Monday, 5 November 2012

The Chair Stance

During the “Brunt vídeo”, in the bit he appears sitting at the Tapas Bar, the most noticeable thing that you notice is NOT, obviously, the T9 Big Round Table or T9BRT.

However, in our opinion, it is. You just don’t know it is but that it is the exact intent of the report.

The most noticeable thing you consciously noticed was how negligent the T9 were.

When Mr Brunt turns around and points in the direction of the distant and practically imperceptible apartment 5A showing you, clearly, how totally irresponsible all the T9 had been, how really pointless it was to even think that the apartment could be observed from where they were.

Negligence was the word that popped right into your mind at that very moment. How could they, you asked yourself, leave their little children alone in apartments that were far from being at a reasonable distance to guarantee a minimally responsible surveillance?

That turn that Mr Brunt does, arm pointing towards the 5A, I call it the “Negligence Pirouette”.

A move of capital importance as you’ll see. Not on this post. This post is not about ballet, we’ll leave that for later. Today it’s about stage-propping.

The “Negligence Pirouette” was indeed the most noticeable thing you consciously noticed, but the report wasn’t destined for your conscious self but rather had your subconscious in its sights.

Pieces of information were fed so that you would absorb them all at once and, unwittingly, notice and assume the T9BRT as the genuine article. No conscious cooperation on your part was required, except, of course, for your eyes to be looking at the TV screen.

You see, the “Negligence Pirouette” practically “grabs” your brain by the collar and makes it concentrate on that fact while distracting it from all other details that are there to be seen and are captured by your subconscious.

I’ve already spoken about the “shadow trick” in the Bluntly Brunting Things Up post and said in our Textusa Corrects Textusa post that it was an issue we would come back to in a later date.

Today let me call you attention to another neat little optical illusion that I shall call the “Chair Stance”.

As is shown above when Mr. Brunt leaves the Tapas after doing what he had been there to do, the rest of the area of the esplanade under the canopy is empty, as expected.

That means that whatever piece of furniture that was shown during this report served solely the purpose of being props.

The idea, obviously, was to replicate the scenario with the original furniture (why use other?) where the Tapas dinners had taken place.

Any stage-hand will tell you that no prop is set up at random. Each object has to have a purpose to be where it is otherwise it simply isn’t brought on stage.

So when Mr Brunt speaks to you, what "props" were used?

First you have the table, obviously. Then you have three sets of chairs.

The first set is made up of four chairs, the one where Mr Brunt is sitting in, two to his left and one to his right.

The second set, is made up of three chairs, next to the beam.

The third set, is behind Mr Brunt of which we can only see two chairs.

Of the three sets of chairs, let’s concentrate on the only set that matters, the first set. Let's number to each chair of that particular set:

What stands out right away?

The distance between chairs 1-2 and the one between chairs 2-3 are not exactly the same, to say the least, as the one between chairs 3-4:

And when Mr Brunt does his “Negligence Pirouette” we can see clearly the distance between chairs 2-3.

Where is the space D between chairs 3 and 4? There isn't one. Chair 4 is stacked up right against chair 3.

One does need elbow room to eat, doesn’t one? Mr. Brunt exemplifies:

Where’s the elbow room for the two people that had to sit in chairs 3 and 4? There isn’t any whatsoever. And just by looking at Mr Brunt you couldn't sit two people on those two chairs the way they're set even if you tried without one falling off of his chair!

Mr Amaral unintentionally gives us a clue how far apart the chairs must be, on the photograph where he signals apartment 5A. On this photo a round table appears in the foreground:

Unfortunately for the T9 and their Tapas dinners theory, the chairs at Tapas bar are rather wide as can be seen. 

Check for yourself how much further you would have to stretch the yellow arrow above to fit in another chair between those two. Picture how far apart the back of the chairs would have to be if the chairs were joined feet to feet. 

Now stretch that distance a little further to give some passage room. You know, there was a lot of standing up and sitting down in those evenings according to some people.

That's why when one of our readers left the following comment I almost called him/her a spoilsport because s/he had almost rendered useless this post:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Bluntly Bruntling Things Up":

"good point anonimous, the chairs... did you see also how wide the chairs are in GA book? I can imagine the caricature of the Tapas 9 trying to acommodate 9/ 10 of these chairs around any round table ( no matter the size of the table). if they managed to squeeze the chairs one against the other, the all crew had to fly to get in to the chairs. so many things acquired a special gift that night to be able to fly, that Kate should be a beetle and Jane Tanner the luggage normally beetles carry on."

