Friday, 13 June 2014

Class Acts

Pic from JH Forum
No, not acts of class but acts of a class: the Modern Era’s Nobility, also referred to by us as the Establishment.

Maddie’s case is, as we all have unfortunately come to realise, filled with novelties. One of its biggest, and we dare say surprising, involves SY.

For the first time in history a police force, the Met, was ordered to solve an already solved case.

Everyone relevant in the game, including those with responsibility in SY, knew “whodunit” when that order was given out.

SY was given apparently unlimited resourcing to spin a story about what happened to Maddie McCann.

Before readers jump to the conclusion that we’re advocating whitewashing, we aren’t.

SY was given only one condition to accomplish the mission: make David Cameron look good.

That meant that it had to achieve closure on the subject but with a degree of satisfaction compatible with the set out condition.

In other words, SY was to spin that story but it had to make sure it had legs to walk. A Prime-Minister’s reputation was (and is) on the line so if SY comes out of this looking like fools, the fact that Cameron will not be satisfied matters much more than any possible damage to the prestige of the institution

At first, the task seemed easy. As we have explained in previous posts, someone, somewhere, underestimated the complexity of the case. That only dawned when it was too late, when the case was already under review.

The complexity of the case has nothing to do with what happened in Praia da Luz on that night. It has to do with interests in having not known what happened that night in PdL. Not about Maddie’s death because that could be outed if it didn’t, like it did on May 3rd, involve others who had nothing to do with the death.

The Black-Hat Capi.

The interests of these are powerful, very powerful. They compete in the same league as the Prime-Minister. That’s how powerful they are. We even question if the Prime-Minister interests’ are powerful enough to compete with them.

And that’s the predicament SY is in. It has to spin a story that has enough credibility (or truth) that will make David Cameron look good while it cannot conflict with the interests of those that who fight the unveiling of the truth.

By going with the whitewashing, SY will satisfy the BH Capi but will make Cameron look like a fool while the full truth will satisfy David Cameron but leave the Capi very unhappy.

Good sense and realism dictate that the answer will reside in between.

SY might even end up “spinning” a story very close to the truth. That will only happen if all other possible versions prove not to work.

So, unlike a normal police operation, Operation Grange didn’t have lines of investigation but only lines of acting. A true make-belief work.

SY became actors in an ad-lib play. The script being written after the curtain was raised and is continously being changed according to the reactions of those with interests at stake to the different proposals in which direction the plot should go.

The public's reaction to what is being shown on stage didn't (and don't) matter much. It's too nonsensical so they won't even try.

The actors are being fed the lines and wondering what they're going to be told to say next.

No one really knows what the punchline will be. Many have desires as to what they want it to be but no one knows how the play will end. No one really does.

There were 4 main lines of acting open to SY: whitewashing, re-archiving, partial truth (limited to the T9) or full truth (without getting into too many names).

We don’t believe in the possibility of whitewashing. We will sum up our reasons with just one phrase: it would be putting out the fire with gasoline.

So, in our opinion SY is currently working in the remainder 3 lines of acting.

We have explained what our opinion was about SY’s 2014 Summer Circus in PdL.

It “hired” a plot of land to set up tent and when the public (PJ) didn’t come running to participate as expected, it apparently “hired” another on the other side of town with even more disastrous results. To the point of having to leave town with heads bowed in shame.

It begs the question, if they, while in the first plot, quickly realised the operation was totally  flunking as they were absolutely not captivating the PJ, why go to the second plot?

To answer that one has to differentiate between intent and physical move of props.

If the move to physically go to Praia da Luz made as much sense as moving the queen front left of one’s opponent’s pawn with the words “I will check-mate you in 3 moves with the queen” and then have to endure the humiliation of having a quizzical look on his face while he takes our queen off the board.

Physically, it made no sense. Even in intent it didn’t. Arrogance never conquers. Arrogance is hostile. It drives people away.

But we understand the move. Even if it lacked any emotional intelligence it was a show of force to demonstrate how “interested” the British were in solving the Maddie case. Use the public spectacle to force PJ into collaboration.

The British Establishment doesn't know what (or who) PJ is investigating and it is desperate to know. Only with having someone in the investigative process (like they had in 2007/2008) will they know where PJ is poking its nose.

As we all witnessed, the process in PdL to seduce PJ didn’t go well.

Let’s set the humiliation and shamelessness aside and get back into the game. Let’s focus on what really matters.

Let’s go back, for a moment, to when SY marched into Luz all confident and pleased with themselves

What was the reason for searching scrubland 1?

We were told there were 2 reasons.

The first, a female British tourist, who says she saw an abductor with Maddie in his arms in that area. From what we’re told she said, we confirm it has to be Maddie’s abductor as only one is able to jump out the window holding Maddie and (not) leaving the traces he did in the apartment could equal a Portuguese individual speaking British English on his mobile to other Portuguese while holding the child and then with his bare hands be able to dig a shallow grave in rock hard soil. A freshly dug grave that would go unnoticed by the dozens of people who searched every inch of those grounds in the following days looking for Maddie.

Maybe it wasn’t with his bare hands but with some sort of specially designed shoes as he apparently left a sock on site.

The second reason was, if you remember, the three crooks who lived nearby. As if anyone with capability of thinking would bury the body of a child he had just killed right in front of own doorstep. In front of his and that of his friends!

We believe the mentioning of the 3 crooks was for a reason: to convey the idea that according to SY three locals were involved in hiding the body. The body of a dead Maddie.

SY thickening the plot but fundamentally pointing the finger outside the T9. To PdL residents.

This was done to convince PJ to let SY in the investigation. SY thought that by saying “look how we also suspect, like you, that all this is greater than the T9 together with biggest police operation ever put on the ground in Portugal since Maddie 2007, it would be sufficient for the PJ to gleefully open the doors of its investigation to SY.

As we said, that didn’t work.

So SY upscaled its “help” to PJ. They started to say they wanted to hear 8 people of interest to the case. We don’t know exactly who they are or if, for example, the three local crooks are included in this group.

If they do reside in the area, they should be included, but if they are, why search the ground first and only after that question them? The mighty SY playing cat and mouse with local crooks? Spending hundreds of thousands of pounds when very cheap questioning would get them further?

If they aren't, then SY is interested in 11 people and not 8. We believe they are, so let's continue with the 8 figure.

Like with the mentioning of the first 3 crooks, SY was now telling PJ, “listen, to show how transparent we're being it wasn't just those 3 who were involved... but 8 who participated in hiding Maddie’s body. See how we really want to help you?”

And why would SY tell PJ such a thing?

Damage control.

SY was negotiating with PJ. Telling PJ, ok, we will accept that you involve these 8 people in the Maddie case but that is as far as we want it to go. Please let us in and we will provide you with the all the evidence you need for a T9 + 8 scenario. That way we will all be happy.

That apparently didn’t work either. So SY was forced to up its hand. Thus the “hiring” of the second plot.

Image from BBC
It was to desperately show how seriously SY wanted to help catch that “gang of 8” – but that gang only.

What makes us think that?

Let's look at the reasons, however stupid, that were given for choosing the first scrubland: tourist and local crooks living nearby.

Ridiculous but the reason given for the choice of the second is beyond that: due to the comparison of differences in terrain between the years of 2007 and 2014 satellite imagery.

