Saturday, 11 February 2012

Colouring Hats With A Crayon

Today I want you, if you'll pamper me, to do a pre-school activity: colouring.

Please go and find yourself a black crayon. The blackest, pitch black crayon you can find. Got it? Good.

I’ll tell you in a minute what I want you to colour.

Or rather, I want you to choose between two apparently identical objects, which one to colour.

Let’s do then the exercise.

I was alerted to something interesting. To an episode as similar as to what happened with Sidmouth back in day.

If you don’t remember, this character, Sidmouth, admitted, as we showed in our Textusa Meltdown post, that he had been at Tapas during the time Maddie disappeared.

He vanished from the internet very soon after that. Inexplicably… or then, maybe not.

The Textusa Meltdown post was also able to produce, besides making disappear the said character, another very interesting effect on the BHs. They momentarily forgot to remember what they were supposed to believe about Mrs Fenn, as we showed in our Black Shoelaces post.

Strangely enough, today’s post, revolves around Mrs Fenn, as well as the unpublished PJ Files, and how, unexpectedly, dots do connect to each other and how the world is a small place after all, indeed.

Let’s start by the timelines of the events in question, and this story begins Mon 26 Dec - 13:01, when our friend loopdaloop decides to start a thread on MMF.

Loopdaloop calls the thread “Whats the story/conspiracy with Mrs Fenn?”

This is his/her opening comment:

I followed a link to textusa and ended up on the following page
and there appears to be some conspiracy with regards to Mrs Fenn, but I don't understand why?
What is the motivation to denigrate a random witness and why is she apparently key?

I won’t repeat myself about what I think to be the colour of the hat worn by someone who asks “What is the motivation to denigrate a random witness", when referring to Mrs Fenn, but I can tell it’s none of those in a rainbow. For a rainbow to appear, you need light, not darkness.

But loopdaloop is not the central figure of this post. We’re just referring to him/her because, s/he just happens to cross our path again this time… and it was him/her that did start this thread.

The thread then follows its course and basically dies down on Dec 29th, with a comment from Panda at 15:40, and I’ll abstain to comment ithe content of the thread until then, with the exception of this particular "last" comment and only to say it was about the use of the cell phones by both Kate and Gerry.

On Jan 9th, this year, we published the post “No More Doubts” where we stated why we think that the SY Review was nothing but another whitewashing maneuver executed by the system, and which, in our opinion only shames an institution supposedly full of prestige.

One of the commentators of that particular post was loopdaloop. That was our first contact with the indivual, at least with this identity.

His/her comment deserved on our part a follow-up post called “To Follow or Not To Follow” on Jan 12th. Loopdaloop seemed to thinks that SY Review is genuine, we didn't, and don't, and explained why, but then again loopdaloop also thinks Mrs Fenn is a “a random witness” , we don’t, and have repeatedly explained why.

You do the math, and reach a conclusion about the colour of the hat on this individual’s head.

Then, on Jan 23rd, we published our “Debunking Urban Myths: The Unpublished PJ Files”.

This post merited publication in the MMF, on that same day. This was done by Annabel, a mod at that the forum, and she chose to do that it the thread initiated by loopdaloop. And her comment, inserting the post in the thread, was pretty simple and straightforward:

Later, it was edited, whereby Annabel having chosen some excerpts from the post, placed them in the comment. This was done, as per said in the thread, “Last edited by Annabel on Tue 24 Jan - 8:14; edited 1 time in total”

But before Annabel’s editing, that’s where things start to get interesting.

Let’s start with Panda’s, a very active poster at MMF, first reply to Annabel’s comment/post. It was “on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 10:28”, after the initial publication, but before the editing.

So only the link was visible when Panda wrote the following:

Thanks Annabel.....
The lady I travelled to Gatwickwith, living in Faro who turned out to be a friend of Mrs Fenn friend said, the Ocean Staff had called
out the McCanns from the Tapas Bar more than once because of children crying in 5a, so Gerry's "it felt like dining in your garden " was rubbish.”
Now, ask you, what in the heck has this to do with the “Unpublished PJ Files”? If you won’t, let me tell you that I did.

Could it be a follow up of her latest comment made on Dec 29th? It doesn’t appear to be the case, because, as said, that one had been about phone usage.

She thanks Annabel… for what? The post does mention Mrs Fenn, but isn’t at all about her. I used her to prove a point, that’s all.

My first reaction was to think she was diverting attention. If that was the intention, then the result would surely be fruitless, because, others do comment about the “Unpublished PJ Files”, with the usual certainty of those that are absolutely sure of what they say. Who can contradict the irrefutable “everyone knows”? No one, of course. As for me, an individual part of that great “everyone”, I got, from then on, to know something new, something I didn’t know before but was then informed that I did. Most grateful.

