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I’ve heard from people from the music entertainment business that when they’re producing an album there’s never a certainty which will be the song, or songs, that will be the most successful in an album while it's being recorded and produced.

Certainly the artists do have their favourite songs which they sincerely hope that the public will feel passionate about them as much as they do.

Times are that that happens and times are that it doesn’t.

Also there’s a "reciprocity" of this phenomenon. How many times we simply adore a particular music in an album but that it seems to go unnoticed by the rest of the general public? One person doesn't make a song  popular no matter how much one really loves it nor how much one is certain that one is the only one that really understands it.

Fortunately. the popularity of a song is in fact so dependent on so many random factors that otherwise we’d continuously be witnessing an unsurprising regular output of unsurprisingly brilliant tunes evenly distributed over different albums with the pragmatism of a play-list of any modern radio station nowadays.

Same happens with the posts in our blog. Some we expect a certain response and we don’t get it while others are surprisingly popular.

As we’ve said before we don’t write for popularity. Yes, we enjoy knowing our posts are read but in terms of knowing the word is being spread despite all efforts from our adversaries on the contrary, most of which pretend not to feel about us what they really feel. About us and about the subject that the blog deals with.

Fortunately for the three of us, we have among many others, one common trait: none of us seek glory, much the opposite thus our steadfast conviction in our anonymity.

As one of our hubbies has said (you can disregard Fred on this one because it wasn’t him) “you can be rich but it doesn't stop you dying”.

So although material well being is indeed important in our lives as anyone else's, we seek only the richness of having lived a meaningful and honest life filled with true friendship and non-hypocritical values. In that aspect we’re a ruthlessly ambitious lot.

Lately we’ve had a surprise with one of our posts.

After just 199 days after it was published on March 25th this year, it has, on October 10th, become the most popular post of the blog:

It baffles us to why. 

Or maybe it doesn’t.

Update: As expected, today, October 17th, the Baloney Post has become our first post to reach the 2.000 pageview mark.



  1. É claro que a sra passa por este blog todos os dias e deve bater com a cabeça na parede e pontapear alguns moveis, diariamente. Tudo bem regado com alguns impropérios.
    Eles fizeram aquilo que tipicamente faz alguém em grandes apuros, depois de ter tentado passar uma mentira sem sucesso- julgaram que uma mentira pode ser vista como uma verdade só por ter mais bocas a dissemina-la. Assim, escolheram entre os amigos/ frequentadores mais assiduos do OC aqueles a quem também convinha alimentar a mentira, não porque estivessem envolvidos no 3 de Maio mas porque não queriam uma investigação que abarcasse o resort e os seus clientes. Inevitavel este tentáculo da investigação se ela tivesse seguido os tramites normais.
    No inicio da investigação vários jornais disseram que o resort era frequentado por residentes na PDL, incluindo Murat.

  2. Its a shame that Jimmy Savile was unable to answer the questions raised concerning his past, but surely the biggest crime was that because he was helping raise funds for Stoke Madaville and other Charities nobody said anything even though it was widely reported as an 'open secret'.
    This also applies to the Kate and Gerry Mccann case, we are all fully aware that they are being protected by corrupt individuals who put money above justice and this culture must end. It does no good to anybody it is an abuse against the fundamental principles of which we all live.
    One day it will all come out as it has in the Savile case once the floodgates open. There is no point in those that should know better continuing to turn a blind eye.

  3. How lovely is Judge Tugenhat, with his beautiful excentric name, how we all love him! He opens the possibility that the Mccanns could be lying, may God bless him!
    He probably is following Textusa, Joana Morais and other blogs and he certainly asked advise from the Yard.He found a way to crash the McCanns.Speaking about statements, it is possible he knows that Tapas 7 changed theirs. The old statements would not help Tony Bennet.

  4. I have difficulties with my inter net, that is why I write little by little.
    Judge TugoWhat?, difficult name: yeaah, he knows the McCanns are lying and he is asking for the dogs, hahahahh! And now I'm sure that Tapas 7 changed their statements and they must feel releaved because the truth liberates.Finally they got rid of the couple!Maybe they made an agreement with Robert Murat because the truth will cost a fortune to all of the 7.
    All in my opinion.

  5. If Tonny Bennett and Amaral have harmed the search for Madeleine, the British government would not have invested such a lot of money in the Scotland Yard.

    If the search for Madeleine is so important, why didn't the McCanns do it themselves?
    We rather have good example than a request to do it.

