Sunday, 10 July 2011

An Image to Retain

A comment from one of our dear Anonymous readers, made on Jul 10, 2011 8:15:00 PM, which we so much thank:
"In the last ever edition of the News of the World the McCanns are not given a single mention, the paper has highlighted all its major headlines e.g. Hungley, Sara Payne, footballers, etc etc and not a single word about the McCanns, there are also allegations that the NOTW published stories which were not true to appease clients and PR companies.  
The silence of the NOTW regarding the McCanns speaks and shouts volumes that this is indeed a cover up, people in high places watch their backs and those of their friends, but in the next few days more revelations will be revealed. Eventually bringing the McCanns to justice.  
Events will move very quickly now, these people will find it impossible to whitewash the McCanns because they themselves are under scrutiny. 
At last this farce is coming to a close, 'everything comes to he who waits' and we have waited four years for justice, it is long overdue.  
Well done Textusa, Ironside, Sina J and May I."

We have been corrected: From
"MrsD says: There is a mention in today's NOTW, I have a copy. They must have missed it. MrsD says: It comes under the 2007 section, I found it interesting that they report that Kate & Gerry Mccann "report their daughter missing" - rather than Madeleine Mccann was abducted from PDL, might be reading something in to nothing of course"

As Mrs. D says, there’s one very significant distance between “missing” and “abducted/kidnapped”, which isn’t measured in inches, yards or miles. But in units of credibility, which are, as we know, palpable but unmeasurable.

Also, to resume the whole attention given by the NOTW, and similar tripe, to the couple and their humungous propagandistic effort, as an one of the events of a certain year, is indeed quite telling, and is in essence, the same thing as not saying a single word about it.

In our opinion, it doesn’t alter in anything the importance and pertinence of the observation made by our reader, to whom, as we've said, we're very grateful to.

But where correction is due, correction is due, and this blog will always correct itself in its quest for the truth.

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  1. Thank you anon@8.15, your comment was worthy of a post and the contribution to the blog.

    Your input makes this blog what it is and we all appreciate your kind words.

  2. Wonder where is Mitchell now. I remember him spreading even in Dubai papers the story of Madeleine abducted without evidences. Working hard and whitewashing a crime all over the world while was certifying the public with an idiot label. The public was silenced, not allowed to context, contradict or ask pertinent questions because most of the papers had the comments interdite to the public. Mcann's and Mitchell have used the media in a very disgraceful way, to insult and abuse the public, like if they were the intelligent owners of the truth and the imbecil public so stupid that have to eat their words exactly like they were presented, without questioning. NOTW, is just one edge of a big iceberg. Regarding Madeleine case, the scandal will touch other countries and other papers.
    Havevto eat all McCann's stories

  3. A very interesting article about Madeleine ADN and some movements of the McCann's lawyers, at the Little Morsals.

  4. Thank you Textusa that was my comment and I felt so proud that you published it as one of your headings.

  5. A very interesting observation, given that I heard David Wooding, editor of NoW, speaking on TV news about the McCann coverage being one of the highlights of their campaigns.
    This same paper once threatened to pour "A bucket of shit" over former PM, John Major. The Augean stables had not been cleaned for 30years and we now need a political Heracles to sort out our own stables; in particular, to remove the elephant-sized pile of steaming ordure that is the cover -up which we persist in highlighting.
    May I

  6. Considering the News of the World offered a reward of £1.5 million for the safe return of Madeleine back in 2007 with front page headlines - 2011 paints a very different picture as the only coverage they have afforded the Mccanns is tucked away at the bottom of page 46 of the Souvenir pullout and with a total wordcount of just 16 words on a page dominated by Liz Hurley and Shane Ward kissing with not a single mention of the mccanns 'abductor' or 'abduction', reward or a photograph of Madeleine the most famous 'missing' person.