So what does Panda thank Annabel for? For linking a post about Mrs Fenn. That’s it. I know, speaking about Mrs Fenn on a post about unpublished PJ Files, is almost as appropriate as speaking about the grooves of the left front tire of a bus, when the issue is whether hybrid cars are the future or not… the connection is not that obvious, but it’s there if you really want to see it…

But this comment was only the first interesting part of very interesting participations. Do read on how this issue develops:

Christine on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 10:36
Panda wrote:Thanks Annabel.....The lady I travelled to Gatwickwith, living in Faro who turned out to be a friend of Mrs Fenn friend said, the Ocean Staff had called
out the McCanns from the Tapas Bar more than once because of children crying in 5a, so Gerry's "it felt like dining in your garden " was rubbish.

That may be the reason why Mrs Fenns friend (forgot her name) said 'I'm not surprised' when Mrs Fenn called her the evening of the crying incident. I never understood that reaction.

ann_chovey on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 11:15
Christine wrote:
Panda wrote:Thanks Annabel.....The lady I travelled to Gatwickwith, living in Faro who turned out to be a friend of Mrs Fenn friend said, the Ocean Staff had called
out the McCanns from the Tapas Bar more than once because of children crying in 5a, so Gerry's "it felt like dining in your garden " was rubbish.
That may be the reason why Mrs Fenns friend (forgot her name) said 'I'm not surprised' when Mrs Fenn called her the evening of the crying incident. I never understood that reaction.
Edna Glynn I think is her name. The 'I'm not surprised' comment was always a red flag to me. (i.e. the crying was nothing new)

Panda on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 11:22
Christine wrote:
Panda wrote:Thanks Annabel.....The lady I travelled to Gatwickwith, living in Faro who turned out to be a friend of Mrs Fenn friend said, the Ocean Staff had called
out the McCanns from the Tapas Bar more than once because of children crying in 5a, so Gerry's "it felt like dining in your garden " was rubbish.
That may be the reason why Mrs Fenns friend (forgot her name) said 'I'm not surprised' when Mrs Fenn called her the evening of the crying incident. I never understood that reaction.

Morning Christine...yes, quite a coincidence that I should be sitting next to her on a coach travelling to Gatwick. This Lady also said the Portugese believed Madeleine was dead and her body thown from nearby cliffs into the sae, weighted down.
Well, did you see what we saw?

We’re before a firsthand report.

No, not hearsay. This is, very much like with Sidmouth, the person who was indeed there is now speaking directly to you. Panda is telling you what she heard directly from Edna Glyn’s mouth.

She says that, by coincidence, she flew next to Edna Glyn. Coincidences are one thing that our blog agrees with Kate McCann, but, hey, who are we to deny this one happened?

It’s apparent then that Edna Glyn confirms, to Panda, a total stranger, that she’s the person that Mrs Fenn called on the night this elderly lady supposedly heard a child cry.

What is not apparent, but apparently real is that Panda heard indeed Edna say:

“The Ocean Staff had called out the McCanns from the Tapas Bar more than once because of children crying in 5a, so Gerry's "it felt like dining in your garden " was rubbish.”

And the following:

“The Portuguese believed Madeleine was dead and her body thrown from nearby cliffs into the sea, weighted down”.

There you have it, in black and white. Directly from Panda’s hand, from Edna Glyn’s mouth.

And talking about these two colours, do you still have your crayon with you?

You see, you’re before two White Hats, aren't we? Mine's, and Panda’s.

One of them can’t be White, can it?

You see, I clearly state that Mrs Fenn is a liar, and that is clearly on the opposing side of what Panda states, in the first person, that she’s met and spoke to a person that confirms all Mrs Fenn has said, and says more, a lot more, all reiterating what Mrs Fenn had said she said.
So either, I’m the one lying by consciously and intentionally falsely accusing Mrs Fenn of having heard nothing she said she did hear, or it’s Panda that is lying by saying that she heard, in first hand, I repeat and highlight, a person confirming all that Mrs Fenn said.

It all comes down to this:

- if you believe in Mrs Fenn, colour my hat,
- if you don’t believe in Mrs Fenn, colour Panda’s

That simple. The choice is yours. Only yours.

I know I’m at a disadvantage. After all, Panda has heard it all directly from the source, whilst I have come up with my opinion based solely on deduction from fact. But I’ll take my chances.

No, dark grey is not black. It has to be a real black, pitch black, yes.

Later in the post, Panda still has this to say about what Edna Glyn told her:

“Hi jd16, apparently the OC reception were called by Residents reporting the crying, the lady did not specify how often. We do know from an OC Barman that the Tapas Group stayed drinking at the Bar until 11.45pm one night and he was supposed to finish his shift at 11.30pm.”
Finally, SY, now that the PJ has been officially “suspended” off the case and you’re the ones on “active duty” now, how about calling in Edna Glyn for a talk?