  6. A RTP começou ontem uma rúbrica no Telejornal ( 20:00h) em que pretende saber o que aconteceu/ como estão alguns casos ( não sei se serão só de crianças) que foram noticia, agora vários anos depois. Começou com a Esmeralda ( a menina que esteve a guarda de uma familia de acolhimento e foi depois entregue ao pai biológico).
    Vamos ver se vai falar no caso Maddie ou se mais uma vez, esta criança vai ficar de fora, como se nunca tivesse existido ou se o tocar no seu nome criasse uma espécie de sarna a que a imprensa( mesmo a portuguesa) não consegue ficar imune.

  7. "Corpo de Maddie ‘vale’ 1,2 milhões"-in CM

    O Murat está tramado. Ou conta o que sabe ou arrisca-se a ficar com as culpas sózinho.
    Agora até tentam disfarçar ao tentarem colar GA a tese do Sul Africano.

  8. Birch insists, Maddie body is in Murat's garden. He must have is back very well supported to create a story that "apparently" damaged the McCann's search of money based on Madeleine alive.
    I said " apparently" because the silence of team McCann, tells me that they could be behind that...tired with a monster they create, they have to end it and try to run out blaming "only" others. Who they should blame? Somebody they know, had a finger on it, together with them, and simultaneous not enough length (I mean money and friendships) to fight them and expose the all involved. Will be always the word of one against the other, with Murat playing the "lost part".
    If he is clever, and know the truth, is better to come forward and let PJ know the truth. The case will be reopen on the grounds of new evidences and the McCann's trapped on their own rat trap.

  9. Murat must knows TS and DF. Interesting that some Tapas 7 put Murat near the OC on May 3 night and JT put the egg man heading to Murat's house, but all witnesses described a suspect that is physical not similar to Murat. All made to have the domino not matching, to confuse the police and lead the investigation to nothing. Did I dream, or there is a guy arrested in Uk also on the grounds of having perverted the course of justice?
    If Birch was hired to pass a message that could lead the case to be solved (for McCann's rest) wonder what is going to happen to TS, if proved that she was part of the gang who help confusing the investigation. Now, she is old enough to face legal charges and with 11 years old, she was old enough to distinguish a lie from the truth and a bad thing from a good thing. She had plenty of time to come to PJ and tell the truth, since she did not seems shy, if we consider that according to the files, she contacted PJ voluntarily to deliver her statement as a witness. What a legacy, her mother left to her.

  10. This post got a lot of views but little comments. I believe, not only Kate passed to the post many times, but all involved on the saga, including the BHs who use to post insults to the blog and his readers. None posted a comment because they were all controlling each other, scared with what could be disclosed trough their comments. They became the feared enemies to themselves. In contra point, comments from BHs raise when the subject is the death Mrs Fenn, who could not talk anymore, or the guests involved in the Tapas dinner. They are for me, small pigeons caught on the circumstances with a lot of importance, not because they were directly involved on the main case, but because they could help understanding what happened on the fatidic night, trough their cover up and their nonsense statements or even, their behavior on the blogs.
    One thing is almost certain... The McCann's were not able to do everything on their owns. They got help and support of who they know had some damages on their lives if a properly investigation happen going transversal to all the resort. When I say support, means on the cover up.
    It is a good exercise if we compare the posts most viewed with most commented(with insults) . I believe there is a link that could deserves an analyze.

  11. Maddie no quintal de Murat era 'ouro sobre azul' para os McCann. Fechavam a saga, safando-se e culpando apenas um e ainda enchiam a boca a falar mal da PJ e dos caes que revolveram a casa de Murat sem terem encontrado nada. Podia haver quem alvitrasse que o corpo Poderia ter ido para la depois das buscas da PJ. Para acautelar isso, o Sul Africano já via dizendo que havia muito lixo no solo que baralhou as maquinas usadas pela PJ.

  12. O objectivo do correio da manha ( sim, manha) é fazer dinheiro, ajudar o Bicho e, colocar em causa a Investigação de Portimão. Muito provavelmente estão ao lado dos da revisão e da PJ do Porto e contra as outras PJs.

    Além do que aqui comentaram, acho muito grave o Bicho ( Birch) e o C da M andarem a apelar ao assalto da vivenda e, colocarem em perigo a vida de uma Senhora de idade respeitável.

    Como o casal não quer escavações, porque quer continuar a receber dinheiro, penso que são guerrinhas pessoalizadas entre homens, que por acaso são todos da PJ; quer estejam ou não no activo. Servem-se da Instituição para vinganças e vendettas .

  13. Tb acho que este pasquim do CM anda a prestar uns servicinhos a alguém. Ao casalito com certeza, com a intervencao de algum "Lift...." e foram arranjar o Sul Africano para disfarçar e entreter ambos os lados: o tabloide que se vai safando da crise, o casalito que da uma de bonzinhos e nao quer estragar o quintal de Murat e o ex PGR que poe PJs contra PJs para reforçar o lema de que e preciso dar mais poderes ao PGR para deixar de ser a rainha de Inglaterra. Entretanto saiu, mas já foi dizendo mal da sucessora para que se mantenha tudo na mesma.

