Thursday, 9 February 2012

To Tony Bennett


You and we, apparently at least, have significant differences of opinion about the genesis of the Maddie Affair, but that shouldn't, in any way, be an obstacle in us recognizing your courage and your determination with which you stood up for your beliefs in Court yesterday.

We’re fully conscious that you do speak for many, and by showing up in Court, you’ve added to that number, irrelevant of differences, all of us who, at this point in time, see you as someone, like us, is trying his best to find the same answers as we are: the truth. Your appearance in Court merits that we are to set aside differences, which later can be, or not, clarified, and concentrate on what we have in common. There is a difference between BH promoters of neglect, which we fiercely fight, and those who believe it with sincerity, which we obviously respect. We think the British Empire motto of Divide and Conquer should never be forgotten. It was highly successful in conquering empires. We don't want them to achieve unnecessary infighting

In the name of those with a clear consciences and a profound sense of citizenship, allow us to sincerely thank you! You're looking the foe straight in the eye, and on the battleground of his choice!

The Bronte-Cohen Sisters


  1. British Claire9 Feb 2012, 17:17:00

    We must all support Tony Bennett for his bravery in the face of such foul threat and intimidation. For team McCann to go to such extreme lengths that they would like him to go to prison and lose his home and his money shows what a great threat he is to them personally. I'm sure they will claim it damages the search for Madeleine as they did with Amaral's book but I find that such a lame argument. How they are prepared to lose time and money over these cases rather than use it in a proper search a la Pat Brown flabbergasts me. Please all show your support here for Tony, Textusa and all who seek the truth and for anyone that can, please go to the court too.

  2. Mr Bennett is a very brave and principled man. If only one of the Tapas 7 had a similar level of integrity this might have all been sorted out years ago.

  3. Textusa,being a huge supporter of yours and other blogs seeking to find what really happened to Madeleine,I found your respectful tribute to Tony very up lifting ,thank you! I have always repected anyone who "fights their corner" for others, wish I had his morale fibre !!

  4. I think this answers appropriately Advocatus question about your thoughts on TB's "poker play".

    What a great unifying message.

    The tide is turning indeed.

  5. Fair words sisters. I think the time is for union not division. Whatever was the way, the main objective should be the truth. To achieve it, who believe the story of the abduction was badly told, must keep unit and look at the information each blog had accomplished to cross that information and separate the essential from the irrelevant. Somewhere there, the light will shine exposing the truth.
    I used to be very critical regarding the methods used by mr. TB to get his point of view known. Over the time , I changed my mind because I think, sometimes, being polemical, going some steps forward, raising protagonism, is the only way to combat the privileges some have and get the world more balanced. At moment, justice in Uk and Portugal, become a joke. Just look at the symbol used to represent justice and you will fall in laugh, Completely unbalanced.
    I don't think, there is a big difference between Mr. TB point of view and this blog. At the beginning he was supporting his idea in the negligence ( why the Mccann's got away with it if they assumed the negligence and that is a crime for all the common citizens?) but I think, over the time, The new information and a deep comb of the files show that
    the negligence has no reason to happen and Mr. TB has maybe changed his point of view regarding this issue.
    There is no doubts, his work and persistence bring to Maddie case new information. Some characters were exposed and we start understand better the all saga. Thanks to him, Textusa, Joana Morais, Parmalan, Mccannfiles and some others who spent a lot of their time and work, informing the public and looking for some justice for a little girl they ever met. You made History on that case.

  6. Tony Bennett is man of very high integrity. He will win his battle with the McCanns because he has the most powerful weapon there is on his side.....the truth.

  7. Anon Feb 9, 2012 7:50:00 PM

    Please correct your hand. TB does not have the truth on his side. Nor does Textusa. He, like Textusa, seek to find the truth, but neither have stated that they own it. Only those who began this ridiculous circus know exactly what the truth is.

    I confess that I'm more for Textusa's version, but as Textusa says, right now I'm 100% behind TB.

    What both Textusa and TB have is the conviction of what they believe in.

    Anon Feb 9, 2012 7:42:00 PM, thank you for expressing my thoughts. I would like to add 2 bloggers to your list: MC (Maria) and Mercedes.

  8. You've got to give to the man, he's tenacious. They thought he would be an easy prey... and now I think they have to think how much to pray!

  9. Well done Tony Bennett news like this makes us all more determined to find the truth which the Mclies attempt to hide.

  10. Looking to the Textusa´s BLOGROLL MC(Maria) e Mercedes always are there. Always.

    Gazeta Digital from Paulo Reis the first blog about Maddie´s case and so important. Don´t forget Paulo Reis. ( yes, i am and i was and i will be always a big fan from Paulo !)

    But i thank You anon but Maria ( me, myself i only copy and paste a lot. I am not genuine lol)

    I want to not stop and i search all days by anything , by news even the censorship in my country . So what i can, i put OR i copy......

    And i feel happy by this post to give more strong to T. B. Very happy ! Thank You, Sister of us!

