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No, on this day she hadn't lost a child. She just had a trial session postponed.

Mr Amaral stunned everyone on Monday.

We don’t think a single soul wasn’t surprised by the bombshell Mr Amaral dropped on this case when he decided to relieve his lawyer from his duties.

The only one who wasn’t was Mr Amaral. But for a moment we thought he too could have been.

You see, on Monday, caught completely off-guard, we ventured between ourselves the hypothesis of that morning Mr Amaral having been confronted with a deal behind his back made by his lawyer, Santos de Oliveira with Isabel Duarte and, stunned by surprise, had fired his representative there and then.

Time proved that hypothesis absolutely wrong as all assessments made when events are still happening usually are. Our sincere apologies about our thoughts to Santos de Oliveira.

On those first hours we came up with other another few possibilities but all were centered on the same thing and that was when did Mr Amaral make up his mind to dismiss his lawyer?

Only knowing that could we begin to try and understand the why.

We were told he handed the paper to the court on Monday. We were also told that all the lawyers, including Santos de Oliveira, were inside the judge’s chambers. That showed, apparently, that Santos de Oliveira was not aware, at least that morning, that he had been fired.

Later, we would be told by the very-unfriendly-to-GA-paper, the Expresso that it had been on Friday, 13JUN14, that Mr Amaral had texted Santos de Oliveira firing him.

This has been denied by both Hernani Carvalho (who says he confirmed this with Santos de Oliveira) and Paulo Sargento on Monday during the programme “Queridas Manhãs - Actualidade Criminal” on SIC.

(SIC, Monday, 16 June 2014 - video here)
This is what they said around noon, on Monday:

Joao Paulo Rodrigues - What must have passed through Gonçalo Amaral’s mind to drop the defense he had, the defense that you [Hernani Carvalho] have just said, was absolutely sure that today ....?

Hernani Carvalho - ... the decision was announced yesterday, I had the opportunity to check with Dr. Santos de Oliveira, the decision was communicated to him yesterday at 10 pm but about what goes on in people's minds we have here Dr. Paulo Sargento

Joao Paulo Rodrigues - But we have to agree that it is strange ...

Hernani Carvalho - ... very, very strange.

Joao Paulo Rodrigues - When we are on the threshold of achieving something, and like you said the defense was convinced that this was going to happen, even because the lawyer spoke of several successes, of several victories, last night ...

Paulo Sargento - Yes, it is very difficult, because ... it is very difficult to understand because it was in fact yesterday [15JUN14]  at 10 pm, give or take, everybody tried to get in touch with Gonçalo Amaral and I was only able talk to him this morning. Well, we talked and I'm not going to talk about the content of the conversation, they are issues that have to do with his life. He, in time, will say what led him to decide this but I had the opportunity to say that it wasn’t the right moment to decide like that. We, when we decide on right on top, plus with the risk of dying on the beach [idiomatic expression “morrer na praia” – equivalent to the British “to fall at the last fence”], as a general rule we decide badly. And when we decide alone and don’t ask the opinion of those around us, in fact I think that in this case it was the least that could be done because there are a lot ... as the McCanns have people working with them, thankfully Gonçalo Amaral has had also people who, ultimately, are systematically helping him and who are  standing by him and who also work in this process, in this process... and there should have existed a prior conversation... because in this case there are, shall we say, many people connected to this case. The motives are his, so he will say in time, he has every right in the point of view of a citizen to decide by what he thinks. Now this is a major setback. I have to assume it publicly because after what was crucial which the sale of the books and the McCanns putatively be prevented from doing this process and that could eventually lead to it’s nullity, it’s something that cannot be understood. More so when Dr. Isabel Duarte said something like "in short, this situation, in short, came during a situation in which it was tried to negotiate out of court (as Hernani said) and it wasn’t achieved”... Kate's expression when she knew.....

As can be read, Paulo Sargento, besides being very unhappy with Mr Amaral’s decision and confirming that it was around 22H00 on Sunday night that Mr Amaral informed others including his lawyer, of the decision, is vague about the reasons. They are of a personal nature. he said.

About the reasons, this is what was said during that same programme:

Paulo Sargento - But I'm sure that there is no strategy. This has to do with the life of Gonçalo Amaral and he will know the explanations to give that....

Julia Pinheiro - It’s asked, it’s asked here on Facebook, and sorry to interrupt Paulo, it’s asked if he was frightened by someone?

Paulo Sargento - I don’t think so.


Paulo Sargento -  I think, I think ... here's one thing, when Gonçalo Amaral took this decision with the motives that assist him and the reasons he thinks he has to make this decision, there’s also has another thing, he must have the vision, and moreover he is a jurist, of what he can and cannot do. I, in the middle of this morning [16JUN14] midmorning called him again, to warn him of this problem, so… but he seemed confident in what he was doing. Anyway... Now, it’s not understandable, indeed personal reasons can all be understandable, but at this moment we are at a point in the process where no matter how stronger personal reasons may seem, they are not enough to make decisions that are often hasty and can lead one to die when one can survive. And therefore I think we should all be calm and also wait a while so that the Inspector Amaral has his say, moreover he has every right to make this demarche.

Only Mr Amaral knows why he made the decision. As far as we know he has yet to come out and say something of the sort of  “I have relieved my lawyer in this process because…”

But he has, in our opinion left clues for an educated guess.

To try to understand his reasons, the timing of firing the lawyer is important. We saw it was late Sunday night but before 22H00.

This is important because he appears on a CMTV Special on Maddie on Sunday at 23H00. Slightly over one hour after he had fired his lawyer.

This programme went unnoticed. Probably because of some game of the 2014 Soccer World Cup when most of our husbands take over the TV set in our home.

And none of us knew then the most important thing about his appearance: Mr Amaral was one of the very few people who knew he wouldn't have legal representation for the session on Monday.

(CMTV, Sunday, 15 June 2014)
Let’s see what he said (the video of this programme is not yet available online, reason why no link is being provided):

João Ferreira, CMTV News Anchor - Gonçalo Amaral, I’ll start with you. These investigations by the British police are for show? [idiomatic expression: “para inglês ver”“for the English to see”]

Gonçalo Amaral  - No, these investigations British police have much to do with what is happening. Note that Monday [16JUN14]  is the continuation of the trial of the application of the indemnity and none of this happens by accident. So I'm subject of a process in which it’s necessary, as Moita Flores said the other day in the newspaper Correio da Manhã, not to find guilt but excuses and, and this is what the British police are doing. The British police, with the support of the Portuguese police, is at the moment worried with my trial. Don’t you have any doubts about that. Concerned and are in some form pressuring...

João Ferreira - Gonçalo Amaral doesn’t have any doubts about that…

Gonçalo Amaral  - Oh, I don’t have any doubt about that because coincidences only exist when we want them to happen and in fact this has been so: if we look, if we create a flowchart throughout these years since the trial began and when there are these investigation peaks, all these peaks to go to the ground, don’t you doubt there’s a eve of a hearing of the trial, and this one is important.

João Ferreira - Why?

Gonçalo Amaral  - This hearing on Monday is important ... it would be the closing arguments. It will begin with the testimony of the parties, the parties of the case, the couple who appealed the judge's decision not to hear them, I hope to also be heard, let's see if I have that right, if they give me the right to be heard also as the accusers are heard, but deep down this has all to do with this. It hasn’t as much to do with the declaration of death in legal terms in England but with the process that is taking place. And it has to do with something that is very important. It’s not known what happened to Maddie, not known what happened ... but more importantly in the middle of all this is to understand what the mystery is that is behind all this and is protecting this couple

João Ferreira - But don’t you find it excessive that the British police in an investigation that already has it’s expenses around 5 million euros to be doing all this, if I may infer from your words, associated, in quotes, to Maddie’s parents just to harm you?

Gonçalo Amaral  - It doesn’t have only to do with... it has to do with everything. Note, it’s not only Maddie's parents, the parents of this child, who are at stake, it's also all those friends who are all doctors. It’s the mystery that is behind all this. Why this protection? Why isn't David Payne investigated, nor is the denunciation there is related to David Payne for paedophilia on the part of a couple, also doctors...

João Ferreira - One of the friends, one of the friends of the inner circle of those doctors who were with them in the Algarve, isn’t it so?

Gonçalo Amaral  - ...there is a mystery here that we need to understand. Then let me tell you, when the parents of this girl put this action against me, what they have been saying is that deep down there are there... this trial will serve to exonerate them. And all has been done to exonerate them. Note,  the reopening of the case, the de-archiving the case, the Portuguese Prosecutor, the Prosecutor of the Republic always said the process would only be reopened when there are new and credible facts. I ask why the case reopened, what are the new facts and which are credible?... Zero. And what happens at that moment [the reopening], there is a meeting in Lisbon, in which the British police was, in which was, as is said, the couple, and from which they come out and say they were exonerated with a reconstruction made by actors. All was done with the purpose of them being exonerated, the case is reopened and they are exonerated and there’s nothing which relates to them. We are not speaking here about the responsibility for the death or anything like that. I stay on the responsibility for the disappearance. And note that ...

João Ferreira - But is there something in concrete in the investigation that points to the responsibility of the parents in the disappearance?

Gonçalo Amaral  - Don’t you have any doubts, look, those children were under the guard of who? The parents, were they not? They were alone for 5, 6 or 7 nights by whose fault? Of the parents. That child who is said she had cried because of a burglary that didn’t happen, she cried two days before, was there an assault on that day too? By whose fault? The parents who were away more than 2 or 3 hours, so if those children disappeared they were negligently placed in that... in that situation, so the responsibility of the parents...

(The reporter interrupts with a question about the man who says he saw Gerry with a bottle at 1 am in front of his house on the nught of the 3rd. The programme continues, together with Tânia Laranjo, and goes on about this man, about the British police withholding statements and about the hypothesis of the body having been put inside a coffin, together with another corpse and cremated in Ferreira do Alentejo in late June/early July – the blog does not consider this issue of direct interest to this post so will speak about it when opportune.

