Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Just SIC(K)... Or Maybe NOT

In Britain, there are Tabloids, Sky News, BBC and remainder media, here ranked in the order by which they’ve tried to shove Maddie’s abduction story down our throats.

We’re just talking about the British media, mind you. Other British institutions, did much more towards that, with less spectacle and greater effectiveness, but we’re talking about the media alone, for now.

In Portugal, the media has been much more impartial. However, there’s been one TV Station, SIC, that has been coherent from day one: they sided with the McCanns and defended relentlessly their version of events.

SIC is one of the two privately owned TV Stations in Portugal, the other being TVI.

It seems then that last Saturday, SIC aired an episode of “Até à Verdade” (Up to the Truth, if literally translated, Until we reach Truth, if you want to capture the full essence of the title) presented by Rita Ferro Rodrigues.

In the various shows of this series, there’s the participation of two mediums, or psychics.

Yes, you read it right. We’re diving deep into paranormal waters here people.

The theme this Saturday's episode was about Maddie.

But what I anticipated to be a complete idiotic show, surprised me completely by wholly overcoming that expectation and soaring into a quality of stupidity rarely seen by human eyes.

You watch at your own risk. I didn’t. Maria sent me the link, which I thank, dear Friend. The video is also up on Joana Morais , with a very interesting set of first comments, I must say. After the few minutes, maybe seconds, I just “fast-forwarded” to the parts that called to my attention.

So, yes, I confess that I’m doing an analysis based solely on a very superficial look of the subject under observation.

Afterwards, you may criticize me, but I'm sure that, in the end, you’ll agree with me, and that is that what I’m about to show is sufficient to sum up the whole unqualified end result.

Let’s start with the reconstruction:

Is it me, or do I see only 5 people? Where are the other 4? Is it my eyes deceiving me, or do I see clearly a rectangular table? I’m I the only one to see that this place doesn’t look anything like Tapas, even if it was totally redecorated?

Oh, look at us, so deliciously and innocently drunk!

Now we get into the eerie part of this “documentary”. The conversation in the apartment.

First question, in which apartment are we in?

Certainly not in 5A!

Then we head for the bathroom...
Here, I bet that even Gerry would shout an angry “CUT!!” and say the following:

And speaking of Gerry, asking in PdL if there’s a golf course nearby, is exactly the same as Gerry asking the GNR if there was a church anywhere near on the night Maddie died. Of course they know there’s a golf course. How many signs did they see from Lagos to Luz indicating exactly that?
Don’t you, by now, think that what I’ve said is enough to understand what credibility this show has to offer? And I haven’t even touch the paranormal part of it, have I?

About that, I thought it would be a lot simpler to summon Maddie’s spirit and ask her direct questions, but as I’m not a paranormal expert, I’ll just keep myself out of other people’s business, and I use the term not lightly...

A complete and utter silly absurdity whereby feelings are felt from places where the events didn’t even happen, right?

I know... you already know me, and when I ask you a “right?” you know what comes next, don’t you? You’re not paranormal yourself are you, by any chance?

Exactly, wrong.

Do go and reread my “Advocatus Attack” post.

Understand the difference between the message and the messenger.

The fact that the messenger is an utter idiot, doesn’t make the message to be such. Always, always remember that.

For example, nothing is more serious, and true, than this man’s feeling on the subject:

“I feel things went very wrong…”
So do set aside the messenger, and just maintain focus on the message.

It’s delivered by SIC.

It’s implied that Maddie died inside the apartment.

It’s implied that she died due to a head wound, and bled.

It’s implied that she was taken to the bathroom and washed there.

It’s implied that the body was taken to the Boavista Golf course, and from there to somewhere.

These are very serious allegations, even if made by an absolutely idiotic show, because it falls very, very clearly into libel territory, as it claims, clearly, that Maddie died inside the apartment.

These are messages intended to be embedded in your subconscious. The next time you hear about it, you've heard it before, haven't you? Your acceptance threshold has just been diminished and you didn't even realize it, did you?