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Sep 22, 2012 10:01:00 AM

Look now at the distance between chairs 3 and 4:

Look at how evenly distributed are the chairs, and the distance between them, in a real table for 8 people

So why is chair 4 positioned in such a ridiculous way? 

Simple answer: to create a simple effect.

To give you the optical illusion that the table is bigger than it is. Logic dictates that chairs are set around a table according to the table's shape, right? So by setting the chairs in a linear way, it gives the illusion that the edge of the table follows that line, thus the "oval" perception.

Neat little trick, isn’t it? Those 2 chairs were placed there by Mr Brunt and his crew that way to deliberately deceive you.

And don't go saying that the chairs are set up like that because Mr. Brunt required the space to do his “Negligence Pirouette”. 

Allegedly Gerry McCann did the exact same pirouette on that exact same table when he had the conversation with Jez Wilkins on the night of May 2nd about the child checking system just when one had finished dinner and the other had just started...


  1. I also think it would have been too cold to sit outside in the evening eating a meal and drinking because it was too early in the season. This just goes to show show deceitful the people are that are covering for the McCanns but they cannot keep it up forever. Is this why some of the OC staff were dismissed they knew the group never sat at the table.
    What a bunch of liars they all are.
    Well done Tex.

  2. The photo of the table with 8 people shows how much space is needed to have a comfortable experience. Imagine sitting squashed together and people constantly getting up and sitting down? It would have been another Benny Hill comedy moment.

  3. Thanks Textusa for that brilliant work. I'm the reader who posted the comment you transcript on your post. Since I saw the pictures on GA, I couldn't stop laughing about the statements this crew gave to the police to bake their dinner and what the course of life " the fado if we want " made to them. When they deliver their statements they could not guess that one day GA will publish a book, PJ will made their statements free and publicly available and people with brain will spare time to have a look and just see what is clear there- this dinner was a fabrication. Huge lies, usually come associated with huge mistakes.
    No matter how big could be a round table, with that chairs, will never be big enough to accommodate 9/10 people if we add the entertainer NK. My laugh enlarges wide when I think of 7 people going in and out from that chairs to do their checks. What a disturbance to neighbors and with that chairs how much space they took from the bar? If the tables of other guests had the same chairs I'm afraid that some of the Tapas list were seating on the swimming pool. Not easy to squeeze all that people in that space.
    Obviously, at certain point MB must have been swallow by the McCann's machine. A guy with his job, living in PDL, never follow the McCann's and their crew, never do a small investigation, never spotted the rats where they are? Who believes that? Off course he must have done some investigation, but he shelved it even before PJ, forced by the circumstances and on the best interest of some people, who are not defending Maddie interests. At least that is my opinion and since they don't speak and tell the truth, we should be free to have an opinion and analyze the inconsistencies trough independent eyes.

  4. That table would have been like the painting of The Last Supper to any photographer The last place where their lives were normal. Yet nothing.
    No quiz night happy shots either.
    Great post!

  5. just to feed my curiosity I went to tripadvisor to see what people said about the Tapas bar. Very little, which is not surprising me and just confirms my suspicion that this is not a destination for dinners, then no booking lists were need. some of the guests have been in the OC in the summer, when restaurants should be business, they don't mention the Tapas for any dinner. Tapas appears to be a coffee shop to support the swimming pool. the Millenniun was the main destination for meals. Not a single entertaining night in the Tapas. That condition of the Tapas make it a good ploy to be used in a fake dinner-since the place was nott a crowd destination there was little chances to have somebody, who really went there, coming forward to say the Tapas 9 have not been there. I believe, was closed on May 3 because was a week day in a low season and the weather was cold. then, the names in the Tapas list must have been people who agree to have their names there. were they fooled by the OC and the Mccann's or they voluntarly help with all that fraud?
    From the Tripadvisor, we can see that the waiters from 2007 were replaced by young students working without profissionalism. God must know why most waiters were fired if Maddie saga and the crise did not really keep tourists away from the Algarve and PDL?

  6. What puzzles me is what is keeping the fires staff members silent to this day...? It must be a very serious danger, some very serious threaths they were given to make them forever silent on the matter. I just hope that one day one of them will be brave enough to become a "whistle-blower"...I do not blame them for their silence, if I was in their shoes maybe I would act the same. They have their families to protect, and they have all seen what happened with Mr. Amaral, how one's life can be destroyed or turned upside down so easily.
    Maybe one day some investigative reporter will get some anonymous tips...fingers crossed!

