Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Statistically, Most Likely

UPDATE October 6th, 2012, 17:15 UK time:

As criminal charges have now been brought against Mark Bridger we will NOT be publishing any further comments.

The Crown Prosecution Service of the UK request that nothing prejudicial to a fair criminal trial is published after a person is charged.

We will observe this convention.


  1. "If you are an ambassador for missing people, you have a responsibility otherwise whom are you an ambassador for, Kate?"

    I bet Cameron is askin her that.

  2. I understand a SKY News reporter asked the Sky News' analyst how was the police getting on with the interview of this "family pal". The analyst replied: "It can be very difficult. People don't ordinarily tell you what you want to know. You have to ask them questions and as we've seen before in other cases they can make 'no comment' interviews. They can actually just sit there and say nothing.It takes a very hard person to sit there in a case like this and actually say nothing at all but they can just sit there and say nothing. Very difficult for the interviewing officers." (transcript).

  3. The McCann's official spokesman Clarence Mitchell (and Burson-Marsteller's "reputation management" MD) said: "Kate and Gerry are aware of the case and their thoughts and prayers are with April, her family and the local community." (ITV News)

    NB Burson-Marsteller's detail added by the scribe. Not in the original ITN script.

  4. I have read that the Mccanns have offered their support to April's parents....would this be the Mccanns that never once searched for their 'abducted' daughter, trade marketed her name, set up a fighting fund days after she disappeared, refused to answer police questions, refused to take part in a reconstruction, employed lawyers and PR companies, set up a internet shop selling tacky gear, wrote a book full of inconsistencies and lies and called the Portuguese police F****** T******. Used religion and a meeting with the Pope as a tool to raise more funds, are suing Amaral for over one million, have played the media and social networking sites to their advantage and five years later still employ Clarence Mitchell as their Spokesman...who would ever want support from such low life as the publicity hungry, lying, greedy, scheming Mccanns who care for nobody except themselves.

    I hope they find April safe and well.

  5. Yesterday a social network was a foolishness.

    Everyone felt concerned about the disappearance of April - the big topic yesterday.

    Saville was but temporarily forgotten and abuses committed by him and all those who have been and are protected.

    At one point the pre-wash and wash McCann arose in the middle. They said the couple gave support to parents of April.

    Well! The revolt was so great!

    But Pt newspapers echoed the similarity....

    For me, the only one, was the big mobilization of the people in the PdL, volunteers who lacked even to work. As with the search for April.

    However, today the local police have asked for volunteers do not help. Now are the Special Forces.

    As happened here in the early days until the couple McC be called to testify and .........

    Today, John O'Connor a pro mc, spoke against against PJ.

    But he forgot about Tia Sharp.

    One more thing: Gunnar Dorries who committed two murders in Lagos, was tried in his country, Germany and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

    He killed his girlfriend and killed his daughter almost 2 years old.

    I read a comment in another social network, someone said:

    "Glad that was tried in Germany"

    The German Court praised the cooperation of the two governments and the two policemen Research.

  6. ‎"A cooperação entre autoridades e investigação alemãs e portuguesas foi elogiada em Tribunal. "

    Leram isto oh mccanns das mentiras mais outros tantos como eles.?

    Notícia lida em:

  7. Apparently one more case to reinforce the statistical reality- the big majority of crimes against children are perpetrated by members of their own family or by a friend. Let's see how long will take for the McCann's to jump out of that case, because the lign followed by the investigation did not fit their agenda- they just like abductions done by strangers.

  8. Depois do fiasco da procura de Tia Sharp , hoje a Polícia faz a divulgação dos meios utilizados.

    Em Portugal foi bastante mais. Até de Lisboa, foram para a PdL imensos reforços militares e outras forças.

    RNLI and Dyfed Powys Police Marine Section involved in search for

    Over 100 police search officers, 20 dog handlers involved, helping to find ‪#apriljones‬

    Over 100 mountain rescue volunteers involved ‪#apriljones‬

    Unprecedented support in this enquiry from across the UK‪#apriljones‬

    Thank you to all neighbouring police forces for their assistance as well as the Coastguards ‪#apriljones‬

    Terrain has been trecherous and challenging to search, search sites are wide and varied ‪#apriljones‬

    Plans for more specialist search officers to assist us, growing operation, we remain completely focussed and committed to find‪#apriljones‬

    ‪@DyfedPowys‬ But Portugal do like this when Madeleine McC. was (not) missing.

