Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Planting Evidence

By May I.

The first rule of planting evidence- there must be evidence to plant.

Search and rescue dogs are greatly respected by the British public, but it seems the McCanns do not share this confidence. From the outset, various doubts were expressed: the dogs were unreliable, they were detecting residues of blood from meat, the dog handler had influenced their responses and even that the evidence could have been planted.

Specialist dogs are highly trained, at great expense; their tasks are often very specific. For example, a dog trained to detect illegal currency being taken out of the country is trained to detect only amounts above the legal level. Of course it can’t count, but it can detect quantity and only alert to illegal amounts. As the dog works only for a reward from its handler, my understanding is that a reward for an incorrect alert would immediately confuse the dog and would undermine any extensive training.

A dog called Isla is being employed on a current search. Last year, she was judged the most gifted canine in the UK for tracking missing people. She is able to track “human air scent” from a dead or alive person from a quarter of a mile away. Her owner says “She’s outstanding at picking up a trail of skin cells.”

Kate’s first reaction when presented with the information that the PJ had a lot of evidence against them and that if Madeleine’s blood was in the boot of the car was how on earth had it got there? Did this mean someone had planted it? I could see no other explanation. This had been suggested by family members in the media, but at the time of writing her book, Kate must have realised that this suggestion was preposterous. On page 253 she writes that Gerry realised that no-one had planted forensic evidence to implicate them as there wasn’t any evidence. All they had, according to Kate was “the signal of a dog trying to please its instructor.” Of course, any dog alert is only an indication , not stand alone evidence. Martin Grime made this clear before the start of his search. “ The dogs only alerted to property associated with the McCann family. The dogs’ alert indications must be corroborated to establish their findings as evidence.” But surely the fact that the blood and cadaver dogs alerted to property relating solely to items and a car used by the McCanns is highly indicative of something incriminating in the eyes of the PJ? Did they not have every reason to focus on the McCanns?

In her book on page 267, Kate refers to State of Wisconsin v Zapata 2006 CF 1996 in relation to research undertaken about the dubious success rate of cadaver dogs. Not the most appropriate reference it seems, as Eugene Zapata pleaded guilty in October 2008, to the charge of homicide by reckless conduct in connection to his wife’s disappearance 30 years previously.

Next year, we will probably see the outcome of two cases where search and rescue dogs, including body recovery dogs were used extensively and with every faith in their reliability. What conclusions will the Scotland Yard review team reach about the evidence found by Eddie and Keela? Is the only possible conclusion that Martin Grime unconsciously influenced the dogs on the numerous alerts – apartments, toy, key fob, car, items of clothing? Why has he continued to work on other investigations since, at considerable expense, if his dogs are so unreliable?

Who to believe: Eddie and Keela or The Mccanns?


  1. Eddie and Keela and all other dogs, ALWAYS!!!
    We have a portuguese folk expression that says: - "quanto mais conheço os homens mais gosto dos cães!" (the more I know of mankind the more I love dogs)
    Never a truer expression...

  2. When I saw on the TV, Anti Phill planting the idea of PJ Planting evidences on the Mccann's belongs, few questions emerged immediatle in my mind:
    1-If so, from where PJ gathered the evidences? According to my knowledge, as a Biologist, corpses evidences are not available in the Market and cannot be replaced or mistaken by any chemical you buy in a drug shop or pharmacy, no matter how bad and close to the a corpse smell is the smell of the drug.
    2-If so, did when PJ got in touch with Mccann's belongs? I'm just thinking on the Scenic, Kate trousers and most obviously, the cuddle cat that was always seen at kates hands?
    3-If so, did when the Mccann's invited PJ to their rented Villa and let them get close to a so private place- the wardrobe?

    Well, anti Phill with her intelligence, should be able to answer any perspicaz journalist with courage to ask the most obvious questions.
    I believe, she has amazing answers to delight Top PJ investigators, judges and off course... millions of people around the world who have, even basic aknowledges in Biology.

