Monday, 16 July 2012

Win a Gold Medal At The London Olympics 2012

The blog is closing for our customary summer break, as we are taking our holidays, catching up with business affairs and the care of family members, young and old.

The break is entirely our own decision and is nothing to do with the recent strange happenings out there in blogland. We have our own privately shared thoughts on this, but do not intend to add to the confusion with our own speculation. As we have already said, we are not “insiders” and have to sift through and try to evaluate the information/disinformation that comes our way. We like to work as a close team, to deconstruct, debate and disagree at times, which is time consuming and more problematic when it comes to holiday time.

Our policy is to decide our own blog content as a team and not become too distracted by the agenda that others may set, accepting that we may have been waylaid on occasions by those posing as friends. Our main agenda is getting to the truth, wherever that journey may take us, without being beholden to anyone involved in this case. The tentacles of this affair are widely spread and have a powerful grip. The strange happenings we refer to are a reflection of this reality. Although we won't be posting or publishing comments, we will be keeping each other updated with any developments during the break.

We hope you all enjoy this holiday period with your own families and friends; the most important things in life. Those of you who are keen on sport can settle down and watch the Olympics. Here's a gold medal that we'd like to be able to award.


  1. Have a great holiday Tex and sisters - look forward to reading your blog again soon xxx

  2. Have a lovely holiday Textusa - enjoy your break. You certainly deserve it. I appreciate your comments here. A little fresh air.
    Au revoir and lets hope clarity has returned to the quest some of us share for truth and justice.

  3. I am a newcomer to your blog. Very thought-provoking commentary here -thoroughly recommended. Have a good break and look forward to your return. Thanks.

  4. Textusa and sisters.

    Enjoy a well deserved rest and recuperation. We have, I think all come to depend on your insight and understanding of what surfaces.

    Your return will be eagerly anticipated.

  5. I would like to make a toast to that gold medal...before 2012 ends
    happy holidays & y'all come back now.

  6. Enjoy the well deserved break, Textusa and Sisters!
    Get enough rest to come back bursting with energy to keep up the good work you do!
    I will miss my daily visits here, but one must not be selfish, even if a little envious...I can't go away this Summer, snif, snif...only some days off in October, oh what alooong wait!

    All the best,



    "Open letter to the trustees at Missing People Limited"

  8. Enjoy the break you all so deserve,will"we" ever get justice for Madeleine??? Well,with your input,yes we(you) just might outsmart that despicaple pair !!!!but we must remember we are dealing with two very desperate liars,who ,are being helped in this debacle by so many people with reasons only known to themselves,have to continue in this coverup of our times !!!

  9. totallyconfused19 Jul 2012, 21:57:00

    have a good break people!!!!!

    Catch you again very soon!
    Kind Regards

  10. Happy holidays Tex look forward to your return.

  11. Hi Textusa,

    Looking forward to your return.


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