Saturday, 25 April 2009

McCanns on Oprah, the Day After

On the day after the show on Oprah, went to see what the McCann's Official media supporter had to say about it. 

 The Headlines:  
- The Goody Life 
- Jack Gets a Tan in Cushy Prison 
- Susan Shows on Get-Up Glow Chloe’s Got the Abbey Habit Pick Cotton for Bafta More 
- Page 3 Idol Wannabees - Utd Meet Kaka 

 Not good, not good. Not good at all. Let’s check the Top Stories:  

- Jack sunbathes in cushy prison JACK Tweed soaks up the sun in jail and tells inmates Jade’s death has ‘set him up for life 
- More Page 3 Idols unveiled 
- Defoe bro dies in street attack  
- Kate breaks down on Oprah  
- 2 in court over 'jigsaw' murder  

- United in for Milan ace Kaka MAN UTD held talks with Kaka yesterday over a sensational summer move 
- Rafa: 4-4 draw could win us title 
- Real Madrid eyeing top Man 
- Froch: I will skin Jermain Button ready for Desert Storm  

Real Life 
- Sister's cancer saved my life 
- 'I live with killer baboons' 
- Fattest teen’s 12st weight loss 
- Doctor of the dispossessed 
- My life after WPC Sharon’s murder  

For crying out loud, that's what Kate did, she cried out loud! She broke down on Oprah!!! Not on any show, on Oprah! 

She said a lot of bullock’s, but said it in a genuine teary manner!!! 

I tell you, I even heard that even that elderly couple in Malta stopped chasing the dilussion they were stalking (are they related to Jane Tanner in any way) just to watch them tears, and this is the best you can do?!?

 Have you guys no respect for Exceptional Con-Artists?!? 

Where is this world coming to?!? 

Most Read 
- United in for Milan ace Kaka 
- The Goody life 
- Girls Aloud Fizz in Manchester 
- Defoe brother dies after street attack 
- Furious Frank fights back
What?!? Kate’s face is on the left, right next to the skirts thing of Girls Aloud, and these get #3?!? 

No respect from the paper, no respect from the readers… What an ungrateful world this is.

Even The Sun is this miserable. Gerry is right, there must be a serious problem between alcohol and the media. 

Guys, guys, I do hope for a bigger, better and more adequate reaction from you on the day the show airs.

People, let’s show some attitude, and determination, ok?!? I’m counting on you!!!


  1. Saludos.

    Textusa, estas contenta?

    Un abrazo


  2. Mila,

    Those tears were expected... but waiting to get the feedback from the audience (The Sun can't be trusted).

    Let's all wait for the day that the show airs, to be happy about it.

    But if they achieved to touch the American Public, yes, I'm very happy

  3. Text. : bem apanhado,embora o sun seja mais 1 coisa de ler(não)ler e deitar fora.
    Por favor,qdo eu "tentar" escrever em portinglês,assino como vexa.

  4. amor com amor se paga....ou....que mais aí virá?

    "Oprah is due to spend a day in the UK with Gerry and Kate and their four-year-old twins Sean and Amelie."

  5. de 7 comentários,copiei(e ainda só li)estes:
    "Here's what readers have had to say so far. Why not add your thoughts below?

    I can't see that the McCanns have done themselves any favours by appearing on the Oprah show. I can understand their need to privacy, but I think the more they shut themselves away, and then do a 'celebrity' show like Oprah, the more they are going to alienate themselves from 'Joe public' over here.
    Click to rate Rating 63

    - Joan Cole, Guildford UK, 25/4/2009 13:03

    Why aren't other missing children are being searched for like Madeleine McCann is. Aren't they no important? Or is it maybe cos they dont have friends in high places.
    Click to rate Rating 93

    - Lee, UK, 25/4/2009 12:57

    What is being done about all the other missing children? Every child is special. So why choose just ONE to go on Oprah show?
    Click to rate Rating 117

    - Anna Lee, UK, 25/4/2009 12:56

  6. Anon, 16:49

    "Oprah is due to spend a day in the UK with Gerry and Kate and their four-year-old twins Sean and Amelie."

    Will they be having dinner at the backyard that evening, the twins sleeping in the house?

    Will they drink a bottle of wine a person each hour?

    Will Oprah be included in the list of people that have to stand up every 10 minutes to check on the twins?

    Will Oprah be the one to remain seated when Kate comes and says, as it seems to be a habit, that one of her children has been abducted?

    Will it be, this time, Oprah to see the abductor? And since they're so far from the Mediterranean, which nationality will they choose this time? Paki?

    I honestly think that Oprah is being taken for a ride, at this point of time... But I'm soooo curious about how she's going to react when the line starts to get reeled in...

  7. Anon 16:52

    Not one living soul in Portugal and in the UK believe that tha McCanns are innocent. But, there was a day that they did...

    Let's see how the American Public reacts.


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