  7. Could someone with a greater knowledge than I, of how government and media interact, comment on the following hunch (that's all it is). Mitchell was in an ideal position to know what NotW and others were doing. Might he have threatened NewsCorp with letting the cat out of the bag if they published one word against the McCs and his own propaganda re an "abduction"? If so, could SKY and others now feel free to publish? The cat is out of the bag; the genie is out of the bottle; the shit is out of the fan (sorry, got carried away there).

  8. On the subject of excrement, Yates of the Yard is now saying his decision not to investigate News International was "a pretty crappy one", which he now deeply regretted. Can we expect anything better of the current review of the McCann case?

  9. Kikoratton

    Mitchell is very low on the Black Hat food chain. On the board, nor even a pawn, so merits less complimenting on his capabilities to influence than on his poor sense of style.
    As we’ve said before, the key event, after the change of government, of course, was the breaking up of that essential link between “allies” that Jim Gamble represented. The parties involved felt momentarily isolated and as they didn’t trust each other, were compelled to act. And when you’re forced to move, you rarely do it the adequate way, so the castle began to crumble.
    However, we're a long, long way from celebration, as we must remember that there’s many a complex issue involving the McCann Affair. Complex as in compromising powerful players, and that is something the "Establishment" will not tolerate, and is a basic rule of "real" life, and that must be clearly understood. Surely, it's common knowledge that the rats are the first to abandon ship, but in order to do that they MUST have to have a rope by which to escape by. A rope must then be found, before the ship is sunk. Meanwhile, an imprisoned rat is one vicious animal as some are now finding out, painfully.

  10. Text & Co,

    What is interesting is that your post has so few comments and so many readers. That means people are trying to find something NOT they want to say something.

  11. Textusa.

    I noticed how many people have visited your blog today and so few comments. Usually your posts attract MANY comments.

    Do you have an explanation?

  12. Tradução de Português para Inglês

    If I could understand, is why this blog is a blog for intelligent people. So it is a good source to follow the reasoning and understand many facts, a lot.

    Personally, I inhibited myself with intelligent posts and I am afraid to write because I feel whenever I'm not up to it.

    However, I come here daily and several times a day all out to better understand the manipulations of others.

    I think that light is made here

  13. Anon Jul 11, 2011 7:23:00 PM

    We can only guess that people have come to perceive this blog as "thinking outside the box" and come here to see if we've picked up an unseen angle to a piece of news. That would be a big compliment! However, we're also realistic enough to know that many Black Hats come here to see if they're "news" or to check on how close we are for them to be so...

    Anon Jul 11, 2011 7:29:00 PM, please feel free to comment always. There are no stupid comments (yes, those made by the BHs are not stupid, just made with ill-intent), only stupid people who see the reflection of themselves in the honest ignorance of some, and being stupid as they are, cannot avoid to add arrogance to the original sin.

  14. Hi Textusa

    Love reading your blog a couple of times a day. Don't always post, but love the way your mind works.


  15. Always visit your blog daily, but do not always comment.
    Great blog thanxs

  16. Textusa blog was mentioned on Kate Mccanns Author page at Amazon, so they come here daily.

    Brilliant blog, well done enjoy reading it every day (never miss a day )

  17. This is an interesting article.

  18. Hi TEXTUSA,

    Thanks for your website.

  19. I think who made that comment @ 7:10 & 7:23 is a Black Hat (provocation). The number of people who see a blog or an article on the news is more important then how many made comments. What is the purpose of such comment? Why not just think on the most evident and most normal excuse for a low number on the comments?- summer holidays. I believe, some people like me, are on holidays, out of their normal environment, busy visiting family or enjoying their holidays, then with less time to spend in the Internet. But (and that is what is important) even on holidays, people still following madeleine saga and waiting for the day she will achieve justice.
    Btw, today JN in Portugal has an article about Gordon Brown been one of the victims of NOTW phone hackings. The paper tried or achieve to target his private life including the criminal and medical records of his family. Could some of that information been known by McCann's team and used to frame G. Brown, leaving him with no choice then leaving the McCann's do and set what they wanted? For me, more strange then the diplomatic and political support gave to the McCann's was the way they were allowed to set a Fund which objectives are an innuendo with many ??????
    Gamble and Mitchell, well backed by Carter-ruck must have privileged access to hot issues that could framed brown and some other politics . I hope the small pigeons who lost their jobs or are in troubles with justice now, open their mouths to expose the McCann's and their close supporters. They can choose a foreigner paper with foreigner journalists to expose all the manipulation, since the UK seems to be not a country where information flow free and where information is always true.
    The castle is falling and the Black Hats hate it. After all they have been the stupid naives, believing on a bunch of narcissist liars.

