Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Joining the Dots, Colour Filling is Up for Grabs...

by May I

Rupert Murdoch-, proprietor of News of the World (NoW), The Sun, SKY TV.-. media who have supported the McCanns, raised millions for the reward for finding Maddie and run stupid sighting stories.

All party politicians in UK seem terrified of him. Murdoch changes allegiance as to which party he will support in his media outlets.  
Politicians are anxious to please him. Does he have something on a lot of them too? See phone hacking scandal.  

Andy Coulson -former editor of NoW Until recently, director of communications for PM David Cameron.
Resigned in the face of the phone hacking scandal on NoW. Phone hacking scandal – ongoing.

Reporters on NoW hacked into voice mails of celebs and politicians. Originally said to be rogue reporter now serving prison sentence, but now evidence emerging that it was a widespread practice, allegedly sanctioned and encouraged by Coulson.  
Clarence M- worked under Coulson in the run up to Cameron’s election.

He is now asking questions about hacking on his phone- to see how far back the records are kept?
Records supposedly lost to the Met have now been found!  

Scotland Yard- made inquiries into the scandal. Didn’t tell a lot of people about evidence of hacking, including Gordon Brown. Now celebs who can afford to sue are doing so and Met is coming under fire for an inadequate investigation.
It has been reported that the police only agreed to re-open the case when Tom Watson, a government minister, demanded it be handed over to another police force.  

Sue Akers, Deputy Assistant Commissioner at the Specialist Crime Directorate has been appointed to lead the enquiry.  
Andy Hayman- former Chief Constable of Norfolk and former Met police and said to be friend of Andy Coulson.

In the Scottish libel trial of Tommy Sheridan, Andy Coulson said he was on friendly terms with Andy Hayman, recalling having tea and possibly lunch with him as well.  
Hayman was the Former head of Special Crime Directorate in 2007. This was the department phoned by David Payne on the night Maddie disappeared (-see DP’s rogatory statement.)  

Hayman was responsible for the anti terrorism unit when Jean de Menezez was shot dead in error at Stockwell tube station in 2007.  
Philip Norman Allen- formerly Thames Valley Police. Staying with the Eveleighs in May 2007, waiting for his apartment at Estrela da Luz to be completed. Spoke to Robert Murat about his phone being tapped.

There is also a phone call on PJ files , dated 15.5.07., between female member of Murat family and male, referring to an anti terrorism officer with them and their helpful Leicester police.
There is currently an investigation as to the activities of undercover terrorism officers infiltrating protest groups as agent provocateurs and then breaking cover.

Google Mark Kennedy / Stone for the full story. Association of Chief Police Officers are to be stripped of their role in handling undercover work, which may now be undertaken by the Met police!
Poacher turned gamekeeper?

NR- former press officer with Independent Police Complaints Commission, with whom Hayman allegedly had an affair. He resigned following this allegation and some queries about his expenses claims.  
NR went on to work with ACPO as a communications officer Hayman headed ACPO Hayman is now a columnist for News International Group, belonging to Murdoch.

Guess who is said to be serialising the McCanns’ book?


  1. And the Holand newspaper to where was sent the letter that distract the police with a body search in Odiaxere, was or not part of the Murdhoc machine? That letter has too, a Mccann's signature.

  2. for Murdoch group Madeleine is a product to sell. An investment that up to know show's an easy return. It is about the public to change that businness- BOYCOTE THE SUN EVERYTIME IT SHOWS ON HIS PAGES SOMETHING RELATED WITH MADELEINE. They payed an infame amount for the Mccann's to serialise their lies counting with an easy return from the public which they fool with a toxic lie. Don't waste your money feeding a farse. They both deserve a lesson from the public to stop the crime.
    The Mccann's still asking the public to sign their fraudulent petition while they show a number of signatures that will be ennough to reopen any case in any country. Why they don't just submit what they have, in Portugal or UK? BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT THE CASE TO BE REOPENNED AND THEY KNOW THE BIG MAJORITY OF THE SIGNATURES ARE FAKE, ANOTHER FRAUD, ANOTHER CRIME.
    What a shame that Murdoch become by supporting criminals and disrespecting Children Basic Rights. There is no difference between this group and the Mafia that traffics Humans or Ivory or diamonds or drugs...

  3. Bom dia!

    Quer o texto de May I, quer os dois comentários são duros mas reais.

