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Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal #4

If you missed: fictional hackings of fictional phone calls #1, #2 and #3.

Phone call #4

S: Hey, F, just calling back as promised…

F: Hey S! By the tone of your voice you sound worried

S: We got the family together, as I told you, and we talked about the time we spent there, and there’s something that might be of interest, but we’re not sure

F: What's that?

S: Well… you see, that night, you know that night Maddie was abducted, the one just before we left, we did pass by this fellow that was holding a girl in his arms… but we've talked it over between ourselves, and we don’t think it has any relationship to what you asked, I mean, to do with Maddie’s abduction

F: Why you say that?
S: Well, for starters, where we saw this guy…

F: Where was that?

S: Well, we were coming out of Kelly’s on the way back home, and on the road that goes from the top of the stairs to my house, you know the road, right?… That’s where we saw him… and we think that’s a bit far from the apartment to be walking around with a kidnapped girl in your arms, if you were walking around with one… it just doesn’t make sense, does it?

F: Well it depends… I mean, what if he was headed for the beach to put her on a boat? He could be headed that way, couldn’t he? Hey, I’m just playing the devil’s advocate here, ok?

S: Yeah… yes, you could say that… he was walking kind of in a hurry… but still…

F: Still what?

S: Well, the girl was asleep… and if he had just kidnapped the girl, she wouldn’t be sleeping would she? She would be screaming and crying, wouldn't she?...

F: I don’t know… once again, I mean, he could have knocked her out with some sort of chloroform or something like that, so she could be drugged instead of sleepingS: Well, the family seems to think that it was just some bloke taking his daughter home with him after having visited some friend… she fell asleep there, and he was just taking her home…

F: It could be… It could be just that, I agree… Did this guy seem to be one of the locals? Was it someone you’ve seen before?

S: No. He didn’t seem to be Portuguese. If he was Portuguese, he would have to have been a tourist or something like that... he didn't look local and no, I’d never laid my eyes on him before, no…

F: You just said that the girl seemed to be asleep, so you must’ve seen her real closedid she or didn’t she look like Maddie?

S: Well that’s exactly the only thing that the family feels might link the two things… the little girl was blonde. We didn’t get to look at her face, but even if we did, it would be difficult to be sure now, wouldn't it? With she asleep and all… or maybe even drugged as you suggest… In our opinion she was asleep because she was already in her pyjamas

F: Blonde and in pyjamas?!? Man, I think you definitely should go to the police at once! You just might just be the solution to all this!!!

S: But what if this bloke was just taking his kid home?

F: Well the Police are the best to know that, aren’t they? And if he was staying there it won’t take long for the Police to discover that, will they?

S: Sure… and he sure didn’t look local… And he wasn’t going to go very far, if he was staying in Luz, was he? If he was indeed taking the kid home, then he must have rented a place nearby, so it will be easy to track him down… I just don’t want to cause anyone any problems

F: Of course, of course, nobody here wants to cause any sort of problems to anyone else… but, you really have to go to the police!! If the guy was there for a reason, then the cops won’t bother him any, will they? But if he's as crucial as I think he is, then, you might just be the one that will be providing the cops the lead they need!!!

S: Yes, yes… I guess you’re right.


  1. S, used by F? When S realized they were being used? or he never realized until he delivered to the police the feelings regarding G going down the stairs with a child lying on the same position, and had his ears pulled?
    Amaral believes S is a key witness. He repeated that in many TV programs in Portugal. If the fictional story gets close to the reality, I believe by now, S is already tide to close his mouth or give a Typical Mitch excuse to dismiss everything he said before.

  2. S was the only one they didn't need to ask to lie. Just to say what he saw. He's asked to be genuine. I agree that it's because he wasn't asked that he took so long to come forward. Not as long as Fenn, but long enough to put the whole hoax in jeopardy. I think the key point with S is how uses his family. He's trying to help. I don't think S would ask his son or his daughter to go and lie to the Police. The fact that S is with his entire family proves to me that he's not involved in the swinging in May 2007, so he doesn't know what really is happening. Please continue, I'm anxious to see where this leads.

  3. According to some PDL posters who use to comment in Portuguese papers, G use to spend time in the Chaplins. At the end of his holidays, he must know which type of clients use to head that way at night and how was the traffic of the street. Tourists were the perfect witnesses they were looking for. Locals tend to know others and talk too much during the day life. Too danger for a player who wanted to be seen by few but not recognized by anybody.
    For somebody who use to be in the Chaplin, is very interesting that at some moment he asked where is the church, pretending he didn't know where was it? It is impossible to go to Chaplins without noticing the church. G, for some reason didn't wanted to be connected with Chaplins. Was it because like some posted, at the time, he was seen there on the early evening of May 3? I don't know, if what that posters claimed was true or not but I remember the reaction of a pro McCann who use to poster at the time, under the name Roger Uk. He use to defend the Mccann's with poor arguments, insulting the other posters. Clearly, he feels uncomfortable with some comments and in many comments he slips and appears to be somebody who was related or knows the religion and the Mccann's. He had a typical xenophobic taste against the Portuguese. Exactely the same attitude, the all saga had exposed from a certain side during this 4-5 years.