  20. No doubts that the McCann's themselves and their closest team are coming here daily to see what is going on. I believe, many times Kate kick her furnitures ( break a bed), out of control with questions posed on that blog or with issues that have been exposed during the last 4 years. The truth cannot be silenced and the time the humanity was thinking at one voice was over long ago.

  21. Anon Jul 12, 2011 1:08:00 AM

    Thank you so much for your comment, and thank you for defending the blog in such clear terms. However I disagree with you, in terms of considering comments from Anons 7:10 & 7:23 as BH (provocation). When I answered them, I forgot to say a a few things to express my opinion of the relationship of the blog with its readers.

    One of them was to say that many come here, not to read us, but to read you. The comments on this blog are posts on their own (probably one of the reason Anon Jul 11, 2011 7:29:00 PM feels intimidated, but shouldn’t, to post comments). People come here to read the articles, but then come back, time and time again, to read what you readers have written. So, instead of taking those comments as provocations, take them as I took them, as a big compliment to the Textusa readers and commentators.

    And about that, I feel that even in the comment section Textusa is an unique blog. The ratio of readers that comment compared with its amount of regular readers surpasses many other blogs whose readership is much bigger (no, I’m not comparing with blog and forums on the same subject, but with blogs and forums on general terms) which means that our family is participative, active and determined, and I think THAT is one of the most important, if not the MOST important reason the BHs fear this blog. They fear not me, they fear you.

    Lastly, and not having to do with the subject but not wanting to miss this opportunity, I would like to show our gratitude to our Portuguese readers who make an enormous effort to comment is a foreign language. Yes, your comments are full of spelling and grammar mistakes, but, trust me, are clearly understood as if the Bronte Sisters (not to be confused with the Bronte-Cohen Sisters) had written them themselves. Thank you so much!

    The Textusa Family is healthy and recommends itself!

  22. I was anon 7.10 and I would like to assure you I am NOT a BH. What I wanted to point out is so many people reading the blog very possibly to find out if they are the subject of the latest post and they are not going to make a comment. It means the blog is a threat to some people who are afraid of being exposed.

    Readers seem to rely on Textusa's information and it was a day of breaking news.

  23. Yates and Andy Hayman before a Parliamentary hearing today.

  24. The phone hacking scandal is eventually going to result in a proper investigation into Madeleines disappearance by SY.

    At present those involved are blaming each other or just keeping quiet and hoping it will all pass over, but the staff of NOTW have lost their jobs because of the corrupt measures News International employed, these 'small' people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own are aware of the manipulation of the system including the media's pandering to the Mccanns and their office with regard to what should and should not be reported in the newspapers, when the truth about the mccanns is finally published it will be a major story for whichever paper is first to print the truth. NOTW has been very close to the mccann office over the past 4 years, many of its staff must have information regarding the mccanns but could not speak out because of their jobs, the NOTW has done the dirty on them, now they can put the record straight as regards the cover-up in the media.

    The press are arguing that they want freedom of press, but todate they have openly admitted false stories have been printed and the truth twisted to suit clients if that is what they call freedom of press then investigative journalism has become a joke and they are all as corrupt as each other, now they have been given the opportunity to be honest the public want answers as to why a fund was set up so quickly by the mccanns, why they did not cooperate and why are they being given so much publicity, when genuine victims get no publicity or help whatsoever.

    SY will not be able to cover-up on behalf of the mccanns, they would lose all credability and that would lead to another scandal involving corruption within the police force and other scandals would be revealved, so whoever has been protecting the mccanns will now have to step back or face the wrath of the public when the truth of what really happened to madeleine is known.

