Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Tapas Quiz Night, Question #4/?

Foreword: As you know, I’ve been away from blogging on a personal decision to provide support to someone who’s seriously ailing. Only the importance of this post's content would make me come back. My decision continues to stand, and I’ll return to my relative’s (and dear, dear friend) bedside until I feel that the continuity of my presence is no longer required. Thank you for all your patience and understanding.
Question: How important is routine to a Brit tourist in PdL?  
Answer: Of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE. To the point of synchronizing their activities, be it leisure or be it meals, with those of other tourists, apparently complete strangers to one another, so that the intervals between the undertakings of said activities remain strictly fixed and enforced.

There is a document, in the PJ Files that has always baffled us: the Slide & Splash (S&S) "reservation" sheet.
It has baffled us, that is, until today.

Now we’re able to show you how important is this apparently irrelevant piece of paper in solving some “mysteries” of the Maddie McCann Affair.

 This piece of paper has the importance of PROVING the direct involvement of BOTH GUESTS and OCEAN CLUB STAFF in the cover-up of Maddie’s death.

Let’s start with the information it contains:
Now, on a first look, it seems to be filled up with senseless information. Complete nonsense. We have a set of reservations to go to a water park, the Slide & Splash, located 25 minutes from Lagos:
We also know that the Slide & Splash opens only at 10.00 am:
This makes the S&S sheet, if it is in anyway related to the referred theme park, to be able only to be a transportation roster, mentioning the various guests’ departing times from the OC to the Slide & Splash.

But that would mean that the OC apparently provided a mini-van every 15 minutes:
at 07.00, for 4 adults,
at 07.15, for 2 adults and 1 baby,
at 07.30, for 6 adults and 2 children,
at 07.45, for 4 adults and 2 children
at 08.00, for 8 adults.

If we add 10 minutes to the 25 minutes that it takes from Lagos to the water park to go from PdL to Slide & Splash, it can be determined that a round trip would take 1H10. For the mini-van used at 07.00 to be used again at 08.00, it would mean that it would ONLY take 5 minutes from PdL to Lagos, and the guests had to be punctual to the minute.

So, what this would really mean is that the OC would have to have provided, apparently, at least 5 different mini-vans and 5 different drivers to comply with what is determined in the S&S sheet. One significant expense of resources.

The S&S tours would have to be one MAIN attraction, if not the biggest one, that was provided by the OC resort.

And requested almost as much as the famous Tapas Bar dinners. After all 29 people apparently reserved for that day alone.

Wonder if it had a limited number of reservations also...

However, we haven’t seen it significantly announced anywhere, nor have we read about it in any of the reviews. Nor in any of of the statements in the PJ Files. Is this yet another secretive activity that could not be released to the public? It seems unlikely to say the least.

Another thing that doesn’t fit right here is that if the MACKENSONs and the VINCENTs left at 08.00, they would then arrive at the S&S park at 08.35, which would mean that would have to wait, at least, 01H25 for the facility to open its doors.

Good thing they had the SAVAGEs to talk with, as this family had to rise up real early to get to wait 02H25 at the entrance!

If this family would be in a no-talking mood, as one would expect, then they could also talk with the other 6 families that had arrived before them. If they were in the mood also, that is.

No, definitely, the S&S sheet IS NOT a reservation sheet nor a transportation roster to the Slide & Splash park.

Another indication to that effect is that it lacks both a date to which it refers to, as well as there’s no return times for those transported.

So, for a long time, the only relevant thing we thought that the S&S sheet showed of interest was the handwriting.

It’s the same as the one that wrote the first two Tapas “reservation” sheets.

The third, as we know, the one for May 3rd, was written by someone trying to imitate this particular handwriting, but did do a poor job.

The fact that the handwriting is the same is an important detail but not a clarifying one, in terms of objectivity to determine the purpose of the paper.

It does allow questioning the fact that the Tapas Bar was used to book a lot of activities, such as dinners, tennis and Slide & Splash tours, when we’ve read in the reviews that ALL the bookings were done at The Mill.

But that doesn’t clarify why the S&S sheet even exists.

But if the S&S sheet baffled the three of us, it really, really bugged Sina J.

Whenever possible, within context or completely out of it, she would bring it into the discussion. But these discussions led nowhere. We weren't able to come to any adequate conclusion. The intent of this paper remained a mystery, as it just didn’t make any sense at all.

But what is there to be seen remains there to be seen. Evidence has one HUGE quality, and that it is patient. It will wait whatever time is required for the adequate eyes to see it.

Recently, Sina J said the following: “I have been thinking yet again about this S&S timetable as it makes no sense as a theme park booking. Could it be a…? Or a…? There is obviously a reason for….. On the other hand could it be a…? It's bugging me that I can't work out what it could be. These names don't crop up elsewhere and there are no statements from them. I don't even know why this was included in the PJ files.”

This led to yet another brainstorming session between the three of us. But this time with positive results.

Thanks again to Sina J, we finally understood what the S&S sheet was all about.

All because she simply paired up the May 7th Tapas “reservation” sheet with the S&S sheet. Here is the that particular Tapas sheet:
This is what it says:
  If you look attentively at the scribbled line, you don’t have to be great of a detective to see that what was scribbled out was this:
  This then means that the original list, for that day, was made up as such:
Let’s now compare what the S&S sheet (blue) with the Tapas one (red), line by line (I’ll just change on the S&S sheet the order in which the room number with the # people appear, in each of the lines):
So if you transform the apparent a.m. time of the S&S sheet with the p.m. time of the Tapas sheet, you have a PERFECT match, with the exception of the MACKENSON and VINCENT families.

Isn’t that just a fascinating coincidence?

Another coincidence is that BOTH these documents join up, in time, these families in the exact same groups: HYND with HARRISON and MULLARD; BUDEKIN with STINTON-HEELEY; and MACKENSON with VINCENT.

The third coincidence is that BOTH these documents keep SAVAGE and NEWAN alone.

What does Kate McCann have to say about three coincidences?

That they’re no longer coincidences. Her words, not mine.

So, unless these 29 people were into a VERY UNUSUAL ROUTINE of doing things in the exact same groups, separated by the exact same intervals of times, which is not only unlikely, as is ridiculous, these TWO different documents, mentioning completely distinct activities ARE INTERLINKED.

They have the exact same information on them.

This PROVES that both the named GUESTS and the OC STAFF that wrote down the information and handed both these papers over to the PJ knew they were providing FALSE information.  

They are part of a cover-up.

One just has to wonder why HYND was scribbled out at the last minute…

No, say you, there’s the 08.00 vs 20.30 discrepancy in the MACKENSON and VINCENT times.

First, it’s a minor discrepancy, as both families’ times are changed maintaining the structure of the group, and second, there’s no discrepancy at all, as the change has a reason.

Here you have to remember that the handwriting of the S&S sheet is the SAME as the one that wrote up the first two Tapas “reservation” sheets.

This means that the S&S sheet is nothing but a draft of a list of GUESTS to be used when in the mocking up of an nonexistent "Tapas reservation book", but wasn’t used, at least, at first.

It’s information that has been written down on a Slide & Splash stationary notepad, and has got nothing to do with that theme park in any form or manner. It was written there as it could have been written on another pad with a completely different logo. Or no logo at all.

The information on it is about Tapas “reservations”, and not about anything else.

What most likely happened is that somebody, by request or own initiative, tried to hand over to the PJ only the first three sheets, May 1st, May 2nd and May 3rd. These were the only ones they had made up until then.

However, when the reservation sheets were handed over, most likely the PJ requested ALL existing reservation sheets for the month of May, and not only those leading up to the May 3rd evening.

A natural and adequate request, in my opinion.

 So whoever was handing over the papers, was surprised by this request and had to go back quickly and come up with the “missing” ones.

To say that they didn't have them would give away the whole thing, wouldn't it?

This justifies the difference in the templates and handwritings that we can see between the first three and the last three.

This person had at least one drafted list with him (the handwriting seems to be male) and used it, the S&S sheet.

But there’s one MAIN difference between the times that both these documents were written up: the alleged T9 reservation.

When the S&S sheet was written up, the 20:30 timeslot was booked by the T9, so MACKENSON & VINCENT had to be put at 08.00. But on Monday 7th, there was to be NO T9 booking, so this guy thought it very clever to put these two families at that time, just to reinforce that fact.

Stupid move, as we can now clearly see the intent.

If anything, it PROVES that the S&S sheet was written up BEFORE the Tapas sheet.

As stupid it was to forget to take out the S&S sheet before handing over the whole lot of the papers.

It must have been the hurry and the pressure that made him do a mistake like that. I can only imagine how hard it was to go back and make up three further “reservation” sheets, and hand them over appearing to have just gone back to pick up three existing ones.

And I can imagie what this person has been suffering knowing that the document appeared in the PJ Files, and what it really revealed...

So the handing over of the S&S sheet was an understandable mistake.

However, a fatal one.

As a final note, I’ll leave a comment by Sina J, about the S&S sheet that so much bothered her, but no longer does: “The other thing about that S&S sheet is when you check the dates of these people arriving and leaving they don't match up. Some leave May 5th and others arrive on that date.”

I hope you do understand the importance of this post.

Now, if you don't mind, I must go back to my nursing duties, so please, do continue to behave while I’m not around.


