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The Very Last Campaign of the British Empire

This post is dedicated to this blog’s #1 fan, a believer even before it existed.

The Battle of Waterloo was fought on Sunday 18 June 1815 near Waterloo in present-day Belgium, then part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

An Imperial French army under the command of Emperor Napoleon was defeated by combined armies of the Seventh Coalition, an Anglo-Allied army under the command of the Duke of Wellington combined with a Prussian army under the command of Gebhard von Blücher.

It was the culminating battle of the Waterloo Campaign and Napoleon's last. The defeat at Waterloo put an end to Napoleon's rule as Emperor of the French and marked the end of his Hundred Days' return from exile.

Why do I bring here the Battle of Waterloo? Because with a few exceptions, it seems to portray the “The Maddie McCann Affair” or as I like to call it privately, “The Very Last Campaign of the British Empire”.

I hope, at the end of this post, you will understand why I call it that.

The Battle of Waterloo had two major belligerents: the French, led by Napoleon, and the “Others”, by the Duke of Wellington.

These, as we’ll see, made up mostly, but not exclusively, of British troops.

The Maddie McCann Affair, also has two major belligerents: the Truth, defended by multinational anonymous citizens, and the “Those Against the Truth”, these, as we’ll see, made up mostly, but not exclusively, of British citizens.

One first major difference about these two sets of events, is that in the IX Century Battle, the French did lose, while I’m certain that the Truth will prevail.

The Truth, in this case, is you.

You, the one trying to understand what really did happen, but that in the process of trying to do so have suffered so many “attacks” coming from so many different directions.

Yet you maintain your determination, and that was something the “attackers” didn’t count on.

Let’s look at the map of the Battle of Waterloo:
On the bottom, as said, we have the French flag, and on top, we have two sets of flags, on one side, the Union Jack with the Dutch flag, on the other, the Prussian one.

The United Kingdom, the United Netherlands and Prussia, those countries which flags are depicted, were part of the Seventh Coalition.

But they weren’t the only nations to be present at Waterloo fighting Napoleon. Hanover, Nassau and Brunswick were also there, only their flags aren’t shown:
But not all members of the Seventh Coalition were present at Waterloo.

I’ve just named those that were, but during the “Hundred Days War”, these nations were also part of it: Austrian Empire, Russian Empire, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany and Switzerland.

Also, although not a nation, there were present the French Royalists:
There were a lot of participants that one hadn’t realized their presence just by looking at the battle maps, or reading history books.

Only three names are basically remembered: Duke of Wellington, Napoleon, and to a lesser degree, Blücher.

One curiosity, completely irrelevant, but we even have a Murat present. In this case a Joachim Murat, brother-in-law of Napoleon Bonaparte. This one died with dignity before a firing squad, after a failed attempt to regain the throne of Naples. It is said he was the one to give the order to fire to the firing squad "Soldats! Faites votre devoir! Droit au cœur mais épargnez le visage. Feu!" (“Soldiers! Do your duty! Straight to the heart but spare the face. Fire!”).

Let’s go back to our Battle Map. Let’s replace the following: The French flag, by “YOU”, the Union Jack by “GUESTS”, United Netherlands flag by “OCEAN CLUB” and the Prussian flag by “TAPAS 9”:
I’ll leave to your imagination and common sense with what, or who, you should replace the Hanover, Nassau and Brunswick flags, and where to place them on the Battlefield.

Just realize that although not represented, they’re there, and fighting against you.

And don’t forget the flags of the Austrian Empire, of the Russian Empire, of Sweden, of Spain, of Portugal, of Sardinia, of Sicily, of Tuscany, of Switzerland and of the French Royalists, although they weren’t in the battle itself, they did participate in the campaign.

So we have basically the following: YOU being under attack from TWO main directions.

One coming from the GUESTS/OCEAN CLUB (a coalition-within-the coalition), and the other from the TAPAS 9 side:
Or to make things easier to understand graphically:
  This is how the Maddie McCann Affair War raged from 2007 to 2010.

The GUESTS/OCEAN CLUB, once purged of its foot soldiers that were inconvenient to have around, proved to be a united, cohesive and mighty force, which has, like at Waterloo, has been the Black Hat driving force.

The TAPAS 9, has suffered some setbacks, namely the abandonment of O’Brien, the “desertion” of Oldfield and the public humiliation of Tanner in the Mockumentary.

However, its nucleus, the Paynes and the McCanns, has remained intact, and they have, indeed, been highly reinforced, at least by the McCann clan of friends and family, which are those that we know of.

The Paynes like (or need) to be as discreet as possible, so what kind of help they’ve been able to arrange is unknown, but I’m sure existent.

By joining the strengths of these two camps, you can see that you were (are) before a mighty opponent, almost comparable with the Invincible Armada.

You also can now understand why we’ve had so many Black Hats in blogs and forums.

These people have resources to pay professionals, as well as are themselves personally involved to have to commit themselves as if their lives depended on it. In some cases, it does.

People that, at first, you took for gullible, naïve, as well as short-sighted. They stubbornly refused to accept the most obvious of facts, and yet accepted the most bizarre of coincidences for justification.

Then they started not to look that much innocent.

They kept on demanding from you proof of each word you said, while theirs was valid just because they had said so.

Politely they tired you out. What they said with a huge margin of uncertain and probability was to be taken as fact, while all you said with precision would, according to them, remain ambiguous.

They certainly had an hidden agenda, but you just couldn’t put your finger to it… until now.

When this didn’t work out they started to be rude, insulting, with the intent of disrupting, thus creating a hostile environment to drive away from the subject peaceful, reasonable people who were made to feel uncomfortable and just leave and not return.

They were given the impression that those writing about Maddie McCann were rude nutcases without hope of cure, who got their kicks out of fighting each other.

They used against you every tactic possible of counter-information; they threw at you all possible misinformation, which we here called “clutter”.

These people knew very well what was (and is) at stake, and withdrew from it their objectives, which they’ve fought hard for, with efficiency I must say.

Many of them, I remind you, were (and are) trained professionals.

Also, understanding that there was (is) a “Coalition”, you understand that there were (are) different agendas amongst the Black Hats.