Let’s be attentive and watch, from now on, how these basic storylines of a whole new tale develop, shall we?

Post Scriptum: Maria has sent us a new video, with Hernani Carvalho and GA. She says it's worth a see. To my English readers, my apologies. I've kind of a busy weekend up ahead, but as soon as I can extract the relevant pparts, I will do so. Link



  1. This was the comment that I withheld from the previous post, on this subject:

    “Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal #4":

    Have a look a this video. With Rita Ferro Rodrigues, Moita Flores and two clairvoyants who took Rita in to a Gulf court and some cliffs.
    According to the clairvoyants, Maddie had an accident, hit her head, was bleeding and got a bath after that. Both clairvoyants and Moita Flores, believe the girl died in the flat.
    Somebody knows, where is that Golf Court? Was it a property from F? We know, Gerry was more in with Golf then with Tennis. The Tennis and the jogging was to fool the police and the public. They must know better the surrounds of PDL then what they pretended us to believe.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 14, 2012 6:22:00 AM”

    Thank you Anon for your understanding.

  2. I Textusa, I'm the one who posted the comment above. When I saw the video, the first question that came to my mind was, " are the Mccann's going to sue Sic, the Clairvoyants and Rita Ferro Rodrigues"? Let's see the behavior of the couple regarding this issue. For me, that is the most important income, from that show. If they decide to sue Sic, I believe they will open now a can of worms, because Rita Ferro Rodrigues and Moita Flores, clearly said they were not blaming the couple. Then, the Mccann's cannot accuse them and put on their mouths the opposite they said. The clairvoyants also said, that was their feeling but on their profession, they some time are wrong. Again, not clearly blaming the couples.
    Then, come the facts that could be tested, evaluated and not dismissed, directly from the crime scene: Moita Flores said, a man carrying a girl and passing trough the window, is impossible. Who pass that information to the investigation? The Mccann's in first hand, no matter how many times they twisted it to fit reality. On top of that come the comment from Rita about the window. Very relevant to me. She said, the TVs are not showing it but the window is actually too high. Corroborating the impossibility of being overpassed by a man carrying a girl.
    I really want to see the behavior of the couple. No doubts, that show damaged their business in Portugal, now that they intend to sue the police and ignite their Fund with a new book or new appeals to the heart of the Portuguese to go back for donations. No doubts, Sic is not a stupid channel, no matter how they love reality shows to increase their shares. Joana Morais have done that exercise. She published on her blog, the shares for that show. All that to say, Sic had an objective to achieve with that show. The big majority of the Portuguese public believe Maddie died on the flat. Then, this must not be the target of the TV.
    What was the objective then? Helping the Mccann's who need to start building the scenario of a dead girl ( under the hands of the abductor) since all possibilities of her being alive seems to fall like olives? "kill" the Mccann's because some journalists must know crucial information to solve the case and the TV could achieve that information?
    I could be wrong, but from long ago, I have the feeling that that case falls somewhere between this activities: the Swing, the Golf and the Surf. There is no Point to have people who love golf and surf, doing Tennis in Algarve, where the weather and the Golf courses are much attractive then in UK.

  3. Rita F. Rodrigues says that the McCanns asked for the REOPENING of the case in 2010!!! She did not say REVISÃO (review), she said REABERTURA (reopening)!!!
    I intended to post a message in the program's page in the SIC site pointing out this flagrant lie, but was unnable to, because I had to be registered with Facebook, or Yahol, or whatever and I am not and will never be, it's not the thing for me, call me outdated, lol!
    And, yes, this show is a complete stupidifying fake! When doing a "mock" reconstruction one can accept that other places can be used in representation of the original ones, but in this case, how on earth would the psychics get the "vibes" from the crime or whatever the ocurrence was in an entirely different place???

    By the way, in RTP1 there's a comedy show called "ESTADO DE GRAÇA", on Sunday night, which made a mockery of the SIC show, naming it "ATÉ À IMBECILIDADE" (until imbecility). Very, very funny and right on the mark!

