Monday, 10 September 2012

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We apologise for our long silence but the three of us have decided to enjoy our holidays in different times and this means that one of us, which I’ll refrain to name, is still having a jolly good time somewhere out there.

I’ve decided to “interrupt” the blog’s break due to the forthcoming the McCanns vs Amaral Trial scheduled to supposedly take place this month in Lisbon starting this week.

Much has happened since our break. I’ll just write some lines about what we think to be relevant and can be bridged over to the Maddie Affair before giving our opinion about the McCanns vs Amaral Trial.

First, the Tia Sharp murder, where, once again, an abduction made-up to cover the family involvement in the death of a child. Tia's death is alleged to be at the hands of her grandmother's partner.

The fact that a body recovery dog found the body when a specialist search team didn't is, in our opinion, very relevant.

The McCann's silence on the subject was deafening throughout, especially taking into account the  recently nominated Ambassador for Missing People Charity, Kate McCann. The most important thing about this particular silence was how embarrassingly audible it was.

Rest assured that this awkward silence will now become a trademark which we can call as the “McCann Curse”.

From now on whenever a child disappears the foul play will be either from those near the child, which will always be most likely, or the child will have been genuinely abducted.

If the foul play is from the family, the McCanns can’t help but remain detached and silent because it will be much too embarrassing and compromising for them when truth is discovered and people start to add up the two and two and the similarities of it with the Maddie case. In this instance the evil doers would welcome the McCann support but the McCanns won’t dare risk providing it.

If the child has been really abducted, then the McCanns can’t help but remain detached and silent because it will be much too embarrassing for the child’s parents to want to see the McCanns in any way related with their case. They'll want to have the couple as far away from them and their sufferance as possible. In this instance the McCanns would love to provide support but no support from the McCanns is minimally wanted or welcomed.

Let us make it absolutely clear that we’re NOT casting or wishing for any sort of curse upon the McCanns. That curse was cast upon them by themselves. Both when they decided to commit the crime we’re absolutely certain they did, which was obstruction of justice to cover up whatever happened beween Kate and David in the apartment that resulted in the death of Maddie, as well as when they decided to become the most visible faces of the case. This last decision may not have been theirs or theirs alone but it’s known a fact that the spotlight centred almost exclusively on them.

We call it the “McCann Curse” just because it befalls solely on the couple. All others involved live with their dark secret and nightmare of the inevitable day the truth shall surface but until then go on with their lives like any other human beings…

Let us also make it clear once again, that we wish no harm to the McCanns nor to any other person that was involved in all this sordid affair. We only demand for them to take responsibility for their acts in the proper forum which is a Court of Law. Them and all those who were involved.

To wish harm to any of them it would be like wishing harm to those who took the life of Tia Sharp. If you do, you don’t seek justice, you just seek blood. They, like the McCanns should be judged by those society has designated for that job. If there is to be any sort of punishment then it should be handed out by those mandated by society to do exactly that in an adequate, proportional and humane manner. Anything else is reprehensible and disgusting mob lynching.

And about Tia Sharp, we noted the irony of The Sun’s headlines August 11: “Neighbour Paul, 39, also arrested – on suspicion of assisting offenders.

Those who now seek justice, rightfully so, for both those who killed Tia Sharp and for those who assisted the offenders must be coherent and also seek justice for both those who killed Maddie and for those who assisted the offenders under the penalty of loathsome hypocrisy.

Now that on this case criminal proceedings are in progress, the blog will align with the media and say nothing further about the case. We will take but not publish any comments relating to this case whilst it is ongoing.

Secondly, Ruth Breton and Jose Breton, two names, four people Ruth Breton the courageous, resilient and tenacious mother and her unfortunate child, apparently both victims of Jose Breton, the father, and Jose Breton who tragically shared his sister’s fate.

We will not get into the gruesome sadistic facts of this case, but will note that it was another disappearance made up and that, again, close family was involved. One has to highlight the most probable involvement of the father’s parents in covering up for their son and in the disposal of the bodies of their own grandchildren.

Do allow yourself the exercise of bridging the Breton case, within the adequate proportions and circumstances, over to the Maddie case.

