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Textusa Correcting Textusa

There’s a correction that this blog has to make.


In our Bluntly Brunting Things Up post where we told you was the exact spot where the T9BRT (T9 Big Round Table)  in the Tapas esplanade.

There is very little visual material to work on this issue. The fact that there’s very little imagery of the Tapas esplanade, the location where dined the parents, and their friends, of the world’s most renown “abducted” child last dined is in itself, a very, very strange and suspicious one.

But what we have is what we have and is what we work with, and we got it wrong so must admit to that, which we’re now doing.

From the first day that I read Mr Amaral’s book among the many questions I asked myself, mostly rhetorical and in pure dismay and amazement, there was one that I was unable to answer, or better said, to understand, and that was why the detective pointed to that particular table as the one the T9 said they used on that fateful night:

It seemed obviously too small, which in fact it is, and too near the canopy.

This stands out further when one can see in the foreground of same picture 3 square tables that would accommodate 8 people, so only one more was required extra 2 places, one of which that would used to sit 9 people:

Remember that then I had no idea that the table was round as per Kate McCann and Jane Tanner.

The fact that it was so near the canopy (just out of pure laziness, I ask the readers if there is anyone that refers in their PJ statement or anywhere else that the T9 were near the plastic window, was this a myth or is it just something I made up in my mind by looking at that picture?) just seemed highly unlikely as if there was something the T9 required it was space and choosing a table next to the canopy limited significantly that.

The Brunt video proved that I was right when the Sky News reporter places the T9BRT away from the canopy as we showed in the Brunting post.

So why had Mr. Amaral signaled that particular table when it seemed obvious, to me at least, that it wasn’t in that small table that was "pushed" against the canopy, that the T9 had dined?

The answer is simple: Mr. Amaral was right and I wrong.

How did I come to that conclusion?

Well, I enlarged the picture to confirm the “X” leg format of the various tables, both square and round (the reason I did this you’ll find out in a later post), and saw at once that I was wrong.

As you can see, it’s away from the canopy, at the angle from the beam that can be seen in the Brunt video as well as away from the tree. That chair in the background (yellow arrow), which is close to the canopy, was what had misled me. It gives the optical illusion that it is part of the signaled table set but it isn’t.

The signaled table is in the exact spot where Mr Brunt is sitting in his report and where Gerry says it is in the Mockumentary:

We, in our post, wrongly placed it a couple yards further in and even said that where the T9BRT was supposed to be, there appeared a square corner in the picture below that we used on that post:

Now we know that the blue arrow in the above picture is wrong. The T9BRT is, in this picture, superimposed by the white arrow that points to the tree.

Mr Amaral signals that table because that was the table he was told by whoever that that was the one used by the T9.

Sorry Mr Amaral for having doubted your word, or in this particular instance, your arrow, on this one.

We also apologise to our readers for this fact.

We missed it by a couple of yards which are completely irrelevant. About the two relevant facts of that post, I can, at this stage, tell you that one continues to be absolutely unchanged and that is the fact that that object is said, by Mr Brunt, to be the genuine, one and only mysterious and illusive T9BRT.

The other fact,  the “shadow trick”, we've found out that it is a much bigger trick than we thought it to be. Shall we say that what we say about it in the Brunting post is not "satisfactorily correct". But unlike the mistake mentioned in this post, for which we assume full responsibility as certainly Mr Amaral didn't take the picture with the intent to deceive us, in the case of the size/shape of the table, there was a deliberate intention to mislead the viewer.

We thought we were so clever for having detected the trick and just moved on grinning like the idiots we were being because, as always, arrogance will only block reason and we failed to see how big a trick the trick really was. Hopefully soon we will correct our hand on this one too, but then we won't apologise because as we've said many times, s/he who says that s/he hasn't been fooled is the biggest fool of all.

Back to the fact that those couple of yards may  be irrelevant  as fact, they aren’t irrelevant for us, as a blog..

We wish never to make any sort of false statement, accusation or assumption, so when we find that we’ve done just that we have no qualms whatsoever in recognising the fact and correcting it.

As you know, and we’ve repeatedly have said, we have no inside information and we make our conclusions solely from publicly available material and based on logic and logical variables determined by gravity, space, distance, speed, volume, weight and time.

Now, the fact that we now have in Mr Amaral’s picture a T9SRT (T9 Small Round Table) instead of a T9BRT is the content of another post, not this one.

