Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The McCanns on Oprah

In international relationships one does what one is ABLE, and not what one WANTS to do.

Irrelevant if whatever one wants to do is more apt or just than what is actually being done. What matters is whoever does what it wants to do it’s because it can do so.

Much like a schoolyard where bullies rule. Their legitimacy is based solely on the strength they have and threaten to use or do use.

They determine, because they can, who in the school is cool and who the geeks are. This bestowing by these rulers of the yard, will, in turn, affect directly each one’s social life expectancy and capability.

In the Maddie affair, Portugal has been, many a time, reminded of how geeky it is. And also on how UK is the bully in this particular schoolyard.

Just change the players nationalities, and, miracle of miracles, you wouldn’t have a Maddie case in the first place. Or a Madalena case, to better clarify.

But, there are many others schools, and yards, many other bullies. The biggest yard of all, The World, UK was once the bully, succeeding the Spanish, and these, the Portuguese.

Nowadays, the Bully of the Bullies is unquestionably the USA.

Fortunately for all, it has been a benign one at that (yes, I know this is questionable to some, opinion which I respect and do not wish to debate) although never hesitating to show or use its muscles whenever it deems necessary to do so.

This to say, once you’ve conquered the USA's complacency you’ve got it made. That’s why every business in the world aspires to, one day, succeed in the American market. Because that is where the biggest creature of all creatures lives: the American Public.

This creature, like all creatures of the sort is easily manipulated by the media. A very powerful industry where money counts, but is not its highest priority.

Various names are icons in it: Larry King, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Jon Stewart among others.

But the King of the Kings in this métier is a Queen: Oprah. That’s how important she is. The power of these people is measured by their respective ratings. And there is nothing more racist than these. No, not about the colour of the skin, but of the speech that is spoken.

Anything spoken in English, namely in American/Canadian or Queens English, the noblest versions of accents of this language, has the biggest value in this peculiar stock-market. They are followed by the accepted Australian, Scottish, Irish and Welsh.

Next, any foreigner, minimally fluent, that speaks English. Specially the French and Italians. Then, the remainder of the English accents.

Only then we have the non-English languages. Firstly French and Italian. Spanish is close to these, but not quite. Brazilian Portuguese ranks somewhere around Russian.

Portugal’s Portuguese is equivalent to Greek. These, have very little selling value. So, although justice would demand that Gonçalo Amaral be present with the McCanns on Oprah, ratings, in its ruthless logic, state otherwise. And we have to accept that.

Personally, I DON’T WANT MR. AMARAL TO BE PRESENT on Oprah. So, Mr. Amaral I ask you to please, please stop your efforts to be on it.

I hope that the unholy trinity (Kate, Gerry and Clarence) do have a huge success in convincing Oprah and her viewers that Maddie was abducted by a Mediterranean monster, is still alive and, if we all make one last effort, will be able to be brought home. Safely.

I hope there will be no mention of Gonçalo Amaral or of any “Verdade da Mentira” book. Nothing to spoil the magic. Not one single thing. Perfection from beginning to end. All 9 innings.

I hope also that it will be a tearful show, emotions flying, lots of hugging and heart-breaking sobs, where that poor, poor suffering couple may finally seek some comfort after 24 months of tortured torment.

And I’m being totally sincere. Not a speck of my usual sarcasm here. I do honestly want the show to be as I just described.

Hopefully, the American Public will be emotionally touched, like we all were on May 4th. The Fund will start to receive huge amounts of money as only the Americans are capable of being generous.

And, FINALLY, the American Public will start to get a REAL interest on the subject. From then on, we know exactly what happens.

The first frown, the first raising of an eyebrow. The inconsistencies starting to pop up. And the realization of deception.

Once the friendly, trustable American Public realize that that infamous couple is scamming them using the death of their own beautiful daughter, they will be angry.

Really, really angry. Ruthlessly angry. I’m not talking tar and feathers here. It will be very hard to watch. The couple will be torn to pieces.

In the “American Public” there are people much more powerful and influential than those that protect the murderous scum at the moment. So the higher they rise on Oprah, the higher they will fall. And fall they will.

The day after the show, I do hope to be one happy swimmer in the sea of GENUINE tears that McCanns will be able to extract from the eyes of Oprah and her viewers.

Then I’ll know that the McCanns will have woken up what, for them, will be the Beast of the Beasts.


  1. A ggod day to all.

    So,probably the open letter to k. mc will be a day after the show.

  2. Da Sua exposição de raciocínios espero e desejo que após o deslumbramento e o pingar na conta do fundo(minúscula propositada) os de U.S.A. então acordem e não perdoem.

    Tem razão também: todos nós sofremos muito no dia 4 de Maio de 2007 e nos poucos dias ainda de esperança.

  3. It was a simple question of opportunity...
    Hope you understand.

  4. Certo,questão de oportunidade=rasteira?
    Espero alcançar.

    maria, como muitas.

  5. Interesting article - I hope you're right!

    I also think it would be a bad move for Gonçalo to be on a chat show. He doesn't need to descend to their level. He's doing just fine as he is.

    I do wish this farce would be over soon, though, my popcorn's getting stale with all this waiting.

  6. Anne-Louise Keyhoe23 Apr 2009, 20:45:00

    If Kate and Gerry are so guilty, as you obviously seem to think, why haven't they been charged?

    I put it to you that the reason they're not in a Portuguese prison right now is because THEY ARE INNOCENT.

    Can you imagine the pain they must both be feeling? Imagining their firstborn being buggered blue by a swarthy degenerate? You should be ashamed of your fucking self.

  7. To sigh about your comment would be making a physical effort that it doesn't merit

  8. Anne-Louise Keyhoe... don't get your knickers in such a knot, Kate reckons Maddie will be giving the swarthy abductor her tuppence worth and Gerry reckons she will bring joy into the life of anyone she may encounter.

    You show me a picture of Kate and Gerry feeling pain at what you described and I'll show you hundreds more where they are smirking their stupid faces off and have even commissioned a new image of how Maddie may look now - and guess what? Maddie is smiling for the paedophiles, so all must be hunky bloody dory in the McCanns sick world don't you think?

    And did the McCanns abort their trip to the USA and head to Malta for the latest sighting? Nope.

    You might also want to read Paulo Reis' latest article...they may well yet be charged.

  9. to
    Anne-Louise Keyhoe :

    Did you know to read BUT and can you understand what you read?

  10. Anne-Louise Keyhoe: you do not know to read or understand what you read,IF you read.So,you can only be a messenger style "recorded tape" . you have not knowledge .

  11. Anne-Louise Keyhoe if you're foul-mouthed opinions represent the feeling of the British public I really feel pity for the future welfare of British children. No wonder kids are trying to kill other kids and 12 year old girls are getting pregnant because British society clearly is more concerned for the welfare of parents than it will ever be for the welfare of children. Anne-Louise Keyhoe is you that should be ashamed of what your disgraceful society has become. If you want to see first borns being buggered blue by swarthy degenerates please look no further than your own country Anne-Louise.

  12. Belas resposta, esta última. bem escrito, muito inteligente.
    parabéns ao blogg

  13. Thanks so much for this very interesting article! I hope and pray you're right!



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