Friday, 14 September 2012

Size Matters

I happened to come across on the internet a very innocent and casual picture that I found to be very interesting to be seen within the Maddie case context. 

It's about the T9BRT.

I bet you've forgot what the above acronym means, but I'll remind you: it's the T9 Big Round Table. You know, the one they claim they used for almost a week, and we say they didn't because no one can use something that just didn't  exist.

Let's first recap.

We have two people describing to the PJ the said table: Kate McCann and Jane Tanner.

Kate McCann describes it as such:

Jane Tanner, a much more imaginative person than the rest of us, comes up with the concept that a series of tables, be they square or round, can be joined to make up a big round one:

We've shown that for a table to have 9 people around it for a meal it would have had to be a significant size:

However, from the various photos we've been able to see of the Tapas Bar, no table of such a size was ever shown:

None of the round tables shown above sits 9 people. Their size seem to fit more what Gerry McCann exemplifies with his hand, in the Mockumentary, the mysterious table:

There are some who think that the photos above may not have pictured ALL of the the furniture in the Tapas Bar at the time or even if the furniture could have been completely different. About the picture not being complete, if there was ever such a big table at Tapas, it would stand out and would certainly have appeared in the Tabloids over and over again. About the furniture being different, Martin Brunt clarifies that at least the chairs were the same when he shows us the table where the T9 "had" their Tapas dinners:

This is the picture I found:

Eight REAL people having a meal around a REAL Round Table. Now add one more place, because the Tapas were 9 and not 8, and another seat for Najoua during Quiz Night, without occupying anyone elses' place. That makes the T9BRT a table for 10 places.

As it can be clearly seen it's much more comparable in size with what we say would have to have been the T9BRT:

Finally, and taking the opportunity of having a picture of a REAL table right beneath the "Brunt" table, can you see how the Sky News reporter tried, ever so subtly, to fool you?


  1. Martin Brunt appears to be sitting at the bar. As a chair back isn't visible he could be sitting on a bar stool. I'm sure not only T9 would have produced photographs if such a large table existed, the papers would have used them too.

    A table of that size is used for large gatherings and functions not for families on holiday.
    Not only that but T9 were supposed to have dined on the esplanade and isn't that outside like one of the Tapas staff mentioned?

    I don't even believe T9 went inside the tapas bar area on the 3rd let alone dined there. This belief puts other statements from diners for that evening in doubt

  2. If the tapas bar was used for functions there would be more than one large table.

  3. Anon Sep 14, 2012 7:30:00 PM

    No, that's not the clue I want you to see.

    Brunt is not at the bar. He's indeed sitting at a table situated exactly where Gerry describes in the Mockumentary for it to be.

    I've come to that conclusion while working on the "Brunt table" after our reader Guerra published the link to the video in the blog. I have yet to publish that work. Take today's post as an appetizer for you and a reason for me to finish it.

    The table Brunt is sitting at is away from the plastic cover, and near a tree trunk. The table exists. Or existed.

    It isn't oval, if it were it would contradict Kate and Jane thus further proving they're lying. Anyway, it's not the shape that is relevant (except that it's impossible to "join up" tables to make a big round one) but the size it had to have.

    Anon Sep 14, 2012 7:41:00 PM


  4. I see eight people that didn't have a worry in publicly showing that they were having dinner.

  5. Anon Sep 14, 2012 7:30:00 PM

    To be more precise, in the photo of the Tapas bar where the tables are circled, a chair from "Brunt's table" is encircled on the left.

  6. Thank you for the clarification Textusa, I'm anon at 7.30. I now see what you are saying.

  7. A Felicia Cabrita escreveu um artigo no jornal " Sol" em que descreve em pormenor uma ida dos jornalistas ao Tapas e a forma rude e pouco amigavel com que foram recebidos. Inclusivé diz que da mesa onde o grupo alegadamente se sentou não era possivel ver o apartamento devido a uma cortina de linolio e as plantas que obstruiam a visão. Se a mesa redonda grande existisse, faria parte concerteza da descrição da Felicia, por saltar a vista, por ser diferente e pelo papel que desempenhou na noite.
    Ou o jantar nunca existiu ou decorreu numa(s) mesa (s) ordinarias(s), igual as outras e foi regado com muitas mentiras nos relatos que grupo e empregados fizeram a PJ e aos jornalistas.
    A Felicia tambem salientou a mudança de comportamento ( para desagradavel) sempre que as perguntas incidiam sobre o jantar, o esquema de vigilancia e quem estava a mesa. A NK ( quiz night) recusou a entrevista mas confirmou ter-se sentado na mesa e haver um lugar que esteve longamente vazio.

  8. Kate's book says Tapas only took 15 bookings, a staff member says 20, so a table for 9 doesn't leave many other covers. It would have been very strange to have one big table, with only another 6 places. Why would anyone else want to eat there? If I'd been another diner, it would have felt like an intrusion on a private party. If they ate there one more than one night, you would expect some photos. Why no photos from other diners showing the big table in the background? The Tapas looks more like a poolside snack bar.
    Nowhere is it mentioned that they do large functions and it doesn't look large enough to accommodate big round tables.