    On top of that, I just add a small fact- When a serious disaster happen,no matter how is the nature of the disaster, which teams are immediately called together with ambulances, fire brigades, divers, etc? DOGS. SPECIALIZED DOGS, who are able to see what human eyes can't see. Did Kate Mccann want us to believe that all the countries in the world waste millions of money training and caring this dogs to realise they are unreliable?
    Well, they all want us to believe on their little version of the real world.... Did she wrote anything on her book, regarding why her first lawyer( Pinto de Abreu) arrived to the conclusion that she will be made arguido, after all the evidences PJ had?

    Expert testifies that cadaver dog gave signals about toddler in D'Andre Lane's car, house, 04 October 2012- at Mccannfiles

    Again Keela and Martin Grime, now with Morse, working for the FBI. Off course, defense lawyers will always try to dismiss the dogs work.
    I remark also an issue- for the investigation, the toddler is dead and her father was arrested on suspicion of having murdered the child but the body was not found.

  4. As regards Kate rubbishing the dogs ' me thinks the lady doth protest too much '

    Kate is so guilty every time she opens her mouth she puts her foot in it trying to blame others for the Mccanns own wrongdoings. For example the Mccanns stated they did not sedate their children then in her book she states that maybe the abductor had got into their apartment the day before and sedated all three children!!! then when the dog alerted at their apartment, their vehicle, her clothes and cuddle kate that she carried everywhere they attempted to portray the dogs alerts as false and find examples that could back up their claim, if they were innocent why go through all that trouble of rubbishing the dogs again another example of how guilty the Mccanns are. Maybe we will have to wait 40 years before the truth as in Jimmy Saville case but one thing is certain once people start coming forward telling their stories about the Mccanns, Kate, Gerry and Carter Ruck will be powerless to stop it.

  5. Dogs dont lie but the Mccanns do.

    When SY started their review I was full of hope I actually believed they were going to 'leave no stone unturned' and at last we would find the truth, but for some reason operation grange has become nothing more than a whitewash. SY would have found information about the Mccanns and their friends via bank statements medical records security checks, if they did their job properly they would have delved deep into the Mccanns backgrounds and in doing so they could have uncovered much more than they anticipated maybe friends of friends linked to PM's and Murdock and high profile types are involved in sordid adult activities that if it were made public would be a greater scandal than the cover up of the 3rd. Many more crimes have been committed not just the concealment of a cadaver and fraudulent fund but why such high profile people have been able to protect the Mccanns, is it because once kate and Gerry were brought to court the name dropping would start and these people live in fear the public finding out what they are really like. Jimmy Saville was knighted and called a Saint when he was alive now we know him as a sex predator, his grave stone is being removed and probably so will his knighthood.

    The Mccann case must be very similar to this with many individuals prepared to go to such lengths to keep it out of the press with the involvement of superinjunctions and libel trials.

    Just who are the Mccanns and what exactly were they and their friends involved in to be afforded such preferential treatment.

  6. Os Mccann conseguiram este feito historico, terem o seu caso eternamente ligado a todos os casos chocantes que forem surgindo ao longo da historia e da vida dos paises.
    Foram eles que escolheram viver assim quando decidiram perpetuar uma mentira como se ela fosse a mais obvia e inocente verdade.
    O perverso da BBC que em vida ate conseguiu adquirir o titulo de Sir, teve a lapide retirada agora pelos proprios familiares, em respeito e homenagem as vitimas. Que reservara o futuro, para o caso Maddie? Mais duas vitimas inevitaveis, os gemeos. Nao que corram algum risco por estarem a guarda dos pais, mas por que estes lhes legaram um futuro assente numa mentira que eles dificilmente conseguirao apagar. Ate nisto, estes pais tem sido egoistas e esquecem que um dia estes dois filhos serao individuos independentes que terao de se desembrulhar da heranca deixada pelos pais. Duvido que nessa altura haja um fundo ou os jornais de Murdoch e uma certa classe politica para os proteger.

  7. A tentar plantar evidencias contra GA, andaram os Mccann desde 2007. Primeiro com a M3 e depois com MAC.

  8. Censored comment:

    The proof that it is not a whitewash is the fact that we never saw the MCCanns back, already for months. They need money and the are not even selling interviews.
    No word about (censored as it references one of the two recent cases).

    Posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Oct 10, 2012 11:43:00 PM

  9. The topic about the dogs was one that I was looking very forward too.

  10. It is a wash. At least looks like that. If it is a whitewash or a blackwash... time will tell it. For me at moment seems a mudwash, since Cameron and SY look totally submerged in mud, regarding that review with millions of Pounds allocated to it, a comfortable amount of staff and of course 196 NEW LEADS WHICH MANY MONTHS AFTER BEING PUBLICISED PRODUCED NNNNNOTHINGGGG.

  11. What would be the point of planting "evidence" by the PJ?! Why would they plant cadaver scent and body fluids that when subjected to forensics(DNA)would come negative, no match to Madeleine's DNA?! Unless the PJ had Madeleine's body to take samples from, and that is MADNESS!

    If I remember well, this "evidence planting" idea not only came from the UK but it made it's way across the Atlantic too...wasn't it Ed Smart (Elizabeth Smart's father), a McCann supporter, that mentioned it too, all the way from the USA? I think it was when Gerry went to Washington, and he met Smart.
    What I can't remember is the timings, I mean, did Smart start the "evidence planting" idea and then the family picked it up, or was it the other way around? Who mentioned it first, where was the idea born...?

  12. In the Portuguese TVs was anty Phill, who planted the idea of planted evidences, when she was confronted with her brother and sister in law, been pronounced arguidos.

  13. Now that SY has wasted 2.5 million of tax payers money on a review that didn't review anything why are the Mc's still allowed to tout for donations from the public.

    the public who have funded the Mc's lifestyle and mortgage payments via their fund and limited company are not allowed any opinions on news stories concerning the Mc's we are not allowed to comment, the comment section on any Mc story is met with 'comments are no longer accepted'.

    All the evidence points to the Mcs involvement and their being less than honest with their movements of the night of the 3rd. They refused a reconstruction because it would have proved they had given false information, but because they are middle class doctors that was fine. They fled Portugal as soon as the official finger of suspicion started pointing at them and that was also fine. They set up a globlal fund days after their daughter disappeared raised millions because they had SKY network and celebrities broadcasting on their behalf for donations and that was fine. In fact everything these two do is fine they appear to be above the law, they can flaunt the law, and authorities who should question them or put a stop to it do anything, why? because the Mc's employ Carter Ruck threatening to ruin anybody that becomes a threat to their VIP clients the Mcs.
    What a sad society we have become when those in authority just sit back and do nothing.

    We are all equal but some are definitely more equal than others.Since 2007 other stranger abduction stories have emerged but the police have been quicker to act and charge those involved which in every case has been either family or someone known to the victim.

    The more I read about the Mcs version of events the more riduculous and untrue it all is are we really expected to believe any of it, so its easier to add at the end of any of the Mcs 'fairytales' comments are no longer allowed.

  14. Madeleine Mccann the young innocent victim in all of this and her not so innocent parents Kate and Gerry and their protectors, who are people in positions of power corrupt to the core.

    When the time comes the press will have a field day with the Mccanns.

  15. Sniffer dogs are frequently used by the police in their searches often in cases reported on TV we see the police handler with the sniffer dog.

    The cost of training these dogs must be very high and also very beneficial otherwise it would not be viable.

    So why do Kate and Gerry say the dogs alerts are false when clearly they are not. The Mccann couple did not expect the dogs to be used but by bringing in the dogs it reinforced what the public were suspecting that the parents were involved.

    Thanks Tex for your fantastic blog everyday during our lunchbreak we read and re-read your articles and have debates and discussions in our canteen because we all want to find the truth about what happened to Madeleine we particularly liked The Stroller and Round Table articles you are so close to the truth.

  16. Attention, please,

    The PJ would not have accept their contact with the Met if they were not certain of the existence of a light at the end of the tunnel.They must have talked a lot with each other before they started their work together.This must have started much earlier than the Home Office announced it because the British government was fed up of the McCanns, imo.
    "Let us wait till Kate launchs her book and we will attack her back."

