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Playing Games

In 2007, by May 15th there had already been some “sightings” of Madeleine; Jane Tanner's abductor man carrying a child and CCTV pictures of a blonde girl with a woman at a petrol station shop. The latter is dismissed by Kate in her book. The girl wasn't Madeleine.
Then we have the sightings of Pimpleman, subject of the Mockumentary, and Vanman/Guitarman seen by Gerry McCann and implied by Derek Flack to have been near Apartment 5A in both their statements to the PJ.

The PJ intercepted phone calls on May 15th, between the Murat family and Martin Brunt, the reporter with Sky News. By this time, Robert Murat had been referred to as an arguido by Sky News. Jennifer Murat answers the phone by saying “Hi dear” in response to Martin Brunt, suggesting some previous contact between them. Brunt then speaks to Robert Murat and they discuss contact with an unnamed English Sky lawyer. They say they do not know him, where he came from or what his credibility is, but it is difficult to tell, without hearing the intonation and inflection of the actual call, whether they were stating facts or suggesting this is what they thought they should say. It seems they are setting up the context of an interview they are planning?
Brunt then says:
And they told us that the police were going to play games with false leads and that was why. And who knows whether he is who he says he is.”
Who they and the police refers to is unclear.
Can we assume it is not the Portuguese police, who seemed to be concentrating their efforts on the T9 and Robert Murat and do not appear to be convinced by Jane Tanner's sighting? The characters in the Mockumentary were also accounted for very quickly.

Only Martin Brunt and Robert Murat can explain the meaning of this exchange, as Robert Murat's response to this astonishing statement by Martin Brunt is:
That's right. OK.

Post Scriptum: The post above was written based on the following translations of the PJ Files:

Report of Telephone Interceptions 

Call made on 15-05-2007
Transcribed on 27th May at Portimao PJ station. 

