Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Nights of the Round Table

by Sina J When I go out to dinner with 8 friends, those who it could be said are ‘so into each other’ we would not want our evening meal to be rushed by super efficient restaurant staff.

I just wonder why the Tapas restaurant would want rush a party of 9, having between them 27 plates of food, or 28 or more, if we read further, and ?? bottles of wine.

We are not told by the waiters that T9 warned them they were in a hurry to eat and leave so it is reasonable to think that this group of people were hoping for a leisurely meal with nice wine and lots of conversation and the waiters anticipating to be in attendance to satisfy their needs.

We have an indication to the contrary for rushing, as on the Quiz Night, the T9 participated enthusiastically and even invited the hostess, Ms Najoua to the table.

And about the Quiz Night, we can see the start of the revealing of very peculiar relationship of the T9 in linking time with reality. Jane Tanner says a round of the quiz lasted a COUPLE of minutes!

In my experience the quiz is usually done in 2 rounds each lasting quite a while. Teams swap their answer papers with the table next to them to mark after each round.

But besides the Quiz Night participation, we also have the late times given by Tapas and OC Staff about the late returning to the apartments by the T9 on the previous nights, so, it seems certain that they were in no hurry to go back to bed during that whole week. They neither pressured, or felt pressured to hurry through the "Tapas dinners".

Waiters rely on tips and would be so attentive to their diners’ wishes to ensure they received the best service, not the speediest service, so having more opportunity to earn tips.

Maybe the waiter would get commission for offering the best wine on the menu, not the house plonk? Would the Tapas restaurant really make much profit if they gave away a free bottle of wine to every customer each evening as Jeronimo Salcedas says “The wine was included in the dinner at the Tapas and the functionaries were very generous.”?

Tiago Barreiros says “That the payment for alcohol, not included in the vacation package, was paid by service card. This payment was made by random members of the group of 9.

So not free after all?

Oh dear, will Jeronimo now be in trouble for giving away the wine? Or will Tiago be in trouble for “making up” stories about random payments of free goods? The wine either is free, or it isn’t.

T9 arrive at the restaurant at their leisure, although the table was booked for 20.30. They could be’ fashionably late’ as there were no demands on their time after their children were asleep in bed, their supervision was organised whether by a checking system or electronic monitors were used.

No other diners would be arriving after this group so the restaurant would not need to use their table again later.

The restaurant may well be quite empty by the time the T9 group were eating so it’s surprising they didn’t notice the other few diners in there. The Sperreys were booked in for 21.00 so would have arrived at the same time as the Paynes and Dianne Webster. Which couple were Kate and Gerry talking to who had finished their meal and drinking coffee? Was it the Coxs or the Patells? No, according to Gerry it was the Carpenters? What is strange is that two of the diners, the Irwins on the booking form, seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth and the other diners don’t mention the big, noisy, restless group seated at the BIG ROUND TABLE.

I was doing a mental exercise about having 9 people at a BIG ROUND table. Of course round is the best shape so everyone can talk to each other but T9 don't seem to have the same ability to share conversations as Matthew Oldfield’s communication to Gerry McCann on doing a room check for him was not acknowledged.

Although Gerry asked him to check according to his statement, Matthew did it without being asked and was a little offended when Gerry didn't take any notice and then went to check 5A for himself.

So shall we all share a "Tapas experience"? Please bear in mind this all has to be accomplished in approximately 45 minutes if we are generous with time, so if you find it hard to keep up, you are not alone.

Here we go using Russell’s timelines Sainsbury’s sticker activity book.