  7. Obviously, in my comment @ Nov 5, 2012 4:06:00 PM,
    I meant "the fired" staff members, not the "fires" staff members.

  8. "Criminal Profiling Topic of the Day: Update on Free Speech and the Madeleine McCann Case"- Pat Brown on her blog.

    I hope she is not giving up on Madeleine. People are tired to fight against some corrupt systems but Maddie deserves our perseverance. If justice achieve to be served, all children will win because that case become global and raised valid concerns against basic rights on children. Each day that crime continues without a deep investigation weaks all potential victims who live close to relatives/ friends that failed to defend their rights.
    When family failes, anonymous people or not, should have the courage and the right to fight and look for justice for that childten. And I'm not talking about patental negligence or domestic violence, I'm talking about a very simple issue that should be mandatory to any crime, special when the victim is so defendless as the children are- THE RGHT TO HAVE A PROPERLY AND DEEP INVESTIGATION WITHOUT ANY OBSTACLES. Something PJ was prevented to. When I look to Maddie case on the past 5 Years, what I see is a colection of obstacles, coming always from the same side, the parents. What Mr Watson use to say under that circumstances?

  9. We've been receiving a significant amount of comments concerning the various people that have become to be known as the T9.

    We think comments should focus on the subject of the posts.

    Any personal remarks/suggestions about T9 are to be avoided. They add nothing to the debate.

    Thank you

  10. That's one sharp eyesight Textusa!

  11. It is clever how they have used optical illustions and we have assumed a big round table. The more I read about the big round table and tiny tapas bar I can see what nonsense it all is. Of course they did not spend their evenings sitting in the cold tapas bar shivering by a pool in the dark out of season. They would have gone to the Millenium or Chaplins but then they could not invent the abductor and Jane Tanner could not have told her silly story about seeing Gerry he not seeing her and also seeing the abductor. The thing that puzzles me is why have respectable people lied for the McCanns or do people such as Brunt simply read what is given to them he must have thought it all rubbish.
    SY investigation should bring out some interesting facts, they have been able to see pj notes whereas Textusa has only used what is available to the public but still she manages to do a first class job in showing these people up for the fakes they all are.


    It is unbelievable MACs letter to GA. Having them involved with a guy like this one says it all .

  13. Anon Nov 6, 2012 8:32:00 PM

    We believe that the letter referred is an hoax of the Birch variety,

    Reading it, it's quite clear the author doesn't understand the cultural context of insult which is peculiar and diverse from nation to nation.

    What mat be insulting in one Country may not be in another and the other way around.

    Also, and we will exemplify because it's been referred so many times in the various forums and blogs, a Portuguese Lawyer would never say "Portuguese Bar" but "Lawyer's Order" and I very much doubt that MAC would write to GA in English where "Bar" is apllicable nor would google translator would transform "Order" into "Bar".

    That said we«d like to maintain the focus on the content of the post, so comments about this letter will not be published.

    Thank you

  14. Just one more detail against the Tapas dinner. Kate made her food choice too complicate for a coffee shop near the pool.
    The cooker, who at the first statement did not remember the McCann's and was even not aware of them having children, later come up with a complicate barbecue. Where did she set the barbecue? Very convenient to bake Kate order, but physically I see no place to set a barbecue near the Tapas.
    The Millennium use to have some entertain activities with Portuguese night, where a barbecue must be mandatory for the sardines ( at least, this is what guests reported on the tripadvisor). I'm not sure this will happen in a low season. She must have sticked on the Tapas what belongs to the Millenium and the cooker was teach to lie and bake the story.

  15. The only negligence in this saga is the authorities who never checked on the McCanns story - there was no negligence, there was no abductor.
    So we cn expect some arrests soon !!!

  16. Within 4 days we will celebrate one and a half year of hope, one and a half year the Met involved in the case.
    And how far did we get? She is either alive or sadly she is not.
    There are scandals about police going on in England and I had the hope they would do their best now to come forward with their results.
    If the yard does not come up with the same conclusion of the PJ's, I will crown England as being the most corrupt country in Europe.
    A scandal, a crime.
    And I pray life will punish them.

  17. When we look at the Tapas groups statements they are full of inconsistencies obviously lying.

    I believe they sat in the tapas area that evening drinking and sorting out amongst themselves their time line from Maddies book. Gerry was absent at one point because Jez Wilkins saw him. The rest of the group do not have any independent witnesses to varify whether or not they were checking on their children and leaving the Tapas bar. Gerry had arranged for Jane to say she saw him talking to Jez giving him an alibi but he didn't need it because Jez came said they only spoke for about 3 minutes but long enough for Gerry to have an independent alibi.

