Friday, 6 July 2012

The Murat/Brunt Get-Together

We had two comments warning us that May I’s post, Playing Games, was based on mistranslation of what was said in the PJ Files.

The first comment was published. The second was not. It was either too enigmatic, if coming from a WH, or too stupid if from a BH. Either way we decided not to publish it because it names personalities apparently not related with the hoax, so we’ll keep it in our archives for future reference if that be the case some day.

But in good time we were advised. In fact the translation wasn’t exact. We’ve decided to reproduce here what we think to be the correct one and leave, as always, for you, the reader, to form your own opinion about the content of the calls:


Call made on 15-05-2007 12:57:41 to 13:04:19 (duration 00:06:38)

Transcribed on 27th May at Portimao PJ station.

JM - Jennifer Murat
MB - Martin Brunt
RM - Robert Murat

JM: Hello. Jennifer Murat’s residence.

MB: Hello, Martin Brunt speaking.

JM: Hi, dear.

MB: Hi, is everything alright with you?

JM: Yes, Robert is a little depressed now.

MB: Surely, surely...

JM: It isn’t very nice on Sky’s part to use the term arguido, don't you think?

MB: Humm… Well, I haven’t seen that yet. I was… I was up there, at our villa. What are they saying with regard to that?

JM: Robert Murat is constituted as an arguido in the Inquiry of Madeleine McCann.

MB: That is what is the term arguido... can you try and explain what does “arguido” mean in Portuguese?

JM: What does “arguido” mean, Robert?

RM: Suspect.

JM: Suspect.

MB: Right, well, I'm not completely up to par with the legal Portuguese term. I think that someone said... The police said they are treating Robert as an arguido.

JM: Robert, an arguido?

MB: I mean, that means... that means that...?

JM: I'm going to pass you to Robert. Don't hang up, Martin.

MB: Alright. Thank you!

RM: Oh, hi, Martin...

MB: Hi, Robert.

RM: Your number didn’t show up, mate, so, I didn't know who it was...

MB: My... No, I don’t send my number. Put it that way... (overlapping voices)

RM: Oh, alright...

MB: Yeah... I’ll see if I don’t forget to change that, if I can find the tool (laughs).

RM: (Inaudible).

MB: Right... We’re trying... I mean I haven’t seen that yet...But we’re trying to expla...The police said, or it was the local papers who said that you are being treated as an arguido.

RM: Which is as a suspect, basically...

MB: Yes, but even so, I... Given the tone of the interrogation..

RM: Humm...

MB: ...and the fact that you’re free which says a lot about the interest that they have in you… Eh...

RM: This is the really killing me... It wasn’t me...I didn’t do anything and I’m being literally...

MB: Well... I know, and I think...

RM: It’s always on when I turn the TV on and it’s really...

MB: Yes... Well, it would be better if you turned it off..

RM: Really... Maybe it would the best that I should do.

MB: Yes.

RM: But when I turn on the TV, I think that... Eh... it’s killing me, completely. It’s killing me...

MB: Well... well... I’m going to tell you what...

RM: To have an idea...

MB: I’m going to tell you what we’re going to do.

RM: Did you talk to the lawyer?

MB: Two things! We talked to Sky's lawyer...

RM: Right.

MB: Who is of the opinion that the agreement that you signed reports to your work as a translator.

RM: Right and as to... the thing that was... under... Let me.. Eh... Probably is ... Oh!...

MB: Go on, go on...

RM: We talked... we talked about Sky’s lawyer, but the problem with Sky’s lawyer is that he is English!

MB: Yes... No, no, no! Sure... He’s our lawyer.

RM: Humm.

MB: And... you can see, he gave his opinion...

RM: Humm?...

MB: ...according to his understanding.

RM: According to his understanding, exactly...

MB: Now we are reluctant to talk to the lawyer who contacted you.

RM: Alright. Ok.

MB: We don’t know him.

RM: Right.

MB: And you don’t know him, do you?

RM: Exactly. No, I don’t know him, mate.

MB: And... And we don’t know where he comes from, what is the credibility he has.

RM: Yes.

MB: And they’ve told us that the police are playing games, with false leads and so on... And who knows if he is who he says he is?