You now understand why some defended only and only certain characters while accusing others; while others insisted on spoon feeding you with the negligence theory, agreeing with you whenever you suggested it, and why others lashed at this blog whenever we spoke of anyone outside the TAPAS 9, like Fenn or Murat, but remained in silence while we “trashed” the McCanns.

Although allies, each one of the parties involved defended it’s own interests with maximum priority.

But here the coincidences stop with Waterloo.

Napoleon lost. You’ve resisted. And we, together, stand our ground to this day, and remain resolute not to give it up.

They know that.

And then Gordon Brown’s Government toppled. With his leaving the stage, the relationship of forces within the “Coalition” changed dramatically.

Someone, somewhere, in a certain high place, understood the embarrassment that the McCann “cause” caused the UK to suffer, needlessly.

And Jim Gamble was strongly advised to leave. Was Jim Gamble, the Black Hats’ Duke of Wellington?

Not by a long shot. He was but, shall we say, the GUESTS/OCEAN CLUB’s liaison Officer with the TAPAS9.

He left, and he wasn’t replaced. This meant that the TAPAS9 not only saw themselves abandoned on the battlefield, and at once understood, quite correctly, that if they didn’t act, they would soon by wiped off the board, so they counter-attacked.

Notice that from this point onwards, all the manoeuvering is done between these two forces.

You, supposedly their common enemy, have been left to watch. Yes, now and then they do shoot a round in your direction, just for appearances' sake that they do remain "united", but, let me tell you that the blood shed, is a lot and is between them.

It’s one fierce and ruthless fight that is happening even as we speak.

You see, Kate’s book was indeed a bombshell in some households. Not in yours, nor mine, but it did catch by surprise many.

As said before, we fully understood why it was written. It was with the exact same purpose as when the tabloids paid the Tapas and Murat: to justify publicly money being given.

The idea was that once the book was on sale, the McCanns would have an “endless” source of income, independent of the selling numbers.

The difference between when the tabloids paid out, and now, is that then the “Coalition” was solid (although Murat didn’t like it very much to have been singled out by his own people…), and now the relationship between “allies” has changed completely.

JK Rowling distancing herself from the book, near its publishing date was a clear sign that not all was as it seemed about the book.

So when everyone expected the book to lash out viciously and directly at Gonçalo Amaral, Kate surprised all, by turning “on the hand that had protected her”.

I think she thought that she was just defending herself, but she completely misjudged, or as you'll see, misfired her words.

She clearly points a finger at the Ocean Club. According to her, they wrote down somewhere that the Tapas left the children alone in the apartments, and then proceeded to place the note in an easily accessible spot (one wonders if the Tapas personnel left the reservation book open on that specific page on purpose) as if pinned a roadside Bulletin Board for all to see.

Then, apparently, got their statements wrong by saying they saw the McCanns where they never were, and then that they whisked away, very, very conveniently, potentially important witnesses.

The path was laid out for the opening of the door by the abductor, to have been done by using one of the OC keys.

Also she’s quite harsh on her opinion about Mrs Fenn. I would even say, unnecessarily so.

Kate implies that she insulted the woman, but then again she does insult, literally, so many people in the book, that staying at the “implying” level must be taken as a compliment to the ex-Pat in question.

We now come to a very interesting phenomenon that we’re witnessing, and that is what I call the “Smith-Sighting-Reversed”. That is what is happening with the Carol Tranmer-Fenn’s (CTF) statement, which, by the way, was brought to your attention by this blog, back during last year’s Thanksgiving.

You see, the Smith Sighting was something desired by the McCanns until the moment they realized that it was Gerry who had been identified, and from then on become an issue that the “Coalition” made all possible efforts to keep away from public eyes.

With the CTF’s statement, the inverse happens. It was (is) highly compromising for the Tapas, as a sighting on the precise afternoon of the “abduction“ has been silenced and totally ignored until now, as it most likely describes Russ leaving the Oldfields’ apartments, when he was supposed to be saving Matt from drowning somewhere out at sea.

But now, in various forums, namely Amazon.com, CFT’s statement is popping up every so often, brought by Black Hats.

These are not ANY Black Hats. These can be, by the content of their comments, easily linked with the TAPAS9 camp.

To confirm this, the CFT sighting does appear in the book in all its glory. So, like a mirror image of the Smith Sighting, that was relevant and suddenly ceased to be, the CFT Sighting wasn’t important, and now suddenly is.

Why? Because it widens the circle of involvement onto others outside the Ocean Club institution.

The more involved, the merrier. Or, in other words, the more to take down with, if one is forced to go down, the better.

The above details are almost irrelevant. What is important is that you understand that the book fires in all directions, but uses only fratricide ammunition.

More commonly known as "friendly-fire". It kills as much as any other, only is that it's your "friends" pulling the trigger.

The fighting is now between themselves. The GUESTS/OCEAN CLUB vs TAPAS9.

And guess who’s the weakest link?

But why do I call the Maddie McCann Affair the “The Very Last Campaign of the British Empire”?

Because it all boils down to the arrogant imperialistic attitude with which the UK handled this whole issue. As if the Algarve was British soil, and Portugal some uncivilized part of the world.

For the UK, whatever happened in PdL was an “internal” issue to be dealt with “internally”.

Only with the outcry for Justice from the world, mainly led by anonymous citizens from both Portugal and the UK, have the British authorities realized that this attitude has not only embarrassed the Country worldwide as it has seriously compromised its interests everywhere.

Any British citizen is ashamed to talk about Maddie McCann in whatever corner of the world.

It’s a subject that is to be avoided at all costs, and if brought up, to be dampened as quickly as possible.

Hopefully, as with Maddie, the UK will finally lose its arrogant imperialistic posture, and this may well, we hope, have been the last we’ve seen of such outdated, incorrect and misplaced attitude.
  By the way, as a last remark, if you look at Kate’s pictures lately, she now seems to be worn out. Like we expected her to look when she lost her daughter. How we expect any human being to look after suffering a terrible loss. Kate, you look today, as if tragedy is either upon you, or to befall very soon.