    ‪#CoupleMcCann‬ must tell to the world how was and what was done

    News conference comes to a close but enquiries continue to find‪#apriljones‬, incident hotline 0300 2000 333

    Dyfed Powys Police: Officers from the other 3 welsh forces involved in search; 20 dog handlers; 2 lifeboats. ‪#AprilJones‬

    What was the last question at the press conference - was it speculation about Bridger and April's mother and a previous relationship?

  9. Pode ter significado ou não.

    No entanto podem comparar K8 e outras Mães (Mães, as sinceras) Vejamos......

  10. I'm sorry if I'm making an injustice to the parents of April Jones. McCann's fault. Now I don't believe on any abduction without recriminating the parents of the victim. What was a little 5 years old doing outside without her parents at 6-7 Pm? Ridding a bike with her pals? Was not too late for a small child to be out? I know that is a remote location in the countryside, like PDL.... Then, less or zero probabilities to be targeted by a stranger.
    If she was targeted by that guy ( the family friend), he must be very confident with his attitude to snatch the girl at open eyes, since the girl was seen entering a van, by her friends.
    A lot of things sound strange, also on that story. The child's who witnessed the abduction were able to describe the car and the physical characteristics of the suspect at the point of allowing the police to arrest, name and issue a photofit of the man and the car, but no any paper reported if the man was recognized/ known by any of the witnesses. In small towns, people tend to know each other and the kids are very attentive on that.
    Lets see if this is not another disgusting circus like Tia Sharp, Karen Mathews or the most famous case in the world, with another child being the defenseless victim.

  11. Can be.......... Ano from 6:37. Can be, really another similar case like You says.

    The Girl, April, was before with Her Family at a birthday party. Mum enter to do a tea . When she called, no April. I read this at media , so...........

    We must wait and see.

    Ter que provar que não sou robot, se calhar ajuda o meu cérebro. É um exercício e tanto!

  12. Parece mais uma historia de familias e gente disfuncional. A crianca esta na rua ate ser noite, brinca com os filhos do hipotetico raptor que tem mais do dobro da idade dela( um tem 13 anos) e a familia não acha isto estranho. O raptor tem 6 filhos de varias mulheres, era conhecido das criancas que testemunharam a entrada de April no seu carro mas os pais da crianca dirigem apelos a populacao para a procurarem e a um raptor sem nome e Sem rosto para que a devolve. Porque nao dirigir o apelo ao suspeito, para que fale já que ha testemunhas que o viram levar a filha? Parecem nao querer ligar-se muito ao suspeito. Muito estranho....
    Os apelos parecem fotocopias dos McCann.

  13. Começa a ser estranho apesar de há pouco a Policia local reafirmar que mantêm o suspeito. Parece que é uma povoação pequena.

    Esperar para ver mas na dúvida, esperança para April!

    A culpa disto tudo, das nossas desconfianças, vem das imitações feitas , tendo como modelo a K8 .

    Boa noite.

  14. Sem duvida que a K8 trouxe e traz mais prejuizos que beneficios aos casos de pessoas desapareciidas. Ela nunca deveria ter sido nomeada embaixadora destes casos. Quando regressou aos Uk e lhe perguntaram se retomava o trabalho dela, podia ter dado uma resposta cautelosa do genero depende.... "Se Madeleine aparecer brevemente sim. Se nao aparecer logo se ve". Mas nao. Foi peremptoria em dizer que ia trabalhar para organizacoes de criancas desaparecidas e dedicar-se a Net e ao caso da filha, deixando no ar que o caso da filha era para durar. Interessante foi o que aconteceu em Lisboa quando um jornalistas lhe fez perguntas sobre as files da PJ ela admitiu que ainda nao as tinha lido e que ela sabia em que circunstancias tinha tudo acontecido na PDL. Qual e a mae de uma crianca desaparecida que meses depois da policia ter libertado dados da investigacao, ainda nao os leu? So se se estiver a marimbar para a filha ou se souber o que lhe aconteceu.
    Decididamente, quanto mais longe esta K8 estiver dos casos de pessoas realmente desaparecidas, tanto melhor para as Vitimas e para as suas familias. Ate porque já se viu que eles so abrem a boca para alguns casos. Noutros, estão em silencio porque nao lhes interessam, demonstrando que ate nos desaparecidos fazem descriminacao.

  15. According to Sky News, April suffers of a brain defect(something that can cause INSOMNIA, and tiredness) and a problem that can cause pain(colic?) in the intestins.
    What a coincidence.
    She needs medicine for the pain and her mother didn't ask for it, in her appeal.
    She even didn't ask their friend to give April back.

  16. I do hope they find the little girl safe but in these tragic cases it so often turns out it is family or someone known to the victim that is the perpetrator.

