wouldn't be given so much time to get stories straight and would have been arrested and questioned.
      There is nothing illegal about making lots of phone calls on May 3


  80. O "I" online traz um artigo que considero muito interessante, atendendo ao historial dos 7 anos do caso Maddie, embora não mencione este caso. Acho que este caso tb encaixa no artigo:

    " Mentirosos famosos. Porque mentem os que inventam outras vidas."

    Especialistas dizem que " uma mentira desencadeia outra numa corrente que só acaba quando a mentira é descoberta e o mentiroso exposto". Invariavelmente, todos têm sido descobertos.

  81. Continua o circo das buscas na PDL. Helena Figueiras diz que " é mais do mesmo".
    Do meu olhar leigo mas não estúpido, pergunto-me " qual é o critério por tras da selecção destes lugares"? Este é um descampado que mostra que sempre teve pouca vegetação, o que per si só seria dissuasor para qualquer pessoa que quisesse enterrar alguma coisa ali. A nåo ser que tivesse acesso à investigaçåo policial em 2007 e andasse diáriamente informado sobre a movimentação da policia ( o que sabemos aconteceu com os País da criança) mas mesmo assim, dificilmente controlariam a população e fácilmente seriam avistados.
    Portanto, isto parece um show paupérrimo e montado por amadores que ou estão absolutamente convencidos que a batalha está ganha, qualquer que seja o esforço desenvolvido na mesma, ou acham que o publico é tão estupido e a PJ tåo manipulavel que nem se dåo ao trabalho de fingir com qualidade.
    Porquè este descampado e não o matagal que está anexo?

  82. This second round is NOT getting the same media coverage. Why?

    1. Not even Sky News is making an effort.

    2. I'm anon 10:58
      Apologise. Just saw it on Sky News. Almost second to last in the line up but they did speak about it.
      The point I made remains valid


    Why are they not making an effort

    It should be recalled that up to now there was in Praia da Luz a total of 40 GNR military officers 24 hours a day, divided into four shifts, each consisting of ten elements, which included a patrol on horseback (two GNR's and two animals) on the field where searches were undergoing. Working in the surveillance of fixed locations, preventing access of journalists and civilians, including a rapid intervention brigade with two dogs to keep public order in case of need and in a control post on the top of a hill. DM


  85. It seems SY has found an "object of interest". The other sock?

  86. BBC reporter shows the old house they're searching in. Refers to the graffiti of 'English police is stupid'

    1. The first part of the graffiti which they DIDN'T show on the telly portrays the real meaning of what was written!

  87. Unless it was the Pjs her parents claim M was wearing or the non existent jemmy of the non jemmied window, what object could be linked with M? K's ring has been suggested as a possible find, as she describes M playing with it in her book, but it wasn't reported as missing at the time, so I think that can be discounted.
    Who would take to the streets carrying a dead child, mobile phone and burgling tool anyway. And then bury the object, rather than disposing of it more easily at a rubbish dump.
    It can't be cat or blanket, as they were left behind.
    Another red herring to occupy the press?


    Caso Maddie: Polícia investiga terreno a 300 metros da praia da Luz


    Trabalhos interrompidos às 12h30.

    Hoje, 13h49
    Nº de votos (0)

    As polícias britânica e portuguesa interromperam hoje, cerca das 12h30, os trabalhos de prospeção num terreno perto da praia da Luz, na procura de indícios sobre o desaparecimento de Madelleine McCann, em maio de 2007.

    No oitavo dia de buscas, as autoridades estão agora concentradas num local situado a cerca de 300 metros da praia da Luz, afastado da estrada que liga esta localidade à estrada nacional 125.

    O terreno, que integra casas aparentemente abandonadas e que foi anteriormente vedado pela Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), está agora restringido a uma pequena área onde os investigadores concentram as suas atenções.

    Os responsáveis policiais no local escusaram-se a prestar quaisquer esclarecimentos sobre os trabalhos em curso, os quais prosseguem durante a tarde de hoje, prevendo-se que até sexta-feira seja também inspecionado um outro terreno, também nas imediações da praia da Luz.


