Monday, 9 July 2012

Just Silly

Silly is silly. Best be ignored.

But sometimes one sees something silly and one feels that one has to act, for example, intervening when a child is doing something silly before she hurts herself.

There’s a difference between having to act and feeling impelled to do so. Sometimes people do silly things just to provoke a reaction.

And that’s what’s happening lately in the Maddie Affair with this Birch episode.

Let’s first just look at how silly this silliness is.

Remember how easy it was do debunk the “SIC Mediums” silliness with our posts Just SIC(K)... Or Maybe Not and Desperate Disinformation?

Well this one is slightly easier to debunk its silliness.

Notwithstanding that's it’s a rather farfetched idea for someone who isn’t known to have shown, at least up until now, any interest in the case, to decide to fly thousands of miles, hire a machine, trespass a backyard, where apparently there are 2 big dogs, 4 times in the middle of the night, and fly back to South Africa; there’s a physical reality that proves this individual is not exactly being precise in what he's saying: the Summer Solstice which happened on June 20th this year.

As we can see, the South African gentleman seems to have stated that he trespassed Murat's house between 05.00 and 06.00. The print screen below seems to confirm that fact:

It shows that the image was apparently captured at 05:09:06 on the 23rd of June.

We’re talking just 3 days after the day with the longest time of daylight of the year. At that time the daylight is not what is seen in videocap below:

So it’s silly, completely and absurdly silly.

But it’s the third absolutely silly episode in a very short amount of time. The first was the “SIC Medium”, the second the “SY 195 new leads” and now the “Birch Machine”, and that’s too much silliness about the same subject for it to be random.

Someone is trying to send a message and is not very much worried about the logic of which post card it’s using to send it. Anything will do.

Let’s start with what we can extract from these three episodes. Forget the silliness in them all and do concentrate on what they’re trying to tell you.

In the first episode, the “SIC Mediums”, the message was that Maddie is dead, that she died in the Apartment and the body was present in the area of the Boavista Golf Club. It implicates solely the parents and the remainder T7 and the possible involvement of John Geraghty is ambiguous leaving quite a good margin for it to be denied.

In the second episode, the “SY’s 195 new leads” the message is clear: the British Police officially state that there’s enough new evidence for the case to be reopened and the fact that it insults the competence of the Portuguese Authorities and that the whole thing wasn’t minimally coordinated are minor details.

In this third episode, the message again insists on Maddie being dead, involves the parents and involves directly the Murats, regardless of the silly disclaimer below as it’s silly to think that somebody places a body beneath a cement coverage without the knowledge of the owners of the property:

Waters are being tested. By whom and with what objective remains unclear, but it’s now certain that muddy waters are indeed being stirred. And with the same modus operandi that has been pattern in this entire affair: shamelessness. But maybe that’s the whole idea.

Now, let’s just concentrate on this last episode, to see if we can understand something out of all this. Remember that this isn’t either for you or us. We’re all simple spectators of a game that is going on, although to call it such is an absolute understatement because it’s ruthless and fierce and the price for victory or loss is indeed significant.

First thing noted was that only the Portuguese Media, mainly Correio da Manhã, picked up the issue. In Britain, as far as we’re aware, besides the sole “Brunt crime report” on Sky News, the issue has been practically ignored.

Second thing noted is the silence from SY which is deafening and still ongoing. Correio da Manha has reported that the British Police have met to analyse the issue, but to date, not a word about it from them. Is this among the 195 new leads, or is this the 196th?

Third thing noted was the tardiness of the McCanns intervention and obvious lack of enthusiasm in it. They appear to be very reluctant and uncomfortable about the subject and not because they’re afraid of the body being found... but they do seem to be afraid.

Fourth and last thing noted was the reaction from the BHs. For a while I had to ask myself who was in disagreement that the whole thing was silly as both WHs and BHs were, strangely enough, on the same side of the fence.

But while during the “SIC Medium” episode, where the BHs remained calm and poised, during this episode they became apoplectic. They attacked GA when GA was the first to show how silly the whole thing was and even went as far as complimenting the efficiency of the ERVD dogs!

We believe that some BHs are not fully in the loop and are totally confused as to what is going on. They won't all be in the inner circle because leaks and information will be kept to minimum numbers. They are just paid to keep confusion going but they are finding themselves in contradictory positions. It's funny that they have to criticise blogs which are saying the same as them, although there is nothing remotely funny about the inner circle and what they are doing.

The BHs have found themselves in a position of knowing not who exactly to attack but needing to attack someone. So they’ve exhorted Murat, both in comments made in WH and BH blogs and forums alike, to take legal action against Birch and have highlighted, as if it was needed, all the obvious details that make the whole thing to be indeed silly.

They've acted furiously frightened and that was so telling. The amount of effort going into this hoax is remarkable and ghastly in equal measure.

This particular testing of waters had the peculiarity that for the first time it implicates non-T9: Robert and Jennifer Murat and the mysterious MJS. The first 2 we know, the latter must be hiding in the fictitious “unpublished PJ Files”.