    In the case of Tia it was the family who were responsible for her death but there was something much more sinister about the grandmother and her partner wearing those 'Missing' tee shirts same as the Mccanns did with Madeleine knowing the child's fate and still attempting to fool the public with their lies and fake grief.
    I believe most people suspect the Mccanns of their involvement but those that know for a fact the Mccanns are involved but turn a blind eye are as bad as those that commit these appalling crimes. BBC bosses and others knew of Jimmy Saville's behaviour towards young girls it was an open secret yet none stood up for justice or did anything about it, lives get ruined and evil flourishes all the while people stay silent.

    Madeleine case should be brought to a swift conclusion far too much tax payers money is being wasted, Clarence Mitchell is still on the Mccanns payroll controlling what is printed in our media, who has been paying his wages for the past 5 years, SY have been made fools of as has Cameron, all turing a blind eye on something that has now become so blaringly obvious that 'comments are no longer accepted' on all Mccann news articles trying to silence the masses. Stop the circus its time for closure. The legacy of the Mccanns and their Tapas friends is one of pure greed and the vilest and darkest of human nature, that is how we shall remember them all.

  17. Este caso remeteu-me para o do Rui Pedro do que para o caso de Madeleine. Há o "amigo" da família, a criança que é vista a entrar no carro dessa "amigo",etc. ...
    Vamos ver o que dá a investigação e a prisão do suspeito...oxalá não seja outro "caso Rui Pedro" em versão british, desejo de todo o coração um desfecho positivo para esta menina, Deus queira!

  18. Is this story odd or is it my impression?
    Did the mother go to the police station in order to interrogate the friend?
    If the police have already the suspect,who was seen by the children, the suspect is a friend of the family's, why a tv appeal?

  19. I know we cannot trust the media when it comes to accuracy, but I read in some newspaper (Daily Mail?)that the little girl was seen entering a white or cream coloured van, and in an article in the Mirror it says it was a LIGHT coloured van, however, the van that was pictured in the Daily Mail today as being the suspect's vehicle is a DARK blue one?!

    My heart just sank as I read the updated Daily Mail's article! I went there to get the link to the article where we can see the van and "bang", I read that little April suffers from cerebral palsy! This immediately made me see "red flags" all over! A child with a serious medical condition, a life-long impairement(s) made me think about the suspicion (proposed and discussed in blogs and fora) that Madeleine suffered from some health problems which made her a difficult child...
    I hope I'm wrong, I hope the thoughts that are going through my mind are nothing more than paranoid nonsense!

  20. Mitchell spoke in the name of the McCanns and why didn't Kate give a sympathetic interview about April and her parents? I suspect that the McCanns left the UK and that they are hiding themselves somewhere in the US or in South America.Or at least that they are trying to.They will try to escape, imo.It will be difficult to leave Brittain without being noticed. Police everywhere and everybody would recognize them.Besides, every ticket that is sold in a country is reported to the police.The list of passengers as well.With such a lot of money, they can pay somebody to get them on a boat, they can hide themselves in it,travelling in dark till they arrive in Oporto, Portugal, hahahaha!Nice voyage!

  21. When a person sobs, his face becomes red and his nose becomes thick. Besides I did not see any tears on the mother's face and her eyes did not change.

  22. I also notice she dries up her eyes but she does not blow one's nose.

  23. I also agree with the last two comments concerning April's mother, she never once looked into the camera and she read from a script !!! surely the appeal should come naturally from the heart there were no visible tears also the grandfather looked cold never comforting her and where was her husband why was he not part of the appeal. Another odd case. Agree about the van comments children said it was light but this is a blue van and if they have the suspect where is the child?

    The Mccanns have made us question what is now presented to us when once it was accepted without question,K&G have lied to the public and been caught out in their lies so much that now we doubt tragic stories as being true. The Mccann pair are evil they have caused so much widespread damage through their lies enforced by their spin doctor and PR machine 'Missing Persons' charity needs investigating to have someone like Kate Mccann as an Ambassador.

  24. I agree with what some commentators posted here, the McCanns have made cepticists of us all! Nothing is taken at face value anymore when it comes to cases like this...even at the risk of being unfair and wrong.


    Martin Grime's sniffer dogs have been doing another 1st class job.

  26. Notice how the suspect's private life details are splashed all over the press! Yet, to this day, the lives of "you know who" prior to May 2007 are still a "void", a blank page...first class british, second class british...

