Monday, 8 October 2012

Strangely Familiar?

“Pick a recent murder investigation and analyse who was first viewed as a likely suspect, and I can almost guarantee you that some local, regional or national "other" figure would have been the most immediate suspect.

But we know for a fact that in nearly all cases a murder victim and the perpetrator are either related, or known to each other. Indeed, that's why our clear-up rate for murder is so high – consistently around 90%: because, frankly, you don't need to look too far for the likely culprit. Most murders are "self-solvers".

That reality is also true for child victims of murder – most children are at risk from their parents, carers, step-parents or someone known to the family of the child. On average since the early 1970s, only six children per year have been abducted and murdered by strangers, and while that is still six children too many, this sad statistic is put into perspective when we remember that two children a week are murdered within the home.”

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The blog is solely about the crime of obstructing justice that the authoresses of the blog are absolutely convinced was committed in PdL back in May 3rd 2007


  1. Statistic as a science shows that most of the perpetrators are part of the circle known by the children.This, inside his perversity, makes the children easy targets and defenseless victims. Now add a new ingredient- a foreigner country with a new environment and a new language. The vulnerability of the child under this circumstances increases a lot but also increases the confidence and the dependence of the child on the adult he/ she knows. children tend to believe and follow a person they know, and runaway from a strange. The rest is the bad story told in PDL with many lies and the assumption of that lies ( even if not clearly) in a book written some years after.

  2. I agree with anon from 3:22pm

    and (in portuguese)

    British police concluded that kidnapped girl is dead

    (link Pt sobre AJ)

    British police presented evidence that led McCanns being accused

  3. I just find the whole Madeleine Mccann saga completely baffling. Whenever forensic evidence was proved against the couple such as the dna in the scenic the couple said they were not satisfied with the findings and would be carrying out their own tests and this was accepted Gerry rubbishing the sniffer dogs that alerted to their car and apartment and Kates clothes. When questioned about bodily fluids they stated ' twins have a liking for seabass' and 'meat had been transported in the scenic and leaked into the boot' or 'dna came from a dirty nappy' all so ridiculous Clarence with his 'the mccanns are innocent mantra'. The police fail to take any actions against this arrogance 'comments are no longer accepted' on news stories concerning the Mccanns, silencing what the public all feel about this couple. It is all such a terrible injustice and really quite unbelieveable.

  4. In a social networks J. Gambas returned to the the fore......

  5. It is terrible that children trust relatives, parents and friends whilsh they are living at risk.
    This happens all over the world. If murderers are not found in time, they can strike again, we all know that.
    How far has the irresponsibility of Tapas 7 gone, not coming foward with what they know and allowing England to spend such a lot of money in the review, also allowing Portugal to spend a terrible lot.

    The worst of all is that the siblings are still at risk, the parents could do them harm at the moment that they decide to get rid of the whole story, choosing for the eternal life.
    As far as I know, the siblings are still living with the parents, their mother is unstable(imo), the father spends the day at the hospital...very dangerous.
    But who cares?
    Well, WE care.
    It seems that the police are doing nothing to take the twins away from home, till the parents' innocence is proved.
    Irresponsible police, imo.In other countries, the children would have been living in another home.

  6. Sorry anonimous @ 7:16, I don't agree with you. I don't think the twins are at any risk or what happened to Maddie was intentional. Most probably was a terrible accident that don't gave them a chance to rescue her. It is quite easy for a child to lost his/ her life due to an unfortunate accident. Up to that point, I think what they lived in PDL was really a terrible moment for all of them. The problem and the crime starts after, when they decide to cover up instead of facing the facts. WHY? that is the main question and what attracted the public into the mystery. It is almost clearly that what lead to a big cover up, involving so many people, must be something transversal to most of the guests at the time and probably to most of the guests of the OC , who use to spend holidays there regularly. Only a collective behaviour involving sexual activities could explain the cover up. sexual activities are surrounded by a lot of hypocrisy. People pretend to be modern and show a lot of freedomn but under any suspicion, never assume the behaviour and tried to hide it.

  7. Anon Oct 8, 2012 8:17:00 PM

    Thank you for your comment. Agree fully, we also don't see any risk whatsoever to the twins' well being due to the fact they live with their parents.

    The key to solve what happened to Maddie is to understand what happened AFTER whatever happened to Maddie, happened.

  8. When this case finally comes tumbling down it will be similar to Jimmy Saville's people knew but said nothing, those that spoke out were silenced and others were too scared of losing their jobs to say anything and all the while the government spent millions on a review that was never going to prove anything, police forces in this country spent thousands plus the pj and the affect on the pdl tourist trade after the so called abduction for which there was never one shred of evidence and all this has been allowed to happen.

    I hope that those at the centre of this that have kept quiet knowing full well that they could have stopped this money making circus are properly punished when the time comes.

    Madeleine Mccann is the most famous abducted child in the world and there is not one shred of evidence to prove she was ever abducted.

  9. It is inevitable the comparison of Madeleine case with some recent cases where a child was pronnounced dead few days after been missing, the suspect charged and the police saying that the body could never be recovered. Shameful, when we see that hapening on the same Europe and the same Country.
    Madeleine disappear in Portugal but PJ always said the case was totally British. From Portugal, was just the soil. An unfortunate coincidence because the crime will happen on the same way in any other country. The only difference is maybe in any other country, the people and the authorities will be not so sympat and so kind with perpetrators.

  10. It sounds always pathetic the way the Mccann's strongly kept out of suspicion as abducters, all people they know. the next question to ask them, after that answer, is 'how they know?'
    The only answer possible is...because they know what hapenned. That is the only reason could lead somebody to strongly eliminate any aureola of suspicion from the most evidents suspects.
    If the parents are confident the child was abducted, family, friends and people close to the child, in loccus, must be the first suspects. Not an alien guy with a egg face and strange clothes that could be easily and quickly spoted by many people because he shines like a card out of the deck.
    Jane Tanner egg man only has room on their fantasist lies. Reality is miles away from that fantasy.
    No matter how many years pass, how long it takes until one of them decide to speak and reveal the truth, the rest of the world will be there to question every step they do on any direction, if the direction they choose remain the same, the lie.
    Contrary to other cases that erupt and fade within days or weeks, Maddie remain glowing in fire because is a global case and we were all 'fool...' by a group of liars who abused the honestity of millions.

  11. A nova Procuradora Geral da Republica, Joana Marques Vidal, e segundo Eduardo Damaso do Correio da Manha '...o rosto mais incontornavel de uma primeira geracao de magistrados que trouxe a justica de menores e vitimas de violencia domestica para a primeira fila. Sempre foi uma mulher empenhada na construcao de um MP autonomo, eficaz e independente do poder politico....'

    Espero que finalmente reabra o caso Maddie e se faca justica. Portugal e a crianca bem o merecem.


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