Timeline 1:  

8:45.(underlined) pm
9.00-9.05 Matt returns - listened at all 3 - all shutters down Jerry
9.10-9.15 in the room + all well ? did he check
9.20/5 - Ella (crossed out) Jane checked 5D sees stranger & child
9.30 - Russ. Ella (crossed out) Matt check all 3
9.35 - Matt check see twins - l
9.50 - Russ returns
9.55 (circled) - Kate realised Madeleine
10pm (circled) - Alarm raised

Timeline 2:  
8.45pm. all assembled at poolside for food
9.00pm. Matt Oldfield listens at all 3 windows 5A, B, D ALL (double underlined) shutters down
9:15pm Gerry McCann looks at room A ? Door open to bedroom
9:20pm (circled) Jane Tanner checks 5D - [sees stranger walking carrying a child (squared)]
9.30 Russell O'Brien in 5D. Poorly daughter
9.55pm 10:00pm (circled) Alarm raised after Kate

But the reality is, 9 people eventually get to the table at 21.10.

I think we can presume Jeronimo Salcedas took the orders for drinks and served them as he says he served the table frequently that night. Salcedas states he was frequently called to attend British clients as he speaks English and his colleagues had little knowledge of the English language.

The group could pretend to do what they did the night before and just order bottles of wine, more white than red, so to begin with, 2 white, 1 red and some water.

The waiter selects the wine and bottles of water, brings them to the table and opens them and serves.

Joaquim Baptista, now seems to have a good understanding of the English language because he says he took the orders for the food so 21.10 he opens his pad and goes around the table taking orders for starters and main courses at the same time according to Jane Tanner....what time is it now... 21.20?

How many people have already left the table for visits to their apartments? 3 or 4 people?

Being so efficient he takes the orders in 2 minutes and as Gerry must have given his order first he is free to leave the table just after 21.10.

The starters arrive for 9 people, and being speedy cooks, by 21.30, now I'm impressed.

We are also told there is a lull between courses at 21.40. The chef has to cook Russell’s steak on the outside grill after starters were prepared and served but then must go back into the restaurant to prepare the other meals.

I wonder where their sardines were cooked?

He goes out a second time to prepare another steak for Russell later on.
Dianne Webster says they have 3 courses as NORMAL, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge to fit them all in on the 3rd May.

Gerry orders sausage and potato starter what time did all 9 starters arrive at the table if they were having cooked starters?...21.30 with super efficient staff? It takes 10 minutes to eat them and clear away ...21.40? That's being quick! One wonders if they were able to converse at all... and clarifies the need of so much wine to wash things down that quickly...

As they ordered main courses with starters, that would have added a few minutes to the initial order but then the waiter does not need to go back to the table to take the more orders. 9 main courses arrive 9.45? VERY IMPRESSIVE but there again there was nobody else in the Tapas restaurant needing attention by this time.

So by some time machine miracle those 9 people have main courses while fitting in room visits and have desserts (although Russell has to have a second steak cooked...he must like rare steak) and 11 more bottles of wine....all before 21.50 when Kate leaves the Tapas.

40 minutes in total by which time at least 28 plates of food and 14 bottles of wine have been delivered to the table.

Now about the BIG ROUND TABLE from Jane Tanner’s rogatory statement. “The big table for us is in the middle, they’d put a table there and then there was some more tables down the side by the tarpaulin. And I think our table had moved slightly that way”.

Tables that move themselves? She previously mentioned it was right beside the tarpaulin where the ‘wall thing’ was where she would rest her baby monitor.

According to Tiago Barreiros “That the table they occupied is next to the Tapas bar since that table was the biggest.”

 When Jane was asked if it was one table specifically for a large group or a group of tables put together she replied “I think they’d put some together, but it was round, it was just one big round, a big round one. I can’t remember to be honest.”

Not only does the table move but so do the people sitting at it.

Jane says I was sitting next to Kate on one side and I think it was Rachael, I think it was Rachael the other side. I think it was, so it was Kate, me and Rachael….I think Dianne was next to Rachael…..and I think Russell might have been the other side of Kate or Matt was next”.

A rather different seating arrangement to Kate’s statement:

Also remember that Clarence Mitchell said the group had no watches, mobile phones or cameras with them (well…. apart from Dianne Webster who mentions in her statement looking at her watch) but I guess the Tapas restaurant has a nice big clock so everyone knows exactly what time they came and went.

