Sunday, 7 October 2012

April Justice

Believe it or not, I haven’t followed the April Jones case. I decided to detach myself from it, not because I didn’t feel for the poor girl but because I didn’t wish to get caught up in the collective emotional whirlwind that events such as this one do stir up.

Fortunately we’re still outraged whenever a life is plucked away from such a young soul.

I let myself get “informed” by the readers reactions expressed in their comments, so I don’t know under what circumstances were charges brought against Mark Bridger.

During these last few days I was much more interested in the McCann effect that overshadowed the case from minute one.

First, as I said about the Tia Sharp case, in this one right away the “McCann Curse” showed its ugly head, its fangs and claws turned to its favourite and I must repeat myself, only prey, the McCanns.

Like predicted, they couldn’t support April and they couldn’t remain detached from the case. They neither came forward nor stayed back.

Having a spokesman speaking on their behalf about their own child is inexplicable but one can make an effort and justify it with emotional distress but to speak through one about a tragedy that has befallen upon others is either assuming royal status or recognizing the impossibility of showing their face.

Second, the McCann effect produced a collective scepticism about every possible “marketing” stunt (or ploy) that was tried.

Everyone’s memory was jolted back to 2007.

It’s been over 5 years and we all saw how that exaggerated circus remains fresh in our collective mind. And we collectively rejected the spectacle, questioned its content and form and were suspicious of its actors.

Why? Maddie and all the falseness around her came to mind.

Thirdly, we’re seeing murder charges being brought upon a person without a corpse. I will not, obviously, discuss any details, such as the particulars of dogs, about the April Jones’ case. I’m stating publicly known general facts and not making any sort of judgment about any of them.

But I will not avoid questioning Dr. McCann’s certainty that justice is obliged to produce a body to charge someone with murder-

Fourthly, the question that is on everyone’s mind: how long will the UK be able to maintain the McCanns status of exception?

With each case, and unfortunately others will happen, it will only enhance the fragility (as well as arrogance and shamelessness) with which was put together the whole argument to proclaim innocence upon those whose guilt is transparently evident.

The steadiness of their whole defence is inversely proportional to the embarrassment caused whenever the McCann name is mentioned in ever so similar cases or when Maddie is “brought” in for evident comparison reasons.

The Maddie McCann case has unquestionably benchmarked these kind of cases. No way around this fact, much to the despair of the McCanns and the Black Hats.

As said and explained, no comments about the April Jones case will be read and not published

Post Scriptum: We'd like to thank you for all the comments you readers have sent after we said they wouldn't be published. We read all with interest and will be following with further posts in due course, where comments will be published as usual.

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