    Caso Maddie: Polícia investiga terreno a 300 metros da praia da Luz
    11-06-2014 13:30 | País
    Fonte: Agência Lusa

    Lagos, 11 jun (lusa) - As polícias britânica e portuguesa interromperam hoje, cerca das 12:30, os trabalhos de prospeção num terreno perto da praia da Luz, na procura de indícios sobre o desaparecimento de Medelleine Mccann, em maio de 2007.

    No oitavo dia de buscas, as autoridades estão agora concentradas num local situado a cerca de 300 metros da praia da Luz, afastado da estrada que liga esta localidade à estrada nacional 125.

    O terreno, que integra casas aparentemente abandonadas e que foi anteriormente vedado pela Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), está agora restringido a uma pequena área onde os investigadores concentram as suas atenções.

    Os responsáveis policiais no local escusaram-se a prestar quaisquer esclarecimentos sobre os trabalhos em curso, os quais prosseguem durante a tarde de hoje, prevendo-se que até sexta-feira seja também inspecionado um outro terreno, também nas imediações da praia da Luz.

    Trata-se da segunda fase de buscas por indícios que esclareçam as circunstâncias do desaparecimento da criança inglesa Madeleine McCann e que abrange locais fora da zona urbana da Praia da Luz.

    Durante sete dias, dezenas de elementos das polícias britânica e portuguesa, da GNR, dos bombeiros sapadores florestais e outros técnicos concentraram-se num terreno de vários hectares na zona do miradouro da Praia da Luz.

    O primeiro terreno a ser inspecionado situa-se aproximadamente a 500 metros do apartamento onde a família McCann passava férias em 2007, no empreendimento Ocean Club, na Praia da Luz, Lagos.

    A operação das polícias britânica e portuguesa estaria inicialmente prevista para durar cerca de uma semana e terminar na sexta-feira, mas o prazo foi estendido.

    Além dos cães pisteiros levados pelas autoridades inglesas, já foram utilizados nas buscas aparelhos para sondar o terreno, tendo igualmente sido vistoriada parte do sistema de esgotos da povoação.

    As operações de busca por indícios que ajudem a desvendar as circunstâncias do desaparecimento de Madeleine acontecem sete anos depois da menina inglesa ter desparecido.

    A menina desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 03 de maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos, mais novos.

    JPC/FC (MAD) // SO



    Julgamento que opõe pais de Madeleine McCann a Gonçalo Amaral reinicia-se segunda-feira

    O julgamento do processo em que os pais de Madeleine McCann pedem uma indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros, por alegada difamação do ex-inspetor da Polícia Judiciária Gonçalo Amaral, reinicia-se na manhã da próxima segunda-feira.

    As audiências do julgamento na 1.ª Vara do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa, no Palácio da Justiça, encontravam-se suspensas desde outubro do ano passado, para que os pais da menina inglesa desaparecida na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, em maio de 2007, chegassem a acordo extrajudicial com Gonçalo Amaral.

    Como não existiu um acordo entre Gerry e Kate McCann e Gonçalo Amaral, o juiz do processo desta ação, que motivou já o pedido de arresto de bens a Gonçalo Amaral como medida cautelar, marcou o reatamento das sessões.

    Agência Lusa

    1. Anonymous 11 Jun 2014 15:43:00,

      Thank you for the news!

      So final hearing of the trial will be on Monday the 16th.

      If it happens, we're supposing that the McCanns will have until July 16th to get the green light from UK Court to be able to represent the Maddie.

    2. Nesse caso, a ordem temporal dos acontecimentos:
      buscas em terrenos,com paragem para descanso até ontem;
      o recomeço hoje para acabar na sexta;
      e,no dia 16 .......

      Claro que gostaria de escrever mais sobre isto mas fico por aqui.


      McCann a Gonçalo Amaral sem acordo: julgamento vai recomeçar
      Tribunal volta a reunir a partir de segunda-feira
      Por: tvi24 / CLC | 2014-06-11 15:13

      O julgamento do processo em que os pais de Madeleine McCann pedem uma indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros, por alegada difamação do ex-inspetor da Polícia Judiciária Gonçalo Amaral, reinicia-se na manhã da próxima segunda-feira.

      As audiências do julgamento na 1.ª Vara do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa, no Palácio da Justiça, encontravam-se suspensas desde outubro do ano passado, para que os pais da menina inglesa desaparecida na Praia da Luz, no Algarve, em maio de 2007, chegassem a acordo extrajudicial com Gonçalo Amaral.

