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Missing Ambassador ?

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Here is an updated list of Ambassadors for Missing Persons Charity from their website and Kate McCann is not listed - could they have dumped her?

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Oct 26, 2012 9:26:00 AM

Well, Dear Anon, our first reaction was to agree with you and say, yes, it seems they did.

This is the Ambassador page at Missing People:

No, no Kate to be seen. Or shown.

We then went to see if her name was somewhere else in the site:

No, no sign of Kate. Not even in Honorary Friends.

But then we went to the homepage… and there she was !!

You do have to wait a while before she does appear among the various homepage banners:

Maybe she’s just a sort of a “special” kind of Ambassador. After all the McCanns do get special treatment from everybody, so we don’t find it strange that Kate is to get some of the same from Missing People.

Post Scriptum: 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Missing Ambassador ?":

Kate is an Embarrassador of Missing Persons Charity, that's what she really is!

Posted by Anonymous to Textusa
at Oct 31, 2012 7:08:00 PM


  1. I really don't know what Missing Persons charity was thinking when they appointed such a vile creature as Kate McCann who herself is surrounded by so much controversy.... could it be money talks?

    Typical behaviour of the McCanns.... lurking in the shadows and always keeping their distance never a couple to shy away from publicity and the opportunity of raising more funds for their transglobal bank account.

  2. I didn't see anything she did for that charity. Did she speak our for April or Ben?

  3. They've had more than enough time to update the ambassador page, so it can't serve as an excuse.
    I think this shows clearly that Kate McCann was someone imposed on Missing Persons rather than a welcomed and desired new member of the organization's family and structure.

  4. Deve ter conseguido o lugar a custa de uma "cunha" de CM ou da CR. Afinall eles tem de justificar os honorários que recebem, ja que nao ha qualquer justificacao plausivel para a existencia destas duas entidades.

  5. The McCanns are pushy. They always want to be in the picture, especially Kate.
    It is possible that that organization received bunchs of protests.
    The McCanns away in Ireland?
    They probably are asking for help because they need to leave the UK.

  6. Savile also got the title of "Sir". No surprise a suspect in a crime related with a missing child became ambassador for missing people. This just proves the (UN)verticality of some institutions, and what is a shame is that all this frauds are in some point connected with charities. She damaged the reputation of all institutions she managed to connect to.

  7. In Ireland? Maybe trying to meet with Smiths now that a full libel trial and the chances to have the case reopened have strong possibilities. They have done the same before the rogatory interviews, with Tapas 7 and Catriona baker.

  8. I think someone should warn Missing Persons how damaging it can be to be linked up with someone protected by a cover-up. Especially one that has got to do with the death of a child.

  9. Jimmy Savile destroyed the charities he became involved with causing some of them to close due to his predatory involvement with children, and the same will apply to Kate Mccann and charities she has given her name the McCanns are a curse they destroy everything they touch.

    After Tia's body had been found the media used images of Tia's grandparents parading in their 'missing persons' tee shirts when all the while they knew what had become of her and the same will happen to the McCanns - fate has a way of catching up with people when they least expect it.

  10. That Kelin Halligan comes also from Ireland, if I am not mistaken.
    Maybe meeting one of his relatives.

  11. This is a good example of charities not researching Z list celebrities that offer their support via their PR agents Kate is desperate for publicity and will do anything it takes to get her 'grief stricken' face in the papers.

    If Missing Persons had done a thorough check on Kate McCann she would have been deemed unsuitable and not fit for purpose due to the on-going saga she and her husband created when their own daughter went missing. CRB checks should also be carried out on these individuals this would have brought up questions concerning her suitability.

    One thing Kate can be sure of is that her past will catch up with her creating more embarrassment for the Missing Persons Charity.

  12. Kate McCann is NOT a good marketing ploy for the Missing Persons Charity!

  13. Has this Missing Persons charity not learnt anything from the ongoing Jimmy Savile abuse case? They just cannot take anything or anyone on face value, especially a figure head.

  14. About the McCanns in Donegal and the pub that Eilleen McCann supposedly still owns, I read a thread in Jill Havern's forum yesterday which I found interesting and intriguing:

  15. More mistery surrounding the 2007 Donegal trip and what seems some photoshopped photos:

    (go to pages 7/8)

  16. The judge's sentence "suppose it is established that the claimants had lied about what happened" increased a lot the tourism in Ireland, wich is also in economic crises. Four tourists more, even if it is for a short time, and the Irish people are thankful. And now to hope that the tourism in Algarve will increase too, bunchs of media for the trial.

  17. Where to could the McCanns escape now?
    They woud be recognized everywhere, excepted for in the USA where people don't care about escaping Europeans. So many people look alike, out there.

  18. Jimmy Savile's relatives have made an apology to his victims they could not believe that he had such a dark side to his nature, his charities have suffered and for years his victims have suffered. The Jersey childrens home that he regularly visited will now be thoroughly investigated at the time the sniffer dogs detected cadaver it was passed off as a coconut shell by the media.There would appear to be a culture of cover-ups in UK involving high profile personalities this needs to end. A crime is a crime whoever commits it.