JM - Jennifer Murat 
MB - Martin Brunt
RM - Robert Murat

JM: Hello. Residence of JM. 
MB: Hello, Martin Brunt speaking. 
JM: Hi dear. 
MB: Hi, is everything all-right? 
JM: Yes, Robert is a little depressed now.
MB: I’m sure he is..
JM: It was not very nice of Sky News to refer to him as arguido, don't you think?
MB: Hmmm, I didn’t see that. I was up at our house. What are they saying with regard to that?
JM: Robert Murat has been made an arguido in the case of Madeleine McCann.
MB: What does the term arguido mean in Portuguese?
JM: What does arguido mean, Robert?
RM: Suspect.
JM: Suspect.
MB: Ok , well, I'm not completely familiar with legal Portuguese terms. I think that someone said.....that the police said they were treating Robert as an arguido.
JM: Robert, as an arguido?
MB: What I mean is, what is that...
JM: I'm going to pass you to Robert. Don't hang up Martin.
MB: Ok thanks.
RM: Hello Martin.
MB: Hello Robert.
RM: Your number didn’t show up, that’s why I didn't know who it was...
MB: Oh my, I didn't send you my number...
RM: That’s OK.
MB: Well, I will see if I manage not to lose this one, if I can find the tool (laughs).
RM: (Inaudible).
MB: Ok we will try, I mean I have not seen it yet...But we will try to expl...The police say or was it the local journalists who say you should be treated as an arguido.
RM: That he is a suspect, basically..
MB: Yes, well, even so...given the tone of the interrogation..
RM: Hmmm.
MB: And the fact of being free which says a lot about the interest in you, eh..
RM: That is the same as finishing me off...It was not me...I didn’t do anything..and now I am literally...
MB: Ok, I know, I think...
RM: It always on when I turn the TV on and even now...
MB: Yes...well it would be better to turn it off..
RM: Really. To have been quiet was the best thing I could have done.
MB: Yes.
RM: But when I turn the television on I think , eh...They are going to finish me off completely, they are finishing me off...
MB: Ok, ok I'm going to tell you that...
RM: In order to have an idea..
MB: I’ll tell you what we are going to do.
RM: Did you talk to the lawyer?
MB: Two things! We talked to the Sky Lawyer...
RM: Right.
MB: Who is of the opinion that according to what you signed you reported your work as being that of a translator.
RM: Certainly, as far as... the thing is that is was...Let me probably is ...oh!...
MB: Go on, continue...
RM: We talked, we talked to a Sky lawyer, but the problem with the Sky lawyer is that he is English!
MB: Yes...No, no, no... he is or lawyer.
RM: Hmmm.
MB: And can you see, he said what it seemed to be to him...
RM: Hmmm?
MB: according to his understanding.
RM: According to his understanding, exactly...
MB: And now we are reluctant to talk to the lawyer who contacted you.
RM: That right. OK.
MB: We do not know him.
MB: And you do not know him, well you don’t?
RM: Exactly, that’s right. I do not know him, mate.
MB: And we do not know where he came from or what his credibility is.
RM: Yes.
MB: And they told us that the police were going to play games with false leads and that was why. And who knows whether he is who he says he is?
RM: That’s right. OK.
MB: And he could be trying to test you out or hoping that we pass him some information.
RM: Certainly.
MB: Eh...we know that you suspect that your calls are being listened to, because of this...
RM: Humm, hmmm.
MB: Right? Because of this reason we are very reluctant because we do not know him and you do not know him.
RM: But however...I mean the best option you have to come clean with this, would probably be to go with a lawyer from Lisbon. Eh... somebody...with someone from up there. Not from the Algarve. It would have to be someone from Lisbon. Is that OK?
MB: That’s ok, I will try to arrange for someone from there...but..
MB: But our position in relation to all this, for the moment, as I explained previously, is that we consider ourselves to be very important ? and I think it was your opinion initially? to do something finally that would manage to be on your side...
RM: Yes and that would not lead to my being detained immediately!
MB: Of course, of course! And you know, many of the things that you told me were not attributed to me...I understand and I don’t want to enter into all those details and we did not do anything since I left you...
RM: No, no, no, no...
MB: I am sure that you understand.
RM: Yes, yes! Yes.
MB: And if there is anything that better clarifies, that you think you could say, that could also be used in the future.
RM: Of course.
MB: You know, you could quote Sky sources and others..
RM: Yes that would be perfect. That would be just perfect!
MB: But I think it is important that you should have the media there and if we could appear, briefly, and make statements in these terms: “I was questioned, it was a vague questioning, I was not asked direct questions about Madeleine” and afterwards you explain to me how you felt that they made you a scapegoat, that you have nothing to hide, even if your computer is analysed. And that at the end of the day you will be absolved and they will find the true abductor/kidnapper.
RM: We could.. you could.. Lets first look at this with a Portuguese lawyer, we will won't we?
MB: Yes...No...
RM: Are you going to do this?
MB: I will do my best to arrange for one now...
RM: Yes.
MB: But, but ...independently of what the lawyer thinks, I think that this is the clearest option. But we will have to try to find someone who.....
RM: Yes, I think this is the simplest. Can you confirm this. I am here having a family discussion to see what they think...
MB: Ah yes. Of course I will. But I am talking about making very clear statements.
RM: Yes, ok!
MB: That they do not enter into many details but into the way you can get your message across.
RM: Get it across..OK:
MB: That you give your version of the events, given that the only version of events is vague and...
RM: Yes, yes.
MB: And that the two local journalists and everyone are very against you...and that there is nobody with the exception of my interview with Sally...
RM: Yes?
MB: There has nobody who has spoken in favour of Robert Murat because of this...
RM: In fact of the many interviews given I have heard that there were some positive ones...people contradicting each other...
MB: Yes?
RM: They arrived and, no...they have been very positive about this...
MB: Of course. people from the area...
RM: People from here..Exactly, exactly...
MB: Inaudible
RM : exactly
MB: Who know what happened...
RM: Many people from the area said very positive things about this...about me, which is useful.
MB: Of course, well I will see what I can find and get back in touch with you.
RM: OK, Bye.
MB: And if we agree on this..
RM: Yes..
MB: And if we could agree to appear for 15 minutes..
RM: I never have any problem with making a statement..
RM: I have no problem whilst...Whilst I have the legal cover to do so. Because I don’t want to end up in prison....(sigh)
MB: That would be the last thing we want...
RM: Firstly, for something I did not do and secondly for something that would break their contract rules...
MB: I understand that and I understand the sensitive nature of everything that we have been working with since we arrived here, so...
RM: Ok..
MB: Can I phone you again in half an hour?
RM: Good bye, thank you very much.
MB: Good bye.

Transcription of Telephone Interception Call date: 15.05.2007

On 26th May 2007 in the Portimao PJ installations the telephone registers were listened to and interpreted into Portuguese.

