Wednesday, 3 August 2011

An extract from a poem by W H Auden

1st of September 1939
"All I have is a voice 
To undo the folded lie, 
The romantic lie in the brain 
of the sensual man- in- the- street 
and the lie of Authority 
Whose buildings grope the sky: 
There is no such thing as the State 
And no one exists alone 
Hunger allows no choice 
To the citizen or the police; 
We must love one another or die 
Defenceless under the night 
Our world in stupor lies; 
Yet dotted everywhere 
Ironic points of light 
Flash out whenever the Just 
Exchange their messages: 
May I, composed like them 
Of Eros and of dust 
Beleaguered by the same 
Negation and despair 
Show an affirming flame." 

May I and I want to let our good readers know that Textusa has asked us to let you know that she needs to spend more time with her relative and time spent on the blog is a distraction from that at the moment. 

She is always grateful for your good wishes and expresses her thanks for your concern. 

We will be publishing posts while she is away and as always we value your thoughts and comments. There are a lot of matters we have been looking at closely so will share them with you shortly. 

It seems we are living through a time of change and events are being exposed that we didn’t think possible.

We knew as members of the public we were being treated like the proverbial mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed on manure but we didn’t all realise the extent of the force feeding. 

Much of the news and media was administered like a dictatorship producing propaganda. We have a duty to ensure this practice and the corruption that goes hand in hand with it is stamped out. 

We need to speak out. 

We all have a voice and “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” (attributed to Aristotle) and as Auden believed we can use it to ‘undo the folded lie’, collectively the noise we make will be harder to ignore than if we all speak individually. 


The powerful methods of communication now available to us allows people all over the world to have a collective voice and places such as blogs and forums are meeting places for like minded people to share information and opinions. 

What has been happening with News Corp shows the level of corruption when too much power is in the hands of one man. 

It has been called a nest if vipers and the snakes are turning on each other with venom to save themselves, many have nothing to lose now they have lost their jobs. We have been given indications of the pressures the NI staff were under. 

Others hope to rescue their credibility and be exonerated from any wrong doing by default of working alongside the snakes, even if that means turning on those they worked alongside. 

We have all talked about these things as individuals but felt helpless to bring about change. 

Never say “never”. 

But as this blog is dedicated to Maddie McCann we could now possibly see another nest of vipers turn on each other for self preservation. 

The McCanns no longer have the security and protection they previously relied on. 

As we have seen there is little loyalty among colleagues when faced with saving themselves and their reputations. 

Goodness knows, the Murdochs may even deflect attention onto the McCanns so they can deflect some of the spotlight away from themselves. What a story that would be! 

It is far bigger and wider reaching than just the mysterious disappearance of a little girl.


  1. Cleveland Police's Chief Constable and his deputy arrested for alleged corrupt practices, even as we go to press.
    Will anyone volunteer to clean the stables? Still waiting for our Herakles.
    May I

  2. It's a depressing thought being surrounded by corruption and we are totally unaware of it.

    What is coming to light must be the tip of the iceberg.

  3. latest news.

  4. McCann's will go down only when the methods of Carter-ruck and Mitchell, start being exposed. I don't believe this will come trough Murdoch hands. Murdoch must not be the guy at the top of the pyramid. The lawyers, from Carter-ruck, or not, must be the guys. They know too much about Murdoch and other powerful people. They know how to control all these mouths.
    Baltazar Garson had a hard time with that lawyers when he was trying to bring pinochet to justice. But nothing last forever, special when Internet has the power of connecting the world and the world has intelligent people who don't buy fairy tales as assumed facts. From the doubt born the reason. And soon or later, the reason will prevail.
    Carter-ruck, Mitchell and the McCann's will be exposed from the street, from people around the world whose mouths they cannot control. The pigeons will expose them and when that time comes, the Tapas 7 and Murat will be at the front on the cue, desperate to talk and save their skins. The Concert just began with Murdoch dancing under the first sounds. Gamble fell, even without music and the corrupted S Yard, who prevented one of his members to testify in favor of Amaral, were out of the party already.

  5. Times are changing, people have a voice and the power to enforce change as they have done in the middle east. Murdoch is only the tip of the iceberg - all around changes are taking place, MP's expenses have been exposed, the corrupt state of our police force is under scrutiny, the manipulation of the media through Carter Ruck and Mitchell, expensive libel cases, attempting to silence the voice of the people the banning of books makes them more desirable and sought after.
    Four years ago Kate and Gerry Mccann created a monster through their lies and deceit, this monster has now consumed them, the Madeleine Empire was created through greed eventually it will be stopped but not until more corruption is exposed and those responsible brought to account.

  6. Pois, podem ter razão quanto ao que leio nos comentários , mas

    o mal foi feito , aqui em Portugal, a PARTIR de 2007/Maio.