She seems to have a lot of relevant things to say. At least we know someone who says she does.


  1. Maybe nothing to do with that posts but a poster on Jillharven Forum posted a link to Johanna blog and I went there to read it. Is about Mrs Fenn and a theory johannas defend to be her theory to explain what happened. there she goes with the crying epysode, defending mrs Fenn statement and Madeleine death with her body hide by the Mccann's somewhere. No stranges on the case. No abductor. The all saga being a Tapas 9 story. Clearly removing from the story any participation in the cover up,
    of any of the guests or the local residents.
    I always had the impression that Johanna posts in many blogs, are not innocent. She wants to pass a message and she has a special interest to appear as a Joana Morais supporter. Maybe because she Knows JM is close to GA and that is the person the BH want to fool.
    I could be wrong, but I read her posts with a pinch of salt. At least, in something we agree, the girl is dead, the abduction is a fake story.
    there is more witnesses with interest to the invrstigation then the ones who surrounded PJ around May 4 and on the subsequent weeks/months.

  2. Anon 9:18 It's clear that this Panda plays for the same team as Johanna. Anything that is against the T9 and the T9 alone she understands quickly, but finds it very hard to understand the content of Textusa's posts. Coincidences.

  3. You've got it all wrong Textusa. There's a reasonable explanation for all this. This BH woman knowing that Panda was an active WH poster, booked her seat right next to her, and by IMPERSONATING Edna Glyn, fed her all this clutter, knowing it would quickly be spread all over WH skies! Panda is innocent, she was just used!
    I bet you didn't think about that did you?
    Before I get my toosh kicked, yes, I'm being sarcastic...

  4. A classic example of people should think before they speak.
    Unfortunately this kind of Panda is not under the risk of extinction. Once exposed, they metamorphose into another identity. I think they are much less than they make us believe they are.

  5. Just to clarify matters, I did not say I sat next to Mrs Fenns friend,
    I said I sat next to a Lady who was a friend of Mrs Fenn.

  6. Oh, come on Panda @ 1:21, where did we got a lot of that:
    . "a person close to the investigation"
    . " an unnamed source"
    . " a person close to the parents"
    . "a relative or a person close to the family".

    Never a name, never somebody with a face and an identity to assume such serious claims.

    Now, regarding mrs Fenn, we have new type of characters:
    . Her niece. At least this has a name and didn't appear to be fictional (but her words look very fictional for me).

    . A friend of a friend of Mrs Fenn.
    Interesting, why all that people didn't got courage( including yourself) to call PJ and GA and tell them what you know. I believe, by seating next such person for more then 5 minutes, that person introduced his/her name and adress to you ( that is normally how all conversations start). If she/ delivered that information to a strange, I think the person don't mind to deliver it to the right place- the police in charged of the official investigation.

    I would like to introduce to your consideration just an information that I read at the beginning of the case, in many sites of the Portuguese newspapers. The information was delivered there by people living in PDL, when papers were not controlled by lift consulting, Mitchell or lawyers( then, I tend to see that information as something close to the truth). Those people were connecting Gerry and the Mccann's with Chaplin, not with Tapas. The Chaplin is where they use to spend time. The Chaplin is where Quiz nights use to happen. If they spend the nights in the Chaplin, off course they cannot have been in the Tapas. Then the crying episode with the OC workers having to call the Mccann's several time, could be just an invention. From who, and why, is something with a lot of interest to the police. The crying episode bring mrs. Fenn to the center of the cover up and regarding that, she became an important witness, deliberated or innocently, to solve/ understand the case.
    If the OC workers called the Mccann's at the Tapas to rescue their child's from an annoying crying, I believe at least one of them will had deliver such important information to the police. In the available PJ files, there is many statements from workers, none reported what mrs. Fenn claims. Were all def? Don't tell me, they could be inside the files kept under secrecy.
    On top of that, we should add the McCann's statements. None of the Mccann's or the Tapas 7 mentioned they were called by the OC workers to rescue their child's. And for the short week, the Mccann's said they went one day to Sagres. To go to Sagres and come back, they need at least one afternoon. With all the imprevisible traffic and the tight booking for a dinner in the Tapas, I believe that night, they were also out of the Tapas. There is a lake of days/nights to fit so much activities. The same problem we found on their schedule to control the kids on 3th night. There is a lake of hours/ minutes to fit so many people going in and out of the 5a and the street. What's happen when you clear see an exaggeration on the activities? A LIE. A HUGE LIE. That lie didn't help the police to search
    Maddie. Was not the police who had the most expensive investigation in the history of the country, who don't want the girl to be found. Adding 2+2 always = 4. Unless you viciated the exercise. SY don't need millions of pounds and several brains to do a simple exercise. That's why their review is so fake as the abduction and the stories surrounding it.