This post is for us to "backtrack our steps", as our friend Insane would say, something we won’t ever hesitate to do whenever we find ourselves to have been wrong. Here, we'll always correct what is there to be corrected and not turn our eyes away and pretend we didn't see.


  1. One more point in favor of that blog.
    I think, the table pointed by Mr Amaral just shows the physical impossibility of the dinner to happen under the circumstances described by T9 and the witnesses somebody managed to involve to bake that dinner and under it THE ABDUCTION. They feed the police with lies since minute one.
    Maddie sketch book proves it, the Tapas bookings prove it, the Creche records prove it and even the lady from the OC, who dealt with situation since the alarm, spotted rats on the stories described by the parents and highlighted it on her statements.
    Which conclusions should we take from stories that change vertiginously and are not matching? MADE UP.

  2. Acho que a Felicia Cabrita tambem descreveu num artigo do Sol o local onde estava a Mesa dos Tapas 9, junto das cortinas de linoleo, distante do apartamento e num angulo encoberto pelos buchos que cortavam a visibilidade para o apartamento. Portanto a posiçao da Mesa contrariava a ideia de Gerry de estar perto e de facilmente controlar o apartamento.

  3. I also thought that chair was part of the table! Without it the table is really SMALL! No chance 9 people sat around it much less eat with a knife and fork around it!!

  4. Jane Tanner in her rogatory interview:

    4078 “I haven’t seen a photograph of the inside of the Tapas Bar”.
    Reply “Umm”.
    4078 “Could you just briefly describe as you go, is there only one door, is it a kind of open?”
    Reply “It’s open more or less, yeah, so”.
    4078 “Just give me some idea of what it looks like?”
    Reply “Yeah, so as you walk, so you walk in past, yeah, it is past the pool, and there was sort of a tarpaulin bit, I’m going to go this way because I can’t”.
    4078 “Visualise it, left and right (inaudible)”.
    Reply “Yeah, so the tarpaulin is here and you’ve got the tables here and then it’s all open from that side, so, and the big table for us in sort of the middle, they’d put a table there and then there was some more tables down the side by the tarpaulin. And I think our table had moved slightly that way because, as I said, the other nights I’d had the monitor behind me on sort of the ledge where the tarpaulin was, I think there was actually a table between us and the tarpaulin this night, so I think we’d actually gone a bit. I can’t remember, I was talking to Russell about this last night and he couldn’t remember, but I’m sure, purely because of the fact I’d been putting the monitor there, so it was actually, it was only that much nearer, but that made the difference, so, erm”.
    4078 “Was it a table specifically for a large group or had they sort of mackled together a group of tables?”
    Reply “Erm, I think they’d put some together, but it was round, it was just one big round, a big round one. I can’t remember to be honest. But, I mean, I think the first time we’d gone there we’d had the thing we’d had with the Millennium the first night, you know, we was all trying to put tables together, so now they knew we were coming we had a, we had the, erm, you know, the big table there waiting”.

    So, if I understood correctly, "their" table had been slided away from the canopy(tarpaulin)on the night of the 3rd!!! On the other nights it was by the canopy, because she put her baby monitor there on a ledge. Which ledge, do canopies have ledges? I don't see a ledge in the photos, I see that the plastic canopy goes all the way down to the floor, it does not stand on any ledge. I see it is composed of two parts, the top one is transparent, to imitate windows, and the bottom part is of opaque white plastic. No concrete or brick walls there.
    But on the 3rd May the table had moved away from the canopy and another table was placed between "their" table and the canopy, and she used that table to put the monitor on! How convenient!!!

    And further on she says:

    Reply “Erm, so, yeah, I’d got down and I think then, soon after I’d got down we sat down at our table, not our table, but, yeah, sat down on our table."


    It was their table, but not their table, but yeah, they sat down at their table!!!???

  5. Is the bigger fooling of us the fact that T9 didn't realise that the Tapas didn't have a big round table and T9 just assumed they had so mentioned this in statements and diagrams using their order of seating from the Millenium/Chaplins (proving collusion). So after all the discussion and queries over the table Brunt or whoever decided to film him sitting in such a way that it "looks like" he is sitting at a round table. Is this the "fool"? Maybe Millenium has big round tables so they assumed Tapas did too.

  6. Did I read it well? Brian Kennedy is selling his house.
    An enormous house, very chic.
    Perhaps it is too big for him and his age.

  7. Anon Nov 3, 2012 3:06:00 PM

    No, never heard of it. Is it possible for you to provide a source?

