Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Just Embarassing

You may believe that we have inside information. I assure you we don’t. The only information we have and use, as we’ve said many times, is public and available to all. However the latest events may have indeed given you the impression that we’re one step ahead of the “Maddie Affair” agenda.

First, we took a break from the Mockumentary to focus on the strange relationship between Murat and Brunt on May 15th 2007. A day or two after we published that post, a gentleman by the name of Birch appears almost out of nowhere and brings widened attention to Murat, and Brunt is the only reporter from the “serious” Brit media" to give it any attention.

Yesterday in our Just Silly post we said that “Waters are being tested. By whom and with what objective remains unclear, but it’s now certain that muddy waters are indeed being stirred.” Also spoke of the war that’s raging between the UK Gov and NI. In the “Maddie Affair Battlefront” the "Brit Army" is using one its most credible Corps, the SY.

Today, NI clarifies what was unclear yesterday by publishing an article in The Sun whereby Kate McCann is now an “Ambassador for Missing People”.

Let me clarify that on our part it’s all just a coincidence. If we’re setting any sort of agenda it's our own, nobody elses'. How other people's agenda are run it’s certainly not of our doing, however it does please us to verify that we’re apparently reading the situation correctly.

About the tabloid article, if I was to hold a paintbrush, dip it in white paint and slosh it across your eyes so that you couldn’t see anything but white, it wouldn’t be as a whitewashing operation as this article is attempting to be.

Today's article in The Sun is, in our opinion, NI’s response to the “Birch Machine” attack. Now we know who attacked who and who felt the need to respond to who. All now nice and clear, at least before our eyes.

The problem with said article is that people who believe in the neglect theory won't be very happy. In fact, most likely will be outraged.

Lest we forget, the vast majority of people in UK are believers in neglect. Talking about the general public. They haven’t read what is written in blogs about Maddie and much less what we’ve written here. They’re not aware of the extent of the hoax, or even that there was one. But they do read the media and they aren’t stupid. No matter how fresh you try to sell a rotten fish, it will always stink.

If NI thinks this is going to retrieve Kate’s character in any way they’re being very badly advised. She is setting herself up to be taken down mercilessly in public.

There will be people who really have missing children who will feel being disrespected, and rightfully so,  and will be outraged by this so let’s hope one of them speaks out soon to start the dismantling of Kate McCann's facade.

This might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for many. NI is making Kate step on dangerous ground doing this.

There are two phrases in the article which we would like to highlight:

“We are really pleased with the way the Scotland Yard review is progressing, It’s in good hands."

“But what we need is for the Portuguese police to reopen the case. That is crucial.” 

About the first, we still all remember you complimenting how well the PJ was doing its job, until you realized that they were really doing a good job and now we know what is your opinion about that same Police after that, something you won’t ever be able to express in the same manner about the SY because you’re on home ground now.

About the second, all you have to do is ask. Your lawyer in Portugal, Rogerio Alves, has apparently said that you’re considering asking. Don’t consider, do it.

Lastly, let us continue to show how silliness continues to be a tool that seems to be currently preferred for use from all parties in question. If the Birch Machine manoeuvre was silly in content but efficient in message, you can’t beat the silliness, both in content and message of naming Kate McCann “Ambassador for Missing People”.

The silliness in the “SIC Mediums”, the silliness in the “195 New Leads” and the silliness in the “Birch Machine” should all be, and apparently they were, taken very seriously by some. The silliness in the  “Ambassador Kate” is just embarrassing to all.


  1. If Kate Mccann is to be an ambassador for missing persons charity that will affect the charity's donations considering the controversy surrounding the mccanns why would anybody chose such a woman to head up a charity. Kate is a very bad choice. As for their sickly photographs they really do know no shame.

    They copywrited their daughter and made a product out of her and never once searched for her or helped those trying to help them. They are a disgrace.

    The mind boggles.

  2. I don't usually comment on blogs or sign internet petitions but I have followed the links and signed everything I could. (I even had to sign up to the dreaded FaceBook)

    It was interesting that Kate McCann appeared on "This Morning" on her own (ITV1 in UK). I wonder if Gerry McCann knew that it was a bad move to have her appointed as Ambassador for Missing People. In fact, her 'aloneness' was the opening comment made by Phillip Schofield.

    Kate McCann should resign her Ambassador role immediately. She is causing harm to a worthy charity.

    I don't believe in the abduction theory - but I do believe that whatever happened to Madeliene was as a direct consequence of her parents' actions.



  3. I agree with the previous comments Kate will do so much more harm to the charity.

    The Mccanns are hated in the UK all comments about them are either censored or deleted. No comments were allowed on this article.

    Whatever happened to poor little Maddie was through their actions.

    Did this charity pick her name out of a hat!!!! Or did somebody 'arrange it' to keep her in the public spotlight.

    What is happening to Gerry these days, with his big ego he will not want to be in Kates shadow. Kate appears to be doing things on her own now without Gerry holding her hand, is this a sign of things to come, has Gerry been ditched?


  4. Kate Mccann has already raised in excess of 3 million for a missing person and spent the lot on publicity and litigation.

