Saturday, 18 July 2009

Textusa’s Summer Thoughts.

A girl has died.

 Her parents didn’t give a sh*t about leaving her alone and went off and got p*ssed (not on the evening she died, but on the nights before).

Same parents that when they saw her dead, freshly diseased, didn’t give a sh*t about her or anybody else, except themselves.

Neither did they give a sh*t about burying her with a minimum of dignity or human decency.

They still don’t give a sh*t about her by doing all they can to make the general public think that their daughter is being repeatedly buggered blue by some sadistic pedophile since the day she was “kidnapped”, instead of thinking that she’s dead but in peace.

Fortunately, they are f*cking it all up.

The “friend” that probably killed her didn’t give a sh*t about her also or anybody else for that matter, except himself.

And he’s not giving a sh*t about getting away with it by making a mockery of Justice.

The “friends” that know where, when, how, why and who killed her, don’t give a sh*t to come with a coherent version of events.

That holiday was to f*ck, so f*ck the little girl, that’s their motto.

The country where she was killed didn’t give a sh*t about her.

Nor does it give a sh*t in serving Justice to those who deserve it.

A country that cowardly just gave a sh*t about the only one who gave a sh*t about her, by trying to make sure that he didn’t f*ck up this conveniently subservient sh*t.

Bad luck, he didn’t give a sh*t about those that didn’t give a sh*t about her but gave about him, and wrote a book.

The country where she died still doesn’t give a sh*t about her or its own dignity by allowing a lunatic lawyer with a head full of sh*t to use its courts, and it’s Lawyer’s Order, for his delusional and delirious crusade against the only man who gave a sh*t about her.

Her own country didn’t give a sh*t about her.

Just gave a sh*t about protecting the image, and ass, of those who didn’t give a sh*t about the girl.

Her country also doesn’t it give a sh*t about a couple toddlers who live with the parents that didn’t give a sh*t about their sister, and will have to live with that sh*t of weight for the rest of their lives on their innocent shoulders.

Nor does it give a sh*t about the instatement of a fraudulent fund that has inhumanly profited, is profiting and seems to continue to profit, solely based on her supposed misery.

If she were to be dead, the abovementioned fund wouldn’t be worth a sh*t.

The media didn’t give a sh*t in putting out all the lies, knowing that they were lying, with the same circumspect faces in which they announce a death of a valiant soldier who gave his life for the country. Not comparable, but, in effect, compared, that’s sh*tty this sh*t is.

Her country doesn’t give a sh*t about the contradiction between the fact that they read in the news that she’s “missing”, “abducted” or “kidnapped” and that their police doesn’t give a sh*t about it.

Her country didn’t give a sh*t that it calls itself a democracy by using its own legal system to “censor” a book that has just some, not all, truth in its pages.

A girl has died. She, like the Unknown Soldier is an expendable casualty, in the bigger set of things, so those that do give a sh*t, should, for higher reasons than reason itself, look the other way and pretend that no sh*t has happened.

Those, like me, who just won’t let the sh*t dry up are expected to shut up or take their sh*t somewhere else.

The whole western civilization doesn’t give a sh*t about the truth just because it’s inconvenient, or better said, has become inconvenient, or even better said than before, has been made to become inconvenient.

Yet, its the same civilization that has reached its pinnacle by making an author place a “*” in the place of whichever incovenient vowel so that the most sensitive of eyes may not be feel offended, although, the same pair of eyes knows fully well what exactly has been written and flimsly hidden.

Exactly like with all the sh*t around the girls death.

 Is it just me, or does something smell awfully foul about all this?

Sometimes it hits the fan, but most of the time its all around you.


  1. Unending strong pain,unending strong disgusting.
    A strong,a painfull and courageous text.Beautiful soul,Your´s.

    How long?
    Since May 2007....and the end of the sh*t never will finish.

    Like that all the real good and nice People=PEOPLE- having a beautiful soul, can see all and smell all....

    Yes, we are near the tree,near the birds, all the time.

    All the esteem to You,Text!

  2. And you tell me to wash my mouth out!! because I exposed the dirty secret of Levy, the dirt you wish to pretend is not important - oh no, of course he isn't now. What a laugh, he sucked the life and the money out of this case and the lot of you hung on his every word, but now he is not important, oh no he never was. Laughable.
    Since I last left a comment I have had the misfortunae to read your revolting and now justly infamous 'weiner' theory.

    I had to leave the room I laughed so hard - that people can beleive such shite, let alone write it!!!
    And still you plough on with your verbose and onconsequential ravings. Your daughter in law is right to be careful, for none of you know what happened to Madeleine nor do you really know why some are so very keen that we never find out.


    Shannon Cops drafted in...

    Click on to enlarge and read...well I am not going to say the word...


    God is in the details. Great read from Dr.Roberts




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