Both cases mentioned, Sharp and Breton, seem to confirm that in the vast majority of these cases it’s the ones nearest to the victim who are responsible.

One is entitled to ask how sick mankind, mentioned by the late Neil Armstrong, to whom we here pay due homage, is really becoming.

Now about the McCann vs Gonçalo Amaral Trial.

I think that the McCanns have much more to fear from it then does Amaral. Sticking to the possible event itself, I repeat what the blog has stated many a time before and is that is that the McCanns cannot afford for facts to be discussed publicly in Court. One just has to go back to the Trial about the book and remember how disastrous it was for the McCanns when facts started to be discussed, to the point of making Isabel Duarte speak of unfollowed leads that were never asked to be followed and the willingness of Gerry McCann in reopening the process that was never formally materialized.

I’m not seeing how libel can be discussed without discussing facts, and if facts are to be discussed then it will be a huge embarrassment for the McCanns.

But maybe that’s what is intended after all as we'll try to explain.

You see, we believe that the “Establishment” is getting really sick and tired of the McCanns. Maddie has become a thorn that has gangrened many a limb.

But as we’ve said, the McCanns will not fall down alone. In that order, the SY Review was an unsuccessfull try and that’s why it apparently is to fade away inconclusively.

Let’s suppose that this incapability for the “Establishment” to nail the McCanns is because they hold, like we think they do, a compromising piece of evidence that would prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they didn’t act alone and were indeed assisted every step of the way.

Imagine, for argument’s sake, that this so-called compromising evidence is a piece of paper. Not discussing its content (although we have a pretty good idea of what it is) just calling it a damning blank piece of paper with which the McCanns are able to successfully threaten the “Establishment” if they wave it publicly around.

So the “Establishment” seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place wanting to get rid of the McCanns but being unable to do so. The McCanns won’t, obviously, hear any of it, and the “Establishment” can’t do anything about it, can it?

Yes, it can.

All the “Establishment” has to do is to remain absolutely and completely motionless when and if the McCann vs Amaral Trial ever occurs.

If the Trial is to take place, which I believe it will one day, the best outcome that the McCanns can hope for is to be publicly questioned and thus openly ridiculed, further damaging their already irreparable reputation and credibility.

And that is, as said, the best outcome that the McCanns can hope for from the Trial when and if it happens. There are other possible outcomes very unpleasant for them but that would please the “Establishment” indeed.

Once again, if the Trial takes place, when the facts are indeed discussed and if the proceedings don't stop at McCann's public humiliation and further degradation of their public image, then it can progress quickly to the point of proving publicly that the McCanns have lied.

We all know they did and we all know that any discussion outside their control will very quickly expose their contradictions. Gonçalo Amaral doesn’t even need to have any ace up his sleeve. If he has, then the McCann situation will evolve from disastrous to tragic.

If this public proof of perjury happens, as it surely will, it may even force the Portuguese to reopen the process immediately and in such conditions that the couple may not be allowed to leave the Country. Thus the very wise decision from the McCanns in exploring yet another flaw in the Portuguese Law, which allows them to be represented in Court and not be present as they should be.

But would the dam just break only in Portugal? What about when news of this is to break up in Britain? Can it be ignored? I don't think so. Then, would the tabloids persist on betting on such a lame losing horse? Or would they, as we expect they would, very quickly realign their editorial options and guidelines and start a blood thirsty mob lynching campaign against the couple "now" "shockingly" "exposed" as manipulative liars to "everyone's" "surprise"?

Notice that the “Establishment” has done nothing for the above to happen so there’s no reason for the McCanns to turn against it in self-defence. This would all have been a disgrace brought on them by themselves when they decided to sue Amaral.

The “Establishment” wouldn't have contributed in anyway for these turns of events, so for the McCanns to wave the abovementioned compromising paper in these circumstances would only make them to be seen as utterly desperate, further confirming their evilness and manipulative traits, two lunatics who’ve ignominiously fooled us all (including poor, poor “Establishment”) about their daughter’s unfortunate fate.

Then maybe, just maybe, the SY Review would just find a conclusion suitable to all except the McCanns and the remainder Ts, all this with the “Establishment" just being an innocent (very motionless) observing bystander.

