Thursday, 28 July 2011

Maddie's DNA... in India, I think

"Do Not Abandon us", so appear to say, without saying it, the McCanns, desperate not to fall onto forgetfulness.

For memory falters only in those dark, eerie places of the mind.

It's when in those dark, eerie places, far away from protecting eyes, that a prey becomes the easiest target for its predators, so, so thirsty for its flesh.


  1. I think they want to fade, but their lawyers and spin man, Not. If they fade, how these mercenaries justify the money they all are stoling from the Fund? Not a single coin went to search Madeleine. The money is being used to pay who help them to run away from justice, not to find Madeleine. In fact if madeleines body be recovered one day, this day will be the biggest nightmare for the McCann's.

  2. A very nice day to all, here.

    Very dismal indeed. But while all these sightings continued, for me, starting to become very attached to clan Rupert.

    So, I ask what is needed to powerful RM, the one that creates UK governments, need to spread this garbage around the world for its powerful manipulation?

    It occurred to me now a good definition to the RM: the king of trash.

    As king of trash, that needs to hide it at all costs?

    Do not forget that the king of trash has a huge clan, so he and the clan they need hide all the hurry?

    Now, i offer to the king of trash and to his huge clan :

  3. Hi!

    I have been coming here to find your comments about the Indian sighting but guess you are on vacation??



  4. What a surprise that The Sun wrote the most in depth article about 'finding Maddie' in India. Of all the nonsense they could have written why choose this when papers are trying to hang onto to what little credibility they have left? Did anyone fall for it? It's like April Fools' Day all over again.

  5. Ah! Ah! Madeleine sight in INDIA. Is the market 10 miles away from PDL? as usual, the witnesses are unnamed tourists from UK or the USA. How convenient... The paper looking for an increase on his sells, targeting their public-the British while diverting the attention of their readers from very serious issues related with Murdoch activities. Rubbish, is what become all these fabricated sights conveniently delivered to the public when the wind is not blowing well on McCann's and their supporters team.
    Did Kate fly to India with her luggage packed with samples of her book to offer to the local community and ask them to search Madeleine?

  6. I think this new non-sighting is part of "a new push" in Gerry's Agenda. Or should I say his espoused "Global Agenda."

    It has become obvious they can't stifle all the Twitter/Comments which is unsupportive which is seeping out into the mainstream. But they can take their "abduction" to other Continents and use their PR machine to spread their propaganda. Even though Murdoch can still splatter a non-story on the front page, no less!

    Millions of people around the world to donate who will swallow the line.


    A case of "ask me no questions and I'll tell you no lies"...?
    Some "Black hats" might just be starting to wake up and smell the coffee...


    I found this site through Stell Magnolia's site. It seem interesting.

  9. Anon @ 11.19pm

    Is there another name for s real McCann supporter like the person running the blog in the link? Black Hat seems a little harsh for someone naive. I tend to think of BHs as people who really don't believe in the abduction theory but have a vested interest in promoting it.

    It's sad that this person has expended so much time and effort to help find Maddie only to see reality.

    If only he had read about the call centre set up to take information and after a whole year the Mc team expressed no interest whatsoever in knowing the content of those calls.

    I guess this person now understands what White Hats have been saying all along.

    There is a saying that if you have had a good experience you will tell a couple of people but if you have a bad one you will tell up to 10 people. if that is true then the remaining Mc supporters will be non existent.

  10. Pat Brown, on the banning of her book:

  11. To 9:42 am 31.07

    "Of course he has been duped, Maddie is dead and the McCanns are in the business of fraud." Steel´s words


  12. Back to donations. Now trying to fool the indians and looking for some rupies .Kate pile of lies is not selling well, at least in Portugal. We can hear very bad comments from the clients when they saw the book. A condemnation on itself because Kate delivered to the bookstores one more motivation for the public to talk about them, highlight their lies and the impossibility of any abduction.

  13. Fake sighting
    Fake search
    Fake fund
    Fake abduction

  14. The mccanns have created an empire which is protected by paid individuals, paid from the fund. Not one penny will ever go towards searching for Madeleine, she is long gone from this world.
    Clarence Mitchell is at the heart of this empire he has the connections within the media to control what is printed regarding Madeleine, between these powerful people they have made a lucrative business from the memory of a dead child.