    From all these cover-ups I really do see the met focusing more on the McCanns. Two very guilty parents and Jimmy Savile is the tip of the Mccann iceberg.

  19. The Mccanns fled Portugal when it became obvious they were invbolved, now they are fleeing to Ireland running away fronm the Tony Bennet trial, such cowards.


    Which evidences to support the abduction, that pair produced? No one. They were hired just to pervert the course of justice, clean some money from the Fund and fabricate sights of Maddie and her multi face abductor. This is my feeling. They probably signed a document trough which they are obliged to keep their mouths closed until the end of their lives.

  21. We've been receiving a significant amount of comments referring that the current McCann trip to Donegal, Ireland was with the purpose of them seeking there refuge from Justice.

    We have no evidence of such. We also are aware that what has been stated are personal opinions from readers but sometimes that's how myths are born and we wish, in no way, to start one.

  22. They probably went there for a short holidays due to School half term. But since the place is just miles away from the Smiths....maybe a red light to the Smiths, if the police start interrogate them again.

  23. There's something not quite right with the Easter trip to Donegal back in 2007, just before their holiday in Luz...
    A portuguese restaurant owner, in Zavial (Algarve)claimed he saw the McCanns in his restaurant, which is on the Zavial beach during the Easter holidays of 2007(April).
    Which is which?! Were they in Donegal or in Portugal, in Zavial beach...?!

    "I inform you that, upon going to the Zavial Beach concession of Ernesto Joaquim Muchacho , telephone contact numbers, ******** and ******; the same stated that he recognised the parents of Madeleine McCann as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers seeing them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter holidays), accompanied by their three children. Since this date, as he exercises his function in the kitchen, he does not remember having seen them on that beach or in his restaurant."

    April, easter holidays! Easter 2007 was on the 8th of April...

  24. Textusa, is there a certainty that the McCs went to Donegal? As far as I know we don't know where McCs are or were holidaying. We've all assumed Donegal where they were before. Maybe not. For example, if G got a job there it would probably be a city based post.

  25. Anon Oct 28, 2012 1:40:00 PM

    Donegal is mentioned as the destination.

    We think nowhere near Smiths. They are from Drogheda, County Meath.

    Anyway the post is about Kate being missing from the Missing Persons' Ambassadors page and not about the McCanns being missing from the UK.

    That fact is a non-fact. They're free to travel to anywhere they wish to do so, although photos taken from their PREVIOUS trip in 2007 do make us think, added with what Anon Oct 28, 2012 1:23:00 PM mentions.

  26. The only thing I believe about the McCanns is that whatever and wherever they do, the media will find them.

  27. To the Mccanns the world is a stage where they act our their abduction story trouble is they cannot be sure of who else is going to wander onto the stage.

    Kate becoming Abassador for Missing Persons if she had known Tia Sharp and April Jones would be featured by Missing Persons would she have been so keen to join this charity, she is now centre stage through her links with Missing Persons with the search for Ben Needham and the publicity the grandparents of Tia Sharp sought through Missing Persons Charity, more questions are asked of Kate Mccanns involvement and the Madeleine cover up, similarities commented on thereas if she had not joined Missing Persons there would be no comparisons with hindsight a role she would definitely have refused.

    Jim Gamble a name familiar to the Madeleine saga is now part of the Jimmy Saville inveitgation he was speaking on the news this evening.
    Makes us all remember his involvement with the Madeleine story.

    Cadaver dogs that Gerry so blatently rubbished same dogs used at Jersey Childrens home originally media said teeth and human bones were found then they quickly changed it to a coconut shell, these dogs detected cadaver around the Maccanns apartment. Gerry protested far too loudly about these dogs.

    Gary Glitter was arrested this evening in connection with child abuse years ago he fled to Thailand presumably he thought it safe to come back to UK. The past always catches up.

    When people try to push their ideas onto others its the little things that catch them out. There is much wrong with the Mccann and Tapas friends statements. Kate wrote a book would she have said the things she wrote now knowing what public opinion made of her graphic comments concerning Madeleine and more lies about what happened in pdl. Contradicting pj files with her own verson of events. What a mess she has made of it all.

    Time is running out for the Mccanns they will attempt distraction tactics anything to stop the public from seeing what is really going on. TB trial must have unsettled them, they managed to keep it out of the papers but not from the internet. Their guilt is even more evident now than it ever was. The cover up culture is coming to an end, Murdoch and Brooks have been exposed through Levison and the hillsborough cover up by the police altering statements bit by bit its all falling apart for the Mccanns and about time.

  28. Now we see the MAIN reason why the McCanns were protected: the cover-up culture that reigned in the UK!
    The people involved just thought that it was just one more thing to cover-up, like they'd seen before, sot hey just went along with it.
    This time however it happened outside the Country, so the ingredients for this broth were hastily and carelessly thrown into the pot that no one dares now to lift the lid. Beneath lies a true Pandora's box!
    I say MBM is THE cover-up of all cover-ups!