The Paynes and Dianne Webster don’t arrive until 21.00 and Dianne Webster firmly states in her first interview on the 4th May when asked if “there was any possibility she crossed paths with someone during the journey between her apartment and the restaurant” the witness said “no”.

She also states no-one had been sent back to the apartment to call them. So she did not see Matthew Oldfield who had gone to chivvy them up?

Although Ms Webster does say in her rogatory statement over a year later that she did meet Matthew Oldfield on the way to the restaurant, Matthew, in his statement that he passes Dianne and the Paynes but carries on to do a check anyway.

Can we assume that at a brisk walking pace walking pace it would take 3 minutes to get to the apartments and back and a couple of minutes to listen at ‘all 3’?

From the handwritten timeline he doesn’t specify what ‘all 3’ are so let’s presume he means apartment windows. So let’s also assume Matthew Oldfield is back at the table by 21.05 so the ordering did not begin until then.

Just to recap and think about the times we are given………. I think we can assume it is 21.12 or slightly later and 21.15 by the time the chef received the order sheet for food.

As the Tapas restaurant is very efficient, 9 starters are delivered to the table by….oh dear ….now things are already starting not to add up but let’s carry on with the information we are given by Russell.

Gerry is not at the table at 21.15 he is in 5A and as we now know he spoke to Jeremy Wilkins for 3 minutes (it was rather inconsiderate of Jez not to mention he was going to be out walking when this timeline was drawn up by Russell) and if it takes 3 minutes to get to 5A and back he doesn’t return to the table until 21.21.

Gerry settles down to his starter at 21.21 as it must be sitting on the table ready for him. I think the chef must have had those 9 starters pre-prepared as Jane Tanner finished hers by 21.20 so she can go back to her apartment.

It was so considerate of the chef to also give Jane her main course at the same time so she could go back to relieve Russell O’Brien if we go by timeline 1 above. But if we go by timeline 2 we are not told Russell had gone back to the apartments before Jane so it is getting a little confusing. 21.35, timeline 1, Matthew Oldfield goes back to the apartments and sees the twins so when he returns to the table it would be 21.40 (odd…just in time for the ‘lull’ between courses?) by which time 9 main courses are served, that is good going for 1 chef and 1 kitchen assistant.

So I assume Matthew begins his main course at 21.40.

Let’s hope Russell’s steak wasn’t too rare with the speed meals are cooked, or maybe it was overcooked so it was taken back and another one cooked for him for when he returned at 21.50 just in time for Kate to leave to do her check.

So, being super efficient, between 21.15 and 21.45 drinks orders are taken and served, starters and main course orders for 18 plates of food are taken, cooked, served by a waiter who must have done at least 3 trips to the kitchen for each course, eating the meals and the table cleared between courses, a second steak cooked and 4 people making trips backwards and forwards, all within 30 minutes?

We have a statement to say everyone had finished eating by 21.50.

I suppose being doctors they would know what to do in the case of severe indigestion. It gives me indigestion just thinking about it.

My goodness, tennis and watersports make you hungry!

Thanks to the speed of the the cooks and waiters at the Tapas restaurant they can fill the needs of 9 hungry people with 3 courses and all that ‘free’ wine within that short space of time.

Do they serve indigestion tablets with the liquers?

As Joaquim Baptista spent 30 minutes in the kitchen when the group had finished their main course he can’t have been hanging around waiting to offer desserts or coffee. Had he abandoned hope of getting any tips?

I don’t think Salcedas was banking on tips either because he was speaking to his two colleagues, Ze and Ricardo, who were on a break (not very considerate taking into account that such a frenetic activity was going on around the BIG ROUND TABLE) and then he returned to the restaurant to find only Dianne Webster sitting at the table.

So he wasn’t paying any attention to the group. So who was paying attention to the group of diners?

If there were no diners there that would explain their lack of attention.

Maybe Dianne Webster remained at the table when Kate raised the alarm that Madeleine had been ‘abducted’ as her statement says it was usual for the group to have dessert and she stayed behind to eat hers?

Let’s not forget she goes back later for the camera she didn’t take!