RM: Alright. Ok.

MB: And he could be trying to probe you or waiting for us to pass him some information.

RM: Right.

MB: Eh...We know that you suspect that your calls are being listened to, so...

RM: Humm, humm...

MB: Right? Because of that, we are very reluctant because we don’t know him and you don’t know him.

RM: But, then...I mean, the best option you have to clear that up, is probably for you to go to a Lisbon lawyer. Eh... Someone... Someone from up there, really up there. Not from Algarve. Go meet someone from Lisbon. Alright?

MB: Alright. We’ll see if we can get someone from there, but..

RM: Yes!...

MB: But the position we’ve taken in relation to this, for the moment, as I had explained previously, is that we consider very important - and I think it was your initial opinion - to do something in order to get something from your side...

RM: Yes, and that it won’t get me arrested immediately! (inaudible)

MB: Of course, of course! And, you know, many of the things that you’ve told me weren’t attributed to me...I understand and I don’t want to get into all those details and we haven’t done anything since I left you.

RM: No, no, no, no...

MB: That I’m sure that you understand.

RM: Yes, yes! Yes.

MB: And if there is anything that may clarify it better, that you feel that you can say it, that can maybe be used in a future (inaudible).

RM: Right.

MB: You know, we can quote Sky sources and so on..

RM: Yes, which is great! Which is in fact great!

MB: But what I think is important is that you still have the media there and if we could appear, in a brief way, and make statements in these terms: “You know, I was questioned, it was a vague questioning, they didn’t ask me direct questions about Madeleine”, and after you explain to me how you feel that they’ve made you a scapegoat, that you have nothing to hide, that thankfully they are going to analyze your computer. And that in the end of all this, you will be absolved and they are going to catch the real abductor/kidnapper.

RM: We could... you could... We’re going to first to look at this with a Portuguese lawyer, aren’t we?

MB: Yes...No...

RM: Are you going to do that?

MB: I’ll strive to get one now and...

RM: Yes.

MB: But, but ...Independently of what the lawyer may think, I think that this is the most sensible option. But we’re going to try to find someone that can.....

RM: Yes, I think that is great. You can confirm that. I’m just here having a family discussion, seeing what they think...

MB: Oh, yes? Of course, sure. But I’m talking about making very clear statements.

RM: Yes, ok!...

MB: That they don’t get into too many details but in a way that you can get your message across.

RM: Get across... Ok.

MB: That will give your version of the events, as the only version of events are leaks and...

RM: Yes, yes.

MB: And is from local papers and it’s all very, very much against you... And there’s nobody, with the exception of the interview I gave to Sally...

RM: Yes?

MB: There is nobody speaking in favour of Robert Murat so...

RM: In fact, among the many interviews that they’ve given, I think there were positive ones... People talked with each other...

MB: Yes?

RM: They called and said.... No, no... It’s been very positive so...

MB: Of course...

RM: Well, the people from the area...

MB: People from here...

RM: From here... Exactly, exactly...

MB: (Inaudible)

RM : Exactly, exactly...

MB: That know what is going on...

RM: Many people from the area said very positive things about this which is... about me, which is useful.

MB: Right... Well. I’m going to see if I know of something and then I’ll call you again.

RM: Alright. Goodbye!...

MB: And if we agree on this...

RM: Yes?

MB: If we manage to appear for 15 minutes… (inaudible)...

RM: I have no problem at all in making a statement... Not that...

MB: Ok...

RM: I have no problem at all, as long as... As long as I have the legal coverage to do it. Because I don’t want to end up in prison....(sigh)

MB: That would be the last thing we want to do...

RM: Firstly, for something I didn’t do, and secondly, for something that, in fact, I did do that was to break their contractual (terms)...

MB: I understand that and I understand the sensitive nature of everything that we’ve been working with since we arrived here, so...

RM: Ok.

MB: Can I call you again in a half an hour from now?

RM: Goodbye!... Thank you very much.

MB: Goodbye. Goodbye.

RM: Goodbye.

MB: Goodbye.


Transcription of Telephone Interception Call date: 15.05.2007 15:58:17 to 16:01:44 (duration 00:03:27)

On 26th May 2007 in the Portimao PJ installations the telephone registers were listened to and interpreted into Portuguese:

MB: Hello? Robert?