  29. KM knows, she is not a good market ploy for any charitable mission. When she got involved with missing persons, she had a auto- ego feed by A. Lazzeri and all the Murdoch army who knows that Madeleine is a good product to sell papers. Since that, Murdoch tactics and soldiers were exposed and K book was a disaster in terms of all aspects, including sales . Far from being a bestseller, was a tool against herself, then she has no choice. The best thing she can do to all missing persons and to herself, is being away, fade and be missing from all this charities. Anything that she connects herself with, the public look at it with suspicion and quickly run out of any help, believing is another fraud.


    The Mccann PR team have given the above story to Express saying they are not using their Private Detectives so could Dave Edgar and Arthur Cowley be distancing himself from the Mccanns in light of current news developments re cover ups. Reading between the lines something is going on its a definite none news story but everything the Mcs do has a purpose. Could be SY are tightening the investigation on Mcs. The article is saying that SY investigation will take as long as it takes its already cost 2.5 million of tax payers money its going to cost loads more this cover up is going to be very big when it comes out.

    Kate is not very prominent on the Missing Persons charity website could be they are distancing themselves from her. Too many similarities between Madeleine and more recent murder cases.


    All involved on Maddie cover up could not rest and have a good sleep. The pass will hunt them, no matter how long it takes until the truth starts being publicly uncovered.

  32. The McCanns need money for a trial.
    That is why they dismissed their privete detectives.
    If they really sold the book for a million pounds, they kept 10% to 12% for themselves over.Those are the rules of editors in the UK and elsewhere. Nobody becomes rich as a writer, with few exceptions.Check on internet, please.
    I don't believe the fund is receiving much money right now.

    People are not stupid.

  33. "Jimmy Savile's great-niece has told Sky News she believes some members of his family knew of what they called his 'dark side' - but that they turned a blind eye to it.

    Caroline Robinson, 49, has said she was sexually abused by Savile at a family gathering when she was 12-years-old and again at an engagement party when she was 15.

    "They both happened during a family gathering. It was not as though I was on my own. There were members of the family there as well," she said.

    "Jimmy got it down to perfection, where he managed to do it and what he did and nobody noticed.

    "After it happened when I was 12, I spoke to my grandmother, I told her what Jimmy had done. Her reply was, 'It's only Jimmy, it doesn't matter, I'll sort it out'.

    "I think that certain members of the family who were closer to him knew what kind of man he was but they kept it secret for their own means".

    Savile's nephew, Roger Foster, said on Saturday that the 'picture' of Jimmy Savile painted by his victims was not the man he knew. But he apologised to those alleged victims for Savile's 'darker side'.

    Savile's great-niece has accused him of assaulting her when she was 12
    Ms Robinson said she believed many people knew of Savile's alleged activities but that they 'turned a blind eye' in part due to the rewards that came with being associated with Savile's name.

    "I think a vast amount of people knew at the BBC, at the NHS and the council. I think everybody knew who surrounded themselves with Jimmy Savile, including the family; they turned a blind eye.

    "The rewards they got from Jimmy Savile's name and everything else kept them in a lifestyle that they became accustomed to.

    "I am sure the BBC, if they could have stopped this in the 60s when they first found out about the allegations, I would not be a victim now. I would not be sat here. They have wrecked my world apart. They are to blame.

    "It is sad that certain members of the family were given the riches of Jimmy Savile whilst the others, who may have been abused; they got nothing at all".

    Ms Robinson also urged and encouraged other potential victims of Savile to come forward.

    "I would like to ask all of the victims who are quiet still ... your voice will be heard. You have to come and speak to somebody. Whether it is the police, your mum, your dad, anybody.

    "You must come and tell, because it is a secret that eats you alive inside and it will one day kill you. You have to speak out now".
    Sky News
    (Why that story remind me another one, where a Fund is being used to feed many under the umbrella of searching a little girl? )

  34. the fund cannot last forever I do not believe anybody gives to it now, it has been misused from the start to pay for the most expensive libel lawyers in the country and mortgage payments and whatever else the Mcs have treated themselves with.

    Kate joining missing persons has backfired. Presumably she thought she would get publicity and more funds from her appoinment but instead she has been given bad publicity and so has the charity and the two recent murder enquiries have been alikened to the madeleine mystery. Missing persons tee shirts were used to publizise the disappearance of the victims, same tactics as the Mccanns used.

    Its the same old story and people are fed up with the Mccanns bleating on about needing more money for searching, there never was any searching just expensive PR and libel lawyers.

    With Savile there will be more arrests in the coming week of high profile people and amongst these arrests people will talk and the Madeleine saga will start to unfold these cover ups all overlap one another they are all connected
    by corrupt officials doing favours.

    Max Clifford has said many high profile people are worried and have been contacting him concerning the savile investigation it wont be long before the madeleine investigation starts. The PI Mcs hired have washed their hands of the Mcs. Brooks and Murdoch cannot help them anymore, SY cannot afford to be involved in another cover up, too many pensions and bonuses at risk if top people lose their jobs.