  9. A table that large would take up too much space, especially out of season and in the small tapas bar, more likely larger parties would put square single tables together to accomodate their parties.
    The mccanns and their friends are nothing more than a bunch of liars each covering the others back, its about time they were all brought to justice for their crimes on 3rd and the many committed after eg the fraudulent fund etc.

  10. The table is the centerpiece to understand the whole plot:

    The fact that it doesn't exist means that the T9 lied about their dinners.

    The fact that it doesn't exist means that the Ocean Club staff lied about seeing the T9 having dinners there.

    The fact that it doesn't exist means that the Guests that are identified in the reservation sheets have cooperated with the lie.

    It's obvious that the table never existed. T9, Ocean Club and Guests all united in a criminal lie.

    Why? No table = no neglect = no abduction.

  11. Brilliant comment from Marxman at MMF:
    "Furthermore, if Textusa has shown that the 'big round' table did not exist, and was pure invention by Kate and Tanner then it must also show that the Tapas get-togethers did not occur as they described.Therefore, why would they lie? How could they manage, (if they didn't lie) to get something so basic as the seating arrangements to an event they claimed took place on several nights? I'm thinking that this invention was central to their cover-up, as it was important to have all the friends together and away from 5a and the rest of the building. But as they thought they had their stories straight they failed to realise that the truth does not require a good memory but a lie does, even down to shapes of tables."

  12. Najoua Chekaya - the quiz mistress - is an important witness here. She confided in friends that she wanted to leave the resort as soon as possible. Why would she want to do this? I guess she sensed things weren't quite right and sinister and took fright. I'm sure she is another witness nobbled by the McCann machine.

  13. Textusa, I think you should leave the present table post for a longer time, as it's fundamental to the demolition of neglect alibi and needs to be read by newcomers to the blog. Suggest that you link it up to the other permanent suggested readings.
    You're seen as a resource where facts are translated into scenarios, food for thought and a different perspective put on what many have accepted as a given. It’s like doing a crossword, it makes you think outside the box as the saying goes.

  14. I realize that my comment might seem misplaced and should belong to the previous post but I would like to associate my comment to this particular post which I agree to be one of your most important you’ve written.
    I would like say how much I agree with what you’ve said in your previous post that the McCann silence on the Tia Sharp case was very compromising for them. It revealed that they’re completely shackled to the lie they’ve helped to create. Their silence was loudly noted.
    But I would like to compare the McCann silence on Tia Sharp with the silence your blog gets on the various “White Hat” blogs and forums. It’s of equal compromise. The silence there reveals how compromising some “White Hats” are with the truth not being revealed. I would like to note this silence also loudly.
    I’m witnessing that slowly other sites are starting to be on the trail of OC guests but I still sense that with a few exceptions there’s a discomfort in mentioning Textusa. People seem to forget how much you were ridiculed about what they now seem to defend.
    The table, for example, wasn’t ridiculed just by “Black Hats”. Many on “our” side were as violent in their comments about it.
    I’d like to say that I think it was your blog that was the sole factor for the discovery of this truth. While others remained in commenting and analysing what was already known you continued the investigation and we witnessed how much the “Black Hats” tried to stop you. Thank you so much for your brilliant work.

  15. Su, thank you for your comment that wasn’t published.
    We maintain that yes we think Masons are involved but ONLY in the fact that there will always be a % of people who fit into a certain category within a group. People who are FMs will be represented on that "holiday" just as a high percentage will have blue eyes and this isn't the reason for a cover up.

    That said, we don't think that the Masons that were certainly present, have used that fact to influence anything. The intense close collaboration between those involved was circumscribed with the single objective to avoid that their personal sexual options, more specifically swinging, be publicly known.

  16. Anon,
    Sep 16, 2012 6:30:00 PM
    Sep 16, 2012 6:39:00 PM
    Sep 16, 2012 8:57:00 PM

    As you certainly understand, we haven’t published your comments. We have to handle the information you provide with care as we don’t publish personal information about anyone that isn’t public. We’re also fully aware that twitter is public.

    Could you provide us with a link to the radio interview you mention? It's important we have source material and not base anything we say on second hand stories.

    Thank you

  17. Anon,

    Sep 16, 2012 6:30:00 PM from me
    Sep 16, 2012 6:39:00 PM from me

    Sep 16, 2012 8:57:00 PM NOT from me.


  18. The BHs are frothing with your post. They’re trying to divert in all possible directions the attention from what is point of your post: the table’s shape (oval or round),if it the seating arrangements could be remembered, if the exact number of people that were sitting each night could be remembered or if such a large group present would even be noticed by the staff. Totally missing the point... intentionally.
    If such a table ever existed in Tapas it would stand out not because it sat 8/9/10 people around but because of its size would be completely different from all other tables!
    The sheer difference of proportions in relation to the other tables that are pictured would make it absolutely noticeable. No Tapas waiter has said that any sort of extra table was ever brought in so it was a table that it was there before the T9 arrived and remained there after the T9 left. No guest in the various reviews speaks of a big table, no such big table is picture by any guest before, during or after the T9 having been at Tapas.