  7. Pandas are black AND white! Nice choice when you intend to play on both sides...
    Bus woman was a friend of Mrs Fenn's friend Edna, not Edna herself. So she still got to sit next to someone who knew Mrs Fenn and was prepared to discuss what was said third hand. And since when is third hand information credible for any discussion? The fact that is third hand conversation goes unnoticed. Panda, saying the same thing just the other way around was the one that made us go back and read again what she was trying to say in her comment.
    Panda should have discussed her response with the BH team first and got her story straight. That's the problem with lying- it evolves, gets more complex and difficut to remember and it's also got to fit in with other lies you don't know about until later.

  8. Pat Brown with GA in Lisbon. The picture was posted at Mccannfiles.
    Worries, many worries inside the BHs land.

  9. If the police had buyed the Abduction theory, Mrs. Fenn glorious momentum never had a reason to happen. When the Mccann's and the Tapas 7 delivered their statements to the police, they don't know and were not sure about what PJ bites from their biscuits.
    When, they realized the police was not believing their story, they had an imperative need of a witness to state something that could bake the kids alone and ready to be "eaten by a predator". A old lady with a good memory was the great choice. The lady, who said nothing on the moment and the days immediately after the girl went missing, had a touching conscience and a great memory, months after. She even remembered to went out of her flat around 6pm and come back close to the time the alarm was raised. What a premonition....

  10. Does anyone know the relationship between Mr Amaral and Mr Rebelo.
    And whilst we have images of Pat Brown together with Mr Amaral, for some reason I think it would be highly unlikely to see images of Pat Brown and Mr Rebelo.

    Why would that be?

  11. Textusa, how dare you snoop on MM copy lots of posts single me out for
    dissection and be wrong without a word of apology,!!!!

    You really are a vicious person and
    I would say I feel sorry for you but I don't. You must be very sad to stoop to the kind of blogging you do.

  12. Panda,

    You obviously read this blog. Reading other blogs isn't snooping. You feels it's ok to question Textusa's conclusions on MMF, yet expect no comeback.

  13. Panda,
    Wasn't interesting that you react against Textusa but you don't questioned the veracity of the words of that friend of a friend of Mrs Fenn?? Even after all the information already dissected?
    Textusa spot on and this is disturbing in some quadrants. Yes?...

  14. He, he...

    "Jornalistas do The Sun presos por tentativa de suborno"...

    ...a policia e nao so, noticia o DN.

    Nao e de admirar no pasquim que gastou milhares de libras e tempo a divulgar extractos do livro das mentiras.

  15. Panda, Feb 11, 2012 1:21:00 PM

    ...and I did not say that I coloured the hat in BLACK AND WHITE, I said I coloured the hat in WHITE AND BLACK!

    Not at all the same, huh?!

  16. In my opinion, Mr. Rebelo was appointed to replace Mr. Amaral to be nothing more than the "clean-up guy". His investigative performance(s) were a mere show-off, the proverbial "para inglês ver" (for the english eyes, for the english to see), a portuguese expression used when someone does or says something just for show, to fool others.
    Just my feelings...

  17. As I can see, you're not singled out Panda. You've been placed in the same pot as loodaloop. And both aren't the first to be exposed here. And people still wonder why Textusa is almost never mentioned? She flies like a butterfly, stings like a bee.
    Understand your frustration. It does take a lot of work to build up a character, and a popular one even more. Never to be forgotten, a Nation was hurt in its pride, its people deserve to have it rightfully repaired.

  18. Kate pile of lies is going to have an up-date (information at Mccannfiles).

    Is it un up-date or a new version? Since when a case that didn't changed a single step needs un up-date? Which part of her fairy tale is she going to change?

    Now, no keys, no windows. The predator with the girl had a flight trough the roof.

    That are good news.... the old version was'nt a bestseller at all. They need to ignate the pockets of Pros and BHs and make them spend some Pounds to read the lies she intend to deliver now.
    I see the old version stored on the shelves of the bookstores that decide to waste money and annoy the big majority of their clients, by selling that piece of poor and questionnable literature. Spider webs were groing on them, if the store had no people to clean up the dust. Almost everytime I went to that bookstores and pass near the shelve where the pieces are, I heard people swearing this and that. Not a good picture for Kate, who decide to sell her version (pocket in) instead of reopen the case and do the reconstruction. The cherry on top of the cake, when the bookstore is Virgin Megastores. That makes my day.

    Who is going to serialize the version now? The Sun, which activities are under scurtinny of the police or a substitute that is emerging with freelancers ready to be payed by the money from the Fund. Sorry... from the book.

  19. The updated book is to be launched for the 5th anniversary of Maddie's disappearance so obviously no plans to 'find' her before then.

