Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Birch Too Far

Remember our "Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal" (TPHS) posts?

We did four of them, TPHS #1, #2#3 and #4, and then diverged from the subject because we found ourselves entertained with what we started to uncover about Mrs Fenn and the Three MustBeKidders from the Mockumentary, JW, TS and Derek Flack.

As we had already outlined the remainder of the Phone Hacking Scandal posts we just let ourselves be distracted with the new issues so these have ended up gathering dust in our archive.

But during the publication of these posts it was the time, if you remember, that our friend Advocatus lost the foothold he thought he had in the blog after a very carefully delineated “friendly attack”.

Realising that all his/her efforts were going, suddenly, down the drain s/he showed desperation. S/He lost all his/her flamboyance and coolness and went into incomprehensible and incoherent blabber. After all, all his/her efforts were being unbelievably lost right before his/her eyes.

In the height of his/her despair, you simply can’t imagine what s/he offers to do! Be our editor! To edit for the blog Irish to Scottish to English!

S/He offers him/herself to be part of the Textusa team!! I bet you didn’t think that possible, did you? We certainly didn’t.

S/He first does it through his/her alter ego, Anders7777, at David Icke’s blog which we don't want to provide a link to, or the respective thread, because we don't want to be seen to endorse it and with which we would in no way like to be associated with:

04-02-2012, 07:40 PM


Well here we are into phase 3 of some phone calls

this is what i am moaning about, basically

texrusa is really full of shit

instead of doing loust telephone 'dialogue' that i s supposed to be irish guys talking to a scottish bloke

we have some weird porto miasma

get an editor!!!

i would do it fot free

then textusa you only go half way

u can't half kill someone, or get then half pregnant, or maybe you 3 can?

dispense with the silly letters F, G, T et c etc etc

and name names

you won't answer my 3 simple questions, so you go into the dustbin

adios ladies

Albeit this explicit "adios" (which unfortunately will never be one, we've fully understood a long time ago...) s/he then reiterates, three days later, in an unpublished comment directly in our blog:

ADVOCATUS has left a new comment on your post "Textusa's Phone Hacking Scandal #3":

ADVOCATUS - it is simmple- cut the retarded s m t j m names etc, name names, if you want a copy-editor who can do irish to Scottish to English, ask me

Posted by ADVOCATUS to Textusa at Feb 7, 2012 5:20:00 AM

A desperate person does desperate things, sometimes unthinkable ones but most of the time they are just utter ridiculous.

Advocatus desperately tried to regain the “contact” that he thought he had earned with the blog with many unpublished comments as, it seems, it took quite a while for reality to sink in.

This post is about desperation. Sheer, pure DESPERATION.

We picked this comment from the character Birch from a thread in the Jill Havern's (JH) Forum:

Mr Tony Benett's trial

Stephen Birch Today at 6:46 pm

To the Forum

For those of you that are not familiar with being involved in High court trials, it will be difficult for you to understand what the individual is going through. It's a case of, if you have not actually been involved in a high court matters, either as the plaintiff or as the defendant, you will not have experienced the tremendous negative energy that surrounds litigation. It is destructive to body mind and soul.

I personally am an experienced litigator, having been involved in 4 high court matters against my partners for 4 years. During those four years, you eat sleep and dream pleadings. You relive each and every moment and action that you took in the past over and over and over, as you prepare for trial. The hours are irregular, with you sometimes having to leave chambers after trial preparation when the sun is coming up. You don't eat properly, and sleep is not a peaceful experience.It's like a living nightmare that won't end.

You always under pressure. You see the judicial system has certain rules, that require you to respond to the other sides pleadings by certain dates in writing. These pleadings and the ongoing responses to the pleadings occur under massive pressure. Each word in the pleadings needs to be checked and analysed to see what implication it has on the matter. In actual fact, the entire trial is run outside the court, with pleadings being finally bound and presented as a bundle to the judge.Then each side argues what's in the bundle, and the judge makes a decision. And you hope that he makes the right decision !!! His only human, god forbid he had a fight with his wife the night before your matter starts. I am not even going to breach the topic of postponements for a number of reasons, normally smack bang in the middle of your trial, when you getting the upper hand on your opponent. An example, the judge is suddenly called to another matter. So you come back 3 months later and pick up the pieces. You have to get your legal team to prepare again each time before you walk into court, more waisted costs. And you hope you get the same judge...........

The costs are enormous, not only are you paying your attorney or advocate on an hourly rate, but you also pay them an attendance fee, for appearing in court. Then there's the cost of printing coping and binding. These can literally run into thousands of pounds. Coping documents at attorney rates is enormous. Don't forget the other sides attorney's are also coping at attorney rates, which you will pay if you lose the case.

Coupled with this, is the fact that everything needs be copied and bound 4 times. One copy for the judge, one copy for the other side, one copy for your attorney, one copy for you, and if there are expert witnesses, then a copy for them. It's expensive , very expensive.

What makes it even more expensive, is your inability to work on anything else except the trial. So your legal practice or property company, and the income that you would normally generate ceases. You now begin to draw on your savings. In South Africa, I tell people, if you do not have R6 million rand spare in your bank account, don't litigate. That's about 500 000 pounds.

You see like Mr Bennett, I walked into the court with high morals and believing I was doing the right thing, but quickly learned that 90% of the time, the side with the most money wins.

Well why is that? Well just when you think you winning the case, the other side either dumps more paper/ pleadings on you, or brings side actions against you.Eventually you cannot cope.Without money and assistance, you collapse under the load.You cannot meet the time restrictions to deliver the pleadings and counter arguments.

I am not familiar with the entire merit of Mr Tony Benetts case, but I can assure you, his at a disadvantage to the Mc Cann's.They will out gun him in both money and evidence. Why, because all they need to prove, is that he bad mouthed them, and that's easy, they discover one phamplet he distributed, and the judge makes a ruling in their favour. Mr Benett on the other hand has a much harder case to prove against them. He one has to prove that they are guilty. Not an easy task, even for a seasoned litigator like myself. Mr Bennett will probably be referring to certain precident cases, to argue for freedom of speech etc etc. But unfortunately it's an uphill battle.

Like I said, I am not in a position to analyse the merits of the case, but my gut feeling tells me it's going to be very very tough for Mr Benett.

I really really hope he wins his matter. The reality is the system wins, not the plaintiff or defendant. The system was designed to look after the judges attorneys barristers, clerk of the courts, and legal secretary's etc etc. We that litigate are outsiders. When you like me become a seasoned litigator, you,ll learn that quickly. You go from standing for ideals and virtues, to becoming bankrupt and hating yourself from getting involved in the mess. It's reality. I have many friends who have lost their wives and family as a result of litigation.

And don't forget, if you lose, you pay all the other sides costs, that my friends, normally runs into millions.

The fact that Mr Benett is an attorney does not mean his at an advantage. In actual fact, although his represented people litigating, he might not be experienced at litigating himself. There's a difference. A person like myself, who is not an attorney, might have significantly more litigation experience than Mr Bennett. Secondly representing yourself, is also not always a good thing. You lack the abilty to be objective in the matter. You always need fresh eyes to look at your case, and look at all the angles. That costs money, serious money.

Why I am telling you this, well the next time you ask me a question and I do not answer it, you,ll understand why. I am not going through what Tony Bennet is going through in a million years. Been there, done that, have the "T" shirt. It cost me 4 years of my life and a lot more.