    How much is she charging for her expenses?

    We are going through a recession, people have less money and now Missing Persons is using Kate Mccanns image as an ambassador to raise awareness of missing people, what an insult to the families of missing people. Sadly this will definitely affect people giving to charity.

  5. Bom dia a todos.

    Bom dia apesar das notícias vergonhosas que aparecem na McImprensa de Uk e, também na McImprensaPt.

    Tenho conta no twitter e ontem foi o dia inteiro de protestos , de altas críticas em relação a mais este McEscândalo.

    Os comentários , não sei em que jornal ou página de FB, foram inicialmente permitidos; depois apagados e novamente reapareceram ( vi no twitter estas informações)

    Ao fim do dia, já princípio da noite, para mim , aconteceu outro escândalo:

    um antigo detective ( former) tinha avistado na Holanda a Cláudia Lawrence, desapreciada desde 2009 . A Polícia de UK considera o caso como homicídio. Mas a K8 colou-se à mãe de C.L. , tendo ambas mais uns minutos de fama.

    A K8 com o Pai de Cláudia não tem essa " sorte"! Embora, como é descarada, aparece e é fotografada quando a Família Lawrence realiza cerimónias religiosas para a SUA FILHA.

    Só falando de ontem , quanto aos dois casos , a embaixadora e o avistamento de Cláudia , o dia de ontem foi mesmo uma " very bad joke".

  6. I think Gamble joined this "charity" after leaving/ being pushed from CEOP

  7. I'm convinced that this and Birch are just stuff to distract you from dismantling the Mockumentary as you were doing Textusa. Please don't be distracted.

  8. What will the charity do when Kate is found guilty of involvement in Madeleines disappearance as she will be.

    If her appointment makes the national news there will be a rush of contributors cancelling their monthly direct debits to this 'charity'.

    I would never give money to anything the Mccanns were involved in. For example their fraudulent fund was to aid 'the wider family' and pay Mcs mortgage. How ill judged and insulting of missing persons to give such an appointment.

  9. Kate Mccann ambassador for missing people - Kate is very good at making children go missing!

  10. Kate knows what happened to Madeleine, she is partly responsible for what happened to her. So why did she accept this post, she knows how the public feel towards her and the damage it will do to this charity and who in there right mind appointed her to such a position.

    Charities take years establishing themselves and forging out a reputation. The public want to feel the money they give is going to good causes but when somebody like Kate Mccann becomes an ambassador for a missing persons charity and considering the thousands of pounds of public money she has squandered, her reluctance to answer pj questions and all the other things we have discussed here I just cannot believe it. It is so wrong and stupid of this charity to take on someone like Mccann what were they thinking the damage she has already done to this charity in a couple of days is clearly visible by viewing comments on all forums on internet.

    With the ongoing operation grange this was an ill advised appointment.

  11. I think people are missing the point about Kate. She's not an ambassador because she chose to be. She was appointed. She was told to go there and do that. Kate is just a puppet who has no choice. Somebody thought that it would make this would be a good marketing ploy to divert attention from Murat and told Kate this is what you're going to be. It's not up to her to decide to leave. If she had any will of her own she would have published the update of the book and wouldn't have remained silent not reacting to the evident farce which Birch's story is. It's in bad taste? Certainly. It's stupid? YES!!! But I think it tells us that they are running out fo options more than anything else. Now, just a word to Kate, this will be another thing they will throw at you when you fall from grace. Your friends could've arranged something else, like you weeping over Brich's outragaing accusations. Also, we could have said no, like you could have done so many times since, but you chose not to. I don't pity you Kate, you're helping to dig deeper the hole they've put you in.

  12. it is only a small minority in the uk that believe the Mccanns , but all those who do not are silenced , blocked and deleted our media can only print positive Mccann stories , books are banned what the hell is going on these actions added to the evidence and facts = guilty

  13. Many thanks

    Well the saga continues. But I have to say, one thing this whole affair seems to neglect is MR McCann, how strange that is! The seven other members of the group, how strange that is. The only alibi provided for two males absent from the group, is provided by an earlier alibi\witness from the group saying she saw the abduction, how strange that is.

    And so the saga rambles on.

    This was truly a time when those of us who had followed the case closely over the past five years, could & SHOULD have sat back, since for once you saw something most UNUSUAL - the backlash. Which one could hardly believe would ever happen or existed. Particularly following the reinforcement of the establishment during Leveson Inquiry & Redwood (SY) statements.

    A public backlash, since yes, they have remembered that three children of the McCanns were left, homealone, for four nights in an unlocked apartment with public access. Not a hotel room, not a walled holiday complex or wherever people envisage this bedroom existed.

    But keeping well out of sight for five years, true to the PACT of silence that binds them are their friends. Equally guilty of neglect.

    Remember the NHS likes it’s employees not to bring the profession into disrepute! (National Health Service)


  14. Puddleduck, thank you for your comment.

    We have the strongest of convictions that your statement that "three children of the McCanns were left, homealone, for four nights in an unlocked apartment with public access" is incorrect.