    Thank you

  8. I read it on The Complete Mystery of Madeline McCann.

  9. Brian Kennedy is selling his house in the time that it is even difficult to sell bananas.
    There could be several reasons for this mesure: too big, too tiring, etc, but it could be even possible that the Fund is about to be blocked, several people about to be sued and he feels responsible for their expenses or that he even promissed to help them in case they would get in finacial trouble because of the case.

    We can only try to guess it but I hope this is a sign that the conclusion of the Yard is ready ("late in the year") and they will do something for justice for Madeleine.
    His mesure happens at the end of the McCanns'holidays.

  10. Anon Nov 3, 2012 3:39:00 PM

    Is this the link?

  11. Yes, Textusa, it is.

  12. From jill forum there is that link with pictures from the mansion and the information anonymous 3:06 is speaking about.

  13. I think, I forgot to post the link on my previous comment. Here it is:

  14. Kate and Gerry are sooooo guilty, but why do these other people keep propping them up - it will be interesting when this comes to trial to see who is connected to who and why in this saga.

    Tapas statements full of lies and ummms and aaahs typical of somebody stalling for time thinking of an appropriate answer.

  15. Quite agree the chair makes it look like an optical illusion. I found this when looking at Madeleines bedroom. The bed is pushed up against the wall but the beds headboard looks as if it is part of the chest of drawers, so someone moved the bed for a reason because the maid would not have pushed a guests bed up against a wall away from the beds headboard. I wonder what they used that bedroom for because Amaral said the bed looked as if noone had slept in it!
    The McCanns and their friends were obviously all up to something probably swingers scared of being labelled as such by the press so they all decided to lie and cover each others backs putting their jobs and selves before a child. Some lied more than others Jane Tanner for example so what was her part in all this.

  16. Interesting some comments on the link posted by 5:12.
    Who wrote the article, shows no sympathy with TB ( at least that is my interpretation regarding a reply he did to another comment. )
    BTW, what was Farouch Kitchen? A company with frauds regarding salaries and insurance claims? BK worked for it? Just a coincidence? The owner of that company died in Spain on May 9 2007 in an accident with a Opel corsa, apparently poor.

  17. BK, a jeovah witness helping an apparently devoted catholic who is a close friend of the Anglican priest in PDL? Well, even the religion connections look odd on this saga. Jeovah witnesses were known for their fanatic way to consider their religion the only one that is true. Having one of their members supporting a catholic couple in the way he describes smells so bad that I have no words to describe it. Specially because his charitable behavior started and ended on the McCann's. Since May 2007, many other British children went missing, no one deserved is attention and his charity. Why were the McCann's an exception and why he jumped to the frontline advertising in the media his support?

  18. Anon unpublished at Nov 3, 2012 6:02:00 PM.

    Could you please establish the relationship between the name you refer and the Maddie Affair?

    Thank you

  19. Unpublished Anon Nov 3, 2012 6:34:00 PM, we note and agree with your correction.

    We will acknowledge it publicly when we pick up the issue you mention again, which we intend to do as it's unfinished.

    Thank you for your participation, it's rewarding to know our readers' care for the blog's credibility.

  20. What I see on the picture posted in Amaral book as the T9 table, is a small round table which could accommodate only 4 people. The table was not close to the canopy, was near the tree. There is another table more close to the canopy.
    Then the BRT from Jane is in fact a small table and there is no BRT at all and round tables can't be put together to make a big one. On the picture we can see square tables joined together to make a big one, but that solution seems to not fit the T9 wishes.
    I assume from their statements, that they don't even know the Tapas or how it looks like, that's why so many errors.
    Early reports said that the bar they used to go was the Chaplins. In 4 days they had no time to be in many places. If they went to the Chaplins and the Millennium, they don't went to the Tapas, but since the Smiths put Gerry in town carrying a child looking like Maddie, the Chaplins were a place to be washed from their statements to the police. The Tapas was the more convennient. Probably with few clients and few waiters, easy to be manipulated. Just my interpretation.

  21. Thank you unpublished Anon at Nov 3, 2012 6:02:00 PM for your reply at Nov 3, 2012 7:01:00 PM.

    You certainly agree with me that the name you mentioned would is, if even that, related with the Maddie Affair very, very marginally.

    That said we'd rather withhold your comment.

  22. Anon Nov 3, 2012 6:02:00, 7:01:00 and 7:34:00 PM, as you might imagine we do not like to conduct offline conversations in consideration of our readers.

    For that you can always leave your mail in an DO NOT PUBLISH comment.

    What you refer is obviously a possibility.

