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Non-Psychic Prediction Of An Outcome: The SY's £2M Review

Unpublished comment posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 16, 2012 4:56:00 PM:

“I think we can see where this is going. Death by abductor allows dogs to be correct but McCanns have already criticized them as rubbish so they will have to back down. Will they say GA may have been correct to a point and drop the case against him without losing too much face? Abductor had a key to lots of apartments and kept an eye on 5a? Review declares she’s probably dead, Fund stops collecting and McCanns told to shut up?”

Dear Anon,

The way you see things are heading towards is the direction that, apparently, the "establishment" wants it to go. But one thing is what they want; another, usually completely different is what they get. In this case, what they're able to get.

Basically the scenario you describe, is muratfan’s version taken seriously in the parts that it can be taken seriously, which, at first is indeed very little. But as you'll see at the end of this post, in fact, nothing of it can really be taken minimally seriously even if one tries really hard to undertake such exercise, and that is pretty cumbersome for the said "establishment".

Let's hope I understood you correctly.

If this is the scenario which the SY wishes to enforce, let’s see look then at what kind of hypothetical baby which the Met supposedly will want to have on its own lap.

The Key. Well, nothing new on the Eastern front, or in any other front in any other direction, for that fact. I would even say that it’s one of the few facts that has been maintained in the various versions of the hoax: the supposed abductor walked in by the front door, with nothing in his hands. Why he jumps the window, with a child (and now some stolen goods?) will remain unexplained.

One thing against this master key thesis, is the lock’s cheapness. It’s been filmed and publicly shown, and the thing is so cheap that there are no master keys, for such kind of cheap locks, just duplicates. This means that usually that the staff responsible for cleaning the apartments with such locks, have with them a duplicate key for EACH one they have to clean, which usually amounts to a whole bunch of them, which they carry with them or on the cleaning cart.

This means that for the “abductor” to have THE duplicate key for that apartment, then he has to have an accomplice inside the OC, be an OC employee himself, or both as the cleaning staff is usually made up of women, whilst the abductor is clearly a man.

One point against the OC. Not seeing them buying this one easily, and taking the blame sitting down.

The death. Or in this case, the dogs. We have dogs that have detected both blood and cadaverine in strange, or at least unlikely, places for them to have been found. Let’s look at each one independently.

The cadaverine. It takes quite a while to develop and to contaminate its surroundings, so the fact that it was found means, in this version, that both Maddie's dead body and the abductor stayed in the apartment for an absurd amount of time. But even if the supposed abductor did stay that ridiculous amount of time in the apartment, there's absolutely no reason for the cadaverine to appear both behind the couch and inside a closet, and much less in the shrubs outside

But that’s only the cadaverine… but what about the blood? How was the abductor able to kill Maddie, accidently or not, and clean the blood up impeccably, with the lights switched off? This thesis basically states that after walking in through the front door, the supposed abductor kills Maddie, diligently cleans the blood, then chooses to pick up the body and exit through a window right next to the front door leaving no traces of blood except behind the couch

Really weird character this one. You couldn’t make it up. Really, you just can't make such a character up, and that is the biggest problem that the SY is facing. They are trying very, very hard to make up such a character, but it’s just completely impossible, isn’t it?

But let’s, for argument's sake, just suppose he was able to do all that. Where do then the checking timelines fit into all this? They just don’t, do they? Either there was a checking system in place or there’s blood and cadaverine inside the apartment. You can’t have it both ways, can you?

If, as you say, to have Maddie “die” in the apartment, then it's mandatory that the dogs’ performances be given credibility. Otherwise you have no blood, no cadeverine, and without these you have no body inside the apartment and so you're much back on square one. If you want to enforce the version of Maddie's death in the apartment then the dogs must be right!

This happening, it means much more than the McCanns backing down on their opinion of the dogs. It means that they have to assume they lied about their checking system. The McCanns, the remainder “Ts” and all those who said that they saw people from the T9 group get up during those Tapas dinners to check on the children

One point against the McCanns and T7. Not seeing them buying this one easily. The OC is not unscathed either.