No I,ll fight this battle strategically, and when the time is right, then I,ll go in for the kill. So please give me the benefit of the doubt, and don't make assumptions at this present moment because I don't come out guns blazing. When the Boers fought the English, they wore camouflage clothing and waited for the English to be in range. They had secretly put markers on the battle field, so the knew at what range the English were from them. Their rifles sights were set according to the distance the English were from them, shown by the markers on the ground. They did not go guns blazing from the top of the hill when they saw the English on the horizon, but waited patiently from the hill tops for the English to come into range. And that's what I am doing.

Tony I sincerely wish you well with your matter. The nightmare does come to an end, and you do grow as a person.


Stephen Birch

First, as we’ve said before, although there’s a significant difference of opinion about what happened to Maddie between ourselves and Mr Bennett, we’ve publicly given him our full support in his legal fight against the Black Hat Machine.

Second, someone without litigation experience should tell this experienced litigator that 4 litigation cases in 4 years sounds very unlikely and is a pill a little hard to swallow. One just has to look at how long Mr. Bennett has seen himself involved, by the will of the McCanns, in this single affair.

Even if they did happen as he says they did (I would be curious as to whom, where and when they did occur) from his words of caution to Mr Bennett one can only imply that he lost all of them because no words of encouragement can be read all through the letter.

Even his well-wishing in the end is followed by a pessimistic "don’t-worry-you’ll-come-out-a-better-person" pat on the back.

Assuming that he’s lost his 4 litigation battles, thus losing £2,000,000.00, amount calculated from his words, one must find very strange his steadfast willingness to embark on yet another possible litigation battle by meddling with the McCanns and their abduction theory

The comment above, written in a letter format, although directed to the forum readers is obviously to be read exclusively by Mr Bennett.

In all its friendly tone and language it’s more filled up with spooky figures than all those that JK Rawlings came up in all her Harry Potter novels put together.

Just check the following terrifying “devil & demons” :

“And you hope that he (the Judge) makes the right decision !!! His only human, god forbid he had a fight with his wife the night before your matter starts.”

“In South Africa, I tell people, if you do not have R6 million rand spare in your bank account, don't litigate. That's about 500 000 pounds.”

“You see like Mr Bennett, I walked into the court with high morals and believing I was doing the right thing, but quickly learned that 90% of the time, the side with the most money wins.”

“Like I said, I am not in a position to analyse the merits of the case, but my gut feeling tells me it's going to be very very tough for Mr Benett.“

“When you like me become a seasoned litigator, you,ll learn that quickly. You go from standing for ideals and virtues, to becoming bankrupt and hating yourself from getting involved in the mess”

“I have many friends who have lost their wives and family as a result of litigation.”

“The fact that Mr Benett is an attorney does not mean his at an advantage. In actual fact, although his represented people litigating, he might not be experienced at litigating himself. There's a difference. A person like myself, who is not an attorney, might have significantly more litigation experience than Mr Bennett. Secondly representing yourself, is also not always a good thing. You lack the abilty to be objective in the matter. You always need fresh eyes to look at your case, and look at all the angles. That costs money, serious money.“ 

Trying to be matey with Mr. Bennett but persuading him not to go to court, by the use of the most basic scare tactics like bankruptcy and even bringing in the wife for emotional blackmail.

Desperation, pure desperation. Can’t you just feel the desperation oozing out of each word?

Albeit with all his flaws, as the human being he is, one thing one has to recognise in Mr Bennett is his resilience. Although it was the McCanns who sought the legal conflict, he has shown to be absolutely resolute in facing the couple and all their supporting "legal machine", one that has terrified so many.

Birch “asking” Mr Bennett to give up is as reasonable as Advocatus “offering” to be the blog’s copy-editor to do Irish to Scottish to English.

But they have reason to be desperate. Really desperate.

This is what Mr. Bennett has said, on the JH forum, about the current status of his case:

“I can't say what is in the judgment, but what I did report from the hearing was the judge's suggestion that this should be the sequence of events:

A. Trial on the issue of whether I breached the undertakings, but with no penalty being decided even if I am found to be in breach, followed by 

B. Full libel trial, with a jury, followed by

C. The committal trial reconvening to decide what penalty, if any, I should face.

Did you read the magic word?


That’s why they are desperate. So desperate.

Mr. Bennett, we wish to send you some words that further enhance your fortitude and determination. You seem to be on the high road that you fought so hard to be in.

I would say that we would do like the the Boers who “waited patiently from the hill tops for the English to come into range“, but they did lose two wars, so quite an unfortunate choice as example, so we will indeed wait, not on top of hills, but sitting in our comfortable couches and see what excuses the BHs will come up with to avoid facing the said JURY while sipping our tea.


  1. Anders 7777 looks like Jimmy Savile, I had to do a double take!! Also a dictionary would not go amiss on his/her (not sure which) wish list!

    I think the Mccanns are feeling the pressure and getting nervous about current events firstly they have postphoned this libel trial against Tony Bennett yet again this would suggest they are not too confident of the outcome, also with the Ben Needham case the sniffer dogs have been brought in 20 years later, Kate in her book states that cadavar cannot be detected after 30 days. More investigations are ongoing concerning the Jimmy Savile cover up. In todays paper a man will be charged accused of murdering a vet even though they have not yet found her body but it is now a murder inquiry after a couple of weeks. The two recent child abductions have become murder inquiries one with a body and the other without committed by family members or friends.

    The Mccanns have fraudulently and deliberately misled the public. We are not allowed to comment on their news articles so it can only be a matter of time before police start a proper investigation into their dealings they are the worst of the worst.

    I wonder at the mentality of some of K&G supporters or are they just paid employees of team Mccann attempting to portray the parents as victims by flooding social networking sites with their ignorance.

  2. Testusa, you are always light years ahead of me, but even I can see so clearly now that Stephen Birch is a McCann plant to distract attention from the Bennet/McCann trial, hopefully with jury!! They have underestimated us all and gone too far this time. How utterly stupid they are. Subtlety completely passes them by. No wonder they were so dismissive of Birch's claims - they made them up themselves!

  3. As I suspected since the beginning of the eruption of this character in the media, he is a Mccannpuppet. Used to deliver a particular message to a particular target, which is not Murat. That's why Murat is so calm and Birch not worried with possibility of being sued by the owner of casa Liliana.
    Wonder how that guy entered a garden later in the night, supervised by easily. Did he really went there? is he used with this dogs? He is maybe part of the desperate group who knows well Murat and the McCann's. One of the targets, we know now, is TB. They are scared with having a jury involved in the decision and with the imprevisibility of Mr TB because he shows confidence and strength on his defense.
    Interesting, i' m dreaming or what I see on Birch letter is a man mendigating a step backwards from Mr TB while trying to scare him? What a contradiction, if we compare with arrogance assumed by the character on the papers where he tried to pass the idea of being a riche man, who use his own money to search Madeleine. It is clear, he is payed by the Fund, like M3 and he did not learn anything on his passage to Lisbon: NOT ALWAYS, WHO HAS MORE MONEY WIN A TRIAL. GA WON IN LISBON AND HIS BOOK IS FREE AGAIN. This is also what scares the McCann's and their helpers.

  4. Sniffer dogs going to Kos, in Greece. I think it is plausible that Ben died of a terrible accident, the poor thing, and nobody saw it happening.If he died there, the dogs will localize his remains.A young child can run very fast"and disappear. I'm expecting an interview to Kate about Ben Needham and her role as ambassador for missing people.She could even go to Kos with the police, in order to help them.It looks like the hand of God in favor of Maddie. A man charged with the murder of a 5 years old and no corpse found, dogs localized a girl's body at the attic of a home (UK), in the USA a father convicted for murder, victim not yet found.
    All dogs' work. Martin Grimes must be proud and we too.
    My impression is that the Mccanns only have got Carter Ruck as help.
    No friends left, no media at their side. That media circus is over, the media are waiting for the report of the Met.
    And "it is coming, it is coming!...