    O desrespeito pelos Direitos fundamentais da Criança e a comparação com o que se passa no Mundo é fundamental porque a dureza da realidade é mesmo assim. Terrível, muito terrível mas não deve nem pode ser esquecida.

    Os tentáculos dos media são enormes pois estendem-se para lá de Uk.O império Murdoch vai até à Austrália,( de onde, penso, ser natural), Nova Zelândia e restante Globo.

    Basta ir a uma má ligação ( e vemos que qualquer notícia relacionada apenas (?) a publicidade , carros, viagens, psíquicos, acessórios, cabeleireiros e por aí fora contém sempre o nome de Madeleine.

    O Seu nome desde há muito está ligado apenas a mentiras e a dinheiro.

  4. Textusa

    Yes - amazing how things are all connected!

    It's the "mushroom syndrome" - it's grows in the dark and they are all connected underground.

    Or another version - you cannot kill it - it has many heads!

    I believe this is why the McCanns are untouchable.

  5. A "WHO'S WHO" in the Mccann Lobby:

  6. Clarence had made the connections for the mccanns and is being paid well by Gerry for the spin he produces, but none of them ever expected the Wikileaks scandal, Clarence needed to know if it was possible to retrieve phone messages. Look how Julian Assange has been treated he's been accused of rape amongst other things because he can expose high profile'cover-ups'. Julian is a loose cannon to the mccanns, Gerry must be quite worried at the moment because Wikileaks is something he has no control over whatsoever, but see how Clarence has moved into the Wikileaks arena wanting to be in the know, finding about about information is available.
    If their phone messages were retrieved that would be enough to re-open this case.

  7. The misleading letter from Odiaxere was sent around the time Gerry flew back to UK on 19th June, I wonder if he brought Madeleines mumified body back with him. If she had been buried in a shallow grave in PDL she would have become mumified, quite light and easy to transport. Gerry would never have his hand baggage checked that was the time is gave the story about his wallet being stolen. He needed time to do something, who did he meet and phone. Can these phone messages be retrived, did he ever use the ATM where his wallet was stolen, this information can be checked as can his whereabouts that day from his phone signals.
    He would have used his phone many times in the church in PDL numbers he rang could be traced he was probably the only person that used a mobile phone in that church, it should be easy to check.

  8. When the book is published how much will Gerry and Kate have to pay Clarence for his 'help', Gerry may not realise it yet but in Clarence he has a tiger by the tail, when the fund runs dry Clarence may decide to write his memoirs.
    People like Mitchell always have their eye on the next financial opportunity!

  9. What was different about 3rd May 2007 from the other nights of that holiday?

    A lot of “Firsts.”

    1. It was the day that Gerry McCann decided he was a lucky man to have such a lovely daughter.

    2. It was the day which Kate McCann spoke of as being just lovely sitting reading the children bedtime stories.

    3. It was the day that the McCann children were not taken to the tennis courts to have their usual short playtime at the side of the courts while their parents played tennis.

    4. It was the first evening David Payne went down to the tapas restaurant together with his wife and mother-in law. He generally did not join them until a little later.

    5. It was the first time that on the way to the tapas restaurant the Payne family saw/met anyone. This night they saw Matt Oldfield.

    6. It was the day Gerry McCann asked David Payne to look in on his wife and children as he thought she may be struggling to bathe their three children? (If she had been, was David to assist with this task, or was he to rush back to the tennis courts to alert Gerry, for him to rush home to assist?)

    7. It was the day which David Payne looked in on the McCann children and thought how they looked like little angels, all sitting in their pyjamas bathed and ready for bed. It made him wonder why Gerry had asked him to go. (we have all wondered at this!)

    8. It was the day that the doctors McCann decided to LEAVE their children alone once more.

    9. It was the day the doctors McCann decided that they would ‘watch their children more closely.’

    10. It was the day for the first time that Matt Oldfield listened at the shuttered windows of the McCann children’s bedroom.

    11. It was the day Matt Oldfield for the first time entered the McCann apartment through an unlocked door to check on the children.

    12. It was the day that Kate McCann confided in Fiona Payne, that she had left the patio door unlocked so that Madeleine could get out to come and look for her and Gerry McCann.(Can anyone imagine for a moment planning that, for your three year old daughter to go onto the streets?)