  1. It's good to know you are still around Textusa and my thoughts are with you while you take care of family matters.

    I'd forgotten about the handwriting on the 3rd sheet being different. You are so 'on the ball' it's scary. You must scare the pants off the Mcs.

    I see the name Newan has been transferred with the original wrong spelling. The name should be Newman? This means the person writing those lists didn't know the people whose names they were including.

    I often wonder why people who were in PdL at the time of the event haven't come forward to offer statements.....or have they?

    Could these names have been chosen because they were people who didn't want any exposure so have kept away from any involvement? Or threats?

  2. I have never heard of such a thing as advance booking for a waterpark! You show up and go in (or not...if you're unlucky enough to go on a day when the park has reached its full limit), no need to make reservations! And, of course it is also rubbish to book a transfer van for the park 3 solid hours before it opens!
    Very well spotted, impressive post!

    (p.s., it has just occurred to me that maybe one of the Tapas/Ocean club workers once worked at S&S, or still worked there part-time, and nicked a notepad from there, used it to his/hers needs. You see, it's a very portuguese thing, to take home pens, pencils, notepads,etc., from your place of work for your personal use, why spend money on those when you can get them for free, let your employer pay!)

  3. Thank You, Text., a lot! Because it was a big effort certainly due to the care and concerns that currently has. A huge thank you.

    I did not read yet , the usual.... lol because i need time to You! lol


  4. The slide and splash has a pick up service with return from the Ocean Club at 8:45 ( see the information on the waterpark site). Then, the OC did not need to provide any vans for their guests.
    From what I remember regarding the weather for that week, was terrible... Cold, windy and with clouds. Wonder how a group of guests from the OC, including a baby, program a trip to a waterpark. The guy, who filled the paper do it in a rush, since he forgot many simple but very important details.
    Quite clear, the slide&splash sheet was an accident following the typical behavior of a "desenrasque" to provide to pj one more evidence for the Tapas dinner. I don,t believe that dinner ever happened. The guests were most probably contacted personally by the OC to provide such evidence without knowing exactly that was to give an alibi for a crime that involves the death of child. They realized the truth too late. The Hindy, probably asked the name to be removed. The others were contacted by team McCann a posteriori with some promises/ intimidation or money( who knows?) to keep their mouths closed. Since the case did not reach any court, that people still living in peace. But that could not last forever. Wonder what they have to say to an intelligent judge. All fabricated to suit a crime they were not aware at the time. That will relief part of their participation on that crime, but not all. Deliberated or not, is a crime when you gave false information to the police. I hope that people gave statements to PJ, which are under secrecy. I still believing, that PJ HAS MUCH MORE EVIDENCES AGAINST THE MCCANN's then what is known. They know exactly who did what. They have no doubts about the girl been death. The police know the truth. The politics have no balls to apply the justice and bring down some unethical offices of lawyers.

  5. Anon@ 1:16,

    It is clear, who writes the sheets did not know the persons. Most of the OC workers did not know the McCann's and if they know them, they were not aware they had any child's.
    From that persons on the list, wonder how many know or meet the McCann's before May 3.

  6. The OC could have the notepad of the slide&splash and have nothing to do with a "Portuguese think to carry pens, etc". Almost all resorts and apartments in algarve have agreements with waterparks to carry their guests there. Some even sell tickets. The question is that waterpark have a transfer that picks the guests from the OC at 8:45. Then no van from the OC leaving at different time on the same day, specially in May when the park must be almost empty. On top of that, if a transfer is available at 8:45, what is the reason for a guest to book the transfer for early then that time? All guests from the OC must be booked for the same time- the time the transfer pick them up. The OC must have the notepads for the park and for other parks and events. It is their business.
    The huge mistake the guy made, was to use the notepads to copy a sheet list that fits tables booking for a dinner. Yes, for a dinner, you could have different groups arriving at different time because you have to deal with a limited space- the tables. For a transfer???
    The poor guy was in a rush and had no time to think that one day, what he writes will be analyzed in detail. I believe the police have done it as well. Police has no doubts about who committed the crime. They just don't know where is the body. But even for that, Kate can't sleep because the ciprianos were accused without a body and in a recent case, the Portuguese justice is prepared to accuse the "Rei ghob" without bodies. The body is just the final evidence to add to many others.

  7. Well spotted Tex good article, where do you suspect madeleines body has been hidden ?

  8. Perhaps who ever took the reservations for the Tapas dinner could not find the reservation sheet so wrote it on the Splash & Slide notepaper which may have been the only pad to hand at the time then transferred it onto the Tapas reservation sheet when it was found.

    Or have I got that completely wrong?

  9. Brilliant post,thank you Textusa and team!So why can,t this be "offered" to team SY as potential evidence of yet more lies and cover ups? it wouldn,t take rocket science to find the owner of this record,or was he sent to another resort with the nannies? Re the actual names on this piece of information,wonder how they will feel seeing their names bandied about ?interesting times ahead ,I hope! I just wish the innocent people mentioned do the right and proper thing and ask the questions that must be answered truthfully,well maybe I,ve still got to be convinced were ever going to get any justice for Madeleine.Please prove me wrong,but those smarmy Maccans make sick to the pits of my stomach.Keep up the great work,both in personal and work life.

  10. Anon
    Aug 10, 2011 7:05:00 PM

    We would like to remind our readers that we don't know what became of Ms body and if we did we wouldn't be revealing this on the blog. We would tell the PJ. We have no intention of guessing or endorsing guesses.
    If anyone does know, please don't tell us, but like we would do, tell the PJ.

  11. Anon
    Aug 10, 2011 7:08:00 PM

    Nice try.

    The discrepancy between the 08.00 and 20.30 is quite telling what was copied from what.

    Besides, what you suggest doesn't make sense, because the S&S sheet is neatly written, whilst the Tapas sheet seems to be written in a hurry, which wouldn't be the case if it was, as you imply, a copied version of the S&S sheet.

    It seems, as we say, more like the other way around.

  12. I hope SY read your blog Textusa because you are spot on so many times, you seem to notice things that others miss. You and your team are absolutely brilliant, well done.

  13. I can only imagine the anguish these people have been through, waiting every single day for their names to be revealed. They knew right away that the Slide & Splash sheet wasn't supposed to have been there and have been every day hoping that no one would detect what your team has. This was this set of names, what others, like these, keeping coming here in the hope that your team won't find them where they're hiding somewhere in the PJ Files. How that week has brought so much suffering to so many people, all because the T9 didn't man up and assumed responsibility. I believe many now regret having helped these people out then. If they could go back in time...

  14. Dogs still employed.

  15. Text,

    On the Tapas sheet, the last two times are 08.30 and not 20.30 as you say, which reinforces your thesis, as this person's hand "slipped towards truth" when copying the last names.

    Good job, thank you! Anxious to know what's next from you and your team, and the best wishes for you and your relative.

  16. We miss you Textusa. Good wishes for you and your relative, for a quick and full recover.
    I can imagine Insane, back to his/ her violent reactions.

  17. I really like to take that opportunity to pass a message of support and strength to all our British friends who are watching now their beautiful cities being destroyed by young vandals involved on the riots. I hope the police has the power to quickly control the situation and bring peace to the streets.
    But, I can't forgot the quick answer gave by Mr. Cameron to the Sun letter on the behalf of the McCann's. Millions sent to S. Yard to investigate a single case that didn't happen inside his borders. Now, when all the country needs a strong reaction from him, he comes weak.

  18. Your team Textusa, is very attentive and very intelligent. Wonder how scared are some figures now.
    The despicable McCann's instead of fading, still on, showing up with their circus again on their mccpapers, the murdochians. After the fake sight in India, a fabricated article about a huge number of children abducted (line Madeleine, ???? Hi,hi,hi????) every week. The Portuguese papers picked the wagon, with more accuracy- A BIG NUMBER OF CHILDREN DISAPPEARED EVERY WEEK/MONTH, WONDER OFF BY THEMSELVES OR VICTIMS OF A PARENTAL KIDNAPPING. That is the true number and reason for many child's to disappear, not a stupid fairyvtale about a EGG MAN, WHO CAME AT EARLY NIGHT TO SNACTCH A CHILDVFROM HER BED, LEAVING NO TRACES.
    Murdoch, like the McCann's, has some problems to fade and deal with truth.

  19. Lovely to have a new post from you Textusa! As usual, thought provoking and original.Many thanks.

  20. Just a thought but I noticed the Stinton - Heeley name could Heeley be mis-spelt and in fact be Healy as in Kate Healy and be a relation to her, also 5a was owned by a Ruth Mccann the Mccanns state its no relation but what are the odds of booking that particular apartment owned by a Mccann when they could have had any one of the other apartments Tapas 7 rented.

    Kate has made a point of calling herself Kate Mccann since 4th and also makes specific reference to this 'name change' in her book, maybe there is more to this Healy, Mccann name connection than we realise. Maybe this is why they said we never call 'Madeleine' Maddy thus taking the attention away from the changes in Kates surname.

  21. Kate told a lie while speaking about G. Amaral book "Maddie, the truth of the lie". She said, they never called Madeleine, Maddie. Now, on her book, while describing the feelings and the beautiful time the twins had with her sister, specially when they pick her from the nursery, Kate reports the twins calling her sister Maddie. On Gerrys mc video, when she was filmed with twins on her house, the twins also called Madeleine Maddie.
    Kate has a problem with her account of the truth. Many times she was caught in lies, in very simple and stupid situations that the police could not believe a single word coming out of her mouth. She is a compulsive/ pathologic liar. Will be amazing if she went to a lie detector. That's why, she refused it.
    And the way she lie is so stupid that she even forget her lies. In fact, a lie is easy to forget. The truth is unforgettable. That's why, she is a pile of contradictions.