So from Episode 1 – The SIC Mediums to Episode 3 – The Birch Machine, we have an intentional upscaling of those being involved in the silliness and with that the silliness stops to be silly, doesn’t it?

From what we gather someone wants a closure for this case. We think that the terms of “surrender” are being discussed between UK Gov and NI in a war between sharks where the goldfish simply pray and have no say.

However, in this war, there’s another shark in the game, and it seems that it doesn’t want to play any more: the Portuguese Gov. It came out scarred from the last game and it seems not to be in the humour to get involved again.

The problem is that without the third shark there seems to be no game. It holds homefield advantage on the only playing field it’s possible to play the game. If it doesn’t open its doors to the other players there's no pitch to play on, thus this pressure, both from Episode 2 – 195 New Leads and Episode 3 – The Birch Machine, to force Portugal into play.

But can the game be played without a pitch? Yes, it can. If you can’t catch goldfish with a line and a hook, you can always shoot it out of the water.

It’s silly to use a cannon to get a goldfish in a pond but sometimes one really has to do really silly things to really show the goldfish that one really means it.

And we’ve seen really silly things, haven’t we?


  1. ElementaryForce9 Jul 2012, 18:12:00

    The alleged 'date stamp' is "120623" = 23 June 2012? Also, 2D-120623_050906 is the file name - which is editable. As such, it proves nothing more the someone has typed in that alphanumeric text.

  2. Thank you for the correction E_Force. Date and certainty of same corrected in the post.

  3. I think the biggest conclusion that we can make is that the McCanns no longer control the press and are no longer in control of their fate.

  4. Muitos e muitos de nós procuramos lutar para que a verdade do Caso Maddie venha ao conhecimento de todos e, depois temos uma série de " cómicos" a fazerem jogos de diversão. Eles querem que as pessoas fiquem com déficit de atenção e deixem de raciocinar.

    É interessante como 4 " cómicos" procuram e afirma saber onde está o corpo.

    No entanto o pai já desafiou o mundo: encontrem ........ e provem..........

    Ele tem a certeza que não há corpo?

    Many, many of us fight to seek the truth of the case Maddie come to the attention of all and then we have a series of "humorous" to make fun games.

    They want people to be with attention deficit and stop thinking.

    It is interesting how 4 "humorous" claims and since 2007 are seeking and saying they know where is the body.

    However, the father has defied the world: find ........ and prove ..........

    So, seems that he is very sure about no body?


    The Mcs can not control the press. But seems we have McMediaPt.

    ( i doubt- can be through the others)

  5. "So they’ve exhorted Murat, both in comments made in WH and BH blogs and forums alike, to take legal action against Birch"

    The verb "to sue" has been the one most used since this all started. A man who openly claims to have trespassed has for sure his back covered concerning any possible legal action against him. We don't know him but he hasn't jumped out of nowhere, I'm sure of that.

  6. This could all be a distraction whilst something else is going on. How is operation grange doing these days. Maybe Levison has uncovered something that will lead to the Mccanns, or Brooks and Murdoch and so we all watch the Birch situation and miss the all important other stuff going on.
    Well done Tex.

  7. First I must congratulate Textusa because this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors imo and she is not taken in by it.

    Secondly why has this man taken 5 years to come forward, and why was he allowed to climb into Murat garden for his publicity stunt. He is trespassing so presumably pj can do something about him.

    Also why is none of this in our newspapers. I believe Textusa is right in what she says. This is a publicity stunt organised by Mccanns, and why do these business men get involved... obviously they smell the money.

    This sorry case is nothing more than PR and this is yet another PR exercise.

  8. I trust Textusa we will wait and see how it unfolds, Texusa was correct with the round table and the stroller and loads of other misinformation that they attempt to throw at us. BH you will not win.

  9. Anon 8:08: "This is a publicity stunt organised by Mccanns"

    If I understood anything out of this post it was that it Birch is a publicity stunt organised AGAINST the Mccanns and friends which Textusa calls goldfish.

    She has shown that flattery will not get you anywhere with her so stop wasting time by saying "I believe Textusa is right in what she says" before saying she said what she didn't say.

    When will you people learn that Textusa is not the place for your deceiving games?

  10. I bet the Mcs are wishing they had owned up immediately as their sentence would be over by now. It has gone so far now they can’t jump off the thundering train and will only get off when it crashes.

  11. I'm feeling really horrified by what's going on, on planet Mcc. How long can rhis corrupt farce continue?

  12. It is amazing .... How people from faraway manage to connect themselves with a crime that happen in a small fishing village in Portugal.
    What a dirty(or maybe not) game from a guy that shows no fears about anything. He looks comfortable on his roll and very confident. Means, the message passed and his mission is accomplished. the story, suddenly( like it starts) fade on Correio da Manha. CM was the vehicle used, to pass the message. And that reminds me another message sent trough a local paper, the letter sent by the Mccann's to GA in a paper that reach locally only the Oeiras municipality... There is always a small mistake denouncing who could be behind the stories.
    From South A, trough the hands of the Mccann's, came a guy with a machine at the beginning of the case. After 5 years, another SA guy with another machine. He even claims that he brought the machine in Uk, on the way to Portugal. Are this machines not available in SA, a country with oil and many mines? You can think, you are fooling the public.... A very stupid conclusion, which again shows the behavior of a couple largely known by the public. Sonars are commonly used in oil and mine prospection to study the seismic behavior of the soil, then, I'm sure they are available in SA. Then, why passing trough UK on the way to Portugal? And what is the interest of publicizing that? Between lines, is there the idea of a UK legal adviser? I think so.
    A message to somebody.... A message from the Mccann's to Murat and all the others who help them. They know, the case will never go away.

