Friday, 8 May 2009

A word to a very, very wise woman.

Ms or Mrs Lisa Donovan,

I’ve addressed you, on April 6th, in a post called “A word to a future Porn Star, or not even that”.

A strong title that set the tone in which I adamantly criticized you for your appearance in a documentary, now known as The Mockumentary, that was aired yesterday.

You do not appear in it.

I’m assuming that you, for reasons that only you know, took a wise decision and decided to have no part in that circus.

If my words helped you in any way, it would make me very happy, but you’re the only one that merits all the wisdom in that decision.

 So, where criticism was due, compliments are now owed. Sincere congratulations.

Let me finish by saying that you’re living proof of that what happened that night happened like we, who say Maddie died in that apartment, say it did.

You have, inadvertently shown the world, and on tape, how the McCann use and abuse people and how they manipulate the information they convey.

Hope you have the greatest of successes personally and professionally.


God Bless


  1. Desculpem-me,mas uso muito o copiar e colar.

    "Gerry McCann....está preparando otro viaje a Portugal,...."

    "las imágenes donde la actriz americana Lisa Donovan interpretaba .............. ha desaparecido."


  2. Puxa,Text. Eu já tinha lido esta Sua missiva a Ms ou Mrs Lisa Donovan mas nada vira ainda e, mesmo ontem que vi a ficção do mc, nem dei por falta desta Senhora.
    Grande antecipação,pois só hoje acordei na volta aos " meus blogues de leitura" e foi no Hasta.


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