    13. It was the day that Kate McCann told Fiona Payne of the ‘crying incident.’

    14. It was the day Kate McCann asked Fiona Payne’s opinion on leaving the children in an unlocked apartment.

    15. It was the day Fiona Payne replied: ‘Oh, I’m sure they’ll be fine.”

    16. It was the day that a conversation regarding this unlocked door took place between adults at this table and not one took notice, not one showed concern for Madeleine, her brother or sister, each of them failing these children. Fiona Payne states: “this was conversation just between, erm, me and Kate, although I know Jane and Rachael joined in a bit, they were sitting sort of the other side of Kate, so it was sort of a conversation amongst the girls really”.

    17. It was the day a vulnerable 3 year old child Madeleine Beth McCann and her younger twin siblings were abandoned by their parents in an unlocked apartment.

    18. It was the day, another day, Madeleine’s cries once again went unheard.

    19. It was the day we can be SURE Madeleine cried.

    20. It was the day we can be SURE her cries were not ‘something and nothing!’

    21. It was the day Madeleine disappeared without trace.

    Let us not forget that in many cases, the investigating officers know exactly who the perpetrator is, they have solved the crime, just not proved it! Sometimes this takes a little more time and patience... e can always expect that the mother in a huge level of remorse gives a shot in the head! I hope so, she deserves a hysterical and exhibitionist end as a very good serie B drama. I already have a title: Drama in a English colony bay

  10. Mitchell is a mercenary, a guy that is not truthful, not for the Mccann's or for anybody. He turns where he can feel and smell money.
    When, the money run dry in Madeleine case, he will jump out leaving the bag of cats (the all Tapas) scratching and screaming trying to survive and kill each other. The public can easily accionate that ignition point by not supporting the Fund anymore, by not buying anything related with Mccann's or Madeleine. It is just a question of time to start world campaigns highlighting how anti-fashion and immoral is to support private campaigns which are dark and with objectives completely questionnable and unknown for the public. Nobody want's to be connected with such campaigns. It is like if you are supporting traffic issues or campaigns to Kill animals for fashion or cosmetics.
    Most of the people don't buy products that in any way could be connected with exploration, pain or traffic, that's why most of the products are labelled with 'NOT TESTED in ANIMALS, or ' MADE WITH SYNTHETIC FIBRES, ARTIFICIAL LEATHER', etc.
    Madeleine is a product selled by who had being intitled to protect her and failed, and explored by the immoral media that jump on everything like a vulture. I'm glad that the portuguese media already learn the lesson and pick the sign from the public. Everytime that a paper or TV publish something related with Mccann's, the article is innundate with comments from the readers, anti-Mccann and anti- newspaper, all highlighting how disgusting are all the lies and money surrounding the case. Soon the twins will be selled by the Mccann's as the brother and sister of Madeleine. They have difficult to understand where they should cut the chain and the chain must be broken long ago with all of them going back to Portugal to do the reconstruction and answer the remain questions. Their right place is inside a PJ office or inside a court room helping the investigation and giving some respect and dignity to their children.
    It's funny to see that they are using now the Blog 'Writing the Wrongs' to intimidate who write on other blogs, comments like mine, that not support them. How ridiculous... using the comments of the PRO ( If they are so genuine as their fake signatures on their Petition....) they cannot go more down... using the Internet, the way they criticised, to try to intimidate and threat people ( anonymous or not) who have a brain to think and question their lies, their Fund and their campaign to search a girl who, the Prosecutor in Portugal told in a court that for both polices (PJ and UK), she is dead and died in the flat 5A, no matter if there is not ennough evidences (until now) to charge anybody with crime. The same Prosecutor highlighted on the same day that the investigation was not totally done, is not closed and by avoiding the Reconstruction, the Mccann's failed to prove their innocence. This leave the Madeleine investigation as an open book and the Mccann's as the main page where the book was left open- No CHARGES BUT ALSO NO CLEAR- They remain the only suspects for what happened to Madeleine.
    Using the writing of the wrongs to suit their agenda is ridiculous. If you want to close the mouths of the world who don't buy your strategies, GO TO PORTUGAL, REOPEN THE CASE AND FOLLOW ALL THE STEPS THE POLICE WANT YOU TO DO. If after that the police shows us that we are wrong, you are innocent and your girl is alive with you having nothing to do with what happened to her, I believe, trillions of blogers will come to say sorry and support you. It is your fault Kate and Gerry, with Mitchell support, if you still in the darkness part of that crime. You don't care about your childs, you just want MONEY, MONEY, MONNNNNEY. The Prove is your book and the Sun serialising your lies or you want us to believe that the SUN is going to reveal what you refuse to answer or explain to the police?