    I even believe the PJ showed nearly all details to the Met, the evidence, the conclusion before Cameron decided to give money to the Yard.
    Somewhere I read that the Met wanted to prove something that they believed that had happened. I read it on the McCannfiles, last year.That means that the Met know what happened and that they were looking for the evidence.
    If there was no possibility to show the evidence, they would not have started the revision.
    The evidence was aleady there when they started their work and both polices are organizing the facts.

  17. Could Cameron have already decided to go ahead with the review without consultation from Mitchell and Mccanns, when the dogs were called in Gerry claimed it was him that requested it, when it fact it was nothing of the sort so maybe the government was already looking into this case and all its loose ends and considering the size of the fund and all the inconsistencies in their statements decided something had to be done. The internet is awash with mccann articles so maybe the government after numerous emails from the public and the bad feeling the Mccanns now generate decided to put an end to it all. This would not have looked good for the Mccanns so with their media contacts Murdoch and Co they made it all look as if they had actually asked for the review and Cameron was merely responding to their request (as reinforced by Murdochs Sun newspaper).
    Maybe The Met are not so stupid afterall.

  18. I hope that Tapas 7 has told the truth to the Met.
    I even believe they did it already.

  19. Textusa,
    if it is OK with you I want to clarify my previous post about Ed Smart and the planting of evidence. I was somewhat wrong (memory is a tricky thing), I looked it up and it seems it was Gerry McCann who brought the subject up with Smart who made sure to pass the message on the Larry King Live show:

    "KING: Ed Smart, you, too, had to listen to reports of your daughter's death.

    SMART: I did. And Elizabeth was and is alive. And Gerry truly believes that Madeleine is still alive, and this is diverting the attention from where it needs to be. And this morning when I spoke with him, he was so concerned that the Portugal police were under such pressure, he says, "Ed, I would not be surprised if they, you know, don't plant evidence in the car, you know, to have them think that there's DNA in this car that I rented after the fact is just outrageous, and what could they possibly have? There's no chance in the world." And you know, he is just ..."

    Here's the transcript of that show, it makes interesting reading (imo):

  20. The McCanns never wanted a revision.
    They were making smoke and mirrors, guaranteed by the PJ's refusal of opening the case."No new evidence" and it was a trap.
    They must regret have being a pain in the governemnet's ass.
    The Met are not stupid at all, neither are the PJ.Never been.

    That's why they don't show up in public anymore.

  21. If the government did act on its own initative with the review but the Mccanns then tried to make it appear it was their request that started the review.
    A review or reopening of the case is not what the Mccanns want even though they say it is.They postphoned the Amaral court case again because they know they will lose and it will damage them if any of it is reported in our newspapers. Things are not looking very good for the Mccanns especially in view of more recent abduction news stories.

  22. What's most digusting is that the McCanns hide behind the "parents wouldn't do that to a child".

    If a cadeverine-dog smelled cadaverine in the apartment from where my child had been missing from I would be heart-stricken, but one thing I know is that they wouldn't be able to smell the stuff on my belongings!

    If they would do that then I would react exactly as the McCanns and find the most ridiculous justifications for them to have smelled it, for the reason that if the smell was on my things then it got there somewhere. To get there it means that only one person could have done that: Maddie.

    Same smell on an unfamiliar apartment and familiar belongings can lead only to one conclusion (not interpretation or assumption): a dead body was in the apartment and in contact with the parents.

    I wonder one thing. I do not wish any harm to fall on the McCanns but imagine a earthquake hit Rothley. Would Rothley tell the dogs to go away or would they welcome and trust the dogs' reliability?

    All of Rothley knows that some people who live there say that dogs noses are not to be trusted so common sense says that they would just ask the dogs to leave.

  23. Textusa, wherever you live, England or Portugal, do you have the chance to find out what is going on in Oporto or in London?
    There must be people that talk too much and maybe one of them is willing to at least tell when the revision will be ready.
    Ther must be a way to get informed.