  1. News about Halligen. Is there a side for turncoats in this battle?


  2. They will end up eating each other. A secret that involves the death of a child and the involvement of a known person or group, is impossible to retain forever.
    From the war, will come justice.
    I read in anorak today (not sure if what is reported is true because the source seems to be D. Levy) that the McCann's are suing Paulo sargento, hernani carvalho and Manuel Luis goucha. According to the report, Paulo sargento is saying that he has information that could lead the case to be reopened. That means, somebody knowing something get fed-up of McCann's war and decide to open his/ her mouth to a psychologist who have done an animated reconstruction of the tapas dinner / checking on the children, proving that checking could never happened? McCann's lies can survive only because there is money around to buy the surviving. Let the money Finnish and some important mouths will open widely to explain what happen to the little girl, starting with Murat, or malinka, or why not, Antonio, the ex-husband of micaela( murat's actual wife).
    The book is already on his " apogee" and was a delusion for whatever buy it( pro or anti). Then, if they are counting with incomes of the book to buy forever the silence of the cover-up, forget... In few months, the book will be in putrefaction on the book stores. Kate is not Salvador Allende or Gabriel Garcia Marquez . Who cares about her sexuality or her feelings while others touch the perfect body of her child? If she had take good care of the body of her child, she could be alive and safe now.


    Will we see the day the Mccannapoleons will meet their Waterloo...?

    (P.S., do you ever get some sleep? How do you manage?!)


  4. They will end up eating each other. A secret that involves the death of a child and the involvement of a known person or group, is impossible to retain forever.
    From the war, will come justice.
    I read in anorak today (not sure if what is reported is true because the source seems to be D. Levy) that the McCann's are suing Paulo sargento, hernani carvalho and Manuel Luis goucha. According to the report, Paulo sargento is saying that he has information that could lead the case to be reopened. That means, somebody knowing something get fed-up of McCann's war and decide to open his/ her mouth to a psychologist who have done an animated reconstruction of the tapas dinner / checking on the children, proving that checking could never happened? McCann's lies can survive only because there is money around to buy the surviving. Let the money Finnish and some important mouths will open widely to explain what happen to the little girl, starting with Murat, or malinka, or why not, Antonio, the ex-husband of micaela( murat's actual wife).
    The book is already on his " apogee" and was a delusion for whatever buy it( pro or anti). Then, if they are counting with incomes of the book to buy forever the silence of the cover-up, forget... In few months, the book will be in putrefaction on the book stores. Kate is not Salvador Allende or Gabriel Garcia Marquez . Who cares about her sexuality or her feelings while others touch the perfect body of her child? If she had take good care of the body of her child, she could be alive and safe now.

  5. This has become a world war thanks to the mccanns publicity machine, in world wars there are many divisions but ultimately there is only one winner.

    The mccanns have had to fund their war, eventually their funding will dry up, their supporters will lose interest and when they least expect it justice will prevail.

  6. Kate obviously got carried away when writing the book. I see only two reasons. Lack of intelligence combined with excessive arrogance or she was set up. I think it was the second, exploiting the first.
    What they didn't count on, Textusa, was you. Congratulations for making us understand this whole nonsense. Pity a little girl died, and wasn't properly respected.

  7. Well done Textusa as other posters have said the Mccanns did not expect the free flowing information on the internet or that people still want justice after 4 years. They assumed they had gotten away with it, but they did not count on Textusa and her team to uncover the truth hidden in their web of deceit. They may have won the battle, but they will not win the war !!

  8. This post is dedicated to this blog’s #1 fan, a believer

    I bet the number one fan should be with great pride on You and on the Sisters, not never forget Ironside, also !

    Fan number one should be terribly happy.
    Knows who is behind but a crowd came, and the merit is due to Textusa,Ironside and Sisters.

    Is very, very happy and will not forget so much tenderness.


  9. Fan number 1 remembers You before this Blog.

    Textusa´s name always appeared like a YOU FIGHTER all the time.


  10. Ironside's work is much appreciated, she was an inspiration to me.

  11. Hi,Sina J . Yes I can not forget the work ´s Ironside. Never.

    Like i will not forget Text. ´s work and Your´s, Sina J and May I.

    Fan number one, before the blog exists so when Textusa ´s blog appeared i was with Text; after with Text and Ironside and now with Sisters and Text.

    A long great walk and a truly historic.

    Fan n.1 is a Senior Person and thanks to all the Team.

    Thanks to Sisters , Yes..... of course. I think you know that.

    Any Person with Text.´s acceptance only can be brilliant.

    xxs, Sisters. Thank You a lot...i know.......

  12. Good Morning All,

    The McCs touting their book were interviewed in The Morning newpaper of Antwerp this morning.

    Mark this: GM is reported as stating: " the inquiry was closed. It won't open again"

    Now how would he be so sure of this?

    Bit odd, Don't we all agree?


  13. Textusa

    Bravo - yes the Battle for Truth!

    I hope that when the last bullet is fired that truth will still be standing.

    All of us our thankful for your insightful blogs.

    This news from Portia does not sound good ?

  14. I Portia,
    Gerry is playing his roll, with same arrogance as always, thinking that the public of other countries are stupid and eating his lies.
    He cannot be sure of anything, even if he has the knots well tight in UK. In Portugal they could be out of control from one minute to another. There is a new government with young and new people. Socrates left the power in so bad way that he don't want any political job.
    Gerry was looking for the immediate profit- the money from the book. To sell it, he need to play his continuous roll of " the poor victim".
    Let them talk. Every time they appear on interviews, they raise more doubts, more curiosity- more people aware of their lies.

  15. Connections are the answer to this case and as KM would say 'connections of connections'. And there are so many connections... not least Andrew Oldfield. His place on the PACT board ensured the McCann's had almost immediate access to high profile individuals such as Cherie Blair, Lady Catherine Meyer, Laura Bush, Ernie Allen and NCMEC etc (not forgetting the Amber Alert farce - the first time in history that official police suspects in the disappearance of their own child have been lauded as ambassadors for a child welfare system).
    Andrew Oldfield is Dr Matthew Oldfield's brother - strange this important connection never gets a mention although the media are aware of it. Hopefully, with the ongoing PACT scandal regarding charitable donations - alledgedly funding Lady Meyers salary instead of finding missing kids, (it really is one big gravy train) - this info will soon become public knowledge.