  35. while reading the statement above (from Caroline Robinson) came to my mind another girl from PDL-TS. The crimes behind cannot be compared, but the essence of the cover up, YES. Somebody is being blind for quite long on Madeleine case and should take the adviser of a victim who suffered for many years:
    'You must come and tell, because it is a secret that eats you alive inside and it will one day kill you.'

  36. Anon 8:38, for me the millions allocated by D Cameron to review that case, sound like a donation to the Fund. What is worse is, that donation was done using the money of all citizens living in UK without previously asking them if they agree with that donation.
    I don't need to do a big exercise to see where that money could have been correctly used to save many children- how many are now suffering with cancer, diabetes or any other serious disease with their parents struggled with bills to pay medications or seek top doctors on a desperate try to save the lifes of that children? A BIG NUMBER. I believe no one of that children touched the heart of the PM, that's why the crise lead many coutries to cut benefits including in the NHS. It is an insult to my eyes, having such amount allocated to search a dead child. Because SY and the British government know she is dead ( was the british police who first got the evidences and who first pointed the fingers to the parents and british dogs were sent to the crime scene to grab evidences, which they did).
    If we analyse that case in deep, we find out that is so shameful and scandalous as the Savile. Both had people denouncing the case and forced to remain in silence. TB is the latest on Maddie saga.

  37. People are now realizing the scale of the Savile cover up and seeing that it’s not only possible but happens to this extent.

  38. There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, when taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
    Omitted, all the voyage of their life
    Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
    On such a full sea are we now afloat,
    And we must take the current when it serves,
    Or lose our ventures.

    I hope that all middle ranks of organisations headed by corrupt masters will heed the Bard's words and find some courage.

  39. "Maddie McCann cops go"- Daily Star
    (available at Mccannfiles)

    The distraction is on tthe way with papers spreading a very old news, as an echo.

  40. As the McCanns no longer employ private investigators why do they still need to ask for donations for the on-going search, who is searching?

    Does Kate get a wage from Missing Persons charity for lending her name and paid expenses. Any charity that supports Kate McCann and has her on its advertising boards will lose donations and legacies from the public. Kate and Gerry have made the fraudulent fund their private limited company got rid of the board of Directors and now got rid of their private investigators it would appear their money is drying up, all being spent on expensive legal and libel cases.

  41. Did Missing Persons Charity research Kate and Gerry Mccann before appointing her as an ambassador. Were they aware that within days of Madeleine disappearing the Mccanns set up a private fund, set up a blog, contacted SKY news told relatives to give media interviews, never once searched and lied to pj. If Missing Persons charity was aware of how the Mccanns have treated Madeleine eg Trademarketing her name surely someone within that organisation would have said ' no we do not need ambassadors like this'.

  42. There is news of the McCanns on the McCann Files.
    Could it be that we will get some new ones within a short time?
    It seems that the Home Office is prepared to continue paying the revision. Indefinitely.
    By now something must be known, the report ready, etc.
    This is taking a horrible lot of time.
    I love leaks and somebody must know what is going on.

  43. If the McCanns no longer employ private detectives to "search" for Madeleine, the fund has no reason to be! What is the purpose? What will it be used for? Since they now "rely" on the SY review, which has been payed by the tax payers, will they be transfering the fund's money to the state? Will they donate it to a charity, Missing People perhaps...?
    I think they should!

  44. O Birch evaporou como chuva tropical.
    Quem se preocupa com os direitos das criancas, sobretudo com os das que ja nao tem voz, deve estar atento a trovoada e a estas chuvas fogazes- escondem sempre uma tempestade que se pretende, passe despercebida aos que se indignam.
    Da proxima vez que uma chuva destas vier, ja sei que em algum lugar, com alguem, os Mccann devem estar a viver um problema e farao tudo para desviar as atencoes do mundo desse lugar. Interessante para uns pais que vendem aderecos de bagagem, posters da filha e apelam ao nosso dinheiro com a desculpa de estarem a procura-la. Se assim e, porque se escondem nos momentos em que lhes e dada uma ribalta e podiam brilhar? Podiam brilhar, por exemplo, entrando nos tribunais pela porta em que entram todos que ali vao e nao prestam la qualquer servico. Podiam brilhar, olhando nos olhos, cara a cara, daqueles que eles acusam e desejam silenciar. Podiam brilhar, reabrindo a investigacao e participando na reconstituicao da noite em que a filha desapareceu. Porque fogem e se escondem, quando as circunstancias lhes proporcionam o palco por que tanto lutaram?

  45. So uma sugestao, ja que se aproxima o Natal e o Pai Natal, e o simbolo universal da bondade e da satisfacao dos desejos para qualquer crianca....

    Porque nao escrevermos uma carta conjunta (varios blogs e gente anonima ou nao) ao Pai Natal, em nome de Maddie a pedir aos Tapas 9 que facam a reconstituicao da noite do crime e ter essa carta publicada em varios Media pelo mundo inteiro, em varias linguas?! Seria a nossa missao de solidariedade para com Madeleine e para com todas as criancas/pessoas desaparecidas.

