Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bluntly Bruntling Things Up

More than a year ago, more precisely on August 23, 2011, our reader, Guerra, placed a link to a video in a comment to our post Tapas Quiz Question #5.

The question in question of that post in particular was to ask why were 4 people seated at Tapas Bar table #211 AKA the "Tapas Table" AKA the T9BRT (T9 Big Round Table), a table we were told had 9/10 covers, when there were other tables available that particular evening.

I had seen the video before and quite honestly didn’t give it any importance as at the time it didn’t cross my mind that the Ocean Club could have been involved in any way with the T9.

As you know, I quickly understood that we were before a swinging scenario but initially limited the people involved only to the T9.

I, like so many, looked at the Tapas Bar as the place where the T9 did have dinner when they said they did. It involved Portuguese staff so it never crossed my mind the possibility of them being involved. So I saw this video, at the time, the same way we all did, and that was that it proved how impossible it was to have visibility of the apartment as claimed by the McCanns as well to show that the distance was much further than they said it was.

It was, apparently, a video condemning the McCanns as it proved that the McCanns were lying when saying that it was just like having dinner in one’s back yard. I just shook my head and mumbled to myself how negligent these McCanns really were.

But that was a long time ago. As you know I now know how wrong I was in thinking that on that night and following days in Luz that the T9 were the only ones involved in the foul play, so when I revisited this video I looked at it with a totally different mindset. And there were, like in so many other pieces of information about this case, many things to be seen that no one had noticed before.

So let’s see what it tells us, what it intends to tell us, and what it really does tell us.

Let’s start with the three non-controversial facts that it provides us with.

FIRST, it’s VERY important that we finally have a visual registry of the T9BRT.

We finally have someone, Mr Martin Brunt,  telling us that that table was the T9BRT. That table and no other in the world. If anyone ever shows us a table different to that one, in material or colour, then Mr Brunt has a lot of explaining to do.

I’m sure that Dianne Webster’s pictures will confirm what Mr. Brunt has stated when they surface…

SECOND, it’s that it validates the Tapas bar furniture pictured in Amaral's book. Those two chairs on the left of Mr Brunt are identical to those that appear in the book. No question about that.

Looking at the pictures does it really look like Tapas Bar was a restaurant that served steaks and sardines? Or one that people would queue up to go to?

I see a lot of small square tables and two small round tables and none are exactly suitable to seat 4 people for DINNER. Just picture how you would layout the cutlery, the plates, the glasses, the napkins and the various drinking receptacles, for wine, water, sodas, sangrias, etc…

But if we’re made to believe that there was a kind of “Peter Pan" abductor who walks in through a front  door and flies out of a closed window, then surely we can make an effort and try to stretch our imagination to see all those things on those small table tops.

And after you've stretched your imagination, do stretch it a little more. Imagine now 47, or more, seating places in that esplanade that we showed that supposedly existed in our post Tapas Quiz Question #6. After all, one is free to imagine anything, isn’t one?

THIRD, we can determine with some precision, where, within the Tapas Bar esplanade was located the T9BRT.

The plastic canopy is made up of two parts, each with a big transparent window, as shown in pictures (1), (2) and (3). The beam in the middle is easily identifiable (yellow arrow) and that can be used for reference.

In picture (1), you can see that there’s some distance between Mr. Brunt and the beam.

Having other elements of reference, namely the tree (white arrow) you can extrapolate that the T9BRT was located between this tree and the beam, the furniture seen in picture (3) (blue arrow).

By simple triangulation it can be determined that the table is exactly where Gerry McCann says it to be: between the canopy and the tree in the side of the esplanade nearest to the building.

Strangely enough, there, where the T9BRT is supposed to have been, a corner of a square table is distinctly noticeable, as can be seen in picture (3), so we'd think that Mr Brunt would be sitting at a square table and not a round/oval one as appears to be…

To sum up, with this video Mr. Brunt shows us, CLEARLY, the T9BRT and where it was.

Is that all he shows us? Of course not.

Lest we forget, image management is this man’s profession. Any TV Reporter is a master of showing exactly what he wants to show.

I would say that Mr. Brunt and his crew threw in all the tricks of the trade known to them when filming the T9BRT. I smile just thinking the discussions that took place to set up things just the way they were to be shown. Many rehearsals and many more takes, certainly... Quite crafty are these people as you’ll see…

Today let’s just show you one trick. The shadow trick.