    "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others" (George Orwell, Animal Farm - 1945)

  27. I think what is important to notice is that Textusa was absolutely right about the McCann Curse.
    Every time a child disappears their name pops up
    We're all skeptical and will one day be unjust to real suffering parents and why? Because the McCanns have made thing to be that way.
    They can't support because it may blow up back on their faces
    They can' not support because people will be looking at them and expect them to react.
    What a curse they've set on themselves.

  28. The appeals are a copy of the Mccann's but this 2 with their pink man already smell the rats on that case and are maybe regreting their previous statements of support to the family. I remember journalists asking them on the early days if they did not suspect any of their friends, a relative or a person known by them and the child, who could be behind the abduction. Gerry, was not happy with question and almost with rudness, he said 'no'. That case, with that suspect don't fit their agenda. They just like abductions done by strangers ( a very unlike situation with small children).
    BTW, after 5 years and an archieved case, why they need a spoke person? RATS, many RATS with a very bad smell.

  29. The Mccanns obviously kept Clarence on their payroll because of his influence within the media ensuring what was printed was positive toward the Mccanns and Co considering the Mccanns are very rarely in the press these days or give interviews why do they need to keep on a media spokesman. Clarence was reported to be earning £70,000 a year to ensure they were given a good image and good press, but no taboids have drawn comparisons with Aprils abduction and Madeleine Mccann being the most famous abduction in the world insterad complete silence so it does look as if the papers know that the Mccanns are guilty and far from being victims. Does Clarence get paid from the fund?
    IMO the Mccanns funds are running low thats why they are attempting to sue Amaral. This is never reported in our papers Clarence makes sure of that. The Mccanns have accused Amaral and these court cases are always kept out of our papers because any support they have would fade away as soon as people were aware that the Mccanns cannot even be bothered to attend the court. What a disgusting pair they are, and so are our papers and media for turning a blind eye because they were afraid of Carter Ruck and Clarence. COWARDS!

    I read Aprils story with suspicion and many doubts due to the Mccann circus.

  30. unfortunatelly this look too bad for the little girl who after 3 days was not found. Mr. Amaral said that the first hours are crucial in the cases of missing children. Over the time, the chances to find a child alive drop quickly.
    Just wonder.... what if the police got the wrong suspect? The silence of the mother regarding that suspect speecks volumes, to me. I'm just comparing with Mariluz case, where the parents pointed the finger to the neighbour who end up being the suspect and convicted with murder. It is not the first time that the UK police seize the wrong suspect in a hurry. I think, they have up to tomorrow to release him or ask for more time. Maybe now the police could understand the job done by PJ in Pdl and recognise it. Soon the kids on April case will start delivering different stories to confuse if that is not already the case, if we pay attention to the different reports in the media regarding the color and the size of the car. Some media in Portugal even translated it as a lorry.

  31. Eyes not swollen, pink ribbons, a brain problem which can cause insomnia, pain in the intestins...

    Somewhere I read that the suspect had had an affair with the mother, longer ago...

  32. This story is very close to Madeleine's.
    April's health, April's disappearance, April's age and the mother's appeal.
    She did not say a word towards her daughter, she did not try to comfort her "we will get you back, please trust your mummy" "mummy loves you", "your siblings love you too".Nothing.
    Not a word towards the suspect although he was already in custody. I'm sure the police are watching the family as well.
    Since the McCanns, I don't trust any child abduction anymore. I have to think of Jim Gamble's words on Australian Panorama: in case of a disappearance, look first at what is in front of you.
    And I presume that in April's case it was her family which raised the alarm.

  33. AN APPEAL fund has been set up for missing April Jones and her broken-hearted family.

    Read More

  34. Just two small details from the daily mail:
    -police did not rule out the possibility of having more then one people involved.
    -April's mother was taken into an unremarkable police car, we don't know where she is going.

    One more case to enlarge the big statistic? Poor little girl, if my feelings came true.

  35. Bem, parece que já ha um fundo e lacos rosa, e uma foto da crianca com um Teddy. Tanta coisa em tao pouco tempo? Tanta organização num momento que se fosse eu a viver SERIA O MAIS DESORGANIZADO, MAIS CAOTICO E MAIS DRAMATICO DA MINHA VIDA, comigo a chorar 24h por dia e completamente a deriva Sem saber o que fazer.
    Sem duvida que e espantosa a organização destas familias de criancas que desaparecem em locais remotos. Os da PDL ate conseguiram imprimir copias iguais da foto de Maddie. Nao tardara muito ate vermos Clarrie assumir que angariou mais uns clientes, a custo zero, como fez com Scarlet Keeling .