  22. An interesting McCann's " spin video " at Little Morsals, where the couple talk about the fatidic story of their daughter like an happy story. Where Gerry says the distance between the table where they were dinning and the 5A, was 50 meters in a direct line and the despicable Kate come on with a googles distance of 49,4. What both forgot, is... The direct line, was not an open view. Some obstacles prevented anybody to see the 5A. The direct line, could only be direct for a fly or a bird, because by walking they had a long way until they arrive to the 5A.
    But what I found really amazing was Kate, while helping gerry who was describing the feelings of the Portuguese police about Madeleine dead in the flat, she said "we've Obviously hidden her Somewhere incredible well where nobody's found her". The interviewer even repeated " incredible well" and Kates come across with "very well".
    A good investigator will find some clues on that interview. What they say, the way they say it and the videos they choose about Madeleine, are relevant. Gerry feels no confident while talking about the last picture of Madeleine, near the pool. They said, they love to take pictures of Madeleine and she loves to be photographed. If so, why there is few pictures of Madeleine in PDL? the one in the tennis court was not take by them.
    As many of us pointed out before... The story of Madeleine complaining to Kate on May 3 morning 'why don't you come when I and Sean cried last night' had a main purpose of keeping the abductor inside the room on the night before, scaring the child's. Now, they admitted the idea, on that interview. This bring back mrs. Fenn statement of Madeleine crying for quite long. ALL WELL DELIVERED TO THE PUBLIC AND THE POLICE TO HELP THEM BUILD A FANTASIST STORY OF AN ABDUCTION BASED ONLY ON THEIR FABRICATED STATEMENTS AND WITNESSES.
    It's amazing that Gerry said two witnesses saw a man carrying a child that night, but he fail to concretize who are the witnesses. He came out only with Jane tanner. Forget the Smiths.
    Ah, ah, McCann's round and round come the net... You will be fished on it.

  23. A 8 de Maio de 2007 temos: "Also known as Maddie"

  24. Thanks for the link annon 6.06 as Maddie had a passport why was her passport photograph not used by the mccanns and media as indentifcation, it was a recent photograph and shows her as she was.

    Maddie was marketed from the beginning with 'baby faced' photographs to appeal to the public.

  25. To A. 7:34 : " The good marketing ploy " to make money

    No DNA (ADN) nor blood group.

  26. Special to Text:

    xx + hug+coffee Remember ?

  27. Anon 5.08 great post - I also noticed how the Mccanns attempt to make the distance from the Tapas not as far as it really was, they are full of lies.
    From the start they lied saying the patio doors were locked, then unlocked, windows jemmied, deleted messages - all lies but why do the police not investigate them. Textusa has pointed out so much more 'new evidence' but so far nothing seems to be done.

    Hope your relative makes a good recovery Tex.

  28. This observation is very good Textusa 'Slide and Splash' Newman 2 + baby ...who takes a baby to a slide and splash park !!!

  29. Reading through these comments and comments and observations on other sites, I truly cannot believe the mccanns are still free, they should have been brought in for questioning years ago, and as for their fraudulent fund, how do they manage to get away with it ?

    Thank you Textusa for your many observations.

  30. The Mccanns have managed to ban Pat Brown's book and Amarals Book simply becuase they question the Mccanns fairytale abductor, why do the Mccanns have so much power, they along with Murat are the only suspects in their daughters disappearance, yet they ban books, ask for all the police records on the case, refuse to do a reconstruction or co-operate and still they are not arrested. I always thought there were bigger criminals walking our streets that those in prison and the mccanns prove that beyond a doubt. Shame on you scotland yard and all the other police forces that have let them get away with it.

  31. Thank you, my dear friend (Aug 11, 2011 7:48:00 PM). Yes, of course I remember.

  32. Mccann's are oportunists sticked on a shadow of power. It really exist, or was fabricated by some kind of Media, who the main MANs are Murdoch and his SON?
    The last events in UK, showed to the public 3 big realities:

    - Most of the politics are affraid of Murdoch. His papers can put in power or destroy a politic, in few publications.
    - Murdoch papers have editors without unethical skills. they have no problems with what they publish, the way they got it and who they are targeting. They don't know what means journalism and what skills a journalist needs.
    - Murdoch papers have only one target- THE EASY MONEY. If for that, they have to go over people, countries and publish lies, what is the problem? At the most evil scenary, they will be sued and have to spend some money. But, if on the other side, there is an evil like them, they are sure they cam make a business and an agreement favourable for both parts. That's what they have done with Mccann's- a deal, a business, good for both parts.
    That works before Internet. Now, is a dead deal. Will be not working forever and Mccann's are naives if they believe on that. More then 4 years passed. They gagged few people, compared with trillions who came across Internet in many blogs and sites related with their affairs with their daughter, EVERY DAY. The case still in our minds, like if it happened yesterday with a problem for them- NOW, MORE PEOPLE KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THEIR LIES. IT is NOT EASY TO FOOL ANYMORE. And is impossible to gagg everybody. They don't have money for that and Carter-Ruck has no power to do it. On the other hand, PJ gave them a poisonous present- shelving the case is a bad solution for Kate and Gerry. Could be open any day, for 20 years.
    The twins will grow up, seting the puzzle, joining information and they will imply by themselves, what kind of parents they have. They will arrive at the same conclusion as all of the informed public with a privilege, THEY HAVE MORE INFORMATION THEN US because they have been there. Childs have elephants memory and again Kate and Gerry lied to the police when they said the twins could not testify, because they cannot talk. Kate put on their mouths, complicated and well elaborated sentences while they are talking about madeleine, before May 3. They were able to talk on May 4, when the police wanted to interview them with help of a specialist. They will never forgive their parents for all their lies.

  33. Jesus, I have never seen someone get themselves so worked up over nothing.

    It's just a copy of the dinner reservations for the night of the 7thMay. That's all. Nothing more. Whatever mad conspiracy you're all absorbed in, it's complete nonsense. Some of the guests on that reservation list didn't even arrive in Portugual until after Madeleine went missing. Take a chill pill. I know you won't print this - conspiraloons never tolerate their frauds being shot down, but you and I know - don't we?

  34. I just went back and checked - none of those guests arrived in PdL until after Madeleine disappeared - and you are accusing them of being part of a cover up? You are nothing but a fraudster - and I know you won't print that. Fraudsters are always cowards too.

    Go and get a life or look after the ill person you are supposed to be caring for - leave the fiary stories to someone who is good at it. You're not

  35. Anon 10;20 exactly, when the twins grow up they will want to know why the McCanns were so unhelpful with the investigation into Madeleine, also Murdoch has made money from this story and it was in his interest to fluff it up so the public reached into their pockets for Kate and Gerry, and bought his newspapers but it is all lies, all of it.

    Now we have the internet we are able to check facts and not just accept what is printed in our newspapers, we all have an opinion, but most importantly what the Mccanns would have us believe as fact is nothing more than a story put about by them and their friends, and reinforced by hungry editors eager to sell tabloid trash.

  36. Anon @ 1.02
    Thank you for your highlighting dates for us.

    Hynd arrived on 28th May until 5th May therefore had to be scrubbed from the final sheet which proves yet again the S&S sheet was the original draft.

    Newman 28th May until 5th and travelled without children

    As these documents are in the public domain why didn’t any of these people come forward and ask why they were named on the sheet and give a statement?

    Please let us you know if you know differently.

  37. As usual, every time you come out with important posts you hit the nerves of some BH / insane(s).
    Dear anon@ 12:42, how do you know the S&S list is for a dinner on 7 May, 2007?
    The problem was not who arrived after May 3. The problem is having on the same list who arrived and who left already. I think some of that names could not coexist at the same time.

  38. Help! I'm all mixed up with the dates now!

    Hynd, from the 28th May until 5th May?!
    Newman, from 28th May until 5th May?!

    Shouldn't it be the 28th APRIL...???

    Please, set all the dates right, DO NOT fuel the black hats bonfire with innacurate information!

  39. Anon., Aug 11, 2011 5:08:00 PM, wrote:

    "They said, they love to take pictures of Madeleine and she loves to be photographed. If so, why there is few pictures of Madeleine in PDL? the one in the tennis court was not take by them."

    From what I've read Kate claims in her book that it was her who took that "last photo". She says she realized she did not have her camera with her and went back to th apartm and fetch it to take the picture. Yet, in the rogatory interviews Rachel(I think it was Rachel) says that the picture was taken by Jane. Which is which??? Kate or Jane? Lies, lies and more lies...

  40. Anon., Aug 11, 2011 7:34:00 PM

    Madeleine's passport:

    As you can see it has picture of a very young Madeleine, a baby one.

  41. On my comment about who took the "last photo" I forgot to write that Kate McCann, in her book, says about the tennis photo:
    "one of MY photos is world famous"

  42. Anon 12:42/01:02

    Where did you check your data? Are you only able to see what you want to see?