    Se acreditam que a verdade será exposta, eu não !

    Se acreditam que a vida pessoal e profissional do Coordenador da Investigação do caso Maddie vai voltar ao que era, eu não !

    Se acreditam que o tempo volta atrás e todos os portugueses que sofreram acidentes, ameaças e todo o tipo de sevícias, à conta desta investigação sobre súbditos de S. Majestade, vão equilibrar , eu não !

    Se acreditam que Portugal vai fazer Justiça, eu não !

    Que me interessa todas "as descobertas" , agora em Uk !

    O que me importa é todo o mal causado a Cidadãos Portugueses por Uk e por Pt.

  7. Cone on people.
    About this sighting.
    Who called press about it - Clarence.
    Who looks the idiots - Kate and Gerry.
    So who stands to gain by every bloodie half baked tacky diversion in this game.
    Not Kate and Gerry, they continually look like fools.
    Yet Clarence is doing his job very well. And since it has become apparent he is not doing this couple any good, then that is a job not being done.
    So who is he working for?
    To me that is the million dollar question.

  8. I have just been viewing the madeleine facebook page, and I find it incredible that so many people actually believe that madeleine mccann could possibly still be alive, after four years.

    If these people put as much effort into researching the facts, which are freely available on the internet as they do in posting such meaningless dribble there would be no need of a fund, people would see through the mccanns and their money making spin machine.

    It is as crime that such vulnerable people are taken advantage of by the likes of the mccanns. Of course their facebook page said that it was not maddie in India once she is 'supposidly' found the donations will dry up. The facebook page closed down for 2 days, at such an 'important time' but still people do not see through the sham.

    It was a clever marketing ploy by team mccann to use social networking sites such as facebook to reach people, but lessons should be learnt, people should ask before donating where their money is actually going especially the way the fund is operated to 'aid Kate and Gerry and their wider family'.

    In view of the publicity and media coverage this one child has been given it must be obvious that she is nowhere to be found on this earth even to the most gullible of people. Money is being taken from the public to support libel cases and pay expensive lawyers to protect the mccanns.

    The situation they find themselves in is of their own making, no one else is to blame. They should stop this media circus and stop taking money from vulnerable people, and tell the truth about what really happened to their daughter because we are not all stupid !!!

  9. It is so refreshing to visit this site and read all the various comments, this is by far my favourite site and a lot of work goes into it, thank you girls for your No. 1 blog.
    On the internet so many people want the truth concerning madeleine it is impossible to count up the different blogs and the strong opinions of people. How the Mccanns have managed to escape justice for so long is truly baffling but their time is coming, this circus can not go on much longer they keep taking and taking, their greed knows no bounds and this farce they have created has proven them to be the despicable parents that we all suspected they were back in 2007.

    Murdoch has fallen and so will others and they will bring the mccanns down with them.
    Well done Textusa on your brilliant blog.

  10. Kate and Gerry have shown no remorse for their actions, it was their fault and nobody elses that whatever happened to Madeleine happened, at the least they were irresponsible parents, but events since have revealed them to be calculating - they introduced the negligence to allow for the abductor this is not the actions of parents caught up in something that they panic about and make the wrong choices, this is cold and calculating. The setting up of the fund, suing Amaral and banning books, involving Carter Ruck all that jogging, showing no emotion.
    The laughing when they left church on madeleines 4th birthday was relief that people actually believed the lies and they were getting away with it.They never co-operated with the police nor did their friends, this shows they were all involved.
    The feel sorry for Madeleine and for the twins to have had such disgusting parents, how anybody can support such people is beyond belief.

    SY needs to be watching the Mccanns, it cannot be too hard for the police to get this case to court, all the indescrepancies in statements, deleted phone messages, cadaver the lists goes on.

    This year needs to see something legally positive done to stop the gravy train the mccanns have created and give madeleine justice.

  11. Quem sai aos seus não degenera portanto os gémeos sairão iguaizinhos aos progenitores.

    Fico contente por ver que ninguém, dos " habitués", desistiu de aqui vir para conversar e desabafar.

    Não consigo entender , muitas das vezes o "Ferreiro " mas achei interessante o artigo sobre o 1º Advogado, C. P. de Abreu.

    Lamento bastante que os problemas de um Familiar próximo de Text. esteja em aflição. Provavelmente será uma situação prolongada (lamento !!!) mas ..... nem sei que possa dizer.

    Faz-me falta ver a Sua investigação, os Seus raciocínio e a Sua opinião.

    Cada um dos contribuidores deste blog foram e são excepcionais mas, que querem? Tenho as minhas preferências e as minhas carências acerca das leituras dos posts de Text.

  12. Ah..... e que a infelicidade que se abateu num Familiar de Text. não contribua para alegria e paz dos B.H.

    Tudo de bom.

