Friday, 8 July 2011

Next Attraction

The problem with “little” people who taunt others because they feel completely protected by the big bullies, is that when those bullies do leave, as they always do, life suddenly becomes painful.

It’s like a long term deposit of pain. It returns piled up with interest.

It seems then that one of the McCanns Champions, the NOTW, has been KO’d.

Do you remember when, back in the beginning of February this year, May I "challenged" you to join up some "dots"? No, we didn't then, or now do, own any crystal balls.

We just relied, and rely on plain good old and simple reasoning, known as common sense, or in mathematical terms, logic.

What adds up, adds up, what doesn't, doesn't.

By the way, does anyone know what happened to The Sun's intent of serialising, EXCLUSIVELY, Kate's book ?

Gone too with the wind, perhaps?

 If I were at the McCann Camp, I would seriously start to warm up.

The crowd is anxious, and NOTW fight was too quick and quite disappointing.

They need, and want more, and, if I’m not mistaken, you might just be what the “doctor” ordered: the next attraction.

  Maybe, then:

Post Scriptum:
Apologise once again, for my absence. I’ll intermittently be coming here until at least the end of August, when expect to know if the treatment my friend is currently undergoing will make her return back to health, which we all hope and have been fighting for, or if further action will still be required.

It lights up my heart so to feel all your love and warmth, coming here daily. Thank you so, so much!


  1. Olá. Mas parece que outro tabloide foi LOGO registado no dia 5. suninsunday ?


  2. vi isto no twitter

    que tinha sido registado a 5.

    estou a escrever apenas com uma mão.


  3. Murdoch playing a dirty game, as usual. His methods become exposed. Who believes, he was not aware of what was going on inside the NOW? Journalists confessed they were under pressure by their editors to come with hot news . Madeleine was always a source of hot news with only one suspictious apart- THE PARENTS ALWAYS APPEARED AS THE INNOCENT VICTIMS OF THE INCOMPETENT( to be soft because normally the adjectives used are so bad that I bypass the use of such words) PORTUGUESE POLICE.
    McCann's your time is coming. we the public, have no doubts about the involvement of some journalists from Murdoch tabloids on your cover up and on helping you build many stories to kill the image of PJ and attract some innocent public to buy the products you dishonestly sell, or transfer money into your Fund. Something easy to do when you have lawyers golden payed and a guru who has the doors open and privileged contacts in that world. Nothing that will be possible without money and good contacts. We don't believe these journalists help you just because they believe your story of an abduction without a single evidence. They have brains and at the worse scenery, the same source of information as the public, the police files. Then, they must know how impossible was the abduction under the circumstances you described. They support you because somebody asked them( or payed them) to do it. In another blog, I read some time ago that Gerry and Kate had a dinner with murdochs son. Was it the same who release the message about the NOW being closed after next Sunday? I think so. The promiscuity around Madeleine case will be exposed in the near future. The media was used (with conivence of the editors who get profitable front pages) by the McCann's team to avoid a deep investigation and discredit the work of the police.
    Btw, the deutch paper who received the letter with a map that lead PJ to waste time and sources trying to locate madeleines body was not a Murdoch property? No surprise if it is.

  4. Welcome back Textusa, even if it is for a little visit.

    Yes, you're right, the McCann camp must be having hot and cold flushes at present, wondering what will come out of the mouths of the corrupt Police.

    Now that Andy Coulson has been arrested, will he spill the beans on everything he knows, to save his own bacon ? I'm sure he will.

    Best wishes to your ill friend !


  5. Thank goodness NoTW has gone. Although I suppose it will re-emerge in another guise. Hopefully this debacle will be the start of Murdoch's empire decline.
    If I hear he gets BSkyB then I will know he is supported by those in power.

    Going back to what was reported in 2008 would be comical if it wasn't so serious.

    By Keith Gladdis & Dominic Herbert
    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    For the first time the News of the World takes you right INSIDE the holiday flat where Madeleine McCann was snatched one year ago.

    We are the ONLY media organisation in the world to be invited in to take these exclusive pictures which reveal startling new evidence and insights into the crime mystery that has shocked millions.

    Our detailed survey of the flat reveals a host of places Maddie’s abductor could have hidden when it’s most likely he was almost caught in the act by dad Gerry as he checked on her and twins, Sean and Amelie, at 9.05pm on May 3 last year.

    But our on-site reconstruction proves that if the kidnapper was already in the flat, as the McCanns fear, he had a full TEN SECONDS to conceal himself after hearing Gerry open the patio doors and enter the apartment.