    No child was left unattended or unprotected during any of the evening/nights in that week in PdL and have explained in the blog why the neglect-theory is not only an hoax by itself as is the baseline of the greater lie.

    Your comment shows how the majority of people think when they think of Maddie: neglect. That is the main reason why this "Ambassador" frolic is such an ambarassment to UK.

  15. OH, Textusa ans Sisters, please, take that disgusting photo of the two "lovebirds", posing like Hollywood stars, staring right at us away, please, please! It is making me nauseous, I can't stand to look at it everytime I come to the blog to update my reading on the comments made! I feel like punching the computer screen, and that would be bad, it's my husband's computer...

    Someone above told about censored comments or no comments at all in newspapers and Facebook, well,it seems that the Missing People charity is banning people from commenting too! I've just read about it in Jill Havern's forum, a poster by the name of MccannScam wrote:

    "i have been blocked from
    commenting on the missing persons page , funny enough i was not rude threatening just used facts and im blocked , it now seems only pro mccanns are there voicing katie "mistake" mistake a mistake is buying beans instead of spagetti not leaving 3 babies alone night after night , and it is only the pro mccanns being rude and threatening (there is only a handful of them ."

    (in the thread "Kate McCann becomes ambassador for missing people")

  16. Anon Jul 11, 2012 11:09:00 AM

    Please do read what I wrote in response to Puddleduck«s comment and the "mistake" which you refer to, which wasn't a mistake at all.

    About the picture, it's not of our choice, but NI's. That's what they thought adequate to place in the The Sun article. I agree with you that is of poor taste and shows two people posing more fro a fashion magazine than seeking closure about their missing child. I see no pain, I see no anguish in their eyes. Only vanity. For me it says out loud that they've found the closure about Maddie a long time ago. And it's eerily chilling to think how they're able to live up to the image that was created for them and that they've accepted to incorporate. That's why we chose to place both pictures from the article. I think they are the worst "billboard" pictures I've ever seen.

  17. Now we know which colours Gamble was wearing when working for CEOP!

  18. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/kate-mccann-should-not-be-an-ambassador-for/

    Please sign! (oh, do read the comments in the "signatures" box)

  19. I watched K Mc being interviewed on the Good Morning programme and saw no signs of sadness let alone anguish about her child being 'missing'. In fact she appeared quite upbeat.
    We all know that, like the mother of a child killed by the Moors mureders, that terrible pain never goes away even though she knew her son was dead. All she wanted was to know where he was buried to bring about some sort of closure.

  20. Signed and left my opinion on the charities terrible and damaging choice of ambassador!

  21. Mas a crianca precisa de estar para sempre viva......... Como resolviam eles a ascensao a novos vips= novos ricos. Um dia destes a K8 vai escrever livros para criancas. E alguma vez eles se mostraram tristes ou preocupados? O chupa do G. E o rugby juntamente com o medo da K8 acerca da velocidade do carro da PJ ?

  22. I see the Daily Telegraph articles about Lady Catherine Meyer have been whooshed. Lady Meyer and her husband are connected to PACT, the charity for abducted children. There is speculation about salaries paid to Lady M and her assistant.

    This sort of thing is extremely damaging to the charity as people do not want to donate their money for the salaries of wealthy people who run them.
    Obviously charities need to employ admin staff who need to be paid. This charity is said to have made £50,000 from investments but how is this possible, where did the money come from to invest? looking at the accounts this does not seem possible.


    We have witnessed so much corruption from government, public officials, police and newspapers I hope charities will mot have to be investigated next.

  23. Charities could well be investigated next if they deem to see the likes of Kate Mccann suitable as Ambassador for Missing Persons. Whatever next Tony Blair receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for his handy 'work' in the Middle East.

  24. Is it possible that this farse maybe the straw that breaks the camel's back?
    It must rate as an insult to Portugal and its people. To have a suspect in Portugal made ambassador of a British charity must cause great anger and a desire for justice. It may goad the PJ to open the case.

  25. Just watched her interview with Scofield, Kate is as cold as ice and does not mention Maddie, she is uncomfortable. Skips over the question about the re-opening of the case, she takes people for fools.
    Earlier I viewed the pair being arrested at pdl when they were made suspects back in 2007 and they look accepting of their fate knowing full well what they had done and been found out for it. They are just sooooo guilty.
    What has happened to creepy Gerry not sitting by her side, I thought they were an item.
    This charity is doing the biggest billboard blitz in history for missing persons and the person heading it is responsible for why her daughter is missing. Its madness.
    Kate is so cold she shows no emotion.

  26. Kate and Gerry oh so smug.

  27. Hi thanks

    I seem to have been at this for so long. I certainly do not consider leaving the children homealone a MISTAKE. The McCanns and their friends ADMIT to this alleged practice, of course within the bounds of responsible parenting.

    Therefore, from the stance of the 'missingpeople' charity engaging Mrs McCann as their embassador, they are ACCEPTING this practice. That is wrong.

    But generally speaking I've still an open mind about all the events in PDL that day 3rd May.