We continue the present transcript at the point in which Mr Amaral is questioned if the fact the body may have been incinerated more than a month after Maddie’s disappearance, showed a weakness in the Portuguese investigation as in that time it was unable to find the body)

João Ferreira - Gonçalo, sorry, sorry to insist on this point because it is important, to have happened something like this, does it not reveal in a considerable weakness of the police, the Portuguese police that for a month could not find a body?

Gonçalo Amaral  - What weaknesses? The major weakness of the Portuguese police was to have allowed itself to be pressured by the British diplomacy, don’t forget that the normal thing is to...

João Ferreira -  Were you pressured in that sense?

Gonçalo Amaral  - I was pressured with the purpose to advance in the abduction thesis, don’t have any questions about that. The visit of the British ambassador and the meeting that happened in the PJ in Portimao with those responsible for the investigation is with the purpose that there’s an abduction. Soon after, the Faro Director came...

João Ferreira -  But was inspector Amaral, with experience he has, pressured directly by someone?

Gonçalo Amaral  - Say again?

João Ferreira -  Were you pressured directly by someone?

Gonçalo Amaral  - You know, pressures aren’t exactly with a gun in the hand, right? Pressures are ... there is, there is the ambassador there all the ambassador’s retinue, it’s the British ambassador to Portugal...

João Ferreira -  But where did you feel, what evidence did you have...

Gonçalo Amaral  - What evidence was there?

João Ferreira - …to say that, to feel pressured?

Gonçalo Amaral  - Look, mind you, until that moment, there were no certainties. We are talking about 24 hours after the disappearance, not that much or a little more so, around that, so Friday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday the ambassador was in Portimão. Until that moment we had not pointed towards that it was an abduction, if it was a homicide or what it was at stake. In fact the case was registered as an abduction. I have explained several times why and it even had 3 question marks in front of it, only like that could we proceed with the following process and use all the means that are necessary in a criminal investigation. And when ambassador goes there, goes with that purpose, with the purpose that there is an abduction and immediately after the meeting, the Faro Director, who is also the Portimão Director, responsible for the PJ in Faro, comes to give a statement to say there is an abduction and immediately after that is that the couple, there in Praia da Luz, comes out with the first statement also with the ambassador or someone from the embassy next to them ... You understand? So that is the pressure that happens...

Marcos Pinto - And you have also told me that once that there were people inside the PJ itself that advised you...

Gonçalo Amaral  - That is more in the final part.

João Ferreira -  …to follow another…

Gonçalo Amaral  - To wind down the process, until letting the process be archived as it was archived. So note that this was not a normal investigation, it was an investigation that from the beginning there was the issue of political correctness, and that is what is happening now. This, this farce of these searches, because they are a farce, they are a farce because they don’t have a solid bases, don’t have the probability of... There was a burglary? There was a robbery on a house? But where are the traces of the robbery? They took what? Nothing. Sophisticated thieves are frightened with a 3 yr old girl, they kill or she dies, and are frightened with that, they take her... they are so, look...

João Ferreira - We have to finish quickly, Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral  - …they are so ... they are so intelligent that they even remove the body from there, they don’t leave it there to blame the parents, because there was no trace of theft, and then go and place it near the house, which also by international standards the norm is when I don’t know a place, that I don’t know, I don’t have means of transportation for… the body that is under my guard appears close. So, somehow they could have left it to blame the parents, or those who had the guardianship, they could have left it inside the apartment. Because there were no traces!...

João Ferreira - Tell me something Gonçalo Amaral

Gonçalo Amaral  - …do you understand? There were no traces of theft so no one knew if there was theft or not. But they put it outside which was let’s not raise suspicions about ... but then later, later they move it again. Wait there that I now take the body from here because it can be found… this doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t. 

João Ferreira - Gonçalo Amaral, we have to finish, let me just ask you a question, I ask you to answer as briefly as possible, at this moment can this case only be solved if there’s confession from someone?

Gonçalo Amaral  - At this moment for me, the case is only solved when it is known the mystery that leads to protection of not only this couple but of all those friends.

It seems that Mr Amaral completely mistrusts the Portuguese Justice system and the current Portuguese investigation.

He says it’s all a farce and includes in it all that SY has done. He thinks it is all a whitewashing operation with the objective of exonerating the McCanns, and their friends from any and all blame.

Note that he includes the PJ in this whitewashing operation.

In terms of the Monday session of the trial, he seems to be upset about the uncertainty about being heard while he’s sure the McCanns would be able to have a voice there.

We know the McCanns were denied by the judge to speak in court due to the tardiness of their request. We think Mr Amaral’s similar request was also denied. We also know that the McCanns appealed against this decision and won and that is the reason why they expected to express themselves in court on Monday. We don’t know if Mr Amaral’s defense made the same appeal. We haven’t heard they did, and if they didn’t it would be explained why the McCanns were to speak and Mr Amaral not.

This could have been the reason for Mr Amaral having relieved his lawyer. Not wanting to have the McCanns speak in court while he watched silently. As we said, we don’t know. If we are then the fact that there are now 2 closing sessions - 08JUL for the plaintiffs and 10JUL for the defendants - may mean he got his way.

We don't think the reason would be him not wanting to be any longer part of the farce. We’re sure he understands that it will go on with him or without him. The closing session will happen and a sentence will be given. And if he has no right to speak in that last session, as apparently is the case, then his presence or that of his defense is not needed. His absence, in terms of court would be only a mere note on some minute and that of his representation would be taken as the abdication of the possibility to present the final arguments.

The evidence, we remind readers, was provided in all previous sessions. The judge has enough information to make a decision. The final allegations are but a colourful summing up of the evidence that was presented earlier. Nothing more than that.

But what attracted our attention was Mr Amaral’s perception of the complete whitewashing he thinks is going on.

On Tuesday, 17JUN14, the day after the bombshell, RTP passed this video on TV

(RTP1, Tuesday, 17 June 2014 - video at Joana Morais)
(Transcript by JM/Textusa)

Helena Figueiras [Voice Over] - Gonçalo Amaral says that he is not a victim of the Maddie case but acknowledges that he has been dealing with the consequences of a battle for the past seven years, a battle he was forced to fight by virtue of being a policeman.

Gonçalo Amaral - We are part of the collateral damages and in fact that’s all we are. Mere extras in a tragedy... a tragedy that affects that family, no question about it, but mainly the victim, that is the child who disappeared and who may be, as all points to, dead.

Helena Figueiras [Voice Over] - The setbacks due to the case were translated into family, affective and material losses, nevertheless Gonçalo Amaral guarantees that he would write the book again in which he responsibilizes the McCann couple for their daughter's disappearance.

Gonçalo Amaral - Maybe even do a second... a second volume but...

Helena Figueiras- Would you have more to say?

Gonçalo Amaral - ...Actually, that is already written, it is written but I don't believe I'll publish any further books about this case.

Helena Figueiras [Voice Over] - As to the investigation, he speaks of avenues of investigation that he would follow again, with only one difference, he would never have let down the guard in relation to Kate and Gerry.

Gonçalo Amaral - It was due to those diplomatic issues, the ambassador’s intervention and all else, who promptly wanted to push towards the abduction thesis. That limited the police action in the sense that they 
[McCanns] would have been treated as suspects from the start otherwise. What does that imply? That means, that they and those close to them would have been the target of direct, personal surveillance, and also of electronic surveillance. We were lead to consider other paths and only later did we return to that starting point. In some way we wanted to be considerate, we wanted to be somewhat friendly, diplomatic, when that isn’t part of a police investigation.

Helena Figueiras [Voice Over] - As to the Scotland Yard operation in Praia da Luz practically overlapping the trial in which the McCanns accuse him of defamation, he says that is no coincidence.

Gonçalo Amaral - The issue of paying or not paying the one million two hundred thousand euros, that's not what they are really waiting for. They are using the trial to suggest something like "see, we're not guilty". Which is actually what has been taking place. The whole of the Scotland Yard investigation is heading towards that goal. It's a farce. By being politically correct, or by defending something that in my view it's not only the McCanns. It's something more. It's that whole group and everything that went on within that group of doctors, a reflection of the English society itself.

Helena Figueiras [Voice Over] - After all that remains to be said…

Gonçalo Amaral - Those who held the custody of that child are responsible for her disappearance, at the very least for her disappearance, nothing more than that.

He confirms the whitewashing. The enormous whitewashing where he, a central figure of this whole affair, sees himself as simply an extra.

Plus he goes as far as saying the 100K-plus pound SY spectacle put on Luz was not only linked but also timed with this last session before sentencing of the trial.

We have had the chance to provide our opinion about it as we had an anon ask us exactly that. But this post is not about our opinion about Mr Amaral’s opinion but about what we think Mr Amaral’s opinion is. And we may, we repeat, be completely wrong.

We will not provide at this point in time any opinion about what Mr Amaral has done by relieving his lawyer. We won’t state if it was a major setback, if a significant improvement or if completely irrelevant. We trust our readers to think and come up with their own opinion and we consider that we are in a position in which we should not provide one at this time.

But let us assure you that we remain as optimistic as we were before this about the outcome of the trial. Anything that goes against Mr Amaral will only reveal transparent nonsense.

But we fully understand Mr Amaral’s opinion.

In 2007 he witnessed like no one else did, first hand, the pressure of the British (diplomatically and all British agencies that UK got involved in the PJ investigation and the British lack of selective collaboration in withholding evidence) as well as the submission of the Portuguese.

He witnessed his work, and that of his colleagues, being discarded by his own superiors and being vilified by the British with them doing absolutely nothing.

And then he saw what must have raised a million red flags to him: the burglary thesis.

We first heard it, last year with the 3 Burglar episode. That was in 2013. But Mr Amaral heard it in 2007. Guess from who? From SY.

This is what Mr Amaral said on CMTV of 07JUN14:

(CMTV, Sunday, 07 June 2014 - video at Joana Morais)
(Transcript by Joana Morais)(video at JM)

Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - How do you view the 'movie' of the searches this week?