First, there is satellite imagery of Praia da Luz of 2007. Maybe someone might tell this to Mr Amaral because he says he was told there wasn't any.

Second, the body was buried in 2007 and then moved? Only that would make a difference, wouldn’t it? Shouldn't the comparison - if there ever was one - have been between pre-May 2007 and those of May 2007 to check the differences?

Third, seven years is a long time. Time for weather to even out any possible changes any small grave would make.

Fourth, the resources involving such an intelligence operation is staggering. For years satellite imagery was analysed in the Afghan war zone to catch Bin Laden without much success and the British government would then spend the time and resources comparing in close detail, or granularity, all areas of Praia da Luz. But, even if it did, SY repaid all that effort and expenditure by spending less than a day there.

So we weren’t told of any plausible reason for the choice of those grounds.

But there is one: the water treatment station.

So what does the water treatment station have to do with the Maddie case?.

Just one thing: Euclides Monteiro, who we said was indeed a person of interest to the case, worked for Sisaqua, a water treatment company.

Now, that is a coincidence, isn’t it? Not many water treatment companies and/or stations in the area we would say.

SY went to the other side of town to show PJ that they were willing to really, really uncover truthfully the Maddie case up to those 8. By pointing the finger to the water treatment station, SY was showing PJ they are “in-synch”. So, PJ please let SY in.

But it didn't work. PJ simply remained distant and aloof. Staunch in its independence.

The relationship between the 2 police forces was best shown with SY trespassing while PJ waited for 20 minutes outside for the right authorities to arrive who could force open the gate on the other side of the road from the water treatment station .

SY's mission had failed completely and neither party made any effort to hide the discomfort felt.

Things in 2014 are very different from 2007/2008.  Then, we are sure PJ knew Maddie was dead and who was involved in her death. No danger to the public in Portugal. UK were clealy blocking anything that went beyond T9 and what else could someone in  Portugal do but take the apparently intelligent attitude of saying “It's over to you, UK, you deal with these people”.

But the British took that favour as a sign of submission and just went full out on a slander campaign against the PJ in general and Mr Amaral in particular. Now it's paying the price.

Not being able to get into the PJ investigation, means that Operation Grange's results are completely conditioned by it. It would be a huge embarrassment for SY to come to a conclusion and then PJ to another completely different.

We believe there were also some Portuguese who agreed to avoid anything that affected business in the Algarve by challenging the UK cover-up.

Although shame has been completely discarded in the past by the British in the Maddie affair, SY Officers are human and the humiliation they were being subjected to in PdL took its toll.

After the graffiti on wall incident, it became unbearable to work in such an environment. One thing is to perform a lame magic act, another is to perform it to an audience that’s snickering at you.

That's why SY pointed out the water treatment station to PJ and then left as hastily as they could the hostile stage, noting that what mattered was the information gained about the people who used that piece of land, as per Operation Grange update.

But what has this SY Circus in PdL provided to the case?

Three important things.

First, the confirmation that Maddie is dead. To bring her back into the world of the living is off the agenda. Maddie is dead. The public know she is dead and now so do the British authorities. Only a couple in Rothley still say feebly they believe she’s alive, but their voice counts for little.

And that’s the second thing to take out of this episode – how really unimportant the McCanns are in reality (please include Clarence Mitchell with them). How can anyone still think the couple would convince the government to spend this much money to convince the world that Maddie is dead escapes us. Their silence is not the result of one of their manoeuvres but obedience to an order. They simply follow orders. Like they have done, rather disastrously we concede, since that night of the 3rd.

The McCanns saying the fact SY found no evidence of Maddie's body proves that she's alive is an insult to the British taxpayer. SY didn't find any evidence because there was no evidence to be found where they looked for it.

Are the McCanns stating that the coming weeks and months of work to be done by SY is useless? That the “deployment which was the largest ever undertaken by UK police overseas in a case of this type”, as per Operation Grange update, was just SY throwing money away?

They do have trial session on Monday and as their image isn't exactly inpeccable they had to say something. They couldn't on Thursday say they were sad that SY didn't find the body and then on Monday go tell the court they want money from Mr Amaral because when he claimed Maddie was dead he hindered the search for her alive.

The third is that the burglar thesis (whitewashing) has just lost its legs. After hundreds of thousands of pounds spent in finding a sock, there’s no evidence to support a bungled burglary followed by a collective local action to hide the body. And they really looked for that evidence. The whole world saw SY on their hands and knees looking for it.

Image from MailOnline
 An image the world is going to retain for a long, long time. Especially because everyone knew they weren't on their hands and knees looking for evidence. They were simply on their hands and knees.

To now find that evidence elsewhere, SY has to have a REALLY good excuse to justify throwing away this money and SY’s public humiliation.

Anyway, who would believe that 3 local burglars with the possible help of other 5 people were able to fool the world for so long? A story like that wouldn’t stick and David Cameron wants one that does.

Lastly, lets us focus on the graffiti on the wall. It says, translated literally including errors:



It clearly shows the anger of a simple person. Of someone who has made up his or her mind based NOT on what s/he read on the internet written by “delusional lunatics”. A very simple and very angry nobody.

That’s food for thought for the class responsible for all the farces, pantomimes and circus acts.


  1. Well done Textusa! Roll on Monday, in the first instance.

  2. I have no doubt whatsoever as to the integrity of this post.

    Thanks once again Textusa for putting into words what a lot of us suspect but just find difficult to summarise so succinctly. We will continue to watch the performance. It will make a good West End show one day.

  3. It's evident that the Mcs have totally lost their voices in the issue. Take the Halligen video - The McCanns and the Conman - which was supposed to portray them as being conned by an evil man and the whole thing was as pathetic as the freelance priest in it! They do their best to keep their saintly image but the mask has long fallen off

      It's worth reading this article, then watch the programme about Halligen the conman, also on Joana's site.
      Gary Williams is the source of George Harrisonman , according to Operation Omega report by Halligen's outfit, who show a colour e-fit of a smiling George, yet Gail Cooper and Metodo 3 are mentioned in this link as the parties involved in a similar e-fit of George.
      Gail Cooper's varying accounts of what she witnessed were discredited in the PJ report, but according to Op Omega, their investigation had already discarded him, when Gary Williams said the Market Man, put under surveillance by Op Omega was not the person he saw.
      Can anyone make sense of these differing accounts?

  4. Oh, oh. This is true too - please read The Daily Profiler today. What are your thoughts about that possibility, Textusa? .. the one on which the whole digging exercise may have been based (for public consumption), which may have indeed come full circle - ie we thought she may be dead, but found no evidence of that. Now, as Pat Brown states, that is exactly what the McCanns needed for Monday, and it was delivered to them at exactly the correct moment!

    1. Anonymous 13 Jun 2014 10:31:00,

      Disagree totally on that point. We believe there’s no intentional connection between the 2 events – SY PdL Circus act and trial on Monday.

      One cannot anticipate the random to plan ahead. Random is random and no one can predict it. The scheduling of the Portuguese Justice System is absolutely random.

      SY are the first victims of it. They planned the UK Crimewatch to be aired mid-October 2013 expecting a sentence would be provided earlier that month. 3 updates later and gigantic circus act and there’s still no sentence.

      The circus was launched in early May and they set up tent in early June. To have this connected with the trial would mean the SY knew, in May, the judge would provide a dispatch in early June and know that the session would be on the 16th.