    Yes, you're right. It's just a copy. And that is exactly what the post says and is the point! Why make a copy? Why a handwritten copy? I'm sure that the OC had copiers, so if copies were required to be kept, it would be done that way, and not take the trouble to write it all up!

    And why copy only that day? There's no known reason. It's a copy, as YOU ACKNOWLEDGE, and there's no reason for it to exist.

    The silence from these people, surely having been at the OC during or around the time Maddie died, would be curious to follow the case, so when they saw their name used on two documents, they either knew why, and have to explain the why to all of us, or upon seeing their names, should have reacted AGAINST the OC for its misuse!

    To say that they are not aware that their name are appearing in the PJ files is not reasonable at all. After all, these 29 "needed" a copy and then proceeded to ignore the whole issue after that? Surely they've been reading about all is written since then. But even if they don't know, then they should be warned, so that they can take adequate legal action against whoever wrote up these papers, which I suppose is an OC staff.

  43. My apologies

    I should have written 28th April to 5th May.

    Thank you to one of our readers for pointing this out.

  44. If these people were there from 28 April to 5 may, how they can be in a dinning list for 7 may? Have you a good answer, dear Aug. 12, 12:42 and 1:02?
    The picture of Madeleine in the tennis court was not taken by Kate. When she talks on her book about the famous photo she took, I think is related with last photo near the pool or the one in the swings, where Madeleine is wearing a warm trouser and cardigan, showing the weather was not good for beach or waterpark activities.
    If you go back to the information available for the immediate days she disappeared( available at Mccannfiles and other sites) was it not amazing to see which photo of Madeleine was posted on the first posters( handwriting) in PDL, few hours after she disappeared? The photo is the same that was posted on madeleine's page in PJ site. That photo, I believe came from Kates camera and is not from PDL..Madeleine is wearing a tshirt, like a pyjama and she looks younger and not pretty. Not a good choice for their business. If pj had the tennis court picture available on Kates camera, they will use that one because was from the resort and shows well Madeleine.
    Just one more thing that I always find odd considering how young was Madeleine and how easy the children at her age get dirty. Look at the picture of Madeleine in the swings with her brothers and father and look at the mobile video about her trip on the airport, when she fells at the stairs.... Is she wearing the same clothes? They arrived at night. One worker from the OC reported on his statement to the police, he was called to the flat to help with washing machine and the worker on the laundry reported they washed the clothes from the McCann's only after the girl went missing. Then, no washing clothes. Was Madeleine wearing the dirty clothes she used on the flight? If so, what a shameful mother, after all the amazing proud feelings, about her daughter, reported on her book.

  45. Anon Aug 12, 2011 1:02:00 AM

    Can not be gentle, polite and gentle? No need!

  46. To Anon Aug 12, 2011 12:12:00 PM


    As you can see it has picture of a very young Madeleine, a baby one. "

    Yes, anon. You are right BUT the link

    Shows to us a Maddie not so baby and come from PJ files.

    I thank You also because You made Justice to very sweet Pamalam´s work.

  47. Newman 5th May to 12th May
    Hynd 5th May to 12th May

    It's there in the records, fuckwits.

    All of those people, around whom you have built an elaborate theory, arrived in PdL AFTER Madeleine disappeared.

    Make sure you print this, now, or I shall have to make sure it gets out that you are publishing deliberate lies

    It's just a copy of a reservation sheet, for a dinner which happened days after Madeleine went. Now get a damn life, you ridiculous harpies

  48. another good article,but who will take it up to look into this??
    for 4 years we have seen the lie,s being spoken by the macscum,we have wrote to our mp,s signed petitions amongst other things all to no avail,because NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO US,so where do we go from here to get justice for Madeleine Beth Mccann.

  49. It's simply either a provisional version of the Tapas reservation sheet, or a rough list for that day, perhaps drawn up at a separate location, and in either case written on whatever was to hand (rather like the timeline written on Madeleine's colouring book), by someone using 12-hour rather than 24-hour times, and then transferred onto, or replicated in, the normal reservation sheet.

    Move along, nothing to see here...

  50. Anon 1:02 fiary stories?

  51. Insane,

    Textusa has asked me to tell you that although we did publish two comments from you, that doesn't mean that we've started to accept gratuitous swearing. We continue to expect a higher class of contribution, even if it is critical of us.

    So, if you want to see the content of your comment published, do rewrite it, but in an educated manner this time.

    She also asks you to please make an effort and put some originality in your threats. The link to your blog still awaits your input, as you can see."

  52. I believe all the guests/workers who have been holidaying/ working in the OC in April / May, 2007, come here and in all other blogs/ sites / papers reporting Madeleine issues, even if they had nothing to do with cover up. Contrary to McCann's wishes, the crime become passionate for most of the public who had absolutely nothing to do with what happened to the little girl. Imagine, if by an accidental coincidence your life crossed the life of that despicable group, even for few days, the fatidic days?.... Most of that guests/ workers are doing memory exercise, trying to remember what they saw/ know. I believe most were contacted/ intimidated by team McCann, to close their mouths... Just in case. I can imagine what they feel when intelligent persons peel the story and separate what is true or suspicious from the whole fairy tale that did not make sense. Probably the team McCann offer them a kind of mc warranty, saying " close your mouth and nothing will happen to you, we are controlling". As time show us, they cannot control everything.... Even the court injections they assumed as a "winning story", they lost them in a serious court. Corruption and manipulation is not working anymore. Amaral book is free for sale. Amazon removed Pat brown book, but almost immediately went for sale in another place.
    McCann's are loosing. Their media event works against them. Now more people is aware of their lies, their strategy to fetch the police, their desperation for money, their need of the " idea of a Madeleine alive". They know, the day they assume her death, they will be signing their death sentence. Will be the end of their dream.
    Then, no surprise, the BH get nervous every time a blog come out with serious information. They were intimidated by the McCann's to close their mouths but the time is showing, they were fooled by the McCann's and could end
    up having serious problems with police because deliberated or not, they helped the cover up of a crime.

  53. Oh insane is back. Why don't this surprises us? We, the readers are also waiting for the link to your site, where we could read your version of the events, instead of the insults you are so used to. I really want to see your explanation for what mrs. Fenn and her niece spotted at PDL. not the version they gave to the police. That has a lot of little mermaids and sleepy beauties on it.

  54. Very well said, Sina an Text.

    I hope that You all have a very nice night and also a great weekend.

    Text. :The usual ..... when You was without problems with Your´s relative. pois.......XXXS

  55. Don't worry, dear Insane. McCann's time will come.
    The amazing Kate assumed on her book ( part serialized by the Sun) that her lawyer( Carlos Pinto de Abreu ) came to her after been in the police offices with a non refutable fact: SHE WILL BE MADE ARGUIDO AFTER ALL THE EVIDENCES THE POLICE SHOWED TO HIM". in such evidences, were the video footages of the dogs searching the McCann's belongs and pointing out the death of the girl only on WHAT WAS RELATED WITH THEM.
    The lawyer, is an experienced lawyer. He didn't dismiss the dogs or whatever the police had as evidences. He was sure, was enough to make the mother arguido. But as an experienced lawyer, he knows also, without a body, the police had few chances to arrest her, special if she runaway from Portugal. Rogatory letters and a never end of burocracy will be required to frame her. That's why, in less then a blink, she and her husband run to Faro airport to jet out of Portugal. At time, she was not caring about the importance of searching her daughter, about how close to Madeleine, she feels in Portugal. She was sure about how serious were the evidences under the police hands. If she was innocent, she must stayed in Portugal, to fight for her innocence. After all, she had the best team of lawyers in UK and in Portugal. I have no doubts, if she was innocent, Carlos Pinto de Abreu and Rogerio Alves will move the moon to help that poor mother to prove her innocence and search her daughter. If she was innocent, that lawyers were the first ones to bring the case to court and sue PJ and the portuguese justice. You know, what she will had recieved from the Portuguese public if that happened? A
    great support, in money and in whatever the Portuguese could be doing to help her.
    What we see after she runaway? her Portuguese lawyers dropped the case, smootly but they dropped the case. Pinto de Abreu even appeared on the Pros e contras seating on the same side as G Amaral lawyer and Rogerio Alves is sometimes invited to tv programs to make some comments regarding their case. He could not be doing that, if he stills mccann's lawyer. The only conclusion we can retrieve from the behavior of that lawyers is, they know the police knows the truth and the McCann's are involved on the crime. Since the crime got a world coverage and his related with a little child who lost her life while her parents insist in fooling people with a fund that cannot be used to search a dead person, that lawyers jumped out. No money is enough to pay something that goes against ethical reasons. Even lawyers have a limit.
    Who is supporting the cover up of that crime must keep in mind, that is an ending story. Soon or later, everything will be exposed and the Murdoch papers, who have been exploring the case, conveniently, will be the first to trash the McCann's.

  56. For more confirmation on Slide& Splash, check out the seventh paragraph on tripadvisor, dated 30, July,2011.

    According to this testimonial,the departure time from the O.C. is at 8:30, and leaves at 4:00 in the afternoon.

    The price is 8euro,therefore taking two at a time would make NO economical sense.

    Indeed all this could be argued away, considering the four year time lapse, but everything that supports your analyses can be verified.

    This jigsaw will eventually be completed,of that I have no doubt.

    Wonder how our little-Insan?e-is doing-ludicrous-unhelpful-credibl?e.