    More lies that it was a #1 best seller as an excuse to explain the Mcs having enough money to sue everyone who exposes them.

    The divide between BHs and WHs is getting wider. The BHs employed to support the Mcs at ground level are finding it hard going and the numbers seem to be falling. Their reasoning, if it can be called that is not sustainable, they are running out of steam.

  20. From the news about Kate M. new book (in the Scottish Sunday Express and McCannFiles):

    "It is thought the new book, set to be published in the spring, will include details about the Scotland Yard review of her daughter's kidnapping."

    What??? Does this mean that the McCanns are being given details about the review??? And, if the book is to be published in the Spring WITH details of the review, this means the review will be finished soon...have the McCanns been told the date the review will be finished??? It sure seems like it, all scheduled/planned ahead.
    What the f**k is going on?

  21. The review is looking more like a desperate attempt to find a workable solution to an unsolvable problem. SY know the result they want and need seemigly credible information to arrive at it.

    No wonder Kate can include the review in her updated script, she already knows the outcome. It's already veing called an abduction and a kidnapping.

    If SY results come to any conclusions other than death in the apartment then they will look like fools.

    Maybe the new end to the updated book written in colaboration with SY WILL be death in the apartment and the abductor took Maddie away?

    Authors often have more than one ending prepared before publishing and we may see evidnce of K's choices when BH test the public perception on their blogs.

  22. Maybe K is updating her book to include their phones being hacked like we all know they were.

    All the newspapers said the Maddie story was the biggest in years so hacking their phones would be a given despite G lying at the Inquiry.

    I predict when they have to finally admit to being hacked the Mcs will say they knew they could be hacked so were giving false information in their calls.

    The editors and reporters appearing as witnesses giving insincere apolgies at the inquiry have obviously had a stern warning not to reveal what they know. The prominent apology is given out as a warning to others to show they have been gagged.

  23. Panda, I fail to understand your indignation and demand for apologies.
    Textusa says, if you believe in Fenn, then Textusa is a BH. If you don’t believe in Fenn, then, according to Textusa, you’re a BH. You seem to believe in Fenn so go ahead and colour Textusa’s hat. Textusa’s position on Fenn is public and known. And has also said she respect sincere believers of negligence, a theory based on Fenn.
    If I was you, a sincere believer in Fenn, I would just say “I believe in Fenn, and the lady I spoke with confirms my beliefs. I respect your opinion, please respect mine”.
    But no, you became indignant, when there was nothing to be indignant about. If Textusa is wrong like you say she is, then why care so much about her opinion? Why should she apologise for having a different opinion than yours? Your reaction to the post is says more about you than the post.

  24. In the spring of 2050, Kate with almost 90 years old, publishing her 52 vesion of an uuupdatttting 'Madeleine'. If she didn't commit suicide before.

    SY will still working on the review with XXXX00000000000000 trillions of Pounds wasted in an exercise that never ends.

    At least we know, she is sure that until April 2012, the girl will be not found. And SY knows it as well, to let the Circus go on.

  25. "Madeleine McCann detective made £300k from book about tragedy Daily Record"- @ Mccannfiles

    Et voila one of the new tabloids to replace the Sun and the NOTW. Did that piece of shxxx belongs also to Murdoch?

    Here they go, the Mccann's with their peculiar search of their daughter( using poor papers to persecute the police who really searched the girl).
    They are complaining about the money GA
    made with his book( I believe the figure is much less) but what about the money raised by the Fund, based on lies and on fooling people?
    the 'sources close to the family' said it all about WH0 is behind that campaign and WHY. The Mccann's showing a lot of fear regarding the trials that are on the way. Instead of going to court and answer the questions of the judges they choose the media to try to manipulate the public, the judges and the all court. They are trying to intimidate GA and see if he gives up.
    the best part of that paper wasting is the part they claimed Amaral persponed the trial because he changed his legal team. Interesting the portuguese papers ( more accountable), said last week , the Mccann's persponed the trial because they want to add more witnesses. ID, was reported to be the source of that information and she didn't react against the papers.
    The way the mccann's are insulting the British citizens is really a shame.All that has only one destiny- the british readers, because the rest of the world has serious papers telling them the truth.
    Cameron deserves that piece of shxxx tomorrow for his breakfast with an empty letter signed by all british citizens( except the Tapas 9). I believe, even some of the Mccann's family are already fedup of that group of liars. they know the girl is dead and were prevented to dignify her with a flower bouquet.

  26. This just goes to show how many people actually read this blog, well done Textusa, now if SY pay as much attention to detail as this blog does, this case will soon be sorted, and will finally see the mccanns in court.