    We really must for once LEARN to know when to engage and when to sit back, the backlash was this occasion. But the winners, yes the winners were the little group who could call the 'backlash' the HATERS.

    Yesterday proved to be a turning point, that people can't ignore. The establish & well-heeled my endorse the McCanns, but the'backlash' certainly didn't on this occasion.

    IN SEARCH of the truth

  28. Lorraine Kelley and Richard Branston are also patrons of this Missing Persons charity - all mates together.

  29. E " a oportunidade " dos Jogos Olímpicos, mais as vitrinas publicitárias de rua, mais a K8 ?

  30. Puddleduck, a confession is not sufficient evidence to get a conviction. It needs to be backed by sound proof.

    And the evidence in this case points very clearly that there was no negligence, no matter how much the "accused" agree that there was.

    If you're able to guarantee that I win the next Lotto, I'll publicly accept, confess, admit (you name it) that Fred's cold is due to me having him sleep out on the porch for the last 5 years of our marriage.

    Now take Fred's cold and make into into Maddie's death, check who promised the next Lotto to who, and realize that there were people ready to admit doing what they didn't do.

    Did it backfire? Well that's luck for you. After the Lotto is a lottery isn't it?

  31. The Mccanns are laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to our charities.

    They have hijacked charities and good causes to get their corrupt message across and all the while these charities just let them do it.

    I feel for the families of genuine missing people this post of Kates is an insult to them.

    Where is this charity finding all the money for the funding of these billboards in every town and city, the child planned for the first billboards has just been found according to Kate in her interview with Philip but they have loads more photographs, I hope we are not subjected to the age generated ones of madeleine that would be an insult to our intellegence.

    Who are these numbskulls running these organisations. Get rid of them and their silly ideas and the charity would save thousands and keep its credability which is fast disappearing.

  32. Then it's people like Kate or whoever named her for the position that allow something like this to happen:


    This charity has lost all its credibility in just 24 hours.

  33. Couldn't these people respect the suffering of others just for once?

  34. Its a mad, mad world when Kate Mccann is made an ambassador for missing people.

    Everytime I look at one of their advertising boards I'll think of the injustice Madeleines parents did to her, I'll think about how sick it is that Kate Mccann has been chosen to front up their campaign, I'll think about the nutters running this charity, I'll think about what I am going to write in my letters of complaint and who I am going to send them to, what I won't think about is the missing people in the poster because I'll be too angry thinking about everything else.

  35. I honestly didn't want to feel what I feel about Kate and Gerry McCann. I won't express it in words but it is what I really feel. I'm sorry but can't help it.

  36. Anon. @Jul 11, 2012 7:44:00 PM,

    Well, the McCanns also distributed collection boxes in hotels and shops in and around Luz, and, according to the testimonies of locals, they had no problems in showing their annoyment when the donations collected in those boxes were scarce...it seems they were very rude to the people in charge of the boxes!

  37. Kate McCann sends a shiver down my spine. The threat to freedom of speech in the wake of this case should send an even greater shiver down our collective spine.
    Nothing could be more pertinent than Orwell's warning right now: "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."

  38. How much will be Kate's salary on that job? Do we believe that lady do anything without having a good revenue?
    After the unsuccessful latest strategies to raise money, that is one more to get some incomes to the Fund, masked on other charities....an assault, like some others, where they run not for their daughter, only for money and publicity.
    She and her husband, definitely damage all charity events. Since they raised with their Fund, I stop contributing straight away to most charities. Now, I only contribute when I'm absolutely sure about the campaigns.

  39. Anon Jul 12, 2012 1:08:00 AM

    You raise a good point! Is this the way they found to shelve and feed the McCanns? This way they can earn a salary and keep their level of lifestyle intact.

  40. To work for a charity is a very altruistic and commendable thing to do. That’s why charities are so much cherished by society. There are two kinds of people that work for charity, those that really want to contribute and help others in their need or suffering and those that use the charity’s good and honest image for their own benefit. I have no qualms about the last as long as they do what the first do.
    Kate McCann is a completely different issue. Regardless of whether she was neglectful or not the matter of the fact remains that she’s been neglectful in the search for her child. Any human being can see they’ve neglected completely the search for her. It’s been 5 years which the McCanns have occupied with legal battles and self-promoting expenditures.
    A missing people organization collects funds to fund efforts not protagonists. They do use people well known to the public who have a POSITIVE feedback from it in order to generate further positivism, and bring in more funds. These celebrities appear free of charge as it’s their way of contributing to the various charities.
    Even if Kate isn’t getting paid, what is she famous for? Losing a child under the strangest circumstances and then not doing very much to go and look for her. Is that the sort of person that a charity for missing people requires? I say NOT.

  41. I don’t trust this charity. Where are they getting the money from to do this huge billboard campaign, that would cost a fortune and when you look at their accounts it’s impossible to finance anything like that. Have NI backed this charity with a huge ‘donation’?

  42. Using the 'neglect' scenario is coming back to bite the Mcs in tha backside.


    No-one will support the missing person charity if they believe the neglect theory.