  25. Thank you textusa for your reply and sorry to an. 7:10 if I consider you a BH. No doubts that the McCann's and their supporters come here also to read comments and see who knows or expose what. They are not afraid of what we think but they are very worried about the possibility of somebody coming to a so truthful blog to expose them or denounce them with some facts/evidences witnessed in PDL on the early May 2007 or with way they behave and used the Fund during more then 4 years.
    Those possible witnesses are who they cannot control and they know that on the Internet Era, there is no much difference between exposing evidences in a blog, a paper or a police desk, if the blog and the paper are serious and truthful.
    I believe, who read, post and follow that blog, read and post on other blogs dedicated to "find the truth about Madeleine". My previous comment was done based on
    that assumption because most of the time the BH post their questions/comments in various "anti blogs" just to disturb and insult other readers trying to take the attention away from the subject under discussion. At moment, in joana morais blog (without a new post from the owner of the blog), some readers are exchanging some interesting information that could be fearing some of the BH and we can see some posts asking the blog why the blog is showing a number of posts higher then the comments available to be read. They are trying to provoke the blog, was it a coincidence that at the same time, here appeared comments trying to highlight the difference between the number of readers and posters? Maybe. And if so, sorry for who I wrongly connected with BH here.

  26. "As pessoas com quem trabalham são criminosos. Criminosos conhecidos. Criminosos com cadastro", afirmou Brown em declarações à BBC.
    Brown também disse que, quando estava no início de funções no cargo de primeiro-ministro, o Sunday Times -- que "As pessoas com quem trabalham são criminosos. Criminosos conhecidos. Criminosos com cadastro", afirmou Brown em declarações à BBC.
    Brown também disse que, quando estava no início de funções no cargo de primeiro-ministro, o Sunday Times -- que faz parte do grupo News International de Rupert Murdoch -- tinha obtido informação confidencial da conta bancária, ficheiros legais e provavelmente outro material.
    "Estou chocado, genuinamente chocado, por descobrir que isto aconteceu devido às ligações com criminosos, criminosos conhecidos, contratados por detetives [que trabalhavam para] o Sunday Times", afirmou. parte do grupo News International de Rupert Murdoch -- tinha obtido informação confidencial da conta bancária, ficheiros legais e provavelmente outro material.
    "Estou chocado, genuinamente chocado, por descobrir que isto aconteceu devido às ligações com criminosos, criminosos conhecidos, contratados por detetives [que trabalhavam para] o Sunday Times", afirmou. - Gordon Brown, source JN.

    Mau tempo para os McCann. Qual sera o cadastro dos que trabalharam com os seus detectives privados? A avaliar por Halligen..... Temos a resposta.

  27. Anon @12.44 from the 7.10 poster.

    There is no need to apologise. Your response was very understandable and you are right to question and point out to readers that it is wise to be aware of BHs infiltrating blogs with the intention of disrupting them.

    Often these malicious posters deliberately take offence to a simple statement as an excuse to take the focus off facts they don't want to be accepted by the searchers of truth.

    Usually the BHs can be identified by their rudeness although some come with a sugar coating and are sometimes difficult to identify immediately.

    Their tactics are now quite well known in the blog world and can be spotted by their insistence on discrediting the dogs, Snr Amaral, abduction theories and a UK blogger who is not afraid of litigation.

  28. Desculpem, o meu post sobre Brown nao e no JN, e no DN.
    O imperil Murdoch cresceu a sombra de crimes, sabendo que o publico consome bem historias de faca e alguidar. O publico tambem e culpado por ser pouco exigente.
    Espero que o the Sun e os seus mcjornalistas tambem caiam.

  29. Andy Hayman is having a hard time!!! He is pathetic and so unprofessional. He has lost it completely!

  30. Today's news update:

    Gordon Brown says News International used known criminals. Details of his son's illness were hacked and leaked to the press.