    Some folks are just so transparent.

    Best wishes to everyone in pursuit of truth, justice and common decency. x

  57. Thank you @ 8:24PM I appreciate your message. We all feel that sooner or later the mighty wave the McCann's are riding will collapse as it is based on superficial power.
    All the best Textusa! and to your relative.

  58. Pages for reference.

  59. If you don't publish it, you know it'll appear elsewhere. Have already published it to one place, where they are currently pissing themselves laughing. Oh incidentally. I know Alistair Hyde was there the previous week - but he seems to be there on a rolling basis. You have identified the wrong Newman as well, you clown.

    Now print my post with all the references, or see it in print elsewhere

  60. Thank YOU, Sina J, for correcting the dates. You see, I understand it was a simple mistake, but for those on the "dark side" everything goes when it comes to descredit those who fight for the truth. If those guests arrived on the 28th April and stayed until the 5th May then they indeed where there at the SAME time as Madeleine and her parents! I cannot understand how anyone can come here and post comments saying they arrived "post-abduction"!!!
    Unbelievable! Do they think no one will check the files???

  61. Anon @ 6:04:00 PM

    Why would a restaurant take a provisional booking let alone on a sheet from theme park. I think it's YOU who should 'move along'.

    Why does this bother you so much you want the readers her to...move along?

  62. Insane,

    Zero tolerance from now on. You've been warned more than enough, as we've had enough of your rudeness. Learn to argue in a civilized manner or go somewhere else.

    All, this is what Insane had to say:

    "If *******, you would go and look for yourselves.
    It's quite simple
    None of those people listed on that reservation sheet - or the impromptu copy made on the slide and splash notepaper - arrived in PdL until AFTER Madeleine had disappeared. Go and check for yourselves, their names are all listed in the PJ files, together with the dates they stayed. You are being lied to, by Textusa and her sidekicks, for reasons best known to themselves.
    These are all the details and references where they can be found
    Savage, apartment G30, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07
    Newman (Misspelled as Newan ), apartment fp08, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
    Hynd, apartment 0011, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
    Harrison, apartment dp03, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
    Mullard, apartment gp02, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07
    Burdekin (misspelled as Budekin) apartment gp01, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
    Stinton-Heeley, apartment 0207, arrived 5/5/07, departed 19/5/07
    Mackeson, apartment 0025, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
    Vincent, apartment cp02, arrived 5/5/07, departed 12/5/07
    Stop lying to people. These guests ALL arrived after Madeleine went. Do your research properly."

  63. If I may...I humbly think that the 3 magnificent Bronte-Cohen sisters have more than proved that that leaf from a S&S notepad WAS NOT a list of bookings for the same! NO! It was the first thing that came to hand to the person who concocted the bogus Tapas reservations. That person needed a piece of paper to write down a first draft of the list of guests who were to dine at the Tapas on each of the "important" nights, and it just happened to be the S&S notepad. Of course, it was supposed to be discarded/destroyed after the transcription to the "real mccoy", the Tapas reservation sheets, but...someone got careless and messed up big time!

  64. As an English person, coming from a family of lawyers (none of them would work for a firm such as Barter-*uck for example), I believe that Carlos Pinto de Abreu is an example of a decent honest lawyer. Such a person would do his best to help a couple who appeared to have suffered a heinous crime against their family, but only until it became apparent that their story was a load of rubbish. His duty would then be to advise them that the game was probably up, and to help them to present their defence in the best possible way. This is what Pinto de Abreu did in September 2007, and his advice, as we now know from Katie's book, was treated with contempt. No lawyer with any integrity would tell lies on behalf of his client. No wonder they have moved on to other less scrupulous representatives now. And no wonder he is to be found aligning himself with Amaral's lawyer.

  65. Insane,
    From what we can see, you agree with Textusa about the FACT that the S&S sheet is a copy of the Tapas May 7 sheet.
    As far as I’m aware, nobody mentioned this before Textusa. Up until now it has been what everyone thought it to be: an S&S reservation sheet. Glad to see that you, for once, agree with Textusa’s impeccable logic.
    We can then assume that it’s taken by BOTH sides as FACT that the S&S sheet and the Tapas May 7 sheet are INTENTIONAL copies one from the other.
    But YOU simply don’t say why there’s this copy. You just say it’s a copy, and that’s it. For you that’s enough, because it comes from you, and we should accept that as sufficient. As one “move along” irrelevant thing.
    Well it isn’t.
    It’ VERY IMPORTANT that you and/or your mates explain why there’s this copy. Why there’s a copy for this date only. Why the copy is handwritten. Why the copy is sloppier than the original.
    You say that it’s similar with the two timetables given by the T9 on the night Maddie died. You went and chose as NATURAL as something that isn’t. To this day nobody understands why there are those two timetables, as no one understands why there are these two copies.
    Your argumentation about the people being there or not before Maddie died is based on a assumption that the documents that state the comings and goings to and from OC are reliable. The fact that these two documents are copies from one another, which you agree, demonstrate that anything provided by the OC to sustain the presence of its guests are from reliable, and should, in fact, be questioned.
    By the way, let me tell you that you’ve become a burden for the Black Hats. You hinder more than help their cause. When a doctor hits a raw nerve, the patient yells. Thanks to you, we’re able to understand what you Black Hats think important. You’ve become an excellent barometer for this blog. Please don’t stop.

  66. What a pompous load of no-hopers you are. I do hope you have seen the sort of coverage you are getting on places like Missing Madeleine, it's certainly giving plenty of people lots to chuckle about.

    It's already been pointed out that this is merely a copy of a reservation sheet, from several nights after Madeleine disappeared, and featuring people who had just arrived in Portugal.

    So why don't YOU explain why - according to Textusa - ''This piece of paper has the importance of PROVING the direct involvement of BOTH GUESTS and OCEAN CLUB STAFF in the cover-up of Maddie’s death. '' ?


  67. Oh,and incidentally.....anyone glancing at the two documents could see one was a copy of the other. The difference is - and why no-one made a big deal of it before - not everyone is a mad conspiraloon, and most people would have checked their facts first, not blundered in like some simple minded horse, in the fashion of your esteemed leader.

  68. Anon
    Aug 12, 2011 10:43:00 PM

    Nice input!
    IF the S&S sheet is the draft, and the Tapas sheet the final version, then at what times did the Harrison and Mullards have their meals booked after all? On the "draft", they book at 07.30, but on the Tapas sheet it's 19.15. So which is it?

  69. These guests arrived on 28 April and had booked the resort until may 5. Then, they were there when Madeleine disappeared but not on any dinner on may 7, as some BH posted here.
    Going trough the comments of some guests who have been in the OC in the springtime 2007 ( tripadvisor), almost all said they are in the half border( it looks compulsory), having the breakfast and the dinner at the millennium. Some could change the dinner for lunchtime. What I found amazing is" them saying there was no night activities in the OC apart the BBQ dinner which had a singer or Portuguese night which Portuguese traditional dancing group( rancho folkloric). Nobody reported any quiz night or any attraction at the Tapas. In fact, most said the food was crap in the restaurants of the OC. Looks like the quality of the restaurants improved since Maddie disappeared because recent comments are more positive, but still no night activities. Only the tapas 9 were blessed with quiz nights. ... God knows why....

  70. Insane comes on here to create a distraction, so before he arrived somebody probably posted something quite relavent that he did not want further discussed !!
    These type of people do this all the time, it has become quite familiar.

    Well done girls on your brilliant blog. This just proves your blog is monitored by the black hats.

  71. Wasn't strange that two travel agencies provide guests to the OC, Mark Warner and Thomas Cook, but we can see only the one related with Mark Warner involved on McCann's witnesses. Were these witnesses free delivers or were contacted by somebody to provide information that could work as an alibi for the McCann's? I really find it odd- two groups coexisting at same time, sharing the same place, all almost having half border and only few come across involved in nonsense activities.

  72. another good article,but who will take it up to look into this??
    for 4 years we have seen the lie,s being spoken by the macscum,we have wrote to our mp,s signed petitions amongst other things all to no avail,because NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO US,so where do we go from here to get justice for Madeleine Beth Mccann.

  73. I find it hard to believe this TV program included the f*** Off video!
    It appears to be a sympathetic interview but is it?

    Did the Mcs try to get it banned and if not why not?

  74. Again a hilarious entry almost but not quite completely missing the point.

    Just one thing. As demonstrated on the example of the Hynds: the booking sheets were always kept in a weekly record. If customers stayed for 2 weeks then there would be 2 sheets given to the Tapas restaurant.

    The Hynds for example stayed 2 weeks. The first booking sheet given to the Tapas restaurant gives their stay from 28/04 until 05/05 and the second booking sheet was then given to the restaurant the following week listing the Hynds as staying from 05/05 until 12/05.

    Research is not difficult. To use bad research to construct the most ludicrous theories is an offence against those that still have some hope that your blog might bring them enlightement.