  14. Certo! Foi copiado do blog de MC que, por sua vez também copia dos outros.

    Acontece que o link de onde foi retirado o pequeno texto, vem do Brasil . Está lá. E, basta descer um pouco.

    De qq modo...... obrigada..........

    (Justiça burlada duas vezes).

    Grande jogada do burlão e de quem ele manipulou. É assim que quem não é honesto usa a desgraça das crianças que desaparecem.

  16. Good afternoon!

    This will written with my no English, and with my g. translator which is not really a big help to me.

    I've been reading and re-reading the new comments. Ie, I was also rereading the my two that I sent about 10:16 and 11:49.

    Now, I'll sign for you not to think badly of whom wrote the 11: 49 ..... lol ... myself.

    I'm too concise, and sometimes You can be able to not understand. Seems like someone was writing against me.

    I wish only the link of Brazil was not forgotten.

  17. A day is again starting and we still don't have any answer from the Yard. How long is this still going to take?
    I'm full of positive expectations, hoping for the truth.

  18. Lovely!

    The judge asks supposed the claimants had LIED.
    He did not say "did not tell the truth".
    For a judge, lied is a strong word.

  19. I found it very interesting that the top of the posts to be It's all baloney.

    It has 11 or 12 comments but was read 1691 times.

    But it may have been read and reread many more times because many should have printed. How many hearts have unleashed beating at high speed?

  20. Thy studies and analysis of publicly available documents and Your work deserves our respect.A work of intelligence, analysis and deduction that led to the dismantling the witnesses arranged by the teams of those we already know. The contribution of this Blog in search of the truths about lies is extraordinary.
    Thank You!

  21. Again a terrible fire in England, killing a mother and four children and seriously injuring a girl of 3 years and lightly injuring the father.
    The police know already that it was on purpose, not an accident.
    How is it possible that people can do that, also killig children and sometimes I think that the UK have more cruel crimes than the rest of the EU. You see that too in the USA, cruel crimes, and could it be that anglo sax cultures are worse than others? Especially no respect for children's lives.

  22. continuing

    Anglo sax cultures have very violent crimes, they are famous in history, killing children seems to be normal.

  23. Anon Oct 16, 2012 7:44:00 AM

    I don't think Angl Saxon culture any better or worse than others as regards abuse of children. We’ve criticized the xenophobic treatment that the Portuguese got because of the Maddie case. Please refrain from stereotyping as we don't want to invite xenophobic comparisons.

  24. When is "Madeleine II"- an account of the SY review, be published?
    Wasn't long ago when the author publicized her new version of old facts?
    Absense of inspiration or fears?
    Be inspired on the dogs....they will never let you down.

  25. Unpublished Anon Oct 15, 2012 5:52:00 PM

    Your comment raises vaild questions, however it deals with clutter that we here don't wish feed in anyway.

    Hope you understand. Thank you

  26. The popularity of a song is not always random, sometimes its a 'good marketing ploy' that makes it successful the special ingredients such as successful marketing management, good publicity, newspaper inches about the singer all add to the songs' marketing and of course how many times that same old song is played and played and all those involved want it to be a No1 because of the fame and financial rewards.

    The same marketing technique applies to how Team Mccann have put Madeleine out there in the global public arena and trademarked her name, Madeleine has undoutedly made millions of pounds because of the story the Mccanns attached to her.

    In 2007 millions £ poured into the Limited Company the Mccanns had created thanks to their 24/7 media coverage it was as Gerry stated 'a good marketing ploy'.

    Once suspicions about the Mccans and their friends emerged concerning how their story did not add up, far too many inconsistencies for it to be believeable, the doubt crept in, websites appeared raising valid points about the duplicity and greed of the parents and showing the darker side to this story. But by now many had jumped on the gravy train or been employed it was easy money, they just had to keep playing that same old record and asking for donations as Clarence said just send money in an envelope to Rothly marked Kate and Gerry and sadly thousands of people did just that - worldwide.

    Lawyers acting for the Mccanns keep an eye on websites and comments hence their legacy 'no comments are allowed on this story'. Madeleine is big business just look at the marketing involved. If the public were aware of even some of the facts there would be an outcry concerning the fraudulent fund, PR involved and marketing of this child. It is in their interest to keep things quiet and continually fool the public by now and again making an example of someone for daring to 'harm the search for Madeleine' who has questioned the parents innocence. so your post Textusa was popular amongst those ever wary about what might get published or commented upon plenty of viewers but not many posters, that just about sums it up Team Mccann are watching!


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