I imagine how much lately the McCanns have been frantically and desperately lobbying for the Trial to be adjourned to a later date. It’s said that they've been able to do just that.

This time.

I can just imagine the amount of sympathetic assurances of actions they got that ended in nothing but dead ends, inexplicably. We’re absolutely certain that the “Establishment” will continue, for obvious reasons, to be cooperative and helpful, however the words cynical and hypocritical seem to come to mind…

If you haven’t understood by now, let me tell you that Kate McCann was correctly nominated Ambassador for Missing Persons. She has a very important job to do. Not related to charity or to go help find all those unfortunate souls who’re indeed missing but to assure that they, the McCanns, make certain that they start, once and for all, to become “missing”. The "Establishment" is fed up with the embarrassment that their visibility causes and has decided to have them "shelved" for now, just like Portugal did with the Maddie case.

Let’s wait and see. I for one am curious on how the game will be played.

If the Trial is, at it seems it will be, adjourned, then it just confirms the rightful fear that the McCanns have. They have placed themselves in a position from which they’re unable to back down without being totally compromising and unable to let it happen.

Amaral with his tenacity and resilience (reminding us of Ruth Breton) will continue to be a key player by pursuing that this Trial effectively takes place.

When the Trial does take place, Amaral will have done his job due to his courage, honesty and integrity. Then he can rest because the game will be played in other much more important and efficient playing grounds.


  1. Welcome, People. Miss You all!

    I like to be optimistic but I can never be.

    I also believe that the ID does not want them around here, they may be retained.

    However, ID and MP are overly connected. ID has always used the MP for any session where the GA is present.

    ID and MP know very well what is in process. And so are committed to working together with “Establishment” . They will do anything to make the thoughts of players are necessary proof, as in the case of MAC DAM and APD. The judge believed the thoughts of detractors and decided on that basis. Absolved them.

    There is a song by José Afonso which like a lot and is called "Vampires"!
    They eat everything they eat everything and leave nothing.

    As such, I'm not calm.

  2. Boa tarde.

    E, optaram pelo silêncio e indefinição na imprensa de Pt. A ID lá chegou à conclusão que tudo o que escrevia ou escreviam por ela (?) até no Jornal gratuito , o da Região, era alvo de críticas.

    Qualquer informação sobre GA não aparece em Pt.

    Em UK, aparece nos tablóids e, em pelo menos um deles a notícia vinha ao canto superior direito numa página cheia de letras. Ao lado, tipo poster uma beldade, em página completa ( toda a pág. 3).

    Outro, com o JM, dizia ter entrevistado S.Leal .

    Nada mais vi.

    Bem vindos! E, se possível não parem visto que precisamos mesmo deste Blog.

  3. " ..... One of the first witnesses called by the McCanns will be the President of the Bar Association, Dr. Marinho e Pinto.

    The defense of the former inspector expectantly awaits his testimony, and with curiosity, particularly the direct knowledge that the President has about the alleged damage Gonçalo Amaral has caused to the couple.".......

  4. Informação ou desinformação?

    Madeleine McCann's parents' £1m libel action against Portuguese ex-detective Goncalo Amaral - due to start Thursday - delayed until January

  5. Parece que sim....... Alguém de muito mais confiança está a aguardar a confirmação de fonte fidedigna.

  6. Textusa's

    Welcome and thank you for breaking into your sojourn to explain a lot of things. I was reeling from the appointment of Kate and then the request to Cameron from the Met. It seemed that corruption had overtaken our whole government but you explained it in a different way. I envisaged total breakdown of law.

    The Court case McCann v. Amaral is postponed now till January - this must be hard for Goncalo Amaral. Though you read it as weakness of the McCanns it still must cause a great strain for him.

  7. Voltando atrás no tempo: March 8, 2008

    " "This kind of thing doesn't usually happen to people like us."

    " A distressed Kate McCann: lean, blonde and articulate, clutching her daughter's soft toy and wearing a yellow ribbon of hope, was the figurehead from the outset. ..... A commentator in the Daily Mail wailed: "This kind of thing doesn't usually happen to people like us."

