Friday, 11 February 2011

10 Common Facts Between Two Global Lies

Ridiculous Fact #1: The Single Bullet Theory of JFK’s Assassination:
Ridiculous Fact #2: The Abduction Theory of MBM's Disappearance:
  1 – Both are physically impossible to accomplish, FICTIONAL up to the point of being RIDICULOUS.

2 – Both are ARROGANTLY INSULTING in the assumption that we’re to believe in them.  

3 – Both seek to blame a SINGLE culprit.
4 – Both leave INTENTIONALLY out ALL those who indeed did play a significant part in the events investigated, with the exception of the victim.  

5 – Both are FALSE in terms of what really happened to the victim.  

6 – Both had the FULL support of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA in helping to pass as reality what is blatantly a lie.
7 – Both are conclusions reached after the work done by the ADEQUATE NATIONAL INVESTIGATIVE agencies/authorities.

 8 – Both are accepted by the respective NATIONAL Judicial Systems as the TRUTH. 

9 – Both are conclusions presented by the ADEQUATE NATIONAL JUDICIAL authorities, thus represent the NATIONAL OFFICIAL VIEW on the respective subject.  

10 – Both are LEGITIMATE


  1. Mentiras legitimadas de tal modo que se tornam " definitivamente verdades" , não é ?

    Muito conveniente sempre para os " ponderosos".

    Não, não me enganei a escrever a palavra. É uma forma de ironizar .

    Claro, com os auxílios devidos, sejam eles quais forem.
    Muitos, pois claro e de muita e variada ordem, suponho.


  2. wonderful Textusa but there is a huge difference between the two cases- The Time.
    Kennedy happened in a time when more then 50% of the public was analphabet and not caring for information. Madeleine happened when more then 70% of the public has medium literacy and is well informed. The small minority who support them don't believe on them but fall on the type of people who are xenophobes against Portugal, or don't like the police in general. Very few believe that Madeleine was abducted or is alive. Trough their comments we can see that the case was used by those people with a secondary agenda- to insult the portuguese and the police.
    When Kennedy Happened there was no Internet. The time is the big enemy for the Mccann's. They cannot sleep with that monster 24 hours awake, and the monster will destroy them one day, soon. No way to silence he time and the Internet.

  3. Anon at 10.22 great post - we have the internet so information is more available and accessable, we are also able to spot the lies and misinformation printed to confuse us and 'compare notes'.
    IMO the mccanns know the fund is running dry the media frenzy has all but disappeared there will be no more massive donations for them, so after their book is published they will move to a country with no extradition relations with UK or Portugal (eg Ronnie Biggs in Spain could not be touched for 30 years ) the proceeds from the book are nothing to do with the fund money it is their nest egg to spend how they wish.
    if mccanns are not stopped they will be free to leave the UK probably citing that it has become 'too painful living here... blah... blah' sell up and start again with a big bank balance.
    They are two criminals but the law is closing in on people that defraud the public so hopefully someone in authority will take charge and justice will be done, remember they had Sr Amarel's accounts frozen so their's should be frozen until the case is re-opened.
    Great site Tex.

  4. Anon. 8:12 am

    I agree that we are more informed because of the Internet - but what good is it going to do in regard to Madeleine. All who protest that the abduction could not have taken place as suggested by Tapas9 are ignored. Having the information available has not moved us any further forward in bringing those responsible to account.

    I also agree that it is more than likely that the McCanns will emigrate and use what is left of the Fund money to make sure they are not brought to account even for negligence. They have made sure they are able to use it for this purpose.

    I think as you do that they are counting on time to pass in order to fade from the public gaze. I also think that the UK Government are hoping this as well.

  5. Exactly anon @ 8:12

    The book is their last attempt to fade having a good revenue. We will see, after the book, no more Mccann's in the Media, no more spin about Madeleine sights here and there, no more care about searching her. They will try to fade in a low profile and live with money they are convinced will come from the book sell.
    It's about the public to stop the Megamachine and break Mccann's wishes- DON'T BUYING THE BOOK and making the SUN A DISASTER INVESTMENT. They know that they cannot foolish the public anymore asking donations, then the book is the new strategy to ask those donations by selling a totally rubbish leaflet. We should not buy it... in memory and respect of Madeleine.

  6. Mccann's can go anywhere. Their guilt will not leave them. They will be not able to rest, even in the most remote and isolate place in the world. Will be always somebody, aware of their lies, who will point the finger and start the Karma.
    Money couldn't buy peace or respect. Those vallues need to be achieved, deserved.
    They can runaway but their Karma will run after them.

  7. Have they been given an advance for the book by their publishers? If so, it won't matter how many copies it does or doesn't sell - they will have had a shedload of money and the royalties on sold copies will be of no significance to them. This is what happened with Tony B. Liar's book - I think hardly anyone bought it (although many of us had fun moving it to different sections in Waterstones, eg Crime or Fantasy), however he had received a huge advance from the publisher. I am sure you are right that they will emigrate as soon as possible, and definitely before the twins get to an age where they will hear what their friends' parents really think about what happened in PdL in May 2007. I am incensed that I wasted a few weeks' sympathy on them back then - all my sympathy should have been reserved for that poor little girl who lost her life when she should have been actually having the time of it.

  8. Just looking on the internet at the wonderful research Textusa,Joana Morais, Pamalam and countless other websites do proves beyond doubt that the case should be re-opened and that the mccanns should be reinvestigated, so many doubts, lies and descrepancies in their statements, but why is this case stalling so, it is so baffling, if they were Mr and Mrs Ordinary from a council estate they would have been locked up years ago, social services and the media would have been in uproar over their behaviour.
    This is what is so wrong with society rich people are able to pay to cover their crimes and use their connections and nobody will touch them or bring them to justice. Mccanns don't go away quietly either they keep making money from Madeleines memory and asking for more donations Kate and Gerry do not know when to stop hopefully that greed will prove to be their downfall.
    Justice for little Madeleine who was let down so badly by her parents and their friends who have no morals and all should have known better.

  9. Thank you Textusa for all your work.

  10. They havent been knicked because of political protection, that in itself should set alarm bells ringing


  11. Bonnybraes
    Feb 16, 2011 2:14:00 PM

    I find myself not knowing exactly who you are, or who you intend to be. I see three options.

    Option 1
    You’re a Scot who chose the nick “Bonnybraes” out of Robert Burns’ poem “The Banks of O’Doon. That would make you an interested reader whose comment is to be read as supportive of the thesis defended in this blog about the fate of Maddie.

    Option 2
    You’re BB1. Directly from the Maggot’s Lair.

    Option 3
    You’re someone posing as BB1, the one from the Maggot’s Lair.

    So I’ll have to answer your comment, directing myself to each of these possible characters.

    Answer to Option 1:

    Agree. Many have come up with various theories, but all fail to explain how a couple, made up of Upper-middle class Doctors, were able to benefit from such protection. This blog does attempt to explain the why, and once one understands it, then all else just becomes quite simple.

    Answer to Option 2:

    It was a surprise to see a name I don't associate with sites which question the T9's version of events. Do you actually know more about the protection you're referring to, or are you deducing it from the available facts? I think alarm bells about cover-ups have been ringing for many of us for some time now, but who are you REALLY saying should be alarmed? Those of us who question? Those who publish questions? Or the T9 and those who support them?

    Answer to Option 3:

    Don’t. To impersonate others reveals only weakness of character and moral cowardice


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