  24. Kate and Gerry said the body fluids had been planted and they also said the abductor could have sedated the children so they are not denying the existance of these findings they are admitting that they knew what the dogs alerted to was already there, if they were innocent they would have asked different questions definitely would not have said someone planted the evidence that is an admission of their guilt.

  25. Anon Oct 12, 2012 6:22:00 PM

    It’s irrelevant of where I live to know exactly the current status of the Review.

    By the way you mention two locations that weren’t directly involved in the investigation, Oporto and London.

    One, one still has to understand why it has been involved at all, while the other we know they were involved from the start although it was Leics Constabulary who showed their face.

    But the current status of the Review is exactly… what it can be and NOT what the various players would like it to be.

    Please don’t think I’m jesting for I’m being really serious.

    First understand that its content is irrelevant for it’s known from the beginning. What is at stake is how the content is to be presented. And that is where the “mate is stale” or correctly said a stalemate.

    Let me exemplify this way. Imagine that the content is egg. The problem is that some do want the egg to be presented as fried eggs but there are others who’d rather have it presented as over-easy, others as over-hard, others as sunny-side up, others as basted, others as steam-basted,others as scrambled, others as omelet, others as french omelet, others as puffy omelet, others as frittata and tortilla, others as cooked-in-the-shell, others as hard-cooked, others as soft-cooked and coddled, others as poached, others as baked, others as oven-baked and others as range-top-baked.

    The problem is that EACH one CANNOT afford for the content to be presented in any different version than the one they demand for it to be shown.


    So the Review, dear Anon, is sitting exactly in the same place as it was a long time ago (if you read the blog you’ll find very early references to a “review” much earlier than “announced” by Cameron in May last year.

    I would say that it was gathering dust, but that would be a false statement because there’s been as many hands touching it as there been eyes reading it to try to find a way to present those “eggs”.

    Only after a “holder” of a version finds the courage to ignore, accept or overcome consequences and retaliations from all other “version-holders” will the Review be “complete”

    As you see, nothing to do with London or Oporto (which I would prefer be called by it's name: Porto - don't worry the Portuguese do have the irritating habit of calling Queen Elizabeth II as Rainha Isabel II instead of using her original name or, at least, translate it correctly to Rainha Elisabete II). Or where I happen to live.

    Thank you for your comment.

  26. Boa noite,
    Na minha opinião, quer a revisão via DC,pel MET no Porto são apenas para inglês ver, como Textusa um dia já explicou o significado desta expressão.

    Digamos que foi uma extraordinária incursão à gastronomia nortenha e às belezas turistícas.

    Boa noite.

  27. The amazing trips done by Gerry, while pretending to pass the idea of being looking for his daughter, are a good subject to be analyzed by criminal experts in the future.
    I really don't understand why the father of a girl who disappeared in a small village in Portugal, needs to travel to the USA and meet Barbara Bush or the father of E Smart, to get people searching is daughter? How far is the USA from Portugal? He really wants the world to believe that was the search of Madeleine what droves him there? In which world/ time did he think we live? How she gets there? By immigration on the wings of any migratory bird or trough a spiritual condition as a ghost?
    The McCann's should be a mandatory chapter on all the criminal university degrees. Wonder to know what experts have to say regarding such small big details. Specially when we know how little and poor was the search of the parents in the place/ country where the child disappear. Why going to "Oprah" instead of the "Pros e Contra"? What Oprah could do that Fatima Campos Ferreira was not able to? I Know the answer.... Enlarge the community that could contribute to a Fund with Dollars. Money and publicity, was what drove him to the other side of the Atlantic.

  28. I read in another site that the McCanns versus Bennett trial (libel/contempt of court/trying to put Mr. Bennett in prison))has been assigned to Mr. Justice Tuggendhat and this judge is not singing to the McCanns/C.Ruck tune...