      Also it would have been the gambling, literally, of hundreds of thousands of pounds in that GA’s lawyer didn’t have anything planned for the 16th. It was a tentative date set by judge pending decision of the parties. If it can be said that ID’s schedule could be fitted to be available for that day the same couldn’t be done for the defendants.

      The circus was supposed to stay for a week. So going away last Thursday was not anticipating anything. It was letting go of a requested postponement. SY asked to stay further on in Luz until Friday but left on Thursday.

      If the intention was to tell the whole world that they didn’t find Maddie dead to benefit the McCanns wouldn’t have been wiser to go home only on Friday and then say on Saturday what they said on Thursday so the McCanns could say on Sunday what they said and so cause a greater impact on Monday?

      We cannot see how the SY circus can benefit in any way the McCanns. Just because she wasn't found where nobody expected her to be found doesn't prove she's alive.

      I've been digging in my garden and she's not there either! Does that prove Maddie is alive?

      But it does say SY believes she must be dead, to bring in the same dogs who searched for the body of April Jones and to justify the expenditure of extensive digging.

      Those kinds of dogs don't search for socks!

    2. Thanks Textusa. Interesting times indeed.

  5. Those spelling mistakes are weird...I don't think that a portuguese person, not even an illeterate portuguese person would make's not like "inglesa" is a difficult or unfamilair word, not to the "algarvios"( algarvians), with decades of close contact with the english tourists and expats. And the same goes for Maddie's name, after 7 years of constant presence in the media, Maddie has become a "household" name for the portuguese.
    I have the feeling that the graffiti was made by a non-portuguese person...who tried to pass it off has having been made by a local.

  6. Thanks again Textusa,brilliant post.I still "visit you" everyday,hoping ,this will be the day we have been waiting for all these long,long years,but it still seems a long way off,before we get Justice for Madeleine,although,maybe,just maybe,Monday will be the begining of the end when the Mcs come out of court with "egg on their smug faces",re their libel claim back firing on them,big time.Good Luck Mr Amaral,no one deserves it more than you.

  7. Op Grange:
    "This recent work is part of ensuring that all lines of enquiry are progressed in a systematic manner and covers JUST the one hypothesis that she was killed and buried locally."
    Can the British taxpayer expect that a similar amount of money will be spent on each of the OTHER hypothesis?
    SY could you please list them publicly? No need for details just wanting to know what you're considering and what you are not considering.

  8. I have noticed how the British press is treating the PJ very nicely. The "bungling" word no longer appears

    1. Although they still call Amaral the 'disgraced' cop. Maybe that will change if the libel trial gets flung back in the McCann's faces.

    See comments, Textusa being discussed.

    1. Não está fácil, não tá, não

    2. Anonymous 13 Jun 2014 18:53:00,

      We have seen the post and we accept her point of view as she isn't being dogmatic or dismissive of other views.

      Pat has a point. We do write for those who know the details as we assume readers know some basic facts about the issue.

      We realise haven't convinced many genuine well-intentioned people about neglect. Or better said, the total absence of it.

      But everything falls into place without neglect. The contradictory statements because they are trying to describe things that didn't happen. A few lowly OC staff signed to support the checking, to save devastated parents from neglect accusations. And guests who had own interest in “seeing” T9 having dinners at Tapas.

      Pat hopes for a good outcome while we say we know there will be one. If there isn't one then we say it’s not because of misinterpretation of fact.

  10. I have to say I felt sorry for some of those SY officers doing finger tip searches in such heat, and I am sure many felt it was a waste of time. Seven years of winds, rain sun, people moving over the ground, they would have been extremely lucky to have found anything. They are after all under orders, from their boss whose under orders from the high up boss whose under orders from the PM, whose under orders from G and K McCann.
    Very sneaky to find we now have two statements entered at the last minute by the formidable Mcs. Whose palm have they crossed with silver, I hope Dr Amaral was allowed to submit as well. If you look at the Mcs and their lifestyle and at Dr Amarals lifestyle, I know who I would see suffered the most from this case and it isn't the MCs they just got richer.
    I pray and hope DR Amaral will win this case and the MCs thrown out of court into the arms of the PJ. Bienvenida mis pequenas;

  11. To unpublished at 14 Jun 2014 06:23:00, who we won't name.

    Thank you for your information about the misunderstanding. We don't feel it necessary to take up your offer.

  12. Unpublished at at 13 Jun 2014 19:10:00 / NOT TO BE PUBLISHED at 14 Jun 2014 00:11:00

    We agree with you that it’s best not to publish initial comment as, as you say, best not fuel rumours.


    What a pity the judge didn't ask Susan Hubbard if she knew the McCanns before this holiday. She could also have asked Michael Wright he really was Kate's cousin (in law)

  14. We would like to remind all those who think paedophilia is the reason for the cover-up that all these hundreds of thousands of British taxpayer pounds spent, according to them, were for SY to actively cooperate in helping, consciously, a NEPIOPHILE (infant-rapist) escape justice.

    1. Possibly one of the most ridiculous claims you have ever made. And that's up against some stiff competition.

      So go on then - explain how, according to you, seeing as you believe they were all swingers, Scotland Yard are attempting, deliberately, to help an enormous group of swingers escape justice.

    2. Insane,

      We will, as always, gladly answer all your reasonable questions.

      But before we do that, we want to have your theory, in a nutshell, as to what happened to Maddie.

      In your opinion, was she abducted? What do you think happened to her?

      In your opinion, were the McCanns involved in any way?

      In your opinion, why SY chose those particular areas to search?

      Think of this as an opportunity to educate readers.

      Once you do that, we will then provide our answer. And it might surprise you.

    3. Nope, doesn't work like that. You are the one making the claims, it's up to you to prove them. My opinions about the case have no bearing on whether you tell the truth (ha!) or not. I choose with whom I share my opinions, and you, dear, didn't make the list. I sincerely doubt the process would ''educate'' your readers, if such a feat were even possible, which frankly, for many of them, it isn't.

      So shall we try again?

      Explain how, according to you, seeing as you believe they were all swingers, Scotland Yard are attempting, deliberately, to help an enormous group of swingers escape justice?

    4. Not surprised. We didn’t expect you to commit yourself to an opinion. We’ll just have to keep surprise to ourselves.

    5. 'Nope, doesn't work like that.'

      As soon as you get a reply from some know-it-all gobs***e who thinks he knows how 'it works,' it's best to have no more communication with them.

    6. Don't publish anymore of Insane's comments. Please. I beg you. A further insult to the senses is unacceptable.

    7. I thoroughly agree. We've tolerated his nonsense for it being simply that, albeit at times potentially amusing. But enough is enough. Totally block him, Textusa. Any followers he has can pursue him through his own blog. Time to say a permanent goodbye. Give your followers none of his bait to read, never mind rise to.

    8. We agree with readers. Whoever is unwilling to share their position with the rest of us doesn’t deserve our company. Fair is fair but enough is enough.

      Not wanting to deprive readers of the surprise we had for Insane: to turn his own words against himself.

      When providing an opinion about the graffiti incident he had this to say “And I doubt very much that 'simple person' believes they were helped out by all the staff of Mark Warner's and a cast of local residents to cover up a swinging holiday”

      So it’s no longer the whole of PdL, or the whole ex-Pat community but just “a cast of local residents”.