  4. Hello Anon Feb 15, 2012 10:19:00 AM

    I never said that SIC was stupid, nor will I say that, because they aren't. What I said, and maintain, is that that particular episode of that particular series on that TV Station, was, is, idiotic.

    What I've also tried to say is that behind the apparent idiocy, one has to see what is there to be seen.

    First, as I showed, the episode is so full of factual mistakes that it's impossible for anyone to ever sue the station. If for nothing else, the excuse "Y'know, it was a just show about paranormal... it doesn't prove anything...".

    But let's see who benifits this version of things, which basically is having Maddie die inside the apartment, and part of the apartment being cleaned up (basically the reason why GA has been so cruelly persecuted by the UK, for saying just the same, and he's no psychic, but an experienced policeman).

    Upfront, it's very prejudicial to the McCanns.

    We've said before, that we're thinking that the stage is being set up to pin the blame on the couple and friends.

    If this is the sort of justice you seek, then, in our opinion, we have some good news for you, and that is that the case is coming shortly to a closure.

    If you, like us, believe that the real crime happened after Maddie's death, in which the couple also, I repeat also, actively participated, then there's still a long way to go...

  5. Not wanting to get too conspiracional, but maybe this apartment is only for certain eyes to understand?

  6. What a stupid and lame show! All that talk about strong feelings connected to pipes and water outlets! Of course there are such pipes in Luz, everybody in town knows about it, those were investigated and searched by the police with dogs, there are pictures of it available and yet...the show's producers were not able to find those pipes and take the "psychics" there to confront and verify their "strong feeling"!
    Oh dear, I hope Rita F.R. and Moita Flores are proud to have themselves associated with such stupidity!

  7. Please Textusa, I'm not a BH and didn't, pass to my mind that you said that SIC was stupid. Off course they are not stupid and they know well what they were doing. For some reason they used clairvoyants and not criminal profiles or somebody with more authority and subjected to be libeled. For me, for the same reason, the accuracy of the reconstitution or the crime scene is irrelevant. They wanted to pass a message and if the Mccann's don't sue them or Mitchell/ ID don't jump somewhere to call the show "rubbish", SIC mission is accomplished.
    The TV knows that the public they targeted with such programs, don't pay attention to details like the crime scene. The public just retain the superficial message. That message wasn't good for the Mccann's apparently, since Rita ended the show saying that both Clairvoyants believe the girl is dead.
    In fact the Clairvoyants add nothing new, a part of bringing the Golf for the first time to the big screens. Something the Internet do long ago. The rest was known and follows too much the patten of the South African guy. The clairvoyants were so fake that if you watch attentively you will see that when they enter the flat and before start talking, one make a sign to the other almost saying" go ahead, is your turn". All prepared, even the road that leads to the Golf.
    Why they bring the Golf to the story and why at this time, when for a chance( even if they consider it small) the case could be reopened by the Court, if Amaral manage to convince it? Was it, because what happened after the fatality touch people involved with Golf and property business in Algarve? now, I'm just speculating but They must had the help of people in good position, who
    deliberated or not, helped the cover up, apart some guests and the manag of the OC. Who sent the Hubbards and the all good friends Kate claims she has in the Algarve and keep visiting them?
    Again just speculating, but if F is the one a poster on previous posts highlighted to be a business man running properties, he runs also Golf Courts. I don't know, if Boavista belongs to him. The owner of SIC is a golfer, then there is a high chance of one knowing the other and the TV could being used to pass a message and do a favor. Not good for the Mccann's. A red light to worn them to stop before they create More damages.

  8. Anon Feb 15, 2012 1:05:00 PM

    First, my apologies if I've implied in any way that you're a BH. Maybe life has made me too cynical that I'm unable to express myself without some aggressive defensiveness. But that's my problem, certainly not yours.

    Comments like yours, are not only welcome, as they are those on which we thrive. They bring full discussion, they seek enlightenmnet. They are sincere and caring, they don't bring in clutter such as paedophilia, nor fear by referring possible suicides, like many comments we don't publish. Yours, and others like yours, are the ones that keep us motivated.