    Mr. Bennett said:

    "Mr Justice Tugendhat throughout the hearing thought that a full libel trial was the appropriate forum for resolving the issues as between the McCanns and myself. He asked Jacob Dean: “Why are these proceedings the appropriate forum?” He added that if these issues were to be addressed in the proper forum, there would have to be “FULL DISCLOSURE, WITNESS STATEMENTS AND EXPERT EVIDENCE ON THE SNIFFER DOGS..."He added that he had “never come across a case quite like this, where an application to vary undertakings could be dealt with without it becoming an issue in a libel action…"
    "At one point in the proceedings, and I quote, Mr Justice Tugendhat said: "SUPPOSE IT'S ESTABLISHED THAT THE CLAIMANTS HAVE LIED ABOUT WAHT HAPPENED?" That means the McCanns will in due course need to serve on me what is called ‘Particulars of Claim’, setting out in minute detail what libels against them I am said to have committed."

    "What has happened today, in effect, is that the core of this whole case has now been taken substantially out of the hands of a High Court judge, and put in the hands of an English jury of twelve persons."

    " "His (the judge) main decisions were:

    "2. The McCanns’ application to commit me to prison would be heard as soon as practicable, but under the very unusual circumstances of this case, if the Court were to find that I had breached any of my undertakings, any penalty against me would be determined only after A FULL LIBEL TRIAL."

    ...ooops! Not a lot of happy bunnies in Rothley Manor tonight...


    "A Detroit father who prosecutors say faked a carjacking to cover up the slaying of his 2-year-old daughter was found guilty Friday of first-degree murder and child abuse."

    "The handler of a cadaver-sniffing dog testified at Lane's trial that the dog detected the smell of a body in his car and in Bianca's bedroom."

    Martin Grimmes and his dog Morse did it again!

    WOOF-WOOF! Ask the dogs, Gerry...


    Another chapter showing the true face of the McCann's. A shame for UK justice who let this pair do whatever they want without questioning their behavior and real purposes. This case is really a shame on many ways: the subject, the disproportional length of the legal support allowed to the two parts ( a huge team from Carter Ruck with two senior lawyers plus some juniors against a old man on his own) . Ridiculous if was not so serious. I made a review on my History acknowledge and I just found something similar to that on the Inquisition Era ( hundreds years ago) or on countries from the third world where the disproportionate power let the bosses of the mafia execute and eliminate the peanuts that are disturbing their business. So serous to see a court in Uk giving fuel to a pair who has many questions to answer in justice, just because due to their fools they achieve to get millions of people feeding a Fund that was settled to search their daughter and not to pay the bills of Carter- Ruck. Wonder if they could do that without that money that is not honestly earned and wonder if a single penny had fall on that Fund if they had informed the public that the money will be used to sue who question the version they debit to the police and to all of us. Millions around the world, including Uk are questioning their version and they failed to defend themselves and prove wer are wrong, when they refused the reconstruction proposed by PJ. And on that reconstruction, as in same other critical moments they have never been on their owns, always a top lawyer was beside them to support and seek the best evasion.
    I want to congratulate mr TB for his brave and courageous posture. I wish him all the best and I hope some top lawyers offer their services to him for free, to give at least a balanced defense.
    I think, a full trial scares the McCann's and they will drop the case before that. They don't want the court hear about what the dogs had found on their belongs, checked on a random check which involved the belongs of other people that passed completely unnoticed to the nose of the dogs. They don't want to hear that was the British police who first pointed the fingers on their direction. They don't want to hear that the case was shelved but they could disagree with that decision and ask to have it open leaving the investigation active. They are the only ones who could easily reopen the case by just filling a paper or send a letter that cost the price of a stamp.
    Why they need Carter- Ruck if they are innocent? Why they are allowed to sue whatever they want when in Europe most of the PMs, including the Portuguese, the British and Angela Merkhel are insulted in the streets by hundred of citizens, who are only exercising they right of freedom expression to show indignity?

  31. "BBC abre dois inquéritos aos alegados abusos sexuais de apresentador"- JN

    Este teve de morrer para poder ser investigado. A isto chama-se justiça. Pobres vitimas que estão a ser duplamente vitimas. A BBC que devia cobrir o logo de vergonha ainda se vai vangloriar e dizer que fez justiça.

