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Black Hat Tactics - Class Review

Re: Physical items mentioned in Madeleine's disappearance

Aquila Yesterday at 10:08 am 

The forum has been flooded recently (it's a tidal flow) of newer members. There are genuine newer members who will take forever to read all the information already written and wading through the statements and discussions is a real feat. IMO there are so many newer members who are disruptive and shut down every topic. You only need to see the handful of old hands posting nowadays to show clear proof of the downturn and the intention of sabotage by the new kids on the block. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but sadly there is imo an onslaught of potty stuff which detracts from the essence of the forum.

For anyone new to the forum the first natural thing to do is to look at current posts and engage. We are reduced at present to someone from South Africa with a whizz machine and a spiritual desire to find Madeleine in a garden in PDL. Talk of things other than Madeleine's disappearance has increased because we are imo being swamped.

I began this list of physical items in the hope it could be put into a search on the site and be a signpost to direct newcomers who are genuine and to show the hard work that people have done.

There isn't much happening in the search for Madeleine at the moment. No high profile press releases, all quiet on the Western Front so to speak. There is however, imo a concerted effort to derail the forum in these 'quiet times'. 

We picked this comment up from a thread on The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann (

The content of the comment is exclusive to the referred forum and is about the poster Aquila’s opinion on disruptive tactics that the forum has, according to him/her,  been subjected to lately.

As such, we will refrain from making any sort of judgment about its content, as it would be unethical on our part to do that here, as much as we think it is when that is done about us somewhere else.

However, we have dedicated some of our work to disruptive behaviour. So, in these purposefully overall “cluttery” times we’re living in (we say this as the current disruption was also tried here), we thought appropriate to make today a Class Review on Black Hat tactics:

On November 4th, 2008, The Employees.

On November 27th, 2008, What is Information.

On April 13th, 2009, The Snipers

On May 15th, 2009, The T9 Virus.

On January 24th, 2010, Unbelievable

On May 19th, 2010, The Sewer Video.

On May 24th, 2010, Bullying.

On May 29th, 2010, Lies and Protectors.

On November 8th, 2010, Clutter.

On November 15th, 2010, What is Fact

On February 27th, 2011, Myths. 

On August 26th, 2011, Doing a Tanner.

On February 3rd, 2012, The Friendly Attack.

On February 25th, 2012, The FOAF

On June 9th, 2012, The Professional Disrupters 

On June 28th, 2012, Reason as per Black Hats  

As you can see, we’ve been outing for quite a while the various Black Hat tricks & tactics and have ourselves been subjected to quite a lively and significant variety of them but we still remain here, three old coots who refuse to give up the habit of our 5 o’clock tea and scones.

Lastly we would like to remind you what we thought, back in October 30th, 2008, which is what we still think now, is the real importance of blogs.


  1. It's always great to see people attentive, responsible and with good sense. I appreciate this post. And of course all .

  2. Its good that more and more people are reading up on the Mccanns, thats the way it should be we all want to find the truth we have had long enough of being lied to by the Mccanns. 5 years later many questions are being asked - this is not good news for the Mccanns they would prefer people just accept what they say as fact. No questions asked.

  3. Tradução
    I found it very interesting to see the frenetic activity of Feedjit. Is that how you spell it? I saw the post shortly after being placed, and decided to see the feed in action. It was a perfect frenzy.


  4. Some great posts to show the different ways of disruption...i like how you dealt with friendly fire lol,textusa & dr roberts should get together,you would make intelligent long as fred dont mind

  5. Those that should have known better covered for Jimmy Savile and similar types are covering for the Mccanns.

    The purpose of the fund was to keep the Mccanns out of jail.

    Soon the truth will out it cannot be kept quiet forever.

    Then we will see a flood of people coming forward all claiming to be victims of the Mccanns manipulation.

    Good work Tex.

  6. What is encouraging Textusa is that new readers are able to catch up and view previous posts and comments so they are fully in the loop.

    This is a very good and sound blog with good research and more and more new readers will join of course we get the occasional black hat that tries to discredit your posts but they usually give up and creep back to their fellow BHs they know they are wasting their time here.