  43. In Anna Andress's blog:


    Watch the video of Kate's interview on ITV "This morning" show, of July 10, and look at her mouth going all twitched when the interviewer mentions Mr. Birch...it's at around 08:38 minutes.

    ...her expression tells all...

  44. Anon Jul 12, 2012 11:24:00 AM

    Thank you for calling my attention to that. It's nou disgust or anger. It's no even fear of being found out. It's pain, it's disappointment. Looking at it I see reaaly the connection between Birch and Ambassador Kate.

  45. This charity is another business for some, the Mccann's included. Money coming and going without any control and without paying the taxes, we all are obliged too.
    We will see, how many missing people will be found due to that campaign on the coming months or years..... NO ONE.
    Remember Isabel Duarte, announcing to the world the shocking pictures about children in Portimao PJ office? Do the Mccann's have care or done anything to rescue that children? Another huge lie, showing how despicable are this people, who have no shame of assaulting anything if that is good plot for them. They are not convincing. Their last 5 years, were a collection of lies and shame.
    We know what people do when they want to fool the public, get money and circulate it without control- they set Foundations, Funds, charity events. All to feed their pockets, using the genuine feelings of the otarios.

  46. This charity is giving good charities a bad name. People will not want to give money to charities when they see Kate Mccann has been appointed Ambassador of this charity what other dubious characters are on their list of patrons.

    What is happening to Mccanns on-line store selling tacky goods is that still operating or the fraudulent fund.

    Kate has given this charity the kiss of death and made it a laughing stock. I hope I never see any of their tacky billboards.

  47. Kate has become so embarrassing she actually makes me cringe, I was so pleased she was not in our daily mail today, I cannot stand the woman. The Mccanns are typical of our corrupt society, greed and money and me, me, me. She has no shame.

    Looking back over the past five years, they did no searching, sued just about everybody that disagree with their fairytale version. If they had come from a poor housing estate the best they could have hoped for was a five minute slot on the Jeremy Kyle Show, but because they were doctors and had connections they have managed to hook wink so many gullible people.

    Next on their agenda will be David Paynes free babysitting service.

  48. Watching that devotional above, it looks like Gerry is smelling something dirty.

  49. The ITV video This Morning, with Kate on it, has technical problems since this morning or perhaps yesterday.
    Probably gagged by Gerry and Mitchell. She must have said something stupid.

  50. 'Has anyone heard of a £1,000,000 donation to the Missing People charity prior to the 'ambassador's' appointment. ?

    If true interesting to say the least.'

    I copied above comment from Kate Mccann author Amazon site. So if Missing Persons are now in receipt of such a large donation after Kates appointment, maybe their books should be audited with more transparency.

    There is more to this appointment than we know.

  51. Oh the irony!

    A message on the MP site.

    Missing People Today Kate McCann launched a new initiative to find more missing people, for which we are very grateful. We offer non-judgemental support for all those whoare missing and their families. We will never enter into unhelpful speculation. We trust our partners in the Police service and always co-operate with their instructions about appealsand support for families.

    Pity their 'ambassador' didn't co-operate with the police or obey their instructions about the appeal regarding Maddie's photo.

    What or who is being this stunt?

  52. These people are well domesticated:


    Kate McCann to launch nationwide campaign to find missing people

    From Wednesday 11th July, Kate McCann – in her first official role as Ambassador of the charity Missing People – will launch the biggest digital billboard campaign in British history. Organised by the Outdoor Media Centre and produced by Grand Visual, this unprecedented campaign will see a network of billboards publicise people missing across the UK.

    The value of the advertising space donated by the outdoor advertising industry is estimated at over £1million, and the campaign is estimated to reach over 10 million adults during the summer months when – thanks to the Olympics – Britain will be at its busiest. New ‘OpenLoop’ technology created by Grand Visual will allow staff and volunteers at the charity Missing People to update the appeals instantly to billboards, with details of the latest high risk individuals.

    The campaign will see appeals on donated digital billboards in major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, running across rail and underground networks, on high streets and in shopping centres.

    The advertisements will include details of individual missing people, creating awareness of the new number to call for sighting – 116 000 – and harnessing the public’s help to join the search.

    Kate McCann, a new Ambassador for Missing People, said:
    “When your child goes missing you want the whole world to stop and join the search. Missing People, the Outdoor Media Centre and its members are providing an unprecedented opportunity to help safely reconnect missing children.

    “More than 250,000 people are reported missing each year in the UK – worryingly they could fill the Olympic Stadium three times over. Thankfully, campaigns like this can play a vital part in the search. In May, two youngsters featured in the charity’s ‘Big Tweet for Missing Children’ were found safely.

    “The search for Madeleine continues and I am delighted to lend my support as an Ambassador to this practical solution that gives hope to families like mine.”

    Bill Wilson, Operations Director at the Outdoor Media Centre said:

    “Outdoor advertising is able to reach a mass audience again and again, so it’s really the perfect medium to help the authorities find some of the missing people, whose stories are so important but too often slip under the radar.