  46. ://

    The above link just about sums up the McCanns - what do missing persons charity think of their Ambassador that is so quick to sue and attempt to ruin individuals. The Mccanns really hate Amaral perhaps he knows much more about them and they are trying to silence him. Kate said in her book she wished he would disappear what a horrible woman she is, how can any charity take on an ambassador that shows no humanity or charity to people. Also another interesting point Tavares de Almeida, then Chief Inspector, concluded, (amongst other things), that:

    Madeleine McCann died in the Holiday apartment on 3rd May 2007.

    A staged HOAX abduction took place.

    The McCann's were involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter.

    Why did they never sue Almeida. They have got very rich suing people that has become their full time professions they are 'couple of sewers' literally.

  47. Anon 9:01, come

    Oh come on, Panda again from the Missing Madeleine? Was Panda not the supposed FOFOF of Mrs Fenn? Then, no surprise she/he will blame "ONLY" the McCann's.
    Unfortunately for her/he, they had the support of many troops on their cover up.

  48. Anon Oct 30, 2012 1:19:00 PM

    I see no relationship between Anon's 9:01 comment and Panda from MMF. Please explain otherwise your comment will be removed.

    Thank you


    Sorry Textusa, I could be mistaken things. If so, sorry to the anon 9:01, who posted the link.
    But, when I copy and paste the link provided by anon 9:01, what come out is a generic group of links on which, I can find the 2 I provide above. And there is Panda and all sort of comments believing the negligence to be the reason for what happen to Madeleine. All to blame only the McCann's while revigorating the negligence theory.
    The poster from anon 9:01 could be innocent, but since I saw Panda, I see it with a pinch of salt. But you can remove my post if you consider it inappropriate. I'm maybe reading what is not there, and I don't want to make any injustice with honest posters. But, what I post before was my interpretation of that group of links, specially because there is Panda and another interesting poster called snowflake, who crucified TB.

  50. The McCann’s “popularity” among their “kin” plummeted when Kate published her book. After that they went through a very long dry spell. I think “Daily Star” was the only rag that showed them. When Murdoch/Brooks felt the heat too near, they put their hand in their “puppet bag” and the couple appeared again for this ridiculous “shelving” which is an embarrassment to the institution that accepted Kate.
    They were shelved because they are an embarrassment for all. It seemed like their “kin” had finally found a place to take care of an unwanted elderly relative.
    Like you’ve predicted, every time a child disappears we’re reminded of the couple, it happened twice recently. Their silence besides awkward was embarrassing.
    With the Saville scandal the McCanns are now realizing that their head is up for prize. They live waiting all the time that any minute the first will break. They won’t go down alone that’s certain but they will have to carry the burden of being the “front-cover” of their cover-up.
    Missing Persons Charity, with the noblest of missions, will pay the price for accepting Kate. To be clarified is if they were forced to accept, if so, by whom? If not, why such a stupid move?


    I hope the selling of this book in Barnes and Noble in the US brings in new readers to the blog from the US!!

  52. Hi I posted 9.01
    What I was trying to say in my post is that the McCanns are selective in who they sue, and they are very harsh with Sr Amaral which makes me think they are afraid of him because of what he knows. Also I find it hard to believe that missing persons charity can employ somebody like Kate when she has such harsh attitudes towards people eg constantly suing and wanting TB to be imprisoned her comments towards pj whilst she ignores other comments.
    Sorry if I did not put my post over very well, but I can assure you I am not Panda or Snowflate I want the truth to be found but we seem to be living in times of many cover ups in UK.

  53. I anon 9:01,
    Thanks for your reply. I went to the link you provided and as soon I read some comments, I made my judgement. Probably too easily. Many times blogs looking for justice for Madeleine are being assaulted by people with a double intention. And I have to say that over the time, they became refined and use strategies to distract and to not be obvious.
    Anon 1:19

  54. At the end of this week it will be 5.5 years the Maddie died and we still don't know what happened to her. I believe that the police of both countries know it but their report "late in the year" is taking long. We are nearly in November and I can not wait.Is it so difficult to review the PJ's work? OK, there must be some British work to be reviewed too, but it is not about JF Kennedy's murder, is it?

  55. Very relevant the comment from Pat Brown on her blog, regarding her case V McCann's in UK. It appears like if the McCann's are untouchable. She can't find a lawyer to represent her. All afraid of the McCann's, or CR methods( that is my opinion).
    GA had the same problem, back in 2007, when he was insulted by some papers in UK. Seems the lawyers have no balls to defend some victims, which per si shows already a lack of democracy and a very unbalanced way to serve justice.
    I hope, she found a strong publisher for her book in USA and bring the McCann's to USA to fight against her, on a more neutral and democratic terrain.

  56. Could the reason Missing Persons charity took on Kate McCann be because she is well known within media circles as the 'parent of missing madeleine' the Mccanns do have tight control on what is published about them, everything they do is for a reason. But Missing Persons Charity should have researched her background she will be a bad omen for them and in truth she has been a bad omen. We that follow the story know some of the facts but these are never reported in our media.