As an afterthought, maybe we should look at the statement of Arlindo Peleja…who only sees 3 couples sitting at one table on the esplanade. That seems slightly more credible. 2 small square tables put together would not be unusual and no-one would take much notice.

He doesn’t say which 6 people apart from Dianne Webster but as he says couples it would indicate 3 men and 3 women so I wonder who he partnered Dianne Webster with?

He says he arrived at the restaurant at around 21.10 and heard clamour at around 21.20, at 21.40 (remember that, apparently, he was the ONLY one wearing a watch) when he left the table was completely empty and various items, principally clothing, was left behind.

Who would be sitting ‘outside’ on a cold night, eating dinner and NOT wearing the clothing they had taken?


  1. If there were 14 bottles of wine on the table and only one per person was free, who paid for the extra 5?

  2. Tex,
    I never thought of this before but of course it would have been COLD sitting outside as you mention, also people had said the sea was rough, it was out of season.
    Holiday parks run on minimum staff out of season and only open certain areas I doubt they sat outside on a cold night, I doubt they were ever there at all !!!

  3. Sina J,
    Your post should be sent to the Home Office or somebody in authority who would spend the time to question why the McCanns are still walking free.
    Brilliant thank you.

  4. WHO is JERONIMO??? The 10th Tapa who is seen on the CCTV Paradisio??? (Paraiso beach bar, the sun/mirror 'mistakenly' named HIM "Diana Webster! -DianE, no need to exaggerate it-)Then WHY is this NAME 'JERONIMO ...' not included in the files?!

    -if the same man as on the Paraiso CCTV footage, he's clearly a HE! see ThreeMaddies photobucket album- then WHICH ROLE DID HE HAVE, EXACTLY?

  5. Anon at 10.20

    I think there are plenty of people who read here who would be able to use the post as part of a bigger investigation if they choose to. It's not up to the UK Home Office to re-open the case

    The McCanns can request that by taking up the offer from the Portuguese police and do a reconstruction.

    Now I think we can see why the group refused. Whose statement would be used for the script?
    Who would be the director this time?

    Sina J

  6. Mag

    Jeronimo IS in the files.

  7. Mag, 2.06 am,

    Information on Jeronimo Salcedas, from the PJ files:

  8. Picture a 'reconstruction' of the events on the 3rd May 07. All tapas group rolling and falling about totally intoxicated! The 1st to arrive (GNR) described the men as being drunk.
    The Tapas evening was a booze-up, and any recollections are made-up from nights prior to the night in question.

  9. PJ interview of Jeronimo Salcedas and also his rogatory interview by the Leicester Police:
    (It might be interesting to compare)


    Note that he was the only non-McCann "crew" to be subject of a posterior interview(rogatory). The PJ must have had a good reason to have him reinterviewed...

  10. One day someone from Tapas group (which is bigger than 9) will break down because a murder (even if was not premeditated) is something that you cannot live with - an entire life.

    Having so much people involved in a tragic situation like this (a small child loosing a life, the way she did is hard, you know?) is already a premonition of what may happen in the future.

    First, parents will get divorced. It's inevitable! It happens to the major cases when parents loose a child even when they're innocent. Now imagine when parents are holding a big secret!

    In fact, they should be already divorced, but we understand why they aren't. There is too much to loose and they cannot afford it.

    Then, or between happenings, someone will break down and tell. People are not made of the same stripe - some can handle some just can't. I think there are more persons filling in the second condition but they are afraid, of course. Who wouldn't?

    A part from this and while you wait for my premonition happenings you can always looks to the signs:

    - You don't hear from their holiday friends anymore, have you? But "and they were so into each other"... Well, I don't need to tell you why. Try to walk with their shoes and let me know if you don't understand them.

    - Second, you rarely hear from family. Why is that? I know. It's sad. And is huge disappointment, sorrow and pain. So, they don't talk much in public, they don't wave with flags because they are suffering with this huge loss. They don't need extra troubles, being a relative is already an handicap. Lastly, a family does not let us down, does it? Hope not...