      This is what the Portuguese say “fugir com a boca para a verdade” or “to run away with the mouth towards the truth”.

      He’s slowly getting there. If he had written “they were helped out by some of the staff of Mark Warner's - a cast helped actively and the remainder with their silence - and a cast of local residents to cover up a swinging holiday”, we would say he was being quite accurate.

      And about his capability to speak truthfully, this is what he has to say about having a blog:

      “If I had a blog in which I made claims about the case or people involved in it, it would be a reasonable expectation that I would back those claims up.
      I don't. If I ever do, I will expect to provide justification for any claims I make”

      So his famous highly exclusive blog about the case never existed. What a surprise.

    9. Thank you Textusa. Failed to understand why you put up with him for so long.

  15. I'm beginning to wonder whether His Nibs and Madam will actually turn up on Monday. Daily Star quotes them as 'trying to move mountains' to get there. Their lawyer is 'hopeful'. Oh dear. Think of the money, mr and mrs.

  16. George Brooks sighting keeps cropping up, but beware as Michael Wright seems to be involved in this.


    Joana speaks out and I agree with her!

  18. We all do! Enough is indeed enough.


    Gerry procurava Maddie bêbedo

    Gerry McCannoi visto pela 01h00, a gritar pela filha na rua, por um agricultor que é caseiro do segundo terreno alvo de buscas

    Foi visto de madrugada por um morador, depois de a criança ter desaparecido, "atascado em bebida", a procurar a filha pelas ruas da Praia da Luz.

    Hoje, 08h13
    Nº de votos (0)

    Por:Rui Pando Gomes

    Gerry McCann, pai de Maddie, foi visto por um morador da Praia da Luz, em Lagos, na noite em que a menina desapareceu, bêbedo e com uma garrafa de vinho, a procurar a criança pelas ruas.

    "O pai andava à uma da madrugada com uma garrafa de vinho na mão e atascado em bebida", recorda ao CM Cândido Furtado. Foi precisamente o barulho que vinha da rua que o acordou. "Ele andava a gritar pela miúda ao pé da minha porta e eu perguntei-
    -lhe ‘que barulho é esse?' Ele disse ‘menina, menina, embora, embora'", diz Cândido Furtado, agricultor e antigo pescador, que recomendou então ao britânico que chamasse a polícia. Depois, foi à pesca com um amigo, mas diz não ter dúvidas de que Gerry McCann estava embriagado.

    "A gente vê logo pelo andar", explica. E também está seguro de que se tratava do pai de Maddie: "Tenho a certeza. Ele disse que a menina tinha desaparecido. Eu não o conhecia, mas depois vi-o na televisão", acrescenta o homem.

    Recorde-se que na noite de 3 de maio de 2007 os pais estavam a jantar com amigos no restaurante Tapas do Ocean Club quando a menina inglesa desapareceu do apartamento 5A, do empreendimento turístico. Foi a mãe, Kate, quem deu pelo desaparecimento, quando deixou a mesa onde todos jantavam e foi ver se estava tudo bem na casa, por volta das 21h00.

    No apartamento, além da menina, estavam ainda a dormir os dois irmãos gémeos, que, nessa noite, não acordaram - mesmo com o grande barulho que se gerou, com as pessoas a entrarem e a saírem do apartamento, após a menina ter desaparecido.

    Por coincidência, Cândido Furtado é caseiro de um dos terrenos que foram alvo de buscas por parte da Scotland Yard, nas duas últimas semanas, na Praia da Luz.

    1. So now Gerry, on the night of the 3rd, was able to communicate with a Portuguese citizen with a "menina, menina, embora, embora" (girl, girl, away, away) and with enough clarity for him to understand that "he said the the little girl had disappeared from apartment 5A".

      By coincidence a citizen who happens to be the groundkeeper of one of the terrains searched on the second round of SY's farce.

      The same ones we were told were searched because of comparison of satellite images. It seems now implicit it was because of this drunken episode.

      We think authorities should clear up this incident. We don't think it was a bottle Gerry was holding but a cellphone.


      Because it's perfectly logical: Gerry a British would be speaking on a mobile in Portuguese to a Portuguese with Maddie in his arms who was seen speaking English!

      It all makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

    2. I think this is the typical case of one who wants his "15 minutes of fame"...around that time, the GNR and the PJ were alredy in Luz, in the Ocean Club, and if Gerry was roaming the streets intoxicated and with a bottle in hand this would have been revealled at the time, it would be in the process, in the testimonies of the GNR officers, like what happened with the Gerry "getting down on his knees like an arab praying" incident.
      Naaah...I'm not buying this one, sorry...


    Pais de Maddie em Lisboa

    Casal McCann vai reatar julgamento contra Gonçalo Amaral. Exigem indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros, por difamação
    Por: tvi24 / PP | 2014-06-15 09:45

    O casal McCann chega a Lisboa na segunda-feira, para o reatar do julgamento do processo em que os pais de Madeleine pedem indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros, por difamação, ao ex-inspetor da PJ Gonçalo Amaral.

    A advogada do casal McCann, Isabel Duarte, confirmou hoje à agência Lusa a presença dos pais da menina inglesa desaparecida num aldeamento turístico da Praia da Luz, no Algarve, em maio de 2007, na sessão agendada para segunda-feira, que marca o retomar deste julgamento.

    A mandatária admitiu a possibilidade de Gerry e Kate McCann prestarem declarações na sessão de julgamento marcada para a 1.ª Vara do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa, a partir das 09:30.

    As audiências do julgamento na 1.ª Vara do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa, no Palácio da Justiça, encontravam-se suspensas desde outubro do ano passado, para que os pais da menina inglesa desaparecida na Praia da Luz (Algarve), em maio de 2007, chegassem a acordo extrajudicial com Gonçalo Amaral.

    Como não existiu um acordo entre Gerry e Kate McCann e Gonçalo Amaral, num caso que motivou já o pedido de arresto de bens a Gonçalo Amaral como medida cautelar, foi marcado o reatamento das sessões.

    Nesta ação, o casal McCann, que considera que foram violados direitos, liberdades e garantias da família, pede uma indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros a Gonçalo Amaral, que investigou o desaparecimento de Madeleine, ocorrido a 03 de maio de 2007.

    No livro «Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira», da autoria de Gonçalo Amaral, o ex-coordenador do Departamento de Investigação Criminal da Polícia Judiciária de Portimão defende o suposto envolvimento de Kate e Gerry McCann, no desaparecimento da criança e na ocultação de cadáver.

    A polícia britânica regressou há duas semanas a Portugal e, em conjunto com a PJ e a GNR, investigou uma área de cerca de 60 mil metros quadrados próximos da Praia da Luz, incluindo condutas de eletricidade e gás, esgotos e edifícios em ruínas, com o auxílio de cães pisteiros e georradares.

    Os resultados infrutíferos das buscas policiais deixaram os pais de Madeleine McCann mais «confiantes» na hipótese de a filha estar estar viva.

    «Estamos mais confiantes por, apesar das buscas intensas, não ter sido encontrado nenhum vestígio de Madeleine e isso reforça a nossa convicção de que ela ainda poderá estar viva», disseram quinta-feira, num depoimento veiculado pelo porta-voz.