    And he had no fewer than FOUR boltholes to choose from—behind Madeleine’s BEDROOM DOOR, inside her roomy WARDROBE, in her parents’ nearby BEDROOM or in the family BATHROOM.

  6. Anon Jul 8 4.02.00 PM

    Trouble is Gerry used the bathroom! Are there any pictures of said bathroom ?


    You article is short and sweet indeed!

    Who knows where and in what direction - not even the McCanns can know this.

    My best to your relative.

  7. Angelique

    Indeed, what a crazy statement in the NoTW article!
    So the bathroom can be crossed off the list of hiding places. Gerry also opened the childrens' bedroom door to look at them and have a proud father moment, so Mr abductor would have to be paper thin to hide behind that door.

    Roomy wardrobe? The one with shelves in it?

    Parents bedroom? Where was Mr A supposed to be when G arrived back?
    Did he pass Gerry in the hallway and he didn't happen to notice he didn't notice Jane Tanner walk by him in the street?

    Maybe I will miss NoTW for its joke value after all.

  8. Anon 7:12 (UNPUBLISHED)

    Your comment was not published for the simple reason that it states "How about MMC died on 03/08/06 Apr/May 2007 was a cover up..."

    We in this blog, have come to the conclusion that MMC died on May 3rd, it was an accident and not a cover up for anything, we've also established that there were NO Tapas dinners so raising the possibility of use of an hi-tech baby listening device by David Payne (or any of the T9) is as reasonable as saying he wore a wig that night.

    We've already stated many times here that there are plenty of OTHER forums and blogs where your opinion that MMC may have died in any other place than PdL or any other date than May 3rd, for the most obscure and secret reasons, is certainly welcomed.

    Thank you.

  9. The mccanns did not expect this, first SY getting involved and now their strongest media supporter Murdoch under scrutiny.

    These things take time but slowly the mccann spin machine will become unravelled their useless lies and the lies of their supporters will see them all in court.

    Hope your relative gets better soon Tex.

  10. dear Text
    lovely to see you visit, sending all good toughts for your friends successful recovery.

  11. "We are the ONLY media organisation in the world to be invited in to take these exclusive pictures which reveal startling new evidence and insights into the crime mystery that has shocked millions."- wonder who invited them... Not PJ I'm sure. But even with that special invitation, the journalist show the readers how difficult was for an abductor to find a place to hide inside the 5A and how short was the time for any abductor to accomplish his job. Then, why the paper supported the McCann's and help them spread their lies for so long? corruption, money from the Fund running in some hands instead of searching Madeleine, is the only explanation for me.

  12. Anon 12;19 exactly murdoch has supported the mccanns and they have given him 'exclusives' in return but now its all changing. This will force Cameron to ensure a proper investigation goes on into the Madeleine review no longer is it acceptable to keep lying to the public.

    We all want Madeleines case to be dealt with properly no more cover ups or excuses, the media have messed up and it probably goes a lot higher than just news international and murdoch. Rebekah Brooks the editor has friends in high places and they are protecting her job but the government cannot and should not protect wrongdoers, as in the case of the mccanns these people should be made answerable.

    Mitchell jumped on the bandwagon stating his phone had been hacked, this should be enough now with all the publicity and cover up involved to get the madeleine case re-opened.

    Thanks Textusa - it is so refreshing to see your blog which is truthful and honest with no 'cover ups'. xx

  13. Look who is on the list!

    Some people are going to be rather worried in the coming weeks.

  14. Wonder how Kate, Gerry, Mitchell and Carter-ruck are spending their full time now- deleting messages, evidences. No time for rest. That is really a hard work, not the fake search of Madeleine.
    Carter-ruck, on his site, has the McCann's named as their clients with kate and Gerry. Why only this two clients deserve such attention? How much money from Madeleine fund run into the hands of that lawyers to make this two, Top clients?
    Piece by piece, the saga will be exposed. They like so much to be connected with Harry potter, that same the wizard, their last chapter is on the way. karma!!!

  15. The hostility against the McCanns grows. I think it's the way the government is finding to create to conditions to move against them. The absence of the said serialization is a sign of this. The McCanns have been declared non-grata.

  16. At last the end of the News of the World, next will be The Sun - tabloids that do not truthfully report the news are excess to our society now we have the internet.

    As Murdochs expire crumbles who else will he take down with him ....

  17. Hugh grant reveals Cameron was aware of the phone hackings. He put Murdoch and Cameron on the same boat. Could this be telling us that the review asked by Cameron on Madeleine case was just another game to entertain the public and keep the McCann's definitely away of a justice trial? The picture looks not good for cameron if what grant is saying is true. If so, Madeleine will never achieve justice and the hypothesis of an accidental death become more remote. Why an accidental death needs to reach top politics at the point of having them helping the parents?