Gonçalo Amaral - That's exactly what it is, it is a movie. There are English journalists who speak of a farce, of something that is being staged for the media, and perhaps there's nothing more than that. What is risky and very serious it's this attempt to produce a new thesis - the thesis that was divulged recently - of someone who commits a theft, gets scared by a 3-year-old child, murders the child for that reason and then whisks the body away, that to me sounds rather preposterous. But it's nothing new. If you'll recall the investigation at the time - if you remember I was working in that investigation for the first 6 months, not seven, or three or four years like the Scotland Yard - there was a similar thesis. It was actually put forward by a colleague, from the British police, namely from the Scotland Yard. He was the only Scotland Yard officer present in that task group, which included officers from the PJ and English police, and him, from the Scotland Yard. He put forward that hypothesis, which was discussed and completely set aside because it didn't add up. Now they even tried to sex up that thesis, by spicing it up with drug dealers who besides trafficking drugs had the idea, one day, of burglarizing a house... No one has proven that house [McCann's apartment] was broken into, that there was a burglary, there were no traces of a break-in...

We had always been intrigued as to why Mr Amaral wanted the presence, which was denied by the British authorities, of SY Officer De Freitas during the book trial.

Now we think we know.

We think Mr Amaral may have wanted De Freitas to say the word “death” linked to Maddie in court. To say that in 2007 SY thought Maddie had been killed during a bungled burglary. That in 2007 SY thought that Maddie was dead. That is what we think Mr Amaral wanted De Freitas to say in court.

Then, we remind readers, the issue was whether if Maddie was dead or not. The whole issue was about the fact that Mr Amaral said Maddie was dead harmed or not the search for Maddie. THEN, remember, no one could say Maddie was dead without looking over their shoulders to see if Carter-Ruck were breathing down their neck. Then the issue was not about whether Maddie had been killed in a burglary or died by other reasons. This alone shows how much has changed from the book trial to now.

So it is natural for Mr Amaral on seeing before his eyes the unfolding and the materialisation of a bogus thesis put forward in 2007 by SY, added to his own experience on how submissive Portugal was in 2007/2008 to sincerely believe that a humongous whitewashing is indeed in progress. One that includes the PJ.

As we have said, this is not the time to discuss whether we agree or not. What is important now is to set differences aside and provide our support to him the best way we can, and that is to tell our readers that it’s our firm conviction that the trial will go Mr Amaral’s way. He has our unwavering support.

We continue to think good-sense and realism will prevail, so our optimism remains as untouched as ever.

But the De Freitas episode shows us two very important things.

The first is that SY was directly involved in the investigation in 2007, so it didn’t exactly pick up new files in 2011 with the opening of the review (it would be absolutely strange for a country like UK to leave such a high-profile case in the hands of a local police, the Leicestershire Constabulary).

The second is that this burglary story is a second attempt by SY. We still think it will be stupid to pursue it. No, not stupid, but very, very stupid. But we must recognise that they have spent a lot of money on a legless thesis so it might just well be that someone, really, really stupid, is pushing it to stump along as lame as it may be.

But much more important than these two important things that the De Freitas episode has brought to the case, are the three really very important things that this lawyer episode has brought to it:

First, Mr Amaral has spoken the C-word. Cremation. The possibility that Maddie was cremated. Said by Gonçalo Amaral on live TV and reported the next day in Correio da Manhã, a paper with major circulation in Portugal and then echoed in the Mirror.


The CdM report does put it completely out of context. In the programme Mr Amaral speaks of this, the possibility of cremation - which was reported to him by a RAI reporter - when comparing its credibility with what had apparently sparked the SY Circus in PdL which was the Portuguese man speaking English, with a British accent, on a mobile while holding Maddie seen by an unknown British tourist.

But Sunday was not the first time Mr Amaral spoke about the possibility of Maddie's body no longer existing. On his 07JUN14 CMTV appearance:

"Marcos Pinto, CMTV News Anchor - Then there is a statement from Gerry and Kate in the middle of this week to thank the authorities for their support and efforts to continue to bring Madeleine home ... this is the expression...

Gonçalo Amaral - Yes, there are also other expressions, Mr. Gerald McCann said a few years ago, 2, 3 years, I no longer remember, that if she is dead then find the body, show the body, so he will know why he says show the body, isn’t it? Because there are other elements that point to the fact that no body exists, isn’t it? Therefore these elements should also be taken into account, who is in the investigation should consider how a body would disappear, how it would be possible for this body to disappear under those circumstances.

As always, when something becomes known it cannot be unknown. People read the word cremated and the word cremated made sense. And there is a crematorium in Ferreira do Alentejo. And the cadaver dog signalled the boot of the rented car. And it wasn’t a crazy old bat and her tea-addicted friends who were saying it on a blog but Gonçalo Amaral himself.

Before you ask, we don’t think the 2-in-1 coffin scenario to have been the likely and will one day explain why. For now what matters is that the cremation word has been outed. It is out there and cannot ever be return to its forced hypocritical enclosure.

The second important thing is that Mr Amaral has finally gone explicitly outside the McCann couple. He speaks of the group being protected. In fact, he implies that others than the McCanns are really the ones really being protected. “Those friends” of a group where “all were doctors” – which we know very well is not the case. And we say there were many other “friends”  besides those of that particular group .

The third and most important is what Mr Amaral has decided to no longer keep quiet: the cover-up. Solve the mystery of the protection and you have solved “Maddie’s mystery”, says Mr Amaral quite explicitly.

When Mr Amaral says it’s a farce, it’s irrelevant in terms of it being one or not – everyone does considers it is – but when Mr Amaral says it’s a farce to PROTECT, then, yes, it becomes very, very important.

And look at who he puts in the “protection” melting pot: SY, PJ (all the way up to its directorate) and whoever is able to control the Portuguese courts.

We would say that it is just a little more than the whole of the OC staff and a cast of PdL residents. A tiny little bit more.

The size of the cover-up in Mr Amaral’s version is measured by the circus in PdL, by the tying of hands in the PJ and by the courts in Lisbon. That’s a pretty big cover-up by all standards.

And it does answer that question that has popped up once in a while “why do you speak of a cover-up if Mr Amaral has never mentioned such?” Well, he now has. Very clearly and very explicitly.

By the way, to all those who say that some of the OC staff would have spoken out by now, we will be patiently waiting for the voices of some of all those SY Officers who were on their hands and knees looking for absolutely nothing knowing they were looking for absolutely nothing to come out denouncing why they were on their hands and knees looking for absolutely nothing knowing they were looking for absolutely nothing. Or does anyone believe that all those SY Officers really believed they were really looking for Maddie’s body in those specific rock hard grounds and in those sewers after 7 winters and their rains?

They were told to do their job and to keep quiet about what they were doing. The OC Staff was doing its job and told to keep quiet about what had happened in that apartment and about what was happening in  the resort.

When this happened, one message between us was “I did not see this one coming”. We didn’t. Now that it has come, we welcome it. Let the bombshelling continue.


  1. excellent as usual,shame there are some people who think you have it wrong and wont open their eyes to other scenerios and they are people who ARE supposed to be rooting for Madleine

  2. When I first read about his dismisal of the lawyer I thought it was so he could represent himself so this goes along with that somewhat.

    I look at Iraq burning and I see the hands of the British government covered in so much blood.
    If they can lie themselves into a war where millions are devastated, orphaned, destroyed well it would certainly not be above them to cover up the death of a small child.
    That is to be expected.
    But Portugal - shame on you.

    May conscience reach up and hold onto all hearts involved in this farce and bring about
    clarity, integrity and truth.
    It is time.

  3. Who exactly is being protected ? Forgetting the lowly TAPAS9 - who is it exactly that is being protected? The only names I know are those of TAPAS 9 and PE. Who else was there week commencing 28th April? Who was so important that warranted protection costing 7 years of 'our' time / 2.5 million per annum SY investigation / extreme political interference... WHO?

  4. I want to know who is being protected because I, as a UK Tax payer, have contributed toward their protection plan. Whose protection plan have I contributed to? If I knew their name / names would I have willingly contributed? Has David Cameron made a considered judgement that I and fellow citizens should all contribute towards his / her protection plan such that their private habits are not revealed? These are the questions that matter to me.

  5. Where's the bombshell? He was always skeptical

  6. I'm trying to think out of the box. Or should I say shooting from the hip. Let me assume that the final show down is about to take place, they: Mrs & Mrs McCann are allowed to get up and make a personal and emotional statement(s), plus what their lawyer will use in his\her summary.


    The I ... I am not able to speak. But furthermore, PERHAPS - my lawyer hasn't made the same representations to get me that opportunity, that obviously the McCanns have had.

    Yes I would be pretty miffed !! And remember, at first or up until Monday it was ONLY Mr McCann so where did Mrs McCann spring from.

    Yes I would be right p********ed off !!

    You'd feel you had been left out of the loop with negotiations taken place beyond your control. Would you feel paranoid? With the ongoing hypes of this case, exit the MET on Saturday, entry the MCCANS on Monday.............. em..... yes I think you would.


  7. UK wouldn't risk like this to cover-up for a paedo. This is not paedophilia. This is political. There has to be some big politician involved for UK to go this far in spending tax money. The risk as to be taken being aware of consequences if all blows in face.
    I think SY circus has backfired because now it's what will force SY to go for truth. Election year is coming and burglary story too ridiculous.

  8. reply @ 10.42

    I don't think this is a WHO is being protected, it's a WHAT

    The 'what' is the British representation of all that is British is above suspicion, & so on.

    Cameron got his sticky fingers and the Tax payers involved in the wake of the Brooks aka Sun and their manipulation of the British Prime Minsters, Blair & Brown all in their turn.

    It's an establishment thing, this has gone on far too long. But like Blair & his wars, there is no exit plan.

    Shameful. Meanwhile British children rot a pile of poor education & opportunity.

    Meadow. (Not a happy bunny day :( )

  9. Certainly the most compelling read, imo, so far. That's excellent.

    For anyone who finds an extraordinary cover-up too incredible, consider how the British government essentially OWNS the Portuguese judiciary. The Met are far more corrupt and murderous than literally billions of people worldwide could possibly know, at this time, and are awash with many such perversions.

    I'll be fascinated by any further updates, many thanks to you all.