  16. Portia

    Do you have a link to the interview in Antwerp?

    Indeed very interesting and sounds very much like G Mc saying it was him who asked for the dogs to be brought in.

  17. It always amazed me how the McCanns were able to gather up so many “loyalists”! Yes, the propaganda machine would have convinced many by sheer emotion. People were touched by this “tragedy” with the little girl, but these people loved the McCanns based on face value only. But those that appeared in the various forums showed a deep knowledge of the facts. They were NOT passionate people feeling sorry for the mishap of a couple, they were, like you say, people committed, and it’s sheer impossibility for that group of doctors to have so many people defending their ridiculous theories with absolutely no shame. The only they way is the way you describe, and that is that those in Praia da Luz in that week helped out, and helped out a lot!

  18. Something that irritates me is the credit that is given to the McCanns for their ability to have covered-up their crime. Anyone who has the protection of the Police and of the Government doesn’t have to work very hard to cover anything up because there’s no need to do so. And, if I remember correctly, didn’t they pay a company to handle their image? Just like BIG movie stars!!!

  19. I think Kate has poked a wasps nest with a very sharp stick by the way she speaks about the Ocean Club the way she does!

  20. No words can express my gratitude to all those who've actively participated in this blog. Metodo 2 and the Bronte-Cohen Sisters are on this side of the screen (and all have been of an outstanding help and cooperation) but YOU that continued to read and comment albeit all the threats that YOU were subjected to, deserve not only my gratitude, but my respect and admiration. Together we can move mountains, together we can make a just cause have the outcome it deserves! Thank you!

  21. You TEXT are a very lovely Person!

    You TEXT and Yor´s Teams A MUST because are intelligent, insightful, observant, logical reasoning;

    You.... ALL here in comments also a MUST;

    You..... and me... and all here and around A MUST

    Well, this post was dedicated to a gift that has made many people feel very proud. A hymn to great friendships, too.
    Great affection here.

    I can not forget ; we can not forget !


  22. Thank you Textusa, Ironside, Sina J and May I - you are marvellous and our quest for the truth will not fail.

    Each day I log on and so do my friends Textusa is part of my day and I thank you for that xxxx

  23. Thank you anon @ 8:50:00

    Our 'big' sister Textusa is the one who deserves the credit. The rest of us sisters offer whatever support we can.

  24. Sina J, do behave!

    Jun 22, 2011 10:22:00 AM
    Your words tell me that you, like fan#1, read me before I was convinced to write here. It has been a long and interesting ride, hasn't it?

  25. Looks like the Mccanns are now starting another libel battle;

    "Manuel Luis Goucha, Paulo Sargento and Hernâni Carvalho have been made arguidos yesterday, Wednesday, in a libel action started by Kate and Gerry McCann.

    The criminal complaint, initiated by the couple’s lawyer in Portugal, also affects the TVI administration. It was during a talk show broadcasted by TVI that the alleged crime has occurred.

    The psychologist Paulo Sargento – arguido since yesterday – confirmed the information and stated “that he did not speak yesterday but that he intends to do so during the proceedings because he has knowledge of elements which may lead to the reopening of the inquiry related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.”

  26. Anon
    Jun 23, 2011 7:29:00 AM

    About the information you speak about, this blog has decided to treat it as a mere Post Scriptum rather than a post itself.

    There we said that we're very skeptical about those "news" as they come only from an unreliable source, and until we have further confirmation, we'll take it as another piece of "clutter".

  27. A very nice day to YOU ALL!

    Text. : Jun 22, 2011 10:22:00 AM -

    was me ! M.xxs I remember You before Your´s theory in Joana´s blog. Before, with comments. A big hug.

    ( Sina J, do behave!

    Jun 22, 2011 10:22:00 AM
    Your words tell me that you, like fan#1, read me before I was convinced to write here. It has been a long and interesting )

  28. A sign that things are not going well down at the Black Hats side, is the fact that they’re trying, like they did with apartment 5A, to “clean” up the internet. Chaosraptor is gone. JATYK is gone. But they can rest assured that, like with apartment 5A, there will always be “dogs” that will find the condemning evidence.
    I agree that Kate was set-up. The book is very “me-me-me”, and very aggressive towards others. Anyone who reads it, is unable to generate any sympathy either for the woman or for the cause it pretends to defend. Those around her when she was writing it surely must have understood this at once. So the fact that the book was published tells me that those same people understood fully the consequences it would mean to the McCanns. They probably convinced them to write to the PM. Britain who suspected them of wrongdoing, is now sure of it, and loathes them. Politically, all that is required is for public opinion to want these people brought to justice. What a f**k up, Kate!

  29. Anon 9:33
    I'm not familiar with chaosraptor, I rarely went there, but I did like to go to both JATYK and PFA2. Now reading Tex's posts, it seems that JATYK defended the McCanns while the PFA2 seems to be part of a much wider and bigger machinery, which would make it more guests/OC. Maybe that's why it remains open.

  30. So this all sums up to a bunch of people trying to save their own hide from being smacked? It's simple and it makes sense.

  31. About this : " A sign that things are not going well down at the Black Hats side, is the fact that they’re trying, like they did with apartment 5A, to “clean” up the internet."

    My theory is another. I think that the MCs have decided that they want nothing else on the net, really. They want to hide and no more to talk over them.

    Then go to "clean up" impossible to clean. None company will be able to lift wash their image dirty and ugly.

    They are greatly mistaken. History will never forget the huge scam that created purposely.

    They try to erase the tracks so to we all forget them and leave to publish on blogs or social networks.

    Citizens of Portugal have process and are intimidate us with the help of censorship in the press. It is forbidden to speak. Orders are ordered.

    Even without advertising the news from these monsters, who will have blogs and social networks must continue to expose this sinister machine that was built.

    We must continue to publish review articles on the case.

    Have you noticed that if there is news almost stop blogging?