  7. I notice how BH attempt to change the direction of a discussion. Especially when a poster touches on a subject the BH do not want discussed they start to bring in lots of clutter and it changes the direction completely. This has happened when we have discussed Mrs Fenn and the big round table, the blue missing holdall and Maddie's pink blanket obviously BH do not want these topics discussed too deeply.

  8. Sorry to disagree but is a huge error to generalize that comments made on the posts, when they diverge from the main post, were done to distract or take the discussion in another direction by BHs or people intentionally. Most of them were done by honest people, who are looking for justice and just want to complement the main post with information coming from the file, old or actual news, or other blogs, because Madeleine is global and not a issue discussed only in particular blogs. It is exactly the fact of being global what mades that case very particular and flooded with a huge amount of comments in the papers where comments are allowed.
    I think BH posts are easily identified and most are related with main post, a reaction, an excuse or a stupid
    comment regarding the validity of what is under discussion. Unless I failed the definition of BH and if so, then I have to include on that definition more then 5o% of the comments.
    In my particular case, I use to bring issues which, according to my opinion,deserve to be discussed in association with main post. Not to distract or take the focus in another direction, but to highlight or help understanding better what could be going on. Was that the case on the last post, when I introduced TB V McCann's trial and the Mccarticle about Birch in CM. Two situations which according to me contradict the apparent silence of the Mccann's. Based on a very famous sentence from their spoke person " there is a lot of work behind scenes" , I think that is the point at moment and a very special paper in Portugal ( CM) is being used to deliver a message with particular targets. Noisily enough to be heard by these targets but not strong enough to create an echo that could be reproduced in Uk or around the world. They just want to be noticed " QB". This is called " damage management", and is only my opinion about that case at moment.
    I think discussing different opinions could only turn the discussion more riche, more plural and more accurate, without having to generalize that all posts that don't fit a particular way are done by BHs to take the subject away and feed the blogs with intentional clutter.

  9. Most mysteries are usually easy to solve but once clutter appears things become unclear and complicated.
    Gerry deliberately introduced lots of clutter for example Madeleines eye defect was not a coloma but Gerry latched onto the 'good marketing ploy' also the Gaspaers and Yvonne Martins statements introduced paedophilia. Trips to Spain later the public assumed Madeleine was hidden Helueva. Gerry would not deny that he previous knew Murat. All this stuff is just rubbish aimed at confusing people.

    Madeleine probably did meet with a fatal accident and the parents covered it up because they knew they would lose the twins, house and their careers. This was a bad choice but it was so obvious from their guilty expressions and body language that they were involved in her disappearance from their first interview.
    The fund was set up for their litigation cases and to pay Carter Ruck & Co (nobody works for free!!!).

    All that jogging they did along the beach close to the rocks was probably at some stage where Madeleine's body was hidden. The jogging gave them the opportunity to get out and have a look at what the police were up to. Visits to the church under the guise of praying all some to reach out to the public to get more donations once in the church they knew they would not be overheard or recorded.

    When Clarence became involved the Mccanns became untouchable he has powerful contacts within the media. Murdochs papers can ruin or make a person. People would be in fear of a bad press and that sadly applied to Gordon Brown and now David Cameron its all about newspaper coverage the last thing politians want is bad publicity or their past being dragged up in the press.

    The Met became involved but at the higher echelons there is political corruptness and stories they do not want published so they too will go along with what is requested.

    The only way to break the Mccanns is for a full and transparent re-opening of the case. Millions of tax payers money has been wasted.

    Go back to the beginning reopen the case and get rid clutter like Mitchell because Madeleine is probably buried not far from where she was last seen. The Mccanns did not have the time or knowledge to put her anywhere else.

  10. "Missing Vet: Man Charged With Murder"-Sky News

    Another guy charged with murder without a body. Again, dogs involved in the investigation and the police saying there is enough evidences to charge the suspect. Only one particular case that happened in PDL still an exception.