  5. Stephen Birch is trying the scare tactics that are all so familiar to how the Mcs operate. Lets hope its trial by jury and our newspapers are allowed to report on it, that will give the Mc's something to think about.

  6. The McCanns are nasty peices of work trying to ruin Amaral and now TB - what an underhand corrupt couple and their helpers are - when this all comes out there will be many surprises of who is involved and why. Coverups are slowly being unravelled day by day in the news.

  7. We have long said that there are going to be many people on trial for this case. Not just the parents.
    I am wondering whether this investigation which many have labelled as a white wash has not kicked up some truths in its investigating.

  8. We will see a parade of Birches wondering around just to distract people from the coming trials, exactly like the fabricated sights that emerged from time to time in the pass.
    The weather is not nice in Rothley and also no good mood around UK and the rest of Europe. People are fed up of the politicians and their arrangements.
    Mr. Bean, in UK, is the face of a huge campaign against censure and in favor of the freedom of expression. The exaggeration of the mean says it all " liberate the insults". Sometimes, to highlight what is wrong, the society needs to exaggerate and fall on the opposite. Of course, is not the insult, the campaign wants to promote.... Is the right to a free opinion, to say what is our feelings without being afraid of the various McCann's that are allowed to silence whatever they Want just because there is a judicial system totally corrupt, corrupt politics and a bank account made under the innocence and the honest contributions of millions they managed to fool. I really would like to know, who they are this McCann's without their Fund? Not a single person or paper will step on their side.

  9. Indeed the word JURY is of the utmost importance here!
    I just hope that Mr. Amaral will have a trial by jury in his court case versus the McCanns. The use of a jury in portuguese courts is uncommon but it is admissable by the portuguese law, fingers crossed!

  10. Events are moving very quickly now police have recently been shown for how corrupt they are with the manipulation of statements by South Yorkshire Police covering the Hillsborough tradegy and the Steel workers of Orgreave.
    The Savile coverup, the Jersey Childrens' home coverup. British Sniffer Dogs searching for Ben Neeham's remains. The Met cannot afford to be involved in another coverup with Operation Grange especially with so much information about the McCanns on-line we all know they and their Tapas friends are involved in Madeleine's disappearance when is this going to be re-opened as a murder inquiry. Other cases have after only a couple of weeks and without a body, so what makes the McCanns so special that they are above the law. Tic Toc McCanns.

  11. The Savile affair will expose the length and depth of the establishment/media in their covert operation to cover-up
    savile's demonic and evil behavior.
    This may also go to dismantling a similiar protection that the mccanns have enjoyed up until now.
    Some people must be quaking.

  12. Anonymous 4.31.I ,agree 100% with you.I just hope the programme on the Jimmy Saville saga this evening, will explain why ,as in the MaCaan debacle,reporting what was/is known,was deliberatly with held,but WHY?????

  13. Watching several videos, I heard the McCanns saying they will continue the search as long as it takes.
    The British govnerment has to be aware of their intention otherwise it will remain under the McCanns pressure, with their smoke and mirrors.
    They have to find a way of getting rid of the couple.
    And they will.
    I trust the Met police.


    Two great posts from Dr. Martin Roberts @ Mccannfiles. Their lies are bigger then the cosmos. No surprise the Mccann's evade from appearing in court with GA and TB. Fears to face concrete questions regarding their lies.

  15. Sorry Textusa to use your blog to publicize what I consider an interesting survey:

    In the name of justice, freedom of expression and human dignity, we all need to show the McCann's that nothing/ nobody had harmed the search of their daughter a part the inconsistencies/ multiple- antagonist versions and obvious lies they delivered to the police and the public in general. Nor TB or GA or any blog or personal opinion, ever stopped anybody to search or call the police. The prove is the significant amount of sights that had fallen and still falling on police desks. What should shock them, are the sights reported on the media by people who assume having seen a child that could be Madeleine and just reported it to the police months/ years after. Some, had time to do many things but failed to do a small attitude- recording the sight in a mobile trough a single picture. If I had been the McCann's I will be very upset with that witnesses, who had enough courage to approach papers but were very stupid regarding a so basic attitude. The behavior of both parts says it all about the honest and genuine objectives of that sights. Then, is not their daughter what moves them in to that trials, is the business, the possibility of fooling judges and enlarge their Fund by suing who question their stories. They want the trials to be solved before a real trial, with an agreement between parts, made under the rules of Carter-Ruck, like what happen with papers. The possibility of having a trial involving a Jury, scares them and is not a good business for Carter- Ruck.
    Time to say, they and their helpers, are the only ones to blame on their daughters fait. I don't believe a single word they deliver to the police but if I saw a girl looking like what I think is Maddie now, I will call the police straight away and stop the girl. Like me, trillions in the world. No matter if we read GA book or share some doubts with others. That reaction is innate and natural. Who they want to fool with that idea of having third parts stoping the search of their daughter? ONLY WHO DELIBERATED WANTS TO BE FOOLED.

  16. It often puzzled me why David Payne hung around with the Mccanns the next day after the abduction when none of the other tapas did. It was Gerry Payne and Kate together when Yyonne Martin met them.

    By Law Doctors are not allowed to prescribe medication to their own children it has to be done via another doctor so assuming all three children were sedated and the twins had been tested for sedatives the next day Payne would have had to say he prescribed the sedatives as it is against the law for either of the Mccanns to prescribe medication for the twins. If Madeleines body had been found and an altopsy revealed she had been sedated the Mccanns could not have claimed accidental overdose because the twins had also been sedated, hence the abductor story the sedation could have been the start of the cover up in her book she does not deny sedation and claims that perhaps the abductor did sedate the twins. This could suggest that the twins had been sedated by the McCanns.

  17. The McCanns sue those that they fear most.
    Could this be why they sued the Express group.On Sunday 2nd December 2007 the Sunday Express ran a story about a towell and fibres with low dna count to maddie being found in a location (a disused barn) 27km from pdl they knew the location because Gerry's mobile and Robs mobile pinged at that point on 10th June 2007.
    The fibres found at that location could have been from the pink blanket of Madeleines but they also matched fibres found in the Scenic. Amaral states the pink blanket is v.v.important. I've been going through links on the internet and a lot of this seems to have been forgotten concerning the barn.
    If Madeleine was later placed in the barn imo firstly she was hidden in a freezer with the aid of Murat.The dna from the scenic Amaral says was from a frozen body. 5 years later cadaver dogs should check the barn and nearby area.
    Gerry deliberately misled by carrying a child towards the beach that night. Jeremey Wilks provided Gerry with an alibi as he was independent from the tapas group. IMO Jane Tanner was supposed to give Gerry an alibi but Jeremey just happened to be passing neither Jeremey or Gerry saw Jane her purpose was to give an alibi and to say she saw the abductor.

  18. "but if I saw a girl looking like what I think is Maddie now, I will call the police straight away and stop the girl." 3:24 pm?

    I can not understand this!

    Maddie is no more with us.

  19. The latest " Bircharade":
    "Stephen Birch claims Robert Murat wants over £28,000 to dig at Casa Liliana, 22 October 2012"
    Source Mccannfiles

  20. Anon 23, 4:17,
    Doctors don't need medications prescribed by others, they have samples offered by all the labs and the calpol night, I think could be brought without prescription.

  21. Anon at Oct 23, 2012 7:05:00 PM

    We're not publishing yet your comment as we want to research about what you mention as we have a different recall of what you refer.

    Thank you for understanding.