    “The Outdoor Media Centre and our members feel strongly that we can make a difference to the hundreds of thousands of families who are living each day not knowing when they’ll see their loved ones again.”

    Neil Morris, Founder and Managing Director of Grand Visual, the production and creative technology company supporting the campaign commented:

    “The Digital Out of Home market is now at a stage where it can really deliver on its key strengths - its ability to react in real-time with relevant copy to a broadcast audience.

    “It is the perfect platform for the Missing People’s Initiative – allowing the charity to manage and deliver this impactful campaign from their desktop computer and publish it instantly to a nationwide audience.”

    To find out more visit www.missingpeople.org.uk/kate. Give £3 to the charity by texting SEARCH to 70990

  53. And Kate's own Page!!


    "When your child goes missing you want the whole world to stop and join the search. More than 250,000 people are reported missing each year in the UK - worryingly they could fill the Olympic Stadium three times over.

    "Missing People assists the search by providing publicity appeals that generate potentially vital sightings and lines of enquiry. The charity's staff and volunteers are an incredibly committed and conscientious team doing an extremely valuable job. The search for Madeleine continues and I am delighted to lend my support as an Ambassador to the charity."
    Kate McCann

    Kate's Mission for Missing People

    Everyone at Missing People welcomes Kate McCann as a new Ambassador. In her new role, Kate will be working with the charity, other Ambassadors
    and Family Representatives to:

    - Raise awareness and understanding of the 'missing' issue
    - Help the charity to safely reconnect more people by promoting 116 000 - the new number for 'missing'
    - Help to raise vital funds so that the search for every missing person can continue

    Our thanks go to Kate for so generously giving the charity her time and energy.

    Click here to read about Kate's first mission - launching a new way to find missing people with the Outdoor Media Centre.

    If your child went missing, wouldn't you want the whole world to stop and look for them?

    * £3 means we can launch a poster appeal
    * £10 enables a volunteer to follow up a sighting
    * £25 pays for us to start a nationwide publicity campaign

    These practical solutions give hope to thousands of families and play a vital role in safely reconnecting more missing people.

    Give £3 by texting SEARCH to 70990. Give £10, £25, or another amount, by calling Freephone 0800 MISSING (647 7464).

    Donations will cost you £3 plus your usual network rate. The charity Missing People will receive at least £2.93 of this amount.

    This will help to provide a lifeline when someone disappears including case publicity. We may contact you in the future to update you on our work.

    "* £10 enables a volunteer to follow up a sighting" ?????

    It doesn't say how much you get if you come up with your own sighting! I thought that would be Kate's added value to this hypocritical organization.

  54. Correction of error on last post.

    It should be 'What or who is BEHIND this stunt'?

  55. I think the expression "blood diamonds" is becoming extendable to the charity world. Always knew there were crooks pretending to be poor to make some money. I pity all those that are indeed looking for help. Let's hope "Maddie's blood" will help someone really in need and not just to pay her salary.

  56. This missings persons charity is sounding like the Mccann fund. It has their hallmark all over it.
    Advertising faces of missing people, and asking for donations and financial support.

    If someone is missing its a sad fact they are usually found dead, or have been taken by another family member or someone known to them.
    Billboards will do nothing are we supposed to start looking and searching in our towns for these missing people? If a child under 16 goes missing the police are called they are the proffessionals and know the procedure. We the public cannot go 'finding' missing people. The idea is absolutely stupid, every missing child will look like somebody we know - then what. Start wasting police time searching for these lookalikes. Their will be huge response similar to all those sightings of Maddie but none will amount to anything, same as with Madeleine.
    Madeleine has been long gone from this world, what we need to know is what happened to her and why in other words we want the truth.

    this camagin is about the Olympics and the masses coming to UK these billboards are up in time to catch the tourists asking for donations its criminal what is happening here.

    Team Mccann IMO approached this charity with this billboard idea and Kate as absassador in return for a sizeable donation to the charity and the promise of much, much more to come once its up and running. It was summer 2007 when every car had a poster of Maddie, her face was everywhere people were wearing wristbands and the Mccanns were raking in the money and the Mcs are at it again but this time they are doing it via a charity.

    If there is 1 million to be spent on billboards then that 1 million could be better spent.

    How long before the age generated images of maddie appear on these billboards? The whole thing is nothing more than a scam and needs stopping.

  57. " When your child goes missing you want the whole world to stop and join the search"

    ...well, not Kate...she didn't join the search, did she...? The "whole world" was out looking for Madeleine that night, but not her mummy...it was too dark outside!

  58. The "This morning" video is working just fine in


    and in


  59. Anon 1:36

    Only saw the video now. I found disturbing the fact "The Met let us know in advance..." If this is true, why? Is now The Met the pretorian guard for the McCanns? Why would they let the McCanns know about any lead being investigated? One thing is for the McCanns to be cooperating another completely different is for the McCanns to be an integral part of the team as it appears. What's it for The Met if the McCanns feel offended by some lunatic? They've shown that they're capable of using all suing tools available all by themselves haven't they? They don't need any help coming from the taxpayer's pockets!!