  11. Well said poster at 8:54.

    Regarding the door open to allow Madeleine to go out. Another sign showing how selfish is that pair. What about the twins? Madeleine could go out in case of fire and what about the twins? Or they want us to believe that Madeleine who babysitter her brothers will be incharged to rescue them in case of fire? They lie roug all teeths about all the events for that night.
    The negligence and the checking of the childs is so fake that they cannot have it both ways- leaving the door open to save their eldest daughter and allowing the youngers to die under the same circumstance. The twins will never go out of the cots and run out of the flat wihout help, in case of fire. The abductor will never be able to snatch Madeleine withou waking up the twins. UNLESS HE SEDATE THE ALL CHILDREN AND FOR THAT HE WILL NEED MUCH MORE THEN 5 MINUTES, SYROPES OR INJECTIONS WITH NEEDLE MARKS ON THE TWINS.

  12. When Madeleine 'disappeared' the residents of PDL spent day and night searching for her whilst her parents set up a limited company 'no stone unturned', placed begging bowls in bars and hotels around PDL and spent their time jogging and playing tennis whilst feeding the media misinformation.
    Madeleine was on our TV screens 24/7 the main news item on all channels and in all newspapers.
    Money poured into the 'fighting fund' why did they need a 'fighting fund' if they were innocent? police had established the shutters were not jemmied and the only finger prints were Kates, police were not happy with statements from the people nearest to Madeleine but still the money rolled in.
    Now they are writing a book to illicit more donations from the public, to be serialised in the Sun which will be asking for more donations on behalf of the mccanns.
    When is somebody going to take responsibility for this case and demand an official request that it is re-opened and all involved are re-investigated.

  13. Every comment here just confirms my long held hope,that,with sites like yours Textusa,that despicable pair and their so supportive friends,will soon be paying their price,big time,for this heart-breaking debacle,The facts are there,just "screaming out" ,Guilty,guilty,guilty,and still they rake in the money,I despair! but,thanks anyway to all of you "like-minded" people,who check daily for that long awaited "break-through".You,should be so proud of yourself Textusa,wish I could claim to have convinced any of my family or friends that Kate is more involved in this than even her husband !!!(IMO)f,they all refuse to accept anything other than,the abduction story,unbelievable!!!!

  14. Gerry’s flight to London on 19th June 2007 could have been when Madeleine was moved.. Gerry was photographed by Sandra as he left the ocean club that morning with a bag slung over his shoulder he refused to answer any of her questions there were no other photographers present and none appeared all that day.
    He travelled to London as a VIP passenger so no security checks either end on baggage then the odd encounter on the flight when someone was ill and Gerry attended, this person is not named in a single file anywhere and the media never pursued enquiries to find out who this person was, it would have been extra publicity for Gerry to be portrayed as the hero doctor (more donations) There was also a private ambulance waiting at Faro airport when Gerry boarded the flight to London but again no mention of any of this anywhere, apart from Sandra’s article at http// Later that day he had the wallet incident which gave him the time needed to do whatever was necessary.
    The trip later to Huelva and excessive mileage IMO was to mislead the police and to raise suspicions that perhaps Madeleine had been disposed of along the way. There was no logic in that trip but the distance covered was done to confuse police to divert attention and to get people thinking, they managed to disappear from journalists for 2 hours along the way. Smoke and mirrors !!
    They hired the care around the 24th May his trip to London was 19th June, cadaver was found in the vehicle so presumably she was moved sometime before 19th in the scenic.
    Once in UK he could have properly disposed of her remains he would know which chemicals and acids would destroy bones and he could have done this in the time he made out his wallet was missing supposedly phoning credit card companies stalling for time.
    Sandra said he was edgy that morning and strode past her not speaking, if Madeleine had been buried in a shallow sandy grave putrification would have already taken place bodily fluids drained into the sand and the body would be mummy like, lighter and easy to transport.
    Gerry could not risk burying her anywhere in Portugal he needed complete control to ensure the fund would be on-going. They know she won’t be turning up as they have given a launch date for their book several months in advance how can they be so confident!

  15. Another link in the chain?

    " A third company monitoring protesters is the Inkerman Group, which employs former Met commissioner Lord Imbert as a strategic adviser." Guardian 15.2.11.

    What's happened to Kevin Halligen, former CEO with Inkerman, introduced to the group by Sir John Walker in 2003. Has he been extradited to the US or is he still in custody in England?


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