  11. I think that right now it's more important to prove that BHs are lying than to discover truth. I say right now. Because if it's proved that the McCann's have lied, then very quickly knowing the truth will quickly follow. I don't think that they will allow TB have his way. I think the system was caught off-guard yesterday. I don't want to dampen any enthusiasm because I see that the only way ahead is by unity of the honourable, so I hope I'm dead wrong. I do trust more in the TB trial to bring us closer to the truth than I trust SY to the job they should do. Congratulations TB. Congratulations Textusa.

  12. Hats off to Mr. Tony Bennett!
    Bravo, Sir!

    Thank you, Sisters, for showing your support!

    God bless all who fight for truth and justice!

  13. I really don't believe the truth will raise the surface. No matter how long and how many of us remain persistent and working with an extraordinary intelligence. Just see what is going on behind scenes:

    "MacIntyre Investigates: Irish witness key to Maddie case review Sunday World (article appears in paper edition)"- available at Mccannfiles.

    A huge whitewash is on the way, completely immoral. So immoral that SY intend to criticize PJ and GA. Since when one police has the right and the authority to criticize the police of another country in such manner? They lost the plot. They are out of the time. They were involved in the investigation since the beginning, then any critic must bee a bullet on SY own feet. If SY jump on that wagon will be doing more damages on their own territory then on PJ. They took too long to react, they can't be serious.

    While reading this article, I couldn't forget the last post of Textusa regarding Muratfan. The article looks like a copy of what Muratfan posted long ago. The same ideas of an abductor being part of the Resort ( a worker) and entering the flat using a key. Again the burglars and the sets of the same keys stored in an accessible place and easy to be copied. What a theory, constructed by the group of lawyers and planned during almost 5 years, to be delivered in many ways: a pro blogger, Kates book and now an unnamed source from inside SY.
    They forgot few "facts"( I don't know what else to call it): even with a key, the abductor was not nacked when he went the flat and if was the egg man of Jane Tanner, had a long hair. Where are the footprints, clothe fibers and hair belonging to the abductor? He had the keys and hired a fairy to clean up everything behind him. I really want to know what that " source from inside SY" has to say about that. Another answers I'm looking for is the explanations that "source" has for what was recovered from the CSI British dogs - the cadaver scent on Kate clothes and the body fluids+ hair ( matching Maddie in a high DNA level) found on the boot of the scenic rented by the couple, more then 20 days after the girl being missing. Don't tell me, the burglar or the worker, who had an easy access to the keys, also controlled the car the Mccann's were going to choose for their holidays. I know, that story is full in clairvoyants and supra natural figures but having SY working on such theory with millions of pounds stollen from the British taxpayers, is the best joke I read on British papers today. Let that story spread to the new "NEWS OF THE WORLD" and I think we should start emailing SY team with our questions, asking them to deliver the answers using the same way and the same papers. Why that smells so much Mccann's and Clarence Mitchell? I start believing, somebody on the papers( journalists or editors) are being payed by the Fund.
    At least we see now, the Smiths and the amazing story we suspected since long ago that Madeleine was transferred into another flat on that particular night.
    They are framing the Smiths before they could head to Portugal to testify in GA case.

  14. A very old maxim in British law
    which appears appropriate to TB's situation.
    "Let Right be Done"

  15. Textusa

    I am glad of your comments. As you say, you have your differences, but you are honourable to stand above those differences and acknowledge that both in different ways are seeking the same thing.

    TB is courageous in his way, he is standing up and being counted - even if he fails it will be a victory. Go to it TB.

  16. To All,

    This is a sea-change.

    THE sea change.

    To all concerned: Are you prepared to go picknicking upon each other?

    For one of you will have to defend yourself by stating, thru messrs Carter-Ruck: it was him/her wot made me do it.


  17. Portia

    Yes, the sea is changing, and has been changing for a while

    Like she said on her post “Textusa Is Giving Up On The Maddie Affair”, in 3Jan12:

    “Is it possible that a stage is now being set up to, in February, using the Amaral Trial in Lisbon, to get the case “re-opened”? By the way, we do think it is... And, surprise, surprise, "discover" that the parents & friends are indeed guilty of negligence and manslaughter?

    The charges may even describe truthfully what happened precisely at the time of death, namely, we might even get to know who, if David Payne or Kate McCann, was the one that struck the irate, but unfortunately fatal, blow.

    They will also tell us how Tanner and the others lied out of pure friendship, and that there was no abductor to begin with.

    But that is as far the system will allow the truth to go. Not an inch further.”

    As the GA Trial got postponed, it’s TB’s Trial that might be the igniter. The McCanns had reason reason to fear any Court that ever mentions facts (even if clutter, fed by BHs). Now, because I heard that CR put on a very poor show in Court as many have here said before they would, the T9 have much more to fear. They have to look front to face the Judge, and now look back to see any knife coming!”