MB: Is Robert there?
JM: This is me..Jenny:
MB: This is Martin Brunt, Jenny.
JM: Yes.
MB: I thought it was better to send you my number when I call so that you know its me.
JM: Yes.
MB: Um...look...I just...I just wanted to know whether Robert has contacted his lawyer friend.
JM. At the moment, not yet because he is talking on the phone to his sister.
JM: He spoke ..he also spoke to Leicester police who are with his sister at the moment.
MB: Right, right, ah...Ok...There's just one thing I would like to tell him about ...his worries about talking (inaudible) to the McCann family (inaudible).
JM: I am letting him listen, I am letting him listen.
MB: I would just like to explain one thing to him and...
JM: Ok.
MB: And could help arrive.
JM: Robert, its Mar ..Martin he has some news for you (speaks to a third person) Wait a minute, I (inaudible).
MB: That’s OK.
RM: Hello mate.
MB: Hi, just very quickly, this could be an important question.
MB: Ahhm...The idea that nobody involved should talk .... the McCann family have talked regularly and they are key witnesses in this investigation.
RM: That is not a good question, sorry, its a good question but they are not ready to detain them are they?
MB: They can’t...
RM: They are not prepared to detain them especially with the public pressure, so no..
MB: Well, no, no, no..but, but....I only think, a lawyer drew my attention to (inaudible) nobody...
RM: No, that’s good, that’s very good, in fact there are still no (inaudible) in the statements because I was on the phone, OK?
MB: That’s right.
RM: But the truth is I have found some very good information, I hope it will be very good, unhappily out of sight, I really did make a phone call from (to?) her at eight fifteen at night.
RM: And I made another call at eleven fifty three at night so, from the home telephone and to a number that only I would ring, it’s not a number my mother would dial.
RM: Hmm, however, this could begin to be positive, but now I'm trying to find out whether my Dawn, I've just spoken to Dawn, see if she could, ahhmm...ask for the telephone records in the UK.
RM: And see if she calls me later tonight.
MB: Right.
RM: However I am not certain of how well this will turn out but if she could do this for me that would be great, I mean (inaudible) if, if they could prove that I was here from eight fifteen...
MB: Yes.
RM: And that I did not leave, in the sense that my calls did not leave..
MB: Yes.
RM: You know...this is quite good (inaudible)..
MB: Yes, you know, I think this is quite important and...I think... I think this could be quite useful.
RM: Yes, yes.
MB: Yes and I should make prove where you were...I mean (inaudible) you should not have to prove anything.
RM: Well, that..that, that is true, but the way things are going, with all the strange things that are happening...
MB: Yes.
RM: I..I...I am going to do something to try, you know, to show that I ...was where i was, end of story.
MB: Yes.
RM: No, I do not see this, yes,,but if it were ..I am just going to stop this and afterwards I am going to do what I planned to do...em and then I will contact you.
MB: OK, fine.
RM: OK? Thanks.
MB: Thats OK.
RM. Many thanks, be well. Bye
MB: Bye


  1. Good morning and thank you for one more post to lift a veil or as someone said here: one more onion skin´s

    They all are so close friends and playing so much games They ! Combine and even rehearse for one of the acts of this play out without disturbance.

    We all like solidarity.

    But this is not at the McCase solidarity, is complicit in the bad sense, along with obstruction of justice to Portugal and specially to Maddie.

    For McsAll has been a joy silly. They think, think, they do and do ........... therefore, they are always a lot of nonsense; they think that nobody can think !

  2. Transcript of the phone call, in english, here:

  3. I've been reading the transcript of the phone call over and over again and just cannot understand the lawyer "thing"! Martin says it is one of "their" lawyers, a Sky News lawyer:
    (RM is Murat, MB is Brunt)

    "RM: Did you talk to the lawyer?"

    "MB: Two things! We talked to the Sky Lawyer..."

    "RM: We talked, we talked to a Sky lawyer, but the problem with the Sky lawyer is that he is English!"

    "MB: Yes...No, no, no... he is or lawyer."
    ("or" is "our"?)

    But then he goes on to say:

    "MB: And now we are reluctant to talk to the lawyer who contacted you."

    "MB: We do not know him."

    "MB: And we do not know where he came from or what his credibility is."

    "MB: And they told us that the police were going to play games with false leads and that was why. And who knows whether he is who he says he is?"

    "MB: And he could be trying to test you out or hoping that we pass him some information."


    I get the feeling that they are speaking about two different people, two lawyers, one who contacted Murat trying to extract information and another one who works for Sky News, the one to whom Brunt spoke to, maybe asking for profissional assessement of the conversation between Murat and the person who contacted him as a lawyer (maybe someone who contacted Murat to offer him his/hers services?).
    Confusing, isn't it?!