  75. A petition is on the way at Little Morsals to ask a public enquiry on McCann's Fund.

  76. Johanna,
    You come here every time Textusa posts something very hurtful for the McCann's and their helpers, to accuse Textusa of a kind of theory. I really don't know which theory are you talking about. The only theory, largely known was the McCann's theory, their abduction version without any support. What I see here is a fabulous work, questioning what looks odd or not possible.
    I have been checking the PJ FILES and can't find the list with Hynd from 5/5/2007 to 12/5/2007, but i' m not good with boring lists.
    I believe many papers/ lists were handed to PJ. THEY RELEASE TO THE PUBLIC ONLY WHAT THEY FOUND IMPORTANT TO BE KNOWN/ DISCUSSED BY THE PUBLIC. Interesting, they released that from the S&S. the main purpose of the PJfiles was open a discussion from the public, into what they find odd and could be not confidential. A slap on McCann's face and their lawyers. We can see by ourselves their lies.
    But, since I believe you are the same Johanna who use to post at joana morais blog, as an anti- McCann, I don't understand why you jump so quickly here when Textusa bring some good points to be discussed.
    It's clear, they hade the help of people inside the resort and near by to cover up their backs. Why these people get involved on that? Were they aware of that or everything was build on their backs? That is also an important question that needs to be answered, because off course, has different effects.
    I really keep your posts Johanna, sometimes, on the same bucket as insane and don't understand what are you doing on joana morais blog.

  77. Anon at 11.58 great news I'll sign it about time the fund was investigated.

  78. Getting confused. Hynd was crossed out because he wasn't there, or because some other reason? Johanna how do you know Tapas ALWAYS kept "weekly records"? I think you show that you know a little bit too much of how OC Tapas works... maybe that's why you get so fussed up with Textusa's findings...

  79. Johanna, wake up and smell the roses, dear. You've long been discredited by Textusa's factual information. You keep implying that this blog is only baloney, but keep coming back to read what is says, don't you?

  80. Welcome (I have to admit I miss your posts).

    It's interesting the way you find these "treasures" among the released (?) files.

    I'm sure S&S note has raised a lot of interest to the police. I'm sure that a lot more in PJ files than meets the eye. And I'm sure McCanns know that too.

    This note was a very stupid and dangerous piece left behind specially because matches with those special daily sheets filled asap just in case...

    However, McCanns big concern is not about what police might know because they know whatever it is, is not enough to have a solid case in a Court House (although is not so little to sleep the entire night) - their main concern is about what you bring to the public eye and the way you analyze the most "innocent" peace of paper that would have an "innocent" reason to exist!!!

    This is a surviving game, they will do what they have to do! All these witnesses (guest and employees) are protected and will never came forward because:

    FIRST) they don't want to be formally accused of being directly involved in the cover-up of a three years old girl;

    SECOND) there were a lot of secretive adults activities that should never, ever came to daylight,

    THIRD) None of them will be interviewed by the police because McCann will never, ever ask police to reopen their daughter investigation.

    Everything that has been done in Maddie's Affair is for UK internal consume and they almost got it right.
    "almost" is that little % that might change plans sometimes. In other words, "there's a little window of opportunity" but with something called "destiny" we never know. Sometimes life makes us a "match point" exactly when victory was about to be achieved. Go figure...


  81. As I posted before, I went trough the comments of some guests who were in the OC, before may 3, around may 3 and after may 3. Although, that comments are monitorized and the really relevant for may 3, conveniently removed , NONE REPORTED THE TAPAS BAR AS A NIGHT DESTINATION, FOR DINNER OR ENTERTAINMENT. I believe, not a special program was settled for the ordinary tapas 9 and their strange group of witnesses, at may 3. Was even a week day in a low season. When they delivered their lies and list of witnesses, they were not aware about how passionate their crime will become for little anonymous like me and millions of others, who after 4 years did not give up on pursuing the truth and found some justice for that little girl. They were believing that, by now, their lies and convenient lists will be resting in a spider web, somewhere in a draw, inside the police offices. They took the wrong horse, because contrary to the used behavior of the Portuguese justice, the police released the files for public analyze. Was not an innocent decision and time is proving, the police was clever. The McCann's are building their case against themselves. Now, they cannot fade. The public did not let them. Since, they already tried all the ways, hypotheses, possibilities, dreams, of having donations and the public on their stories, without success, Now every time they show up, is to incriminate themselves and contradict what they delivered before. That was the book, the sight in India with Mitchell and the McCann's jumping on the media claiming things that the police was not aware and their last interviews and business on their Facebook.
    Is coming the time to question everything. Their statements, their witnesses, the reason to have a legal team and a Fund, few days after their girl disappeared and off-course a long employed spoke-person. Are they planning to hire Mitchell all their life's? Why, if the case is shelved in Portugal? Was wrongly shelved wasn't? They will enter the guinness, as the champions of lies, contradictions and Longer hired team of lawyers and spoke-persons without a court case to justify the job and the salaries of these evils.
    Whatever happened to Madeleine in PDL, was a small crime, while compared with crimes they were able to commit after that time.

  82. Got your point anon 13, 2:50.
    But a secret cannot be kept forever, specially when there is more then 2 people involved and the public curiosity is a most. One day, for a big or small reason, the truth raise the surface and become exposed. In Portugal they use to say " zangam-se as comadres, sabem-se as verdades". Very true.
    During all these 4 years, the McCann's have feed and growth a huge bunch of enemies, even inside their team, starting by their close friends and private detectives. What you think they have on M3 and halligen? Contrary to what some could believe, their strong enemies are not in Portugal or in PJ, are in UK and across the world, where they payed and disturbed people just to please their narcissism. Most of the called mcjournalists are mercenaries, payed to write not what they found or what they believe, but what they were asked to.
    Wait for Mitchell time. He will not loose his opportunity to write his memories and make some more money under the Maddie shadow. At the right time and under the right circumstances he will sell his soul to another cause and let the McCann's down. Let the McCann's Fund being questioned and dry, mitchell will fade to reborn invigorated and ready for a new battle. Money, is what moves and close the mouths of most of these people. No money, no vicissitudes.....

  83. Nothing is innocent when you investigate a complicate crime. You have to analyze everything from different and all possible angles, before you dismiss, even the most small piece of trash.

  84. Sorry to disappoint you all. I am certainly a seeker of the truth and I know the files almost by heart now.

    The insinuation of this blog that every holidaymaker and every staff member is somehow involved in a huge conspiracy of WHAT?? is getting more and more ridiculous.

    If this blog would AT LEAST do proper research and then spin their tale from actual facts it might be acceptable, but the facts are wrong.

    This is the second booking sheet showing that the Hynds had a second week at the resort:

    Try to keep to the facts is my advice.

  85. Johanna, where does Text say in this post that there wasn’t a second booking for Hynd on the sheet? Or says there was? She just wonders why Hynd was cut off the Tapas sheet. So why accuse needlessly someone for something they haven’t said?
    It’s strange how you and other BHs like Insane develop your comments on non-issues. For example, on the MMF this is what Textusa is accused of implying in her post by a Widowan:

    “Why would people go to a water park at night, or indeed at 7 AM. None of this makes sense.”

    What doesn’t make sense is this accusation. Where does Text imply such a thing, when she explicitly states the opposite?!?
    Don’t apologise for disappointing because it’s not what you say that disappoints, it’s what you say when you pretend to be what you aren’t.
    When you come here you reveal your true self. What makes this blog different from all others where you pretend to be a White Hat: Textusa points her finger to others besides the T9. Why does that bother you so much?
    Maybe that’s why you and Insane (not the first time we see you two united here), throw us non-issues to try and distract us from what really is the point, that the S&S sheet is a copy that has no reason for existing and the fact that it does means that the people that are mentioned in it either knew that their names were being used, or if they didn’t know, didn’t move a muscle to defend their reputation to this day.
    I'm still waiting for your answer about how do you know that the booking sheets were always kept in a weekly record. You say that you know the files almost by heart now and that is a typical BH evasive reply. Please be precise and enlighten us WHERE in the files that you almost know by heart is what you say stated.
    Please go back to those places where you think you’re fooling people, which you aren’t, and do live happily with your conscience or the absence of it.

  86. Johanna, Stinton H booking goes from 5/5 -19/5 which is not weekly as you say. Why does it go from 28/4-5/5 on one sheet to the dates above. Perhaps you can explain?

  87. Johanna, move on. We got already your point. I know your posts from another blogs. You think the reason is always at your side. Could be like that some times, but another times not. You have some problems to deal with intelligence of others, special Textusa.
    I don't know which truth are you seeking for and I don't question that. But if it's related with what happened to Maddie on may 2007 and how she disappeared, then you have to have an open mind and accept that everything could be possible. The behavior of the magical pair during this 4 years was so amazing that could not be irrelevant. They have no fears to involve and blame all the others, apart themselves.
    You are not a pro- McCann but you have problems to deal with cleverness and the speed of others. You want to be the first to achieve the truth. That's what I imply from most of your posts. We know, most of the people sur rounding that story were looking for a kind of protagonism. Like the narcissist McCann's. You are lucky, today, you got some attention... Now, move on. I follow that blog for quite long time and have to say that you are llying when you accuse Textusa of involving all guests and employees on her conspiracy theory. There is no theory. There is no conspiracy and not all the guests and employees were involved in the cover up. Some were, as facts show us. Mainly from Mark Warner side. I know, you don't like to ear that, but I believe since the beginning, Murat was also part of the bunch who helped the McCann's. I could be wrong and making a huge injustice on my feelings. But, for me, Murat failed to strongly show the public that he had been an innocent victim under the hands of the McCann's. His accusation was a world phenomenon. The cleaning of his image must have the same grandiosity. Where is his case against Jane? Will be a good point, if you can also provide us the link where we can see Jane being framed by Murat.