  36. Mail online is funny.
    Telling about the mother that for days is closed in her home, wating for news, and about the father who is not searching for April because he fears he is becoming blind and who did not join her mother at the TV appeal also because of his bad sight...hahahahahha!

    The mother seems to have been taken by the police in a discreet car Thursday at 2pm.

  37. April's mother was crying in front of the cameras like the mother of those 6 children did,after they had died of a fire in England.
    I felt bad when I watched it and I'm happy the police took her for questioning.

  38. which one of you could tell me if

    is updated? Thanks!

  39. Over the time April case is looking more and more, like Madeleine on all the bad corners Madeleine had. A Fund settled on the third day of the missing girl to support April and her family( wonder how that money can support a girl yet not found?). Like Maddie case, the account number is displayed by the same Media ( Sky News, etc) with an appeal to the general public to send cheques or make donations. What is the use of that money if the investigation, the search and the rescue is being done by the police and official team rescues payed by the taxes of all people living in UK? The hurry of all that people ( family or town councils) to set Funds says it all about the use of that Funds. In fact the Funds feed many mouths and is a new profitable job for all involved on it. The victims are secondary. Always, the family came first and the real victim is forgotten in the middle of the all circus.
    And there is ribbons ( pink because was the girl's favorite color ) associated with Fund. Where did we saw that ingredients? Now, I really don't believe on that abduction. In less then a week, the circus is settled repeating the same shame and like vultures, the media is feeding and exploring it, just to sell paper.

  40. Why do they need an appeal, surely they should just co-operate with the police, money will not bring April home.

    This is looking more and more like Madeleine case did 5 years ago ribbons fund etc, how do they know the little girl will not be found in a couple of days why do they need a fund.
    Why did the father not take part in the appeal, this is all looking very odd and perhaps they are trying to blame someone innocent his car was blue and the children said it was a pale colour car that April got into.

    This is going the same way as the Mccanns did with Madeleine but the police or the public won't be fooled a second time.

  41. Psychologist involved in Madeleine McCann search joins investigation team

    Read Daily Fail

    And detectives have reportedly called on the help of one of the world's leading forensic psychologists, who advised British and Portuguese police in the search for Madeleine McCann.

  42. It is strange that April was very much possibly abducted by a former neighbour, at day light,in from of her home, driver place of the vehicle at the left side, enough children around to state what they saw, exactly at the moment when the mother went inside to make some tea...very strange.
    And now the fund...
    That fund proves that British people need to be informed about the McCanns.

    Soon, very soon they will learn it.

  43. In todays Daily Mail Jan Moir has written an article 'Dont blame Aprils parents' and it is littered with references to the Mccanns such as ' it remains a disgrace that loving parents Gerry and Kate Mccann still have to endure the malace of strangers who have convinced themselves of some dark parental involvement in the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, while somewhere out there, whoever took her still walks free' she then goes onto mention Cameron leaving his daughter in a country pub ' Nancy was quickly returned home with no harm done - he was lucky. To their enduring despair, the Mccanns and many like them did not share his good fortune'.

    This article is typical of Clarence Mitchell's involvement within the media attempting to portray the Mccanns as innocent. Jan Moir as a journalist is a disgrace she has simply written what she has been presented with by the PR spin team of Kate and Gerry Mccann.

    Jouralists such as Jan Moir bring nothing but disrepute to their profession through their ignorance due to a lack of poor researching of their subject matter.

  44. Outra vez, bom dia.

    O "perito forense" do ceoops do j.das gambas só se inscreveu na Ordem já com cabelos brancos. Foi há pouco tempo. Estou a falar do "João Saliva"

    Depois direi mais.


    registered with HPS last year

    and :

    http://www. (N.Moore Blog)

    Dr Joe Sullivan arrived in Praia da Luz within 48 hours of Madeleine's disappearance (according to Martin Brunt - reports at the time stated 08 May 2007), as part of a so-called 'Cracker' team with Detective Superintendent Graham Hill. He returned to the UK on 09 May 2007.

    He later helped in the production of, and personally narrated, the A Minute for Madeleine campaign video; An appeal directly to the person who is keeping a 'secret' about Madeleine, 'who knows who's involved in her disappearance' and who may have been groomed by the perpetrator(s) to stay quiet.

    In January 2010, he shared a stage with Gerry McCann at the CEOP conference entitled: 'Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions',

    although Gerry McCann, despite being booked as the closing speech, spoke earlier in the day

    and would have missed the speech by Dr Joe Sullivan.