  11. Anon
    Feb 17, 2011 10:23:00 AM

    First, please do point out to all of us where, in the PJ Files, is it stated, and by whom, that the “The 1st to arrive (GNR) described the men as being drunk” as so you say.

    Second, you seem to acknowledge that the Tapas LIED to the Police when you say “any recollections are made-up from nights prior to the night in question”. That is called Obstruction of Justice. A crime, a serious one at that.

    Third, you speak as if it was justifiable to make a “white lie”, bringing up another evening events to the one being asked about, in order hide the fact they were drunk. If one doesn’t remember, one just has to say one doesn’t, and if one has to explain why one doesn’t, one just has to say, “I was drunk”. No Tapas recognize being drunk or even tipsy a«when questioned. For a parent to lie in order protect his sobriety when his sibling’s life is at stake, than what can be said about that person’s character.

    Fourth, we understand that it’s very wishful for some to have us think that the Tapas were drunk. Besides the stated on the reservation sheets, nothing else corroborates that thesis other than “forum and blog myths”. Intentionally made up. So probably yes, I suppose they intended to do their best to appear drunk... but the fact that Kate was out of control helped little, didn't it?

    Fifth, the incapacity of doing a reconstruction of the events of May 3rd, lies not in the intoxication of the characters involved (which we, in this blog, to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, do not believe ANY of the Tapas 9 were MINIMALLY drunk on May 3rd) but on the impossibility for anyone to recreate events that didn’t happen at all.

    There were no such things as “T9Tapas dinners”, there were no “T9 Tapas drunks” on May 3rd and there was no “Tapas NEGLIGENCE” during the T9 stay at PdL.

  12. What a great pity,neither police force employs someone with your intelligence Textusa,and even one,lone reporter could turn this fiasco on its head in a day ,if only they had the "guts"to say it as it is!!!!!Keep up your brilliant observations,no wonder they didn,t want to return for a re=construction,they would now be serving their deserved sentances as we "speak"! but,its still not too late,with people like you ,we will get justice for Madeleine.d

  13. The all inclusive package only included meals at the Millenium (Mill) restaurant, not the Tapas (see MW brochure).

    Wine with meals is only included with meals at the Mill so eating and drinking elsewhere would be at extra cost.

    So why would anyone pay for all the meals and drink and then pay again for eating elsewhere.

    The Tapas meals never happened its part of an elaborate coverup.

    All inclusive is for a buffet service, how else could it work, somebody wants a burger and Gerry wants fillet steak but both are charged the same?

    The Tapas meals are a total nonsense.

  14. Wonderful cronological work Sina J.

    Your post deserves to be hold in a nice frame and sent as a Birthday gift to 4 important personalities- Mr. Brown, Mr. Socrates, Mr. Pinto Monteiro and Mr. Alipio Ribeiro. They should decorate their desks with a factual example of their shameful work.
    When I first read the statements that all those liars gave to the police I already got the impression that they are trying to sell a huge lie, because you just can't overtake the pace of the time. Now, I'm absolutely sure ... the all Tapas liyed and the workers of the Tapas as well. Wonder why??? maybe because what happened to Madeleine could not be considered a normal domestic accident- was a crime and need to be concealed for the good of the reputation of the resort and the skin's of who were directly involved.
    The Tapas 9, trough their lies, manage to transform themselves in to super-flies. Only Super-flies could surround so quickly all the sh... they deliberately deliver to the investigation. Will be amazing the considerations of Einstein/Newton if they had the possibility to come back and give their opinion on Madeleine issues.
    A single word can resume and explain the all events they tried to fit in a short time- IMPOSSIBLE!