  8. Kate McCann apparently states in her book that she hopes Goncalo Amaral is "miserable and lives in fear",what a cold vindictive'devoted catholic'she is,the only ones who should live in fear is the McCann's themselves along with whoever else is complicit in Madeleine's disappearance,fear od that inevitable knock on the door,it might not be tomorrow or next year,but i have no doubt it will eventually come.

  9. Thank you, as always an honest and open discussion
    I just want to flag up, one of my pet issues over the years, SEARCHING
    When people are thinking of this case, they are confused by WHERE IS OR WAS MADELEINE
    Not far away, probably. Just dwell for a moment on the case of
    Tia Sharp
    Four year old hiding in a car for eight hours, with three bodies in France
    It's important for people to understand this perspective, it's not always seek what you see, but seek what you HEAR! Hear nothing, seek (see) nothing.
    Just like the safety net of <> between the Tapas & apartment 5a. Out of hearing range, non starter as a safe risk\option for the children.

  10. Ainda que os crimes sejam diferentes, nao deixa de ser interessante comparar o comportamento/cooperacao das autoridades inglesas com outra policia estrangeira, a francesa, no assassinato da familia Al Hilli nos Alpes Franceses. Por onde comecou a investigacao inlgesa? Pelo patriaca da familia, pela familia mais chegada em Inglaterra, pela casa da familia, pelas ligacoes/movimentos da familia antes do crime.
    Como e que foi no caso Maddie? Ah...( 'n' historias da carochinha): cartoes de credito eliminados da investigacao com a mais rudimentar mentira- nao tinham cartoes de credito. Como se fosse possivel, no sec XXI um grupo de 9 adultos viajar para o estrangeiro sem cartoes de credito. Registos medicos recusados. Telefones protegidos apesar de se saber que houve mensagens apagadas e que os telefones de Gerry e outro Tapas 7 terao activado antenas em locais reconditos e suspeitos do Algarve( Pat Brown, mencionou no seu blog, pelo menos um local onde facilmente se esconderia um corpo e muitos jornais no inicio da investigacao escreveram sobre a ativacao das antenas). Foi tudo abafado no rol do esquecimento ou do tabu porque era uma linha de investigacao que nao interessava no circuito ingles. Ate hoje, nenhuma busca foi feita em Rothley, nenhuma investigacao feita as ligacoes/contactos da familia. Ate um leigo sabe que e por ai que se comeca, depois da cena do crime.
    Agora, a investigacao francesa, num outro crime, vem provar que a PJ e uma policia competente e estava a seguir os passos certos ao querer levar ate ao fim todas as linhas de investigacao. E assim que esta a fazer a policia francesa e desta vez os ingleses parecem estar a cooperar de forma limpa. Nao o fizeram no caso Maddie, e esta e a questao que perdurara para sempre enquanto este caso nao for resolvido. O que e que teve de ser escondido, quando em causa estava a protecao de uma crianca? So a linha do rapto foi levada ate ao fim e provou-se ser impossivel.
    E tempo de retomar as outras linhas de investigacao, ainda que haja quase a certeza que a crianca nao tera saido viva do 5A naquela fatidica noite. Pelo menos far-se-ia justica, a ela, a sua curta vida e ao policia que tudo fez para a descobrir. E fazer-se-ia justica a todas as criancas/familias vitimas de raptos reais, ao desmascarar os Mccann e transformar o titulo de embaixadora de Kate num momento de chacota- mais uma anedota 'made in UK'.

  11. Tex and sisters, not read your post yet just discovered you are back, whoppee!!

  12. Como complemento , ao anon que também escreve em português, deixo aqui dois apontamentos distintos.

    Um é um comentário de L. Silva num blog inglês, o qual aborda o caso daquele casal inglês bebendo e bebendo e deixando a filha de 2 anos a larga distância do olhar responsável de verdadeiros progenitores ( infelizmente ela vai ter mais uma criança) :

    "Finally the crime of the McCanns has a name .
    McCann Syndrome"

    McCann Syndrome strikes again: Professional couple abandon their 2-year-old daughter in Portugal so they can get pissed in a bar

    E, agora poderão ver e ouvir um pequenino pedaço , em:{F1A5CB03-5D20-490A-97DF-A0C773098825}

    No entanto :

    FMF: houve telefonemas para não incomodar os paizinhos?" ;

    houve autoridades superiores que disseram não mexam nesses senhores"?