    For the Mccanns to release the recent news story about dropping their PI's would suggest there is something new going on and their holiday to Ireland at a time when they have an important court case is another distraction in the media. Why is the TB court case not reported on, its buried under other eye catching news and forgotten.
    Another strange thing is (and I know we are not mentioning this but I'll be brief) what has happened to April Jones body that is not reported on at all, yet Ben Needhams story is all over the papers. Its strange how the media work real news which would be of interest is hidden under old news stories.
    Jimmy Saville on the front pages every day (now he's dead) this is an example of people being able to control what is printed whilst they are alive.

    Police missed opportunities to catch Savile but because he was involved with high profile people and making money for charities he was allowed to continue with his sordid life. This is true of the Mccanns it is a disgrace what they are capable of doing through the help of powerful men, but people are speaking out more now and coming forward so hopefully it will not be too long before the Mccann cover-up is revealed and once it starts Madeleine will be back on the front pages and allies that once supported the McCanns will be rushing to tell/sell their stories.

  57. Well that is the modern UK, where we have a referee accused by the police, of racism in a blink (when was the match, a week ago?) and Paedos abusing child's for 40 years and ordinary parents who managed to fool the public for more then 5 years, get millions on their account and persecute who question their affairs.....All with a convenient blindness from the authorities.
    I'm not excusing the referee or defending his behavior. If he shows racism, he need a punishment, but what is a shame is the totally unbalanced way to deal with justice, that country has.
    But, if I had to keep the things where they belong to, I will say that the referee behavior did not surprise me. Not because of something personal about him, but because important media had behave with racism during more then 5 years, teaching the public with the idea that is ok if you destroy the image of other countries while promoting your selfish arrogance. What was Maddie case since the beginning? A rosary of racism, against the Portuguese, against PJ and against all tan people. Remember which was the physical look of the potential abductor? Tan. All the crime had a blonde universe with blue eyes, but the bad guy has to be tan, fitting the appearance of the latin people or the Arabic, since they also tried to involve Morroccos.
    I really will love to know, where a case with same ingredients will be, by now, if had happen in UK with a foreign family, no matter if they were ordinary doctors or not. The parents will be in jale since the first week without spoke person or space to set a Fund. even the best lawyers will face a hard time to grab evidences that could prove the impossible. They will die in jale, because the best lawyers could only reduce the amount of years in prison, if they manage to convince the judge that was an accident, but they cannot save them from a condemnation. If that foreigner parents, for a very lucky moment, had time to fool people and set a Fund, that will work against them increasing the time they will be in prison.

  58. Kate is an Embarrassador of Missing Persons Charity, that's what she really is!

  59. ...and Kate is also a disgrace to mothers and the human race.


    Love it! Wish I came up with that one myself!

  61. Agree....Embarassador, the best.
    If not, we will had her face in placards all over Europe by now. She never misses an opportunity to grab some personal publicity and remind the kind public that any bank transfer or check sent to her home, will be welcomed.

  62. Kate McCanns legacy to Missing Persons Charity is 'Embarassador Kate' and what support could this Embarrasador give to anybody that needed help when she never searched for her own daughter and let the world know through her book that it affected her sex life.
    She should be on the Jeremy Kyle show with such classless language as calling pj f****** t****** did we need to know about her lack of sex with Gerry after Madeleine 'disappeared' and graphic details about Madeleine's body. What a vile money grubbing embarrasador she has become.

  63. Anon at 11:35:00 AM

    What I found deeply disturbing is Kate saying she wrote the book for the twins. She really has no perception of how others are horrified by that statement let alone the content. She lives in different world if she thinks anyone would swallow that.

    She wrote about Maddie as though they were not even related.

  64. Kate McCann comes across as cruel and heartless. She puts her needs and that of her husband before her children, she said she wrote the book for the twins because she knew Madeleine would never be around to read it.

    If this is the type of Ambassador that Missing Persons charity uses that speaks volumes about how much the charity looks into the suitability of its ambassadors. I for one would never give to any charity that associated itself to Kate McCann and I do not watch or read anything associated with Lorraine Kelly or Fiona Philips or any other numbskull that has given support to the ruthless McCanns.


    Interesting link about trial.
    It would be interesting to know the views of Missing Persons Charity with regard to its ambassador wanting the imprisonment of Tony Bennett. He should be allowed free speech, he is entitled to his opinion and once people throw themselves into the media spotlight they must accept that not all comments will be favourable.

  66. Why is this revision taking so long?
    Are they all suffering of dislexy?

  67. When finally will our dream come true?
    Justice for Madeleine, we are not asking more than that.
    And is it so difficult to reach it?

  68. Get involved

    Missing People welcomes everyone who has an interest in missing persons to get involved with the charity’s work – be it writing a letter to your MP, taking part in a research study, or telling us about your experience of the issue. Feel free to contact the Policy and Research Team with any enquiries you may have at

    Policy – Whether you are the relative of a missing person, professional or interested member of the public, there are a variety of ways in which you can get involved in Missing People’s policy work.