  10. As advised, I had a look at wikileaks with regard to this case, and it's true that it is said in September 2007 that the British police helped to DEVELOP the evidence against the McCanns.
    If that refers to Mark Harrison, Martin Grime and Lee Rainbow, it's quite correct. But I don't think it applies to all UK police officers involved. Either that, or they were subsequently told to back off.
    I suggest looking at the letter submitted to Mr Amaral on September 27 2007, from the DCCB - Direccao Central de Combate ao Banditismo. In the PJ files.
    "The undersigned, accompanied by Insoectors Ramos, Ricardo, Brigantim and Dordonnat, in compliance with superior orders, and following individuals of British nationality belonging to a private company linked to various activities, mainly the gathering of information, a company called Control Risks Group, who supposedly have the objective of cleaning spaces/ objects related to the McCann family.."

    So is this where it all went pear-shaped?

  11. Those (in)famous photos of the couple outside the Luz church on the 12th May 2007, grinning like Cheshire cats, on the day that would be their missing daughter's 4th birthday, ONLY 8 days after she disappeared, would be the perfect match to the picture of Kate in this article!
    And with a caption under saying: no,on this day they didn't win the lottery, they've just attended a memorial mass for their disappeared daughter" or, "no, they didn't just got married, they've attended a mass for their disappeared daughter".

    The court should be presented with those pictures side by side...

    For those who have no idea of what I am talking about, those photos can be seen here (in an excellent post by Joana Morais, by the way):

  12. It is my belief that someone/something big is being protected besides the parents and friends.I have 100% faith in Goncalo Amaral that he speaks the truth which has cost him dearly. As he says £ms have been spent on this case and the parents do not need the money, what they want is to win the hearing to make it look as if they are innocent.The British est/Police are very good at coverups as we have seen too often.Shame on those who distract from Justice for Madeleine,I really don't know how they sleep at night.

  13. Nice read:

    The moral of this story is that there is no moral because the only one accused sitting in the court's dock is the former coordinator of the PJ of Portimão

  14. If ever truth is known Maddie can thank Goncalo Amaral, Textusa and Joana Morais. There were many more but these 3 top my list.

  15. Mr. Amaral is right in having no confidence in the PJ, not in his fellow investigators, mind you, but in the PJ as an institution, no trust in the person(s) who rule the PJ, because, as almost all institutions in Portugal, it is riddled with politics. The Head of the PJ, the Director, is a politically nominated person, it's a political choice and a political appointment, by the government. And the same goes for the Public Ministry, the General Attorney, also all have the "umbilical cord" attached to who's in power at the moment (the government).
    In view of this, what independence and impartiality can we expect when of those institutions when it comes to "sensitive" cases...? There's no way they can be immune to outside interference and pressure, no way at all !

  16. I was told that the 'bone collectors' did not have to go there as they could identify bones from the Internet and offered ' a free bone identification service' from their base the North West of England. But the pictures showed bone collectors insitu in places totally illogical that locals knew of all along. There were no hidden drains, nor unknown pits, it was common knowledge and wasted the time that real cases demand results from.

  17. The Current UK government will feel the consequences of their cover up when it comes to election time! I dont think they realise how many people believe the parents are guilty.

    All the BS stories in the UK media supporting the mccanns and running down Mr Amaral are no longer having any effect, the majority of people think the parents are guilty and that SY are part of a cover up. All the PR in the world cannot change public opinion.

    The fact UK tax payer's money is being wasted on a cover up has not gone unnoticed, this will come back and bite the current government on the bum!

  18. Unpublished at 20 Jun 2014 15:05:00, who we won't name,

    As you know, we don't believe in death before the 3rd and the theory of the substitute child, which we believe is absurd.

    We suggest you develop your theory by setting up your own blog.

    1. Unpublished at 20 Jun 2014 19:47:00 who we will continue not to name,

      We think we have published enough comments with your "as though something as 1970s as swinging would lead to all of this covering-up" to consider we have been open minded about it.

      But that, as you know before revealing your true colours, was not the reason we did not publish your initial comment. It was becaus, as we explained, it attempted to bring back thesi in which we don't believe and have said very clearly we don't.

      As we said, set up a blog and defend all your point of views there.

    2. Swinging 1970's? Ever heard of Killing Kittens?

  19. Did I not read somewhere that some business man left the morning after to return to uk in a private jet. I cant believe That the PJ and Portugal are not backing Dr Amaral, are they really going to bow down to the uk.. Gerry Mcann must have something big on someone, he was promised he would eventually get a political place such as minister of health or something like that but obviously he needs a clean name.
    I found it interesting that even though it was written he would not publish any more books on this case....that smells to me like he has been threatened. I read his book in Spanish and did not find anything that the mcs could complain about apart may be the truth.and they haven't exactly tried to prove their innocence.

    1. I confess I have not read the PJ files attentively/extensively, so my ideas and what I think are the facts get confused and blurred at times, but I read about someone who left the resort on the next day with his son(s)(?), despite having yet another week booked (here's the perfect example of my inaccuracy,when it comes to facts, I'm not sure it was a week more or just a few days more). I think the man, english, left to Switzerland, to deliver the child to the mother (a divorced couple I suppose).

  20. Joana Morais has written this comment on her blog:

    "(...) And the good news, for justice, is that Gonçalo Amaral is in good spirits and has already appointed a new lawyer, whose name is currently being placed with the court.

    The trial will soon be concluded and then it will over to the judge, Maria Emília de Melo e Castro, to make her decision.

    What view she takes of all this sideshow nonsense will only be known by her but I am confident her decision will be grounded in the evidence presented before her in the court room, and not in the flights of fancy that have taken place outside it.» in Gerry McCann - The Travellin' Man, By Nigel Moore"

    This gives me hope, it lifts the dark, dark clouds a bit...

  21. O que acontece quando se zangam as comadres? Sabem-se as verdades.

    Desavenças entre o casal levam a que os pais do pequeno Daniel da Madeira e um terceiro individuo estejam a ser ouvidos pela PJ. Suspeita-se que o casal encenou tudo para poder vender a criança.... In CM

    Que segredo é este por tras do caso Maddie que leva a que toads as partes sejam apertadamente controladas, para não se zangarem? GA tem um enorme Golias pela frente.

  22. Textusa

    I just think this has now been shown to be so big that I have doubts as to whether GA will survive - its a battle of two Countries against one man for heavens sake! Who could possibly have the strength and will to go against such forces. Ironside/SteelMagnolia said it would make no difference whatever we try to do. I always thought Truth would be stronger and so wish for GA to be successful. But I have my doubts now :(

    Thank you Textusa for all the details included explaining what GA is up against.

    1. Anonymous 21 Jun 2014 07:59:00,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Mr Amaral survived the book banning.and to us he seems to be in good spirits, so we don't see any reason to be pessimistic.

      If we were able to determine very quickly the size and scope of the opposing forces, we're sure Mr Amaral has been aware of that from the start.


    Pais do pequeno Daniel ouvidos na PJ


    Pais de Daniel, o bebé raptado na Madeira, estão a ser ouvidos como testemunhas na Polícia Judiciária do Funchal.

    20 de Junho 2014, 21h55
    Nº de votos (0)

    Os pais do Daniel, o menino que, em janeiro, esteve desaparecido durante três dias no concelho da Calheta, e um outro indivíduo estão esta sexta-feira a ser ouvidos pela Polícia Judiciária no Funchal, disse fonte da PJ.

    Segundo a mesma fonte, na sequência de desavenças entre os pais da criança, foram feitas acusações e, com base nas inquirições feitas até o momento, a PJ considera que ganha consistência a possibilidade do "desaparecimento do Daniel ter sido uma encenação do casal para depois vender a criança". Por seu turno, o coordenador da PJ, Eduardo Nunes, contactado pela agência Lusa, apenas confirmou que estão a decorrer diligências nas instalações no Funchal.

    "Estamos a desenvolver diligências e a trabalhar nesse inquérito", declarou o responsável, escusando-se a fornecer mais pormenores sobre o assunto.


  24. To our readers,

    We now seem to be targeted by early death theorists, and have had a reference to an unspecified blog which supports this theory.

    We suggest those who believe it need to find this blog and place comments there.

    We don't feel it necessary to place our comments on blogs which have different theories to our own, trying to change their opinions.

    We are watching this new " push" with interest.

    1. The early death theory has variants. Some more plausible than others, but the one which links it with a substitute child is going way too far. Do other early death theorists support this extreme version? Only they can answer this question.

    2. Anonymous 21 Jun 2014 09:12:00,

      That is a matter for debate on the early death blogs.

      We understand that information about the early death theory, which is linked with the sub child, is in the hands of SY, so why so important to the person concerned to convince us?

  25. Some very early reports have pearls of info. From a tweet from mc (

    Newspaper 24Horas, paper edition, 25 May 2007, pg27

    Caption below photo of McCanns:

    “SCOTLAND YARD INVESTIGA. Três elementos da Scotland Yard estiveram ontem à tarde junto ao apartamento de onde desapareceu a pequena Madeleine. Os polícias britânicos estiveram a fazer desenhos – ou esquissos – e a tirar medidas à janela da casa ocupada pela família McCann. A GNR estava à espera dos polícias, uma vez que foi avisada pela Polícia Judiciária, que autorizou a presença dos três no local.”


    “SCOTLAND YARD INVESTIGATES. Three elements of Scotland Yard were yesterday afternoon near the apartment where little Madeleine disappeared. The British police were doing drawings - or sketches - and taking measurements of the window of the house occupied by the McCann family. The GNR was waiting for the policemen, as it was alerted by PJ, which authorized the presence of the three onsite.”

    SY taking measurements to tailor out a burglary? Scheming little police SY is turning out to be isn’t it?