  19. Anon Sep 16, 2012 1:17:00 AM,

    Could you please back up your statement?

  20. Hi Textusa, I hope you had an enjoyable summer. Unbelievable! It’s an optical illusion. Mr. Brunt is actually sitting at the edge of the large rectangular table which is quite some distance from the barrier with the plastic windows. If you look closely behind Mr. Brunt you can see the tops of the chairs which surround the small round tables that are by the barrier. The two chairs to Mr. Brunt’s left are another indication that he is sitting at the rectangular table, and by those chairs you can make out the pattern of the rectangular table. The picture is distorted in such a manner that the round table in the background with its chair is brought into the foreground to make it appear that the rectangular table is round. There are limits to this distortion so we all thought that it was a table with a straight section and round ends, therefore its appearance approximated the shape of an oval table. The table had to be large, round and it had to be near the barrier with the plastic windows. This was a clear attempt to deceive by Mr. Brunt and his associates. There are so many implications; I don’t know where to begin. For starters, there never was a big round table. And any attempt at a re- enactment of the events of that night would hit a serious snag when the participants are told to sit where they sat that evening.

  21. Guerra,

    First and foremost my apologies. It's been so long that you've provided the link to the video and as long my promise to use it in a post that you may, I beg you don't, interpret my attitude as disrespectful or me having bluffed about the importance of the Brunt's video.

    Please be assured that it's neither.

    About your analysis of the picture, Brunt, in my opinion, is not sitting in a square table. He's sitting in a round table, located where usually stands a square table as can be seen in the Tapas "Circle 1" photo. The corner of the table is perfectly noticeable.

    If you you watch the video further on (if memory doesn't fail me as I haven't seen it again since you submitted the link) Brunt then leaves a DESERTED, in terms of furniture, Tapas Bar, meaning that the furniture seen was placed there to specifically to "reconstruct" partially the stage.

    So they placed a round table where during the events in question was indeed a square one. And, no, they didn't place a large one. They used one of those small ones, can you believe the arrogance and laziness?

    There are many details in which you can see that the whole thing has been tailored-to-purpose. Please let my find time to show the readers what I see when I look at that video.

    One thing you're absolutely spot-on: the table is an impossible obstacle for the T9 to overcome in any reconstruction. That and having an abductor transpose that infamous window... The difference being that with the abductor they can claim this or that, but with table they have to exact in detail because they'll be reconstructing own actions...

    Thank you so for your comment.

  22. Textusa, I didn't take anything you said as disrespectful. When I originally posted that link to the Brunt video, I merely did it to point out that the table where Brunt claimed the McCanns sat at didn't appear to be round. I really didn't examine that video that closely and I was under the impression that that table was right by that partition with the plastic windows, however after reading your post and seeing the excerpt from that video, I realised that was not the case since one can see chairs in the background belonging to the smaller round tables.

    Soon after posting my comment, I came to the conclusion that my statements about distortion were rather farfetched. What led me to over use my imagination is that the table does not seem to have a uniform pattern on its surface.

  23. I am not the person who wrote the comment about Najoua Chekaia, but I leave here some places where whoever is interested can find more information:

    The Ocean club's nannies and Najoua(Najova) Chekaia

    "I just want to go home, says fitness teacher who is key witness, 16 August 2007"

    From the Daily Mail:

    "A Briton critical to the Madeleine McCann investigation has told friends she is now desperate to leave Portugal."

    "But she wrote to one friend on social networking site Facebook: "Missin you guys loads. dun with portugal now, wana cum home n have fun in flitwick!! neva thought id say that!!"

  24. Guerra mentions "small round tables", but...I see NO "small round tables", none at all! Those are all small SQUARE tables, as far as I can see...



    Watch the "Brunt at the Tapas bar" video and judge for youselves! He clearly states he's sitting at the exact same table the McCanns and Cº used! And it is either round or oval, "they" made sure to have dear old "Bruntie" sitting at one end so we all can see it's a round corner, so obviously the table had to round, just like the McCanns and Tanner stated! I bet they never expected for people to check on this, they didn't think people would remember/know that the Tapas bar's tables were square ones only and notice the deception, eh, eh, eh...stupid arrogant bastards!!!

    (I do not know what to make of Brunt's intentions with this video, on one hand he pulls the round table stunt, but on the other he somewhat demolishes the "it was like dinning in your back yard" McCann declaration! He might have been forced to play along into the deception, but he's not pleased about it...)

  26. I thought Martin Brunt said in that documentary that he was sitting at the very table the T9 had used. The pictures in Paris Match of the scene (some of the best pictures ever printed in this matter) is shown as square. in other news - those pesky dogs again

  27. Waiting for an answer from: Anon Sep 16, 2012 1:17:00 AM,

    Could you please back up your statement?

    Why none answer?


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