Look at the picture again:

Where is the table’s shadow? Mr. Brunt has the left half of his face lit up, while the other side is in shadow, meaning that a light projector from his left was used.

The table ends up in (2) and not where the brain immediately assumes it does, in (1).

The space between (1) and (2) is the table's shadow. The way it was filmed, it gives the impression that the table is much bigger than it really is.

This is reinforced by how carefully Mr. Brunt places his hands and arms. Notice that his right hand is only partly placed on the table top. By positioning the body the way he does it seems that his right forearm is supported by the tabletop when in fact it isn't touching anything.

This might seem a minor detail but it has a huge effect. The idea, as said above was to make the table bigger than it was. And by distorting its size it also distorts its shape, doesn't it? Not that the shape is important because it's not as we've stated before. The size is important and an optical illusion about it was created by Mr Brunt and his filming crew.  

This is how your brain reacted when you first saw the video: how many people were there? Nine. How many chairs do you see? Four (one is where Mr. Brunt is sitting). Is the table big enough to accommodate them? It seems to be. Ok Brunt, go on.

He’s telling you where the T9 had their dinners in a way that as your brain processes the information as he speaks, it meets the requirements that your subconscious has set, so you accept it as valid. Neat little trick, isn't it?

If he showed you the real size of the table, you wouldn’t accept that 9 people sat around it, would you? 

Of course there's the possibility that you can't see what I see but then there's a reason for that and it isn't because I need an optician.

Such as this visual trick there are others. All there for you to see. I’ll speak about them in later posts.

Please don’t feel disappointed for having been fooled. There were so many doing their  best to fool you, that no one, really no one can say that they weren’t fooled in one way or another.

That’s why the taste of victory in this case will be much sweeter than in any other.


  1. The whole UK is up to its neck in this!

  2. If that table had been a big round one, we'd have seen it by now. If it had been there, Brunt would have shown it in full glory. It would have been a great prop for the video and not only seen in all it’s glory but I would guarantee the places would have been laid for 9 people (and space for NC) and bottles of water on the table if not ‘free’ wine.

  3. If the T9BRT was in the middle of the Tapas esplanade, away from the plastic canopy, then where/how did Jane Tanner find a wall/tile to place her "unreliable" baby monitor?!

    From her rogatory interview (in

    "4078 “Okay, you know when we spoke and you mentioned about your baby monitor?”
    Reply “Mm.”

    4078 “And, I’ve got two questions; firstly, did you take that with you every night for the duration of the holiday?”
    Reply “Yes, yeah.”

    4078 “And secondly, up until the Tuesday night, because that’s as far as we’ve got at the moment, is there anything else with hindsight that you have thought of about, that might have contributed to Madeleine’s disappearance?”
    Reply “Err, no I think the only thing that I have thought in retrospect is the fact that I went down to test the baby monitor that first, first night. I mean sometimes I put, because we were worried about the, what do you call it, the reach of the baby monitor, I sometimes put it, there was a wall behind me so I’d put it on there because it was slightly, slightly nearer because it’d start sort of squealing at times so, so that’s the only other thing I can think of because you know it wasn’t, sometimes we wouldn’t have been sitting at, I didn’t have it, so actually sitting on the table it was, it was on the wall where the tile (inaudible) were I sometimes had it on the wall there.”

    She had her back to a wall? Which wall? and that wall was "slighty nearer" to what? The apartments?!

  4. Censored comment, posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Sep 20, 2012 9:17:00 PM

    “So basically someone pointed out that the table DID exist, so now you are spinning like Clarrie in a washing machine, desperately trying to paper over the cracks.


  5. Anon (censored) Sep 20, 2012 9:17:00 PM

    Why would we be trying to paper over the cracks? That would only apply to an insider. We’ve said before and say it again and as many times needed to be repeated that we’re just ordinary citizens using publicly available information.

    About someone pointing us out that the table did exist, I’m supposing you’re referring to our reader Guerra mentioned in the post. I’ll leave it up to him to agree or disagree with you, if he so desires to respond, about the table’s existence.