  46. Of course, like most of all us expected, they are searching by April´s body.

  47. If this April case turns out to be a mirror of the Mccann case then the public should be informed of the duplicity of team Mccann. So far everything is identical to the Mccann case, pink ribbons when Mccanns had yellow ribbons, father not taking part in the search, setting up of a monetary appeal days after the child disappears all very strange.

    The Mccanns must be following this case as it is very familiar to them and is looking increasingly similar to Madeleine's 'abduction'. It usually is a family member or someone known to the child random snatchings are practically unheard of especially children being taken out of their beds in a foregin country as the Mccanns claim. Maybe this will be the start of the unravelling of the Mccanns as they have already linked themselves to this case through the media and their journalists friends.


  49. MB is arrested (before 5pm today Police must release him) but nothing about investigation. They ask once more informations about MB . So, seems nothing....

    We also need information regarding the movements of the blue Land Rover Discovery registration L503 MEP between these times. (today again, from Police local statement)

  50. Parece que os cães encontraram cheio a cad........

    ( So EVRDog found scent?? Sad news for family. And, BTW, for McCann if so.)

  51. McCann's legacy: "sorry we are unable to take comments due to legal reasons" is all over the media in Uk.
    I believe is not due to what the public could say about April case, it is BECAUSE THE CASE LOOKS A COPY OF THE MCCANN'S CASE in all the bad taste, including the circus that is already setlled.

  52. Seems that the lead followed by the investigation is going nowhere. The detectives arrived to an impass point and may have lost vital information.
    I noticed that the pictures available in all media reported an intensive search on the suspect belongs but nothing was disclosed regarding which evidences the police found to support the arrest. Very little and very weak.
    I will be not surprised if the next twist is looking in to the family properties and their movements. The last murders end up like that: Tia Sharp on her granny loft and the parents of the 6 children burned on their home, arrested and charged with crime after being seen in TVs spreading their show ( fake tears, bad luck, etc).
    I don't buy the attitude of April family. Sorry if I'm committing a huge injustice, but I can't understand why the mother did not endorse her appeal to the guy kept under custody( if it is really true their are children witnessing the girl going in his car voluntarily ) and why the father can't appeal on the Tvs because he has a degenerative eye disease. Since when being blind is a reason to avoid fighting for your children? So many stupid excuses. Wonder if his blindness will be a problem to receive the money from the Fund. I would like to be a fly to watch it.
    People don't learn.... Another town fooled by a group with help of the media that looks only in to the Pounds they can make in one week.

  53. Hi, hi.... The circus is on.... There is already people delivering stories to the investigation about their children being escaping from an abduction, 2 days before. Did they reported it at the time to the police, or the problem just bothered and raised their minds now? Soon will be sights of the little girl. Searching a body, damages the Fund. What a Karma.... For the police.

  54. What a brilliant post Textusa!
    One picture so much content!
    Thank you!

  55. Anon 2.04 brilliant post I agree with your every word.

  56. Desculpem a frieza e o caracter morbido do meu post ate porque tudo indica que mais uma crianca perdeu a vida em circunstancias muito mal contadas.
    Sei quem deveria estar a rir-se, assistindo a distancia ao circo que atacou a policia britanica, a PJ. Com menos aparato a PJ apresentou muito mais resultados e nao teve nenhuma crianca como testemunha independente a dar pistas tao fortes em direccao a um suspeito e um carro.
    Tambem sei quem em Portugal, deveria cobrir a cara de vergonha e desaparecer dos ecrans das Mossad TVs- Isabel Duarte, Rogerio Alves e Marinho Pinto.

  57. Desculpem nao e Mossad TVs, e nossas TVs. Traicoes do Typing.

  58. Boa tarde.

    Por acaso também esto de acordo com ano das 2:04pm , que, em inglês, diz que a investigação não está a levar a lado nenhum. Evitaram liberta-lo antes das 5pm e, acusam-no do crime ainda sem provas ( embora vão dizendo que há elementos forenses.... ).

    Os Portugueses atentos e preocupados não podem esquecer o caso de Nicolas Bento.... se não fosse a Sua Família......ficava na prisão.

    E, com anon das 3:13 , se concordo também!

  59. E, mais (estatisticamente ..... )

    05 October 2012

    The mother of April Jones insisted she was “not giving up hope” of finding her daughter, less than an hour after police broke the news that the case had become a murder inquiry.

    Coral Jones today insisted she did not believe her five-year-old daughter was dead.

  60. Detectives were expected to ask magistrates for permission to hold Mark Bridger for an extra 24 hours, until Saturday afternoon.

    A renovação dos "votos"!

    uk yahoo news

  61. 1ª questão:

    Será que UK (leia-se caso MBMcC) precisa de um caso assim neste momento e próximos meses, alimentado pelos media, para que o de Maddie acabe no esquecimento?