  18. Journalists will have lost their jobs due to Murdoch's actions, in todays Mail journalists stated the Sun printed what it was told to print, even made up stories to please their clients. The Sun had become nothing more than a PR rag run by a woman who was only interested in her own glorification. Camerons buddies, MP's the lot of them will be named and shamed and the Mccanns are involved in the media manipulation so they won't be spared now people have lost jobs they have nothing to fear for speaking out.

    It will soon be the end of the Mccann gravy train.

  19. It seems we have news to nail this case:

  20. Journalists loosing jobs might make them mad enough to spin out some important things about Madeleine's affair. I wonder how far McCanns would go to get their anonymous status again. What's the matter to hard to be a hard core star?

  21. Thanks Textusa et al for your absolutely fantastic, honest, thought provoking blog...we love you xxx

    Justice for Maddie.

  22. Was not the end of the NTW that moves Murdoch, a 80 years old guy, to London. He needs to silence the mouths of some people, special journalists, probably with a promise of a new job in his remain papers or in a new paper. If that journalists open their mouths, will be the end of Murdoch empire. The sun should be not much different then the NTW. Even if they use other methods, at the endj, the result was the same): misinformation to serve the proposes of the paper and some special clients who gave them good front pages.
    Why that guy accept to be sued by the McCann's and their friends and pay a millionaire bill without leaving the case to reach a court? Who pay without spilling the beans, in a case that everybody knows, was not full investigated and is far from being solved? McCann's are far from being declared innocent. Kates book work against her. She raised more suspicion with what she writes. Mitchell is known for his open movements inside the media, the police and the Internet worlds. Nothing involving the McCann's was done without his knowledge and permission, that's why he jumped so quickly saying his phone was hacked. Fears to be caught on the mess.

  23. In the last ever edition of the News of the World the Mccanns are not given a single mention, the paper has highlighted all its major headlines eg Hungley, Sara Payne, footballers, etc etc and not a single word about the Mccanns, there are also allegations that the NOTW published stories which were not true to appease clients and PR companies.

    The silence of the NOTW regarding the Mccanns speaks and shouts volumes that this is indeed a cover up, people in high places watch
    their backs and those of their friends, but in the next few days more revelations will be revealed. Eventually bringing the Mccanns to justice.

    Events will move very quickly now, these people will find it impossible to white wash the mccanns because they themselves are under scrutiny. At last this farce is coming to a close, 'everything comes to he who waits' and we have waited four years for justice, it is long overdue.

    Well done Textusa, Ironside, Sina J and May I.

  24. Kate once claimed (on front page of NOTW no less) that the crucial piece of 'evidence' for Maddie's abduction was that Kate found 'cuddle cat' on a high shelf out of reach of a toddler. Does anyone know if she mentions this fact in her book (I haven't read it yet)? If not then why not? If she has, well, Scotland Yard, are you reading? are you checking it out with the PJ? If not why not? Now's your chance to ask some SERIOUS questions to some very corrupt and crooked people. Go for it!

    bob the bluebird

  25. The fake stories out of the last NOTW. Madeleine, who gave them so hot front pages is out of the last chapter of the paper. Hello mitchell, no editor to call now and complain against the poor interest of the paper in your clients.

  26. One,two times, it can be a coincidence. But 3 it is not a coincidence anymore.
    I agree with you, Kate. Cadaver scent in the parents bedroom, cadaver scent behind the sofa, cadaver scent in the car.

  27. The mccanns need a lot of money now in order to silent the 200 journalists who lost their jobs last week. All those 200 must know what happened to Madeleine and journalists of the Sun and Sky must know it too.
    I wonder who Kate and Gerry will sue now. They desperately need money to shut up the whole world.
    Now that News of the World is shot down, people were dismissed, it is possible that at least one of them will get contact with th SY and the PJ. I believe I understood none of those journalists will ever work again with the media. Am I right?

  28. Hi

    Point one most of these NOTW journalists were not involved with the phone hacking scandal.

    Point two you will probably find that their will be a clause in their contract, a bit like recording studio workers, that if they blab they will be sued for a lot of money, and also never work as a journalist again.

    (Recording studio workers have a clause in their contract saying they must never tell which artist has to use pitch correction software, ie they cant sing.)

  29. Hi


    Looks like the rats are deserting the sinking ship. The Madeleine Fund appears to only have our Kate as a director, the last lot jumping ship in June this year.

    Maybe that book was the final straw, or the NOWT going down was the reason.

    Hey Ho looks like our Kate could be in for a fall.


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