      Como não existiu um acordo entre Gerry e Kate McCann e Gonçalo Amaral, o juiz do processo desta ação, que motivou já o pedido de arresto de bens a Gonçalo Amaral como medida cautelar, marcou o reatamento das sessões.


  91. Madeleine McCann search: 'stupid' British police face backlash from Portuguese locals
    Graffiti describing British police as 'stupid' and accusing Kate and Gerry McCann is scrawled on a wall after officers began searching a second site

    By Alice Philipson

    1:02PM BST 11 Jun 2014

    The Madeleine McCann investigation is facing a backlash from Portuguese locals as officers begin searching a second site.

    Graffiti slurring the McCann family and describing British police as "stupid" appeared scrawled on a wall opposite a new site being investigated.

    Sniffer dogs are being used on the area near where Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal seven years ago after a fresh area of land was cordoned off by police in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz at first light this morning.

    The words "policia ingesa [sic] estupidos" appeared on a nearby wall, as well as accusations against the McCanns, alleging they were responsible for her disappearance.

    Two dogs from South Wales Police were seen with their handlers inside the cordon and appeared to be concentrating on a small area which has been marked out with police tape inside.

    A third officer could be seen with them examining notes.

    The new area is on the outskirts of the town, around 15 minutes walk from the Ocean Club resort where the McCann family were staying when the child went missing in May 2007, aged three.

    Specialist teams spent last week scouring an area of land closer to the holiday apartment where they were staying.

    The operation was extended after British police applied to the judiciary to spend an extra seven days in the resort but no work had been carried out previously this week due to a Portuguese national holiday.

    A spokesman for the McCann family said they declined to comment on the graffiti, which was written in large letters in Portuguese overnight.

    Further officers arrived at the new site this morning and stood around having discussions and surveying the large area.

    Further tape was marked out inside the square area within the cordon, appearing to highlight specific areas of interest to police.

    Nine officers lined up and began carrying out a methodical search inside the smaller cordoned-off area.

    They moved slowly forwards, poking the grassy area with sticks as they studied the ground for anything suspicious, with some of them bending over to take a closer look at times.

    Officers began using a pickaxe and shovel to dig within the small section, while others stood in a group watching them work.

    They spent a few minutes digging at the earth, which is very dry due to the warm climate.

  92. Forgot to add link:

  93. It seems searches are finished. Nothing conclusive was found! Oh what a surprise!!!

    1. Anonymous 11 Jun 2014 18:15:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      So they took less than 1 day to search an area bigger than the one they took 5 days to search (or 7 if one includes the weekend).

      No wonder. Redwood had a Mutiny on the Bounty on his hands and simply made the correct decision, and that was to end the pantomine.

      What needless pain SY was put through. If SY was in the US we would propose that he have immediately a place in its Hall of Fame. He will always be remembered in the corridors of that police force, we assure you.

      What interesting times indeed. What interesting times.

    2. In my opinion it was not Redwood who made the decision. It was London after seeing the graffiti on the wall.

    3. I don't know what the surprise is. I recall in the 2009 documentary that when Gerry is walking down the street protests are heard.


    Buscas para encontrar Maddie pedidas pela polícia britânica terminaram

    As buscas para encontrar indícios que pudessem levar ao paradeiro de Madeleine McCann terminaram esta quarta-feira sem sucesso na zona da Praia da Luz, Lagos, devendo a polícia britânica regressar a casa já na quinta-feira.

    As buscas para encontrar indícios que pudessem levar ao paradeiro de Madeleine McCann terminaram esta quarta-feira sem sucesso na zona da Praia da Luz, Lagos, devendo a polícia britânica regressar a casa já na quinta-feira.

    Fonte da Polícia Judiciária (PJ) disse que as buscas, pedidas pela polícia britânica, terminaram por volta das 17h00. A fonte precisou que os trabalhos ficaram concluídos após mais de uma semana de buscas em terrenos onde a Scotland Yard admitia que pudessem ser encontrados objectos ou outros indícios que ajudassem a esclarecer o desaparecimento da menina, há sete anos.