    That said, basically agree on almost on all things you've said. I would just "disagree" on one thing, and that is when you connect the dot between SIC's owner, Pinto Balsemao, golf, Boavista Golf Club and Maddie.

    If you were talking about sports, you'd have just mixed leagues.

    Pinto Balsemão, who is known for enjoying golf, is, on a smaller scale, on Murdoch's League. Not saying that he's involved, but if he is, then it would be most likely due to influence from the Murdoch's Empire, than from a mere golf course owner. Mind you, this "mere" golf course owner has much more money than me and my entire family will will ever make in our lives, but nonetheless, not compared with the "big boys" out there...

    I hope that our nest post will answer some of your questions, namely as to what is going on.

    Please keep those comments coming, they're much appreciated!

  9. Thanks Textusa, you are probably right regarding my mistake while connecting PB and the owner of Boavista. Not in the crime obviously, but on cleaning up the mess. Idon't want to start a new conspjracy theory, but I always have seen the support gave by that Tv station to the couple, with a pinch of salt. what was the profite for the Tv in taking such position and having their sites innundated by comments against them coming from the public?
    In Portugal is quite usual the trafic of influences, coming sometimes from the more unaspected side. From lawyers to politics, passing trough the media, they all try to control damages. this case is full of controlled damages.
    PB could be smaller compared to the € power of the owner of Boavista, but inside the country he has the power of his postion- a media men well related with politics and lawyers.
    very useful. A lot of members of his family play Golf and actively participate on the promotions of some courts. just for curiosity, I went to the site of another Golf Court near PDL, Palmares( beautiful) and who appears on the video to promote the course is PB daughter. The Algarve is too small for a certain world. They all know each other, they all share the same hobbies, the same restaurants, etc. Since Gordon Brown and Socrates got involved to the point of the couple having the guru of the Pm as their spoke person, the small fishes could be easily fished to the net.

  10. A reader has left the following comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Just SIC(K)... Or Maybe NOT":

    Off-topic... but since we're into "psychics".

    I was sitting in the garden today breaking words into other words. Linda Goodman an astrologer gave it a name and it is astonishing what it can reveal.

    when i put the words kate and gerry together the words i came up with were : at. gate. rate. rat. get. tear. tag. yet. teary. rag. err. take.

    for Madeleine I get:
    mad. lie. lain. led. lead. die. lane. men. dam. end. need. deal.

    for clarencemitchell i get:
    rat. rent. rant. out. mat, cat. mace. mate. tell. melt. itch. etch. lie. let. lame. lance. real. chit. chat.celt. chancer. chance.

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 15, 2012 3:45:00 PM"

    I've moderated the comment because its author left to my consideration to be published or not. So I took that part out.

    Anon. Thank you. Hope you understand and support my moderation.

    I'm not very mystical as think I've shown, but sometimes we meet both good and evil in the most unexpected places, that sometimes makes us think, doesn't it?

  11. Bom trabalho de dissecação, um beijinho, Jo.

  12. Thank you Jo! Your blog is also doing a great job. As always!
    Interesting times we're living...

  13. RFR afirma no início das imagens que estão no O.C. ??????? na PdL??????? mas não diz que estão no 5A.

    Também, para quem tem visto as imagens reais, notava-se logo.......


  14. Back to Pat Brown and the pictures on her Blog. An anon that seems to live near by, wrote that comment on her blog:
    " Anonymous said...

    This link has images that show in daylight the location. Mine were on Pamalam. The lighting in May at 8.30 - 9.15 p.m. would be in shadow, but still on my images I can see from the fronds of the trees then the third floor where Pat was. It looks directly down to this location as they all do. I told police then to search all the apartments high up on this side and the kindergarten too. Nothing has changed in terms of distance, the pavement has not changed, nor the distance, nor the elevated views in reverse of what Jane Tanner claimed in her inconsistencies."