    Yates of the Yard accuses NI of leaking details to derail the police corruption investigation. Home Affairs committee unimpressed by Yate's evidence.
    Yates thinks his own phone was hacked.

    Ed Miliband criticises Cameron for hiring Andy Coulson (remember Coulson hired Clarence Mitchell) because Coulson had hired a convicted criminal, Jonathan Rees who is alleged to have made payments to the police for information to pass on to NoW.
    (Jonathan Rees was aquitted of the murder of Daniel Morgan, as per this blog's post on subject, about Daniel M and his brother's opinion on the police investigation)

    News International executives argue about who saw or didn't see the incriminating e-mails. It is alleged that one executive has already destroyed millions of e-mails in an attempt to obstruct Scotland Yard's enquiry.

    As a UK citizen, I feel shame, disgust, anger and despair. News of the World were always fulminating against criminals. It takes one to know one, as the saying goes!

    Textusa, may I make a suggestion for a pic to go with it? A steaming pile of poo!

  31. After this fiasco Murdoch should never be allowed BSkyB - he is as bigger crook as the crooks who are his friends.

    What we need is more transparency on all these media operations to ensure this type of activity is stopped.

    If the news papers had reported the facts about the Madeleine case instead of the biased rubbish they printed there would have been a very different outcome, but it is still not too late to expose these fraudsters and their fraudulent fund.

  32. To all, anon's Jul 12, 2011 2:07:00 PM comment is from May I.

    She apologises for not signing, as she was overcome with rage!

  33. Hugh Grant exige inquérito abrangente e desafia Cameron
    por DN.ptHoje

    Hugh Grant, uma das estrelas vítimas das escutas ilegais levadas a cabo pelo News of the World, deu a cara pelos que nos últimos dias têm exigido que os inquéritos anunciados pelo governo britânico sejam mais abrangentes e que investiguem o poder "grotesco" que os proprietários da comunicação social têm sobre os políticos. O actor pediu mesmo ao primeiro-ministro, David Cameron, que "seja um homem de estado".
    As declarações de Grant seguem-se às do advogado da família de Milly Dowler, rapariga em idade escolar que foi raptada e morta, mas cujas mensagens no telemóvel foram escutadas por um detective privado contratado pelo News of the World. Algumas das mensagens foram apagadas, dando à família a esperança de que a crianças estava viva numa altura em que já tinha morrido.
    O advogado e Grant não aceitam que os políticos "escapem" e consideram que os inquéritos "não são suficientemente bons", escreve o The Guardian. O actor, que tem liderado a campanha contra as escutas ilegais feitas por jornais da News International (NI), alerta que, apesar do escândalo gerado pelos crimes cometidos pela NI, o governo ainda não se comprometeu a investigar a relação entre a comunicação social e os políticos.
    "Estou em pânico pela possibilidade de que, apesar das revelações surgirem de forma incisiva e rápida, o governo, com o seu historial de conluio e obediência para com a NI, encontre forma de tornar o inquérito em algo insuficiente e que o chute para a relva alta. Abusos grotescos foram permitidos graças à cobardia contínua dos nossos políticos, que têm feito muito - dos dois lados do parlamento - daquilo que lhes é dito para fazerem, porque eles acreditam que a NI os pode eleger e porque se trata de uma espécie de chantagem. Tem havido um poder grotesco sobre os nossos legisladores", argumenta Hugh Grant.
    Nas suas críticas o actor não deixou escapar o primeiro-ministro: "Este é o momento para David Cameron e os seu governo aclararem as águas. Ele pode continuar a ser o pequeno ajudante de Murdoch [Rupert Murdoch, dono da NI] ou pode ser um homem de estado. Se for o segundo caso, então tem de anunciar o inquérito mais alargado. Tem de incluir a imprensa, a polícia e os políticos. O facto triste é que o primeiro-ministro e a sua mulher, o líder da oposição [Ed Miliband] e a sua mulher, membros do governo e do governo sombra estiveram todos na festa [de Murdoch] do dia 16 de Junho, bebericando as suas Pimms e rindo das suas piadas, e isto é o reflexo triste das pessoas que governam o nosso pais"
    Source: DN

  34. Murdoch is trying to sell his British papers while in the USA some voices are growing, asking the government to investigate the activities of Murdoch media in the country, to see if the same methods were not used to target politics and the families of the victims of September 11.