Jen: Hello, it’s... it’s “Jenny”.

MB: It’s, it’s “Martin Brunt”, “Jenny”.

Jen: Yes.

MB: I thought it was better to send you my number when I call so that you know it’s me.

Jen: Yes.

MB: Ahm... look, I just... I just wanted to know if “Robert” got into contact with his lawyer friend.

Jen: Ahm... at the moment not yet, because he’s been talking on the phone with his sister.

MB: Right.

Jen: And he spoke ... and also spoke to the policeman from Leicester who is with my sister at this moment.

MB: Right, right... ahm... ...ok, there's just one thing I would like to tell him about ahm... his worries about talking (inaudible) the McCann family (inaudible).

Jen: I’m starting to not hear you, I’m starting to not hear you...

MB: I just wanted to explain one thing to him, and...

Jen: Ok.

MB: And that may help him... to arrive...

Jen: Rob it’s... it’s Mar, “Martin”, he has some news for you (speaks to a third party) Wait a little, I (inaudible).

MB: Alright.

Rob: Hi, mate.

MB: Hi, look, very briefly, this, this could be an important question.

Rob. Alright.

MB: Ahhm... the idea that nobody involved should talk .... the McCann family have talked regularly and they are key witnesses in this investigation.

Rob: That is not a good question, sorry, it’s a good question, but they are not about to detain them, are they?

MB: They can’t...

Rob: They are not about to detain them, especially with the public pressure, are they?

MB: Well, no, no, no..but, but....I just, I just thought, a lawyer drew my attention to (inaudible) nobody...

Rob: No, that’s good, that’s very, very good, in fact I haven’t yet (inaudible) statements because I was on the phone, ok?

MB: Sure, sure.

Rob: But the truth is that I have found some very good information, I expect them to be very good, unfortunately out of sight, I really made a phone call from here at eight fifteen in the evening.

MB: Right.

Rob: And I made another call at eleven fifty three at night so... from, from the home telephone and it’s a number that only I would call to, it’s not a number that my mother would call.

MB: Right.

Rob: Ahmm... so that, that starts to look positive, but now I'm trying to find out from my, from “Dawn”, I've just spoken to “Dawn”, ahhm... to see if she could, ahhmm... ask for the telephone records in the United Kingdom.

MB: Right

Rob: And see if she called my any time that night.

MB: Right.

Rob: So I’m not, I’m not sure how well, how well this is going to result, but if she can do this for me that is great, I mean, (inaudible) if, if they could prove that I was here from eight fifteen...

MB: Yes.

Rob: And that I didn’t move, in the sense that my cellphones didn’t move..

MB: Yes.

Rob: You know, that is, it’s quite good (inaudible)..

MB: Yes, you know, I think, I think that is quite important and... I think that it’s... yes, I think it can be very useful to you.

Rob: Yes, yes.

MB: Yes, I mean, you should need to... to prove where you were, I mean (inaudible) you should not have to prove anything.

Rob: Well, that, that, that is true, but the way things are, with all the nonsense that is going on...

MB: Yes.

Rob: I..I... I’m doing something to try, you know, to show that I... was where I was, after all.

MB: Yes.

Rob: No, I understand that, yes, but whatever, I’m going... I’m just going to finish this and then I’m going to do what I had planned to do... ahm and then I’ll call you again.

MB: OK, alright.

Rob: OK? Thanks.

MB: Alright.

Rob. Thank you very much, take care, goodbye.

MB: Goodbye.

An interesting detail.

The translators had the opportunity to hear the intonation and inflection of the actual calls. This has revealed to be important in their translation.

The Portuguese have two different ways by which two people speak to each other. They either treat each other by “voce”, demonstrating distance and respect between the parties, or by “tu”, much more familiar and used between friends and close acquaintances. The English have only the "you".

The fact that both translators use the “ tu” form between Murat and Brunt is only because they deduced such intimacy between them from what they heard.

I would like to remind all that these conversations took place on the 15th. Around about, or less than 24 hours after Murat was constituted as an arguido.