    See the Missing Rights campaign webpage for details, or contact Holly Towell, Missing People’s Policy Advisor at or on 020 8392 4566.

    Research - We encourage anyone with an interest to get involved with research around missing people – from students, to charitable organisations, to interested members of the public. Missing People will support your research needs in any way we can. Also feel free to engage with the research community in our ‘Research Landscape’ pages, where you will find information on current research projects and learn about areas in which research would be valuable.

    Missing People produces Missing News; a quarterly newsletter which collates all of the latest news and developments relating to missing from across the sector and beyond. Please click here to sign up to receive future issues of the newsletter.

    For more information on how you or your organisation can engage with Missing People’s policy and research work, please contact Missing People’s Information Officer Duncan Cameron at or on 020 8392 4508.

  69. The Harlow Star which has published an article about "Tony Bennett versus McCann case" is supposedly accepting articles, but none are to be seen till this moment...I made a comment there myself, supporting Mr. Bennett and mentioning Mr. Amaral, the joint portuguese/british investigation and the conclusions of the PJ's final report (Insp. Tavares de Almeida, on which Mr. Bennett bases his claims, and I almost could have sworn that there was one comment published when I submitted mine. I might be confused, of course, but I have the distinctive recollection I read a comment, and it was in defence of Mr. Bennett and against the McCanns attitude. Maybe that's why it was "wooshed-clunked"...
    many in Jill Havern's forum have posted comments too, but none was published.
    Humm...the looong arm of Carter-Ruck...

  70. IMO Missing People don't do anything. They accept gifts/donations from various souces and Grants from the Government (our tax). They man telephones to accept calls and give advice. They spend some of monies received on salaries for staff. The place to report missing people is at the Police Station. There is normally one in every other town or you can ring them.

  71. For the first time I start to doubt about this revision and I have a terrible feeling that it will not work. I still trust the PJ but I'm losing my confidence in the Scotland Yard.Or better: I think I lost my confidence in them.
    I hope I'm wrong, I pray I'm wrong.
    Are they that incompetent that they can not even read the PJ's reports, already translated long ago?
    We have the right to know how far they are but I fear they did not get any far.The Met are cheating on the public, aren't they?

    They hope we will forget the case and leave them in peace.
    And it is the last thing we will do.

  72. Are the McCanns already back in Rothley?

  73. The write up concerning Missing Persons Charity may sound impressive, but it is the image of the tee shirts on Tia Sharps guilty family members, the McCanns wearing similar tee shirts and the controversy surrounding the McCanns, all the information on the internet freely available to the public about the McCanns, questions about their fraudulent fund and their cold behaviour - this is all very damaging to the charity that takes such a risk as to promote Kate McCann as one of its ambassadors.

    The public gave money to the McCanns in the belief it was helping them. They exploited the good faith of people to their own ends. Money given has since been used to prop up litigation cases, pay for PR & CR, mortgage payments on their mansion and is held in a private limited company controlled by the McCanns. What they have done is unforgiveable before and after 3rd May 2007.

    People may view Missing Persons Charity with suspicion due to the bad choice it made taking on Kate McCann. Could be Missing Persons Charity gives funds to the McCanns to help with their 'search'. Who knows what goes on in the boardrooms.

  74. KM is damaging the reputation of any Missing Persons association. If she is not withdrawn from this one quickly, soon the Missing Persons charity will be associated with frauds and personal profits.
    What is also relevant is the distance shown by The Sun and Daily Mail regarding the last developments on Mccann's saga. An apparent good ploy to sell papers, did not deserve a single word on that Mccoldfriends. Why? Because they learn from SY review that Maddie story could have a totally different picture then the one the editors passed since 2007? Because they got tired of the circus settled by Mccann's PR machine? Because, they know soon or later the truth will be revealed and they want to distance themselves from the Shame on time? Look at BBC.... A station with good reputation, which had memorable coverages of some wars, is falling under the perversity of a star they promote until nausea. I believe BBC will loose that war, they will sink in shame, together with other stars who helped the cover up and who,following the same inpunnity, have been attracted and act copying the master Saville.
    A prove, your acts will hunt you.

  75. Can somebody tell me if Sandy was blowing around in London too?
    The Express published on April 25 2012 "we have evidence that may help solving this case" or something similar.(Met)
    Where is the evidence and what happened to it?
    Blowed away, I believe. Who knows to Ireland.

  76. Censored comment from Anon at Nov 2, 2012 2:09:00 PM:

    "(censored - direct reference to a recent case) proves how hard was the PJ job in 2007. with calm, British police find no traces... imagine under the turbulence created around PJ."

    Thank you for understanding.

  77. Not that it matters because anyone who has embraced (read protected) in some way or another the McCanns has lost all my consideration but I think that Kate was the iceberg in the Missing Persons' Charity's Titanic. The gap in the hull has been created and the water is slowly going in and no matter how long the orchestra keep playing the Charity is doomed to sink. Pity.
    I think the biggest damage that the Black Hats have done was to make us all skeptical of the best values the human being has like helping one another. We now look at any fund-raising event with much more suspicion than we did before, and feel sick in our stomachs whenever the McCanns are involved.

