Friday, 10 July 2009

Textusa's Fall Season - A preview

My absence has nothing to do with stupid, mean and meaningless comments from stupid, mean and meaningless people. Simply to do with a very good reason: summer laziness. Which I recommend.

After I arrive home from a good pleasurable afternoon activity, and honestly, after a nice shower, meal and story reading to my grand-children, feel not very much like writing. Yes, I’m lazy. And proud of it.

I do have many subjects in my head that I wish to write about before closing this blog. Consider this as a preview for “Textusa’s” next season. For the Fall. Summer is for re-runs.

- Platforms of powers, the difference of political correctness and capability and how honest people sell their souls so cheaply;

 - The luckiest unluckiest turd of all, the demystification of a bogus media expert but a brilliant media nincompoop;

- Amaral, the biggest McCann mis-antecipation (on a request from a reader);

- An open letter to Kate (a long due promise to another reader), where I try to ask that monster where, and why, she decided to abandon motherhood, on an early May evening (and Joana, still thinking if I censor it or not...);

- Two absurd theories, a bullet and a snatch; the continuation of the absurdity of the McCann saga;

- Kate’s tits, assets or ass bits?; about how we all fell in love with the McCanns;

- The Portuguese Judicial Obnexity; about whatever because about this so much could be written;

- An open letter to Paulo Sargento and Hernani Carvalho; two people I respect, and hopefully never have to write it;

- An homage to a reader; whom I call, privately; Maddie’s real granny.

- Horse-riding, a power game when ill-played is a boomerang; about those who think they are powerful,

- The Thing, already written in a Portuguese blog a long time ago, in Portuguese, about what is Power.

As you can see, a lot to write about. If I have the strength and stamina. And imagination. No, it’s not a 24-photo promise, because I’m not promising that I’m going to write any of the above.

Just loose ideas running around this filthy mind of mine.

Hopefully (although I don't give it much of a chance) the McCanns will be brought to Justice, saving me a lot of time before this screen.

Now, it’s time to golf, sail, cards and gourmet food and drink. To dedicate my whole self to my most passionate of hobbies: collecting memories.

Above a picture, created, out of various snapshots of this blog. All flags are real. Obviously not all on the same day.

I get 30/50 hits on a bad day, around 200 on a good one. Imagine how the World would look like with all the flags that Joana gets.

Before leaving, just some food for thought: which has a more important reach, Joana’s blog, that reaches thousands worldwide, or “Tardes da Júlia” that reaches hundreds of thousands?

I know you know what I think, but just loose a second in thinking why.

When I write, I imagine I’m doing it for those 10/12 faithfull readers that I do have.

As if they were sitting around me, or behind me, reading every word that I write, smiling with each grammar error or spelling mistake, or hte shake of the head of each deletion or correction of an idea.

It’s to you that I write.

And thank the patience.
Be back here once in a while, but please don't expect much.


  1. I wish to You and Your Family a big and happy,very happy
    "summer laziness".

    When You can,when You wish come back to us.

    " Be happy,do'nt worry"

  2. Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy
    Bem me parecia ter escrito mal o " do not"

  3. It’s to you that I write.
    E eu sou uma das Pessoas para quem escreve.
    And thank the patience.
    E eu agradeço os Seus contributos, mas nem preciso de paciência para vir ler o que pensou e escreve ( pois vai continuar).
    Be back here once in a while, but please don't expect much.
    Venho aqui todos os dias e várias vezes/dia. Não espero nem deixo de esperar.
    A surpresa,aqui, é agradável.Ou não.

    Tinha de acabar isto à maneira de Textusa.

    grandmother : any kindly, sweet old woman who will happily boost your self-esteem and write you letters and love you.

    So,Text,if "- An homage to a reader; whom I call, privately; Maddie’s real granny."
    I really appreciate the words,sincerely.If the words are (also) to me.

  5. beijokas amigo, vê lá, não acabes com as lagostas todas :D ah, e não esqueças das duas quintas, vale sempre a pena acompanhar um bom prato com um bom vinho, depois duma tarde de 18 buracos.

    um abraço

  6. Joana, you're always a one to rely on for good recommendations... I suppose your Duas Quintas to be white, for the lobster (the red isn't bad either), but if it's to be red, for a fillet mignon for example, I'm an Eugenio's fan.

    Be it white or red, good food MUST be accompanied by good company.

    I've told you a thousand times that beneath this middle-aged, beer-guzzling, pot-bellied, balding stud lies a damsel in distress. Or is it the other way around? (if you could only see the face Fred just made...)

    Well, amiga, let me first find my own sexuality, and when I do that, see if it matches the body that I carry around, and then, only then, might I come out of this deliciously dark closet of mine.

    Yes, I'm a man.

    If there is a "wo" behind me or not, that is whole different ball game. And a totally irrelevant one, as I know you agree.

    And do let me indulge in the sinful pleasure of this whole possible white-lying in this hypocritical society where pleasure is so much looked down upon by many "righteous" men. Many of whom do wear skirts and aren't even from Scotland.

    Kisses from me, and a hug from myself.


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