  60. This charity needs closing down, it is set to make a fortune and again nobody will have any records of the vasts amounts of money coming in. They are all scammers.

    No reputable charity would touch Kate Mccann with a barge pole they know how we feel about the Mccanns. It is disgusting and criminal what they planning taking more money from the public using images of little children on billboards. The Mccanns did that they used images of a much younger Maddie to get the publics attention and money.

    Trading Standards should be called in.

  61. Why do the Met and everybody else who could do something about the Mccanns sit back and do absolutely nothing.

  62. The foreign tourists flooding into this country for the games and holidays will cause havoc with these bill boards they will be playing detectives and attempting to recognise the faces on the billboards and phoning 999 non stop plus all the other people that will think they recognise someone. Our already overstretched police force will have to follow up every call, they'd better start recruiting now all this extra work that is going to be created.

    Personally I would have thought the Mccanns have already wasted enough police time. How irresponsible it all is.

    I have not heard of any missing children in this country, as soon as someone does go missing its all over the papers until they are found, so where this batch of missing children for these billboards comes from is anybodies guess. They probably intend to go global with it, mega bucks for all involved.

  63. http://gazetadigitalmadeleinecase.blogspot.pt/2012/05/on-august-3-couple-drove-from-fateful.html

    What are they searching with that posters? Not their daughter, since Kate did not search on the first hours.
    Money, donations.... Is what made this two run and go very far....when they smell money, they always work.

  64. Let them put up billboards with aged Maddies! Then observe the foreigners that have come for the Olympics roll over their eyes! Maddie is a shame on you, Britain.

  65. I really wish somebody would do something about the Mccanns, they do as they please and nobody or nothing stops them.

    The new billboard campaign will make them millions, it is so wrong. Maddie is missing because of their actions. They have lied, never helped pj or answer questions they should be in prison by now not setting up more money making schemes.

    They have made us a complete laughing stock, stupid Brits believing the Mccanns. Incompetant SY for not arresting the Mccanns.

  66. I feel let down and disappointed at the UK justice system when people like Mccanns do as they please.

    How sad that we have sunk to such a low, when crime pays and its who you know keeps you out of prison, sad corrupt society with a spineless law society.

    I have decided never to give to any charities ever again how many others are as corrupt as their patrons and ambassadors. I shall keep my money and thats that.

  67. Why has none of this been reported in our newspapers this Missing Persons charity. Is it just aimed at the rich tourists with more money than sense.

  68. http://www.cmjornal.xl.pt/detalhe/noticias/exclusivo-cm/pais-de-maddie-afastam-buscas

    Correio da Manha Volta a carga para animar as vendas de fim de semana.
    Interessante, nao e a primeira vez que a proposito deste assunto, o jornal comete um engano na nacionalidade de Birch. Sul africano ou sul americano? Erro de typing ou estrategia de jogo?

  69. Correio da Trickery

    para quem não sabe ler ; para quem não gosta de ler; para quem gosta de saber das vidas dos outros; para aqueles que gostam de " ler" apenas o que tem fotos.

    A crise não pode justificar o vale tudo.

    Se não falarem deles mesmo, quem vai falar?

    O Correio da Trickery anda a fazer auto publicidade aos milhões de leitores: normalmente o jornal das tabernas ou dos cafés que precisam de chamar clientes.

    Bom dia a Todos!

  70. Textusa, have you read Blacksmith today? I believe it.

  71. That picture of a man and a woman at the top of the article.

    There is no life in it.

    What is the aim of having this picture taken?

    What is the aim of publishing it?

    Don't they look ruthless (the man) and desperate (the woman)

    Why do they want to convey these ruthlessness and desperation to us, the (un)suspecting viewers of their picture?

    What's in it for them?

    How much money?

  72. Just embarrassing for you, for Kate is a big shoot!

    Recognized as an ambassador for missing people gives her the public approval. Everybody will think MP org would not choose a person of interest (for same...)

    Unless there is a strategy for bankruptcy the MP Org. Imagine they want to shut down the org but the org still is profitable. What shall they do? Call the GhostBusters? No of course not! They might invite Kate McCann for a ambassador position.

    If things go wrong they have always a real Fund like no stone unturned and they can always offer KM a CEO position.

    Damages will decrease to a lower level... at least one just spoils a house...

  73. You mean Mr. Birch part of a conspiracy to force the hand of Portugal's zip-strategy on the McCase? Excellent thinking!

    Early in the game the Portuguese might have realized they were dealing with so-called "experts" or if you prefer, people high up in the British ideology who "play by the rules" (their rules). So deprived of their best weapons (common sense and intuition) and in order to protect their country's image as a modern member of the EU they tell themselves:"Let THEM go!" This has now led to their present position: "YOU wanted them to be innocent, fine, we let them go but don't count on us now to "prove" that for you!" End game.

  74. rolodog scouser16 Jul 2012, 01:42:00

    kate mcann, you make me ashamed to be
    1. A women.
    2. A scouser.
    But, there is hope.
    As all scousers know. YOU CAN'T KID A KIDDER. OUR KID. I would try and think of some kind of exit strategey as of now because when the truth emerges it's going to be brutal.
    I for one cannot wait.