    ( translation with the possible help from Goog. translator)

  32. Police, lawyers, MP and we all know how to analyze this putrefying files but they and we know perfectly that this huge gap of time (2007-2011) does not benefit a effective investigation or a strong case to be taken to court. It's not what you know that has happened. It is what you can prove in court. The main thing here is that without a corpse you have a good possibility to get way with it. Unless someone from this triangle break down and tell. No one can say for sure that this will never happen one day! Only people involved know what each one feels about this. Some will learn to live with it some might have serious difficulties to live with it.

    Even if some were in fact involved in a special swinging tourism package to PdL we can't mix things. Being ashamed about what your family and friends or clients or patients might think about you're involved in a selective sex activity is not the same of being involved in a crime cover up! Just put yourself in their shoes... so it's not possible to be sure that all of them will shut up their mouth forever.

    O-Team, T-Team, G-team have won a gangrenous relationship, always look their back because no one can control the future, right?

    Even those (some call them opinion leaders, I call them short eyes) that use to came forward to defend McCann in the early days have stopped doing so. Their arrogance and proud were seriously damaged because they use to see themselves as clever people but were fooled in the end. Even now some may think the police man might have been right since the beginning but their proud don't let them to recognize their made a wrong judgement about this case.

    For many that would like to see this case entering in court through the big door they might think justice was not been made. I have a different view. Justice can be done outside of a court house. I think McCanns case is one of this cases. I believe some members of their family may agree with me. I respect their silence and the distance they kept a long these years. We do not choose family and more important we are not responsible for their acts!

    If this case was taken to court the judge might have been less severe than life itself (considering they all have minor kids, were doctors, with a clean police sheets (were they?) and what has happened was an accident) they would get a light court conviction. They went home, nobody really know what has happened abroad (because media was not called in).

    Adding this, they could have used their influential connections to defend themselves, showing their were responsible parents, good guests, educated people that had suffered a tragic loss. Instead, due their egocentric, narcissistic and disturbed profile they choose or were influenced to choose Plan b) Abduction. I almost can hear them saying "...how on earth did you choose doing so...? What were we thinking....?" Too late to save a drawny witch (Frank Zappa would sang if he was alive).

    Some of you might not agree but I'm absolutely sure if they could get back in time this was - with no doubt - what they would do. Instead, they've build themselves a life condemnation. It's a kind of a Biblic condemnation really. They were convicted by themselves (God Knows how hard we can be with ourselves) wallowing in their misery for the rest of their lives. Outside or inside a prison, only future will tell.

    Lastly, I would like to thank you all for bringing here some important issues, released police files, interesting opinions that help me understand all the perspectives of this case and help me to consolidate my own opinion of what has happened on PdL in May 2007.

    Even if justice won't be done at a desirable way at this very single case police approach will never be the same in the future and similar cases.

  33. Anon @ 1:01 Totally agree with your excellent post - I also think if they could go back in time they would alter things the lives they all lead now are lives of condemation they are in a prison of their own making and will spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders and waiting for that final knock on the door. What a life !!

    Well done Textusa et al fantastic site.

  34. Anon 1:01pm

    Excellent post, well said.

    I hope all the tapas 9 family and friends have a conscience, and for once think about Madeleine and not themselves. I am sure none of them sleep well at night, the longer it goes on the worse it must become.

  35. Who the heck wrote this book?

    She describes Oldfields hysterical response in the police station, showing some contempt, in comparison to her hard faced response. Implying he had reason to fear something?

    She confirms witnesses were shipped out.

    She makes the quiz night descriptions of Jane ,Fiona and Dianne look foolish, with her claim of 15 diners.

    John Geraghty doesn't get a thank you for all he did for them.

    It's just too bizarre for words and I don't believe as some think it is Kate trying to confess.

    She/whoever is finger pointing and I feel a bit sorry for the people who were too naive to consider the future and came forward to help out.

  36. Anon. Jun.23.2011.1:01:00PM

    I too believe that if this case does not eventually reach the Courts and give Madeleine the justice that she deserves it will ultimate wreck the lives of those concerned as you say in a Biblical way. However, it will forever be a great dishonour on Great Britain that it tried to interfere with the course of Justice.

    I, for one will wish to leave this country as soon as maybe.

  37. ANONs Jun 23, 2011 9:33:00 AM & Jun 23, 2011 9:53:00 AM

    I really do believe that the BHs escalate discussions on forums so they get closed down. They do the usual 'mirroring' and say the WHs posts will get them shut down but it's the BHs who get out of order.

    I think Chaos shut down because whoever BHs had running it wasn't very bright and could be cornered at every turn so a "wiser" BH would have to step in and make the forum sound sensible. With JATYK, I don't think it was the same although I hardly looked at it because it irritated me so much. At least Chaos was hilarious. JATYK was nasty in a meaningful way. It probably did shut down because some of them couldn't keep up the pretence in the face of the obvious and they disagreed on how to handle it.

    I also think it has something to do with the Mcs saying their trial won't be fair because of the hatchet job done on them. But if that was the case the BH would encourage us to rant about their guilt, then again I suppose they do ...OH ...I really haven't made my mind up what they are doing. I do know K's book can't have gone down well with many of them.

  38. I think that when the BH's come to sites they try to change the course of the discussion so we focus on them instead of what we are discussing when 'INSANE' came here a while ago he/she tried to distrupt our discussion, but Textusa had such a good response from her followers I remember over 100 comments and eventually INSANE disappeared.
    BH's do try to get sites closed down, but they are always rude types of people and they have no logical argument they are abusive people, and if these are the Mccanns supporters that just about sums up what the Mccanns stand for in our society.
    SY hopefully will do a good job afterall that is what we pay our taxes for. We have all paid enough money one way or another to the Mccanns and now is time for them to face justice, and because of their behaviour Madeleine paid with her life.
    Great blog thanks for all you do for Justice Textusa.

  39. The BH foot soldiers seem to take orders and obey commands and are prepared to sacrifice their credibility rather than their lives.

    However many times they get shot down they rise up and start a new life on a different forum with a new name and identity. They are still easy recognisable and usually come in pairs. Sometimes they appear as a quartet, one of whom tells the reader they are new to the case so looking for information and get converted from their neutral stance by the 'abduction' information they are given.