It’s quite fascinating the familiarity that we can witness between a TV Reporter and a suspect of a crime. The world’s most sought after suspect of a crime at the time.

Post Scriptum:

We don’t wish to help spread falsity but in this case the messenger is much more important than the message::

Police Probe Madeleine 'Grave' Theory

By Martin Brunt, Crime Correspondent

British detectives are examining an extraordinary claim that Madeleine McCann's body is buried near the holiday apartment from where she vanished.

A self-styled investigator has sent police ground radar scans he claims show a burial site.

Stephen Birch says he took the scans last week in Praia da Luz, the Portuguese holiday resort where Madeleine disappeared five years ago.

He passed them to Scotland Yard detectives who are carrying out an investigative review of the case.

They have asked him for more information to help them interpret the scan results and the "raw data" the machine collected.

He has also sent the material to Portuguese police who abandoned their search for Madeleine 15 months after she disappeared.

Mr Birch, a commercial property developer in South Africa, admits he is "obsessed" with the Madeleine mystery.

He claims to have spent £40,000 on buying the ground-penetrating scanner and being trained in its use.

He said: "All I want to do is solve the mystery and bring closure to Madeleine's family. I am convinced she lies where I have scanned.

"I've had the scans analysed and they show digging, a void and what could be human bones."

Scotland Yard said it would always consider any new potential evidence and pass it on to the Portuguese authorities.

Earlier this year the detective in charge of the review said he believed there was a chance Madeleine was still alive.

She was nearly four when she disappeared without trace from the apartment in May 2007.

Despite dozens of potential sightings around the world no credible evidence has emerged to indicate whether she is alive or dead.

Her parents Kate and Gerry McCann believe she is still alive and would not comment on Mr Birch's claims.”

Why is Brunt reporting it when no UK press seem to be?

Mates falling out with each other?

We all know how the jungle works... once the lion is weak, all the hyenas and vultures come out to fight for the spoils while the “banquet-to-be” looks powerlessly at what the very near and unfortunate future is about to become…


  1. Martin Brunt fishing around....but serious enough to get laywers involved. Murat is involved in this somehow, perhaps not directly but he is involved and knows more than he is telling.
    The transcripts I'd like to read are the one's Kate deleted on the 3rd May !!!

  2. Anon Jul 6, 2012 9:30:00 AM

    There are no deleted statements that should be in the PJ Files and aren't. That's a myth, as we've explained more than once.

  3. Textusa, I read the comment you responded to as K deleting her calls/texts from her phone not that the PJ did that. If I read it right then someone is saying K and RM were in communication?

  4. Anon Jul 6, 2012 10:11:00 AM

    You may be right, and I apologise for my reaction to Anon.

    However, on May 3rd, no calls were beibng listened to. But I agree with Anon's wishfull thinking.

    I also don't think that on May 3rd, K and RM would be in contact with each other. K was too much out of control and RM was but a minor player of the game. It would be interesting to know what calls were made from who and to who that night. But if I had to pick a phone that would give me relevant infornation, it wouldn't be K's...

    Mu apologies once again, and hope Anon understands the reason why I reacted the way I did.

  5. Murat's reaction to the south african's "investigations":

  6. In the interview, Murat says that his mother has two "Serra de Estrela" dogs (very large and very good watch dogs). I would think that Mrs. Jenny Murat loves dogs and has had many over the years, so it's logical to suppose that many of those were buried in the garden of the house, it's common practice of pet owners who live in houses with large backyards or gardens (my in laws case, their garden is the resting place for all the cats and dogs they had over the years). A large breed dog like a "Serra" is much bigger than the body of a 3 year old child, I'm surprised that the south african man and his machine did not find "suspect" holes in the underground all over the place!

  7. In the Algarve Resident interview one can read this priceless "jewel":

    "In the CM report, Gerry and Kate McCann’s lawyer in Portugal, Rogério Alves, is said to be following the latest developments closely and admitted he may request the reopening of the case."

    Really? Are you really considering a reopening of the case, Mr. Alves?!
    Ok, that's a good joke, but a bit of an oldie, isn't it, Mr.Alves? We're getting a bit sick and tired of you telling it over and over again...