  75. rolodog from scouserland16 Jul 2012, 02:15:00

    Maybe there is something worse than being in prison. Having to only have one glasss of wine when you HAVE TO KEEP THE MASK ON WITH YOUR NEW POSH FAKE MATES. Imagine having to hob-nob with Loraine Kelly. AND HAVE A DARK SECRET. Imagine having to STAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE with GERRY,and the only thing you have in common is A DARK SECRET that can never be revealed.
    At the beginning, they were running on adrelinin. Very exiting for narcissists. But it must be getting wearisome now. They must want to just spend the money now(on themselves)without the world watching. WELL,GET THIS. The world will never stop watching. It will never go away. You will never have peace.
    Yes the sheeple that read the sun will forget.
    And you denigrate people on forums etc., but we have degree's(just like you)
    we are from Liverpool(just like you)
    We like a drink (just like you)
    We don't leave our kids when we want a drink(it's illegal)
    Some of us lived next door to your biggest supporters,it really is a small world.
    Please Kate,just dis-appear and live your life with humility. you dodged a prison bullet. But expecting the whole of Britain to collude with you,IS AN INSULT. Keep on shining a bright light on yourself. I love watching a clueless narcissist

  76. The MP charity appears to be out of touch with the public concerning the appointment of KM.

    If I was a regular subscriber to this particular charity I would feel alarmed at such a post being created for KM who with her husband Gerry is responsible for whatever happened to her missing daughter Madeleine.

    With their numerous interviews I have never seen Kate or Gerry shed a tear or show any emotion reading from a script not once from their hearts in the background CM can often be observed to fend off any awkward unwelcomed questions. If anything awkard crops up Gerry strops off - typical guilt.

    The Mccanns have never once spoken into the camera to Madeleine yet they state they believe she is still alive, Kates comment ' Madeleine is giving them her tuppence worth etc...' when they believe she is in a paedaphiles lair such comments are beyond belief but the truth is out there somewhere and one day we will know what happened to this child that had to be denied a christain burial.

    K and G both lied about shutters being jemmied then once that was disproved they claimed the door was unlocked Jane Tanner and her fairytale abductor. The stories this group have told, the police time wasted is criminal. At the time Gerry always felt it more important to arrange and give press interviews and get his hair cut not searching for his 'abducted' daughter which is what an innocent frantic parent would do foremost.

    The pair have misled and lied, after Madeleine's death they both decided it would be easier to cover up as there was too much at stake, losing the twins, house and jobs. IMO when they met the Pope and he blessed her photograph they both knew she was dead and in their warped minds this somehow made it alright.

    Father Pacheco was removed and replaced after claiming he had been deceived and the Mccanns were 'two lost souls' not distraught parents, but two lost souls what a strange choice of words. Then he was replaced by the Mccann friendly Hubbard. Clarence Mitchell media man employed. Carter Ruck charging £700.00 /day expenses ensuring there would be no extradiction. The fighting fund was exactly that, the Mccanns needed that money to pay for these people and all their litigation cases since.

    The Mccanns are cold monsters no other words can describe their heartless actions. They stand ridiculed and hated by society for their cowardice, deceit, arrogance and contempt.

    Kate Gerry and the charity presumably thought it would be a good marketing ploy to get these billboards up and running before the olympics to maximise on donations. Typical Team Mccann.

    Father Pacheco was right they are two lost souls on a journey to hell.

  77. missing persons charity have taken on Kate Mccann does this mean they do not bother to research ambassadors before appointments or were they given a donation to give Kate this job.

    definitely the latter otherwise they would have appointed someone respectable and worthy of such a position.

    one other thing I was thinking about was Kate saying madeleine said' why did you not come when we were crying ' Kate made this up to reinforce their neglect story that they were leaving the children each night because she had told so many mistruths why would she admit to something truthful and something detremental to herself. This event was more lies.

    The biggest mystery is why would a missing persons charity take someone on like this, obviously they have been paid up front. Shame on them.

  78. I hope that Andy Redwood will tell us what is going on now and how far the have gone since last May.

  79. Does this charity, Missing People, get any funds from the UK government or is it totally independant? I From this decision to take Kate M. on board as an ambassador I feel they are in someone's pocket, finantially and not only...I think they were told to take her in, no matter the consequences, I feel there was no choice, no way out, even if that meant facing a wave of bad public opinion!

  80. Jul.11, 7.51pm
    @ "Couldn't these people respect the suffering of others just for once?'"

    We did, at the beginning, we were suffering together with the parents, we were extremely worried about Madeleine's fate, we were praying for her and for her family...
    We did more than enough and why are those "others" suffering?
    Scared of te Scotland Yard?

    They looked very well at the beginning, 2008,2009,2010... when there was no police force looking for Maddie. Suddenly they achieved what they "wanted" and they got paralized.They didn't expect it at all and if the person above is asking for respect for suffering people it is because the McCanns really lost their power.
    This person above could be Kate and I have a message for her: answer all of the 48 questions and come back.


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