Monday, 1 October 2012

Blog Editorial

Unauthorized links that other blogs make to ours by way of using our posts in their entirety is noted and accepted and we’ll keep to ourselves our opinion about the ethics of such actions. Joana Morais has been the exception, which we hereby acknowledge, as she has always asked before publishing anything from us.

However any further interpretation added to what we have posted is the sole opinion of the commentator. Our posts are public so it is not our responsibility for any unauthorised use of our work elsewhere.

By unauthorized, we don’t mean we’re condemning the action, because as we have said before, our work is in the public domain. We’re not condemning nor supporting, just saying that beyond this blog, we have no control over our own words and how they are used and interpreted.

We do not repost on other blogs, either as Textusa or anonymously as we would consider it rude to do so, without invitation. We are not members of any forums and if we were, we would publish under our own blog names.

No-one has any mandate from us in any forum or blog.

We do not publish details of any person unless their name appears in the PJ files or they have been mentioned in/ given interviews to the media.

We do not publish full details in all cases as we do not want to encourage any harassment of any individual, no matter how culpable we consider them to be. It is the role of the proper authorities to bring people to justice.

We do not publish comments on the blog when we are requested not to. Some of the information provided to us is not published, for various reasons.

We ask people stating something as a fact to provide a link or evidence when it relates to named individuals. We try to avoid perpetuating or starting myths or misinterpretations.

We ask for evidence if someone refutes what we have said. If that is provided, we are willing to withdraw or correct what we have said.


  1. Boa tarde Textusa

    Já percebi que errei ao publicar os comentários e peço imensa desculpa.Já foram apagados e não repetirei o erro.
    Quanto ao facto de ter publicado um artigo do v/ blogue sem ter pedido autorização, não pensei fosse necessário fazê-lo nem me pareceu incorrecto pois tive a preocupação de referenciar a fonte. Fi-lo, entretanto, porque continuo a considerá-lo magistral e, como tal, merecedor de ser amplamente divulgado.
    Retirarei, de imediato, a publicação no caso de se manifestarem nesse sentido.


  2. Maria,

    You have committed no sin! Or you have by deleting the comments (by the way I didn't get the chance to read your response to mine, so if you could repost your comment I would be very grateful)

    You, unlike many, haven't copied and pasted an entire post. You have done what we think to be correct, and that is to write your opinion and place a link to the work you want to see highlighted:

    The Blog Editorial was NOT addressed to you most certainly! Very grateful for your compliments that, as I said in the now deleted comments, are unworthy. Thank you for following the blog with such passion and interest.

    Bur, we reapeat, we're not criticizing those who copy wholly a post. As said our work is public so it can be used publicly. all we want to clarify is that outside the blog, how our own words are used is not of our responsibility or doing.

    You, for example, seem to treat them as your own, and that pleases us very much.

    Once again, thank you!

  3. Censored comment posted by Anonymous to Textusa at Oct 1, 2012 5:39:00 PM:

    What a total hypocrite you are. You are responsible for starting some of the biggest myths in blogland. No wonder people take the (censored).

  4. Anon Oct 1, 2012 5:39:00 PM

    You’re becoming too predictable for your own comfort.

    We do take responsibility for what we write as we always seek to provide a rationale for our conclusions.

    We also take responsibility to the answers we give to the questions put to us here.

    Care to tell us what myths in blogland were started here in Textusa?

  5. Well - let's have a look at a few, shall we?

    For starters, your accusations with regards to David Payne - or ''Textusa's theory'' as you describe it. ''Textusa's barking mad and completely libellous theory'' as the rest know it.

    Then there is your lunatic ramblings about the tapas dinners, the big round table, your insinuations about the involvement of Robert Murat, your false claims about the involvement of the tapas and other Mark Warner employees, your claims about the involvement of other guests in a cover up, total nonsense about faked booking sheets, lies about guests based on your inability to differentiate between two guests with similar names, your hateful comments about Mrs Fenn - I could go on all day. Your entire blog is a work of fiction, motivated by spite and hate. It's no wonder you are a laughing stock. You and your loopy followers need treatment. Actually - your followers need treatment, you need arresting. I have no idea what your latest post is about, but if someone has upset you, then good for them - the more the better. It's been a long time coming and you deserve it, you utterly hateful woman

  6. Anon Oct 1, 2012 6:12:00 PM

    We've never said anything hateful about anyone, much less about Mrs Fenn. All we've said is that she lied. There's no hatred in such a statement, but a simple conclusion based on reason.

    About the rest, please read the blog.

    We've noticed that you always fail to provide us with the link to that Laughing Black Hats Blog.

    And unless it's for you to provide us with that elusive link, be informed that our conversation is over.

  7. Anon Oct 1, 2012 6:12:00 PM, thank you for crediting Textusa with so many breakthroughs in this case! You forgot about Gerry being the Stroller.

  8. Well, here in Portugal there are many Marias ..........

  9. well anon 6:12, here you are...back again. you seems to spend a lot of time in a blog you hate so much. And what a passion, reading all that fiction ( or is it not fiction at all?) and is the nearest of the truth what upsets you, in fact?
    Is everything in the files, the media and the strange behaviour of the people involved on that holidays and on the Mccann's own family. why no any of the Tapas 7 ever stepped forward to defend the Mccann's and appear side by side in a sign of support? since they left Portugal, they fade and just show up to recieve the money from a paper or Fiona to control the behavior of Kate in Lisbon. Very little from close friends, if they rreally believe Maddie was abducted. And the scenary didn't change when we change the characters to the Mccann's family. a part who use to live under the Fund umbrella and anty Phill, who fade as well, no one seems to be chocked with conclusions achieved by trillions of people around the world, after reading the files. they choose to play the fairy part with birthdays and chistmas presents, which they know will be waiting for Madeleine forever. None gave an interview to show how they disagree and how disapointed they are with feelings of the public.... And I'm sure, will be very easy for them to get a free interview on any of the papers or Tvs. Why all that silence? they have brains and like many of us, they read what is in the all process and made a simple equation: a sum of lies could never be = a truth. If I had to choose a word to define that case, this word will be LIE. And all your posts just confim that a lie can hurt/ damage so much.

