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The Black Hats Acknowledged That Maddie Is Dead

On Jul 18th, 2010, a renowned BH that identifies him/herself as muratfan, initiated a thread titled “Can I Just Say A Huge Thanks”, at the now closed JATYK Forum.

The opening comment was, as you can see, per picture above, was:

“To everyone who reads my blog

50,000 views since I set this one up and after deleting my last one.

50,000 with no libel action against me, so everything that is on there MUST BE CORRECT

The blog?


It appears that this blog has since been removed.

But let us see what "MUST BE CORRECT". This is a post, about two and a half months earlier, from the said blog:

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Amaral, Madeleine McCann, And The Hidden Truth?

Lets look at the facts. Amaral, the Fat, Lazy, Incompetent EX Defective, who was (ahem) in charge of the Investigation into the dissapearence of Madeleine McCann.
Was he just incompetent, or was there another agenda to fit up the parents of a Missing Girl?

Lets see, there were,
and still is corruption at lower and higher levels of the police and Justice Systems. Beatings were and still are used to get confessions out of suspects. It is a la Ashes To Ashes, except real life.

There was high level paedophilia within the justice system, just google the child sex scandals of Portugal, and you will be surprised at how much went on.
Burglaries were rife in within holiday centres, and Police took little or no action to solve these crimes because they considered British Tourists as fair game, as they had money to spend. A lot of these burglaries were committed by some of the staff from the centres,where they had keys to the apartments and who was staying there.
Turning to the McCann case, Amaral KNEW it was a local who had committed offences before, he had the evidence that proved it, yet he decided to cover it up. He could have solved this crime within two weeks, especially as a set of keys had gone missing, a set of keys to all apartments.

What has got lost is the fact there were FOUR BREAK-INS in two nights up to and including the night Madeleine went missing, at the Warner Apartments in PDL, all where there were no signs of a break in, they were entered via a door, by possibly a duplicate, or the same key, which is common in holiday resorts.

Was Madeleine murdered by the person who committed these break ins? Did Madeleine wake up, start screaming and was suffocated by this person in order to stop people coming to her aid? Realising the child was then dead, Madeleine was taken from the apartment to where the burglar lived, but a plan was hatched to dispose of Madeleine's body and to hide the crime that was committed.

Amaral was given a tip off, as to what happened, but decided to over look this evidence as he decreed it to be fanciful and lies, he had already decided that the parents should be to blame, and to deflect the attention away. He did not expect that the McCanns would get help from the local Embassy and such, that took him by surprise and then knew he could not get the confessions from the McCanns, so a fit up started.
Meanwhile the offender kept low for the rest of the season so his fingerprints were not captured by the local Crime Scene Officers, as the local Police were taking reported burglaries more serious now.

Amaral was further taken aback when the lovely doggies called Eddie and Keela turned up and began showing interest in the apartment and the car. However being so useless, and incompetent, Amaral decided to overlook the fact, he NEEDED EVIDENCE TO BACK THE DOGS UP. He believed that the dogs evidence was evidence all alone, by themselves. However he missed the fact that there was no evidence supporting the dogs.
Of course there was death scent on Kates clothes, the burglar probably rummaged through her clothes looking for valuables, after Madeleine had been killed.

Amaral knows he had blood on his hands, but tried to frame innocent people, so he could continue to keep receiving money from his paymasters.”

In this version, the abductor presents a one never revealed before ability, and that is of being capable of ONLY rummaging through Kate’s clothing, but not laying a single finger on Gerry’s.

He must've, during his dress-rehearsal the night before, when he tested the drugs on Maddie, also done some exploring about so as to know where exactly would be the valuables he would steal the next evening.

But what strikes out most in the post, is the recognition that Maddie is DEAD, and was MURDERED in the apartment.

The fact that Maddie’s corpse develops cadaverine at once and in such amounts that is then passed on to the abductor, and then from him onto Kate’s clothing, is completely irrelevant. Maybe he was carrying the body while rummaging through Kate's clothing, and that's maybe how the cadaverine got transferred there...