    1. A Maria agradece muito e deseja um muito bom dia.
      mccnr directamente da Parede.

    2. Oh Maria
      Somos quase vizinhos, mais ou menos15 Km
      Os meus respeitosos cumprimentos a uma Senhora, cujo perfil vai rareando à medida que este tempo nos vai consumindo. Bem haja e que Deus a proteja e aos seus.Obrigada

    3. Muito obrigada "anon" das 20:58

  26. No way that the book of Mr. G. Amaral had any interference on MM search but, surely, had on the fund revenues, isn´t it Kate?...
    But having SY and Met involved in your daughter´s search and spending such a millionaire amount of money we´ve heard about (from UK tax payers), why do you need to have a Fund?! ...
    How was it possible that in 2007 two doctors had not such trivial bank stuff such as credit and debit cards?
    How was it possible that Gerry need to go back to Rothley in order to take back to Portugal a Madeleine´s pillow for DNA analysis?
    How is it possible that a child disappears from an apartment without leaving any kind of biological trace and sort of evidence?!...!search/profile/company?companyId=344610319&targetid=profile
    Revenue: $1 mil. - $5 mil.
    Employees: 10 - 20
    Company Description: Madeleine was born in May 2003 , a long-awaited and very much longed for little girl. She lives in the village of Rothley in Leicester, with her mummy and daddy and little brother and sister, Sean and Amelie. Madeleine is a very happy little girl with an outgoing personality. She has always been a very popular little person, appealing to both children and adults alike with her funny and engaging chatter. She has many friends who obviously miss her dearly. Despite her young age, it often felt like Madeleine had been on this earth before! Like most girls her age, she likes dolls and dresses (and anything pink and sparkly) but with a definite taste for action-adventure too! She has an incredible amount of energy and even as a little baby, didn't seem to need much rest. She enjoys running and swimming and is an Everton fan like her mum and granddad. Madeleine has always been a wonderfully loving and caring big sister to Sean and Amelie. It was certainly not the quietest house on the planet with lots of giggling, singing and the inevitable odd bit of mischief! For Sean and Amelie, there is without doubt, a very important person missing in their life. Madeleine is a warm, life-enriching little person and will never fail we're sure, to bring joy into the life of anyone she may encounter.

  27. Amaral speaks & his comments appear in the UK media...think about that.
    The UK might appear stupid when you look how the SY investigation appears but they can filter comments from a whitewash perspective...IF needs be

  28. Poll: Are the McCanns right to sue Gonçalo Amaral for publishing a book with his theories of what happened to missing Madeleine?, 20 June 2014

    Poll: Are the McCanns right to sue Gonçalo Amaral for publishing a book with his theories of what happened to missing Madeleine? Portugal Resident

    Posted by PORTUGAL PRESS on June 19, 2014
    [Screenshot above taken June 20, 2014 at 09:45]

    Yes: 5% (21 votes)

    No: 95% (367 votes)

    Quotes from the archives:

    Isabel Duarte, the McCanns' lawyer: "I am struggling alone against 90% of the population of Portugal who believe that they [the McCanns] were connected to the disappearance."

    Kate McCann: "It's only a very tiny minority of people that are criticising us...the vast majority of people support us."

    (in McCann Files and The Portugal Resident newspaper)

    1. Sorry, my mistake, NOT in the Portugal Resident.

  29. Strangely, the votes of those voting yes are not counted.

  30. I'm rather disappointed with Hernani Carvalho and Paulo Sargento.
    I thought very unfortunate the applause asked for the biggest conman of this case: Duarte Levy - a Portuguese reporter is shot on the leg in Ukraine and no news about it in Portugal???? It can only be one more hoax from Levy. And Carvalho asked for applause. For me Carvalho's credibility has gone.
    Sargento seemed to think he knew better what to decide than Amaral. And what was all that pessimism?

  31. Mae de Daniel ( o menino da Madeira que esteve desaparecido 3 dias) detida apos ter confessado encenação do rapto- in CM

    Está indiciada de tráfico de menores e terá sido ela a entregar o menino a alguém pretendendo vendê-lo depois, se a encenação corresse bem.

    Os comentários à noticia, invariavelmente asociam este caso ao caso Maddie em que os pais continuam impunes apesar de todos os esquemas que montaram.
    Quando as comadres se zangam, sabem-se as verdades: a Mae do Daniel separou-se do pai recentemente e começaram as acusačoes mutuas q/ levaram à confissão.


    Mãe de Daniel fica detida, PJ suspeita que quisesse vender o filho

    A mãe de Daniel, o menino de 18 meses que em Janeiro esteve desaparecido durante três dias na Calheta, Madeira, voltou neste sábado a ser interrogada pela Polícia Judiciária (PJ). E ficou detida.

    Ao que o PÚBLICO apurou, depois de seis meses de investigação, a PJ entende que Lídia Freitas, mãe de Daniel, é a principal suspeita no desaparecimento da criança. A polícia admite que pretendesse vendê-lo.

    Já na sexta-feira os pais do menino tinham sido ouvidos no âmbito de um inquérito que estaria relacionado com um episódio de violência doméstica. Uma fonte da PJ adiantou, contudo, que era possível que os inspectores viessem a inquirir o casal sobre questões relacionadas com a criança.

    As suspeitas da que a mãe de Daniel terá tido algum envolvimento no desaparecimento do filho em Janeiro terão aumentado e neste sábado a PJ voltou a querer interrogá-la.

    A polícia admite que o desaparecimento possa ter sido uma “encenação”. Tanto Daniel como a irmão estão, actualmente, aos cuidados da protecção de menores. E o casal está separado.

    Na madrugada de sábado, a Lusa noticiava que não tinha sido apenas o casal a ser interrogado, mas também uma terceira pessoa. Esse interrogatório durou sete horas, mas ninguém ficou detido.

    Daniel foi dado como desaparecido a 19 de Janeiro, quando se encontrava num encontro familiar na casa do tio, localizada no sítio dos Reis Acima, na zona alta do concelho da Calheta. Esteve desaparecido durante três dias. E foi encontrado por levadeiros na sua rotineira tarefa de distribuição de água de rega, num matagal junto à levada, a cerca de três quilómetros da casa de onde desapareceu.

    No Hospital Central do Funchal, onde esteve internado para exames de diagnóstico, o pediatra considerou “muito difícil e intrigante” que a criança tivesse conseguido sobreviver sozinha durante tanto tempo exposta ao frio.

    Também na altura, o Instituto de Habitação da Madeira anunciou que apoiaria a recuperação do degradado imóvel onde vivia a família de Daniel. Mas esse apoio acabou por não se concretizar.

    Notícia actualizada às 22h07


    Mãe de Daniel detida depois de alegada confissão

    A Polícia Judiciária suspeita que os pais do Daniel, a criança desaparecida, em janeiro, na Madeira, teriam intenções de vender a criança e ao que a TVI apurou a mãe de Daniel já terá confessado à PJ que tinha a intenção de encenar o desaparecimento da criança.

    A mãe da criança foi novamente ouvida nas instalações da Polícia Judiciária e ao que a TVI apurou foi detida e está indiciada pelos crimes de tráfico de pessoas e sequestro agravado.

    A jovem foi transportada para o Estabelecimento prisional do Funchal e deverá ser ouvida esta segunda-feira por um juiz de instrução criminal.

    A criança, de 18 meses, foi dada como desaparecida da casa da família e foi iniciada uma intensa busca pela região. Nunca se percebeu como é que um bebé tão pequeno tinha ido parar ao local onde foi encontrado.

    Os pais do Daniel e um outro indivíduo estiveram esta sexta-feira a ser ouvidos pela Polícia Judiciária no Funchal.

    Na sequência de desavenças entre os pais da criança, foram feitas acusações e, com base nas inquirições feitas até o momento, a PJ considerou que ganha consistência a possibilidade do «desaparecimento do Daniel ter sido uma encenação do casal para depois vender a criança».

    O Daniel, um menino de 18 meses, foi dado como desaparecido desde a tarde de domingo, 19 de janeiro, quando se encontrava num encontro familiar na casa do tio, localizada no sítio dos Reis Acima, na zona alta do concelho da Calheta, acabando por ser encontrado três dias depois por um profissional responsável pela distribuição de água de rega na Madeira entre as 07:00 e as 08:00 no meio da floresta.

    Quando foi encontrada, a criança apresentava sinais de frio, mas segundo o pediatra que o observou no Hospital do Funchal, estava «clinicamente bem».

    Na altura, o médico considerou «intrigante» que o bebé tenha conseguido sobreviver sozinho ao relento durante três dias e noites nas zonas altas da Calheta.

    Após o alerta do desaparecimento da criança foi desencadeada uma operação de busca para encontrar o menino, envolvendo elementos da Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP), Polícia Judiciária (PJ), bombeiros da localidade e uma equipa cinotécnica da Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), contando com a colaboração de elementos da Guarda Florestal e populares

    Mas, no fim da manhã do dia seguinte, o coordenador da PJ no Funchal deu por «terminadas» as buscas sem que a criança tivesse sido encontrada.

    Os pais e todas as pessoas que estavam na casa onde desapareceu a criança foram ouvidos nas instalações da PJ no Funchal, mas até agora não foram efetuadas quaisquer detenções, nem foram atribuídas responsabilidades pelo desaparecimento da criança.

    Notícia atualizada

  34. COMENTÁRIO MAIS VOTADO "A nossa PJ é infalível... Esta senhora Lídia tal como o casal Mc fazem inveja a qq actor ...5 estrelas! A Lidia teve a pobreza a protege-la durante 6 meses.. os Mac.. apesar dos média tb nao vao escapar. Mais um tempinho"

    madalena 21 Junho 2014

    Mãe de Daniel detida após ter confessado encenação do rapto

    Lídia Freitas, a mãe de Daniel, no carro da Polícia Judiciária


    A mulher vai ser transferida para o Estabelecimento Prisional do Funchal e será presente a um Juíz de Instrução Criminal na segunda-feira. (Em atualização)

    21 de Junho 2014, 20h08
    Nº de votos (0)

    A mãe de Daniel, a criança de 23 meses que desapareceu na Calheta, na Madeira, e que apareceu ao fim de três dias em condições que ficaram por esclarecer, confessou à Polícia Judiciária que encenou o rapto.

    Ainda não estão esclarecidos os contornos do crime mas, o objetivo da mãe seria vender a criança. Lídia, a mãe de Daniel, esteve esta sexta-feira na Polícia Judiciária e acusava o marido de ter tentado vender o bebé. A mulher afirmou que percebeu o esquema mas teve receio de fazer a denúncia.