  10. Anon @6:12PM And the swinging? Let's not forget that Tex was the first to say that the swinging was what happening in PDL that week. First she was called crazy, now we all know it's the only LOGICAL scenario to have so many rich and powerful people there.

  11. I believe many people read your blog Tex to see what you are saying etc and comments from blogger opinions etc, but I do believe that when the day of reckoning comes for the Mccanns most of what you have said will be repeated as fact. So many that should have known better have chosen to be cowards and not speak out but once this case comes crumbling down and those involved are brought to justice the worms will start coming out of the woodwork but it will be too late for them they will go down in history as cowards and fools afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs or positions they are weak, but justice is strong and the truth will always come to the surface.
    You are doing a great job Textusa and you should be proud. Thank you x.

  12. I am very sorry but as I do not master the art of blogging, I just deleted the refered posts definitely.

  13. O (a) anónimo(a) das 6:12 ou faz parte do gang ou é muito bem pago para andar sempre aqui a espiar o que não gosta.
    Eu teria de andar debaixo de um grande stress emocional( medo) ou receber muito bem, para ler diariamente os posts de alguém que eu apelidasse de ficcionista. É que a Net é um espaço livre onde só se vai quando se quer ou precisa. Que necessidade é esta do(a) anónimo(a) que o(a) faz ir onde não gosta de estar?

  14. Dear unpublished anon (to other reader NOT Anon 6:12)

    We haven't published your comment as you suggested we may not wish to. We think doctors in the UK do need criminal record checks. We don't come to the same conclusion as you about the timing of the event you refer to

  15. Maria, we sincerely apologise for having mislead you into doing that.

  16. 'Seventeen come Sunday', by Dr. Martin Roberts at Mccannfiles.

    Brilliant post. Deserves to be read by trillions of people. Kate Mccann caught on her lies, incriminating herself, her husband and all who aligned along with them on the cover up. The victim, is just one of her daughters, and is she an ambassador for missing people, including children. Who gave her that job must cover his face with shame.
    To you anonymous at 6:12, what a miserable life, if you know the truth and waste your time playing dirty games in the internet trying to discredit who is doing a great job.There is many places where the truth is being discovered and the farse exposed. You must relief your fears by exposing the liars and telling the truth, no matter how could be the consequences. Nothing is worse then the mouth and the hands of the Mccann's. They are ruinning all their helpers.
    Thanks that Kate wrote 'Madeleine'. It is not an account of the truth, is an account of the damages. She clearly damaged her defense and the defense of all who aligned with them on their fraud.

  17. Textusa made hateful comments about the late Mrs. Fenn?! Aren't you confused, dear...? Wasn't that Kate MCcan in her "truthful" book...?

  18. Textusa, I don't like to see you as dormant as late. Come on, do what you do do best girl!
    Nail these people.

  19. "Criança desaparecida no País de Gales recorda caso Maddie"- in JN

    Mais um aproveitamento para colar a força o caso Maddie. Entre o caso Maddie e o de April Jones só há uma semelhança- desapareceram. O resto é poesia jornalistica já que nos últimos tempos o casalinho de Rothley tem andado afastado da ribalta e não consegue estar assim por muito tempo. Pois houve um caso em Espanha bem mais parecido com o caso Maddie do que este, mas era um mau negócio colá-lo ao de Madeleine- o de Ruth e José Breton.
    A April foi vista a entrar voluntariamente para um carro. A Maddie, ninguém a viu entrar para lado nenhum e os que lhe arranjaram uma janela para voar, está mais que provado que mentiram a policia.
    O JN a fazer de CM com sensacionalismo que só desacredita o jornal.
    Que é feito da Kate? Não é embaixatriz dos desaparecidos? Não devia ter já aparecido para defender os direitos desta criança? Deve estar a chover muito nos Uk ou estar muito frio para a senhora sair a rua.

  20. Clarence M spoke on the behalf of Kate & Gerry regarding April Jones. Then who is the ambassador for missing people, he or she? Kate can't be bothered with case, " too cold and too dark" to be out endorsing an appeal to the abductor to hand back Apri,l sound and safe. Here seems that there is an abductor seen by independent witnesses, contrary to the case of her daughter where an Allien with an egg face had to be invented and delivered to the story trough the hands of ficcionist Jane Tanner.

  21. What a desagreable discussion above!

  22. Bom dia.
    A única coisa semelhante foi o sufoco do drama de uma Menina desaparecida ( afinal não desaparecida) e toda a mobilização popular. A partir desse ponto , Sol, DN ou JN e C da M ( hoje mais parco ) como sempre alinham nas pre lavagens do Pinky Clarence ou de algum gémeo , quer de UK, quer de PT.

    Maria Pois...... São tantas que criei assim o nick name

  23. Apenas semelhanças nos primeiros dias, com mobilização do povo, quando ainda se acreditava na versão McCanniano

  24. The Find Madeleine still did not comment the disappearance of April Jones. The reason is that Kate is incredibly busy with the campaign.
    Will Kate visit those poor parents?


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