    Here is the transcript of the phone call in the oficial PJ files and the translation into english. To read the portuguese original just click on the photos on the left-hand side of the page. For those who understand portuguese I think it is worth reading both versions and compare. It is not quite the same in some parts, the meaning, that is.

  5. I don't understand anything of that above.

    Which one of you can remember an interview where Payne says he thought this case was taking too long (media) and that he did not expect that.
    And another one where Gerry says he expected the noise to take 6 weeks and not longer.

    Maybe they thought it would be as short as Ben Needham's was,
    but it ren out of the hands.
    Ben's parents did not create a monster that turned itself against them.
    There are a couple of cases about missing children abroad whose fate was never discovered, a few noise in the media.

    If Maddie had disappeared in England, the parents would not have gotten such an attention nor money in the fund.They would have been behind bars right now.
    Their power came from the fact that they were abroad, using high placed British authorities.
    In Rothley they wouldn't have gone further than the milk man.

    I wonder if Kate needs attention, if she needs to be in the public eye and if she needs to climb in the British society, changing her casta and she took the profit of the death in order to become known over the whole world.
    Is there a name for this attitude?

  6. By May 15th the Octupus had everything under control. Every puppet was stringed up as they should be.

  7. I think it was the Sky Lawyer who Murat was supposed to be speaking to, but I get impression Murat may have been a duped and it was a pro-McCann lawyer, as said, trying to get information. Though the conversation seems to confirm later on that Murat had proof he was at home with two calls made by him. I think Brunt was trying to help.

    It’s hard to be sure about who “They” are – it’s the McCanns I think or their PR. But they were doing it, planting the leads, not the Police. But they (TM) wanted people to think the Police were doing it.

    @Jul 3, 2012 10:40:00 AM
I wonder if Kate needs attention….

    This IMO is payment for remaining silent.

    @Jul 3, 2012 1:43:00 PM

    Agreed – it cannot be more obvious - all the controls were in place. Lawyer’d up, favours called in, brothers on board. This was done I think over the phone by Gerry that evening of 3rd May. It was necessary to take immediate control. Kate parades her power in her Book when she wrote “Adam Tudor and his colleagues [at Carter-Ruck] continue to do a vast amount of work for us, without payment, most of it quietly, behind the scenes…”

  8. This interference in the Portuguese dominion by the British manipulation enforced by their police and media that now embarrasses UK not only before Portugal but the WORLD. Things like this are really the secret of the secret papers that can't now be released. A Nation on its knees. What a shame.

  9. In Sky News site, a former "top" detective claims "Madeleine may be alive"

    Oh my, it's always a "top" detective, isn't it?!

    And from what I understood he believes she was taken by someone who wanted a child to raise and love, another one who thinks she is being treated like a princess by a new mum and daddy! Can you believe it??? Who would be so stupid to take an articulate 4 year old instead of one or both of the twins, still very young and with a lot less life memories...?
    Is this man for real? Does he think we're all born yesterday?!
    Get serious man!

  10. Sky News "killed" the blogs section? No more Martin Brunt and his "Life of Crime"? No more comments from readers?! Couldn't find it anywhere on the site...I haven't posted there for ages, but now I was feeling like letting "Bruntie" know what I think about this "top" cop theories!

  11. Este Martin Brunt sempre pareceu mais um dos amigalhaços, que um jornalista. Fortes hipóteses de conhecer Murat de outros carnavais.....
    Da leitura crua das trocas telefónicas, a luz dos acontecimentos de 2007, fica-me a idéia de que aqui está a prova de que Murat está envolvido e Brunt sabia. Que outro motivo poderia requerer/ exigir os serviços de um advogado? Nao eram concerteza, as entrevistas dadas à Sky.
    É óbvio que o corpo saiu do 5a para um lugar inacessivel a policia, mas perto. Pelo menos nas primeiras horas. Era a hipotese que expunha menos o corpo e fazia correr menos riscos. Depois o correr dos acontecimentos arruinou parte dos planos e a dado momento Tapas 9 e Murat viram-se obrigados a jogar um jogo em que apareciam como aparentes inimigos. Nunca foram convincentes. Estiveram sempre juntos, por isso Murat precisava de um advogado.
    Para mim, há Mais cumplices no ocultar da verdade. Lori Campbell, também fez parte do jogo. Sabia muito bem o que estava a fazer Quando trouxe Murat para as Pàginas dos jornais. O objectivo não era ajudar a policia ou a investigação, era ajudar à confusão.