    E, a Polícia Judiciária Portuguesa que diga a verdade !

    Se telefonaram de Embaixadas; telefonaram directamente de……. (ruído) ; Vieram telefonemas do Governo Inglês?
    Que respondam a isto !
    Porque eles sabem responder a isto ! E, não vale a pena estarem calados . 
    E ser realizada a reconstituição Pela PJ e com os intervenientes reais.


    há 2 maneiras. Ninguém vai fechar o processo que está arquivado . O Processo por si só está fechado . Mais uma vez isto é lixo mediático mas existiriam duas maneiras de reabrir este processo:

    uma, é Procuradoria Geral da República
    rever mas não em 21 dias que era impossível.

    Rever mas também pedir novas solicitações sobre algumas para pistas que não estavam investigadas e que têm grande credibilidade, que eu conheço
    a segunda e esta era como mosca no mel é a mãe da menina responder às perguntas a que não respondeu. Se a mãe da menina quiser responder vai ajudar muito à investigação e não vai fazer aquilo que um inspector da Judiciária lhe disse " a senhora sabe  que ao não responder a estas perguntas vai fazer confundir a investigação".

    E, ela disse " sim, sim, se é isso que a investigação pensa". 

    Ela que repense isto e assim se saberá o que aconteceu.

  13. iI came across this interview in

    MF – Now, when I read the process, I realised that her fingerprints were on it. And positioned in a manner that coincides with an opening movement.

    GA – It was with that, with Kate's fingerprints on the window that I wanted to catch them.

    MF – That's the truth of the lie.

    GA – Among other things. It was one of the best games that I ever saw played out, to divert attention from what really happened in the apartment. The manner in which they "worked" for the Smith was brilliant.

    MF – The couple that recognised the father carrying the little girl.

    GA – Exactly. It was done in such a manner that at one point in time, it was Gerry himself who informed that someone had witnessed the situation, as if the person that was recognised had been someone else.

    MF – Wearing the clothes that the friend mentioned for the photofit.

    GA – Precisely.

    MF=Moita Flores
    GA=Gonçalo Amaral

    I had doubts on your theory about the Smith sighting. After this i must admit you where right. It was smoke and mirrors.

  14. Birch game is on again (see Mccannfiles).
    After a non productive summer he seems to be showing his pro- McCann face:

    "He says that there is progress and that there is a major cover-up by both the British and Portuguese police.

    He says that DNA evidence was planted in the vehicle hired 24 days after McCann's disappearance to frame her parents. He says that he has been liaising with investigators and investigative reporters in Lisbon and that together with them, he still believes that they have significant evidence to determine.

    He says that he has a letter from the Portugese Prime Minister stating that they have checked the piece of land Birch claims Madeleine is buried under, however, he claims that even the Prime Minister is involved in the cover-up."

    The best parts: - the British and portuguese police involved in the cover- up.
    - they (the police)?planted DNA evidences in the car hired 24 days. ( why that sounds so much like ant Phill, when she was trying to excuse what was recovered in the car by a team of high investigators with help of trained dogs?)
    - the portuguese PM involved in the cover-up. Which one, Passos Coelho, Socrates or both?

    That Birch, sounds too much like the latest McCann's fabrication in despair because after 5 years the suspicions around them did not fade a single pinch. They know what Murat knows and up to each point he is involved. After years pointing the finger to strangers, arrive the time to point the finger to who helped them (Tapas 7 just put your beards under water because you will be next). Now, Birch is showing why he had to travel to London on his way from Cape Town to PDL. To be instructed with " how to play the game". Who payed his trip? Madeleine and the Fund hired to search her, most probably.

  15. Anon Sep 14, 2012 7:03:00

    I that Birch now claims DNA planted. All he has said is contradictory and Tex & Sisters were right to call it all silly. If the police were going to plant evidence, to put it in the car was the least likely thing for them to do. it's an outrageous libel. If they did, they had to have access to Ms body to produce cadaver odour and DNA matches to her. If they had her body, their case against family was proved. This is even sillier as a claim.


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