  18. This case will be the death of Carter-ruck, like was the death of M3. They will regret the day they accepted to defend this parents in such manner. I'm not talking about the right the Mccann's or any other person with accounts with Justice, has to be legally assisted. I' m talking about the manners, the ways, the methods choosen to defend the pair and persecute who just don't believe in fairy tales and show this desbelieve. Not all the ways justify the end. Specially when who they are entitled to defend, cooperate so poorly with investigation and was never seen really searching their daughter. In a case like that, lies are not acceptable. The volume of that lies overpassed long ago all the limits, to be ignored or accepted without question them. WHY, THE MCCANN'S LIFE, DAYS, REGARDING THEIR DAUGHTER WERE A PILE OF LIES? THEY SHOULD GO TO COURT TO ANSWER QUESTION JUDGES, NOT SY WITH THEIR FAKE REVIEW OF WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW, SINCE THEY WERE INVOLVED IN THE INVESTIGATION AND NEVER RAISED ANY SUSPICTION AGAINST THE WORK OF THEIR COLLEAGUES.

  19. If there's a barometer that can be used to evaluate how it went with the TB, it's the BHs reactions to it. If things on Wednesday had gone anywhere near where the BHs wanted it to go, they would've spent the whole yesterday gloating over it. But from what I saw, only justifications as to why TB's victory wasn't that big after all...
    They expected a tearful TB out of Court, but were so disappointed...

  20. I wonder if the McCs can get a refund from Carter-Ruck’s “coloboma”?
    The coloboma was a great “marketing ploy” for the McCs.
    Libel has been Carter-Ruck’s greatest “marketing ploy”
    On Wednesday they apparently showed that… herm… you know… in Court they weren’t that hot after all… they’re much better in distributing mail.
    If I were the McCs, I would ask for a refund right now, before the stock market picks up this issue…

  21. If TB offended the McCanns so, why didn't they show up?

  22. Off-topic
    The german man who killed the woman he lived with and their baby in Lagos is to face trial. Little doubts about his guilt.

  23. From La Plata, Argentina, I have been following this case for a long time.
    In MHO,I think all of us must support Mr. Tony Bennet who has been working as Sr. Gonzalo Amaral did. They are both brave men!

    Besides, I must also congratulate
    on Textusa, as Luisa y Mercedes as well, for all their work done during all these years.
    Finally, I expect Madeleine's truth
    to be discovered once and for all. This is the most important thing!!!

  24. Thank you Textusa, Tony Bennett will read these messages of support, as will SY and also the desperate Mccanns.
    The time has come for the Mccanns to face justice.

  25. Read John Blacksmith tonight. Really everyone, the tide is finally turning.
    The McCanns must be shitting themselves.

  26. "Cold Case Review: In search of Maddie Sunday World "(appears in True Crime magazine)- MCCANNFILES

    "Donal MacIntyre travels to Praia da Luz, Portugal, to review the evidence in one of the most baffling abduction cases ever"
    By Donal MacIntrye
    Sunday February 5, 2012

    E impossivel que um artigo destes, tao descaramente pro, nao seja encomendado por alguem a quem o artigo melhor serve os interesses. Ha por certo, dinheiro a rolar nas maos de quem escreve e de quem publica estas coisas.
    O journalism nao e isto. Nao e isto que se ensina nas universidades onde se promote a isencao jornalistica, a etica, a fidelidade a verdade.
    Isto nao e uma cronica de opiniao sobre uma historia de ficcao. E a manipulacao de uma realidade que envolve o desaparecimento muito mal contado de uma crianca indefesa e real.
    Quando sera que alguem com autoridade vai olhar para Estes artigos, questiona-los e investigation-los? Afinal porque acontecem? E sobretudo, porque acontecem em momentos tao especiais.
    E impossivel que nao haja dinheiro em "cash" a iluminar o teclado destes "mccornalistas". Ate a imbecilidade tem limites. E quem escreve ou publica isto, ou e um imbecil ou pretende passar um atestado de imbecilidade ao publico.
    E tambem assim, que esta a ser usado o dinheiro do Fundo. E a isto eles chamam "the search of our beloved daughter".
    Jornalistas como este, tem de ser arrolados como testemunhas no tribunal. A pequena Maddie merece saber( onde quer que esteja) porque andam Estes figurantes a atentar contra ela. Que mal ensombra esta crianca?

  27. Anon Feb 10, 2012 11:55:00 PM
    Please be careful with the language used. We would all understand if you had written "sh*tt*ng". Hypocritical? Yes, but it's the rules of the game which we've accepted and in no manner hinder our objectives. Thank you for your understanding.

  28. Anon Feb 10, 2012 11:55:00 PM

    Blacksmith challenges: "Anyway, just for once the Bureau has a nice hopeful message. There is no reason to suggest that the review will be anything other than straight as a die. We hope that those who disagree with us will give us the evidence for supposing otherwise."

    I'll give him a piece of evidence: time.

    Almost 9 months to come to a conclusion on a straight forward case. That is evidence enough that they're working on the conclusion, and not trying to find one.

    He says that SY have never whitewashed anybody before. I don't know if that is true, but I do know that people say "there's a first time for everything" for a reason.

    BS writes only what others have said before. I cannot accuse of plagarism because he does write in his own wording, but ethically, he's nothing but a copier of other people's ideas.

    I just understand the fascination for this individual.


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