    Usually the double act get quite aggressive to the point of rudeness, libel and total idiocy.
    After constant challenging when they run out of ammunition they go for the kill and the forum often gets closed down.

    The other tactic is 'outing' people as they seem to have a fascination for identifying their adversaries.
    By this point in time the discussion has veered well away from Maddie which is obviously the intention.

    There was a recent discussion on one forum where the BH was being 'converted from neutral/anti to pro McCann' but coming up with long fairy stories about how Maddie COULD have been abducted. This was a strange tactic and very reminiscent of K's book.

    I don't see the point engaging with any BH, it is what they want and why give them want they want?

    I think Textusa is right to stick garbage from them in the trash can, maybe that is why her forum is rarely if ever mentioned by the BH.

  40. Most of the McCann's supporters are not genuine supporters. Most are people who don't like the police in general and get on McCann's an opportunity to gave some pleasure to their feelings. Some have a xenophobe nature and same as the first, use them to give freedom to their superiority complex. Some are naives, low educated( Sun readers), with a so poor spirit that everybody can easily manipulate them. Very few believe them. And for that, I just have two words " poor guys".

  41. I wonder what news the McCanns were given to smile like this.


  42. SY will wipe the smile of Kates face!

  43. What is left for them to do? Theyºve created their own fantasy world in which all they've done was done for some reason that their distorted minds thinks it justifies, not giving a care about the other world, the unjust, unfair one, where the rest of us live. I think they've driven themselves into a state of mental illness. Either that, or its their last card up their sleeve, and that's making us think they're crazy!

  44. http://www.hartvannederland.nl/nederland/2011/exclusief-interview-met-kate-mccann/

    They still insist there's no evidence Madeleine has been harmed (then why did Kate have horrible thoughts about someone taring apart Madeleine's perfect little genitals?!), they still don't feel sorry they left Madeleine and the twins alone(please don't lash out on me, we KNOW they were NOT alone, but let's pretend), they still only regret not being there AT THE MOMENT Madeleine was taken!
    Notice how she takes the opportunity to tell that the child Tanner saw in the arms of the "abductor" had NO blanket. Notice her face as she tells this (1:18/1:19'), that weird twitch.
    The fact that she made sure she included that bit of information in the interview makes me think it is preciselly the blanket issue that is at the base of the lawsuit against Dr. Paulo Sargento. The blanket is important!
    Once again, as they did in their "documentary" they make the Tanner sighting match with the Smith sighting, or vice-versa, "almost identical" Gerry says.

  45. I have just seen the Mccanns in The Express what fake smiles, it is obvious they cannot stand the sight of one another, but what I find so bizare is why are they still free to tell their lies, these are such obvious lies, Textusa has broken down each one of their lies but still nothing is done about the Mccanns, why is this ?

    Kate and Gerry Mccann will go down in history as two criminals that courted the media, set up a fraudulent fund which raised millions for their private bank accounts, flew around Europe, received standing ovations because they lied about what happened to their daughter, they were responsible for Madeleine but still they lied and so did their friends.

    Now they are busy on their book promotion, twins again being looked after by any one other than their parents, poor twins, poor madeleine these are the victims not the greedy money seeking Mccanns.
    Justice for Madeleine and thank you Textusa on your very good blog.

  46. Anon.jun.24.2011.7:23:00

    The blanket was left on the bed in the apartment where
    Madeleine was supposedly sleeping together with Cuddle Cat. I am not able to view the interview can you say in what respect she is referring to the "blanket". Thank you.

  47. Anon Jun 23, 2011 7:29:00 AM (also with regard with my answer to you on Jun 23, 2011 7:40:00 AM)

    About the libel trial against TVI, Goucha, PS and HC, I’ve received information from 3 independent and CREDIBLE blogging sources that in fact such a process is in place.

    First I would like to thank the sources in the care put in informing me, and I hope, as I’m sure they do, understand what I’m to say next.

    If there’s a case, I think it’s irrelevant, unimportant and distracting. One still remembers the embarrassment caused by the Amaral«s book process, which was supposed to be about the publication of the book itself and nothing else, but it went so out of hand that Gerry had to fly back to the UK for “instructions” and Fiona was sent in to “help” Kate out…

    One and half years ago, they said they were looking for the right people to REOPEN the process. It seems their choice befell no the PM himself, but only for a review. I think that they now think that although so much thought put into the matter, the PM was not exactly the “right people” they were looking for…

    So, if there’s a case, let there be one. I maintain that cannot afford any kind of publicity other them taking legal action against people. In this case for example, yhe news is that they’ve taken said action against these individuals and TV Company. They know the secrecy laws of the Portuguese legal system, so what will happen (if, I say there’s the case, which I’m starting to believe there is) in the case is that they will be heard, and found out there’s isn’t “matter” to proceed forward, and the case will be stopped.

    I do not wish to speak about this, because it is, as I said, distracting and unimportant, and will be waiting for an OFFICIAL knowledge of this subject (no disrespect intended to those that took the trouble to inform me). On that day, I’ll publish a post just saying “as per news reported, it is confirmed that there’s a case against TVI, Goucha, PS and HC “

    By the way, this little episode has had a perk for this blog, as we found a very, very interesting piece of information relating to Kate’s book. Couldn’t qualify it as a “Oops, I’ve just confessed” moment, but certainly could as a “Oops.. I’m such a dimwit am I not?” one…

  48. I read that in the lawsuit case against the 3 portuguese gentlemen is not under secrecy of justice, that for some (strange and unexplained) reason it was not applied!

  49. "By the way, this little episode has had a perk for this blog, as we found a very, very interesting piece of information relating to Kate’s book. Couldn’t qualify it as a “Oops, I’ve just confessed” moment, but certainly could as a “Oops.. I’m such a dimwit am I not?” one…"

    Naughty Textusa!
    Leaving us "drooling" for more...