    The above link mentions the towel and fibres other links which are easy to find go into greater detail. I feel the barn has been forgotten but Maddie could have been buried in that area.

  23. Anon Oct 23, 2012 7:05:00 PM, which we suppose is also Anon Oct 23, 2012 8:33:00 PM

    Thank you for your patience in waiting for a response.

    The finding of a towel in a barn you referred to was covered in the Express Newspaper in December 2007, BEFORE the release of the PJ files.

    You were correct in saying the Express was sued by the McCanns but we don't know if this was related to the article you refer to. There was also mention of ping records of phone calls between male members of the T9 which were said to place them in the vicinity of the barn.

    There are references to the Aztec towel finding still available on other blogs.

    Our conclusion is that any information provided to the press at this time which cannot be found in the PJ files cannot be relied on and we do not wish to give credibility to stories that may have been fed to the press for reasons unknown to us.

    You may recall the story of the bag said to have been found near the airport containing a shower curtain, stained jeans...

    There is nothing in the PJ files about this bag, other than a letter from Inspector Teresa Almeida, saying that this reported finding was a media invention

    We have our own private opinion as to the reason why this information may have been fed to the press, but we may be wrong.

    In short, look at information in the light of pre and post release of the PJ Files.

    About Robert Murat, as per your phrase “she was hidden in a freezer with the aid of Murat”, we think his role may have been limited and that we make NO connection with a freezer.

    We want all concerned to face justice and are suspicious about the focus put solely on Robert Murat lately.

  24. Anon Oct 23, 2012 8:33:00 PM

    The link in your comment is to James Murray, someone who seems to make up pro Mc stories.

    I think the best link to refer to would be, instead of the one provided by you

    Thank you, we can see where you're coming from.

  25. Police and archeologists found pieces of toys buried in Kos, near the place where Ben Needham disappeared.In my opinion he must have died of a terrible accident during the few moments he disappearred from his grandparents eyes. The poor parents and grandparents in agony for so many years, believing he was abducted.
    At least they probably will get an answer to this tragedy.

  26. Anon 23, 7:12

    All evidences indicates that Maddie is death but since the case still unsolved none with a good sense could assume that as an irrefutable fact, and because of that I assume most people in presence of the possibility of having spotted a girl similar to what any of us think could be Maddie now ( if alive) we call the police to have the situation checked and our conscience in peace. At least that is my opinion and will be my innate and spontaneous behavior if I experienced that situation, no matter that I believe the girl is not anymore with us. Having a different reaction is giving the McCann's a reason they don't have and help them play their victim game. They are looking exactly for people who says there is no reason to report a sight of the girl because she is death, to strength their accusations against GA, TB and all people who question their statements. I'm here to say no.... They are completely wrong when they accuse this 2 mans of having damaged the search of their daughter just because they believe she is dead. I too, I believe she is dead, but I don't know the truth, then I will call the police if I saw a girl resembling my idea of Madeleine.
    In fact what stopped the people to look and search Madeleine was the McCann's behavior and their incomprehensible marketing around the tragedy and that happened long ago, when they were in PDL. But the world is made of a lot of honest people with a heart who, under the possibility of being spotting even the most improbable moment, do the right thing and act. That's why they so easily have foolish most of us.
    From 3:24

  27. If this James Murray is the same man who works for the Express, he is not at all in favour of the McCanns. Long ago he wrote a very ironic article about 2 perpretators abducting Madeleine, and cleaning up the crime scene, etc. If you read the article on a sharp way, you can see he was being ironic.

  28. Tony Bennett will be taken to court today, October 24th, taken by Carter Ruck in the name of the McCanns who, of course, will not personally show up because they are not crazy.
    Besides, Kate is incredibly busy with the campaign.

  29. Around the 28th of this month there will be full moon, like there was on May the 3rd 2007.
    I wonder if the reconstruction would take place this week, if it still didn't happen yet.
    It would be the ideal moment to do it, after the Met would be ready with the review.By now, not many tourists in Praia da Luz, it will be easier for the police.

  30. "A jury finds in favour of comedian Frankie Boyle following his libel case against the Daily Mirror."- Sky News

    A JURY.... wasn't that comedian who also made a joke about Madeleine? wonder why the Mccann's never sue him. A lesson for the pair from Rothley : the money goes for charity not to hunt people who disagree from his point of view.

  31. Good morning, people,
    I just read on "The complete mystery of Madeline McCann" that the trial McCanns versus Tony Bennett will be today, starting at 10am. It seems that the judge will be the same one with that difficult name.
    I wonder if the McCanns will win.
    He is a good judge.
    I understood it will be a regular trial.

  32. I found the name of the judge:
    Mr. Tugendhat.
    Within a few seconds I will forget it again.

  33. Anon Oct 24, 2012 12:41:00 AM

    According to you one has to read some article written a long time ago, which you don't provide a link and please don't because we don't want to give Murray any more publicity, in a "sharp way" to find the irony in it. Irony should be easily perceptible otherwise one person's irony is another person's reading of a true story.

  34. Anon Oct 24, 2012 5:36:00 AM

    Thank you for such a timely comment.

    A jury of our peers is indeed a powerful instrument of Justice that we, "commoners", still can rely on.

  35. This pair cannot keep fooling judges. Any judge with a pinch of brain will realise that their statements/behavior have a lot to be questionned. On top of that, when questionned, thei failed to provide a reasonable answer that could make their version plausible. Remember how many questions Kate Mccann left without answers on PJ desks? Around 40? And which was Gerry strategy? Remaining in silence? Both attitudes, were the best for a pair who desperatly wanted their daughter to be found. They just could be comparable to convicted perpetrators (famous in Portugal) who use the same strategy in court to avoid been caught in details their lawyers could not control.

  36. At Jill Forum, a nice video in support of Mr. TB, in court today.
    I can't stop some tears raising my eyes. The huge image that will stay forever from that 'man's hunt' is a OLD MAN IN COURT ON HIS OWN TO DEFEND A RIGHT THAT WAS CONSTITUTIONALLY STAMPED ON THE LAWS OF ALL DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES- THE RIGHT TO HAVE A FREE OPINION ABOUT EVERYTHING, AND HIS COURAGE TO FIGHT AND FACE PRISON WHILE LOOKING FOR JUSTICE FOR A LITTLE GIRL HE NEVER MET. He will make history, like Martin Luther King. A shame for the Mccann's who want people to deposit money on their Fund but have no face to appear in court and fight face to face with who don't believe them.

  37. Why do we never read anything about the Tony Bennett trial in our newspapers. Have the McCanns got such a grip on our media that they decide what is published or not, if that is the case then who is running the Met Operation Grange...Carter Ruck and the McCanns?

    The McCanns won't even bother to turn up for the court case, what does that say about them.

    This judge should demand the re-opening of the case and lift the reporting restrictions, we the public have paid millions into their fraudulent fund, they hide behind their lawyers and get away with everything. People have been sent to jail for years for doing less than what the Mccanns have done. This pair belong in jail along with their Tapas Mates. They should be made to take a lie detector test, do the reconstruction and say where Madeleine is buried and she should have a proper burial. The fund money and book money should be frozen and given to children's charities anonomuosly because it is dirty money taken from the public under false pretences and a book full of lies that Kate wrote for the twins because she knew Madeleine would never read it, the pair are evil and so are those that protect them.

  38. Jimmy Savile is on the news 24/7 every time I open a newspaper I see his smarmy face people knew what he was doing but did nothing, look at the fallout once it became public.
    The same will happen to the mcs they will be in the papers 24/7 they cannot keep this charade up much longer especially with all that is happening in the news at present.