  6. Tex
    ' in a totally different mindset' and that just about sums this case up...we now look at all the facts presented to us 'in a totally different mindset' we are all fully aware of the duplicity of team mccann etc but with you Dear Tex we have followed since the days of Textusa and Ironside... and now it can only be a matter of time before the Mccanns are brought to justice.
    Kate has made a complete fool of herself with the missing persons charity, but perhaps that was Karma and it was meant to be (what
    comes around goes around and showed her up for what she is!!).

    This will not end until the Mccanns are made to answer for their many crimes, so many websites demanding justice, questioning what the Mccanns say, Tex in the end 'the good guys always win'. Thank you Tex.

  7. it is clear the T9BRT did not exist and the dinner was an invention fabricated to allow another fabrication, the checking on the childrens that goes from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the crew. The dinner and the checking were baked with 2 main objectives: 1- bake the fake abduction 2 - give an excuse to any potential witness that could have seen the movements of the people moving the body.
    Mr Brunt must know a lot about that case because he was based in PDL since the begining of the case. I believe he was able to do what PJ was prevented to, watch the Mccann's 24 h and follow their movements and the movements of who contacted them. only if he was a very stupid person, he did not come across the truth. he became a target for all the rats involved in the Mccann's defence, then no surprise we saw him accusing the portuguese police and building pictures that please the Mccann's, spinning around and playing 2 games- one as a journalist who reports Kate being made suspect and another as a men with fears and a job to prserve . Interesting that his crime blog at SKY is fading .

  8. Censored comment, posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Sep 21, 2012 12:12:00 AM

    You're an (censored) , Textusa. You've always been an (censored), but you are now so much of an (censored)that even other (censored) - like the members of MissingMadeleine - recognise your (censored) and laugh at you.

    It's got to the point where there is no way of even critiquing your posts because they contain nothing of substance. They are merely wind, (censored) and a (censored).

    You have two basic problems, The first is that you are (censored). The second is that, in common with other conspiracy theorists, you have lost your ability to reason. All you see are the tendrils of the conspiracy YOU invented.

    I must say, you are good at conning simpletons, though. I recommend a career conning people into buying timeshare. It would suit you down to the ground.

  9. Anon Sep 21, 2012 12:12:00 AM

    You think you've almost nailed it to a tee. This case is indeed all about conning, isn't it?

    And I say almost because as we all know you identified the deed right but, as we know we know, are trying to pin the blame of conning on those exposing the con-artists...

  10. ... a McCann silence is in the air...

  11. Penso que muitos já estamos rendidos as reflexões aqui desenhadas e deixamos de acreditar na negligencia e, acredditamos em todos os factos/ raciocínios que desmontam os esquemas do alargadissimo grupo, chamemos, McCanniano.

    Silencio do casal ? Nao! Tiveram necessidade em actualizar , em jeito de comunicado, na pagina dos pedidos ou do blog deles.
    E um dos tabloides da zona deles , apresenta a foto da embaixadora dos billboards, super mal vestida e de olhar " compungido" com repetição do dito " comunicado".

  12. I have noticed how these pro mccann types are very abusive to posters. I have found this on other forums pro mccanns post rude and abusive posts and sometimes illiterate postings to draw attention but why do they do it? This whole case is held together by fear, journalists/interviewers are afraid to speak out or have an opinion for fear of losing their jobs or being given a bad press. N Personally, I do not believe Kate and Gerry are together anymore, their body language speaks volumes they are distant strangers with one another, but held together by fear.
    They cannot continue with the pretence much longer, the public is bored with them, their funds are drying up.
    Amaral will win the court case in January and they know it, their superinjunctions will be worthless.

    Tapas group all lied about checking, dinners, timings everything, such weak people, how could that be called dinning in your back garden, when somebody in authority grows a backbone and challenges the mccanns this circus will finally come to an end.

  13. Yes, as the person who wrote the comment in portuguese mentioned, Lady Kate has taken precious time from her very busy ambassadorial role (cough, cough, something got in my throat, sorry) to post a message on their "merchandise site", and once again she let the world know that "they" hope the portuguese authorities DO reopen the case(cough, cough, sorry, it's this nasty cough again!)...poor Kate, all that money spent on the best legal advice available and yet not one of their lawyers solved the problem for them! And an easy problem to solve it is! As Mr. Amaral himself so clearly and simply put it, all it takes is for them to write a letter to the portuguese Attorney General(PGR) and ask for the reopening, it would only cost the stamp value on the envelope!
    Oh, how I wish that one, just one journalist, in the gazillion interviews they have given, would ask them exactly that, why they NEVER asked for the reopening of the case, despite proclaiming to the winds they want it to happen?!
    I suppose I have a bigger chance of winning the lotery than see that happen...