Lastly. Where does the cadaverine detection in McCanns car stand on all this? If the dogs are correct in smelling it in the apartment, then the same must be said for the car… not good for the McCanns.

If it’s correct they were incorrect in smelling it in the apartment, then, as said, the same must be said for the carnot good for having Maddie dead in the apartment. Basically, the dogs smell good, you can "sell" body in apartment, dogs don't smell good, no deal.

Will the McCanns take what is to be dished out to them sitting down?

Will the OC accept it was an inside job?

Let me tell you that in our opinion the answer to these questions is the same two-letter word, that starts with a “n” and rhymes with… Oh!

 But irrelevant of either the McCanns or the OC accepting what SY has to "offer" them, will SY be able to pull it off without calling in people?

I mean, if the McCanns and friends are, eventually, to be accused of lying about their checking system, won’t they have to be called in to clarify the why they did it? Will they just say, yes, I lied, I’m so sorry I did it?

Also, if the OC is, eventually, to take the blame for leaving the keys unattended and have a criminal amongst its staff, it’s only logical that the employees involved be called again to testify, and discover who the evil doer is, isn’t that so? We do want to find the dastardly criminal, don't we? Question is... will the employees now say what they said then?

Last question for today, will the SY be able to come out unscathed from the pickle they were put in?

I think we all know that answer, and this time the rhyme is with the word “know”.

 If you want to know what we think will be the outcome of the SY’s Review, this is it:

"After a full Review, the Yard has found no reason to alter in any way any of the conclusions that were reached by the Portuguese Authorities on the case of the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann. The case is to remain archived pending the presentation of new evidence" Post Scriptum: Our blog is of the opinion, that the seige is closing in fast on the McCanns and T7. There have been many signs to that effect, from public exchange of coded messages between the parties to the couple's absolute silence for quite some time now.

For example, the way with which Carter-Ruck dealt, in Court, with the Tony Bennett issue (it seemed they lacked their usual enthusiasm to pursue TB), is, for us, a sign of abandonment of one part towards the other.

The divorce between the McCanns and the "establishment" began with the Jim Gamble's downfall. Not because he was as important as we thought him to be, but for two reasons: first, the fact that somebody decided that it was time for the man to go was a clear sign of a sudden change of winds, and second, the McCann's stupid reaction to come out at the time out publicly "demanding" even more money. Remember how you were reminded at that particular timeframe that the Fund was, according to the McCanns, almost completely depleted? You didn't think they were addressing this issue to the "every day donor", like yourself, did you?

However, we're almost sure that the Mccanns hold some sort of trump up their sleeve. They must've, otherwise they would have been minced meat by now. We, here, have been able to see only one trump. And it's a big trump indeed. There may be others, but none as strong as this one...

So if the "establishment" is able to go around this particular obstacle, then the McCanns and Friends will be completely open targets, and, if that happens, then we believe that the couple's & friends' near future is to be bleak indeed.

You see, if the McCanns are to be "convinced" (not implying any sort of violence, but simple persuasion), to say that yes, they did lie about the checking system, then all the blood and cadaverine, both in the apartment and in the car, can be "explained", can't it? Well, there's that minor detail of the cadaverine in the shrubs outside, but that, we're sure, can be bent to fit. Here is Gonçalo Amaral indicating how deep into 5A's backyard the cadaverine smell was detected:

  If so, then, we'll have to put up with a whole new farce... until then, enjoy this one.


  1. Desculpe colocar aqui uma ligação.......


    Maddie desapareceu há quase 5 anos
    Hernâni Carvalho entrevista Gonçalo AmaralDoetere nndlang

  2. GA na Pdl e no OC. vídeo de hoje

  3. Very well written and thought through article Textusa, I agree with everything you say, the establishment are moving away from the Mccanns and now Murdoch is once again in the spotlight concerning his journalists and news reporting I feel News International will not be so keen to print the misinformation that team Mccann has fed them for the past 4 years to mislead the public. It is all coming to a close now and about time too the Mccanns and Tapas friends should soon find themselves in court explaining why they all felt it was okay to court the media and set and up a fraudulent fund but never cooperating with the search for Madeleine.
    RIP Madeleine.