  12. it is always a former top detective, can you imagine who the rest is?

  13. I would like to tell here how much I apreciate the Maddie Case Files. They are doing everything in order to keep us up to date. I've tried to write them but I didn't manage to find their e-mail address.
    Thank you! And I hope McCann Files and Joana Morais will come back soon!

  14. O Murat arranjou um advogado de pura auto-proteccão. Foi obrigado já que a policia o suspeitou e o fez arguido. Ele foi obrigado a ter uma defesa mas eu tenho a certeza de que ele nada tem a ver com o caso. Ele foi vitima de um erro da PJ, depois de 4 Tapas o terem "reconhecido".

  15. Boas! Acabo d ler o seguinte no "Correio da Manha" versão em-linha.
    ""Corpo de Maddie no quintal de Murat".

    Um investigador sul-africano conta ao CM o que descobriu quando procurou saber o que aconteceu a Maddie.

    Revelações explosivas, para ler no CM

    Por:João Tavares / Joana Domingos Sá / Ana Palma

    Ja dei uma olhada no blog da Joana Morais mas penso que esta de ferias ou saturada com o assunto.

    Que quer isto dizer? E mesmo ou e especulação? Artigo completo so na edição impressa do CM....

  16. Anon Jul 5, 2012 2:53:00 PM

    We call this type of news “Tabloid News”.

    That said, GA and the lawyer António Pinto Pereira have appeared on SIC, on "Tardes da Julia" this afternoon and have said some very interesting things:

    GA denies completely having been interviewed by CM as reported and is expecting a clarification about that from the paper, although his efforts to contact the editor have been fruitless.

    The fact that a person being an engineer doesn’t make a person a criminal investigator.

    The machine allegedly now used was used by highly qualified personnel from the Geology Department of the University of Aveiro, by the request from the PJ, and that they checked much deeper than the reported depth. It was found that there was a roman village below Murat’s house.

    The machine was then used, as he said, by highly qualified personnel and not by someone who has just now become familiar with it as reported.

    For the news to be true, then the body had to be buried after the University of Aveiro’s investigation was done.

    That this news subscribe some “medium theories” that say that’s where the body is.

    GA says ironically that as Oporto’s PJ is supposedly tying up loose ends, it should now show interest in that house.

    The only authorities searching for a live girl are only the UK authorities, as everyone else has assumed that the girl is dead.

    The fact that the UK authorities are reported to have shown interest in the machine is completely against their supposed line of investigation: looking for an alive girl. It seems they’re assuming also that she’s dead.

    That Murat no longer lives in Portugal.

  17. Textusa

    You wrote:

    "The fact that the UK authorities are reported to have shown interest in the machine is completely against their supposed line of investigation: looking for an alive girl. It seems they’re assuming also that she’s dead."

    So are SY going to "fight" over this ?

    How, if there is the possibility that this has some credence, will they investigate it. SY cannot investigate - its a Portuguese investigation.

    Are we now going to see more diplomatic machinations?

  18. Anon Jul 5, 2012 5:42:00 PM

    Yes, I did write it, but I limited myself to put in words the opinion expressed by Antonio Pinto Pereira during the show.

    About what SY is to do or not to do about this, is for SY to know.

    We have our opinion on the subject but as we've said before we're moved only by the rhythm we set ourselves and not to conform to other people's agenda.

  19. Text:

    Is " Querida Júlia" morning show TV-Sic .

  20. Se , pelos lados do Reino de Sua Majestade, anda tudo numa polvorosa em silêncios; em percentagens de 50% para cada lado; em inquéritos; em audições; em "regulação" dos media etc, talvez se sintam sufocados e sem possibilidade de escrever pois se o fizerem , são detidos por umas boas horas.

    Então, mais uma vez, servem-se de tablóides de Pt para fazerem cá o que lá não podem fazer.


    Cá não há Lordes, que eu saiba.

  21. Anon Jul 5, 2012 7:10:00 PM

    You're right. It's a morning show and it's called "Querida Julia". I just saw the video-stream. Thanks for the correction.

  22. Lembram-se de Jessica Rabbit?



    Nice night possible.

    Don´t forget: The McCannCircus come back because at UK they can not do anything.

  23. I see there is a NI connection. Horrocks says she's alive in the Sun, now she's dead according to this version.
    I think bloggers - WH, are catching on to what has been going on. They have learned about spin, media manipulation, disinformation techniques and BH trolls, hacking , police corruption ...
    It fooled a lot of the people for a lot of the time.
    We can use that knowledge to get our info out there quickly and the viral message spreads.