    No one having a proper dinner could keep leaving the table as the tapas claim for one thing is would be rude to the other diners and impossible to enjoy a meal.

    Whatever happened to Madeleine happened earlier hence the meeting together in the Tapas bar (dining at the bottom of the garden!) arranging stories and time lines.
    The tapas bar would be dark in the evenings hotels close their swimming pools early evening for safety reasons and turn off pool and surrounding lighting. The Tapas bar served coffees and snacks during the day but it was also cold I remember reading about how cold they found the beach in the daytime and left. In the evening it would have been chillier than the day with no atmosphere.

    The Tapas bar appears to be set up as a stage with chairs and tables and filmed during early evening.
    Most hotels have tapas bars and pool bars but they close early evening when the hotel restaurant takes over (they only have so many staff !!).

    This story is held together with lies and more lies and its about time something was done about it, the pretence of the fund, tacky goods and the turning a blind eye by those in authority that know better.

  18. Hello Textusa Sorry if I'm off topic here,you may even know this link, for your information, about swinging,'elite swinging events'

    It is crazy but must be true!

  19. Textusa, When you have already proved over and over again how the mccanns and their tapas friends or maybe all of their contacts lied about 3 may 2007, how can it be possible to build up any feasible story on their blatant fabrications, their house of cards? I admire your careful but certain, footsure approach. It means we feel safe here. Thank you so much for this blog.

  20. Grilled sardines in April /May in a restaurant in Portugal...? Specially in the Algarve? Not very likely to be on the menu! I know that nowadays frozen sardines are available all the year, but restaurants usually do not use them, they go for fresh sardines when it's sardine season, and that is in June/July, when sardines are at their best, very fatty(oily)and scrumptous!
    Kate had sardines...? Maybe from a tin, not from the grill...

  21. From what I can see in the pictures with M. Brunt in the Tapas it is a very poorly lit place! The light is so dim, all is so shadowy, it must be very difficult for one to see what one is eating! Poor Kate, I bet she had a hard time eating those sardines, so hard to see the bones in the fish!

  22. M.Warner only offered half board at the Millenium not ever at the Tapas.Eating at the Tapas was at a clients own expense so why having paid an all inclusive price would you pay again.The Tapas meals never happened.
    Check the trip advisor reviews for 2004-08 nobody mentions the Tapas inclusive deal only the Mill

  23. This was a budget holiday and all the tapas friends would have used millenium as it was all inclusive, but on 3rd decided to help out Mccanns with their abduction story. They were all swingers and NHS doctors fearful of losing their jobs, this goes very high, Cameron on TV today saying Saville is now a witch hunt, its not a witch hunt people should have been more honest and not cover up this is what happens when people lie eventually it all comes out and then it is far worse.
    Textusa through all her posts knows the truth this cannot be ignored.

  24. Textusa, is it true that if the case is reopened, that Kate and Gerry will be automaticaly arguidos again? Does an ex-arguido never get rid of his former condition?

  25. Anon Nov 9, 2012 12:54:00 AM

    The answer is no.

    The arguido status of an individual is provides the individual in question to have further rights than the remainder citizens.

    There are two most known. One is to be able have a lawyer present when being questioned by the authorities and the other is that he s/he's not sworn to tell the truth so s/he' not obliged to do so.

    This status is basically the Judicial System warning the citizen that he's being suspected, bu the authorities, of having broken the law. This allows the citizen in question to prepare to the best of his possibilities his defense and not get caught by "surprise" and then claim that if he had known before he could've explained this and that...

    So to answer your question, whoever would be responsible for the process would make up his opinion on who, if anyone, is suspect of having broken the law.

    So it's not an automatic procedure. It's conscious decision by the responsible entity.

    My opinion is that if the case is reopened then the McCanns will quickly be made arguidos again, and if the person responsible is indeed responsible, many others will be too, much before Robert Murat.

    To the Portuguese legal experts reading the blog, if I messed up, please correct me as I'm not a subject matter expert in this area.

  26. Textusa, your answer explains too why Tapas 7 evaporated. They are not pleased at all with the revision and with the possibility of the reopening of the process.If they did not tell the truth to the police till now, they definitely will be made arguidos. Maybe they have the right to ask to be witnesses in the case instead of suspects. What a shit of a holidays in 2007.
    The worst holidays I had in my life were the raining ones.I can't think of a misteryous death!
    Let Tapas 7 learn their lesson well.