  27. I agree. For four and a half years the story didn't change a bit,the McCanns did not get any reply from their government, and Kate is already updating her book. She made already an account of the whole truth,according to herself, what more will she write?
    Nothing about the Met's revision. They keep it secret.
    My theory: in England,a book writer receives 10% of each book he sells, in America 8%. The McCanns need more money because they will be in financial trouble very soon. People stopped pouring money on them and they have to save themselves.That is the reason of the second book.If they get arrested and if people sue them for the fraudulent fund, if the Ocean Club, Amaral, Pat Brown, Bennett, the Express sue them, they are lost. That is why the second book is coming. Again 10%, oh God!

  28. I hope GA make a compilation of all that defamatory articles and bring them to court, next April. The judges must call the editors of that papers and the journalists who wrote this articles to explain the sources of so much misinformation and what was going on behind scenes to lead a paper to publish so many lies. That is not football match Portugal V England. There is a man, who somebody wants to destroy. Why? He stops talking about the Mccann's long ago. Why they are so worried. What can he be holding that scares the couple so much? The Truth. The proves showing how fake was the abduction.
    The court don't need a body to prove the abduction under the described circumstances was impossible. If the abduction was impossible, anything raised having that assumption at the base needs to be investigated. The Fund, the sights, the interviews, the articles on the papers, etc..that means, the Mccann's back on the stage as the main suspects of what happened to their daughter.
    Wasn't amazing that the article published by the Daily Record was not signed? Typical.... The editor doing a favor to the couple who benefit with message. This articles follow the traditional sights and sources of everything that help the Mccann's bake their stories- all unnamed.

  29. I also read that article in the Mail it looks like the mccanns are afraid of the forthcoming court case, they try to crush Amaral because he is a threat to their abductor fairytale, but Pat Brown has been seen in Lisbon with Amaral that must worry the Mccanns, they have been silent for so long now they try and rubbish Amaral once again, why do they need his money for their 'searching fund' they already have SY searching at a great cost to the tax payer.

    The Mccanns and their team are disgusting they represent greed from all angles, never once did they search for their daughter or cooperate with the authorities, instead they made a pact of silence with their friends because they all kept contradicting each other. What a sick joke this has become.

  30. Somebody in Jillharvenforum posted that Pat Brown have been in PDL doing the reconstruction last Saturday and she will publish the results on her Blog, soon.
    I can imagine how busy is the traffic in some lines. Many antennas are being activated looking for a way to stop what looks like the beginning of Mccann's end.
    There is situations that even top lawyers with despicable methods can't control. Specially when the lies, the hypocrisy and the absence of any shame, was taken so far for so long. Unless Pat Brown become a deception for her readers/supporters and reveal herself to be an agent working for the Mccann's to fool the judges and the all judicial system, the Mccann's are tide by the neck.
    Where is Mitchell, who use to jump to the front line every time a smoke appears in the sky? Where are his rubbish statements, which always ignite many jokes and bad comments in the Internet? The guy is going quite. Perhaps regretting the day he choose his bank account instead of respecting the memory and the dignity of a fragile little girl. Some money has a price. The money he earned on this case, has a price. Not different then the blood diamonds the all world so strongly condemn.

  31. There was an agreement among all of the Tapas 7 and the Express concern, Express payed them a huge amount of money and they gave it to the fund.
    Bad idea, bad idea. Now they could be at risk of being processed for perjury and for being an obstakel to the police and they will need money to pay their sollicitors.This is going to cost them a lot of money.If it is true a writer gets only 10% for each book he writes, this is bad news for the McCanns.Too little money for the McCanns, they are used to millions.This 10% is their income and I ask if they have to pay income taxes on this 10%. If they have to, they can better emigrate to Antartica.

  32.   candyfloss Yesterday at 10:06 pm

    Tweet from Pat......

    ProfilerPatBPAT BROWN

    Arrived in Praia da Luz on Saturday. Busy, busy with the crime reconstruction. First results will be posted on my blog tomorrow.

    Source: candifloss at Jillhavern

  33. It doesn't matter who call to OC informing a child was crying. What does really matter here is that there are enough data to prove children were left alone unattended during the evenings - against your theory of non-neglecting at all.

    You have to take care with your tapered view about this case, you're becoming cluttered too.

    Truth is simple. There was an accident, she become hurt and probably die from this serious injury. Against your theory - she was medicated.That's the only reason why an autopsy could not be done. Toxicology tests will show it. You'll see.

    It's not too late to find the body and prove what has really happened to the little girl. I'm almost 100% she never left PdL.

    They had no cooperation from other guest beside their own group (maybe an outsider later... I'm guessing here...), and ocean club is clean (that does not mean that staff are pretty stupid and did found the situation odd enough but they didn't had the will to dig further. And was not their job. It is a police task.

    Remember truth is simple. An old lady has no interest to lie about a little girl that was missing. She would be very worried about it don't you think?

