Friday, 11 February 2011

Hommage to a People

Politians, take heed, you are NOT above your people.


  1. If enough people demand justice for Madeleine and the re-opening of the case it will happen.
    Thank you Tex for your brilliant blog.

  2. Indeed, Textusa, if enough people make enough protest, the people can demand justice.

    Thank you for your articles.

  3. Mitchell will not gave up is job and accept to be Mccann's spinner if there was a chance for Madeleine to be found and the case solved. When he accepted the job he was aware about the truth, the duration of the job and the salary. That tell us all about that crime and who is involved. Same as the Mccann's planning all the events many months ahead, absolutely sure that Madeleine will not show up to damage their projects.
    2+2 always = 4

  4. Once the mccanns book comes out they will be back in the media spotlight, I've noticed how more and more people on internet forums question their innocence and ask why they need money when they have a large house they could have sold to raise funds, so I think the crowds will turn against the mccanns especially as we are in a recession, money is tight and mccanns are raking in 2 million for the fairytale book plus whatever else in donations. Public will turn on them. Even people that are not aware of the facts argue why did two parents leave three little children night and night to go out socialising and were not investigated. There are a lot of unanswered questions that need clarifying.
    The case should be re-opened and the mccanns should explain why they lied about the shutters, why they waited 40 minutes before phoning the police and all the other lies they told, and why they ever needed a fund in the first place. Parents in that situation would just co-operate fully with the police and be out physically searching not prancing around on the beach.

  5. Just compare the behaviour of the mother of missing Alessia and Livia in Switzerland with Kate Mccann. There is an OCEAN OF DIFFERENCES. An innocent mother will do everything she could to help the police find her child and will never leave the public to believe that her child still alive. How can she predict what she don't know? UNLESS YOU KNOW WHERE IS MADELEINE, KATE MCCANN, AND YOU DELIBERATELY LIE TO THE POLICE.
    Trough other cases we can see how involved the Mccann's are on the disappearence of their daughter. You cannot fool the public anymore.


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