  13. Terei já deixado isto aqui ?

    Breama Barna aka Porn Starlet Agnes Minjeeta, modelling the latest line in Find Madeleine Clothing. You can find Breama on McCanns FACEBOOK.

  14. Yesterday, a Portuguese paper came with news about a human bone found on the fishing nets in Algarve. There is no reference of Madeleine in the article and according to the update news, looks like the bone belongs to a young adult. but what I found really important about that news, are the comments made by the readers. Almost all were pointing out that the bone could belong to Madeleine McCann. Nobody believes she could be alive. That's why kates book is getting spiders net on the shops where is available in Portugal. The incomes from the book will be not enough to pay the insanity of Carter-ruck and Mitchell. They have to go back to donations and for that they need fabricated sights again, no matter where. In India, in Afghanistan or in the moon. Any country, riche or poor, in peace or with a war, will be very convenient for the Heally's/McCann's to spread their fairy tale and look for money. Wonder, What will be Madeleine gift for next christmas- another video or updated picture, to FOOL PEOPLE AND ASK DONATIONS. Will be really amazing to see how the bank acc. From Mitchell and McCann's lawyers, have growth since may 2007. On the same proportion as the McCann's Fund.

  15. As usual, the last posts from Dr. Martin Roberts at mcann files, are very interesting. The lies involving the last days of Madeleine in PDL, are so evident... McCann's forced some witnesses involving the creche and the nannies. To put madeleine alive on Wednesday( may 2) and thursday(may 3) without a consistent witness.

  16. As usual, the last posts from Dr. Martin Roberts at mcann files, are very interesting. The lies involving the last days of Madeleine in PDL, are so evident... McCann's forced some witnesses involving the creche and the nannies. To put madeleine alive on Wednesday( may 2) and thursday(may 3) without a consistent witness.

  17. O blog "little morsals" tem um post a proposito deste avistamento na India onde fazem o cruzamento das palavras de Mitchell com as palavras oficiais da policia Indiana de Leh( localidade onde ocorreu(?????) o avistamento. Do cruzamento destas palavras ficam pelo menus 3 facts, INCOMENSURAVELMENTE IMPORTANTES:

    1- O avistamento foi fabricado. Apareceu no jornal tribune antes da policia ter tido qualquer conhecimento. Alias, a policia tomou conhecimento do Caso pela primer vez, ao ler a noticia.

    2- Clarence Mitchell diz que Kate e Gerry viram fotos e concluiram nao ser Madeleine mas aguardam os resultados dos testes de adn. A policia diz nao ter recolhido material para testes nem fotografias. Entao quem forneceu as fotos de que fala Mitchell? Incriminou-se ao falar destas fotos. Se existem, significa que chegaram as maos deles antes de chegaram a policia e nao foram os McCann a pedir a policia que investigasse. Portanto somando 2 e 2, e facil percebermos quem esteve por tras deste avistamento. Dai que a policia conclua o que vem no nr. 3.

    3- O avistamento foi fabricado pelo jornal, Pago ou nao. Mais uma vez os McCann e o sue porta-voz for am com tanta sede ao pote que se incriminaram mostrando quem fabricou a historia e pagou para que fosse noticia.

    Onde anda a Scot. Yard que recebeu milhoes para rever a historia destes mentirosos? meu Deus Como "gozam" com os dinheiros publicos ingleses e com a cara de Cameron. Mais um banana no lugar de primeiro ministro.

  18. Anon 9.43 quite agree I have been reading Dr Roberts postings, and it is quite clear the mccanns have lied about the last day. I find Paynes statement rather odd he contradicts Kates statement over the amount of time he was visiting and what she was wearing. He should have known what she was wearing especially as she says she was wearing only a towell !!

    At the time of his statement they did not know that Madeleine would not be found, so I feel that he had contact with Madeleine before her death his DNA via clothing fibres, hair etc could have come into contact with madeleines body, if her body had subsequently been found they would have assumed however she met her death was due to the 'abductor' and any connection to Payne dismissed as he states he was last to see her alive.

    He also stayed with the Mccanns when Yvonne Martin turned up, just him not his wife Fiona. They also made that pact of silence so they would not continue to contradict one another. Payne is said to have organised these holidays so presumably he had influence on the rest of the group and coerced them into believing the abductor theory, reinforcing mccanns version.

    Meanwhile the rest of the group gave up their libel money not part of it, but all of it back to Kate and Gerry because they knew they were not entitled to one penny.

    Payne is deeply involved in whatever happened to Madeleine, he and Fiona helped write Kates book of lies, blaming everybody else except for themselves.

    The Mccanns and their legal and PR team have made so much money from Madeleines memory that it has become obscene and an insult to the memory of genuine victims and their families who desperately need help and never get a fraction of the publicity and money the mccanns have recieved.