  4. MC tem o artigo da Nova gente ( sobre GA) disponivel no seu blog " palavras escritas". Obrigada MC, assim fica mais facil para quem vive fora de Portugal, aceder a esta informacao.
    E realmente comovente a tenacidade, a inteligencia e a verticalidade de GA na defesa dos valores em que acredita. Os McCann destruirem- lhe a vida mas nao destruiram o homem. Espero que ganhe as batalhas que ai vem e que o futuro se recomponha.
    A ministra da justica e os juizes que vao julgar o caso em Abril, deviam ler esta entrevista e por a Mao na consciencia. Um Estado que nao defende os direitos dos seus cidadaos e deixa ao abandono quem tudo fez para servir os valores desse mesmo Estado, nao merece que se saia a rua para eleger seja que politico for. Neste caso, falhou o governo que cedeu a compadrios e falhou a oposicao que comeu e calou. Agora sao governo e continuam a deixar a caravana passar sem Imporem regras ou moralizarem o caso. Ate ha um Marinho Pinto que vai testemunhar sabe- se la a que proposito e para dizer o que. Que se saiba, nao fazia parte do grupo, portanto tudo o que possa dizer, Serao meras conviccoes. Nao e o casal que se bate contra as conviccoes ( o pomposo nome que Atribuiram a tudo o que a policia Pensa ou encontrou)? Ai estas conviccoes que se usam de acordo com as conveniencias. Devem ser as mesmas que levaram ID a nao devolver os livros que nao lhes ppertencem.
    Acho que e tempo de iniciarmos uma Onda gigantesca de apoio monetario a GA. Os dados estao disponiveis no site PJga ou no blog da Joana Morais. Eu comprei os 3 livros de GA, mas reconheco que nao chega.

  5. Anon Feb 13, 2012 7:42:00 PM

    MC is made out of pure goodness. Her devotion to others, is more than commendable, it's simply to be deeply envied. I personally envy her with all my heart. I wish I could be like her, and the fact that she's exceptional and unique, makes me furious and angry with myself sometimes!
    Her dedication to GA and his family his nothing short of outstanding. This blog owes her much. It is to her, and people like her, that we write. thank you so for mentioning her and her efforts in helping GA.

  6. Textusa, if you give me permission, I would like to invite all your readers to have a look at Pat Brown blog and see what she posted there. Here is the link: ""

    Very interesting pictures showing how the flat looks like from a third floor flat located in a building on the other side of the street ( not belonging to the OC, I presume) and very difficult to be under control of any abductor. She also posted pictures showing the light on the street( more now then at the time but this doesn't affect her exercise).
    Almost the all post is very interesting but I choose that sentence which I believe has a lot of importance and follows what Textusa had spot on, long ago:

    " the only reason someone would remove a child from 5A would be of necessity. Then he would never take the route
    Jane Tanner claimed she saw the man carrying a child."
    He will choose the route that leads to the Smiths sight.

    Not happiness at the desk of ID.

  7. Well, new information is showing up on Pat Brown work. Look at that comment posted on the last post at her blog:

    " Anonymous said...
    I have seen images of what look like Martin Grime and one of his springer cadaver dogs at the Lisa Irwin home when they picked up cadaver, can you confirm it was him ."

  8. Anon Feb 13, 2012 8:25:00 PM, thank you so much for the link. The two pictures to which you refer, are of the utmost importance. Looking at them one can clearly see the need for Tanner to describe the abductor with the details with which she does, which I highlight the way the child is carried. she describes exactly what she sees, because somebody, from the building from which this picture is taken, and those next to it, could have seen the abductor. Please check the Phone Hacking post #1:

    F: You go and see what your friend J told the police what she saw, you know, clothes, general description of the man…

    G: That’s easy… she described me.

    F: What? She’s an idiot?!?

    G: No, no… she had to… from the apartment to M’s, somebody could have seen me, and things would have matched, right? Pity nobody did see me then, otherwise we wouldn’t be needing S right now would we? And I point out that now that we have S speaking also, hopefully soon, J's and S's description of the abductor do match, don't they?

  9. Who lived on that flats across the street? I believe, the police interview them and know what they saw, if they saw something. At the time of the events, everybody was at home. High chances to have spotted something.