  8. Such a serious lead.
    Such a serious accusation.
    Such a serious fate for Maddie.
    Such a serious interest from CdM.
    Such a serious interest from British Authorities
    And not ONE word from the McCanns?!?
    Not a word to refute or to show hope in a possible closure! Nothing.
    Strange silence.
    I think the HOAX is becoming too great to be contained. I'm just curious what story ending are they going to try and push. We'll be here to see.

  9. Tenham cuidado com o falso jornalismo realizado por alguns "no c. da ".

    Forjam entrevistas com GA, conforme foi dito públicamente ontem num show tv perto de si;

    repetem as palavras do advogado

    (sim, repetem pois é o que ele diz sempre)

  10. O que li no algarve, escrito pela inês, pareceu-me a mesma coisa do c. da < tarde>.

    Ou então estou com sono devido à tensão.

    A mesma coisa traduzida para inglês? Talvez com o acrescento dos 2 pastores alemães mas por lá devem saber bem quem tem cão.

    Só sei que os tablóides são mesmo uma seca.

  11. Anon 12:38

    Their current silence is a clear indication that they never were in control. This was much bigger than them. It's their silence and it's as if the T7 have disappeared into thin air. Even Clarence has been thrown into the bin like the litter he always was. Murat shows worry about the McCanns who supposedly set him up are getting arrested. Why? Brunt is just worried in helping Murat. Why? If you were in trouble with the police would you seek the help of a TV Reporter? Help from someone who lives by selling stories like the one you're in, not in helping you. Murat, McCanns, T7, all guilty but all small fish in the pond.

  12. E eu gostava de saber se foi real o R.M. ter colocado em tribunal uma acção sobre a JT, aquela que se veste de púrpura e diz não ter trazido jeans para a PdL.

    Essa acção, dizia-se, iria acontecer num tribunal do sul do País.

    Como dizem os brasileiros: "cadê ele"?

  13. Nest of vipers, hyenas and carrion eaters come to mind. I would hate to have trusted any one of these people as they will turn on those who do if it means they can survive when the going gets tough. RB and Mcs for a start!

    The Mcs are silent and have been for some time, although it was reported they will not comment on the RM garden news. Someone else is blogging and tweeting the Portuguese have reopened the case so of course BHs are apoplectic about that being said. Wouldn’t you think BHs would be thrilled if it was ????...I think their response is another reaction to be expected and they are really digging themselves an even bigger hole now.


    O processo do desaparecimento de Madeleine McCann só será reaberto "se existirem factos novos, credíveis e relevantes e não meras hipóteses ou especulações".

    (cont no link)

    Já agora, uma crónica com humor :

    O El Rei D. Sebastião , o grande mistério de Pt mais o scanner e o sul africano .

  15. Oh my, Oh my! What is Murat to do? He's relied on legal help from Sky it seems and that seems no longer possible. Who's he going to call for help? The Lisbon lawyer that Sky arranged for him?!? Oh my, Oh my...

  16. Profiler Pat Brown has quickly dismissed the Birch finding. However, the Birch theory does have a modicum of plausibility and worth looking at carefully. Pat Brown has said it's impossible because the Police have already searched and dug up the Murat Villa. This was done just a few days after Murat became an arguido. What if Madeleine was buried in the Villa grounds after the Police search? Brilliant! The Police wouldn't search the villa again? Surely not! They wouldn't because Murat was by this time off the hook and the attention now on the McCanns.

  17. Anon Jul 7, 2012 12:05:00 AM

    It sounds rather far-fetched to us, but let's wait and see how all of this develops. If there is any credibility in this story, we would expect to see police all over the house by now. If that isn't happening, maybe that speaks for itself.

  18. Murat shoulod publish that Birch and the news papers. An absurd story and why hurt him this much?

  19. The Mccanns do not seem so confident these days as they once were when they had the backing of the media. Public opinion has turned against them and they know it. The Leveson inquiry phone hacking are all things that they never considered would happen, Murdoch and Brooks once powerful people in the media have been shown for the manipulators they are.
    Wherever Mccanns and Co hid Madeleine one day she will be found if the Mccanns knew she would never be found Kate would not have made such an issue of sedation in her book and belittling the pj, she would not have needed to write the book. The book is proof that madeleines remains can still be found and Mccanns attempt to distance themselves from any involvement and forensic tests that will be carried out once her remains are discovered.
    If they knew her remains would never be found they would both be more confident in that knowledge. There would be no need to keep employing lawyers or giving scripted interviews.
    Their guilt is in Kates book, blaming everybody else, giving misinformation and misleading readers.