  15. Cont.
    Then, if I look closely to the timeline they wrote, I have to make some conclusions:
    1- You just need to write a timeline if you don't really experienced what you are writing. A group of 9 people, will not forget what they live in the afternoon if they have to retell this events just few hours later. If I add the fact that those hours were the last they shared with one of their childs that went missing, then it is impossible to forget. From our own experience, we know how hard it is to forget the most dramatic moments in our life. The Tapas suffered from an interesting amnesia...
    2- You just underline or circle what is really important to be remembered. They underline/circled the beginning of the story and the jobs to be accomplished by Jane Tanner and Kate ( Witnessing the abductor and raising the alarm). Those timelines throw on the floor Jane Fairy Tale about how guilt she feels for not telling what she saw. to any of the other Tapas. before Kate raising the alarm. Just imagine the situation of having one of your childs missing without knowing where she went... you don't waste a minute writing a timeline and will be hard to reunite 9 people in the middle of the panic. Then, the timeline must be wrote before the alarm or was written after the alarm by one or 2 persons and then passed to the others in a rush to be memorized. This can explain why they were not out searching for Madeleine, they were busy sticking on their brains a story to foolish the police and the Media.
    3- one of the timelines was for Kate with what she had to memorize underlined or circled, the other was for Jane. Gerry and O' Brien, probably wrote the timelines.

    THEN, That DINNER AT TAPAS, NEVER HAPPENED ON THAT NIGHT and the workers are part of the Cover-up. Wonder why the Resort choose the workers of the Tapas to help the Mccann's backing their story?... Most probably because the Tapas had few guests dinning there that night or was empty ( then less people to state to the police and contradict the Mccann's). The Millennium was the restaurant included in all holidays pack, then busy... WITH A LOT OF WITNESSES TO STATE WHAT THEY SAW TO THE POLICE. The Millennium must be avoided.
    There was no any dinner for the all Tapas 9 That night. Their night meal was the Tea they took at Cafe Paraiso. Too busy with other things to feel any angry.

    Maybe one day, the Tapas waiters will decide to write their own book and fill the gaps on the all saga.
    Kate and Gerry keep going back to PDL, for some reason. Closing the mouths of who could damage their fantastic story, is a good and strong reason. If one of those guys flip, no FUND WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED.

    Just an apart, but I read in a Portuguese paper that Manuela Moura Guedes is going to Join SIC (TV). If so, will be a good idea to start sending her e-mails asking her to look back to Maddie case with accurate eyes and expose all the lies and manipulation. Portugal and UK will thanks her( not the government, but the citizens).

  16. I also think that the truth will come out because too many people are involved in the cover up at the moment all couples are still together but as a previous poster states people get divorced and secrets get told to other people, nothing stays the same forever, eventually it will all come out.
    Kate and Gerry cannot keep out of the media spotlight they crave the attention and the publicity their new book will give them, but public opinion has changed towards them 4 years ago people believed their lies, now we do not, in fact we KNOW they have lied.
    More people are involved in this than just the Tapas 9 for the cover up to have worked so well, but when we analyse their statements we can see it is all one big abduction fairytale, Madeleine died before 3rd they used 3rd as their cover up day, Gerry carrying a decoy Maddie to be spotted by public in busy area - Maddie was long gone before then.

  17. I notice on the table plan that Fiona Payne is seated between Kate and Gerry??? most couples sit together, also it was her husband who was supposidly the last person to see Madeleine alive.
    Personally I never believed Payne's statement I do not think he went to Kates apartment at all.
    They were not sure about which watersports they did on holiday so much is make believe.
    Does the Tapas bar have an inside eating area, because it would have been getting cold outside and dark and surely inside would have been preferable to outside and who can really believe these diners kept getting up from the table every 30 minutes or so to check on their children.
    Also restaurants have shift workers so it is possible that OC staff were not aware of all the comings and goings of Tapas, same as creche their records could have been altered to include Madeleine.
    Well done Tex and Sina J brilliant article.