  10. Pat Brown on Jillhavern Forum:

    "I could see the 5A window from INSIDE the apartment straight on. Other apartments had many other views of the window."

  11. The flats located on the other side of the street of the 5a, have balconies which potentiate even a better view of the 5a. Not only for May 3 but also for the other days/ nights. Somebody, one day/ night had spotted the activities going on with Tapas friends and perhaps some other guests and foreigner residents. Was it why Barra da Costa had no problems to come to the screen of RTP at the major news to defend the idea that there was Swing across the group? Later, he mended is words ( badly according to me) saying he just repeated information that had shown up in British blogs. I had always the impression that he got tide by the Mccann's and the big figures of their Fund. Scared. Interesting, the guy later become a MAC supporter but was never called as a witness. His name didn't figure as well as a Mccann's witness against Amaral. At the time he was defending the swing in the group, he was also very critical regarding the work of PJ, who according to him, must had put the Mccann's and their friends under surveillance since minute one, and made them all suspects to prevent them to have meetings and change their versions of the events.
    Why they don't call him as witness? Because they know, witnesses can't lie in court. If they lie, their status change from witness into arguidos. Too danger.

  12. Anon who posted at Feb 14, 2012 6:22:00 AM.

    We intend to do a post about the subject you mention. Please understand not publishing yet your comment. Thank you.

  13. Why is Joana Morais so quite? Not even updating her blog? I hope everything is OK, because like this blog, her contributions are always leading to the public to get more and correctly informed.

  14. I agree with poster who said two persons don't lied about their sights. They described exactely what they saw, with a parentesis to Jane Tanner who lied regarding the direction taken by the man she saw. He headed to the dark street that goes to the Smiths sight and not to Murats house. She, her husband, her daughter and G and K were the master players on that night.
    But like always, JT failed the small details. Under the circumstances of the street, was impossible for her to have spotted the color and the patten of the pyjama, without spotting important traces on the abductor face/body. She can't have it both ways.

  15. I can imagine what will be the updating of Kates book. Under the impossibility of an abductor to have targeted the 5A and leave it unnoticed, Kate was left without any other solution then having Madeleine wondering off by herself and being snatched from the street.
    She will twist again her previous statements to fit Pat Brown work. Will be like that 'Madeleine'(the book) a la carte.

  16. Anon : Feb 14, 2012 9:25:00 AM

    I think she is busy and also talking to Pat Brown ; )

  17. I'm waiting for the transcript of T9 and CM's hacked phone calls.
    As G said they were NOT hacked despite their story being the story of the century then they could ve very enlightening.

  18. Pat brown on twitter:

    ProfilerPatB PAT BROWN
    New blog will be up tomorrow. Lots of fascinating things...both "sides" may be surprised with some of my findings. #McCann
    about 2 hours ago

  19. By accident, in the hurry of wanting to publish it, I press the delete button on the following comment:

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal #4":

    HI Textusa
    I'm a new reader. Just want to say this blog is what I have been looking for since 2007. I'm just a girl from rural Midlands and feel a little proud that I also, by myself, reached the conclusion that GM carried a girls down the streets wishing to be observed.
    Sifting through your site post by post. Thank you so much. Whoever you are, I have fallen in love with your mind..

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at 18 Jan 2014 16:47:00 "

    It's comments like this that make all worthwhile. Thank you!

  20. Why was GM not there to enjoy himself?
    Why was Philip Edmonds there and left suddenly?

    1. Anonymous 31 May 2014, 01:37:00,

      We think Gerry saying he was not there to enjoy himself was because the McCanns were, in our opinion, being initiated in an exclusive circle of trust and so had to cause a good impression.

      There's no proof Edmonds left early or suddenly.

  21. Textusa im working through your blogs i have always thought that the S you mention was martin the father but reading it again i thinking it could be Peter the son. If thats the case it puts a different prespective on it for me. Can you confirm just for my research if you think the call was made to martin or peter

    1. Anonymous 17 Jul 2015, 20:54:00,

      We would say that within the Smiths it would most likely be Martin as the head of the family and the owner of apartment in Luz, so the acquaintance.

    2. Thanks for this textusa.Textusa I'm a bit stuck on why both Jane tanner and Martin Smith both said that the stroller did not look like a tourist and would welcome your thoughts if you have any. I think after Mrs Smith said "Oh is she asleep" and got no reply she would have been slightly embarrassed. We usually cover this embarrassment with additional conversation and I think she probably said something to her husband like " I don't think he is a tourist" which is what put it in Mr Smiths mind. Remember he said he couldn't explain why he thought it, perhaps he couldn't even remember her saying it. The stroller I think may have heard this and conveyed it to tanner.


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