  11. Anon 10:04,
    All that is correct and explain McCann's way to evade justice and pervert his course on the first months in PDL. For me that was the only reason behind their long stay in PDL. But what explains the involvement of other characters who apparently have nothing to do with initial accident? And more important, why they choose to show up some times and remain in silence in other occasions? And why they use Internet and papers to drive their affairs? Or is an innocent Facebook the McCann's Facebook, the Madeleine site and all the associations made just under this?
    I think, a more transversal subject drove this characters in to the circus. The Swing, is the most plausible explanation. The money raised by the Fund and the fame of Carter-Ruck, well marketed by the Murdoch papers, is the chain that tights all these characters. They all have fears to contra point the McCann's, starting with their Tapas friends who really know up to where could go the McCann's shame when they have to defend themselves.


    The above link is not clutter but mentions the 'cover up culture' existing within our society.

    Now the lid is off the Savile abuse cover up the Mccanns will soon become the focus of attention once again there story is a similar cover up.

    The only two occassions the dogs were discredited was the Mccanns and the Jersey Childrens home, and it now transpires that the dogs was correct they have found human remains and childrens teeth from as many as 65 victims on the jersey site why is this not reported in our UK newspapers. Who allows such a cover up? Papers reported at the time that it was a piece of coconut shell !

    Other cases without a body have been called murder cases after a few days why after 5 years are the Mccanns still able to solicite funds from the public.

  13. Savile's secret is finally out, does that mean the Mccanns are next or is it because a lie is much more convenient to live with than the truth but what we now know is that there is plenty happening that nobody wants us to know or read about.

    The media do not tell us because they're afraid that very rich men can use the libel courts to ruin those who tell the truth and people are fearful of not being believed and being ruined and possibly imprisoned and accused of harming the (non)search for Madeleine.

    Is the whitewash the Met are currently working on to favour powerful political interests rather than being exposed for what it is by an angry press. Time and time again the truth is deliberately hidden, why are senior politicians not properly questioned concerning their involvement in such cover ups repeatedly betraying their voters.

    What we have learnt from the Mccanns is 'never believe anything until it has been officially denied ' by their very own Spin doctor and media man Clarence Mitchell (over 5 years later why is CM still on the Mccann payroll?) Shame on you UK for allowing this travesty.

  14. "Ben Needham's Grandfather Returns To Kos"-Sky News
    Who is there to help with searches? Dogs.

  15. "Grandfather of missing British toddler who vanished in Greece joins search for his body as experts excavate suspicious mound of earth"
    Daily Mail
    Only the McCann's still allowed to search an alive daughter and feed their Fund.

  16. Su,

    In response to your unpublished comment, we're looking at the case from all possible angles, although minimizing some, we discard none.

    Thank you

  17. Anon. @ Oct 21, 2012 12:38:00 AM,

    The Needhams still are "allowed" to search for an alive Ben, in fact I understand that Ben's mum still is convinced he was taken by someone. The difference between the Needhams and the McCanns is that the Needhams are open to accept and explore other avenues/possibilities besides abduction. They are prepared to face the terrible possibility of Ben having died on the day he vanished victim of an unfortunate accident, and are not suing people left and right for proposing that possibility!

  18. Other difference anon 12:38 is that Ben was not transformed in to a merchandizing and his mother did not fool the public asking donations to persecute or sue the police involved on the first investigation or anyone who could suspect the early version.
    What is shocking with McCann's is that they start a business even before the world could assimilate the terrible tragedy. I remember that my first feeling regarding that was " how they can? " " how this parents had mind, time, to setle such business" in a so early days, when the priority should be staying beside the police and search...and search, if she was really abducted? They showed the truth in the early days. After that, the main work was to conceal it.

  19. At missing persons charity website they are prominently showing Ben Needham's photo as 'still missing do you have any info etc'.

    Considering the last two victims prominently displayed by Missing Persons charity had met their fate at the hands of family or friends of family members I hope that the same fate did not happened to Ben. However, since Missing Persons appointed Kate Mccann as an Abassador it seems strange that all their publicised missing persons cases are linked to family members this also applies to Kate Mccann and Madeleine.... strange how fate works.

  20. Interesting, on BN the comments are opened without restrictions. On Madeleine, the public is forbidden to say a word.
    How many years needs the British police to wait until they decide to excavate the grave of Madeleine? Waiting just the time the case need to be definitely archived in Portugal. After that, we will see the SY going straight away to the place where the girl was buried.


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