  50. The pink blanket is a very confused and confusing theme!
    I believe that Tanner first mentioned a blanket when she described the man she saw carrying a child to the police, then later she described the scene with no blanket. In the photos of the PJ of Madeleine's bed there is a pink blanket(Madeleine's comforter?) but this item soon vanished (I cannot understand how the police did not confiscate all the beddings!)never to be seen again. Also, according to Oprah, Kate has supposedly mentioned to friends that she hopes whoever has Madeleine is treating her well, giving her her blanket, etc.! Now, WHICH blanket is the abductor supposed to give Madeleine??? The pink one, her comforter, was left behind, for some time at least...
    In the interview kate describes the man and child Tanner said she saw, the way he was dressed and the way he carried the child, "across the arms, not up against the shoulder" Kate said, "in pijamas and bare footed, no blanket". I think it is the first time she describes the "abductor" in such detail, at least I do not recall her ever doing so in an interview.
    Notice how she even details the position in which the child was carried, why would she go into the detail of "the child was carried like this, not like that"? Distancing from any comparison with the man seen by the Smith family, which carried the child upwards?
    I think that all they say, the way they say it is very intentional there is nothing innocent/simple about it. There is a motive for what they say and how!

  51. Anon Jun 25.2011 10.25:00AM

    If you are Anon Jun.24.2011 7:23:00

    Thank you for your reply regarding the blanket. she has mistakenly forgot to omit the blanket - I think that's what's happened. I believe that she was still confused through grief and that's why she got muddled.

  52. I didn't read Kates book, but at Mccannfiles there is the last post from Dr. Martin Roberts who, as usual, have a good eye for details and had dedicate some precious time denouncing the lies and the inconsistencies on the tapas 9 statements.
    Looks like, in the book, Kate is manipulating the crime scene again with doors from the room in the 5A hanged in a different position that they actually are. She was forced to altere the position of the door to credibilise her story about Gerry entering the flat and checking the child's. what she describes in the book is clear different then what the pictures of the police were showingin the 5A. And for more then 4 years, never the police pictures were descridibilized. Kate is clearly playing a dirty game with her readers and a danger game with police. It is time in Portugal for a TV to organize a large debat with some personalities to discuss Kate book and expose her manipulation. If, after 4 years she manipulated a so simple and so clear evidence, how can any police believe on what she said on the first days/ hours after the disappearance? I believe, after a huge TV DEBAT EXPOSING HER, will be impossible for Pinto Monteiro to keep the investigation closed, even without a body or any other evidence. The book, per si, is clearly, a new evidence, bringing again the McCann's exactly to the center of the vulcano. Probably from where, they never went out during all this time of lies, frauds and manipulations.

  53. What a terrible life the McCanns must be living. The McCanns and all those in the other teams.

    Back in the nineties, a Portuguese newspaper, "O Indpendente", ran by who's today's Portuguese Foreign Minister, Paulo Portas, made many a politician loose sleep on Thursdays nights. The newspaper hit the streets on Friday, and Portugal could hear the sigh of relief from all those that didn't see their names on the front page. The unlucky ones, faced a terrible weekend, and a disastrous week until a new set of "victims" were exposed the next Friday.
    I imagine that the same thing happens here. Many people come here daily to see if their name appears here. They know that you've unraveled their riddles, so they're just praying that you don't pick on them.

    The main difference is that those politicians could sleep all nights with the exception of Thurdays, you, having no periodicity, their sleepless nights are every single one of the nights that a week has.

    Looking forward for that "dimwit" moment. Up to now, you've met the expectations you've created in us readers. Thanks!

  54. Now the mccanns are back in the news travelling around Europe could one of these countries do a television debate (as a previous poster mentions) or something along those lines where the public are able to give opinions, ask questions, this type of media coverage would start to break down the mccanns abduction story, and many people will start to realise what a pair of crooks the mccanns are. Once one programme or one newspaper starts questioning the mccanns version their whole pack of lies will start to fall apart.

    they are visiting these countries with the sole purpose of making money for themselves someone should do some coverage on the true facts of the case, the mccanns cannot sue everyone. All it would take is one person or one company or one newspaper to ask questions.....The mccanns have silenced our media so I do not think anything official will ever come from UK this country is corrupt and the mccanns have proved that.

  55. To Anon Jun 25, 2011 4:19:00 PM

    I tink You are very naive and well-meaning because here some can do what they want.

    Justice is not for all.This is more muted and it will stay that way, as their protectors and MCs wanted
    (google trans. )

  56. Please keep the strength to continue to be an inconvenient voice of righteousness. History is made by people like you the authors of this beautiful place of hope for Humanity. Textusa, Sina J, May I and Ironside, God bless you all!

  57. Another excellent article by Dr.M. Roberts in Mccann Files, and another revelation from kate's book, a new little detail about Gerry's 9:05 check:

    "He glanced into our room to make sure Madeleine hadn't wandered in there, as she was prone to do if ever she woke in the small hours. Seeing no little body curled up in our bed, he went over to look in on the children."

    He certainly did not tell that to the police...he only told about his visit to the toillet...

  58. To anon jun 25, 8:36
    Nobody is protected forever. If the McCann's think they are, they're the naives, making a huge mistake. Their forced protection could break down easily, starting with their marriage. Let a courageous paper or tv get inside their lies, all the story and support will crack down.
    Most of the support is a myth created by McCann's machine to make the public believing that is real.
    Today I went to "VIRGIN", there was "MADELEINE(the book) in a very low shelf of the store, in a very secondary place, almost unnoticed. Just one book, very, very FARRRRR of the " BEST SELLER SHELF" which is located in a very strategic place of the shop. The reality in the terrain is far different then the pink marvelous story the McCann's are trying hardly to sell. They pack their days with lies. Break the packets and nothing will be left from that pair of opportunist liars.

  59. Why would Gerry feel the need to look inside his bedroom first to see if Madeline was there? Why not check her bed, in her bedroom first, and then, if she was not there look into his own? That would be the logical thing to do, no...? He went to his and Kate's room first! Does that mean that Madeleine was in fact sleeping in there and not in the children's room with her siblings? Is this the reason why Kate made that slip in an interview:
    "You don't expect somebody to go into your apartment and take your child out (of) your bed."

