Saturday, 12 March 2011

National Habits

From the Guardian:  

“The family of Daniel Morgan have called for a judicial inquiry after the collapse of the case against three men accused over his murder. 

The family of a man found murdered 24 years ago with an axe embedded in his head has damned the entire criminal justice system as "not fit for purpose" after Scotland Yard admitted the killers had been shielded by police corruption.  

It followed the collapse of the trial of three men accused of the murder of Daniel Morgan in 1987. The prosecution decided not to offer any evidence because it could not guarantee that the police could meet rules protecting the defendants' right to a fair trial. 

Charges against two other men had been dropped earlier. Scotland Yard's hunt for Morgan's killers had to overcome the fact that the original murder inquiry had been hampered by police corruption.  

One of those acquitted earlier in the current case was a former detective, Sid Fillery, who had been charged with perverting the course of justice. After the murder he replaced Morgan at Southern Investigations, the private detective firm Morgan ran with Jonathan Rees, who was accused of the murder and acquitted after the crown's case collapsed.”

The Portuguese, according to the British Tabloid Press seem to have the nasty habit of “sardine-munching”.

 This “munching” bit still requires to be clarified, as Brits have been seen, in various locations in Portugal, with the exact same type of “mandibular” MO as the locals when eating the referred fish, aggravated with the fact that many have also been seen coming back for seconds

The English, seem, as per above article, to have acquired the taste for another kind of “habit”… You tell me which is the most disgusting.

Update: It seems that the Daily Mail has picked up on THIS story too.. I imagine the exact same thing is going to happen when the McCann castle of cards is to start to crumble... How everybody, in the Press that is, will seem to be surprised and outraged that day. The day we, at this blog shall not call of "Victory", but rather as the "The McCann Celebrity Remembrance Day".


  1. The question is, if ORDERED to tamper evidence and shield suspects, can Leics Police be accused of what the Yard has done in this case? Anyhow, it is becoming a Brit habit, unfortunately. Why?!?

  2. Hoje de manhã vi este terrível caso. Terrível em todos os aspectos.

    Em 1º lugar , o que veio logo ao pensamento foi o caso do Rui Pedro e de rouxinol do Norte.

    Um rouxinol preguiçoso e incompetente, para já. Pois mais não sabemos.

    Quanto ao caso deste Homem ,bárbaramente assassinado há tantos anos e sem justiça devida, também estranho muito que só agora se atrevam a falar de corrupção. Só agora, porque prescreve ?

    O do Rui P. para evitar a prescrição, só agora foi " impulsionado".

    Quanto ao caso de M.McCann........ o tal dia que Text. refere será apenas e só daqui a 13 ou 24 anos ?

    Já cá não estarei mas que esse dia aconteça, pois Ela também merece respeito, justiça e a verdade à luz do dia.

    No 1º caso: têm corpo; puderam fazer o luto e lutam pela Justiça;

    No 2º caso , nada existe....................... e a Família dificilmente poderá fazer o luto;

    No 3º: penso que sempre puderam fazê-lo.

    Nós todos é que esperamos a verdade e a Justiça, também, para este caso.

  3. I look forward to the day when the lid is blown off this saga and all those disgusting corrupt people are brought to account and believe me it will come.


    This brings the situation up to date regarding police corruption.


    Actions speak louder than words.

    It's important because it shows that if an injustice has occurred, even after 29 years, people are following the case and the police corruption involved.

    They won't give up.

    SY must realise this.


    The truth will out, with help from citizens.


    Report due in September.

    Another cover-up that just won't go away.


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