  14. This is like if a whole school, pupils, teachers and Headmaster alike were all included in on a test being cheated by a small group.

    At first it was fun to lie to protect friends but then it grew to such proportions that now no one can tell the truth. They're all too deep into the lie. Jobs will be lost, lives ruined.

    I think they should paint in yellow the Greenwich Meridian. That way the UK would have a streak with the right colour.

  15. Everyone knows that the weak resort to violence so Tex keep it up, you're making a compromising hole in their quickly rusting armour!
    The silence about your posts, what is to be expected. If you don't have arguments to argue back you remain silent don't you? Whenever they get the slightest chance to come after you they don't waste it. Their silence on a post means their recognition that the post is 100% correct.

  16. again the BHs awake and nervous. The insultuous reactions to Textusa posts says it all.
    I can imagine... they finally realised that the case never fade and never go away without justice. They were conned by who convinced them on May 3 and the following days, that lying and be part of the cover up was ok and was just a small, insignificant and innocent behavior. Now, they can see the dimension of their crime and the years ahead just bring more fear.... I'm thinking specially on the Tapas 7, some guests of the OC, the managers, the nannies and the british residents in PDL, who aligned with Mccann's on their campaign against their defenseless child- some of you have children who are growing up and developing their own personalities. Internet is free, available to everyone and the first source of information. you are conning yourselves if you believe your childs never develop any curiosity regarding Madeleine and the police files. which answers are you going to give to your childs questions? A karma you have to carry all your lives, with your own children not believing your words, unless you walk to a police station to tell the truth and respect the memory of Madeleine and the inteligence of your children.

  17. silly Kate explaning on her blog what she have done as an ambassador for missing people- where? have we seen any of these activities? they look much like her search of Madeleine on the first hours- too dark, too cold, too boring, too moneyless for dear Kate to be bothered. since nobody saw anything, was compolsory... using her blog to promote herself and try to fool the world once again.

  18. For me , the height of the chairs is as important as the table problem. Where do you ever see large round function tables with coffee bar type chairs, which are very low?
    There would have to be other such tables and higher dining chairs for functions.

  19. good point anonimous, the chairs... did you see also how wide the chairs are in GA book? I can imagine the caricature of the Tapas 9 trying to acommodate 9/ 10 of these chairs around any round table ( no matter the size of the table). if they managed to squeeze the chairs one against the other, the all crew had to fly to get in to the chairs. so many things acquired a special gift that night to be able to fly, that Kate should be a beetle and Jane Tanner the luggage normally beetles carry on.

  20. Still conning your readers and making them look like fools, Textusa? Don't get me wrong, I have no sympathy for them - if they are foolish enough to be taken in by you, it's really their funeral. I look forward to the day the penny drops, and they realise that the empress really does have no clothes. Because turn on you they will, when they see what fools you have made of them and how easily you were able to manipulate them, how you have bullied and insulted them, and your megalomania will become clear. That's when you really need to worry, because if you have shared any personal information with them, they are going to be desperate to get even with you

  21. The comment Sep 22, 2012 12:10:00 PM is so ridiculous! Can you imagine the blog readers having a go at you because you misled them? Does he think you have dragged readers to the blog kicking and screaming then brainwashed them. As for giving your private details away, I think that is pure scare tactics and just goes to show the sort of people you're up against. The whole comment transpires with the fear they have about what you write.

  22. Anon Sep 22, 2012 1:15:00 PM

    We, as people with principles, never betray our contacts, whether we agree with them or not.

    You speaking for our readers is very presumptuous. You make them out to be vindictive and stupid which the vast majority are neither, quite the opposite.

    We’re fully aware there’s a minority just like you.

  23. Is that the royal ''we'', Textusa?

    Believe me, if someone turned up with a big dollop of cash and set about suing one of your contributors for the libel they have posted on here, they would give you up in a heartbeat, if they were able to.