  60. Now the pink blanket was planted on the crime scene and removed from there, by the police? Is that the message kate wants to pass on her book?
    I did not read the book, but from comments made in several blogs, by people who read the book, looks like that. If so, what is doing Pinto Monteiro? Since, in Portugal the police can't do anything without top permission, that means Kate is saying that Pinto Monteiro and Alipio Ribeiro were responsible for the appearence and disappearance of the pink blanket? Then what about Madeleine? She said to Oprah- the pink blanket went with Madeleine. Can she explain how the police get access to the blanket if the alarm was raised at 10 pm and GNR arrived few time after been called and pictured the blanket in the room? She handed the blanket to the police? If this is what she claims, why GNR or any of the witnesses reported it on their statements? Why Kate did not reported that important information on her first statements to PJ?
    She is clearly playing with fire and Passos Coelho, Paulo Portas and the new minister of justice need to do something quickly to stop the money machine of that sick lady. She cannot live under the exploitation of her daughter. A child she disrespect in many ways. Even, if what we can see in the terrain is that her book is not selling well, at least outside UK. I found always just one sample, left on the most bad corner/ shelf of the shop with people swearing words I don' t repeat here when their eyes saw the book.
    The behavior of the public translates well how the public believe on them(???) and is a life sentence totally created by the McCann's and their pr machine. Then nobody to sue, nobody to blame. They cause the problem, they keep feeding it, just with one objective on their minds: making money using Madeleine. Again they are not caring about their other 2 child's, they are not protecting them. Just leaving their faces out of the journalist cameras is not enough to protect them. As parents, they fail to respect them with all stories they keep involving madeleine's name. The twins are growing up in the middle of a disrupted family, having, lies, corruption, manipulation as references of "good parenting" and "good behavior". Mr. Cameron, who is in charged to rule a country with millions of citizens and a very high index of violent criminality, have to keep an eye on this two. They are a bad example, a bad inspiration for the new generations. Cameron cannot claim: there is the McCann's on one side, and on the other side the rest of the British people who have to work to pay their mortgages, their lawyers, the care of their children and FACE JUSTICE IF FOR ANY REASON THEY commit SOMETHING AGAINST THE LIFE OF SOMEBODY OR THE RULES OF THE COUNTRY. That positive pro-McCann discrimination, needs to be stopped by who has authority to do it. If not, the PM, become very weak and did not deserve the votes of who elected him.

  61. Maybe the mccanns relationship was rocky before the holiday and Kate and Madeleine slept together and gerry apart. Could this be why Kate needed to discuss her sex life in her book pretending they were a normal couple.

    They do not look comfortable together she has a false smile and he can't be bothered. Certainly not any love there.

  62. That play in the book, regarding the time Gerry entered the flat to check his child's, is a clear evidence of two three things:
    1- smiths sight is very important and something needs to be done to discredit it.
    2- McCann's are so narcissist that they believe, they can deliver any trash around them and got away with it.
    3- their lawyers, and Mitchell, who I believed revised her book and were well payed to do it, did not get bothered to read their statements and the police files, previously, to avoid such errors. They are payed and they are the first ones mocking the McCann's and leaving them on that embarrassing situation.
    The game regarding the time Gerry went in the flat and what he have done there, remembers me the first stories about the door open or closed, the window open or closed, the shutter damaged or not. Evidences served "a la carte" from a lies menu.
    To a reader who questioned where Madeleine slept that night. It is clear, she did not sleep on the bed from where her parents claimed, she was abducted. Not a single evidence from her or her abductor was found on that bed. Due to the position of the bed and the story delivered by the mccann's it is clear "how impossible was to remove a child from that bed, without messing the bed and leaving few evidences. For me, the twins were moved to that room to bake the abduction and fabricate the crime scene. Nor the twins or Madeleine Ever slept on that room that night. She died in the living room before bed time and all other child's were kept together somewhere, under the care of an adult and sedated, to allow the rest of the group to clean up and set the story and the scenery. Probably, a nanny was in charged of the kids without the reason why she had so many and so quite child's sleeping that night. When she realized and start suspecting the story, was forced to shut up or sang the same song. Quickly, the nannies were packed and shift out of Portugal to avoid deep interrogatories by the police. When the police realize the importance of that nannies, they were already out and some rogatory letters need to be sent to UK to hear them. Why, the McCann's had meetings with nannies when they went back to UK? Gerry said on his blog that a Nannie visit them in Rothley. That facility of transforming in friends people they meet casually on their life's, for a so short time, one week, always amazes me. That people were tied by some knots, afraid of the mccann's and not knowing well their rights. Nobody become a friend of a pair like that if had nothing to gain or loose. Around these two are just conners and potential losers. Innocent people and truthful people are far from McCann's surrounds.

  63. Going back to duets.

    On here we have Pedro and Jean.


    Pedro only seems to sing the chorus.

  64. This is worth watching as it gives warning of the new campaign.


    G Mc says he 'thinks' we are in the internet age and a whole new generation of children are coming through. Are these children going to be recruited?

  65. Anon.Jun.252011.11:50:00 PM

    This is what i think also. Why check the main bedroom at all. Unless that was where she was meant to be. But why - think - why? Two beds pushed together look at where the pillow is in the photos of the apartment.

    Why would the position of a door make you think your child is not in bed. Doors are a distraction. I don't look at doors when checking for a child.

  66. Brilliant post - one of the best... only just read it.

  67. I've been reading pages of this blog and as much as I think you're on the right path, its May 2015 and still no sign of any break in this case ?

  68. From some of the things Kate has said ie the shutters, the position of the doors, the blanket etc etc, it did occur to me that there might be a tin possibility that she is being used by G and others, and wants the world to know it. She might be trying to get people to look more closely. You might think I am living on another planet but I get that feeling just the same. Look at Myra Hindley for example she was controlled by her partner, as others are. It is a well known fact and one I feel should be given attention. Right or wrong, I just cannot believe that any woman could remember to put yellow ribbons in her hair or fix her makeup after her child has gone missing. Surely any caring mother would be unable to get out of bed? The video of G laughing his head off 2 days after his daughter was declared missing put shivers down my spine. Maybe M is not dead, maybe she is alive somewhere and that is why they did not bother to look for her, or show the emotion you would expect them to show.

    Hiding behind the sofa now to avoid incoming missiles!


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