  18. I believe, the crime and their lies is what keeps those couples together. If they were innocents they will be divorced long ago, following the natural evolution of cases of missing childs. Normally the parents tend to blame each other about the tragedy that happened to their child. In a contrasense, the Mccann's are defending each other...because they are far from being innocents.
    hey are not so close into each other, as they pretend the public to believe. More then one portuguese journalist reported them going to the church at same time without holding hands but they immediately changed their behaviour appearing like sweet and lover birds, hand by hand, when they noticed journalists around. The love story was created by their media machine to help them play the victim roll and foolish the people who bake their Fund wih donations in a record time. After the later afternoon of May 3, nothing came spontaneous from that couple and their friends/family. It was all programmed and who had no ennough money to keep the circus on was forced to fade. Their family fade, their friends aswell.
    Let the Fund to dry and you will see the cats nest blowing up. The police just have to follow the money to get the all picture of who was or become involved.

  19. On last night news it reported that todays headlines in The Sun are that Madeleine McCann was kidnapped by a group of Paedophiles and taken to America...what warrants this rubbish being put on the front page I wonder...maybe they are proposing to launch their book in the USA attempting to get more donations and this is just a pre-runner for such a money making scheme.

    Sina J and Textusa I wish your articles could be published in our media thats all it would take for an 'uprising' against the McCann machine.

    Did the Tapas bar not have a record of the bill for this large party? or no CCTV cameras in operation. They had CCTV at Paradiso - and if it could be proven that the McCanns were not at Paradiso the group would have said they were there that afternoon, but because of CCTV they could not pretend to be there. there is so much that appears to have been overlooked or 'covered up'.

    AOL and the Sun will run a comments on the new 'Maddy' story and I'm going to suggest people come and visit your website Tex and open their eyes.

    Well I've posted my comment Tex on the above website as I mentioned in my previous post - dont know how long it will stay there before it gets wiped off but hopefully a few people will read it.

  21. I find it insulting that people are expected to believe everything that has been written to promote abduction. The tales we are given are hype, distraction and totally false. Anyone who gets near the near the truth and dare speak out gets ridiculed or threatened. And now we have an Algerian bouncer who knows where Madeleine is. I know we all get the e-mail scams from African countries and delete them after laughing about the story they contain and this has a similar ring to it.
    I wonder how much the bouncer has been paid to put his name and face to this scam? Did he have much of a choice or was coercion involved? It reminds me of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby,.

    It doesn’t take a genius to see that no-one can re-enact the scenarios we are told happened leading in up to May 3rd (and beyond) and still the media puts out stories worthy of a children’s sci-fi novel. This latest’news’ is about the same level as The Shrimpton Report. It doesn’t even qualify to be called news.

    So why are we now told someone knows where Madeleine is? In America? Could it be to promote the ‘truthful’ work of fiction, in America that the McCanns are about to release? There could be another lucrative up-front payment for the US rights? Or just a free trip to the US using what is left of the fund? Of course an official reason is needed to use the fund so we have to be informed beforehand that it’s to investigate new leads before the people who have donated get suspicious.

    I’m sure there are many more scenarios that are going to be questioned to expose the fragility of the stories. They are unravelling now and it’s never too late!

  22. Hi Textusa
    I am the culprit who proffered the theory that 'drink' played a sizeable contribution to events on the 3rd.You maybe absolutely correct when you assert this to being forum myth, so therefore nonsense. However, I was an avid member of 3as, way before the PJ files were released, and this noisy, drunken event was debated and mauled over to exhaustion. It may have been a set up to distract others. It may have been a set up to subdue emotions. It may have been arranged to allay the suspicions of ones not in the know. Anyway, reports did disappear, but there did exist a eye witness account of drunkeness and the 14 bottles of wine. I know this will challenge your ideas of 'no neglegence' but keep up the good work

  23. Anon @ 12:07:00 PM

    Please could you provide a link that proves the T9 being drunk, being loud and making their presence felt and the also the proof they drank the 14 bottles of wine? On the booking sheet it doesn't specify which table they were allocated to.

  24. The Superman picture, :lol:

    Good reading, indeed they've never made sense, that sticker-book ready listing of 'checks' was a joke -we all know that any police staff has ready-forms to take statements on the go, then some UK press called it "a note of despair" as if it was a suicide note, I find the McCanns and their protectors hilarious.


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