    Thank you

  23. I agree and understand. thanks for all the work this blog and his readers do in prol of justice.

  24. Is there a connection between the McCanns'trip to Ireland and Kennedy selling his house? There could be, we don't know.
    Do the McCanns need more and more money for their future and is Kennedy still helping them?
    I hope the police are following everything.

  25. If I remember correctly the Mccann's have said that the holiday in PDL was the first time they have ever visited the area but I observe recently it has been said that Smethurst (Kennedy's Latium resident legal pundit) regularly took his holidays in the region with his family and then there is the unlikely acquaintance that sprung up between the Mccanns and Clement Freud who unexpectedly invited them over to his pad for eats.

    Kate Mccann's book states - "I'd never been to Portugal, although Gerry had been there on a couple of golfing trips a few years before. From people who had taken holidays in the Algarve I gathered that it was a quite upmarket, family-friendly destination" - unquote

    Reading between the lines Kate is covering for Gerry who has visited Portugal previously on his own. Nothing the McCanns say publicly is without reason Kate covering for her husband.

    Could this be why they would not produce credit card statements for fear of what may appear on bank statements Gerry pretending to lose his wallet. He said it was stolen not lost again pushing the blame onto others.

    His bank statements should be thoroughly scrutinized by SY.

  26. selling his house?

    the curse of the McCanns.

  27. according to Tony Bennett, the British papers can publish what is going on in courts, without being sued. The judge choses for freedom of expression in journalism. (I wonder if Brian Kennedy has more houses to be put on sale because things are going worse and worse for the McCanns). Such an enormous opportunity for Bennett and Madeleine will help Amaral to publish his book in the UK too.
    Judges in the UK dare more and more every day and Carter Ruck are costing a lot to the McCanns.
    Such a publications will encourage the Yard to come forward with their conclusion.
    It is the second judge in the UK who is daring to chose for honesty.

  28. It always seems strange to me that after all the coverage and a huge army of journalists, we never had a picture of the Tapas Bar/restaurant with so famous Tapas table printed on any paper. I believe it will had made a good front page, selling millions of papers. I also believe, the police did not Forbid any journalist to go to the Tapas and take such picture or at least draw a sketch of the bar/ table, if had been removed for forensic tests. why? The only available to the public, was the one inside GA book and in Martin B Mccreport, at least at my knowledge. Why a masterpiece passed aside of many journalists? The only answer that comes to my mind is Because such piece did not exist and every time a journalist went there to take a picture or report the issue, was confronted with a different story, a table that did not fit the description, confused waiters, etc, etc, ruining any attempt to make a good article and the journalists gave up. I hope, one day Sandra Felgueiras got confronted with that question in one of the interviews she use to give or get the courage to inform the Portuguese public. Journalists must have spotted that lie, if the table never existed, since minute one and GA, as a clever police published on his book a masterpiece to hunt the Tapas 9 and open a public discussion into that.
    The guests, who have been in the OC and who have got inside the Tapas, even for a single time, must be aware of that lie but got no balls to speak out and uncover it. They align with the McCann's putting themselves in a guilt position if the case become reopened one day. What a knot... If they speak, will be enough to reopen the case because is a new evidence. If they don't speak, they enlarge their possibilities of being condemned with Tapas 9 one day. The same is applied to Murat, because he use to go to the OC often.
    Let's see what is going to come out from TB trial because I read on Jill Forum yesterday that he is allowed to make the evidences he has regarding the McCann's V him, public. I hope, he spotted already the stories surrounding that table, or somebody make him aware of that rat. Maybe GA or Pat Brown, who went also to PDL.
    McCann helpers, must be worried and keeping an eye on Saville case and on Relvas University degree. If this are being investigated, there is no reason to leave the McCann's protected just because they become millionaires and able to pay the services of Carter-Ruck. Their end will be the end of Carter-Ruck. People are tired of unscrupulous lawyers.

  29. That must be a table that gets bigger to accommodate the diners. If I had one like that I wouldn't need to add the extra leaf when we have guests!

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  31. That table not only also MOVES according to JT! The morphing table that changes shape as well when lots of small ones are put together...

  32. You're all seeing it all wrong!! The table stays the same size, it's the T9 that shrink when they approach it!

  33. Gerry had been to Portugal before on golfing trips?! Interesting...(leaving Kate behind in the UK, dealing with a difficult Madeleine?)
    Gerry must be a keen golfer then, but on the April /May 2007 holidays he stayed well away from the golf courses, it was all about tennis! Go figure!