    Hard time for the McCann's. The castle is falling apart everywhere. Your lies and your strategy to cover up a crime, will be exposed. What you have done after
    May 3 is more serious then the first crime. Wonder who help you serializing Kates book in the Sun. Millions of pounds for a stupid story, stupid and paedo words to fill the front page of a paper for one week. What a business

  35. KM s apparent cry of 'We've let her down, we 've let her down!' would not be concerning her fond relations to ms Rebekah Brooks, then of the Sun?


  36. The mccanns are very quiet at the moment they are worried about what else the phone hacking scandal and Murdoch scandal are going to turn up.

    SY must be taking notes now, if they do not do a deep and thorough investigation regarding Madeleine then they too will be part of this corruption business that appears to be sweeping the UK.

  37. To anon 1:04:00 PM

    Thank you for finding and posting that information.

  38. Hugh Grant is very brave for speaking up! I fear for him, those who are targeted by his words will not take this quietly...let's just hope that we'll not see him be the victim of a "character assassination" campaign soon...or worse!

  39. Considering the lack pf publicity given to the mccanns in the final edition of NOTW bearing in mind Mitchell has connections within the media to ensure a 'media blitz' for the mccanns, is very suspicious. This would have been a golden opportunity to have Madeleines face plastered across the final edition and Kate looking 'grief stricken' but the PR people decided against it, Why?

    Murdoch and Rebecca Brookes have shown how corrupt their media business has become and this has gone all the way to No. 10 with Cameron attempting to distance himself from Coulsdon's tactics when he was warned against employing him.

    Things are not looking good for cameron, he needs to ensure the Madeleine investigation is a thorough and true investigation, if this becomes another 'cover-up' as people suspect it could, it will be enough for Cameron to lose his job.

    The phone hacking could not have come at a better time, Murdoch has lost BSkyB because of it, his corrupt media empire has started to crumble, support he once gave to the Mccanns appears to be disappearing. Kate and Gerry are at the centre of one of the biggest frauds and those involved should all be made accountable for their actions.

    If the media are to continue with a free press or regain any credability then this mccann fraud and cover up should be exposed. This type of media coverage printing only 'pro-mccann stories' and 'grief stricken only' photographs has no place in journalism it is as corrupt as the phone hacking scandal and needs to be finished once and for all.

  40. I have just been reading through all the extra headings you added to this one Textusa, and the comments, back then you knew what was going on within team Mccann. We must congratulate you because you nailed the Mccanns ages ago, you spotted their deliberate lies, the corruption and the cover ups. They must be very worried these scandals are all unravelling and the lies they heaped upon us through their media spin machine which the public unwitingly paid for via the fraudulent fund is all coming to an end.

    Well done Textusa et al.

  41. Its so good to "visit" you Textusa,keeps me sane! knowing how the MaCaans have managed to keep fooling so many people,especially within my own family circle !!!They would be shocked if they knew how strongly I want justice for Madeleine,and when they find out I have written to Teresa May and the Foreign Office they,ll give me the usual,"let it go mum" but I CAN,T,so thank you and all like minded people on here .

  42. Murdochs reputation stands in tatters, this is the man that put the full weight of his media interest behind the Mccanns.

    His influential newspapers supported the abduction theory put forward by the Mccanns and their friends,celebrities clambered to pledge their support and most importantly their money - all the big names were there, nobody questioned or queried the inaccuracies that started to appear as the story evolved. The Portuguese police were belittled by murdochs media, he gave front page news to Jane Tanners ridiculous bundleman - all this was printed without one shred of evidence to support the abduction.

    The public were brainwashed into believing that their money could find Madeleine and they gave hundreds of thousands of pounds to Kate and Gerry Mccann who lied about the shutters and probably everything else that happened on their holiday. The money to be spent on them and their wider family and their many legal cases.