    The thing which unites your readership is their stunning stupidity and almost breathtaking credulousness. Really, the authorities should be finding out who they are and ensuring that they never sit on a jury, because if they are capable of being fooled by you, they will believe any old rubbish they are told by someone else. Here you have a group of people who have been subjected to your curious reverse logic and fallen for it hook line and sinker. The premise is this. You have a group of people who took dinner at a nearby restaurant. There is documentary evidence that they did so, in the shape of the restaurant booking sheets. There is extensive eye-witness evidence that they did so in the shape of testimony from numerous members of staff. There is eye-witness testimony from other holidaymakers who ate in the same restaurant at the same times.

    But none of that suits your agenda

    So you set about convincing this group of credulous simpletons that none of this ever took place, and that all of those people are involved in a massive conspiracy to cover up the actions of the tapas group.

    And how do you do this?

    You decide the table never existed.

    And how do you decide that the table never existed?

    With silly diagrams, and a reverse logic that it can't exist because you have never seen a photo of it.

    No doubt you will loudly complain that there is more to it than that, but here's the thing. There isn't. There really isn't. You simply happened across a group of people so stupid, so unable to think for themselves, so unable to use reason and logic that you were able to con them. And they bit, hook, line and sinker

    You see, what you and I both know, Textusa, but your mad followers are yet to appreciate, is that you don't believe any of this nonsense yourself. You know it's cobblers, because you know you were the one who made it all up. The thrill for you is in seeing if you can get people to swallow it, whether they are so in your thrall that they accept any idea you parade as fact, no matter how barmy or deranged it is.

    But you don't believe a word of it

    Why not?

    Because for all your many and varied failings, you are not stupid. Narcissistic, self-important and power-crazed, yes. Stupid, no. You have so much in common with Kate McCann you could almost be her. She has conned the public using similar techniques, she is just much better at it than you are, plus she has a much longer reach. You are a low-rent version of her.

    So when the balloon finally does go up, you want to be worried about those you have allowed close to you, Textusa. Because no-one is more vicious in their search for payback that those who realise they have allowed themselves to be taken for a fool

  24. Anonymous 12:10.You don,t have to visit this site ,but if you do,may I suggest you keep your pathetic accusations regarding Textusa,manipulating,bullying and even insulting people like myself,to yourself.I visit this site ,because I hope she will be the one who "finds the missing piece of the puzzle",the MaCaans continually bleat they are looking for!!!Or,is Tex,getting a little too close for comfort for you,give her credit,she,s just trying to get justice for Madeleine?Someone has to!!!so just go away if the heat in the kitchen is getting too hot for you.

  25. No, dear poster at 12.10 (Kate, maybe) Textusa's readers would hold no grudges in the unlikely event that she was proved wrong. The reason we come back here day after day is that she is one of the bloggers who manage to make sense of the incomprehensible. I suspected the McCanns on day one, the moment I heard different versions of the intervals between the "checkings" - now, that is something that really could have been sorted out ahead of time, couldn't it, rather than deciding which out of date photo of the little mite to take to PdL. Kate's first appearance before the cameras spoke to me of guilt and shame, not grief and desperate anxiety as I would have expected. Textusa has been able to explain the inexplicable, and if she is wrong in some details I will no more criticise her for that than I do Chief Inspector Amaral for being thrown off course by powers beyond his control.

  26. The BH are afraid of you Textusa so they post comments belittling your blog when in fact they probably read it every day as do Carter Ruck and K & G.

    The Mccanns are afraid of the Amaral case now they are saying they want the case re-opened, be careful what you wish for Kate and Gerry because one day it may well be reopened and we all know so much more than we did 5 years ago how you have cheated the public to raise money for your fraudulent fund to pay your fat cat lawyers to keep you both out of prison.
    Well done Textusa fantastic blog site.

  27. Censored comment, posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Sep 22, 2012 11:44:00 PM:

    "@ Lynn, 2.06

    (Censored) off dear."

    Personal comment from me, Textusa: This comment arrived less than 5 minutes after Lynn's comment was published. Please make your own conclusions about this little detail.

  28. Ah, Ah, that is the best part ( joke) of this post:

    .... " You have a group of people who took dinner at a nearby restaurant. There is documentary evidence that they did so, in the shape of the restaurant booking sheets. There is extensive eye-witness evidence that they did so in the shape of testimony from numerous members of staff. There is eye-witness testimony from other holidaymakers who ate in the same restaurant at the same times."