    O antigo casal esteve esta sexta-feira na PJ, na sequência de uma queixa de violência doméstica. Lídia acusava Carlos, o marido, de a ter agredido no início da semana. Note-se que Lídia e Carlos estão separados há pouco tempo, e que esta vive com outro companheiro e os dois bebés. Enquanto foi ouvida pela Polícia Judiciária, Lídia disse que o avô paterno de Daniel também poderia estar envolvido no rapto do bebé. Porém, este sábado, confessou ser ela a autora da encenação do desaparecimento o e que nem o pai do bebé sabia do plano.

    A jornalista Tânia Laranjo, que acompanhou de perto este caso, conta que já se sabe que Daniel não foi raptado à porta de casa, mas que foi a mãe que o levou ao fundo da rua e o entregou a alguém.

    Lídia vai ser transferida para o Estabelecimento Prisional do Funchal, indiciada por tráfico de pessoas.

  35. About Daniel, it seems PJ is starting to make arrests. His mother, Lídia, has been detained to be present before a judge who will decide her fate until trial. More than likely, she will remain in prison.

    To all those who in January supported the idea of physical-impossibilities-that-must-be taken-as possible in Daniel's case to re-examined consciences they don't seem to have.

    It was as much possible for Daniel to have gone alone all that distance as as an abductor to go through that window of apartment 5A.

    It seems when unhindered, justice works.

    Let's hope the parallel between the 2 cases continues: bringing those accountable to the rightful justice.

    To all those not familiar with the case:

    1. We would like to repeat here 2 things. The first is a comment we received in our post about Daniel:

      "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Daniel Abreu":

      You are insane,
      They screwed up, called off the search too early and now all their pathetic acolytes are scurrying like mice to retrofit a ridiculous story that it was a deliberate plan!!!
      That child could and may well have found his own way there, an eminent paediatrician has confirmed he is suffering from exposure. Exactly what you would expect.
      And now your glorious cops admit they took photos of Daniel and SOLD them.

      Thank god for the levada men, thank god for the toughness and will to survive of the poor.

      Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 27 Jan 2014 10:59:00"

      The second are our own words then about this case:

      "And it begs the question, why does it bother the BH so that Daniel was abducted and did not wander off by himself?"

    2. Parents faked abduction of their child. How familiar.

  36. Latest news on Daniel case is that mother acted alone. She confessed faked abduction to hand over to a third person to be sold. She tried to incriminate ex-husband but he denied knowing anything. Third person heard by PJ is mother's current boyfriend and PJ have not confirmed or denied if he has anything to do with crime.

  37. In terms of cases of Maddie and Daniel being similar, before anyone suggests, no, we don't think the McCanns took Maddie to sell her, as one supposedly anti-McCann blog used to promote.

    Also different in both cases, if it is proven that it was Lídia who masterminded all in Daniel's case, we don't think in Maddie's that it was the mother's decision to fake abduction. As we have explained, that decision, in our opinion, was made by a group of people, some outside the T9.

  38. Daniel ía ser vendido por 50000 Euros.

    Lembro apenas um pequeno pormenor: Pai e mãe, na altura do desaparecimento, passavam o tempo na TV seduzindo policias e jornalistas que se encarregavam de invadir as nossas casas com imagens da miséria em que Daniel vivia, enquanto na sombra um outro Pierrot dava andamento ao plano, longe dos olhares das camaras e talvez até da policia, livremente.
    Limitaram-se a aplicar uma formula que sabem ter funcionado na PDL e não tiveram a esperteza nem a ajuda de diplomatas e VIPs. Portanto, quem diz que os McCann n/ podem estar envolvidos pq andavam sempre na TV, engana-se. É essa a estratégia- distrair e ludibriar na linha da frente enquanto no " background" se limpam vestigios e se escondem crianças ou o que resta delas.

  39. Grande lata a desta Lidia, ainda agora no Jornal da Tarde e retrocedendo a Janeiro: " Quero agradecer a todas as pessoas que ajudaram a procurar o Daniel e à pessoa que o tinha que pelo menos foi pô-lo num sitio onde o podessem encontrar, sem lhe fazer mal"
    Irra, a criança foi largada de madrugada numa levada, ao frio e à chuva e estando escuro, por lea ou com o sue conhecimento e faz esta encenação nas TVs? Imagino o terror vivido pela criança naquelas horas.

  40. A única semelhança entre Maddie e Daniel, a meu ver, foi o investimento nos Media para ludibriar a policia e o publico. Mas será um facto: Lídia inspirou-se em Kate Mccann e no sucesso, incluindo o dinheiro fácil, do caso Maddie.

  41. Very starnge attitude from Mcs? How can they feel bullied? All they have to do is drop the case. Is GA intimidating them? If so, why? We know why and it's good to see they know it too

  42. NOT TO BE PUBLISHED at 22 Jun 2014 17:09:00

    Why are we not referred to?

    Good question.

    They can't put us into a pigeonhole.

    We don't agree with anybody mainstream, not even fully with Mr Amaral.

    We don't believe everything we read, even if it's supposedly high quality media.

    We accuse no one of paedophilia, pre-meditation, drunkenness or neglect in the case. Not even of deviant behaviour as the one we believe was happening is a personal option between consensual adults.

    We don't condemn the McCanns for absolutely everything, but we obviously support justice against their behaviour. Their criminal behaviour not their personal one.

    We don't make any money from our efforts and we don't seek recognition.

    We don't get into particular fierce battles with opponents.

    We rarely comment on other blogs.

    We don't do twitter and FB very little and only of lately.

    We are regarded as eccentric at best and demented at worst by many.

    Some think we are covert supporters, though how they conclude that is a mystery to us.

    We don't name people who haven't already been named or have named themselves and do our best not to name minors who have seen themselves be involved.

    We don't ask that those involved are hanged, drawn and quartered - just brought before a court and our feelings of hate are mainly against systems and organisations that have allowed, facilitated or perpetuated this mess, because we fear more for the next generations than ourselves.

    We are seem as wordy, pompous and opinionated by many.

    Do we mind not being referred to? No, because we write to answer a need within to know. We only hope those who do read us with interest feel we do our best.

    1. I have followed you from the beginning, applaud your work and agree with most of what you say. However I see that you've started to remove comments from your blogs that were previously published. Why would you do this? Debate has previously been open here. Last week I commented that SY pulled out timeously to coincide with final statements of the libel trial, giving McCanns support that no evidence of death had been found. You replied disagreeing & giving your reasons. GA's actions on Monday shows that he was not going to allow them to use SY's withdrawal to their advantage. Well done Mr. Amaral!! But why have you removed my comment and your reply? Don't publish this if you prefer not to, but please why.

    2. Anonymous 22 Jun 2014 22:49:00,

      Are you referring to this comment and reply?

      "Anonymous 13 Jun 2014 10:31:00
      Oh, oh. This is true too - please read The Daily Profiler today. What are your thoughts about that possibility, Textusa? .. the one on which the whole digging exercise may have been based (for public consumption), which may have indeed come full circle - ie we thought she may be dead, but found no evidence of that. Now, as Pat Brown states, that is exactly what the McCanns needed for Monday, and it was delivered to them at exactly the correct moment!

      Textusa 13 Jun 2014 11:14:00

      Anonymous 13 Jun 2014 10:31:00,

      Disagree totally on that point. We believe there’s no intentional connection between the 2 events – SY PdL Circus act and trial on Monday.

      One cannot anticipate the random to plan ahead. Random is random and no one can predict it. The scheduling of the Portuguese Justice System is absolutely random.

      SY are the first victims of it. They planned the UK Crimewatch to be aired mid-October 2013 expecting a sentence would be provided earlier that month. 3 updates later and gigantic circus act and there’s still no sentence.

      The circus was launched in early May and they set up tent in early June. To have this connected with the trial would mean the SY knew, in May, the judge would provide a dispatch in early June and know that the session would be on the 16th.

      Also it would have been the gambling, literally, of hundreds of thousands of pounds in that GA’s lawyer didn’t have anything planned for the 16th. It was a tentative date set by judge pending decision of the parties. If it can be said that ID’s schedule could be fitted to be available for that day the same couldn’t be done for the defendants.

      The circus was supposed to stay for a week. So going away last Thursday was not anticipating anything. It was letting go of a requested postponement. SY asked to stay further on in Luz until Friday but left on Thursday.

      If the intention was to tell the whole world that they didn’t find Maddie dead to benefit the McCanns wouldn’t have been wiser to go home only on Friday and then say on Saturday what they said on Thursday so the McCanns could say on Sunday what they said and so cause a greater impact on Monday?

      We cannot see how the SY circus can benefit in any way the McCanns. Just because she wasn't found where nobody expected her to be found doesn't prove she's alive.

      I've been digging in my garden and she's not there either! Does that prove Maddie is alive?

      But it does say SY believes she must be dead, to bring in the same dogs who searched for the body of April Jones and to justify the expenditure of extensive digging.

      Those kinds of dogs don't search for socks!"

      Please confirm if these are the comments you think have been deleted. If so, they are in the comments section of our "Class Acts" post.

      This is the comment/reply we refer to in current post.

      As we moderate comments, it would be strange for us to delete those we decided to publish. But accidents do happen and we're certainly not above making mistakes.

    3. My apologies.



    Eduardo Dâmaso

    Procurar Maddie morta

    Para quem passou sete anos a diabolizar a investigação portuguesa ao desaparecimento de Maddie, as investigações da polícia inglesa na aldeia da Luz são eloquentes. Cada um é livre de pensar o que quiser, mas destas escavações em diante há um dado inquestionável: a Scotland Yard deu a volta ao mundo mas agora procura o cadáver de Maddie. A partir daqui torna-se quase impossível ficcionar a procura de uma criança que “apareceu” em milhares de sítios no mundo e poderia estar viva.