  4. You're the wild card nobody counted on, Textusa! How they must love/hate that little brain of yours!

  5. With all the information on the internet and the way the Mccanns get articles banned it is obvious that SY would monitor these sites.

    When Scotland Yard read what is written on the internet they must know how questionable the mccanns story is, and how the public truly feel about being conned by these two people who are only interested in making money. The Mccanns are the real crooks and always have been.

    Well done Textusa sisters for all your hard work you are brilliant and honest and search for the truth, I hope SY uncover the real truth concerning Madeleine and not another whitewash.

  6. SY have always the correct option: fight for the truth and stop protecting the strong!

  7. The Black Hats are overlooking that while nobody is able to understand the McCanns or what they've done, it keeps questions away from their own backyard. What a nightmare an accident has turned out to be!
    I would like to see the expression on Cameron's face each time he looks at who put him up to this stupid review...

  8. GA said it all at the beginning of the review: SY has the all information available. The British police was part of the investigation since the beginning.

    Then, what are they reviewing? Their own work? Saying now they were wrong when they suspected the parents? Killing their own image? Yes, because that case, over the time become more a case of image and reputation then of searching a little girl. And they took 5 years to kill their own image? Very unlike.
    I tend to agree with you Textusa... The review was to leave the things like they are. Less damages to all parts. I think that was the strategy since the beginning of the review and due to that, very few pounds were transferred to that work.
    But, this is not the end of the story. On the other side is the police who they almost destroyed with all their lies. He could choose to be coward, corrupt and fade. Unfortunately for the Tapas 9, he shows is true character- a persistent, vertical and honest man who is absolutely sure of the competent work he have done. He will not fade without revitalizing his image and get back all he lost, including the end of the investigation. A stone on Mccann's shoes.
    I'm sure, the case will be solved. We will know the true story of what happened to Madeleine. But I don't believe the Mccann's will ever be arrested. To prevent that, UK will use their special excuses, the pain of the lost, the couple went trough, and their other child's, the twins. Justice will be never served for the 2 victims- the police and Madeleine.

  9. Bom dia, Irmãs.

    Muito bem vista a captura de algumas imagens com tanto significado: o lugar do tal canteiro de flores. Eu nunca pensei que fosse ali. Eu pensava que seria perto da porta da varanda. Afinal era um pouco mais afastado e , até mais escondido.
    Muito obrigada, mais uma vez às Irmãs e a GA.

    Desculpem, mas eu agradeço muito mais a GA e ao programa que nos permitiu ver melhor este pormenor. E,muito mais GA terá para mostrar e nos contar.

    Good morning, Sisters.

    Well the capture of some images with much meaning: the place of this flower bed. I never thought was there.

    I thought it would be near the balcony door. After all it was a little further and even more hidden.

    Thank you once again to the Sisters and the GA.

    Sorry, but I appreciate much more the GA and the program that allowed us to better see this detail.And much more GA will have to show and tell.

  10. I think the initial idea for the Review was to whitewash the whole case with an inside job. kate's book is written before this decision and it points to the OC, with a guest book open at an entrance for all public to see. But the blood, cadaverine, Fenn, Tapas sheets, Big Round Table, Wilkins, and all the different versions from the leading actors, have made it impossible to build something. It's impossible to come up with a logical anything! Even the tabloids, after all they've said, are they going to back down, or are all to close down like the NOTW and we're before a new generation of Tabloids? Murdoch appears to make a new one appear soon. The first post-Maddie tabloid. This one won't be accountable for any lies about the little girl!