    February 15, 2012 7:52 AM

  15. On twitter there is a conversation going on between an apparent BH and Pat Brown, regarding the light differences, trees or no trees, in the pictures she took now and the one(s) available from the time around May 3, 2007. The guy insists with a dark street, burglars and Mrs, Fenn being victim of a burglar. Pat already dismantled the idea of the flat and the window being a good target for any abductor, no matter how low was his QI. with trees or without trees, the flat could be seen from many angles. Enough to keep it away from the idea of any abductor and specially from the idea of any sex ring.
    Let's see how the conversation ends. How long will take for the guy to start talking about the crying episode.

  16. Brilliant that one @ spudgun's. I fall in tears. Can't stop laughing. Really brilliant.

    After the pictures, I love that one:

    Mr. Mitchell concluded:
    ""Equally importantly,they are able to accept Credit and Debit card donations in order to continue our search for Madeleine. If you do NOT have such cards, we can facilitate the acceptance of Postal Orders, cheques, bank drafts, pension books, piggy banks and cash in any denominantion or currency"

    Ah, ah, guessing a disaster sale on the update of "Madeleine, an account of the lies". They accept cheques, pension books, coins, any currency.
    I know a place where they can set/ seat and open their hats on the coming April, while in Lisbon. In Restauradores, at the entrance of the Underground.

    I really love this updated abductors. George Lucas or Spieldberg, must have a look on them. very inspirational for a new saga of the Star Wars or the ET. Who knows?? Somewhere in the Space or in another dimension, a creepy creature could have spotted this inspirational characters. I believe, they will not miss such great opportunity to call the hotline and report their sight.

    Here is the prove, Tanner was completely drank when she saw that multiple characters. The only reason, why she didn't run at overspeed back to the Tapas or to Murat's house, screeeeaaaaaming and waking up the all PDL, including the careful old lady, mrs. Fenn. I Will have done it, if I had meet such guys at night in a dark street and after I will ask the police to test the level of alcohol on my blood. " Blood in the alcohol, blood in the alcohol.... Be away from fire, my dear"- police recommendation.

    Don't miss the comments at Spudgun's .

  17. Team Mccann are quite happy for this type of programme to be aired because it poses no awkward questions or threats and in view of what else is happening eg Pat Brown in Lisbon, Amaral court case these types of programme are a welcomed distraction by Mccanns.
    What this proves is just how big this whole cover up has become and how many people are willingly or inadvertantley involved.

    In the early days Team Mccann were keen to write a book and bring out a film but because of the public outcry about it being in bad taste the idea was scrapped then four years later we have Kates book written solely by the 'grieving mother' hence they found a way around the 'bad taste' issue. Why have the media and government supported two criminal suspects, charges were never brought against any of this group but clearly crimes have been committed, neglect, fraudulent fund, not cooperating, inconsistences.

    Murat once said he was 'part of the biggest f*** up on the planet' that phrase was instantaneous but says so much more, it implies I believe that something was planned and something did go wrong hence the Governments intervention, the employment of Carter Ruck and top extradiction lawyers Carter Ruck, just who has been paying for Carter Rucks services for the last 4 years, their fees must be astronomical.Mccanns are all about making money, fund raising events and publicity, libel cases and never searching for their daughter.

    There is much here that is not right many crimes have been comitted since Madeleine disappeared by team mccann, Madeleine was merely the tip of the iceberg so to speak, if this was a normal criminal investigation it would have been solved years ago, the parents are obviously involved. Why would an innocent mother refuse to answer police questions, then later call the police f****** t******, unless she knew she would implicate herself further, why have they lied so much and got away with their lies.

    Somebody else is pulling the Mccanns strings they are merely a small part of something much bigger.