    Madeleine McCann desapareceu poucos dias antes de fazer quatro anos, a 03 de maio de 2007, do quarto onde dormia juntamente com os dois irmãos gémeos, mais novos, num apartamento de um aldeamento turístico, na Praia da Luz, no Algarve.

  21. "A mandatária admitiu a possibilidade de Gerry e Kate McCann prestarem declarações na sessão de julgamento marcada para a 1.ª Vara do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa, a partir das 09:30"

    The possibility? On the eve of the session she doesn't know whether Mcs are going to speak? Who does she think she's fooling?

  22. Have Pike's credentials been verified by the court? A person shouldn't be able to go up to any court and provide expert opinion without being qualified for it.

  23. I think this kind of news is similar to the tabloid ones reporting what a drunk GA was. Completely baseless meant to cause aversion to a person. In UK was GA, now it's G's turn in Portugal.
    I condemn this sort of journalism that seeks only to create hatred. I condemned when it happened with GA and do so now with G. I loath she man but I want him brought to justice for what he did and not for what he's said to have done
    Personally I think all the booze around the T9 is as true as negligence. A drunken swinger is not very sexy so I'm guessing not welcomed for intimacy.


    Luis Arriaga hoje

    Espero que no âmbito do presente Processo agora reaberto, o ex-Inspector da PJ Dr Gonçalo Amaral se decida avançar com o que conhece e decida revelar que a criança foi incinerada e as suas cinzas estão em Ferreira do Alentejo, comtotal conhecimento dos pais, i.e. o célebre casal McCann! Força Gonçalo Amaral, tem coragem e entala esses sacanas chupistas e mentirosos que mais não pretendem que rentabilizar a "estória" do rapto da desgraçada da Maddie! Vergonha!

  25. O acordo que não aconteceu.

    O casal tinha pedido que o julgamento fosse retomado apenas em Setembro para que o acordo acontecesse....

  26. Anonymous15 Jun 2014 16:14:00

    Será que é mesmo o L.A. do PJGA? Este tipo de comentário tem vindo a ser difundido com bastante frequência, desde há uns tempos, e em circunstância alguma poderá ajudar qualquer estratégia de G.Amaral. Parece que mesmo via net se consegue cheirar a bombinha de carnaval.

    1. 20.29

      Penso que é mesmo ele pois não vi só no DN mas tb num jornal de Mafra e noticia dos Rotários. No facebook dos Rotários de Mafra vi um texto mais longo.

      Tb eu penso se o dito LA estará a fazer mal ou bem.....
      palavras escritas por outros e colocadas aqui: Ericeira
      Ultimamente voltou a falar-se quase diariamente daquela deprimente obcessão do casal McCann no sentido de continuar a defender a telenovela do rapto da Maddie McCann! A mim, que conheci bem o caso e até fui porta-voz do Inspector da Judiciária Dr. Gonçalo Amaral, faz-me aflição ir seguindo as “estórias” inventadas pelos pais da criança, quando eles bem sabem o destino que a miúda teve...
      Só lamento que o Gonçalo se não encha de coragem e não vá a uma televisão contar o que sabe e dizer até, onde param os restos mortais da miúda. Não me cabe a mim contar o que sei e pela minha parte só fui porta-voz do homem a quem uma série de decisões erradas por parte de uma jovem juíza, inexperiente e manipulada, permitiu cair num tremendo disparate que foi “acabar” com a liberdade de expressão e que eu, como porta-voz (já que o Gonçalo Amaral estava proibido de falar sobre o assunto) contestei publicamente, chamando a atenção para o desrespeito à Constituição. Esse erro foi já reparado mediante decisão após recurso intentado e ganho pelo Gonçalo.

      Mas – se me estás a ler Gonçalo – peço-te: acaba de vez com esta encenação e revela ao mundo o que sabes, reabre o processo em Portugal, acaba com as investigações patetas que vão alimentando a ideia sórdida do rapto, que afinal terá sido realizado por alguém que já faleceu... Enfim... tudo “estórias” que só têm um objectivo – alimentar a gula insaciável daquele casal que transformou a morte da filha em fonte de rendimentos.

  27. If GA unexpectedly loses, he can appeal to the European Court. That could be a bigger disaster for Mcs than losing in Lisbon.
    If GA loses his money, he could decide to say more than he has about what he knows. What more can he lose?

    1. This case will be going to the European Court no matter what decision is rendered. And I believe the McCanns have a better chance outside of Portugal.

    2. Guerra, please post here Amaral's comment about the cremation at dead woman's feet. It makes such perfect sense.

  28. Nem sei o que diga do texto do CM " Gerry procurava Maddie bebado"

    Mais uma historieta montada com o objectivo de a querer credivel, diretamente no rol das coincidências: o caseiro do segundo terreno esteve 7 anos a dormir e acordou agora para reforçar a ideia da negligencia e dos copos na noite de 3 de Maio enquanto oferece um alibi a Gerry para estar ali, num sitio desinteressante para a PJ e não noutro com mais interesse.
    Tenho a a impressão que Gerry e D Payne se colocoram juntos, em buscas naquela noite, nas declaračoes que fizeram à PJ e que alguém do Resort salientou o facto de aquela hora andar desesperado à procura de um padre e das chaves da Igreja.
    Pelos vistos, as buscas da SY ainda ficaram mais caras do que as contas oficiais- caseiros foram devidamente €nsaiados para cr€ditarem historietas. Interessante que no mesmo terreno, vimos a SY a trespassar propriedades privadas enquanto a PJ ficou de fora a aguardar as autorizações. A SY denunciou-se, de facto não estaria a invadir uma propriedade privada porque já teria a permissão do dono e pelos vistos, o ensaio do caseiro.
    Um bom exercicio para o CM, quem será o dono deste terreno? Que ligação tem à comunidade inglesa residente na PDL e ao OC? Que outras propriedades possui, porque está só pelo facto de ter tido lá a SY, nåo interessa para a resolução do caso.

  29. So um tribunal completamente " Insane" pode dar razão ao Casal mentiroso e levar GA a pagar 1,2 M€ por ter sido um policia competente e incorruptivel. Mas nesta historia cheia de decisões sem sentido, e de tremendas injustiças, já nada me surpreende.
    O que é um facto é que os Mcc's levantam bem o rabinho do sofá quando lhes cheira a dinheiro. Sempre que a desgraça da filha alvitra a hipotese de lhes engordar a conta bancária, eles lá estão, frescos e sem traumas ou problemas para falar do assunto e darem fuel aos jornais. Ele é com viagens à Volta do mundo, assaltos a eventos de caridade ou presenças nos tribunais. Ainda há dias se mostraram completamente desinteressados por acompanhar no terreno o circo montado pela sua policia. Quaisquer outros pais de uma criança verdadeiramente desaparecida, estariam lado a lado com a policia, independentemente de acreditarem ou não nos resultados daquela atividade. Quem não sabe verdadeiramente do paradeiro da filha, não descarta nada, nem as hipoteses mais ridiculas. Basta ver quantos familiares são levados e enganados por gente sem escrupulos, na esperança de que uma luz se acenda e revele uma pista. Foi assim com as vitimas do Rei Ghob e com o Rui Pedro. Só os Mcc's são supra inteligentes e não perdem dinheiro com o desaparecimento da filha, SÓ FATURAM! sabem que está morta e onde está. E isso faz toda a diferença.
    BOA SORTE GA. O PAÍS ESTÁ CONSIGO E QUE HAJA BOM SENSO E CORAGEM NA CABEÇA/ CORAÇÃO DA JUIZA, para abrir a primeira avenida que levará ao esclarecimento da verdade- ilibar GA das acusaçoes ridiculas deste casal e obrigar o casal a responder as 40 perguntas da PJ e a reconstruir oficialmente a noIte de 3 de Maio de 2007. Quero ver o casal a dizer que não está disponivel para a reconstruição pedida pelo tribunal, enquanto parece totalmente disponivel para sugar dinheiro. Eles e os amigos que fazem o bando dos Tapas 9.