    When the phone hacking scandal started he along with other celebrities jumped on the publicity wagon, but nobody expected Murdoch, brooks, Coulsdon and others to be investigated to the extent of which they were. The mccanns kept quiet during this time but behind the scenes Clarence would have needed reassurance that Kate and Gerry were not going to become embroiled in the scandal. Sara Payne was not given as much publicity as Madeleine but she is often referred to in the phone hacking scandal. As the police widened their net, more individuals were arrested included Stuart Kuttner these people are all well known to Mitchell. Murdochs press was responsible for most of the trash printed about Madeleine ensuring public donations continued and the fund grew.

    The Mccann empire desperately needed a distraction from the scandal Mccanns and Madeleine the No. 1 story for N.I. back in 2007 in our papers 24/7 would again be brought to the fore but questions would be asked regarding their phones, remember Kate deliberately deleted messages, how could they be sure none of this information was not held somewhere. Panic set in, the book did not bring any new sightings so they invented one again look at the source a Journalist broke the story, the police in India say it is untrue, it has been printed in Murdochs Sun (No.1 supporter of Mccanns) via Clarence.

    I sincerely hope SY are paying close attention to the activities of the Mccanns. Why were this couple given so much publicity, in view of the suspicions surrounding Madeleines disappearance, why did Clarence Mitchell become their spokesman when they were clearly withholding information and lying, why were they allowed to leave Portugal. They have been protected by Murdochs News Empire, his empire has the power to make and break powerful people through news stories influencing the public
    Already Stuart Kuttner has admitted paying police for sensitive information. This deems the police and politicians corrupt is our country run by the likes of The Murdochs and Mitchells that protect the likes of the Mccanns or do we raise to the challenge and seek justice, I hope for all our sakes its the latter.

  15. O Caso Madeleine e realmente aquele que deve envergonhar toda a sociedade do sec. XXI, desde politicos, policias, jornalistas, ate aos milhoes de nos que mais ou menos anonimamente fazemos a sociedade civil. Como e possivel que os McCann tenham levado a mentira, a farsa e a intimidacao Tao longe? Como e possivel que todos vejamos isso e deixemos as coisas andar? Como e possivel tanta cegueira Tao conveniente para Tao poucos?
    A formula deles e Tao simples e Tao obvia que chega a ser gritante: nunca assumem nada. A initiativa nunca e deles. Tirando as entrevistas, onde por forca circunstancial tem de dar a cara e a voz( e que desastrosas tem sido algumas prestacoes), ha sempre um amigo, um "unnamed person" ou uma "close source" responsavel por, estrategicamente, publicitar o negocio.
    O site onde a imagem de Madeleine e vendida aos bocados, responde aos leitores na terceira Pessoa. Como se um outrem fosse responsavel por ele numa atitude genuinamente solidaria para com Kate e Gerry. Quao insultuosa e infantil e esta estrategia. Se ha um outrem, respondendo em nome de Kate e Gerry, ele nao e genuino e muito menos solidario. Sera um(a) mercenario sem escrupulos, vivendo a custa da morte e abuso de uma crianca. Sim, desde Maio 2007, a imagem de Madeleine tem sido usada e abusada por QUEM tinha o dever de a preservar. E depois treinadamente escreve..."Kate e Gerry agradecem...", "Kate e Gerry dizem, fazem, etc,etc" sem nunca se esquecer da Mensagem principal, a unica que realmente importa- COMPREM O NOSSO LIVRO, AS NOSSAS TSHIRTS, OS NOSSOS PACOTES DE BAGAGEM, AS NOSSAS PULSEIRAS, OS NOSSOS POSTERS, estaticos e imortais... Ou sera, imorais?
    Ouco agora na TV que o homem que atirou a tarte a Murdoch durante o interrogatorio parlamentar, foi Condenado a 6 meses de prisao. Mais uma ironia nesta saga. Os puros e genuinos Sao os cacados. Alguem vos ensinou e garantiu isso, nao e, kate e Gerry?! Por isso voces estao tao bem treinados para responderem em nome pessoal, na terceira Pessoa. NAO ME COMPROMETAM, E O LEMA E FOI-O DESDE SEMPRE.


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