  11. I think the end result will be a mixture of what all have said here, together with the previous post. There will resultless conclusion, and the idea that blood was found in the apartment will be in the head of the major crowd. The subject will diminish and eventually fade away until one day, in the future, someone will discover what happened shake their heads and wonder how it was possible and continue with their lives

  12. It is maybe an abuse from my side but I didn't resist to copy that comment from a reader of Pat Brown Blog, who seems to have living the night in Loccus. Is it a BH trying to add more confusion to the scene or is a true witness telling the truth? In fact I got confused and didn't understand well the message he/ she wants to pass. If he is telling the truth, then Mr. Carpenter is also up to the scene playing the abductor roll with his own daughter, since the position described by JT is a very uncomfortable position to carry a child, very unlike. Here is the comment:
    "Stephen Carpenter and his wife, and his two children all left at 9.15 as per witness statement. He went out of reception seen by all the Tapas members present as he had coffee with Gerry as Jane says. He then went out to negotiate the crossing of the road by the gates of 5A as he says and in illuminated light of course, he could not cross, or they could not due to the known parked cars of two workers abutted to each other on this side. Now at this time there is the situation of others using this road to come down to the Luz Tavern as we did. To go to the bars the taxi drivers use the back way to it and not the main road from Faro. Here at the time of other tourists coming and going is the uncertain sporadic visits of persons with no set timings. At the time Stephen Carpenter carries his child 'exactly' as Jane describes him doing and he does nightly on this journey is the 'abductor'. Not kidnapper, but the use of the word 'abductor' as an adult act of taking as in domestic situations of child abduction. But later on the use of abduction as a word is one that cannot have a monetary aspect as a ransom kidnap of a child would have. In short the word 'kidnap' and awaited ransom demand might be more sensible if a person had not used the very doors of the patio that were visible to anyone of entering and leaving from the road and the Warner pool area. No key was needed. The two parked cars are there in three statements,but never in Jane Tanner's embellishments of the 'man' and the object ' a female child' being carried that is sleeping. Thus, in closing the man carrying this child at 9.15 - 9.20 up to his own Warner complex that just happens to be on the running routes, and just happens to be where Mrs Murat and Robert lives is entirely coincidental. His wife has to be in front with the buggy and the baby, as he follows up after her. The only place Jane could have seen Mr and Mrs Carpenter is exiting the reception as she would and then following both Gerry and he and his family as they got up. Quite why she would do this is not evaluated. I say this as Matt Oldfield had just come back, so why so soon? What motivated Jane Tanner to get up as the starters were there and rapidly consumed? What made Kate say of the televised football match final that made her comment of 'Gerry was watching the footie'? It shows that curiosity was at work or she wanted to ask to follow the Carpenter family and Gerry out to the location after they had departed by minutes. She could have then seen the turn Mr Carpenter made by going to the other side of the road, if she did, and there she would see Mr Carpenter visibly from this side emerge from the parked cars at the top of the road, if she did. If she did then Gerry and Jeremy were filling the pavement near the alley, as actually at the lane where the gates to 5B , 5C, 5D and 4 as units were. This is the only place she could have seen the performances that intermingled with the times stated."
    Anon@ Pat brown, "A picture worth a thousand words"

  13. Pat brown on her dismantling of the lies, show a video about the shutter who speaks more then thousand statements of the Tapas 9. Step by step, she is doing the reconstruction the Mccann's avoided. The BH start feeling the troubles.

  14. Some people said they are shocked because they don't realize the shutters raised so high. The amount the shutters raise didn't change a cm the impossibility of any abduction to happen trough that window.
    I don't know if the shutters were replaced but the shutters from the 5A were reported to be old, over- exposed to the sun and due to that, easy to break. The exercise shown on the video says nothing about the condition of the shutters and is a fact, even if raises high, doesn't stays. They fall immediately after PM leave them.
    That is about the shutters. What about the size of the windows, the glasses. That windows open by sliding one part to the side, then who wants to pass trough it, effectively has only half of the window available. Is it enough to pass an adult without the support of chairs ? And what about an adult carrying a child? That, without talking of the distance of the window from the floor, outside. Too high.
    Dear Kate, so many obstacles on your poor exercise.


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