  39. Good luck Tony Bennett - you are not alone this could be the start of the unravelling of the mystery of MBM it has come at the right time considering all else that is happening.

    May the judge seek the truth and use the sword of justice against the Mccanns.

    God bless Tony xx

  40. The McCanns and the british media think that Portugal is a haven for paedophiles:

    "Diz o roto ao nú..."
    (portuguese folk expression equivalent to "the pot calling the kettle black"

    Jersey care home, Saville's saga, the case of Hollie Greig, and God knows how many more...
    British society is rotten to the core!

  41. "Birch claims the McCanns want the 'dig to occur' Facebook"- Mccannfiles

    they are dessperated. too much mcwork behind scenes to distract from what concerns them.

  42. Textusa, don't publish my comment if you don't want to but is unbelievable what Birch is posting on his Facebook. Just have a look on his Facebook "Stephen D Birch". The guy is showing his true face with some very disgusting comments regarding mr TB ( wishing him to be in jail), even insulting him and defending the idea of being PJ who planted the DNA in the Scenic. Now is clear, he works for the McCann's and must be payed by the Fund. Who is the business man ( he claims to be a business man) which spend time ( working hours) in the Facebook posting such evil comments? Only who has nothing to do and what he is doing is his actual job.
    One more odd character on Maddie saga. Aragao fade, this one took his place.

  43. It is high time that the maccanns also get involved in a mess.
    it looks like everybody gets in it, except for them.
    I hope the Yard will come up with their conclusion very soon, with the request for a reconstruction of that night.The PJ will probably agree with it. My impression is that they are preparing it already and Tapas 9 will be obliged by law to go to Portugal to testify and to take part in it.When a trial comes, I will go to Algarve to follow it.

  44. As far as Stephen Birch.
    Being a fellow South African when the story first broke I thought yeah - good news a breakthrough.
    Immediately Steel Magnolia linked him up with some legal firm that was linked to the McCanns.

    Tom Watson in the UK has just in parliament asked David Cameron to check up on allegations that a previous prime minister was rumoured to be a pedophile.

    I am not implying that this is linked to the Madeleine case but I do think that astrologically, cosmically, we are coming into a new age and the muck needs to be removed and truth will have its way.

    The Leister Mercury today had a story that they had won the case against Tony Bennett but it appears to not be online anymore.

    To all those who have searched so long and hard for truth for Madeleine and all children I again say I salute you.

  45. Anon Oct 24, 2012 2:28:00 PM, when I first heard of Birch's exploits in Murat's house I was reminded of Aragao at the lake. Quite similar characters.

  46. I hope Tony Bennett wins the court case, why do they pick on one person and then try to get him imprisoned the Mccann pair are a couple of sickos.
    Tony Bennett is entitled to his opinion its obvious the Mcs lied and so did their friends. They are deceitful and need bringing down. Who do they think they are?

  47. "The leads were not followed up but if the file still exists I want to ensure the Metropolitan police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and to No 10."

    Let's hope that your theory of what might happened on May 3rd 2007 is still naif and near truth. Let's hope the disappearance is not related with something harder...

    Higher protection on these matters are not for light reasons...

  48. Su the story is still online:

    "McCann's case against lawyer to be heard soon

    The parents of Madeleine McCann have won their latest court spat with a retired lawyer who they say has mounted a libel and harassment campaign against them.

    Gerry and Kate McCann, of Rothley, are asking the High Court to jail 65-year-old Tony Bennett who they say has persisted in spreading false allegations against them, both on-line and in print.

    Mr Bennett, of Harlow, Essex, in November 2009 promised to stop making wounding allegations that the couple were guilty, or suspected of, causing their daughter's death, disposing of her body and trying to cover up what they had done.

    But Mr and Mrs McCann's lawyers claim he has since breached that formal undertaking more than 150 times and are seeking his imprisonment, or other punishment, for alleged contempt of court.

    At the High Court today, Mr Justice Tugendhat underlined the vital importance of court orders and undertakings being obeyed and directed that the couple's case against Mr Bennett be heard "as soon as practicable".

    Madeleine went missing in May 2007 from an apartment complex in Praia da Luz, Portugal, where her parents had been holidaying with friends."

  49. I really believe that Mr B will win this. I'm not seeing any UK Headlines with "Man Who Claimed Maddie McCann Dead Jailed" with all the scandals and cover-ups that are now being revealed.

  50. Textusa,

    Please allow that the following words from Birch's facebook page be preserved for posterity:

    "Tony Bennett an attorney in the UK stalked the Mc Canns and accussed them in public, for a number of years ,of disposing of their child MADELEINE MC CANN. The Mc Cann's took him to court. Tomorrow the verdict comes out. It is my opinion he,ll loose the case. You cannot go accussing people of acts unless you have all the evidence. And not having found Madeleine's body, means Mr Bennett does have all the evidence. He as an attorney should know better !!!! He could go to jail."


    “Tony Bennett the UK lawyer who harrassed the Mc Canns since 2007, will probably go to jail. Mr Bennett made one mistake. He made an accusation without having all the evidence, "Madeleine Mc Cann". If you take on the Mc Cann's make sure you well prepared and funded. A must see--------- VERDICT TODAY”


    “People from all over the world are now asking me, who is responsible for MADELEINE MC CANN'S dissapearance ? Is is the Mc Cann's, is it Robert Murat, Is it Gipsies, is it a paedophile ring. I have a theory as to who the people are, that are responsible for Madeleine's disappearance. Until the body is recovered, the investigation cannot be narrowed, and completed. So to answer everyone's questions, let's first find the body, then complete the investigation, then make the accusations...(Making unfounded accusations, is a very dangerous thing) ask Mr Bennett, who,ll be eating jail food soon)"


    "Tony Bennett breached 16 undertakings he gave the Mc Cann's not to defame them. Then he brough an application to argue that 3 of the undertaking need to be removed from the original agreement. Tony you idiot, 16-3= 13. Even if you get 3 undertakings removed from your original undertaking agreement with the Mc Cann's, you still breached your agreement - Jail food for you And this from an attorney, UK judicial system, must be is in turmoil !!!!"

    It clearly shows this person's character.

  51. This Birch fellow is a piece of work! What REAL and tangible proof does he have that Madeleine is buried in Murat's garden?! He should take a good look at himself before passing judgement on Mr.Bennett, he too is "guilty" of the same errors he atributes to Mr. Bennett.
    This man either is a complete fruit-cake or is a dangerous man with an hidden agenda...I suspect the latter...I read somewhere that he arrived in Portugal with his "wonder-machine" via the UK. Why fly to London if his destination was Portugal...? There are plenty of direct flights from South-Africa to Portugal (to serve the large portuguese community in SA), no need to detour to London...
    Some "details" to be dealt with, perhaps...?