    2ª questão:

    Embora também os media todos os dias e a toda a hora, estejam a juntar os dois casos na imprensa de Uk.

  62. Police say "no stone is being left unturned" in the search for missing five-year-old April Jones.


  63. McCanns, where are you? Doesn't hearing about dogs just send chills down your spines?

  64. Os McCann já devem estar arrependidos de ter mandado o Mitchell falar em nome deles no caso April Jones. Se ao fim de 5 dias com um " premium "suspeito e intensas buscas aos seus pertences, a policia pediu mais 24 h para o interrogar, é porque não tem provas consistentes contra ele. Não tardará muito até que a policia comece a olhar para os últimos movimentos da criança e da Sua familia- uma situação que não interessa nada aos Mccann. Como sempre, fazem descriminação, só lhes interessam crimes que envolvam estranhos.

  65. How come 5 days after April goes missing do the police consider her dead and yet with Madeleine we are all still expecting to find her alive 5 years later.

  66. What is the reason of this murder and why did the perpetrator made such a huge mistake, abducting her by day light and driving a recognizable vehicle? Parents and murderer met each other short before she was taken,at a school.
    Was there any agreement among them that is why she was sent playing outside her home?
    Is her mother back from the police station where to she was brought yesterday? It is understandable that she was possibly informed at the police, because the talks have to be recorded and filmed and her reaction has to be analysed.
    Was it an one-person-premeditation-and-murdering or are there more people involved in this tragedy?

  67. Por favor NAO PUBLIQUE:

    O excerto do comentário de Su , mais o link, segudo de 66 comments levou a vários apoios. E, também com menos comentários tb.

    Boa noite.

  68. Someday April's body will be found and I wonder if Kate and Gerry will join her funeral, being a moral support to her family.
    I bet they will not at all because they will be incredibly busy.

  69. Interessante, os Media portugueses começaram a reportar este caso no inicio mas entretanto remeteram- se ao silencio. "Lift consulting", nao va o diabo tece- las com o novo PGR a querer reabrir o caso Maddie para o ver esclarecido.

  70. I remember Olegário de Sousa on an interview, 2007, that the PJ were searching for an alive child but at a certain moment they started searching for a dead child.That is what is happening now in Wales and I believe it could be to do with cadaver dogs.How could the police suspect him of murder if they did not have strong indications?

    Textusa, do you by chance have any idea if it is possible to bring the McCanns to justice in England, for a crime they committed in Portugal or is it obliged to bring them to justice in Portugal itself? Because it seems that England accepts dogs as proof or am I mistaken? And lie detectors?
    Who can answer me?

  71. What? Coral Jones does not believe her daughter is dead?
    Does this sound familiar?

  72. If the body is not found, I just hope the Black Hats show as much sympathy for Mark Bridger as they've shown for Leonor Cipriano.

  73. Sue 8:42 my thoughts exactly, just why are we still expected to believe Madeleine is still alive when it is so clear she is not. On Joanna's blog they are discussing Amarals interview none of this is ever reported in our papers Amarals suspicions were right about the Mccanns but he has been silenced by those in authority and why has Cameron allowed tax payers money to be spent on this review when the parents are clearly involved in the cover up. There was no evidence whatsoever of an abduction so why are they still rolling out this ridiculous forced abduction story.

    Also with regards to Jimmy Saville it now emerges this was an open secret within the BBC that he liked young underage girls and today in the press they ask was there a sex ring within the BBC enabling this 'secret' to stay secret. Could this also be part of the reason the Mccanns are still free Clarence has connections people scared of losing their jobs all covering for the grubby Mccanns. Not reporting or investigated properly turining a blind eye.

    April Jones how strange her father did not join the appeal or search after similarities to the Mccann case the police were quick to get in the dogs and forensics. The parents and suspect all knew each other apparently the man used to live next door and is well known to April's family, this is all so similar to how Madeleine case went. Police are not saying much about the parents there is much here that does not add up. They are looking for a body so why do we still have age computer generated images of what Madeleine should look like and she is still alive when Amaral states facts to the contrary in his interview the Mccanns body language alone speaks volumes about their guilt.

    Why can't the British Police charge the Mccanns with involvement what hold do they have on justice and those in authority that is keeping two very guilty and obvious criminals free. There is something very wrong with our media we have a complete news blackout in the UK regarding the Mccanns. Pathetic journalists writing appeasing articles for the Mccann team attempting to portray them as victims when in fact they are vile perpetrators and very responsible for whatever happened to their daughter.