    The booking sheets, a prove of the dinner? Where? with Tapas 9 claiming that there is a queue for booking to a restaurant that ( looking at the sheets) seems almost empty? The sheets and the witnesses who shared with Mccann's the same nannies, the same creche services but pretend to not be knowing each other? their states to the police show that.
    wasn't amazing to see that who was involved in the dinner, was involved in the search on the night of May 3 but all with alibis for the crucial hours and all sharing the nannies but omiting it? just cross the dinner sheets with creche sheets and drive your own conclusions, even if I believe both sheets were manipulated to fit the arrangements. Madeleine was squized on the creche for May 3 picked up by a lady that wasn't born yet on that day, Kate Mccann, who claimed that her name like that was born after May 3 trough the hands of journalists? then who signed as Kate Mccann? A nannie after the mess of May 3 and all the pressure coming from PJ and journalists without time to accurately check the names with Tapas 9 because they were all being interrogated by the police?
    bring the names of other witnesses that are confirming that the dinner hapened. Not that bunch involved with Mccann's or the tapas waiters trained to say what was more convennient to their manager. i believe they all regret that little favour because lost their jobs. wonder what they have to say if called to court.

  29. Lynn's comment

    Anonymous lynn said...

    Anonymous 12:10.You don,t have to visit this site ,but if you do,may I suggest you keep your pathetic accusations regarding Textusa,manipulating,bullying and even insulting people like myself,to yourself.I visit this site ,because I hope she will be the one who "finds the missing piece of the puzzle",blah blah blah

    Sep 22, 2012 6:29:00 PM

    Notice the time?

    My comment
    Censored comment, posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Sep 22, 2012 11:44:00 PM:

    5 hours later

    So ask yourself why Textusa would lie about that and claim it was 5 minutes

    Please make your own conclusions about that, whilst she attempts to con her own readers

  30. Thank you, Anon Sep 23, 2012 1:05:00 AM

    Your comment helps to prove two things.

    The first, how you distort fact. Lynn's comment was indeed posted, or sent, 06.29 PM. The fact that a comment is submitted doesn't mean it's published as you know from experience. Much like your present comment that was submitted at 01:05 AM, it was only published, around 8H30 minutes later, at 07H30, Lynn's comment was published around 5H10 after it was submitted. I published Lynn's comment around 11:40, and very little later, at exactly 11:44 as you say your self, you posted your comment.

    That's an immediate response to a comment as I've ever seen one. You, distorting blatantly facts, try to say otherwise.

    The second thing it proves, or in this case it shows, is the use of your tactic in you giving ‘facts’ then saying “so it must be true”.

    This applies to Lynn's comment but can be bridged over to your para "There is documentary evidence that they did so, in the shape of the restaurant booking sheets. There is extensive eye-witness evidence that they did so in the shape of testimony from numerous members of staff. There is eye-witness testimony from other holidaymakers who ate in the same restaurant at the same times." All we have proven false in the blog repeatedly and repeatedly you say it's true just because you say so.

    Facts just aren't what you want or wish them to be, they are simply what they are.

    Lastly I would like to thank you also for your your precious words in your other comment which I'll quote many, many times from now: "because no-one is more vicious in their search for payback that those who realise they have allowed themselves to be taken for a fool"

    How that applies to so many that were in Luz that night. I wasn't, so my conscience is pretty clear of having taken anyone for a fool. You, on the other hand, appear not to have the same sort of piece of mind.