  88. Sei que Textusa incomoda muita gente, sobretudo os que nao querem que a verdade veja a luz do dia rapidamente. Nao e Johanna?

  89. What complete rubbish you people come out with.

    Johanna is correct, and I have no doubt she frightens the living daylights out of you, as she too sees through Textusa's various frauds. She is also quite correct to say that there is no excuse for poor research. You have been provided with links to the documents which show when the people listed arrived in Portugal, but you choose to behave like sheep, and stagger on blindly, trusting people who are lying to you for their own twisted reasons.

    For God's sake - grow up!
    Every anti-McCann site regards you as a total joke, and you are being ridiculed left right and centre. Once again Textusa and her cronies diminish the standing of those who disbelieve the McCanns, Do you ever ask yourselves why Textusa would want to do that? She's no visionary, she does not possess intelligence; it would appear that her sidekicks can't even read. They refuse to print posts which tell this simple truth, as they prefer to treat you like mushrooms - keep you in the dark and feed you shit. To Johanna, I agree. To the rest of you, grow a pair, you utterly craven cowards

  90. Textusa, you appear to have hit a raw nerve here for the BH... 84 COMMENTS !!

    this article is very relevant because of the interest it has stirred up, and just a question but why do we never hear anything from these people on these sheets, another 'pact of silence' maybe.

  91. Johanna, you and Duarte Levy have been two of the most prejudicial people in obstructing the truth, and both because of treacherous behavior. You have in common having used your ability to link yourselves up with one the most respected bloggers, Joana Morais. At least she has opened her eyes about one of you a long time ago. I trust that she’ll see the other, you, for what you really are.
    It's not a matter of difference of opinions, because that is something Textusa has shown many times she respects, and it's also not about you not accepting other people's opinion, out of jealousy and spite. Because you know she's getting dangerously near to the truth you worked so hard to hide, and you deliberately misread her words as well mislead her readers with made up facts.
    You know what scares you BHs the most? It’s not Textusa, but the quality of the readership that she’s been able to surround herself with. Here you find comments only from intelligent and passionate readers, who far from being computer geeks or living lonely empty lives, have a real and devoted interest in finding out what really happened that night. This kind of a reader is exactly the kind that you least want near the truth, isn’t it? That is what scares you in Textusa. To Textusa, her co-authors, present and past, and commenting readers, thank you for keeping this flame so much alive.

  92. The BH really do try really hard to fight this blog here, and they do struggle to find any valid argument to discredit this blog, which they can't because all is so well researched. They avoid to mention Textusa in all other sites, for some reason.

  93. I too have been wondering what's Johanna's agenda...? I think it's a case of the portuguese folk expression "dar uma no cravo e outra na ferradura", one hit on the nail and other on the horseshoe, not compromising herself to one side, defending both sides of a dispute, using dubious arguments.
    "Two-faced" Johanna...a "fair" face on Joana Morais and a "dark" face here...

    "Confusion is best"...isn't it, Gerry...?

  94. fantastic blog TEXTUSA, justice for Maddie may the truth be known (soon).

  95. Johanna's agenda is quite clear: she protects Ocean Club and as a consequence, the guests and Expats like Fenn and Murat. She has always pushed all and any theory that involves only the T9. She really gets upset when others are mentioned, revealing an exaggerated caring for those named in this blog and according to her "falsely accused". It's strange the ease with which she walked and took pictures of the Apartments, in a place where anybody with a camera is NOT welcomed, as you can see here:
    Johanna's agenda is identical to Insane's one: keep off the OC and guests.

  96. Wasn't amazing Johanna? You so quickly accuse Textusa of some kind of theories/ conspiracies that fit well your agenda, and failed to jump here to defend youself. Typical... starting the fire and spreading confusion. You are serving well the purpose of the Mccann's and probably Isabel Duarte. Suddenly, you become more important then what Textusa posted here. Not because of what you say or your accusations, but because you just come here when there is dangerous things( for the Mccann's and who help them) under discussion. As was posted before, you are looking for a kind of protagonism. I have to agree with a previous comment who compared you with Levy. He was a little bit more stupid. Manage to connect himself, personnaly, with both parts- G. Amaral who he fooled with fabricated information to be discussed in TV programs, and the Mccann's who he help indirectly, while delivering to the investigation fake news. We all still remembering the story of the pictures of Kate, having changed her clothes that night to go to the Tapas. Which Tapas? Deliberated or not, he used a serious crime, as game to promote himself. Some have doing the same and off-course that people are also affraid of any reopen of the investigation. THEY COULD BE CAUGHT IN PARALELL CASES. Then, Textusa, with her intelligence become dangerous for that people, aswell. See, there is more people involved on the cover-up of that crime, then only some guests/workers at the OC and the team Mccann?
    What is really your agenda, Johanna? You seems to be a portuguese living in Germain or in Holland. Why the mccann's tried so hard to connect all the case with Holland? Few tourists were in PDL, from that country, but the Mccann's travelled to there and a deutch paper(belonging to the same group as Murdoch) manage to deliver a letter to distract PJ. You are also fooling Joana Morais and I noticed that your posts there are not regular (only when it serves your business) but a strange personage show up many times with Different pseudomines ( all having in common a deutch/ germain touch) to mock the serious work of Astro and some very intelligent comments of some readers. The "Gunter something", The "something ending with OFF", " Inspector Ventoinhas, few other inspectors" and you Johanna, look the same.

  97. Just a few questions for Johanna:
    Gerry said on his last interview available at Little Morsals, that two different witnesses spoted a man carrying a child on the fatidic night. He named one of the witnesses, Jane Tanner, his friend but suffer a strange amnesia, regarding the Smiths.
    Kate, on her pile of 400 pages of wasting trees, did not gave a single sentence regarding the second witness who could have spotted her girl been abducted- the Smiths.
    They claim innocence and an abduction. They were made and remain suspects for the official police incharged with investigation. The Smiths sight, could be vital if their daughter was really abducted and could be vital to reinforce their abduction theory and take them from the nerval center of the crime. In fact, was the only independent evidence/witness to bake their theory and virtually give them a status of innocence. WHY, THEY RUNAWAY FROM ANYTHING RELATED WITH SMITHS SIGHT?
    Was it, because the guy they claim they saw, has 80% of chances to fit Gerry figure? 80%, is that what put the Mccann's out of the only evidence could help them to clean their names with help of the services of top lawyers? They prefere to live inside an innuendo of allegations/ suspictions where they become the most fantasists and mocked liars in the planet? Was it not more easy to reopen the case and bring the Smiths to court to see if by any chance, the judge(s) could see a different guy( Hewlett, for ex, who died already) on the 20% left by the Smiths as a window oportunnity? Why they don't do that? Because they know, this 80% had a huge chance to become 100% when the judges connect to the situation, other evidences PJ could have undersecrecy. I noticed on the PJ files, many pages are missing and the police sent and request the services of the "Instituto of Medicina Legal" and other Labs in Algarve, for forensic evidences. Then, there is more then what came on the press coming from the FSS lab.
    When you accuse Textusa about a Theory I know, you Johanna, was talking about the Smiths sight and the possibility of being Gerry, who they saw that night. Calling it a ludricous or fantasist theory, is not ennough. What is your point of view? Who could the Smiths been spotted that night? Was not you a TRUTH SEEK? Come on, show us your bullets.

  98. Anon @ Aug 12, 2011 9:46:00 PM

    As you appear to know nothing of the commercial world, I can inform you that businesses, for promotional and advertising reasons (to keep their name in front of clients and booking agents), give away material such as calendars, diaries, pens and NOTEPADS.

    Believe it or not, notepads are sometimes used for making NOTES.

    In this case, some bookings may on this occasion been taken at somewhere such as main reception, on whatever paper was to hand, in the absence of a Tapas reservation sheet, to be written up on the reservation sheet later.

    But why consider an obvious, straightforward explanation when it's more fun to conjure up some ridiculous far-fetched nonsense?!

    And I can assure you that this doesn't "bother" me in the slightest. I look in here, with mild amusement, from time to time and very rarely comment, but in this case the answer to the point raised is so obvious that I thought I'd just mention it, as indeed other less gullible and less conspiracy-obsessed readers have, just to hopefully bring a little clarity, bacause - believe it or not - I too don't believe the McCanns, and I too want the truth to emerge, but I'm afraid that getting hold of the wrong end of the stick and publishing pages and pages of nonsense and comments on non-issues like this won't help at all.

  99. Insane, at Aug 14, 2011 3:53:00 PM
    I’m not Anon at Aug 12, 2011 9:46:00 PM, but I resent you paternalistic tone. It’s you who seems to be “unable” to read, so it’s you that should be treated as mentally handicapped.
    Anyway, Anon asks “Why would a restaurant take a provisional booking let alone on a sheet from theme park?” and your “obvious, straightforward explanation” is that “some bookings may on this occasion been taken at somewhere such as main reception, on whatever paper was to hand, in the absence of a Tapas reservation sheet, to be written up on the reservation sheet later”.
    So now the main reception is also taking reservations for the Tapas bar? The same Tapas Bar that had a very limited amount of seats available, and that to get a booking you had to stand in a line? How then did they coordinate things to avoid overbooking? We’ve read many complaints, but none mention a problem of overbooking.
    In how many other places around PdL do you think Tapas Bar take bookings from? Maybe they should have set up an online booking scheme, and save on waste of paper, don’t you think?
    Your answer is neither obvious nor straightforward. It’s a notepad, and it’s used to take notes, and there’s absolutely nothing strange about the fact that that notepad was in the OC. Still to be answered is the why. Why it exists. Why Hynd is crossed out in one of the copies. if the S&S sheet was a draft to be copied, shouldn't this family be crossed out there also? Or at least a note "cancelled"? Finally, your insulting responses indicate that you come here “with mild amusement, from time to time”. It shows that you follow very this blog attentively and that its content is very worrisome to you. That’s using logic, which is something you “pretend” not to have.