  30. Mais uma vez a manipulação das noticias. Em vez de realçarem que o julgamento é hoje, contra os desejos do casal que tentaram adiá-lo até Setembro na esperança de conseguirem um acordo extra-judicial com GA, enfatizam os 1,2 M€ exigidos por difamação. Difamação de quem? Nem que eles fossem a Rainha de Inglaterra e o tribunal completamente corrupto, podia ser aceite que uns mentirosos reclamassem o Euromilhoes depois de vermos o espetaculo degradante da sua policia a cavar o Algarve à procura do corpo de Maddie.... E com caes. Já não é só a PJ que diz que está morta. A SY gastou um dinheirão e usou caes pisteiros, um helicoptero e as famosas imagens de satélite de 2007, para assinar por baixo. Mas o desespero dos onzeneiros leva-os a gritar nos jornais que está viva. Só na memória dos que clamam justiça.

  31. If the Macc's lost the trial? They will pay 1,2 M€ to GA? I hope so.... The same trial must involve the same amount for both sides. Bye, bye, Rothley Mansion.....


    Polícia inglesa esconde provas no caso Maddie

    Ingleses fizeram buscas pelo corpo de Madeleine McCann na Praia da Luz nas últimas semanas


    Gonçalo Amaral diz que informações fornecidas por uma mulher que viu pai de Maddie a caminhar em direção à praia desapareceram dos ficheiros.

    Hoje, 07h34
    Nº de votos (0)

    Por:Magali Pinto

    Poucos dias depois de Madeleine McCann ter desaparecido do aldeamento turístico Ocean Club, na Praia da Luz, Algarve, a 3 de maio de 2007 (há sete anos), surgiu uma testemunha: uma turista britânica que disse ter visto o pai da menina a andar na praia à noite. A revelação foi feita pelo ex-coordenador da PJ Gonçalo Amaral, que acrescenta que os dados dessa testemunha desapareceram.

    "Tentámos recuperar esse testemunho e os documentos que se encontravam na esfera britânica e simplesmente desapareceram. Ainda hoje não sabemos quem é essa pessoa e onde está", disse Gonçalo Amaral. Hoje, o ex-coordenador da PJ de Portimão vai encontrar-se novamente com Gerry e Kate no Palácio da Justiça, em Lisboa, uma vez que vai continuar o julgamento em que o casal britânico pede 1,2 milhões de euros de indemnização pela publicação do livro ‘Maddie, A Verdade da Mentira', da autoria de Gonçalo Amaral, em que defende a tese de que os pais são os responsáveis pelo desaparecimento da menina e pela ocultação do cadáver (ver caixa). Gonçalo Amaral não tem dúvidas de que a Maddie está morta. "Os pais da menina tinham a chave da igreja e nessa mesma igreja foi realizado um velório um mês depois do desaparecimento. Segundo algumas informações, a criança bem podia ir nos pés dessa mulher que ia ser cremada", explicou ainda Gonçalo Amaral.

    1. Rough translation of the CdM article:

      A few days after Madeleine McCann disappeared from the Ocean Club holiday resort in Praia da Luz, Algarve, May 3, 2007 (seven years ago), a witness emerged: a woman British tourist who said she saw the girl's father walking on the beach at night. The revelation was made by the former PJ coordinator Gonçalo Amaral, who adds that the data of this witness disappeared.

      "We tried to recover that testimony and the documents that were within the British sphere and they simply disappeared. Today we still don’t know who this person is and where she is," said Goncalo Amaral. Today, the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão will meet again Gerry and Kate in the Justice Palace, in Lisbon, as the trial will continue in which the British couple seeks EUR 1.2 million compensation for publishing the book 'Maddie, The Truth of the Lie', written by Goncalo Amaral, in which he defends the thesis that parents are responsible for the disappearance of the girl and the concealment of the body (see box). Goncalo Amaral has no doubts that Maddie is dead. "The girl's parents had the key of the church and in the same church a month after the disappearance a funeral was performed. According to some informations, the child could well have gone at the feet of this woman who was going to be cremated," explained further Gonçalo Amaral.

  33. @xklamation: #Mccans waiting in corridor, lawyers inside in chambers

  34. @sunnewsreporter:

    Breaking: Goncalo Amaral has fired his lawyer on the final day of his £1million libel battle with the McCanns - and vanished from the court!

  35. @sunnewsreporter:

    Kate and Gerry McCann's lawyer has told me that Amaral delivered his bombshell in writing to court services at 9am this morning. Stalling?


  36. Gary O'Shea @sunnewsreporter · 12m
    Judge due in court any minute to rule on whether the case can continue. Kate and Gerry don't look happy.

  37. May God help GM and may Truth and Justice prevail besides everything else.


    Gonçalo Amaral dispensa advogado

    Gonçalo Amaral entregou hoje, na 1.ª Vara do Tribunal Cível de Lisboa, uma revogação da procuração do seu advogado, o que atrasou o início do julgamento do processo de difamação interposto pelo casal McCann ao ex-inspetor da PJ.

    A juiza do julgamento cível está agora a analisar se o julgamento deverá prosseguir ou ser adiado, disse à Lusa fonte do tribunal.

    Para a advogada do casal McCann, Isabel Duarte, deve ser encontrada uma solução que permita que o julgamento se realize, uma vez que os pais da criança inglesa Madeleine McCann se deslocaram de propósito de Inglaterra para a audiência de hoje.

    Em causa está o julgamento do processo em que os pais de Madeleine McCann pedem uma indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros, por difamação, ao ex-inspetor da PJ Gonçalo Amaral.

    Os pais da criança inglesa que desapareceu num aldeamento turístico da Praia da Luz, no Algarve, em maio de 2007, poderão prestar declarações na sessão de julgamento de hoje.

    As audiências do julgamento encontravam-se suspensas desde outubro do ano passado, para que o casal McCann chegassem a acordo extrajudicial com Gonçalo Amaral.

    Como não existiu um acordo, num caso que motivou já o pedido de arresto de bens a Gonçalo Amaral como medida cautelar, foi marcado o reatamento das sessões.

    Nesta ação, o casal McCann, que considera que foram violados direitos, liberdades e garantias da família, pede uma indemnização de 1,2 milhões de euros ao inspetor da PJ que investigou o desaparecimento de Madeleine, ocorrido a 03 de maio de 2007.

    No livro "Maddie: A Verdade da Mentira", da autoria de Gonçalo Amaral, o ex-coordenador do Departamento de Investigação Criminal da Polícia Judiciária de Portimão defende o suposto envolvimento de Kate e Gerry McCann, no desaparecimento da criança e na ocultação de cadáver.