    A única diferença entre as duas investigações reside na autoria do crime. Os ingleses apontam para assaltantes, traficantes, seja o que for, e excluem que alguma coisa má possa ter acontecido no seio daquele grupo, tão heterogéneo, que acompanhava a família McCann nas suas férias algarvias. A investigação portuguesa, pelo contrário, admite que esse é um inevitável objecto da investigação. Sete anos depois, convenhamos, não só a PJ estava certa quando procurou pessoa morta como estavam errados todos os que desdenharam o processo português na base de uma horrível convicção classista, considerando que naquele grupo de ingleses de classe alta seria impossível ocorrer qualquer coisa tão perversa. Não é preciso recuar a Malraux para saber que a condição humana prevê todo o tipo de ignomínia…

    1. Pois é...o Sr. Dâmaso labora num equívoco...ainda não percebeu que "os trabalhos" da SY não foram para procurar uma Maddie morta...nã senhõre...fingiram procurar uma criança morta, para poderem"provar" que...não há provas, logo, continua viva! O que serve ao establishment e aos McCann! Então, assim que apanharam os Yardies back no UK, os McCann não começaram logo a alardear que continuam a procurar a filha VIVA?! Que ficaram muito esperançados e confortados porque a SY não encontrou NADA, nenhum indício que Maddie estivesse morta, ou como eles adoram dizer, uma das "pet expressions", "no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm"! E os bons dos Yardies não os desmentem, pois não?! Se a SY tivesse vindo a Portugal procurar o cadáver de Maddie, se REALMENTE tivessem chegado à mesma conclusão a que chegou a PJ (e os investigadores ingleses que estiveram aqui em 2007/2008 a trabalhar com a PJ e que foram responsáveis pela vinda dos cães), a de que de Maddie morreu no apartamento e houve ocultação de cadáver e simulação de rapto, então não deveriam deixar que os pais continuassem com a charada! Declaravam Maddie oficialmente morta, apesar de não haver corpo, e encerravam o fundo!
      Como não o fazem, nem irão fazer...o fundo vai continuar, e os avistamentos tambem...

  44. Unpublished Anon at 24 Jun 2014 11:38:00





    1. Control Risks Screening?
      Where have we heard that name before??

    2. CRG helped Mcs to clear spaces, according to DCCB report to GA.
      Coulson was security vetted by CRG
      CRG have links to News International and Conservative Party.
      And Coulson also employed Clarence Mitchell as his deputy during the leadership election campaign.
      I think mysterious Hugh of CRG referred to by Kate in her book is Hugh Cursons.


    What it’s like to holiday at the beach resort where Madeleine McCann went missing

    Wendy Fitzgibbon in Praia da Luz
    June 24, 2014 7:30AM

    THE warm Mediterranean sun shines down on the blinding white sands of the popular Portuguese holiday resort of Praia da Luz as holiday makers laze under thatched umbrellas and children paddle in the shallow turquoise waters of the protected little bay with the spectacular but imposing Rocha Negra (Black Rock) looming in the background.

    The scene is idyllic, but just kilometres up the road scores of British police and sniffer dogs have spent the last three weeks digging up and scouring the sandy red soil on the outskirts of the picturesque Algarve village for long-buried clues to finally solve one of Europe’s biggest mysteries.

    It was in this picture-perfect family holiday setting that the now famous British toddler Madeleine McCann went missing from her family’s holiday villa just over seven years ago and became the focus of the most heavily reported missing person case in modern history.

    The details of the final hours before Madeleine’s disappearance on the evening of May 3, 2007 are well documented, but despite an intense seven-year investigation conducted by law enforcement authorities on both the Portuguese and British side of the Atlantic, as well as private investigators hired by the McCann family, the fate of the cherubic-looking three-year-old remains a mystery.

    The seemingly cold case of the missing youngster reared its head again a month ago when Scotland Yard sought permission from the local Portuguese authorities to probe a previously unsearched area of scrubland just a few minutes’ walk from the Ocean Club resort where the McCann family were staying on the night of their daughter’s disappearance.

    It is unclear what new clues or evidence the British police were basing their latest search on, but once again, the now-familiar foreign police, forensic officers, sniffer dogs, radar equipment, and of course the attendant media pack, have invaded the small holiday town.

    For Praia da Luz locals, this latest development is just another chapter in the never-ending story of Madeleine McCann, which for the past seven years has turned their previously quiet, unassuming hometown into an international circus and destroyed its reputation as a safe, peaceful family holiday destination.

    The case has become Portugal’s Azaria Chamberlain case - the crime that has everyone talking but no one knows the answers.

    The friendly hospitality staff at the local hotels and restaurants are happy to chat about the weather, the catch of the day and the best local tourist attractions, but just don’t mention the M word.

    But like everyone else that has ever read, listened or watched any media coverage about the case, they too, have their theories about Maddie’s disappearance.

    One resident who ran another holiday resort in the town at the time of Maddie’s disappearance tells of one local theory that was doing the rounds when the case first came to light.


  50. cont

    Drainage work was taking place to pipes in the town around the time and deep holes were dotted around the town. Some of the drains were filled in and covered over a day after Madeleine went missing. Some locals believe the toddler either wandered out of her room in search of her parents and tumbled into one of the pits, others think whoever attempted to abduct her may have panicked and dumped her body into one of the holes in an attempt to cover their tracks and then absconded.

    The latest search seems to give weight to these theories, with ground-penetrating radar equipment being deployed to search a hole which was previously hidden by thick undergrowth.

    But as the search enters its next phase and no major clues materialise, life goes on for the locals and visitors down the road in Praia da Luz.

    Although it is only early June and the beginning of the Northern hemisphere summer holiday season, Europeans, mainly Brits, have already begun trickling into town.

    During the days, the beach is dotted with sun-seeking holiday makers swimming, sunbathing and paddle boarding in the still-chilly Mediterranean Sea, and by night the many restaurants, cafes and bars along the waterfront are filling up with foreign visitors drinking jugs of sangria and bottles of Sagres (the local beer), eating the delicious fresh local sardines, clams and prawns and cheering their respective teams on in the World Cup.

    Most seem oblivious to the excavation work taking place nearby, or if they are aware of it, they don’t appear bothered. Parents with toddlers still walk the cobblestone streets at night, I even saw a blonde-haired little girl in pink pyjamas bearing a strong resemblance to Madeleine being pushed down the beachside promenade in a stroller one night.

    But just a few blocks back from the beach, the Ocean Club seems a little quieter. Out by the main pool, the courtyard that previously housed the infamous tapas restaurant where the McCanns and their travelling companions dined that fateful night while their children slept over the other side of the pool has now been converted into a bar and the restaurant moved to another location.

    When asking for a cocktail around the 7pm one balmy night, the barman tells us the bar is closed for the evening and to perhaps head to the resort’s other bars, The Mill Pond or the Mirage, for a drink instead. The pool is empty and all the deckchairs are deserted even though it is still 25C and the sun doesn’t go down til 9pm in these parts at this time of year.


    1. And then came the dogs to kill this theories ( of wandering off or been dumped in a street hol). Cadaverine was found on the flat and it's presence is only compatible with a body left some time there. And more came to reinforce the killing of such theories- in the most odd part of the parents car( the boot), human body fluids from a body and hair, were found and recovered. About the fluids we got some amazing explanations from the pair - from rotten pizza, to rotten meat or just the twin diapers, who just by small coincidence, have a total diferent DNA then their sister and amazing.... Which parent transports dirty diapers on a boot of a car, out of a bag, in order to contaminate the environment?
      And then came the cuddle cat, who have been seen on the hands of the mother by all of us, hundred of times. The cuddle cat also reveals contact with a body.
      Definetly.... ASK THE DOGS, SANDRA"

  51. cont

    Other than an unmanned desk with a sign on the front door that announces: “Welcome to the Garden. Please show your Ocean Club passes to reception before entering the pool area” there is nothing to suggest anything more sinister than a bad sunburn or ant bite has ever taken place inside the resort walls.

    Despite the relative calm in town, the long-running investigation has nevertheless taken its toll on the relationship between the local Portuguese residents and the British police.

    Graffiti sprayed on a wall on the southern outskirts of town sums up the local sentiment: “Policia Ingesa estupidos”. Translated into English, it reads: “English police are stupid”.

    Matters weren’t helped early on in the case when the British media accused the Portuguese police of bungling the initial investigation.

    But it is a catch 22 for local businesses and tourism operators. Most of their business comes from the British tourism market, evidenced by the fact that almost all locals speak fluent English and all restaurant menus and even road signs are also in English. They can’t afford to lose this sector of the market.

    So the search for Maddie goes on and life in Luz goes on.

    I asked a female employee of a local riding school who was a schoolgirl at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance what her thoughts were on the case.

    She shrugged her shoulders and said: “I don’t know, no one knows. We just want it to be over.”

    Words that I am sure the McCann family and everyone else involved the case would agree with.

    But it seems this story won’t have a happy fairy tale ending.

    1. “Out by the main pool, the courtyard that PREVIOUSLY HOUSED THE INFAMOUS TAPAS RESTAURANT where the McCanns and their travelling companions dined that fateful night while their children slept over the other side of the pool has now been converted into a bar and the restaurant MOVED TO ANOTHER LOCATION.”

      Infamous? Weren’t there queues to reserve dinner at Tapas? And we were here all thinking it was a popular hotspot!

      Why move it? Didn’t one of the owners say that the Maddie affair didn’t affect the resorts business? That they only had suffered a minor setback on the families coming in May and even that was back on track?

      Moved Tapas to where, we ask? And leave the exact same furniture as can be seen in pics? Oh, we see… only the BIG ROUND TABLE was taken. A very popular item among British tourists it seems.

      Or did the mythical BRT go like the restaurant did? It fled the town before it could be spotted? But no sightings in Morocco or Spain. Was it abducted by a firm of wedding caterers? A firm of 3 Portuguese caterers who speak English with a British accent between themselves?

      And now, doesn’t Tapas just seem like a cold and lonely place? One to avoid, even on non-chilly evenings?

      “When asking for a cocktail around the 7pm one balmy night, the barman tells us the bar is closed for the evening and to perhaps head to the resort’s other bars, The Mill Pond or the Mirage, for a drink instead. The pool is empty and all the deckchairs are deserted even though it is still 25C and the sun doesn’t go down til 9pm in these parts at this time of year.”

      What happened the bi-weekly Quiz Nights there? Where are these nights now?

      There’s the story of the goose with the golden eggs, killed out of greed to seek in its belly more and more gold and there’s the story of the Tapas Bar, a goose with golden eggs whose owners apparently don’t want it to lay any egg! Go figure!