    Murdoch supported the mccanns and now his business empire has come crashing down, his dreams of owing BSkyB are dashed because he and his media are corrupt, the used illegal methods to gain information about individuals that they would then use against the individuals. Murdoch has got what he deserved, he will squirm and wiggle and lie his way through but he has been shown up for the trash that he is and the tripe that he publishes.

    Justice for Madeleine.

  43. As Lynn says ...thanks Tex, I visit here everyday its a brilliant blog.
    In my opnion the best one.

  44. Murdoch and his son deserve to be charged with crime and be in jail. They cannot just say that were not aware of the methods of his papers and his journalists. An employer need to control and is responsible for his employees... For the good and for the bad. He cannot just shake is jacket and say nothing sticks on it. He need to answer and explain HOW HIS PAPERS AND HIS JOURNALISTS CAN ASSURE THE PUBLIC THAT MADELEINE WAS ABDUCTED AND THE MCCANN'S ARE INNOCENT. WHAT EVIDENCES HE HAS TO SUPPORT THIS, THAT WERE NOT SHOWED TO THE POLICE.

    I believe, his journalists have not a single evidence to support any abduction. They know, Madeleine is dead and her parents know that since the first seconds. But assuming and publishing that, means the end of the golden mine, for the McCann's ( their Fund will be Finnish) and for Murdoch tabloids( no more headlines with Madeleine, no more hot front pages, no more cash in ). The business connecting that type of media with that type of parents is really a shame and should be punished by the public with a huge boycott. Stop buying that miserable papers, stop buying Kates book and everything she is selling on her on-line shop.

  45. Murdoch has been summoned to appear at a hearing next week, at first he refused but in view of the nature of the case they SUMMONED him to appear. Why did they not SUMMON the Mccanns when they refused to assist the enquiry.

    Something is very wrong with how the Mccanns were allowed to flee Portugal the phone hacking scandal should reveal more information on why Murdoch supported these two suspects and only published lies and pro-mccann stories and encouraged the public to send donations to a fraudulent and corrupt fund which has been used to pay expensive lawyers and legal costs.

    The Mccanns and their accomplices especially Payne and Murat know exactly what happened to Madeleine, the Mccanns PR team in cooperation with Murdoch deliberately misled the public now SY must do a deep and thorough investigation, follow the paper trail, or they too will be accused of corruption.

  46. To all those complimenting this blog, a big thank you! We're already much too vain without your such nice and kind wording, now imagine the size of our heads with them! Thank you!

  47. Mitchell is not saying much about his phone being hacked, earlier he jumped on the bandwagon, was interviewed on TV placing the Mccanns as victims along with the genuine victims involved in this disgraceful business, but now the police and MP's are involved and there is an on-going police investigation into Murdochs dealings, it has become more serious, Mitchell has stepped back frightened about what they might dig up about him and the Mccanns office and how they have controlled the operation into how Madeleines case should be run.

    Criminals all of them they have all made money from Madeleine's memory, especially her parents these disgusting people that attempt to mislead the public with lies and sob stories.
    Journalists that hack into private lives and print what they like, whilst protecting the Mccanns with fake news stories about Madeleine and giving no thought whatsoever to the consequences of their scandalous actions, they have taken thousands of pounds from the public for their own self gratification they should all face the consequences of their actions in a court of law.

    The police needs to investigate the Mccanns and their fund.

    I also believe they monitor this blog and others just to see what comments are posted. All over the internet questions are asked about the Mccanns, how they were able to set up a fund so quickly, lie about timings, shutters, the dogs evidence, Murat lied to the police, its all here on the internet and it won't go away until a true investigation is carried out.

  48. Anon @ 3.06 now the NoTW has gone the paper that prints the true story of the McCanns and all those others involved will sell in numbers never before achieved.

    I can't wait for the day that paper is on the shelf.

  49. From today's Guardian

    Murdoch, who will join his younger son James and News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks at the hearing, added: "We think it's important to absolutely establish our integrity in the eyes of the public."