  32. Espero que milhoes de anonymous se ergam na NET contra aquilo que os McCann pretendem exercer na figura de TB, uma EXECUCAO AO ESTILO INQUISICAO, com o avale e a bencao de um tribunal para parecer legitimo. TB, em ultima analise, so fez expondo a Sua verdadeira identidade, aquilo que milhoes pelo mundo fora fizeram e continuam a fazer debaixo de um pseudonym ou de anonimato- questionar a versão dos McCann que ate este momento ficou provada por diversos peritos que a testaram in loccu, incluindo Paulo Rebelo, É UMA MENTIRA. NENHUM HOMEM CONSEGUE PASSAR COM UMA CRIANCA POR AQUELA JANELA. E mais nao se provou porque a PJ foi impedida de prosseguir a Sua investigacao e continua a aguardar o relatorio a analise dos cabelos encontrados num sitio muito estranho do porta bagagens do Scenic.
    Tambem me incluo nestes anonymous que se recusam a ser carimbados com um número e um selo de descerebrados e questioam a mentira mais fantastica deste seculo. Temos a coragem de fazer o que os jornalistas deviam fazer se os editores dos jornais nao fossem covardes vergados aos interesses de alguns grupinhos de politicos legitimamente eleitos que usam a legitimidade que o poder lhes da para ilegitimamente tentarem silenciar quem nao engole o que e servido. Se nao, porque ha perguntas obvias que ficam por fazer aos McCann? Porque e que o caso Maddie virou tabu na maioria da comunicacao social e ate o ex PGR foi a RTP dar uma entrevista de despedida, para lavar a cara e nem uma pergunta sobre um dos casos que tambem manchou o seu mandato? Porque e que ninguem pode comentar na imprensa inglesa quando o tema Sao os McCann ou algum que com eles se assemelha?
    E nos portugueses, morenos, nao Tao abastados por nao termos um fundo, nao fomos todos insultados quando venderam ao mundo a imagem de que eramos um pais de pedofilos, com uma policia corrupta, um pais do terceiro mundo? Nao fizeram questao de apresentar um egg man caucasiano? Acidental ou intencional para manipular a investigacao? Onde estavam os politicos que deixaram este circo crescer ate criar nauseas?
    Já que se recusam a reabrir o caso e fazer a reconstituicao da noite do crime, Estes McCann deviam ter o fund investigado e ser obrigados a devolver o dinheiro que fraudulentamente receberam.

  33. Muito bom dia.

    Ontem , para queimar algum tempo, enquanto esperava um outro programa na dois, apanhei os 20 anos de informação da Tv do " Tio F. Bal...."

    Calhou bem pois vi de raspão uma MeninaPequenina vestida de Anjinho.

    Os Anjinhos estão no Céu, não é?

  34. McCann's new speciality :Harassment.
    The all case against TB is harassment.
    What else could we Imply from their attempt to silence him with top lawyers and that attitude- "By contrast, the McCanns came up with some novel arguments at the last minute. Two days before the hearing, a Polish motorbike rider from ‘Courier Express’ brought up to me a new bundle with an additional 350 pages of documents. Not content with that, the following day, a Russian motorbike rider from a different courier firm arrived with another bundle, this time containing a whole new set of legal arguments, and a court judgment in another libel case, Frank Warren v The Random House Group Limited. As I didn’t receive this until 7pm, it was too late to study it and take it all in." (TB @ Jillforum).

    CR worried with possibility of having to defend the nonsense of their clients in a proper trial. They are specialist in intimidating letters, trying to scare people before court. Any idea about their performance in court? I heard that their skills there are very poor and no experience of any case proceeded with success, when they reach court.

  35. I feel sorry for Kate's parents, her fahter so ill. They trust(ed) their daughter and son-in-law, believing that whole Portugal was lying. By now they must be believing the truth and it must be terrible for them to read the files. Most parents believe their own children at first place.
    I wonder if uncle Kennedy is still helping them.

  36. How many times we still have to pray all saints, asking for an answer about this case?

  37. When the McCanns were traveling around to raise awareness to the case, they were receives by authorities of each country excepted for in Holland.
    Only journalists went to the meeting, and many of them were already doubting about the abduction, although they remained descreet.
    I'm proud to be Dutch!!!!!!!!111


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