  19. I believe the Mccanns hid Madeleines body along the beach, everyday they went jogging how they could have been in a mind to go jogging, but they needed to control her grave to ensure that nobody was out looking in the rocks for the body that they would have hidden until family and friends removed it.

    I found it hard to believe that they kept jogging, every single day along that beach. The police should have kept a closer eye on their activities. Kate goes back to PDL maybe Madeleine was eventually buried somewhere in PDL, after the media arrived the mccanns would have found it difficult to move madeleine but others would have done it for them When they went to Heulva they created a distraction and that was the day the body was removed. DNA could have gotten into the scenic via old rags and bags initially used to cover madeleine which the mccanns would have burnt.

    There is so much the police must have missed or did they ?

  20. But when they went to huelva they went alone, i think.

  21. Anon 6:20
    The Huelva Trip

  22. No way, they hide the body in the beach. Even if it was May (a Middle/low season). Too risky. Unfortunately for the animals, there is always abandomned dogs, who can easily find the body (even if it was concealed in a bag). All PDL was searched by the police with dogs and by tourists and locals. I believe when they raised the alarm, the body was already in a house where the police could not enter without a special permission. Who help them had some knowledge about the rules in Portugal and how the police works. They were aware that at night police will be not searching inside private properties, unless they got a strong evidence due to a denounce and even if that was the case, I think a permission from a judge( prosecutor) was needed. They were waiting for the right time to raise the alarm. Just enough to set all the circus and give them the all night to contact UK and control the movements of the police. The police did not know where was the body and the guy incharged of it, but he/she knows where was the police and what they were doing. I think, when they set the plan, they really believe the police will buy their story of an abduction and that will gave them time to remove from the body any evidences that could connect them with crime and then dispose the body in a place that the police could find it and connect the death with an abductor. The plan went wrong because the police don't believe them since the beginning. Most probably, due to the new scenary, they had to deal themselves with body in the Scenic. Who help them, got affraid of the investigation and the media coverage. They move the body to a different location and I will be not surprised if one day PJ discovered, they had the help of the British authorities to do it. If Murdoch journalists can buy information from some British police, I believe will be easy for the Mccann's with their connections and all the money available in the Fund, to buy some corrupt polices.
    For some reason, the first portuguese lawyer jumped out of the case. there is no doubts, the girl died before the alarm. But that will be not a strong reason for him to drop the case. What happenned after, looks more serious and more hediond then the original crime. And a lawyer, who was the President of the Ethical commission, can't have his name connected with some type of crimes. He help them runaway from Portugal and then....OUT. But Gerry was quite confident about the body, thats why he feels no fears when he endorsed his words to the portuguese justice saying " Find the body and prove we did it". The body could be in UK, safe. They know the attitude of the British authorities - Is a portuguese investigation and PJ will not investigate in UK, unless the British authorities will allow it. PJ already had a taste of British support in UK soil with rogatory letters.
    Just a theory. But I really don't believe the body still in Portugal. Is too far for them to control, even if they go back there many times. They cannot keep going forever.

  23. Anon 10.03 thanks for the link.

    Gerrry cancelling the trip on the original date planned because of stomach bug ... he is a shifty character do not believe stomach bug, nor do I believe his wallet was ever stolen or he hurt his ankle playing tennis that last day..all lies.

    He could have cancelled Heulva trip because police were checking out villa with sniffer dogs and he wanted to be around to see what developments might unfold illness was an excuse for playing for time, same as the wallet what did he really do when he was in London, and hurting his foot during tennis so he could not play where did he go at that time and what did he really do?

    Jon Corner was quick to give up his job and become a director of the fund, how could he be so sure it would be long term?

    Madeleine's body is still somewhere around pdl or close by hence Kates visits to pdl perhaps they managed to get her back to UK, whatever happened to her body more than two people (kate and gerry) know. Are the others that are involved being paid from the fund for their silence ?

    SY should start by interviewing Jon Corner he was with Mccanns in Heulva and a director of fund, why did he resign?

  24. Anon 10.03

    Kate says in her book Gerry used the 'stomach bug' as an excuse not to go. She admits it was not true.

  25. I think they deliberately went to Heulva as a red herring, the day they went was a bank holiday, shops were closed so why chose a bank holiday, they went in a blaze of publicity but for some reason they had to cancell the original day, something happened to make them not want to go on that day.

    Gerry did so much blogging in those days its incredible the rubbish he used to write, nothing about how upset they were, just media interviews and trips to Europe and US trip, it was all about publicity, meeting dignitories, getting celebrities to sign up to the fund, all about making money and projecting the idea that the situation they were in was everybody elses fault and they were the victims. They lied and they lied they are a vile couple.

  26. Anon 8:18
    I think you mean John McCann (Gerry's brother who gave up his job and became director of the fund) instead of Jon Corner (who was also with the McCanns in Huelva).



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