    Kate is haunted by her conscience it is etched on her now fragile face and is eating her up.

    imo Somewhere in or around pdl Madeleine was buried.

  20. "Pais de Maddie favoraveis a escavaçoes no quintal de Murat".- CM

    O titulo não surpreende e nem merece comentários. Finalmente quebraram o silêncio.... Convem-lhes, e como muitos comentadores do CM alvitram, " nāo seria surpresa que estivessem por trás de toda esta trama para desviarem as atenções, agora que se esgotaram todas as hipóteses da criança estar viva ou ter sido um estranho a lidar com o corpo. Redwood, jamais convencerá a PJ e a Europol e Interpol, com as suas divagações.
    O que merece um comentário é o comportamento dos media portugueses relativamente a um assunto que aqueceria o verão impregnado numa crise, e faria encher de clientes as bancas dos jornais. Além do CM e do Expresso( sem grande relevo), nenhum jornal se deu ao trabalho de correr atrás da noticia com primeiras páginas bombásticas. Limitam-se a citar o CM, que adoptou o papel do The Sun, talvez com o espaço pago ao estilo cachet publicitário.

  21. Anon 11:32

    It looks like the McCanns are doing the world a favour. It's like, yeah, if you really want to do it we'll support you.. Each day they worry more about their own fate to be able to react to bogus news about their daughter. Their fate is uncertain, Maddie's fate they long ago know what it was. I think this news is to pressure the Portuguese into opening the process. From what I read, this Birch person is loaded with money. He's not just someone looking for fame. The British have tried pressuring with SY and the 195 leads, and Portugal didn't react. Now they're using tabloid pressure by using CdM. The problem is that there are many in Portugal who are as ashamed as many in Britain. It's my opinion for all it's worth.

  22. Of course, if Madeleine was ever buried inside the Murats proprerty it was done well after the police searches, it had to be! Are people forgetting about the forensic findings in the hired car and the work of Eddie and Keela on that car?! It was hired 23 days after the 3rd May, and a body was with no doubt inside the booth of the car (dogs don't lie...)! I read that the police had found indications that the body had been kept in the cold, a freezer or such, so it was hidden and kept somewhere for a period of time and then moved to the final resting place. The person in question had access to a number of vacant houses/apartms. due to his business, and many of those holiday propreties are equiped with fridges/freezers...just put 2 and 2 together...

  23. Anon 12:55. It's possible, yes. We know from the evidence in the car that the body was still being moved after Murat's house was checked. I'm not excluding the possibility of it being there, but I think it would be a stupid risk. Murat's house became too well known. If they had to choose some Expat's house there were many that helped, as Tex has shown. I wouldn't have a body in my yard, that's for sure, but we've seen many crazy things done for the sake of whoever is in control. I think cremation would have been the best way to solve the body problem.

  24. Anon. Jul 7, 1:12:00pm,
    yes, I too think the body has been destroyed, it was the most efficient way to make sure it would never be found, but I've heard this said many times: - the best way to hide something is to have it in plain sight...

  25. Sean developing a liking for sea bass for me was a huge flag, but I just could never figure out how.

    I watched the video with Stephen and I believe him. He said it would be not difficult to miss out on a 90 cm body folded double. It is a very small space to actually capture.
    And after three days they started sleeping well because that area was missed.
    And then the trail led away from the region.
    Far away.
    Until now.

    I find this amazing and astonishing and maybe just maybe will provide the closure we have all been seeking.

    It might just get the case reopened.
    Why the silence from Rothley?

  26. Anon 12:46,
    Non, they don't want the case to be reopened. To do that, they don't need the pressure of any tabloid. Being available for a reconstruction will be enough.
    In Portugal, there is a strong believe that they are behind this story involving Murat again. They have done it at the beginning, then no fears to do it again. Most probably he is involved together with them and they know, he has no way to run away from the accusations and denounce them. They are all cats with their tails out.