  52. This birch is really an idiot. He wants a more serious accusation then claiming that a body from the victim of a murder is in someone's garden? And which evidences did he got to claim that, if the official investigation already combed the garden and dismissed it ? How the body got there, by who, and when? Be prepared because he his already preparing the terrain to clear the McCann's and Murat and accuse PJ specially GA to be responsible of removing it with intention of accusing the parents. What else can we imply from his words saying that PJ planted DNA in the scenic because they were under pressure and need to found a suspect quickly? From the messages he exchanges with some facebookers we can imply that he his working on the idea of digging the garden but finding nothing. Somebody took the body and cannot be the McCann's or Murat because the place was full of people and media, according to him.
    If I had to be naif, I will cote him now with the very fashionable disease, the bipolarity. But I think, the guy is a genuine evil, who is living also under the umbrella of the money earned by Madeleine Fund. His Facebook page, must be forwarded to PJ and to the ministry of Justice in Portugal. The guy deserves to be arrested and judged for that attempt to pervert the course of justice and defame PJ and Portugal. Something very serious that cannot be dismissed inside the traditional basket " ah he is a joke".
    He has a personality disturbance, clearly shown on his reaction while sayng Kate phone him ( wow) and on the letter he sent to TB . He loves to be in the stage and for some time his desire was accomplished with CM ( the portuguese paper) giving him some light to shine. Another evil looking for his 5 minutes of glory. Now is time to treat the guy like what he really is, a criminal who needs to show in court from where did he brought all his ideas. Because they are not in the police files, and contrary to all of us who criticize the McCann's and their supporters based on our interpretation from what is in the files, that guy is fabricating new leads and want them to be taken as facts by who read the papers, harassing who has the courage to publicly assume that don't believe the McCann's.
    The fact that this blog was not assaulted by BHS yet, says it all about where the money from the Fund is being used and to where belong all this people- all connected in some way with what happen to Madeleine on the fatidic third of May 2007.

  53. Stephen D. Birch- on his Facebook , regarding the digging
    Tuesday near Cape Town, Western Cape

    "Madeleine Mc Cann- The Dig) Lots to organise for an international event of this nature. Will have to get an events company to help organize. The World press contingent will be enormous. Forensic teams will need to be well prepped. Probably cover the entire site with an airconditioned marquee tent to create decent working environment. accomodation, legal docs, security etc etc.......Hugh costs"

    O tipo tem a mania das grandezas e do vedetismo. O circo está no ar e o palhaço tem de brilhar.
    Gostei das repostas que alguns comentadores lhe têm dado, sobretudo quando criticam os McCann que fazem tudo por dinheiro, a sombra do Fundo que é uma fraude.

  54. Imagine Mr. Justice Tungedhat demands the reconstruction before he decides to send or not Bennett to jail.And let the bank account of the Fund freeze till the McCanns and Tapas 7 come back from Algarve. If this trial is in London, he can easily talk to the Met before he writes his veredict.
    There could even exist an agreement among them right now.

    Let us write him?

  55. The more I think about the trial, the more I believe this is the moment to catch the McCanns. I don't believe the judge is limiting himself to the complaints of the mcCanns.
    I believe there could be more behind that trial, a way to force Tapas 9 to go back to Algarve.A judge has a greater power than a police force. Besides, I also believe that some of the Tapas have changed their statements because they are under pressure.There is no political lobby anylonger around the Mccanns, the politicians don't need the Sun as much they needed it before, News of the World don't exist anymore and Rebekah Brooks is in trouble.
    If the Tapas changed their statements, of even a single one of them did, the judge must have read it.He must have spoken to the Yard and I believe that harbours and airports are been watched. Escape is nearly impossible.
    That judge works very fast and I am sure he will be honest in his veredict.Again dogs, statements, oh no!
    Reconstruction in Praia da Luz, all of them present.

  56. The Mccanns have the funds to pay for the services of Birch and others to spread distracting rumours especially on the internet. Social networking sites are full of mccann employees they are so obvious never questioning or researching The pj files on-line have been read by many hence the Mccann legacy 'no comments are allowed' it is evident that these followers should know better but for reasons better known to themselves decide to turn a blind eye.

    Tony Bennett being an ex lawyer and Sr Amaral are a threat to the Mccanns hence the course of action and possible imprisonment taken by CR for their clients.Another attempt at silencing the masses with scare tactics.

    In light of the high level of corruptness shown at the BBC concerning Jimmy Saville also Yorkshire Police altering statements with Hillsborough and other ongoing investigations the fiasco of the Levinson inquiry, Murdoch and Brooks involvement with government concerning media stories. Tony Bennett must stand firm and piece by piece this will start to crumble those propping up the Mccanns are fearful for their careers and reputations but they realise that this situation cannot go on indefinitely. The government and Met cannot afford another scandal barely does one scandal become uncovered than another one starts.

    The Mccanns must to anxious about the developments in Kos British dogs searching for Ben Needham's remains after 20 years how long before they start searching for Madeleines remains. That is the next logical step in this circus. Recents abduction cases with STILL no body but family members/friends being charged with murder. for the past five years Mccanns money paid for a lie being more convenient than the truth but for how much longer can anybody support such nonsence.

  57. Another paper spreading the Mccjourney. The Leicester Mercury is saying the McCann's won against TB. I think no final decision yet, but the pro McCann media campaign is already on. They just need to corrupt one guy per paper to spread their agenda- the editor.
    In Portugal, I ban the Correio da Manhã since I noticed is being used by Birch against PJ and Portugal. No way to feed the poor skills of papers like that with my money. Editors have the responsibility to be clever and look around behind and ahead before agreeing to publish something. No more money into that paper and is one that I use to buy consistently.

  58. The McCanns made themselves news headlines24/7 therefore Judge Tungedhat must be aware of the inconsistencies and suspicion surrounding the parents this is his opportunity to do something towards finding justice and seeking the truth about Madeleine and put an end to the McCanns money making ideas.

    A man cannot be imprisioned for speaking the truth and raising his concerns, when so much of what the McCanns and Co have stated has been deliberately misleading to protect the parents. Hope Judge Tungedhat looks at why Tony Bennett felt compelled to say what he said about the McCanns because it is what we are all saying ...get the case re-opened and investigate the parents there has been a massive cover up and it should not be allowed to continue. We want the truth.

  59. If Tony Bennett through voicing his opinion and questioning the parents innocence has harmed the (none)search for Madeleine and for that he is in court perhaps the judge could ask CR acting for Mccanns 'why was the case shelved in the first place? and could K&G send a request to pj asking for it to be re-opened'.

  60. Anon. @ Oct 25, 2012 9:37:00 AM,

    yes, I read that too and found it odd! Why does the Leicester Mercury make such an affirmation?! Do they have "inside" knowledge and know what the outcome of the trial will be? Can it be that they know beforehand that the judge's decision will be in favor of the McCanns?! Was the verdict alredy decided, even before the court session? In this whole saga nothing surprises me anymore, not even the media knowing the court's rullings ahead of time!

  61. None could be condemned due to questioning the McCann's or voice a strong desbelief on their version. Their statements are a parade of inconsistencies and nothing matches when we crossed their statements with statements delivered by the official witnesses. Dr. Martin Roberts highlights on his last post at Mccannfiles, the inconsistencies stated by Catriona Baker ( one of the nannies) related with supposedly last day of Madeleine, in the creche. When questioned by PJ, in the early days, Catriona had a lack of memory regarding who pick and delivered Madeleine and from where. But months after and after been invited by The Mccann's to be their guests at Rothley and be sent to a secret place at McCann's request, she had a refreshed memory and remembers very convenient things that keep the McCann's on the beach on the third of May afternoon, since according to the first statements for PJ, they had no alibi for this afternoon and were not seen by independent witnesses. Dr. M Roberts do the exercise, I believe PJ and the British police have done it as well, of crossing the early statement of Catriona with her later statement and the ones made by the McCann's, including Kates book. The lies are there for anybody whith brain to see. Is it acceptable to punish somebody just because has a brain and was able to use it and separate facts? Is over the time, when people had to align their " thinkings" with the political movements ruling the power. Cont