    Let's be part of the solution shall we? There is enough smoke in all of this, don't you agree?

  34. Anon Feb 13, 2012 9:51:00 AM

    Nice try. Let's wait and see what our readers have to say, shall we?

  35. Anon Feb 13, 2012 9:51:00 AM, wrote:

    "What does really matter here is that there are enough data to prove children were left alone unattended during the evenings"

    I do not believe the "neglect", I agree with Textusa & Sisters, the "neglect" (in the form of leaving the children alone, unnatended for long periods of time) was ESSENTIAL to support the "abduction by a stranger" strategy concocted to fool the portuguese police and the world! However, now, and in view of the "enough data" (enough? ah, ah, by the truck-load, I would say),oh how I wish that the portuguese police and the portuguese public prossecutor would have used it to bring the whole group to justice! How I wish they were all charged with abandonment and neglect of their children, they admitted it, they sort of "boasted" about it, if they could not be charged with anything else, let's get them with the neglect thing, at least justice would have been served in some way! I bet many in the PJ now feel the same way I do...

    Foot-note: - another thing has been in my mind about the "neglect" and the way they all readily admitted they were all leaving the children alone in the apartments...intentionaly leaving the children unnatended, some even in unlocked facilities, for long periods of time was/is punishable by law, both in the UK and Portugal, specially when the children come to harm in result of being left unnatended. I believe the legal consequences are even more heavy in the UK than Portugal, british social services could have taken all the children away from the parents, and yet...they all CHOSE to admit they were leaving their children alone! It makes me feel they all had been assured by "someone" that they would suffer no consequences for it. Were they given the "green light" to go ahead and confess neglecting the children, with no fear of trouble because it all would be taken care of, "someone" would arrange mathers and make sure theat neither the portuguese public prosecutor, nor the british social services would ever charge them for it...?
    I feel they would never had taken that risk unless they had been previously reassured that they would never face any charges.

  36. During Paulo Rebelo's investigation (after Mr. Amaral was removed and replaced by him)there were news in some portuguese papers that the investigation believed that the children had been left all together in one of the apartments (with someone minding them, probably), not, as the parents claimed, each couple leaving their children in their respective apartments. If there is any truth to this or not...but considering that NONE of Madeleine's DNA was found in apartm. 5A, it seems that she passed very little time there, if any...

  37. A thousand apologies for it, I know it is 100% off-topic, but I found it so interesting:


  39. 9;44 great comment - I could never understand why the Tapas group gave away all that money to the fund, unless of course they knew they were not entitled to it. They should be charged with perjury, they have all lied. The mccanns were desperate for money hence Kates fairystory, but all that book has done has proved what a liar Kate Mccann really is and also how unstable she is.

    Pat Brown and Goncalo Amaral are a real threat to the Mccanns hence their story in the media yesterday about Amaral they are afraid. SY are involved Mccanns never expected that, we have all had a enough of their lies and deceit they are making a mockery of our justice system with their expensive lawyers attempting to protect their tarnished reputations.

  40. Anon 9:51 (or should I say Advocatus?) "An old lady has no interest to lie about a little girl that was missing."
    Who says she didn't have an interest? Because she was old? Does evilness fade away with age? After what age is one unable to lie?
    "She would be very worried about it don't you think?"
    Why would she? Who says she was? In her lie she hears the child cry for over an hour, and all she does is call a friend. That doesn't seem much of a worry, does it?
    She "doesn't have interest" and "she's worried" because you need for people to believe that because without Fenn sauing the truth you end up with two inconvenient things: you have no negligence, and you have someone other than the T9 lying about Maddie.
    About your worry with smoke... it's a worry as similar as Fenns, it doesn't exist. You moan about the heat while thrwing wood into the fire...
    Textusa must really have you people worried.

  41. IMO There was no neglect. The neglect enabled the abudctor story to flourish.
    Neglect = Abductor
    No Neglect = No abductor.

  42. I think the children were all left together in one room each night with the one baby monitor supplied by the Paynes.
    There was probably a rota for looking after the baby monitor between the couples.
    The couples went off and did whatever swinging activities they were involved in, no babysitters were booked as their 'adult activities' could have lasted until the next morning !!

  43. The old negelect issue again.

    Maybe the PJ didn't want to use that as an excuse the prosecute them for two reasons.

    1 It didn't happen
    2 They wanted to wait prosecute for the real crime.hence their statement they were a little hasty making Mcs arguios.

    As for the crying Mrs F was supposed to hear. Maybe children crying did happen, it could have been any child on any night or it could have been one of the group of children being babysat together in one apartment.

    Mrs F phoned a friend because she was irritated by noisy kids but there was nothing she or OC staff could do about it as the children were supervised by a babysitter?


    It just didn't happen.