      Oh, someone should tell this reporter that the big blue water she saw bathing Praia da Luz is not the Mediterranean.

    2. Yet another journo/newspaper with very selective vision...only saw half of the graffitti...

    3. Textusa I have to laugh.....I am relatively new to your blog and have been reading a lot of the your older posts. I have been amazed how some of the evidence you present in support of your theory has appeared at first to be a bit farfetched only to be supported by articles like this. I have to say this is the best one yet completely backs up the evidence you gave to support your no negelect theory .....well done Game, Set and almost Match to Textusa I would say

  52. ** Hacking jury to resume deliberations **
    The jury in the phone-hacking trial is to return to consider two outstanding counts after Andy Coulson was found guilty of conspiring to hack phones.
    < >

  53. From 2010:

    "The Conservative Party to recruit McCann spokesperson as head of media monitoring

    March 04, 2010 by Danny Rogers , 13 comments

    The Conservative Party is set to hire Clarence Mitchell, best-known as spokesman for Madeleine McCann's parents, as the head of media monitoring for its general election campaign, PRWeek can exclusively reveal.

    Mitchell will join the Tory comms operation, reporting directly to director of communications Andy Coulson.

    Mitchell, who was the director of the Government's media monitoring unit for two years (2005-2007) will take a back room role, monitoring the progress of the Tories' campaign in the media.

    PR Week understands that Mitchell will not be an active spokesman for the party.

    The appointment of the well-respected Mitchell is a boost to the Conservatives' campaign, which has lost ground in the opinion polls in recent weeks, despite last weekend's Spring Conference."

    Let's see if Coulson takes the blame alone. Let's hope not.
    CM well-respected?????

    1. Article says CM was known to be close to Coulson. So they knew each other well by 2010. Did anyone ask Rebekah to make the approach to Cameron, to press for a review? She and Coulson were also very close as they were in a relationship.

    2. Tories don't like him

  54. Antiga estrela da BBC abusou de crianças, idosos e cadáveres

    "É ainda maior do que se pensava a dimensão dos abusos cometidos por Jimmy Savile, revela esta quinta-feira um relatório governamental britânico.

    Savile, que morreu em 2011 aos 84 anos, era um popular e excêntrico apresentador de rádio e televisão, tendo conduzido programas como o Top of the Pops. Um ano depois da sua morte, um documentário da ITV revelou que abusara sexualmente de várias crianças.

    Após dois anos e meio de investigações oficiais, é agora conhecida a dimensão dos crimes. Só num hospital de Leeds a que Savile tinha acesso privilegiado, o apresentador terá abusado de pelo menos 60 pessoas dos cinco aos 75 anos – tanto pacientes como funcionários. Entre os crimes cometidos estão assédio, abusos sexuais e casos de violação.

    Entre as vítimas estão adolescentes acamados que recuperavam de cirurgias e um menino que esperava por um raio-x a um braço partido.

    A maior parte das vítimas optou por permanecer em silêncio durante décadas devido à influência e notoriedade do apresentador. O documento cita até o caso de uma vítima que começou por denunciar os abusos de que fora alvo, mas que acabou por ficar inibida pelos risos das enfermeiras do hospital a quem comunicou os factos.

    O relatório revela ainda que Savile manteve actos sexuais com cadáveres, tendo fotografado algumas das práticos.

    O documento critica duramente as falhas do serviço nacional de saúde que permitiram a Savile o acesso a hospitais e clínicas. No entanto, o relatório afirma que a responsabilidade criminal pelos abusos só pode ser atribuída ao apresentador."

  55. Mr Amarel has proved that there can be no perfect crime, each time he has come back against the McCanns and he has become stronger, this is shown in Kate's tormented face. She is tormented by what she has done, the press know as do the Met and eventually this case will be shown for what it is nothing more than another cover up for which our government has become so familiar. Justice will prevail, the Levison case has been shown for the travesty it was, with Jude Law lying under oath and Gerry McCann was very involved with the levison case. The British Press has become an institute of manipulation, willing to do anything for a story that will sell their tacky papers. The Mccanns never left three babies alone every night whilst they went out drinking, nobody believes their lies. The pair are nothing more than a pathetic couple of desperate liars trying to persuade the world of their innocence. The only victim here is poor little Madeleine who was unfortunate enough to have not one but two monsters as parents.

  56. Textusa in may 2007 i like most people took it at face value that a wee girl had been abductedfrom her bed by strangers. I kept expecting her to be found dead probably a short distance from the apartmen and was very confused about all the mixed messages and we seem to be drip fed information, things thst you expected to have heard about right at the begining appeared to be thrown in weeks and months later like the mrs fenn crying espisote or the last piicture. When they were made suspects it all just made sense. I was like of course thats why because thewhole story wasnt available at the time and was being made up as it went along. Your blogs have been great clarifying all this. One thing that always amazed me was why they insisted on the english police being there. Was this part of the BHs strategy to bring them down before they realised they couldnt be brought down on their own. Did you write a blog that explains this. I have looked at older posts and dont see one

    1. Anonymous 26 Jun 2014 23:30:00,

      Thank you for you comment.

      We believe the presence of the British authorities in PdL in 2007 had two objectives.

      The first and most important, was to provide an updated situational awareness back to UK so whoever was deciding could make the correct assessments in real time.

      The second was to act according to decisions made from above. These, as we have tried to explain in our "Conversations with Fred" posts, varied with time.

      - before Maddie's body was disposed of, to distract the PJ by continued pressure by presence and misinformation to ensure that the body wasn't found and that no attention was ever given to guests and Ocean Club;

      - after Maddie's body was disposed of, to help PJ to collect evidence to incriminate the McCanns;

      - after realisation that the McCanns couldn't be incriminated alone, to go back to filling with clutter all and any path PJ tried to follow outside the abduction thesis, to fill with clutter that could help substantiate the abduction thesis, namely with emphasis on negligence and paedophilia and to provide the littlest possible real collaboration.

    2. Do you think that the policemen on the ground knew this, is that why they were made to sign the official secrets act. I notice that the chief constable of the Leicestershire police became head of police in my country and unlike all of his predecessorswas not given a knighthood and his early retirement seemed to be rushed through do you think this may be linked to them being included in those going to be exposed. Get him out of the way sort of speak so ne doesnt tarnish the PSNI when it comes out

    3. Anonymous 27 Jun 2014 08:00:00,

      Mr Amaral does refer to a signing of such a document in na interview to the 24Horas paper on 25FEB09:

      “During the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the British police were "invited" to sign a document of confidentiality that prevents them today from talking about what happened in Portugal or in England, a procedure that is not normal for police in England. "It is normal in cases with the secret services, and that document is signed right at the beginning. Now with normal police, undertaking a criminal investigation, that doesn't happen," said Amaral.”

      If this is true, it only demonstrates that British police on the field in the Algarve were not doing any sort of police work on the unfortunate but common crime of a little girl having gone missing, or even having been abducted.

      They were doing what only a police force can do: monitor, direct, hinder, influence and pressure another police force. In the case, PJ.

      About the knighthood, maybe Matt Baggott will eventually get one. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2008 New Year Honours 'for services to the Police'.

      What we have seen this far is that all the boys and girls that have behaved well do get their lollipop eventually.

  57. I think we all know the answer to the mystery and who is really being protected.

    It's British politicians who are paedophiles and who someone from the group has links to in this regards.

    That is what is being protected and why the British political establishment flew into action immediately and sent over such useful resources as a public relations man to control the press.

    Amaral is going to be hung out to dry unless some other political motivation makes it desirable for the people being protected to be outed instead.

    1. Anonymous 19 Jul 2014 19:50:00

      This blog believes very firmly that paedophilia had absolutely nothing to do with Maddie’s fate the night of the 3rd.

      We also believe that no children were molested in Praia da Luz during that week, related with the events that led up to Maddie’s death.

      We have given our reasons in this post.

      We have others to publish, which we will do so.

      Upper-middle and upper class paedos do not prey on their own.

      They seek the poor and the unprotected.

      To these people the victims are not people. Just victims to be overpowered. Victims that they think can be easily silenced.

      That's why it’s not surprising that paedophiles are attracted to power of politics. And there’s no question there are many politicians involved in the cover-up.

      Involved in the cover-up of what happened and NOT involved IN what happened in apartment 5A in the early evening of May 3. That, the blog believes had only the involvement of the T9.

    2. I agree that paedophilia had nothing directly to do with what happened to Maddie on that night (if that is when she "disappeared").

      I disagree with what you say about upper and upper-middle class people not abusing their own children.

      There are plenty of paedophiles who abuse their own children from all walks of life, and it would offer a compelling reason why a body had to be disposed of, to avoid evidence of abuse in a post mortem if a child had been abused previously.

      Anyway, the speed with which the British establishment became embroiled in the saga, and the desire to send over a PR man rather than someone more useful in actually trying to find the girl does raise suspicions that it was something other than an abduction, and something politically sensitive needed to be dealt with.

      I don't know whether the truth will ever be discovered, but if there was a political motivation in there somewhere to cover things up, then there will also be an opposing political motivation to expose it which may be a card that is played at some point in the future when it becomes desirable.

      Like before a general election, say.

      It's all well and good having powerful political friends, but politicians aren't really friends with anyone and while it might suit them to be friends today, they'd happily drop you in it tomorrow if it got them one more vote.

      I think that's the only hope to find out what really happened, unless someone cracks under the strain, or suddenly develops a conscience.

    3. Anonymous 20 Jul 2014 12:37:00,

      Your scenario implies that Maddie had been a victim of continuous nepiophilia.

      That would mean that those involved in the cover-up knew of this. Knew that this family had an infant girl who was being continuously being raped by one of their own (and by one, or more, of their close friends?) and knowing this, decided to protect them.

      The British government knowing this, immediately rushed to protect this infant-raping family (who, by the way, had other 2 infant children and were potential victims themselves).

      A nation humiliated, ridiculed, brought down on its knees because it came together to protect a couple of nepiophiles doctors.

      Your comment implies you believe in death before the third. If that is the case, please create your own blog and defend your thesis there.


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