  31. It is clear that that person or persons follow this blog everyday, minute a minute, but just posts when the subject is very hot( means close to the truth , or like Lynn said, close to the missing piece of the puzzle). The reaction of the person just shows, you are on the right track Textusa . Let he/she/them think you are fooling or conning us. They have a personal syndrome of evaluating others trough their own image: only who use to con others or was a victim of a fool have this words always in mind. On that case, this person has to add some more ingredients: is an insider with fears and very scared because in fact in Portugal the case is not closed ( is marinating) and in UK, the review could end up with a very unpleasant end for the Tapas 9 and their helpers. A bunch of 30 investigators from SY will have a very hard job to prove to the world that an abduction happen under the circunstances described. Police also follow blogs and know very well what the public knows and what was already discussed with accuracy. Will be very hard for SY to con the entire world with Mccann's abduction. Just see what MC posts on her own blog- a video in a German TV where Madeleine dying as a result of an accident was claimed. If was an accident, why they don't called the INEM or the 112? and why they took so long to call the GNR if they were checking the children every 15/30 minutes?
    you, who posts here against Textusa and her readers, you are an insider who knows what happen on May 3 and probably which destiny the body had. You still using the same methods used on May 3, 4 and so on, to con and intimidate who don't align with you. We, more or less understand why was so easy for the Mccann's to drag people from the resort and surrounds into their saga- because they all shared the same activities - the swing and the resort panicked because was not aware up to each point this could be legal if done in a place that could be considered public because was open to the public and to children. probably some british residents shared also the same activities with tourists( to be involved in a swing night, you don't need to know anybody from the group, that is what media reports say about that behavior, which is very common in some discos/ bares who were allowed to promote that entertain( which I'm sure is not the case of the OC). The prove that there was an interesting activity inside the OC is the amount of tourists for a low season and the amount of nannies contracted by the resort. The records of the admissions( entries) in the resort were made before May 3 and the same happen with the contracts of the nannies. I believed police crossed this entries with plane tickets and seems that the resort was having a good week in terms of the amount of guests. they help the cover up to save their reputation and if was not blogs like Textusa and the PJ files, their names never show up to the public . PJ open that files, exactly to be discussed by many people from many countries, exactly for us to expose your names and drive the only conclusions that could be done. it is not a crime to read what is legally available and emite our own opinion- this is democracy and freedom. If you are Kate or any of this dragged to the saga, you just have a step to do to stop us looking into the PJ files- Walk to the next police station ( no matter which country you live, Madeleine is global) and tell the truth. you will be helping yourself and giving some respect to one of your childs which was the only victim you seem to forget or consider irrelevant.

  32. Has anyone noticed this bit in the comment @Sep 22, 2012 2:06:00pm :

    "Because for all your many and varied failings, you are not stupid. Narcissistic, self-important and power-crazed, yes. Stupid, no. You have so much in common with Kate McCann you could almost be her. She has conned the public using similar techniques, she is just much better at it than you are, plus she has a much longer reach. You are a low-rent version of her."

    "So when the balloon finally does go up, you want to be worried about those you have allowed close to you, Textusa. Because no-one is more vicious in their search for payback that those who realise they have allowed themselves to be taken for a fool"

    So, anonymous, that's how you describe Kate McCann,"nacissistic, self-important and power-crazed", seem to agree with the readers of this blog, despite calling them stupid and gullible, a bit like the pot calling the kettle black, huh?
    And, the next paragraph will fit like a glove to those who have defended the McCanns and their version of events...oh, how you lot will react when the ugly truth finnaly downs on you, I almost feel sorry for the McCanns and their helpers...

  33. Anon 9.09:00 excellent post - you sum it up perfectly.

  34. Textusa.Thank you for censoring the predictable reply to myself!!! That,s the first time ever,that anyone has so disrespected me,still,at 72 nothing shocks me any more,but really quite sad.

  35. Sometimes an insult comes coated with the biggest compliment possible.
    Let’s suppose that this person is right when accusing Textusa of being Kate McCann.
    So what would Kate be doing using the pseudonym Textusa in a blog? She would be defending herself against those she felt have abandoned her.
    With what would she be defending herself with? The TRUTH. TRUE facts that ONLY she knows happened that night and the days after and that she knows that who she’s pointing the finger also know to be true. She wouldn't be incriminating them with anything false otherwise she would know she wouldn't be taken seriously.
    This person sees in Textusa’s posts that same TRUTH. Textusa is so near the truth that she’s provoking this sort of fearful desperate reaction.
    When this person says that Textusa is Kate McCann it’s a full recognition that Textusa is on the right, truthful track!! What a compliment!
    Is Textusa Kate Mccann? I think Textusa has demonstrated to have sufficient grey matter not to ever write such a self incriminating book like the one Kate did.

  36. This story with so many twists and turns has become almost unbearable to those of us that seek the truth. The lies of the Mccanns are so evident that I hope and wish that justice will pravail. There needs to be justice otherwise we will lose confidence in the justice system bring justice for madeleine and closure to this sorry saga.