  34. Nov 4, 2012 11:58:00 AM
    ..."just donate"

    Clarence Mitchell here,

    Just send the money in an envelope adressed to:

    Kate and Gerry, Rothley

    Eh, eh, eh...

  35. How they were able to sell that table for so long is amazing!

  36. Could be Gerry did play golf in 2007 Portugal is famous for its golfing holidays and the blue tennis bag was really the blue golfing bag. If he was familiar with the golf course could be he hid Madeleine closeby the golf course and used a decoy to be seen walking towards the beach in the evening. He got Jane Tanner to say she saw abductor walking in beach direction from apartment. Later in night he moved Madeleine from golf course area, he admits he went out early in the morning of 4th. He could have got in touch with Murat about empty accomodation for hiding body in fridge.
    He had got the Tapas to agree a fake time line about checking, Jane had mentioned abductor giving him an alibi but then jeremy wilkes appeared that evening so he used him as an alibi instead. One of the men was missing from the table for a long while as the waiter recalled taking food back and reheating it. The group have never produced any photographs of this holiday where they were' all into each other' strange and Clarence said they never wore watches or carried phones at tapas bar in the evenings. Gerry and Kate had been using their phones that evening as Kate had the presence of mind to delete her calls.

  37. Tex,
    On the image of maddies bedroom on your home page 'just ask yourself is this even possible' click and enlarge and the bed can clearly been seen moved against the wall, whilst the headboard to the bed appears part of dressing table and the twins cot placed by the of where the bed originally would have been. The whole room has been re-arranged, but why?

  38. Anon 4, 2:23,

    They don't sell the table, they are tied to it for their own karma.

    If they could, they will erase all they said since May 3, 2007. Trough the mouth dies the fish.

  39. Anon Nov 4, 2012 5:25:00 PM

    The point of the post appears to have escaped your attention.

    No dining took place at that small table.

  40. I think Anon Nov 4, 2012 5:25:00 is letting escape more than the point of the post... "One of the men was missing from the table for a long while as the waiter recalled taking food back and reheating it." shows the intention of this comment.

  41. Anon Nov 4, 2012 5:25:00 nice try! You guys really don't let go, do you? Tex keeps hitting raw nerve after raw nerve.

  42. There will NEVER be a reconstruction! Why? Because they can't sit them around that Tapas round table so they can't even get it started!!!

  43. I am 5.25 and I was saying that the group never produced any photographs of their evenings at the Tapas bar. I also think that Gerry did play golf as well as tennis. Gerry has been very dominent and he has made witnesses say things that were not true, but we all know that Gerry has lied. One of the waiters did say that somebody was missing from the table for a long time and their food was reheated I remember reading it. I am not a black hat I am purely saying what I have read and I also believe that Murat is very much involved in this, the Mccanns had extra help otherwise they would not have survived with their lies they would have been found out ages ago.

  44. Speaking about the revision, I wonder if the Met or if the PJ will come forward with the end report. I believe it will be the Met because they are the one who started it. I hope Rothley is watching if the McCanns are back, twins back to school, Gerry working and Kate incredibly busy with the campaign.I still suspect that there is something behind their trip to Ireland and I have the right to be paranoic.

  45. Documents in the Bennett x McCann case can be made public, according to a judge.
    McCanns not very happy, are they?

  46. Ah! ah! They don't fit on the table and they transform the narrow street near the flat in the most busiest in all Algarve giving a hard time to JW who choose it to make is child slippy. JW, forgot to mention on his statement, how hard was for him to maintain his child calm under so much movement. If happen with me, this will be the most remarkable think for that night. unforgetable and the first to mention to the police.
    If they are called for a reconstrution they will come out with a new version - having the table by turns between the checks. Tanner will acquire an amazing capacity to fly giving her time to appear in Jeans and with a purple dress, since there is also confusion regarding her clothes. On fiction and versions, they are the best.

  47. Nov 5, 2012 4:23:00 AM

    NO, no jeans for Tanner!
    She made a point in her rogatory interview to make very clear she had NOT taken any jeans with her on that holiday, no jeans at all! She even mentions she knew there was a photo of her in the media wearing jeans, supposedly in Luz, but that it was wrong, that photo was from another occasion and location(!?)!Why such a worry about wether she had jeans or not?!
    It must be a very important "little" detail, to make her dweal so much on the subject...poor Tanner, she's in this mess up to her neck, I bet she does not have a peaceful life...many sleepless nights...


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