  27. I don't think Tapas 7 will accept being made arguidos, sacrifising themselves for the McCanns.
    And I don't see the McCanns paying their defenses in Portugal.
    They will lose anyway, after spending a huge amount of money.
    The PJ accepted to make a revision together with the Yard because both have the evidence, otherwise they would have refused doing it.
    Wasting time and money.
    They knew the answer already before they started it.
    Wasn't there some Met officer who said "we want to prove something we believe that happened"?
    He did not say "we think that happened".
    This means that England believes the PJ.

  28. If the McCanns get their status of arguidos back, we will have again all of the questions unanswered.
    There must be a way to quizz them as witnesses.

  29. The review is most probably a whitewash.
    In a country where the PM classifies the latest developments on Savile crimes a WITCH HUNT, nothing surprises me.
    This is a strong disrespect to all the victims. Wonder if they, the victims, consider that a witch hunt. Any justice that could be done now, comes too late because the perpetrator died already and lived as a star with full confidence and glory, but the victims deserve that justice, no matter if comes late. whatever closed the eyes, participating or just letting the things happen, if alive, needs to pay for his/ her crime. I believe, on Maddie case, the crime will be uncovered only when the top players die.

  30. I can't believe that is a whitewash, not at all. The PJ would not help the Met if it was the case.They must have the guarantee that the truth will prevail.I must admit it is taking much too long, the whole review, but I hope they are talking to public prescuters before they ask for the reconstruction and for taking the Tapas in custody.
    I can't believe England is all corruption. There must be people who are willing to be honest.The McCanns were protected by the Murdoch's media and I think it has nothing to do with paedophiles.Murdoch wanted to sell papers.

  31. Today I wrote Operation Grange asking them to give an interview in order to inform the public how things are going. It is taking too long, like I said before.

  32. Anon at 5:38,
    Unfortunately I believe the review is a whitewash. Is taking too long to be serious or to give justice to Madeleine. As GA said, all evidences known by PJ were known by the British police singe the beginning. They know the girl is dead. They know the evidences and who is involved.
    Unfortunately I don't keep too much hope on the actual PJ. As some posters said some time ago, PJ is a nest of snakes with some actual PJs hunting the previous investigators. A shame, showing that even that institution suffers with lobbies and corruption. I don't like the statement of Pedro do Carmo to the media. There is no balls to solve that case.

  33. Is the Yard playing with our feet?

  34. Textusa, I don't know if Nigel Moore reads your blog and if he does, I would like to know his opinion about this delay. The revision is taking too long.
    Is it normal?

  35. a terrible story being told in the UK, children being taken to London and being sexually abused, years ago.It seems at the time of Thatcher.A wrong identification put a conservative politician Lord in trouble.OK, if there is more to be told about politicians, it could be good news for us: Cameron using the Yard's report, the truth, attracting the attention to the Maddie case, everything again on the front pages.Who knows this scandal in Wales will make things go faster for Madeleine and for us.
    It is possible that the British government needs a cover up now, a great scandal about the McCanns, etc,etc could be very convenient to all of the politicians.

    If something starts leaking, there is no way to stop it.
    Let us wait.

  36. Anon.@Nov 9, 2012 1:09:00 PM

    I too think the Review will be a whitewash or alternatively it will just continue until we UK public loose patience with the Met and plead with Cameron to stop it as it's getting nowhere and will appear to be swallowing money with no outcome. In fact, I suspect that this is what they (whoever is handling TM) are hoping will happen - time and patience will erode the publics interest in seeking justice for Madeleine.

  37. Why do you allow your contributors to tell lies?

    Your claims that you do not publish myths are beyond ridiculous - you are the source of more myths than any other site on the internet.

    You know as well as I do that the customers had the choice to eat at either the Milleniumor the Tapas - both were included in the tariff. So why do you allow people to claim otherwise?

  38. Anon/Insane @11:05

    I got trip advisor info from 2007 and ONLY Mill included in package deals. It’s obvious you couldn’t choose Tapas instead unless you paid separately and IF it was open in the evenings.

  39. Oh, and rudeness only highlights your despair.

  40. Tapas was definitely not part of the package. Of course anyone could use it when open but it was a snack bar and they charged separately. I went on one of these holidays and the main restaurant is set up without charging for meals. Non residents couldn’t use it.

  41. Anon Nov 9, 2012 10:32:00 PM

    We didn't publish your comment as we were perplexed and didn't understand what you were referring to.

    We now think we have understood but have maintained our decision not to publish in case we have misinterpreted.


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