Or, he could have been in the apartment for hours, what seemed to Gerry just minutes when he was in the bathroom, so stoned drunk he was from all those wine bottles he helped empty out only fifty yards or so away... but then, that wouldn't add up with what others have say in terms of timelines. Both of them.

What matters is that, according to muratfan, Maddie is a CORPSE. A MURDERED one at that.

And what do the Black Hats have to say about this?

Well, two and a half months later, do read it for yourself how Bonnibraes1, at the time, bb1 now, is as clear as the most impeccably polished diamond:

“Have an Exalt, muratfan – and an Order of the Owl (emoticon) for having a 100% accurate blog! (emoticon)
We have to ask, what is SY doing looking for an abducted little girl? It seems we all agree that she wasn’t, don’t we? We all agree that she died inside the apartment and that she was taken, already dead, out of that apartment by a man. I think that is a quite sufficient basis for an all round consensus right now, don't you? Our differences about how she died, what the abductor (in your case) or "abductor" (in ours) did inside the apartment and how cadaverine happened to find itself Kate's clothes (that's another thing we do agree on, and that is that Kate's holiday's clothes had it and Gerry's didn't), are all minor when compared in the big picture of things, aren't they?


  1. bob the bluebird7 Feb 2012, 19:08:00

    So,It's some guys with his own key what did it, eh?

    Yet another 'coincidence' to file with all the others.

    Keyman, using his own replica keys, carries out his dastardly deeds in the only unlocked apartment on the block.

  2. waiting by more......

    xxs, Text.

  3. Oh, It seems then that there are not "big differences".

    And he or she must have knowledge about what happened. Does this person was in the PdL? Was one of the many professionals from Uk in the Algarve´s beach? An expert?

    Although construct a very particular perspective or even very personal. But seems to know how even...

  4. Anon, I’ve moderated your comment. We do not expose the identity of anyone, not even of ourselves. There are people who’ve opted to “show their faces”, but that’s their decision, and we’ll not question it or motives for doing so. Third party revelations are not allowed. We've only openly identified people here whose names appear in documentation publicly accessible. Thank you for your understanding.:

    “Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Feb 7, 2012 7:29:00 PM

    That Muratfan was also exposed long ago by Tony Bennett. He pretends to act like a pathetic guy. In fact, looks like he knows the Mccann's are involved, the Tapas 9 agree on the cover up and he is being payed by somebody( the Fund perhaps) to spend time in the Internet, searching and threatening the blogs where the Mccann's theory have no acceptance.
    Who post against the McCann's is disturbing his business, that's why he raise the xenophobic taste on his brain and ends up with a lot of ridiculous explanations showing his ignorance. The best, was the answer he gave to explain the cadaver scent on Kate clothes- the burglar( who kills Madeleine) touched Kate clothes looking for goods. Well... How long have he been inside the flat with the cadaver to let it develop cadaverine and how long was his contact with Kate clothes? That's why the flat( supported by GNR pictures) appear to be tide up and no goods were reported missing.
    Now we know the girl is dead and was dead when the alarm was raised. If Muratfan or (censored) know it, the all Tapas 9 also know it. If so, the Fund is a fraud and a crime with same dimension as the faked abduction of Madeleine.
    I hope the judges in Portugal and PJ look at the activities of some pro McCann blogs because they could be holding many clues. I believe some of the bloggers are being payed to destroy the reputation of Portugal and his police. Like most of the sights, which were being payed to show up and suddenly disappeared when the public start suspecting the veracity and the source of this sights.”

  5. The best: ...."as a set of keys had gone missing, a set of keys to all apartments." or "What has got lost is the fact there were FOUR BREAK-INS in two nights up to and including the night Madeleine went missing, at the Warner Apartments in PDL, all where there were no signs of a break in, they were entered via a door, by possibly a duplicate, or the same key, which is common in holiday resorts."