  39. @xklamation: Trial might still go ahead but Amaral has no defence lawyer and is not present at court #mccann

  40. My reading- trying to agree a compromise that meant he got his money back but shut him up. He didn't want that.
    Lawyer can't do a deal that client doesn't agree to, but he may have come back to GA with proposal he wouldn't accept.
    As Mcs' witnesses were so bad, has judge been pressured to do a deal that let's everyone off the hook, but with conditions not acceptable to GA - his future silence?

  41. Portugal is afraid of this case?

  42. Sky News said Mcs not happy in court corridor. Is GA pressing for trial, not compromise?


  43. Sonia Simoes @soniamailsimoes · 22 min

    Julgamento Gonçalo Amaral remarcado para 8 de Julho. Mccann anunciam conferência de imprensa #eusouobservador @observadorpt

  44. Joana Morais @xklamation · 8 seg

    trial date postponed to 8 of July #mccann

  45. Someone is not looking good at this moment: GA's lawyer.

  46. CdM
    No seguimento da nova marcação de audiências, no dia 8 haverá declarações das partes e alegações finais da advogada do casal inglês McCann e a sessão do dia 10 estará reservada para as alegações finais de Gonçalo Amaral.

  47. We were optimistic about the outcome of the McCanns v Amaral damages trial in Lisbon (wrongly called libel trial).

    We remain so. In fact, events this morning have reinforced our optimism.

    Must confess we didn’t see this coming. No one did and it is important to clarify exactly when and where those who knew got to know. Did Mr Amaral know this when he walked into court this morning or did he make the decision only there and then? It makes a very significant difference and we hope time will tell.

    What makes us optimistic was the McCann’s reaction: extreme distress and unhappiness. Furious. Kate was beside herself. “We want justice… this is not fair”, “Mr Amaral is not the victim here” and “every time we come here we have to arrange for the children to be taken care of, book hotels, book flights, leave work…”. That is some mountain moving. All the 4 times in 5 years. Terrible, terrible Mr. Amaral. Shame on you, sir, for bullying such a pretty couple.

    Can you see where this picture is wrong? May we remind that in this case Mr Amaral is the prey and the McCanns the predators. They are asking money for damages from him and not the other way around. That’s why Mr Amaral is the DEFENDANT and not the accuser.

    If things were going the McCanns way, then wouldn’t the distress be focused on a message of the sort of “We’re angry yes because he just escaped us again today but, Mr Amaral, don’t you ever doubt that we will get you on another day. You may run but you can’t hide and we will be coming back and back again until you pay every single penny we deserve from you!!”

    That would be the expected message from the predator who is confident that the prey has been cornered. Head held high, eyes fixating eyes. On the contrary, we saw a very distressed and very unhappy couple for being bullied by Mr Amaral. Whining for being unfairly taunted by the man who they have had his assets frozen for the last 5 years and have taken the initiative to seek an agreement with him early last year.

    GA is refusing to cooperate with the McCanns in the seizure of his assets. How very dare he! He's managed to bring tears to Kate’s eyes, something that hasn't happened when she speaks of Maddie.

    The fact that Isabel Duarte wanted to have a court session today is intriguing. But we will leave our opinion about that for later.


    Dear ... dear Kate

    I´m so worried about your arguments and all your mentioned setbacks!... Poor kate!
    By the way ... it´s time that you understand that when you´re in Portugal you should make the effort to speak Portuguese to Portuguese televisions. Don´t you think so?... I know it´s a problem of politeness (something you´re far away to understand) but you should try to learn something positive with your high ranked friends.

  49. Kate McCann, Mr Amaral IS the victim here. Him and Maddie. You aren't so suck up your tears

  50. Please don't balme Mr. Amaral's lawyer. From what I've watched today in SIC tv "Queridas Manhãs" show, dr. Paulo Sargento and Journalist Hernâni Carvallho both said that Mr. Amaral's defense was quite confident on winning the case, and that's why the out-of-court settlement proposed by the McCanns was rejected. Dr. Sargento talked to Mr. Amaral about this and said it was a decision made solely on "personal" reasons of Mr. Amaral, but that he (Sargento) was baffled by it...not the best moment for such an attitude.
    God only knows why Mr. Amaral made this move...I just hope he won't be greatly harmed by having done so...a comment made by Hernâni Carvalho puzzled and worried me:
    he said: "when you're in the desert (starving and thirsty) it's so much more easy to accept a drink(from the devil/enemy)"
    the words between parentheses are mine, not Carvalho's, but that's the meaning of what he said.

    1. Yes, I agree. Worried (very much) about Mr Amaral´s decision.

  51. Juíza dá dez dias a Gonçalo Amaral para arranjar novo advogado

    "O casal McCann lamentou o cancelamento da sessão do julgamento, considerando que o ex-inspector Gonçalo Amaral utilizou uma "estratégia dilatória" para adiar a audiência. Em declarações aos jornalistas, o casal vincou tratar-se da quarta vez que o julgamento é adiado, sublinhando que esta situação lhes dificulta a vida já que vivem em Inglaterra, têm que se deslocar de propósito a Portugal e deixar os filhos gémeos entregues a uma pessoa."

    How old are the twins know?
    Are they so little to demand such a worry? And when they were really "little", did the couple worry about them ... May 2007?...
    If , meanwhile, nobody does it, the twins will act in defense of their sister and will try to hardly punish the ones that are responsible for her death, concealment and so on...

  52. I so hope Snr Amaral is doing the right thing!The Mail comments,not favouring the Mccanns!Greetings!

  53. I feel a little worried for Dr Amaral, may be all this sung by the McCanns has worn him down. I really hope he is ok and that,he needed time to breathe or pursue further evidence, but then he wouldn't sack his lawyer. The strain may have finally got to him. WE are all behind you Dr Amaral, hold in there a while longer

  54. Well it seems that the Mccanns are not running the show, excuse the pun.Well played Mr Amaral!One thing about the guy,he's not going easily.

  55. Esta substituição do advogado pode ser uma estratégia intelligente de GA, sobretudo se desconfiar de alguma campanha suja dos Mccann a envolver os media, para tentarem pressionar e condicionar a decisão do tribunal. Com o ex advogado fora do tribunal, este pode falar do caso e é uma autoridade 100% credivel porque teve acesso a toda a investigação da PJ e as informações que entretanto foram caindo nas suas mãos e nas de GA. Está também por dentro dos golpes baixos usados pelo casal para derrubar GA.
    Uma estratégia q/ n/ agrada aos Macc's e que temem porque n/ conseguem controlar. Não só não conseguiram calar GA, como agora se legitimou uma importante voz que vai poder falar e desmascarar cada jogada.
    Entretanto, não me admirava q/ GA nomeasse um advogado de peso para o defender nesta ultima fase. Mais um que vai legalmente aceder à informação que os Macc tentam esconder e alterar. Mais um que vai perceber a dimensão das mentiras e manipulações.
    Ridiculo ver o casal na TV a fazer outra vez o papel de vitimas com a desculpa mais esfarrapada que alguém pode dar " é a 4a vez q/ estão em Lisboa a terem de deixar o emprego e os gémeos com alguém". Têm memória curta... Em 2007, largaram o emprego por 5 meses e deixaram os filhos bébés aos cuidados da creche do resort, o mesmo resort de onde clamam ter sido raptada a filha. Simplesmente ridiculos. Como ridicula é esta campanha de continuarem a dizer que a filha está viva depois do exercicio paupérrimo da SY na PDL.
    Remarcavel é o envelhecimento de Kate e o facto de cada dia parecer mais falso o jogo de " lovebirds" do casal. Aquela imagem das måos dadas é tão falsa quanto tudo o resto.