  27. This is my second attempt at writing this, first one disappeared into they do!
    Murat is a red herring.. Kate and Co made much reference to him, Gerry would neither admit or deny knowing him, creating more conspiracies, when he was made a suspect before them Kate said something along the lines of 'hope pj are not to tough on Murat' not the exact words but similar. Why would the mother of the victim say that! Considering how Kate attempts to manipulate via her book and interviews with misinformation she would not have mentioned Murat if he was involved and helping them, she would distance him from events. As she has Payne! Therefore I believe Murat is nothing more than a red herring.

    However, the Mccanns did get help not only from their Tapas friends but elsewhere, they had to. I firmly believe we are all overlooking something that we either take for granted or just do not check it out. Most cases are easily solved once all pieces are in place, with this missing piece we are missing something important that will change our thinking.

    Textusa's analysis is brillient, I log on everyday but I just feel in the very early days we all missed something very important. The Mccanns know it is still out there and we are just joining up the dots wrong.

  28. When Murat was made a suspect Kate said something like' she hoped they would not be to hard on him' these are not her exact words but she said similar to this.
    Considering the pj thought he was involved in the disappearance of her daughter and she said that, it does not add up. If she knew he was innocent then what she said makes sense, knowing he was innocent and hoping he would not face too tougher sentence.
    Murat is a red herring. Tapas attempted to blame him and so did Lori the journalist all involved with Murdoch. Gerry made a big thing about not denying or knowing Murat trying to be mysterious.

    What happened to Madeleine is confined to the Tapas group and Mccanns they did get outside help but at the moment none of us knows who it was that helped them.

    Textusa has hit on many points in her analysis of this case, she has been excellent but there is something somewhere we have all overlooked or taken for granted and that is the missing piece of this jigsaw puzzle and in all probablity it is staring us in the face but we look and do not see


    "Sherlock Holmes on Scotland Yard's Madeleine McCann review"

  30. Hurrah!
    Joana Morais is back on business!

    (but sadly, still no change in Mr. Nigel's McCann Files)

  31. Bom dia!

    Os tabloids falam de R.M. mas não falam da Lory Campbell porquê? E da sky nes e de...... e mais ainda de....... e, também de..........

  32. Já agora também quero dizer que os ex pats não protegem as crianças nem denunciam aos seus serviços competentes, como também usam Pessoas como a Senhora Fenn ( 80 e tal anos quando "partiu") e agora com outra Senhora com idade aproximada.

    Uma, pois já morreu. Embora McAmiga;

    JM nem sei se é ou não McAmiga.

    Mas por favor, UK : deixem as crianças e as Pessoas mais velhas em paz. Usem os McsAmigos das idades do McCasal.

    Ou também querem apropriar-se das velhas ruínas romanas de alto valor histórico?

    A derrubarem a casa que sejam os nossos historiadores e arqueólogos em prol do estudo.

    Ah........... esqueci que estamos em crise.

  33. Jenny Murat já tem uma idade respeitável. A Senhora Fenn foi "embora" também com uma idade avançada.

    Mesmo que sejam McsAmigas , os de UK não deviam servir-se delas. E, muito menos da criança ( na altura)

    Os de Uk não pensam em ter cuidado com estas pessoas? Não protegem a infância e os idosos, mesmo que McsAmigos?

  34. Enviei um comentário com Jenny .... não está certo pois não sou próxima da Senhora, portanto é Jennifer Murat

  35. From the video available in Correio da Manhã:

    "Disclaimer:The manufacturers of this video, as well as Stephen Birch, do not accuse Robert Murat nor his family of abducting and burying Madeleine McCann in their property known as Casa Liliana (Praia da Luz, Portugal)"

    "More over, it is the opinion of Stephen Birch, that neither Robert Murat, nor his family was involved in the abduction and buriel of Madeleine McCann"

    What people do to protect their arses for legal reasons!
    Do you buy this?! Who can believe that someone would manage to dig up a whole in Murat's garden, a whole big enough to bury a body, without his knowledge, without him or his mother noticing the disturbed soil?! Even if one considers the unlikely chance that it was done while they were absent for a few days, I'm sure they would notice some changes in the terrain, some evidence of the "gardening work" must have been left, no matter how well it was done, it is very difficult to disturb the ground and leave it exactly in the same way. And, a small detail that has just occurred to me as I type this, what about the two large Serra dogs of Mrs. Murat? Were they away too, were they sedated during the whole process? And after, wouldn't they have sniffed something on that spot...? Mr. Birch said it was a hole in the ground of just 40 to 60 cm deep...I'm sure the dogs would smell some unusual scents and start scrapping the soil...