    Well, one have to wonder how Muratfan knows all that to state it as facts. Another thing is the extraordinary intelligence the abductor had, to use his knowledges and
    his tools to make his choices- in dozens of flats that he was holding the keys, he choose exactly the one which had 3 toddlers sleeping ( uneasy) and the one which was occupied by a couple at the end of their holidays ( no money, few coins for a tip and no credit cards). I believe there was much better targets, for a guy who had time to study his assault.
    All that could be hilarious and irrelevant if had been published now. But was published in 2010. One year before another publication which wake up the same story- Kates book. Was it a coincidence or a strategy?

  6. Interesting.... " the same key, which is common in holiday Resorts".
    Only if that is common in MW resorts. If so, God much knows why. Why the same key? Which activities were going on to allow guests to share the possibility of entering the flats in a very easy way?

  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14846456

    "Phone-hacking scandal: Who's linked to who?"

    What about Clarence Mitchell?

  8. No caso da Pequena criança, as chaves, as portas, as janelas e,qualquer insigificância deste género apenas representam desculpas . Quem devia falar, não fala. Quem devia explicar a verdade real, não explica. Como não o fizeram , apenas o silêncio total teria sido a melhor solução para parar esta fantochada.

    Tal não foi possível por ter acontecido em outro país......

    Uma vida acabou já há anos, portanto esse assunto deveria ter sido discutido apenas em família.
    A dor vivida em família.

    Mas, não. Eles gostaram e gostam de ser os alvos da atenção de todos. E, ainda , do que mais gostam, é perseguir os que têm opinião diferente daquela que eles publicitam.

    Sempre " muito bem acompanhados " , portanto só isto dá para dizer :

    Diz-me com quem andas e, eu dir-te-ei quem és.

    Muitos, muitos e muitos em todo o mundo sabemos a resposta.

    Em googlês:

    In the case of Little child, keys, doors, windows and any of this kind represent only excuses. Who should speak, not talk. Who should explain the real truth, not explain. As they did not just total silence would have been the best solution to stop this charade.

    This was not possible because it happened in another country ......

    A life is gone for years now, so this issue should have been discussed only in the family.
    The pain experienced in the family.

    But no. They liked it and like to be the targets of attention. And yet, what they like most, is to pursue those who have opinions different from what they advertise.

    Always "very well together," so you can say only this:

    Tell me who are your friends and I will tell who you are.

    Many, many, many known worldwide response.

  9. Mccann's Fund is also paying the defense of Marcos Aragao Correia in the defamation case moved by G Amaral? What else can we imply when we see who is MAC lawyer, Isabel Duarte. The McCann's definitely connected with the activities of that clairvoyant on the Cipriano case. The guy who have written the fabricated confession of Joao Cipriano with a spelling error (Sipriano) while signing the letter pretending that Joao was the author, is a criminal. Everything that connects him with cases against GA, is criminal. Guess, who is his witness, Marinho Pinto.
    Amazing, the real witnesses have a pact of silence and remain out of courts. Fabricated witnesses appear in court to support fabricated cases.
    I hope GA has the strength to reopen Maddie case and bring all to justice. This is a shame.

  10. Very well analysed Textusa, the vast majority of the public that have had any interest in this case believe Maddie to be dead, SY should be investigating why the parents were allowed such freedom under such suspicious circumstances. The money wasted on this case is a scandal and an utter disgrace to all hard working tax payers. The parents are guilty, if they were innocent they would have had a completely different approach than the one they took eg employing expensive lawyers for their protection.

  11. Anon at 10.40 well said I hope that this case eventually gets re-opened and all those guilty of lying are brought to justice.

    This is all such a cover up well done Tex xx

  12. At least the procedural side of TB's case was heard in fairness yesterday, and it's looking veryy good. For instance, Judge Michale Tugendhat suggested that from the alleged 163 examples of wrongdoing, CR/McC shoud limmit themselves to about ten.
    They then came up with 25.