    Os trabalhos, que incluíram escavações, começaram no dia 2, no miradouro da Praia da Luz, e esta quarta-feira centraram-se em terrenos à entrada da localidade turística. De acordo com a fonte, os polícias britânicos vão regressar a Portugal, em data ainda não marcada, para ouvir mais oito pessoas que, admitem, possam ajudar a esclarecer o caso.

    Sete anos depois do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann, as autoridades portuguesas e inglesas vistoriaram terrenos adjacentes ao aldeamento turístico onde a família McCann se encontrava alojada de férias. As diligências foram requeridas pela Scotland Yard, que nunca fechou a investigação, ao contrário das autoridades portuguesas, que encerraram o processo em 2008.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 3 de Maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos, mais novos, num apartamento de um aldeamento turístico, na praia da Luz, no Algarve.


    Madeleine McCann: Police complete search of three sites
    11 June 2014 Last updated at 16:56 GMT

    The BBC's Tom Burridge reports from the scene of Wednesday's searches

    Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann have completed their search of three sites near the Algarve holiday resort of Praia da Luz.

    Portuguese and British officers were seen shaking hands with each other, and taking down a police cordon.

    Police sources have confirmed to the BBC that Wednesday's searches have now been completed on Wednesday.

    Madeleine was three when she went missing in Praia da Luz in May 2007.

    The BBC's Tom Burridge, in Praia da Luz, said he saw police appearing to be saying their goodbyes to each other.

    After the physical search is over, Portuguese police are due to question "several suspects" who are described as of interest in the case.

    Earlier on Wednesday, police used bolt cutters to open gates to get into the 15-acre grounds of a property, which made up the third search site.

    Officers also spent three hours searching an area of grassy land about 15 minutes' walk from Praia da Luz - which was the second area they have searched in the past 10 days.

    Two dogs, from South Wales Police, were seen with their handlers inside the second search site, where officers concentrated on a smaller area marked out with police tape.
    'Several suspects'

    Yellow and white police tape had earlier been stretched around the area and had been guarded by armed local police.

    The area included a plot of land with vegetables growing in the middle and a number of dilapidated outbuildings around it.

    The BBC understands the land is owned by a construction company based near the Portuguese capital Lisbon and has been left as scrubland after permission to build on it was turned down.

    A source said Portuguese police had searched the land in 2007 - after Madeleine disappeared - and had visited the site "four or five times".

    It comes after a week-long search of another site - a 15-acre area of scrubland in Praia da Luz - was completed at the weekend and police cordons were removed on Sunday night.

    Portuguese police have said nothing of interest was found during last week's search. However, they announced "several suspects" were likely to be interviewed in the "very near future".

    UK police had already asked authorities if they could speak to three "people of interest", the BBC understands.

    British officers will be allowed to sit in, but cannot intervene in proceedings, Portuguese officials have said.

    The search resumed on Wednesday after a two-day pause because of a Portuguese national holiday.

    A variety of techniques, including the use of ground-penetrating radar and sniffer dogs, have already been employed by the team of officers from Portugal and the UK.

    It is the most significant police activity in Praia da Luz since Madeleine went missing seven years ago.

    Her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, had been eating dinner with friends a short distance away when the three-year-old disappeared from their Ocean Club holiday apartment.

    The McCanns, from Rothley, Leicestershire, have said they have been "encouraged" by the progress made by police.

    The search in Praia da Luz comes after the Met launched a fresh investigation into Madeleine's disappearance last July, codenamed Operation Grange.

  96. Parece que alguém vai continuar com vida,vai continuar a ser avistado(a) e um dia aparece com casamento e prole.

    1. mc n,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Allow us to disagree. If one thing has come out this week and half, besides the mysterious sock and "object", it's that Maddie is dead.

      Only that absolute conviction on SY's part can justify such a lavish expenditure of funds in this exercise.

    2. mesmo que não lhe pertença......

    3. Interesting post by Joana Morais in joanamorais.blogspot

      «Clarence Mitchell, the McCann family spokesman, said last night: “In the light of what Scotland Yard has said, Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry continue to have full confidence in the operation.

      “In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, they continue to believe that Madeleine is still alive and out there waiting to be found.” » in Daily Express 12 Jun 2014, Anil Dawar in Praia da Luz.

      Penso que era precisamente este o objectivo do Establisment, via SY. Para além das dificuldades acrescidas que vai criar à defesa de GA no julgamento que recomeça na próxima semana.