  78. Anon 6:26:00 completely agree whenever the McCanns become involved with anything we are all wary because we are so familiar of their underhand schemes fooling the public into parting with their money especially trade marketing their dughter to make millions lying about what happened on the evening of 3rd and manipulating the media and forcing their abduction tale.

    Missing Persons Charity will fade into nothing, people will not part with their hard earned cash to support anything that Kate McCann has put her name to, because we were all tricked by the McCanns 5 years ago - the McCanns steal from pensioners and school children, they do not care how they get our money as long as they get it. Then they use it to try and imprison members of the public for daring to question their innocence.

    Kate McCann has given Missing Persons Charity the kiss of death.

  79. I'm Anon &:26. Just to say that of those that I've lost complete consideration for it includes you SY.

  80. The McCanns in their greed, arrogance and assurance of impunity made two capital mistakes: they went legally after GA and TB.
    As any legal process takes time in any Country with the negligence campaign they made up to justify the abduction theory that made society frown upon them, what they've been able to achieve with their legal battles against GA and TB was to keep the Maddie issue alive and NOT in their favour!

  81. * £3 means we can launch a poster appeal
    * £10 enables a volunteer to follow up a sighting
    * £25 pays for us to start a nationwide publicity campaign

    The above is copied from the Missing Persons Charity website. All that is needed is for complete co-operation with the police in matters of missing persons, the police are qualified in searching, have the technology and training to establish the facts. Throwing money at Missing Persons charity is not necessary. IMO the worst crimes are committed in public where everyone can see them but tries not to and they are committed with such monotonous regularity. What all of these crimes/cover ups have in common is that they involve large numbers of people and persist over many years. There may be multiple warnings and opportunities to intervene but those that could stop the McCann circus turn a blind eye preferring to believe a lie than reveal the truth but the truth is these people made bad choices in protecting the McCanns.

    With so much controversy surrounding Kate McCann why has Missing Persons Charity signed her as an Ambasssador almost 6 years after Madeleine disappeared the rumbling undertones of doubt that grow by the day concerning the McCanns involvement in the disappearance of their daughter never go away, so why would Missing Persons charity entertain becomming involved with Kate McCann.

  82. when this case comes to a trial, I intend to go to Algarve and to shout to the parents.
    Last night I spoke to a former judge who told me that the preparation for a trial takes a terrible lot of time. Portugal must not make any mistake, and I think the McCanns lawyers will have difficulties to make their defense.
    Besides, there is always the possibility that there will be a special trial involving Tapas 7 unless they have told the truth already.I hope they will go to jail as well, for perjury, helping hiding a crime,protecting criminals, twins at risk, destroying Murat's, Tony Bennett and and Amaral's lives, destroying the Ocean Club's economy,being accomplices of a serious crime.

    was it worth while to protect Kate and Gerry?

  83. I believe that we are at "end game". If we look back through that past years there is a pattern. Immediately after Madeleine went missing a media and PR campaign was launched to swamp press and involve swathes of the general public both here and in Portugal in the search for their daughter. It served several purposes but mostly to convince wholesale that Madeleine was abducted and that she was "findable" and please "donate".They also travelled using the Fund to other neighbouring countries ensuring that the abduction thesis reached as many people as possible. They controlled what was printed in papers in UK simply by the threat of libel very easy to pursue in UK. Ensuring that UK was a safe haven for them. Once they returned to the UK they only had to wait and "time" would make sure they were never forced to return to Portugal. They allowed the Portuguese investigation to be shelved and then demanded a UK Review which eventually was granted due to pressure from NoTW (Rebecca Brooks) on Cameron. Kate is subsequently appointed as an Ambassador for MissingPeople "respectability" achieved . They have no need now to search for Madeleine as they now have SY "searching" the PJ Files for her. Their only concern now is to threaten any dissent with legal action (again easy in UK). They are for the quiet life. This is why they have no need to appear in the media/papers any more - fait accompli.

  84. For me all this Missing Persons charity are a fraud. Sorry to say that, but a charity for me, means something done as a voluntary, working using spare time without any salary. What i see on this fraudulent charities is people giving up their previous jobs and claiming to be working full time on their new job, where they should be voluntaries. And in a pratical way, what is the use and the subject of that type organizations? They could not substitute the police or act as investigators. They exist just to keep the world aware that there is people missing? So much money for so little? A single appeal from the police will do more and best without any costs apart the taxes we all pay.
    I can't see any work, any campaign done by this charities. They are a fraud and a way to have few people living under the umbrella of the money coming from the public they fool. They can't be comparade with câncer, diabetes or other health charities, because this ones do investigation, go to the terrain to make us aware of the signs of the diseases. They do free checkups to the public and teach how to prevent the disesases. Missing Persons organizations must be forbidden. Living under that umbrella even encourages pervert brains to do something bad to their relatives ( special to the children) and then live under the benefits the situation could create. Just see what happen with Karen Mathews.


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