    Murat family, take action, sue the pants off this guy!

  36. "Maddie, de novo"
    "O folhetim Maddie continua com as mais altas sabedorias mundiais ditando sentenças. A semana abriu com as declarações de um ex-investigador de homicídios inglês, que aproveitou para mostrar o seu raro currículo profissional, e daí concluir que a jovem britânica desaparecida no Algarve estaria viva, muito embora, sublinhava ele, não tivesse sido capturada por nenhuma rede pedófila. "
    Por:Francisco Moita Flores, Professor Universitário
    "A notícia deu brado em vários países, e o homem não explicou devidamente, nem com que fundamentos, suportava a grande tirada que mais não é do que a réplica de outras tiradas iguais que ciclicamente chegam aos jornais.
    Ainda estava quente a notícia e eis que um empresário sul-africano, com a ajuda de um aparelho da sua criação, suponho eu, pesquisou os terrenos do quintal do único suspeito que a PJ teve debaixo de olho e garante que a menina está ali enterrada, em sítio bem determinado, na medida em que o seu aparelho é rigorosíssimo. De tal forma, que nem se admite que sejam ossadas de um animal qualquer ou de outro ser humano. É a Maddie, com certeza. O aparelho diz tudo. E tornou a versão da morte, com o tal suspeito aos gritos de indignação e os pais da menina a exigirem mais escavações no quintal.
    Sabe-se, nem podia deixar de saber toda a gente pois as diligências foram acompanhadas pelo arraial imenso da comunicação social mundial, que esse quintal foi esquadrinhado durante dias pelos cientistas forenses portugueses, que não encontraram nada. Seja como for, para que estas dúvidas sejam arrasadas, não vejo qualquer mal em que se volte a cavar no local onde o radiologista/empresário garante estar enterrada a miúda. Cavar faz bem. No mínimo, abre o apetite. Porém, já agora, eu recebi muitas cartas, oriundas de todo o País, de bruxas, videntes, feiticeiros ou meros desconfiados que garantem vários destinos à criança. Se o assessor inglês do caso precisar de mais publicidade ao mau trabalho da polícia portuguesa, posso procurá-las e enviá-las. Ao menos os bruxos portugueses ficam com publicidade mundial garantida e, intrujice por intrujice, que seja a nossa bruxaria a ficar com os louros das parangonas."


    He is not accusing Murat.... Ah! Ah! The best joke for this summer. If was not Murat, who else? Jane Murat on her 80ths? Oh no... I forgot, the guy who use to fly as a ghost, leaving no evidences... He passed trough the window with a body and was able to climb Murat fences with the same body. A joke, if not a so serious accusation landing exactly on Murat's terrain. Why no reaction, from the owner of Casa Liliana? BTW, how Birch got inside Murat's house with his machine before the sun raised? Was he flying as well with is machine? Or the video is another moccmentary filmed somewhere else, maybe on Birch garden and pretending to be in Casa Liliana?...... Or is all that, made in agreement with Murat and the Mccann's just to reignite the victim roll of the only suspects PJ still having, after 5 years?
    Mr Murat, can you explain how that guy got inside your property without been noticed to do what he claims and without being accused of private property invasion. If I'm not in error, what he claims is a crime in Portugal. Unless the all story was planned with characters involved on it knowing well the plan and the objective. For me, there is only one- fooling the British public ( where the Mccann's still believing their story has some supporters, and where they have fears regarding the review). They know, in the summer, the Algarve looks like a British colony.... Is the best time to spin and fool that kind of public who will spread the story along all Uk.

  38. Anon 3:41 exactly this is another story put about by team Mccann to fool the public and get some much needed publicity (and more donations) for the scheming Mccanns.


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