    1. Agree with your post:
      1. Handholding "lovebirds" totally fake (glad somebody other than me noticed it) as soon as the presss conference was over GMcC took off like a bat out of hell with no regard for her. She had to chase after him to grab his hand to maintain the pretense.
      2. I suspect textusa's commment "those who knew got to know" is about GA finding out that they had something planned for the press after they had delivered their statement which GA sought to put a stop to by his actions. The reporter should have asked did GA ruin your strategy rather than "was it part of GA strategy" Ha Ha

      Go Dr Amaral Go

      "those who knew got to know"

    2. O Dr. Santos Oliveira é do mais peso-pesado que pode haver...é o advogado de eleição dos polícias, sempre que há problemas com algum membro da Ass. Prof. dos Polícias lá está ele na 1ª linha de defesa.
      Parecia-me a escolha ideal para o Dr. Amaral...mas ele lá sabe o que mais lhe convém, afinal ele também é jurista, lá terá as suas razões! Vamos confiar no seu conhecimento académico e no seu bom senso!
      Assim Deus queira!

  56. The best part of the latest article on Joana Morais blog is when states that" GA delivered the document personally around 9 AM and no journalist was able to spot him and make a film or photo. Mccann's arrived at 9:30 and spend almost the full morning seating on a bench in the corridor". Ah, ah! Now I understand why they were so angry.... No sandwiches,expresso, galão or pastel de nata to make the life easy for the in..."famous" couple. Like all celebrities, over 7 years they developed some odd requires before entering the stage... a bench( wood probably) is not the best " capriccio" to inflate their ego. I hope ID was just beside them with her insignificant figure almost sank on bags and papers. Hilarious.
    Mr Amaral, you got my 12 points. You are an intelligent and clever Fox. Definitely, not easy.

    1. And...this time they had to use the Court's main door, the one us, the "peasants", use! No Judge's entrance available to the VIP couple this time! That alone must have made them feel ignored and irrelevant!

  57. Estes tipos dão um tremendo azar a Portugal sempre que poluem os nossos ares. Já nem a Selecção escapa à honda de má sorte sobre os céus, quando pisam o nosso solo.
    Não é boa ideia tê-los em Lisboa a 8 de Julho, se os nossos 23 conseguirem recuperar da trovoada e avançarem no campeonato. Vá lá sra Juiza, eles em Lisboa, só depois do mundial. " no acredito en bruxas, pero que los ha, los ha".

  58. From Joana

    "In one of those times, the afternoon session was postponed due to a personal impediment of the judge, the other was Santos de Oliveira's request for an adjournment due to a family urgent matter, the third postponement was due to the McCanns themselves since they requested time to reach an out-of-court settlement with the four defending parties and the fourth, yesterday, and for the first time due to Gonçalo Amaral's rescission of his lawyer mandate."


  60. Mccannfiles has a summary of " The truth about McCann's lie" where clearly we can see the Mccann's have not been 4 times in Lisbon and was not GA who postponed the trials.

  61. Unpublished Anon at 17 Jun 2014 21:16:00,

    We prefer not to publish enigmatic comments.


    Edição On-Line: José António Fonseca
    McCann deviam ser suspeitos desde o primeiro dia, insiste Gonçalo Amaral

    Helena Figueiras/ Paulo Lourenço 17 Jun, 2014, 14:25 / atualizado em 17 Jun, 2014, 14:36
    Gonçalo Amaral diz que já não há nada mais a acrescentar ao caso do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann e, por isso mesmo, não conta publicar um segundo livro sobre a menina, apesar de já o ter escrito. O antigo inspetor da Polícia Judiciária vai enfrentar ainda o casal McCann, em tribunal, mas continua a dizer que a investigação da polícia portuguesa foi bem feita e que, se voltasse atrás no tempo, só faria uma coisa de forma diferente. Teria considerado Kate e Gerry suspeitos logo no dia em a filha desapareceu.

    1. Como é (ou devia ser...) óbvio! É "dos livros", em qualquer investigação criminal, os mais próximos são sempre os 1ºs a ser investigados, se não se encontrar nada, então avança-se para outros rumos. Com os McCann isso foi ignorado, ficaram logo escudados na proteção diplomática, com todo o poder do Reino de Sua Majestade, e como é habitual, Portugal agachou-se e fez vénias...o nosso velho, incontornável e inevitável complexo de inferioridade perante os estrangeiros de "qualidade"(leia-se os brancos e louros, do norte da Europa) velhinho de séculos, vá-se lá saber porquê aprendi esta dura e humilhante lição, tive noção desta realidade, bem novinha, teria uns 10 anos...já lá vão mais de 40...veraneávamos em Cascais, e à tardinha o dia de praia acabava habitualmente nos baloiços do Parque Carmona. Ora, eu com os meus 10 anos, era alta e bem "desenvolvida", parecia ter 14 ou mais...levei o meu irmão aos baloiços e sentei-me num ao lado dele, afinal eu também ainda era uma criança, se bem que "grandota"! Logo surgiu um guarda do parque, muito irritado e agressivo, gritou-me que saísse do baloiço, que era para os pequeninos, só até aos 12 anos! Eu bem argumentei indignada, "eu tenho 10", mas tá bem tá, "é para sair e mais nada". Lá saí, cabisbaixa, à procura dos meus pais para me queixar, e quando consegui arrastar o meu pai, na esperança que ele desse um sermão ao homem, para meu espanto estava uma senhora estrangeira, creio que francesa, a andar tranquilamente no baloiço, com o filho pequeno ao lado! O guarda, além de me expulsar, também tinha enxotado o meu irmãozinho de 6 anos, para dar lugar ao "menino françês"! Aí a minha revolta cresceu, fiz uma birra das antigas, mas para meu espanto, o meu pai, em vez de "passar um sabão" no guarda, pegou em mim e no meu irmão, e levou-nos para casa! Nesse dia vivi em carne própria esse estigma português, da subserviência ao "que vem de fora", e o pior de tudo foi aprender que o meu pai também sofria desse mal!
      Parece que pouco mudou desde esse longínquo dia num Verão dos anos 60...

  63. I hope Goncalo Amaral is well and strong,alot of people are saying this move by him on Monday was a good strategy,not being to bright on legal strategy can someone explain why would this be.Cheers

  64. Anonymous17 Jun 2014 23:18:00 Don't ever, ever believe such negative behaviour by others who do not know better ! You are unique.

  65. I have a question why had the McCann the key of the church . What is the explanation for that? I can see believers wanted to pray more that usual but I believe the church is open all day for that.
    Even extremely pious people do not have keys of the church. As I can see may be believers but their life do not shows they having a pious daily life.

    1. Like in the popular TV series "Little House on the Prairy", churches are not used only for religious purposes only. In small towns they are the best place to hold "town meetings".

      The church would have been the best place to gather collectively without raising suspicions under the guise of praying. Having the keys ensured the required privacy.


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