    Tony was permitted to speak his piece, and will continue to be allowed to do so during the actual proceedings, starting after this and presumably finishing in april.

    Also TB was given leave to call up as a witness this Dunhill character who swindled him out of one specimen of the 60 Reasons. Dunhill will have to answer who hired him to do this, who he delivered the book to and what profit he made from his backhand's dealings.

    Some people have chewed off a larger chunk than they will be able to swallow, I'm happy to see.

    Jill Havern's blog has lots more on this. Very interesting for those students of the British legal system.

    Not having seen a picture of the Judge, I sort of picture him as a Judge Deed type, if you see what I mean. Hope I'll not be disappointed!


  13. Dear Text,

    After my last comment it suddenly came to me like a bolt out of the blue:

    Of course TB is hindering the search for Madeleine!

    What IS this 'search' but a money making money laundering private limited front company, a gravy train, where barristers, solicitors and assistants for instance are paid to the tune of thousands of pounds per hour? Where mortgages are paid from; where directors salaries are paid from; where stooges and witnesses could be paid from, where bribes could be offered from; where a whole tribe has come to depend on?

    THAT ''Search' is indeed in jeopardy, or isn't it, the closer we come to the heart of the matter: who did what to the child and who benefitted from that?

    So much for 'the search for Madeleine'.

    Make no mistake: the quest to FIND Maddie McCann is a different matter altogether: the search could go on indefinitely, forever as long as te money rolls in; the quest to find her on the contrary is finite. It has Maddie's best interests at heart, it has an ending and it WILL end, scuppering the 'search' and its bankroll.


  14. What stands out about the BH is how abusive and personal they are about individuals who challenge the Mccanns version calling Amaral 'fat' and 'lazy' just belittles the writer through their lack of vocabulary.
    Tony Parsons called the portugese police 'sandwich munchers' etc.
    Whereas people questioning the 'facts' simply put across their point of view and the descrepancies and inconsistencies in the mccann story without the need for abusive language. I think this speaks volumes about the type of people that support the Mccanns, illiterate and unable to comprehend that these middle class doctors are also full of duplicity and contempt.

    Scotland Yard should bring this farce to a swift end and stop haemorraging tax payers money on what is so obviously a cover up.

  15. Portia - Feb 9, 2012 10:40:00 AM

    I think this is true - but this may mean that the SY investigation is also a part of the "biggest scam on Earth"!

  16. Anon 1:35

    Becky Brooks ordered David C to have te review. Now why was she in a position to do so?

    DC ordered SY to have the review and earmarked an astounding 3.5 ml. pounds of taxpayers' money to it.

    Now, why would he do that? What's in it for him?

    When the money's gone, and the results are ZILCH, will the next cabinet pour yet more money down the drain, or will they declare it a draw?

    But, hey, wasn't SY's remit not to SEARCH but to FIND? They must come up with SOMETHING then.

    And, on a more serious note: todays court case of Dr Amaral against clairvoyant medium Correia was postponed at the request of Correia (attorney: Duarte), while the case of McCs against Dr. Amaral was postponed indefinitely at the request of said McCs (attorney Duarte), meaning:

    1. While the eyes of the world, well at least the US, are upon them in the person of hight profile investigator Pat Brown in Portugal right now, an open day in court is what they want least, and
    2. The McCs are stalling, hoping for other people's proceedings to supply them with information to get them through their own. This is a sign of weakness, not of strength and confidence.
    3. Who will be the overseas witnesses they are hoping to hear on camera? Tapas 7, 8, 9 or?? And are these good people in agreement with that set-up?

    Lovely case, if you like labyrinths.

    But, considering that all knives are out now for at least two decent citizens, Tony Bennet and Dr Amaral, and bearing in mind their efforts and their suffering, one can hardly fail to get a sore stomach, as in: getting a tea stain on your jammies, sort of, errrh, you know?



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