  62. Cont:
    Where is the democracy and the egality of opportunities if the McCann's are allowed all campaigns and the public refrained for not buying it?
    Just a small example, because I can't see any difference between the two cases- they both sell products and they both attract the public- this week the Infarmed in Portugal removed from the pharmacies a product used for cellulite on the grounds that the product claims benefits that are not achieved by who use them. False publicity to fool the public. What was the McCann's Fund and all the merchandizing they sell on their site, including luggage tags, on the grounds that this is to help searching their daughter, if all evidences collected by the police pointed to the girl dying before the alarm? And attention that I'm not saying they were involved on her death or concealment of the body, even if the last cases and the history of that investigations clear shows that who has last seen the victim( family or friends) is a strong piece to be investigated.. This is irrelevant for the crime I want to point out and started after the alarm and the world being aware of the missing girl. What I'm saying, is no matter the Mccann's have been confronted with evidences of their daughter been death, they still foolishing the public with search of their alive daughter and they took that so far that they ask the public to Fund their search( something that is a job for the polices and is payed by the taxes of all citizens). They are free to believe what they wanted regarding the death of their daughter, but they are not free to use their believes to force the public to align with their believes and deliver money to their account. This is a crime, made with help of a special group of media, who publicized that product knowing that the target was their poor skilled readers ( sorry to the readers of the Sun, Daily mail and Correio da Manhã, who didd't fall on that rattrap, but in fact this papers were chosen because their public is a public with the skills that fit McCann's target, and they were well advised by their pink man). For me, there is no difference between the cellulite product and Madeleine as a product. If the Infarmed Forbbid the cellulite product to be selled, McCann's Fund must be frozen and the site where they merchandise Madeleine kept down. This is a crime and has nothing to do with the first crime in PDL, but is happening consistently every day, and just did not enlarge more because the public acquired some conscience of what could be going on, trough courageous people like TB, GA, Dr.MR and some blogs, who spared some time to analyze the facts and pointed out the inconsistencies for everybody to see them. That's why, the McCann's hate so much this courageous people and instead of going to PDL to do the reconstruction and close all our mouths proving that what they said is possible, they hunt people individually believing that by letting one down, the others get scared and fade. They forgot the mushrooms theory- when you remove one, hundreds grow around due to the spores left by the one that was removed and a single butterfly moving his wings in Tokyo, could let a giant building to fall in New york.
    If the Judge send TB to jail at Carter- Ruck request, this just is going to show how fraudulent is justice in UK and how manipulated it is. Judges are not doing what they learned in the University and are not making justice, they are used by who has more money to buy veredicts. This will open the way to discuss other criminal decisions done in the country, to see if they were accurate or not. UK will start a war... All that to protect a group that failed the most basic steps to prove their innocence, the reconstruction and the answer of vital questions, and that was already pointed out by prosecutors in the Lisbon Court. Something very serious must be behind Madeleine disappearance, and is important to reopen the casevto understand his meanders.


    The reply from Mr TB to BB. As I can imply, no decision yet, then the Mercury is spreading a lie that just fits the McCann's agenda.
    I never buy the posts of this BB. Something seems odd to me. On which waters is he sailing? I can see posts criticizing the McCann's aligned with ones criticizing GA and according to TB, he was also criticized in the pass. The Portuguese have many says for people acting like that " feijão frade", "dando uma no cravo outra na ferradura", " albardando o burro a vontade do dono".

  64. It isn’t being picked up that the hearing for Mr. Bennett was a Directions Hearing not a court case appearance. Directions Hearings are used to set out the plans for hearings. Nothing was decided apart from how to progress the case.

    Mr. Bennett’s application to postpone was turned down so it means it goes ahead quickly. The 2 parties have been asked to agree to the way it will be done.

    Judge Tugendhat seems to be recommending it goes back to the original libel case.

  65. Textusa, from what you're saying Birch's VERDICT TODAY and him already sentencing TB to jail just goes to shows how experienced a litigator he really is!

  66. Is quite confusing that case against TB, at least for who is not used with judicial cases and with British system ( if there is a British way to deal with Justice). But what is clear for me, is Carter-Ruck is playing with TIME to get some profits and let the other side very unbalanced for what is already a VERY UNBALANCED TRIAL. having motorbikes delivering papers to the opponents just hours before the audience, show a lot of things and on a very basic analyze, a lack of confidence from Carter- Ruck on their tools to defend the McCann's, and a poor professionalism, which in my opinion deserves a sharp insight from the Judge ( Mr T....difficult name). That is what the Brazilians call " sacanagem" and there is no best word to adjective that strategy. Coming from a office of lawyers who claim a lot of success, says it all about their methods- completely terrorist from my point of view. Seeing the court letting this strategies to go on without questioning this methods also give a shivering Feeling to the British citizens. Just imagine your are the side with less money, no matter if you are guilt or not, at the end you will be accused because your defense cannot fight CR strategies. If the system allow this to happen, you don't need to be a brilliant lawyer, you just need to have riche and VIP clients and market well your successes . Who has no money, has the legs chopped short , then never arrive anywhere.
    After the motorbike strategy, TB must be allowed more time to prepare his defense, or a courageous lawyer must stand on his side to defend him for free. But they are all hypocrite who just look for their pocket and they all know the methods of CR. Since that is a very unbalanced libel, why not taking it to the European Court where the human rights could be defended?

  67. Anon 2:0800 excellent post agree 100% with what you say - their fund is fraudulent and should be closed down. IMO They asked the Nanny to Rothley so she could never testify against them. Her evidence could be counted as unsafe after staying with the Mccanns if she spoke out against them it could be called spite and if she backed them could be because she was invited to stay with them and was influenced.

    Judge Tungedhat must be aware of the controversy surrounding the Mccanns he will take this into account when giving directions.

    This is the beginning of the end of the McCanns.

  68. Anon 6:32, and what is amazing is that all that is documented by evidences coming directly from the McCann's, their spoke person or Kates book. They admitted on their blog that they invited the nanny. I hope police kept records of Gerry blog. CM admitted they had a secret meeting with Tapas 7 in a hotel near Rothley, just before the rogatory interviews. Why they need such secret meeting if they had told the truth on their statements to the police?
    According to some reports, they even contacted the Smiths. Too much for a couple who wants the world to believe their daughter was abducted and they had told the truth to the police on the first hours.
    They think the public is stupid and has no memory.

  69. The activity on Birch Facebook decreased since yesterday. Misson accomplished yah? Coincidentally the huge activity happen before and when the McCann's had a serious agenda in Court. He is the new MAC.

  70. Anonymous@ 2.04/2.08 Really well thought out posts,great pity the Daily Mirror doesn,t have you as an advisor re this debacle.I,ve e-mailed them earlier after being told they had a headline accusing Tony Bennett of saying he had claimed they,the MaCaans, had killed their daughter,which of course he has NEVER done.Maybe he could sue the Mirror for their stupidty in not getting their facts right,Interesting times!!!!

  71. Ok, those news papers (McCann Files) refer to the request of the McCanns (prison for Bennett) but they keep telling why: the child died and the parents concealed her body. They repeat it over and over again, without being lebelious.
    I think that is import. Repeating the real story and people are not stupid. Of course they read between the lines.

  72. I just read in McCann Files the "updated" news in the Leicester Mercury:

    "The parents of Madeleine McCann have successfully argued for a speedy hearing in their dispute with a retired lawyer they say has mounted a libelous harassment campaign against them."

    So, this is what in the previous article was described as a victory:

    "The parents of Madeleine McCann yesterday won their latest court battle with a retired lawyer they say is waging a harassment campaign against them."

    This is what the McCanns "won", the acceptance by the court of a mere request for a speedy hearing!

  73. we may not forget that the McCanns went missing without a trace.Whatever a news paper say, we don't hear the couple.
    This can only prove that things are not going well for them.Besides Kate's book emptied the whole story.
    I"m sure they would want to sell interviews that brings up much more money than a book.
    But what can they say now? Once on a while Mitchell declares that they are very pleased and that's all.
    In my opinion they deeply regret the noise they continued making after July 2008, criticising and irritating authorities around.