  97. Even the sock and the "object" are not from Her.....

    Upssss,object remember same I can't say....

  98. SY could only launch such an operation based on solid intelligence but the fact they didn't find anything means faulty intelligence. Someone must be made responsible for this. That sock must now be the most expensive piece of clothing in the world!
    Does anyone know what was the reason to search second sight? The comparsison of satellite images don't convince me. For that to be true then every single square foot of terrain had compared. Who they think they're fooling? But some reason was for them to go out that piece of land. Would love to know what it was.


    We urge the Mayor of Praia da Luz to keep this wall untouched. It is a symbol of patriotism, of the little man against enormous powers trying to subjugate him. It’s a HISTORIC site. DO NOT CLEAN THIS WALL!

    1. If it gets cleaned it will be re-written again and again! Unless the police guards the place 24/7...

      (to what's there I would add " and the portuguese authorities have no balls!"

  100. I’m sorry but couldn’t help but to laugh out loud when watching SIC news tonight, the news piece showed SY jumping over a wall at a closed gate while PJ remained outside waiting for the florest services (the authority with the jurisdiction) to arrive and force open the gate.
    The result was SY inside the property while PJ outside waiting for 20 minutes!!
    SY trespassing right in front of the Portuguese police! Isn’t that a crime??
    It showed how impatient Redwood was to get away from the cameras and how cooperative PJ was being. NOT.

    1. This is very important!
      SY were supposed to work under the supervision of the PJ. What were they doing, accessing a property before the PJ entered?
      Surely this is enough for the Portuguese to refuse any further requests to dig on Portuguese soil? What rude, contemptuous behaviour.

  101. SY "worked their socks off," but got nowhere


    Operation Grange update

    Operation Grange officers working alongside experts in their field from around the UK, the Policia Judicial and the Guarda Nacional Republicana today, Wednesday 11 June completed an eight day period of work searching specific areas of land in Praia da Luz.

    At this time no evidence relating to Madeleine McCann has been identified. However it has given us an essential understanding of the activity on and people that have used this piece of land.

    This was the first phase of this major investigation which has been agreed with the Portuguese following the four International Letters of Request submitted to date. More activity has been agreed and we expect that to commence shortly. In addition further requests are being compiled and will be submitted in due course.

    The decision to search the “horse shoe” shaped piece of waste ground to the west of Praia da Luz and other sites was as a specific result of the UK’s investigation work to date.

    The total area of land searched and surveyed was of approximately 60,000 sq metres and included all utilities, drainage channels and derelict buildings. 41 ground anomalies were identified initially by both aerial survey and ground analysis which were then investigated fully. These included three outside of the original area.

    This deployment which was the largest ever undertaken by UK police overseas in a case of this type, highlighted the effective nature of the assistance given by the Portuguese authorities, for which the investigation team and family are very grateful.

    The media’s understanding and co-operation following Assistant Commissioner Rowley’s pre deployment briefing has also been noted and appreciated.

    There is still a substantial amount of work yet to be completed in the coming weeks and months, which again should be viewed as no more than normal operational activity in a case of this size and complexity. This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of enquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally. This is the same as would be done in the UK for a murder or high risk missing person enquiry. The scientific support staff involved were there to provide the highest level of assurance that this area was searched to the highest possible standards.

  103. The Portuguese played their hand well. They let SY come on to the stage, full back the dusty curtains and make fools of themselves. Meanwhile, they watch the tickets at the door - £50K each day, but no one buying but the English.

  104. Poster Cynical Al on JH who everyone can see is none other than Insane/Not Textusa, appears to be supporting Textusa!!
    On bottom of this page:

    "I don't read BS much. I'm more partial to Textusa."

    It couldn't be more funny.

    1. Anonymous 12 Jun 2014 12:16:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      We inform readers we won't publish publish anything more related to Al's musings because his views don't appear to have any relationship to ours.

      We are sure Insane will be furious with you if you've got it wrong. He thinks we are demented and deluded. Unless he has a sneaking admiration that he can only acknowledge secretly.

      A boy at school used to kick me whenever he could. To a 7 year old, being told by your mother it was because he really liked you seemed weird. I didn't like the boy anyway.

      Insane would probably say he kicked the girl just because he hated girls.