  13. Anon 8:45 If you read my post correctly I never said it was a publicity stunt AGAINST Mccanns and also your comment 'when will you people learn that Textusa is not the place for your deceiving games' I find rather rude. We all come here with our opinions and I for one have been posting since the days of Ironside. I do agree with Textusa this is another silly idea being put forward and that is what my post says. You are the one twisting what I have said.

    This case has many twists and turns and I for one do not believe anything about this latest episode. Why would Murat allow somebody into his garden, and why has this person taken all this time to come forward it is all being blown out of
    context deliberately.

    The Mccanns are the deceivers not my posts. So please read my comments fully before jumping in with your wild acqusations.

  14. Anon 4:59,

    To clarify, YOU didn't say it was a publicity stunt AGAINST Mccanns, I did. Or I said that was what I understood from the post.
    You said it was FROM the McCanns and I contradicted you! You sound just like Panda when she said she did not say she sat next to Mrs Fenns friend, but said instead that she sat next to a Lady who was a friend of Mrs Fenn. You saying that I was rude to you is the typical self-victimizing speech from BHs that we've grown accustomed to.

  15. Anon 4.59
    I can assure you I am not a BH and you seem to have got rather rattled about my comment maybe it is you that is bothered by this.
    I do consider your comment rude and self serving. We are all entitled to our opinions and I beleive this is yet another distraction, why do these people come all the way from South Africa and at their own expense after 5 years? and why have SY not said anything about this or our newspapers. Its like the Tanner V Murat case nothing ever came of that, its just people attempting to confuse and mislead.

    And I was not being flattering towards Textusa I said she has not been taken in by it, like I have not but something clearly bothers you here.

    If anybody is a BH then it is you.

  16. Anon 8:18

    Why are you so angry with other posters comments and mentioning Panda and Mrs Fenn they have nothing to do with this posting are you trying to provoke a reaction from posters.

  17. Thanks for the post Textusa, I was waiting for it!

    For those of us following this blog, you know it isn't nice to read how you climb into one another. When I read comments that I don't agree with or doesn't make any sense to me, I just remind myself that we are from all over the world. Many of us don't have English as our first language and our comments come out in different shapes and sizes. I sometimes find it difficult to exactly express what I want to say and mostly don't comment. Also, I just ignore posts that I don't agree with or which Textusa has debunked in previous posts. These surface all the time and even I have in the past brought up issues that have already been dealt with. Have patience, it seems we will need it for a long time coming.

  18. Anon 9:48

    Without realizing it you've understood exactly what I wanted to say. No, my intention is not to provoke reaction from posters but to call to the attention to the readers that the Anon 8:50 is concentrating the guilt only on the couple. Mrs Fenn by her actions and Panda by her comments about Mrs Fenn's friend cannot be dissociated from Maddie. Anyone that let themselves be involved in this has allowed to be referred to in any post that is about anything related to Maddie. It's time to stop looking at the McCanns as the only ones to be blamed. They are many others who are as guilty and even guiltier outside teh T9. There are also others less guilty but they should have thought of the consequences before agreeing to help out. Your comment was very useful for the other readers to understand what I wanted to say, thank you.

  19. Anon 10:12

    We all know there are more than just the Mccanns involved, otherwise it would not have lasted as long as it has and we have to look at things from all angles and in doing so perhaps some posters disagree with other posters but we all have valid points that add to the discussion and should respect each others opinions not start calling posters BH's because you disagree with their comments.

  20. Anon 12:00 The Mccanns are as guilty as the others in this afterall it was their daughter that disappeared, it was Kate and Gerry that started the ball rolling with the media, fund and everything else, they were the parents that could have stopped this at any time, but they didn't. Obviously others are guilty but none are as guilty as Madeleines parents Kate and Gerry.

    Did you come here to change the course of this discussion - I think so !


    Kate Mccann to be ambassador for missing people - TALK ABOUT MISPLACED JUDGEMENT.

  22. I think Uk , K8 and Clarence saw this post, whose theme is silly, and to avoid being left behind appeared on the news today. Yes, the 3 because K8 never was alone.

    News ? Scandal!

  23. The BHs are reacting the way they are about this because it involves Murat. The same way they do when Fenn is mentioned or anyone from the Ocean Club. The accusations cannot overflow outside the Tapas group because that's where the truth lies and that's where they don't want you to go. I hope Textusa goes back to Fenn and clear up if she can the "Casa da Wendy". And before anyone asks my intention is to keep the Fenn issue alive.


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