    Thank you Textusa.

  74. How quickly the police have moved on this story so how is it still possible for the Mccanns not to be charged for their involvement in Maddies disappearance that is the big question that needs answering.

  75. If Mark Bridger can be charged for murder without recovering a body, why can't the Mccanns also be charged. Sniffer dogs and forensic evidence showed Madeleine died in 3a and Kates' book confirms their lies and cover up, so why are they not being charged.

    What makes the Mccann couple so special?

  76. It seems that the mother has stayed at home till now and the father fears to become blind that is why he did not join his wife when she spoke on the TV.
    Possibly he speaks with his eyes, I guess.I wonder why we did not see the McCanns sinds this tragedy started.The amabassador for missing people is doing nothing and it was her chance to show up in that village, supporting the family and the public.

    Will she find a way to sue April's parents because this case looks like Madeleine's and the media are referring and comparing both stories? I bet Kate refused to be interviewd now, she must be scared of the issue.
    The silence of the ambassador speaks volumes.

  77. Anon 8:33:00 yes ... where is Kate Mccann Ambassador for Missing Persons, why is she not making an appeal on TV for information what a farce.
    Missing persons charity have stayed very quiet on this number one news story especially after their initial blase of publicity in the summer perhaps the similarities between the two cases do not bode well for their 'Ambassador'.

  78. K8 the not ambassador only makes publicity to the JCDecaux panels

  79. "Mick Nield, from Oldham Mountain Rescue, works with specially trained dogs.

    He told Sky News: "The dogs work on air scent, which pick up any human scent, so if there's any human scent in the area they'll pick it up." Sky News on April's case

    What a mess for you Kate, Gerry and sea bass, baby nappies , deteriorate pizza or roasted meat. "human scent", "cadaver scent", " human blood", "human body fluids", that is for what "specially trained dogs" are trained for.
    Not to hunt home delivering teams that carry food all the time across many towns.

  80. It seems that there are no other witnesses to April's abduction but the children.
    In Madeleine's case, there are at least 7 and the Smiths.
    Those 7 people have siblings, friends, parents. It will not be difficult to put pressure on them to come forward. In 2007 two or three of them wanted to change their statements and they went to a lawyer who gave an interview to a Spanish paper. It is obvious that the lawyer must know the truth too because he was advising those three people.
    I notice that Tapas 7 vanished too like the McCanns did.
    I have the hope and even the feeling that they told the truth to the Met.
    If they didn't, they could be made suspects of a death and they will.

  81. On McCannfiles there was a photo of Gerry's with a man, take in dark, on the beach and that photo disappeared from the blog.
    That man must know a lot, imo, and I hope he came forward with what he knows.

  82. Iwan Jenkins of the Crown Prosecution Service said: "Having carried out a detailed review of the evidence gathered so far by Dyfed Powys police I have come to the conclusion there is sufficient evidence to charge Mark Bridger with murder and it is in the public interest to do so."
    Sky News

    I have the impression that this charge is made in a hurry. Why they took so long to charge him and made it almost on top of the deadline? Which evidences exactly they gathered? Physical evidences from the girl in his car or in his house? Blood? Etc.
    I remember how PJ was criticized for not disclosing information to journalists and the general public. If I compare, even with justice secrecy tiding the press conferences from PJ, they disclosed much more information then the wales police. Why? A trauma after all mistakes with Tia Sharp or they just have to charge somebody because they spent too much time with that suspect and are under journalists and public pressure?
    Just come to my mind the error police committed with Joanna Yates case, when they almost arrested and charged her landlord, to discover later that he was innocent.
    Something on the family of April is not sounding well. If they know the suspect why they don't appeal to his heart saying that they forgive him if he tells the police where is the girl? Looks like they are not confident on the suspicions against him.
    For the police to take so long the interrogatory, means he is not cooperating? Is leaving many questions without an answer or is sending the police to fake locations to locate the body? If is his silence what made him suspect and charged with attempt to pervert the course of justice, there is a famous lady who have done the same in Portugal and was able to walk free, act as star, run a Fund and write a book that is a self incrimination. Nothing happens to her. The body of her daughter still out there, somewhere, to be found. What a double face UK has- different people, have different treatments and different justice, or April because disappears in UK has more rights then Maddie who was lost in Portugal? Yes, Madeleine did not disappear. She was lost like you lost a wallet or any other object. There is a difference between being missing or lost.

  83. What is K8?

    Kate Tapas 8?

  84. Anon Oct 6, 2012 5:53:00 PM

    K8 = Kay + eight = Kate = Kate McCann


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