  105. This is really sick, isn´t it?
    Isn´t there anyone who can help solve this situation definitely?!...

    'It reinforces our belief that she could be alive': Madeleine McCann's parents are positive after no evidence is found of her death so far in new investigation

    1. Anonymous 12 Jun 2014 18:41:00,

      If they interpreted the lifting of the arguido status due to the archiving of the process in 2007 as an explicit statement on the part of the Portuguese justice system that they were innocent, it comes as no surprise they would say something like that after what SY found in Praia da Luz.

      And, they are right. Nothing related to the death of Maddie was found in Praian da Luz in June 2014, No evidence of her dead. No evidence of her alive. Simply no evidence.

      But now we have a new character who the McCanns can address their anger against anyone who states that Maddie is dead: Andy Redwood.

      AR has now to tell the McCanns why he thought that Maddie is dead. And thought that to a conviction that made him set up the whole operation in Luz.

      As we keep being told the parents are constantly updated, we suppose they were told what were the reasons to set up such an expensive spectacle.

      In conscience, tehy should have said during the last 2 weeks and not now why they thought Redwood's reason's to go to Portugal to find a dead Maddie were not to be taken into account.

      But, honestly, is anyone still listening to what these 2 have to say?

    2. Pensou ou " pensou" ?

      Para mim, "pensou" para poder vir ao Meu País fazer escavações em locais improváveis para que,de modo algum,qualquer indício fosse encontrado.

      Eu já calculava que a retirada antecipada fosse apenas o passo teatral necessário para que as fanfarras começassem antes de dia 16.

      A minha tristeza continua.

  106. Sorry, Textusa
    I just am reading the news and find it (conclusions) unbelieavable!...
    Is it related to GM trial?
    Concerning "all lines of inquiry" why do they not start for the very begining and consider questioning McCann´s?

    «(...)The parents of Madeleine McCann have said they are encouraged that no trace of their missing daughter was found during intensive searches in Portugal, saying it "reinforces our belief that she could still be alive"...»

    «(...)The force added in a statement: "This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of inquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers just the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally. This is the same as would be done in the UK for a murder or high-risk missing person inquiry. The scientific support staff involved were there to provide the highest level of assurance that this area was searched to the highest possible standards."»

  107. This will be UK jurisdiction IF << big if or of course, those responsible for Madeleine McCanns disappearance are British nationals. The trial will be in the UK as British police do not have jurisdiction in Portugal (hence they need PJ assistance) but they have the right to investigate & prosecute (CPS) any British subjects who might be linked to Madeleine's disappearance. Please look at UK Gov Jurisdiction in crimes committed abroad.
    Only certain crimes fall under this legislation, with one being murder which you may have noticed is being mentioned more & more

  108. NOT TO BE PUBLISHED at 12 Jun 2014 19:36:00

    Understand your feelings. Understand it's all a sick and disgusting game. For that reason we do our best to avoid feeling too optimistic when things seem to go right nor too pessimistic when things seem to go wrong.

    All in all we think things are headed in the right direction but must warn that no one, and we mean no one, knows what direction things are being taken to. But they all know what the right direction is.

  109. I heard Hernani Carvalho this morning on SIC saying that the McCanns requested for this trial session to be only in September and the judge didn't accept it. He was very optimistic about the McCanns not having anything to be optimistic about the session on Monday

  110. British police officers TRESPASSED into private land, the portuguese police obeyed the law and waited for those with authority to open the gates! It is on camera, just watched it in SIC tv evening news. I hope the owner of the land will sue the "socks" off SY ! Unless...the owner is that case it's "all in the family"!

  111. Os Mcc's não têm vergonha na cara nem perdem um minuto.... Mal terminou o circo da SY, recomeçou o deles com o porta-voz a dizer que as " buscas infrutiferas na PDL reforçam a convicção dos país de que Madeleine está viva." Não tarda, eståo novamente a pedir donativos e a destruição de GA. Razão tinham alguns leitores que suspeitavam que o jogo da SY podia ser para reforçar a idea de uma Maddie viva.
    E a PJ e as nossas autoridades mais uma vez vão tapar os ouvidos e fingir que não ouviram nada em vez de requererem a reconstituiçåo oficial da note de 3 de Maio, filmada e transmitida para todo o mundo, com ou sem os Mcc's e o resto dos Tapas.


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