    Who does this remind you of? A certain couple who protest innocence in the face of the obvious?

  50. Anon at 8.58 I too look forward to newspapers reporting the true facts with no more whitewashes and cover-ups Murdoch will distance himself from the Mccanns now slowly support for Mccanns falls away all that is left is their lies.

  51. "Now, the non-profit making company Texas EquuSearch (TES) says it expects Anthony to reimburse them for the money it spent on the search - more than £62,000.
    In a legal action that alleges fraud and unjust enrichment, the group claims Caylee's mother encouraged it to mount what became one of the largest and most expensive searches in its 11-year history despite knowing Caylee was dead.
    The case points to the opening statement in Anthony's murder trial, when her attorney Jose Baez told jurors Caylee accidentally drowned on June 16, 2008, in the family's backyard pool.
    Caylee "never was missing," Ms Baez told jurors.

    As a result of the resources devoted to finding Caylee, the search organisation said it was forced to turn down 15 other families who sought its help during the same time."
    Source: Sky News

    McCann's, you will be next with your fraudulent Fund. Wonder, why Mitchell, who quickly jumped at the phone hackings wagon at beginning, IS SO QUITE NOW. Fears....

  52. James Murdoch, was not the one who was claimed few months ago, dine with Mitchell and Kate and Gerry?

    Hugh grant words are so appropriate. The promiscuity between the media and criminal suspects must be exposed and charged according to the damage they created in the public and in the official investigation. Madeleine was never missing. Her search, the Fund and all papers sold, pointing to an abduction and encouraging donations in to the Fund, were a fraud, THEN A CRIME ON ITSELF.

  53. As all these frauds are exposed it cannot be long before the Mc canns are next to be exposed and their fraudulent fund. Murdoch will not protect them anymore he is already in enough trouble for his dealings and Mitchell is right there in the thick of it, he will be next he has influenced newspapers with his connections and protecting the Mccanns, suing Express papers for questioning the Mc canns version of events, stopping the truth from being published. Our society needs to be rid of these corrupt people.

  54. Well! There you have it, Rebekah quits. Let us watch this circus now. I hope to see a few more of these so called media people bite the dust and please, anyone dealing with them, please do not treat them like victims - they are the ones who left bodies left, right and centre! How many of those involved will be brought to justice and who else are we going to see forced out of their comfortable lives they have created on the back of Madeleine McCann's death? Please God let them all be exposed for who they are and what injustices they have caused to so many with their lies and more lies.

  55. Yes, I think one comment above thanked Hugh Grant and I also want to thank him for standing-up to these so-called power people and for lifting the lid on the crap they presented and now for all to hear, how the media collaborated with their fabrications and have been supporting each others lies for long enough. We have to shout and sign petitions to make sure the exposing of these people- and the era of sick journalism will come to an end now. Bring them down and we want to see their red faces sprawled for the last time! All the innocent people they have left dazed at the injustices caused and carried out even by our law makers! We find it hard to find one, only one honest person we can respect and ask to represent us. They have, one by one failed in their duties and look at our policing???!!! They are all involved and trying to save their jobs. We want justice! we want justice! we want justice! and that includes the downfall of each and every one who joined in the conspiracy to cover up Madeleine Mccann's death!!!And each and every one of the conspiracy party should be expected to apologise to Dr Amaral and his family for what the media had said and done to them.

  56. Anon 1;10 I completely agree with you, there must now be justice for Madeleine no more cover up and excuses, and they should apologise to Sr Amaral for how they treated him and his family, he has been dignified throughout he was too close to the truth that was why he was removed from the case, but they did not silence him, nor will they silence us.

    The media will have to have to change we want honest reporting not the rubbish we have had to read for the past four years. They should start with Kates fairytale book full of lies. Kate and Gerry have played out this scenario which is based on falsehoods and inaccuracies they have become oblivious to their lies, believing they are above the law, to the point that they are now the biggest crooks defrauding the public with their fund and not being honest about what really happened to their daughter.


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