  18. Clarence Mitchell's words were made up, weren't they?
    The photos are a joke, his words too.

  19. Anon Feb 16, 9:59,
    A great piece of humor to mock the all situation. Some could feel, it is a bad taste. For me, it is the right taste, since the Mccann's were the ones who put themselves in a very mocking position while disrespecting and mocking the memory of their child. What else, can we retain from most of the statements delivered by Mitchell to the press, and from the multiple characters described by JT as the abductor.I

  20. The McCanns'power is based on money, a good PR and Carter Ruck.
    No polical power anylonger, since 2008.
    They went back to England and the files were shelved.That's it. After that, they had to survive all by themselves. But stupid like they are, they kept making noise about the case, giving interviews and insulting authorities around.
    They complained about the British police, they made enemies at all levels and a tsunami is about to happen. The Met are silent about what they are doing, they are working in secrecy, like the PJ did and are probably doing now.
    When,oh when will Tapas 7 come forward with the truth, when will they go to the police as witnesses and not as suspects? If it comes to the point of being made suspects, it will cost them a huge lot of money to defend themselves.
    Being wintnesses, it will cost them very little or nearly nothing although I think Murat's lawyer will pay them a visit.
    It is better to be a witness and to pay Murat afterwards than to pay a horrible amount for their defense and a horrible amount to Murat.
    Twice as expensive.
    The truth will come up anyway.

  21. Anon, 1.06 pm: are those Mitchell's words true? Where did he say that? I can't believe that!

  22. 12:33, depend on what you mean with "those Mitchell words true"

    In fact that was the only message he deliberately delivered to the public for almost 5 years: rubbish excuses with only one purpose: asking money. Money in all currencies and in all types. They don't even feel ashamed to accept the money a child receive as a birthday present or the few coins of a retired person.
    Everything was/is acceptable, if could enlarge their Fund account and pay the imbecil salaries of those people, who even a guy with a small brain is able to understand, THEY ARE USELESS FOR MADELEINE. Mitchell and the insultuous lawyers, are useless to loccate, to search or to find Madeleine. But they know well how to steel money from innocent people. Those are the real burglars on that story, not the fantasist burglars some people???? Said use to visit the flats of the OC, few nights before May 3.
    Spudgun had an intelligent and sharp view of the all saga. WELL DONE.

  23. Do Blog da MC " Palavras Escritas":

    Obrigada MC por divulgar a informacao.

    Eu vou comprar, assim que esteja disponivel o novo livro.

  24. Para o Anon de Feb 17, 2012 8:00:00 AM

    De nada..... claro que todos devemos divulgar a informação se ela é pública.

    Se vi foi porque o meu querido gato me acorda de madrugada e me faz vir para a net tão cedo.

    Eu vou comprar novamente assim que esteja disponível DE NOVO o livro.

    A nova verificação é para passarmos o tempo a tentar o comentário?

  25. Esqueci de avisar sobre o seguinte:

    Thirty-two years later, Australian officials hope to finally, definitively, determine how Azaria
    died when the Northern Territory coroner opens a fourth inquest on Friday (Feb. 24).

    O caso de Azaria Chamberlain mais o dingo na Austrália.

    O mérito de Vos dizer isto não vem de mim. Vi no twitter de Amigos/as.

    Bem..lá vou à verificação das palavras....... nem toda a gente é jovem...........

  26. o caso da Australia, e o da bebe que desapareceu de um acampamento, e em que a policia suspeitou inicialmente da mae ( sacrificio da crianca numa seita religiosa)? Esta foi a versao que correu na altura.
    Depois dos McCann voltarem para UK, a mae australiana foi um dos exemplos usados pelo casal para argumentar que a policia erra e condena inocentes. A Mae tinha sido condenada quando afinal a crianca tinha sido levada por um animal e tinha sido encontrada a sua roupa ensaguentada. E este o caso MC?
    Se e, entao a policia nao o encerrou e mais uma vez os McCann se precipitaram como no caso da Mariluz.
    Para mim, e um pouco estranho que um animal faca desaparecer o corpo de uma crianca e deixe ficar parte das suas roupas. Normalmente desaparece tudo, ate porque estes Ataques Podem ser iniciados por um so animal, mas depois aparecem outros e o corpo de um bebe e muito pequeno.


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