  24. Again fingers pointing to Murat. This is not true at all.
    Smoke and mirrors, needed by the McCanns to to blame other people.
    Is it logical at all, Gerry taking the body to the beach and taking it back to Murat's house, very close to the Ocean Club and journalists and cameras all over the place? If Tapas 4 pointed their fingers to Murat, it is the proof he has nothing to do with the case. Imagine the body being discovered in his home, followed by an autopsy, police knowing the causa mortis,and knowing the amount of sedation she had taken for a very long time?
    Was she beated by one of the parents?

    If Tapas acccused Murat it is because he is innocent.

  25. Stephen+MacDam+Vulture+Mcs+E.Black+tablóids=
    = McCannCircus

    Boa noite.

  26. I also feel Robert Murat is more involved for example he was given a £600 thousand payoff from the Express for libel, what happens when he is found guilty of involvement will he pay it back or has he already spent it. He took the money and disappeared he was paid off via a newspaper for his silence. What about his car he said he leant to Mccann group and then he hired another car, why did the mccann group not hire their own car, it all seems very odd and Murat living in the same town as some of the Tapas friends, too many coincidences and Gerry would neither confirm or deny that he previously knew murat. Murat is in this along with Payne, Kate and Gerry they are the main players.

  27. Any news about Kevin Halligen?

  28. Correio da Manha is showing a video, a man with a grass cut machine, in dark, searching for the body, in dark.

  29. Somebody is very nervous and trying to divert the attention in to a direction, they know, has no way to run out and expose them. That is my interpretation of the article in CM about Maddie been buried in Murats garden.
    No surprise, if the story has the Mccann's or their team behind it.
    They know that the case is far from being away of the public mind and they tried already all recipes to divert attention without success. after fake sights and fabricated abductors, the strategy should be starting uncouver, slowly, the right veil. And CM is helping them and playing the "the Sun" roll.
    Some of the Tvs said that OPorto PJ is paying any attention to that story... maybe, because they know from where come the story. The most important, is again the behavior of Murat.... he failed to sue CM and the guy who claims a so horrendous story. His weakness is very relevant. His house must be a place of interest for the investigation.... who said that ? ... Jane Tanner, when she told the police that the egg man was heading to Murats house... why is that so important? because Murat failed to sue JT and definetly roll his name out of the story.

  30. Probably there is something going on in England and a man tries to confuse the police, checking on Murat's garden. He is insinuating the possibility that Madeleine's death has something to do with Murat.Again somebody from South Africa, like Daniel Kruggel, who suggested the use of dogs and that ended up in making the McCanns arguidos.
    Who knows this new man will find Maddie's grave somewhere else.

  31. Anon Jul 5, 2012 10:35:00 PM

    Winnowing the News blog had latest info , that it is now subject to another appeal and he is quoting national security grounds.
    The full court judgement is set out and it mentions Wandsworth prison.

  32. Unlike the McCanns' Rothley "Manor" the Casa Liliana was subject of searches by the police. It was searched with a fine-toothed comb by men and dogs and NOTHING was found!

  33. TotallyConfused7 Jul 2012, 09:26:00

    Here are some points which may or not make sense or appear to be linked:
    1) As you know in the past I have done some 'work'with Sky. For a period they were very keen to keep in touch with me and 'used me' as a source for stories- eg could I point them in the direction of other people. This was for a period of approximately 2 years. Once the breakthrough articles by Duncan Campbell and others (regarding the flaws of Operation Ore) were widely reported- in ALL the NON NI media- the 'shutters' came down. I spoke to quite a senior producer to find out what was going on? Answer: 'We have been told to stop covering this story in anyway on the advice of lawyers.' Will you note this was around summer 2007.

    2) The questionable behaviour of NI is not just being investigated in the UK. It was reported on July 5,2012 (in the UK newspaper the Independent) that the editor of the New York Post-Col Allan has been court ordered to hand over all transcripts of his conversations in any form with Murdock (both R and J)and to summit to a deposition by prosecutors.

    3)Finally, after mid summer 2007, all NI media in the UK became like gushing schoolgirls hanging on every word uttered by Jim Gamble.
    So we have to ask who is using who? NI using the McCanns or the other way around. We also have to ask why NI historically are so Gamble and McCann.

    4) The Birch 'theory' is now getting significant coverage in the UK media. Again, I know that Brunt's coverage would have been vetted via lawyers.
    Makes you think.....
    As always Regards


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