  37. From what the "troll" has written about Textusa being like Kate or even being Kate herself, well, I get the feeling this person is no other than Gerry Mccann himself! Judging from what that person thinks are the main psychological traits of Textusa, and I quote:.."Narcissistic, self-important and power-crazed, yes.", and then goes on to write that Textusa and Kate have a lot in common, it must be Gerry...who else knows Kate deeper and better...? Who else would defend the McCann side but trash Kate...? G.McCann or someone very close to him...

  38. Anon. @Sep 23, 2012 2:44:00 PM

    I agree with your reply - this sounds close to home to me.

    The three things that stood out to me in comment @Sep 22, 2012 2:06:00pm :

    The words : 
    "the authorities should be finding out who they are and ensuring that they never sit on a jury" - the word jury in particular. There is no jury in Portugal 

    "The premise is this" this reminds me of Gerry's "the message is this, Madeleine was abducted" sounds like B & M tuition to me.

    "So when the balloon finally does go up" - are they saying this is imminent?

  39. How sad that you haven't seen fit to even mention Ironside's passing.

  40. Just now I noticed on MC Blog that Ironside passed away on Sept 5, 2012. What a so sad news.
    A tribute to her...she always will be remembered as a fighter for Madeleine's rights and justice. I miss her posts here and on Joana blog. So much accurate research she have done in early days to allow us to undestand what could be going on.
    RIP Ironside. The researche became more rich with your work. You will be always remembered with a sense of magnolia parfum and the touch of a poem.

  41. Posso deixar aqui as minhas sinceras e tristes homenagens a uma Amiga que teve de partir? E, que colaborou neste blog.............

  42. Hello anon,@Sep 23, 2012 11:05:00 PM,

    It is very rare to have a trial by a jury in Portugal, but it is possible, it is contemplated in our laws. If I am not mistaken the trial of Leonor Cipriano and her brother João Cipriano had a jury.
    Who knows, maybe Mr. Amaral's defense requested for a trial by a jury. I do not know if it(trial by jury) applies in this kind of court case (libel) or just in criminal cases(murder, etc.).
    If it is at all possible I suppose it would be a good thing for Mr. Amaral's case, to have the outcome in the hands of a group of portuguese people from different walks of life, rather than it all being in the hands(and conscience, or lack of it)of a judge.

  43. Back to UK, who said she will give up her job because her new job will be looking at Internet while searching her daughter? She must have all the time to monitorize what is going on in many places and react when the subject did not fit her agenda.
    BTW, did Clarrie gave up or there is no enough money in the Fund to pay his spins anymore? And where is the update of the account of 'mummy selfish'named 'Madeleine'announced few months ago? And the front pages in The Sun? Seems that many things were gone and the pair look really apart on the latest picture available at Mccannfiles.

  44. Vergonhosa, a entrevista de Pinto Monteiro ontem na RTP. Defendeu-se ridiculamente do cargo de branqueador-mor(arquivador) e ele e o jornalista da RTP provaram que o caso Maddie e Casa Pia sao tabu em Portugal. Nem uma pergunta sobre o processo Madeleine? aquele que mais lesou os cofres e a imagem do pais, que foi o mais mediatico e que deixou no ar um cheiro intenso a 'parcialidade na justica'?...
    Desde quando a justica e igual para todos sr. PGR? E desde quando, e a riqueza dos arguidos a ditar as diferencas na justica? Os Mccann tiveram em Portugal, direitos que os portugueses nao tem, so porque eram ingleses e souberam usar e abusar da comunicacao social para enxovalharem Portugal. Quando chegaram a PDL eram medicos de provincia, remediados e a bracos com emprestimos a habitacao, como milhoes de Portugueses. Foi o desaparecimento da filha que lhes proporcionou um Fundo capaz de sustentar uma defesa igual a de Michael Jackson. So que MJ soou bastante a animar os palcos do mundo com os seus dotes musicais. Foi um musico e bailarino'outstanding' e intemporal. Os Mccann foram e sao uma fraude, em todos os sentidos. O dinheiro que lhes proporciona uma defesa milionaria, devia ser investigado e o Fundo congelado ate provarem que as multiplas versoes que contaram a policia eram possiveis e que a filha foi realmente raptada por um estranho.
    Este Pinto Monteiro e a amiga Candida Almeida, deviam ser responsabilizados por terem lesado o pais.Ate arrepia pensar que ela pode vir a substitui-lo.


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