  44. Well, a very interesting post anon 13, 9:51. You can find it incredible but your post is one more prove that Textusa is on the right track. Fears, now that almost all excuses gave by the couple and who protected them were dismantled and deep analyzed and a USA top profiler is in the terrain checking in locus and talking to people who saw things in first hand. Pat Brown knows more today then when she wrote her book or when she arrived to Portugal.
    For any reason, the Portuguese media is carefully staying away from what is going on. Caution. The Portuguese journalists know, the versions told by the Mccann's are very questionable. Some wrote long ago, when the case was in hot news and everything could be checked " a story very badly told". Any attentive reader can understand what they mean. No surprise, who live the moment in a parallel way, is getting nervous and trying to reduce the group involved, to the Mccann's, their friends and according to your words, an outsider Tapas 10.
    What is less understandable is your over- reaction regarding any analyze that could lead to Mrs. Fenn having lied to the police and guests and the manager of the OC involved in the cover up. I don't know which interest an old lady could had to lie to the police. There was an interest, I'm sure. Is coming clear, she lied. What I found really amazing now, is the reaction of people like you. Why you get bothered to read that blog and react to defend a lady that is dead already? Due to her physical condition, The said lady has nothing to loose. What about you? Which damages can you face if the police discovers the old lady lied?
    Unless you have read different files or have a different source of information, I never saw any "data to prove the children were left unattended every evening). What you call data? The words of the Tapas 9? If so, you become a joke.
    You know, why I don't believe on any negligence? Few facts: the resort had a creche service operating during the night. In alternative, nannies could be used on call. In alternative, the Paynes had a old lady who could be caring of a group of toddlers sleeping. On top of that, too much nannies show up on the evening of May 3 to be there only by accident or coincidental. And the most important, the answer gave by Gerry to excuse the use of the nannies. They don't want the kids cared by strangers. Which nannies are stranger to the children at the end of their holidays? The one who take care of the children during many hours, the all week? Which just by coincidence were the same who quickly show up on the fatal evening? Obviously, there is something there that is forcing Gerry to deliver such rubbish excuses. No negligence. Whatever happen, was under the care of adults. Nice to see you talking about an accident and dead. Btw, why you feel necessary to explain why an autopsy needs to be avoided? Not because of the chemicals, I wonder....

  45. Anon Feb 13, 2012 2:04:00 PM

    You, in your last paragrapgh imply the existence of paedophilia, namely by David Payne against Maddie.
    Let me, once again, clarify the following. We have found absolutely no evidence that Maddie was victim of paedophilia. Maddie appears to have been a child of perfectly normal parents (up to the time of her death), with human qualities and flaws in regards to parenthood. David Payne was a friend, like many friends many families have, and should have, both male and female, both adult and young, which help children develop adequate social skills.

  46. "You, in your last paragrapgh imply the existence of paedophilia, namely by David Payne against Maddie."

    Non Textusa. In fact I don't believe the story touched anything regarding Paedophilia or negligence . If was the case, will be much easy for the police to solve it.
    When I end my paragraph with "wonder..." I was just trying to challenge anon 9:51 why she/ he thinks they were trying to avoid an autopsy? Believing in Paedophilia is same as believing in negligence. Both situations limited the all story to the Tapas 9 and an outsider helper. Who believes on that, off course, bakes the story an avoided autopsy.
    From everything I read, I tend to believe what they wanted to hide was the real motif of the holidays- the swing. For which, the children are normally used to fool relatives and locals who could question why a resort has a majority of young/ mild age guests without children.
    I too, believe the Mccann's are and were normal parents until something went out of control. More then one time on their statements, some of the Tapas 9 including Kate, talked about " tantrums". Kate also talked on her diary and her book about the difficulties she had to deal with 3 toddlers and how she reacts when the things get odd( she admitted, she broken a bed, she hit the wall).
    We, as parents, we all faced tantrums from our child's, one day or the other. We had the lucky of dealing well with situation and solving it without major problems. Sometimes, some people , accidentally fall in an uncontrolled momentum and the worse could happen. I don't know if this was the case, with Maddie, but I think that is much more simple and more normal then the all story constructed under the negligence umbrella to allow an abduction, or the Paedos to avoid an autopsy.
    Maddie could have tantrums very often. Could happen at any time, disturbing the nights and the days of the family. The stars found on the door of the fridge in Rothley, tend to be genuine and they talk more then much of the words delivered by some to the police. GA , also highlighted a bruise on Maddie ( the tennis picture). According to experts, the location of that bruise indicates that wasn't a result of the child hitting an obstacle while playing. Again, I'm just wondering....

  47. Anon 4:22, thank you so much for your response. Nothing like a good clarification to clarify things out. We seem to be in synch, and I'm sure you understand why I wrote what I wrote.


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