    The letter deserves to be published and spread around the world. Wonder if the Mirror ( another mccservical) is going to publish it or to publish an apology. Their hypocrisy is a shame.
    McCann's must be furious because the letter includes a paragraph reporting the actions of the dogs, something they want to erase from the public.

  75. It's all smoke and mirrors with the Mccanns. The purpose of Birch was to unsettle the TB case now he will vanish like all the other McCann characters they do what they are paid to do then disappear.

    It will be a terrible injustice if Tony Bennett goes to prison at the request of the McCanns, they are the couple that should go to prison, they have taken millions of pounds from the public worldwide on false pretences they know what happened to Madeleine and should be made to speak the truth. Social Services should have removed the twins years ago.

    There is so much factual information available on the internet, pj files and in Sr Amarals book that I cannot understand why they are still allowed to take donations for the search that never was. The fund money has paid for litigation cases and not much else.

  76. Tex Just found this letter of encouragement from Jill Havern forum and how uplifting it is.

    'A message to Britain's Media from the forum owner

    Get 'em Gonçalo Today at 10:23 pm

    I sent this letter to the Daily Mirror earlier on:

    Dear Mr Rousewell

    I refer to your article in today's Daily Mirror and in particular the headline: "Madeleine McCann's parents in court bid to jail retired lawyer accusing them of causing the girl's death". It must be put on record that Mr Bennett has never accused Madeleine's parents of causing her death. You must publicly correct your article and issue an apology.

    The British and Portuguese police both came to the conclusion that Madeleine had died in the holiday apartment and her cadaver was concealed and that her death was covered up. This conclusion was reached after the British Police sent in the sniffer dogs who alerted to blood and cadaver scent in the holiday apartment, on Kate McCann's clothes and in their hire car to name but a few of the locations. The Portuguese Police released their official files into the public domain when the case was shelved pending further evidence (e.g. namely that the McCann's would answer the police questions and take part in the reconstruction.) You can read the official police files in many places on the internet but specifically here:

    I am also the owner of 'The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann' forum which consists of (for instance) retired lawyers, retired senior police officers, an undertaker, and journalists who are all seeking the truth about what really happened to Maddie McCann. My forum can be viewed here: and it is full of facts and valuable research resources compiled by many professionals.

    We are a group of people who have followed this case from Day One (nearly 6 years ago) - we have read the police files and the books that have been published by the retired Portuguese police officers. Many of us have also contributed to the McCann's Fund where we were led to believe that the money would be used to search for their daughter. When the McCann's released their accounts it was shown that they'd only spent 13% of the money on 'searching' and the rest has been on mortgage payments and libel lawyers etc. The longer this case goes on, the more sinister and bizarre it becomes. Our forum has steadily been raising awareness of this case and we now have more than 2,000 members and regularly have more than 3,000 people viewing each day - and this number is increasing by the month. People are very interested to know what happened to Maddie, but it is unfortunate that the British media refuse to give us the correct facts. Obviously many people believe what the British media print but there are also many who are curious about the real facts and we have to get those facts direct from Portugal. One of our group, a retired senior police officer (CID/Child Protection) has actually been to Portugal with an American Criminal Profiler to investigate this case at their own expense. None of this actually gets into the British media even though our forum is viewed by British journalists (Martin Brunt, Mike Gunnill for example). Talking of Mike Gunnill you may be aware that he is being called as a witness by Tony Bennett to the Libel Trial - details of his entrapment to help the McCanns try to put Mr Bennett in jail can be found on our forum. Any of us would be pleased to answer questions should you read our forum and wish to publish an article that contains facts. cont..

  77. cont..It is excellent that you have printed an article about the McCanns versus Bennett court case as it seems likely it will lead to a full Libel Trial, but it would be even better, please, if the proper facts were published so that members of the public could be informed of the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance of little Maddie.

    Tony Bennett is a retired lawyer and a former social worker; he is a man of great integrity, he doesn't have a malicious bone in his body and it is wholly unfair that he is being portrayed as a man out to cause trouble. He has spent nearly 6 years researching this case and has literally spent thousands of hours and his own money seeking the truth about what happened to Maddie who was the same age as his own grandson when, according to the conclusion reached by the police, she died in the McCann's holiday apartment. The Full Libel Trial will be a real eye-opener should you or any of your journalists care to attend to listen to the evidence he will produce in court.

    If you care to read the police files you will see that it is actually the police who have concluded that Maddie is dead and her parents concealed her body. Mr Bennett has truth on his side and he does not fear the Libel Trial in itself - but he does fear the current climate of corruption and cover-ups which is rife in this country right across the board. He does not deserve to be made bankrupt or homeless or to be jailed (like Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret who is researching the child abuse in Jersey that is also being covered up).


    Jill Havern '

  78. McCann's will sink on the mud they create.
    Where is their pink man, who in the pass, never missed an opportunity to expose his face in the media? He was Birchandized. The money is not enough to pay all characters. The police must trace the routes of the money. I believe they will found amazing evidences.

  79. Here is an updated list of Ambassadors for Missing Persons Charity from their website and Kate McCann is not listed - could they have dumped her?

  80. Unpublished Anon Oct 26, 2012 9:26:00 AM

    We're holding on to your comment for now and do a check on it.

    Hope you understand.


    McCann's and their helpers must be nervous.
    A horrendous criminal was protected for years with the authorities acting with blindness, but like a karma, ignoring a crime did not make it to go away- one day the truth will be revealed to hunt the perpetrators. Saville is death, but his helpers are there to face justice.
    The crimes are different but the dimension of the cover up could be comparable with Madeleine case. When that starts been revealed, the scandal will be transcontinental, traveling further then the UK borders. No surprise they spend the money from the Fund in top lawyers and evil mercenaries.

  82. Anon 2.28:00 yes exactly since the Jimmy Savile cover up started to be investigated there are many worried high profile people waiting to be named and shamed and the McCanns and their protectors are definitely on that list!

  83. The McCanns and the siblings are spending holidays in Donegal(never heard of it) in Ireland. Whatever they are doing out there, I don't trust it.
    There must be something behind that vacation.
    There is always something behind everything they do.

  84. Are the McCanns escaping to somewhere? Or meeting Kevin's relatives? I don't trust their trip to Ireland.

  85. Os McCanns não dão ponto sem nó.
    Há, sim. qualquer coisa por trás destas férias.

  86. @Anon

    "There is so much factual information available on the internet, pj files and in Sr Amarals book that I cannot understand why they are still allowed to take donations for the search that never was. The fund money has paid for litigation cases and not much else."

    Oct 26, 2012 7:20:00 AM

    IMO the fund will continue for as long as donations come in. This Libel action against TB they hope will be the final stage against any opposition to the abduction thesis. If you look back at all the stages of this investigation it will be apparent that nothing they do is without "planning".

  87. Birch's Facebook page is now unavailable... another BH thing that gets wooshed.

  88. Anon 4.44 the Mccanns may have gone to Ireland due to the pressure of the TB case. I read somewhere that they have relatives in Ireland also the Smiths came from Ireland in Drogheda which is 96 miles from where the Mccanns are staying in Donegal - Gerry loves playing games and making people guess what he's up to he thinks he is so clever - smug and nasty piece of work.

  89. Anon Oct 26, 2012 9:26:00 AM

    Your comment has now been published, and has helped us to do a post on it.

    Thank you for your contribution.

  90. The ambassadors organization did not dump Kate.
    She dumped herself in Ireland.


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