  100. Insane,

    You remind me of a certain rather cruel joke, which I’ll write, apologizing to the most sensitive readers:

    One day, a man is driving on a country road, with his two dogs, way over the speed limit, when he runs off the road and goes against a tree. The result was that all three were seriously, seriously injured.

    A nearby farmer hears the accident, and jumps on his truck to go and see how he could help.

    Arriving on the scene of the accident, he sees the first dog, maimed and suffering. Realizing that nothing could be done, he goes back to his truck, gets his shotgun, and shoots the animal out of misery. He walks further on, and sees the second dog pretty much in the same state as the first dog. He humanly also puts this poor animal out of its misery, like he did with the first.

    Then he walks up to the man who with multiple and exposed fractures shouts out:


    Insane, no matter how loud you “shout” that the S&S sheet is unimportant, we all can see that it’s one VERY, VERY IMPORTANT document. If it wasn't an IMPORTANT document, you would be secretly snickering, gloating over the fact that Textusa was wasting her time on irrelevant stuff.

    The fact that Textusa has brought this up into daylight is something that’s bothering you quite a bit.

  101. if the S&S is irrelevant, why it went to the police office, why the police kept it and release it on the PJ files? and a big, big, why... WHY THE TAPAS BAR NEED A DRAFT OF A DINNER BOOKING TO BE LATER COPIED IN A DEFINITIVE VERSION? What is the Tapas? A five star restaurant in a 5 stars hotel, very well organized with neat papers? You Insane, seems to be who knows nothing about business. we just need to have a look on the creche records to see the poor organization.
    the S&S was used in a rush to answer a police request. Why the Hynds were removed, you maybe know since you are not coming here for a little amusement. you come here to controll what is going on and you post everytime the discussion touch the truth.

  102. Evening, Halfwits.

    The really amusing part is that the post you are all wetting your knickers over wasn't written by me. Clearly I am not the only one who thinks you're all away with the mixer.

    It's just a copy of a list. A copy of dinner reservations for a night some time after Madeleine disappeared and it probably found it's way into the case papers when a whole load of papers were seized.

    You are starting to sound desperate and shrill in equal measure. However, please don't stop. It's most amusing.......

  103. 96 comments so far and counting!!!
    This post really stirred things up in certain quadrants!

    BRAVA Textusa!

  104. Oh dear - so terribly rude to ask people questions and then not publish their replies. Never mind I shall just have to post them elsewhere.......

  105. I think it's stupid on the part of the BHs to dare Textusa to do research. I think they should just shut up and pray that she doesn't research too much for their own good.

  106. You may hate her, you may love her, but Textusa does make a difference!


    JonBenet Ramsey, Madeleine Mccann and Cailee Anthony- 3 stories so similar. No abductor, no strangers inside the crime scene.

  108. Johanna fade and Insane is much smooter. The Bronte sisters are touching some nevralgical centers, leaving some people nervous.
    Wonderful work on the way to the truth. Secrets could not be kept forever and the Mccann's and who help them with cover up can't sleep properly.
    The UK riots show families dennouncing their close relatives who were involved on the Insane disturbs. Some are mothers, dennouncing their childs. A courageous behaviour showing the honestity and dignity of that mothers. A painful courage, I believe, but they give a lesson to all that Mccann's, who have no feelings about a little girl who lost her life in a holiday where she should be enjoying the care of her parents.
    We know, people tend to copy the fashionable behaviour at each moment. Mccann's story should have small pigeons who don't played a major event in the crime but know important information to solve it. Imagine if that pigeons start copying the behaviour of the courageous mothers of some youngers involved in the riots. Imagine the big front pages in the papers in UK and around the world. Imagine the big cash in... Come on, pigeons... do something to give that child few rights. At least the right to have justice and rest in peace.
    Your cowardy has no forgiviness if you don't take the right charriot. The charriot that heads to justice.

  109. Anon 10:47
    Well said; Textusa does make a difference.

  110. It's amazing to see what Mccann's Findmadeleine site is about: A self promotional site where they sell everything and ask donations in many ways.
    Kate has an incredible post about how incredible was 2011. I was tought that I can finally read something regarding her physical and real search of her daughter. After all she have been in Portugal so many times... Forget, 2011 was incredible because they were involved in many Fundraisings to ask donations and fool people. Where was used that money, apart financing their daily life and paying their lawyers and Mitchell? How that help Madeleine to safely return home? They know, she is unable to return.
    Their words on the site saying they continue because there is not a single evidence that she become to any hurt, could be only seen as a " Black Humour ". They are mocking the destiny of their own daughter because up to now, the public just have seen the opposite. The dogs and the forensic evidences show the police, she is dead. Her parents claim the involvement of Paedos. Paedos are the most feared criminals for any child, but this two, to fool the people and ask money, still insisting, nothing harms the child. Then, why is she not able to come back or show up anywhere? Don't come back with bla, bla, of Natasha Kamp or Jaycee D. They were abducted by who know them, long ago, when the world was less global and there was no Internet. Unless the abductor travelled with Madeleine to PDL on her luggage.

  111. Anon at 5;40 good post I totally agree with you the Mccanns get involved with other charities then the gullible public believe their private bank account fraudulent fund is actually a charity when it is nothing of the sort.
    There is not one piece of evidence to support their abduction story, it is about time the fund was investigated, once the fund is attacked in court everything else will start to unravel.

    Well done to Textusa you seek the truth and justice.

  112. May I and Sina J have made an effort to keep me updated on the fantastic response to this post. I can only repeat what I’ve said before: we're so, so proud of you, our beloved readers!

    About my personal situation, let me tell you that living inside an episode of Dr. House is not easy. First, because we don’t know when the “episode” will end, nor are we certain that the correct diagnosis will be achieved. I have been told so many different things about my relative’s fate that I’ve limited myself to believe in just what the day that has passed tells me. This all just to tell you that I will be intermittently coming here, and if my head is clear enough, write a couple of words here and then.

  113. One thing that needs to be clarified, is what Insane has said in his/her comment on Aug 12, 2011 9:49:00 PM: “You are being lied to, by Textusa and her sidekicks, for reasons best known to themselves”

    This is a quite a valid statement by Insane. Not true, but valid. S/he does have reasons to be a believer that we’re “lying”, not out of not telling you the truth, but because we have a secret agenda. A secret agenda that goes him/her & friends.

    Let me try and explain. I’ve already shown you that the BH camp is divided. As a reader has stated quite correctly, Insane’s agenda is clearly to protect the OC and a significant amount of the guests staying there that particular week.

    The other side, is made up by the “McCanners”, as clearly shown by Kate in her book when she clearly points the finger to an “inside” job to take the blame.

    So in a natural “if you’re not for me, you’re against me”, Insane, seeing here exposed the OC/Guests, is assuming that that is our hidden agenda, that we’re on the McCann camp and helping the couple against his "team".

    Fate has it that, at this point in time, the path to the truth can lead to such interpretation, so Insane’s words, although completely wrong, aren’t totally devoid of reasoning.

    We repeat our pledge that we owe loyalty only to the truth. We follow the path we think we should tread. Not because we either have to go this way, or avoid that way. We follow what our conscience dictates, irrelevant of what any BH may think of us.

    Let me then reveal what is in fact our hidden agenda: to have none.

  114. I enjoyed the post very much, the comments were even nicer to read, they reveal a lot.

    So I would like to ask this of those of you who come here to read the posts and are so amused by it, you think it is nonsense, but continue to monitor and read it... do everybody a favour and open your mouth if you know something and if you were there? Go to the PJ. We don't understand why you have to keep quiet.

  115. It’s very unlikely that these people ignore the fact that their names appear on the PJ Files. Maddie case was too well known, and having been in Praia da Luz around the time events happened would have sparked one’s natural curiosity. And once the files were released then certainly someone, a relative, a friend, a colleague would have alerted to the fact that our name was mentioned in the files. The natural reaction upon seeing that our name appeared in such a media-hot case would have been to go and check for ourselves. We would then find out that we were not mentioned once, but twice, in handwritten form. Assuming that I didn’t know, I would certainly question why my name appeared on the S&S sheet. First why it was there, and second what was the reason for it to have been given to the PJ. As this post says, nobody understood, until now, what that paper was about. So, if those people that appear in it, didn’t know why, they wouldn’t have been this silent. Imagine seeing your name associated in ANY way with the Kampusch case. For example, you had spent the night on business on the week before, and you found out that your name was in some police file? And unlike all those names that appear in a computer printout, your name appeared in a handwritten form? Wouldn’t you react? I would. These people didn’t. Add this to the reaction of the BH to this post, and the conclusion is very simple to make: Textusa is on the right track.


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