Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Kate's “Oops… I Think I’ve Just Confessed” Moment

There are many, many “Oops… I think I’ve just confessed” moments in Kate McCanns book, “Madeleine”.

This is one of them.

On pages 241 and 242, this is what she says:

“Carlos still looked very concerned. There was a great deal we needed to discuss, he told us. He reiterated that the situation was not good. The PJ had a lot of ‘evidence’ against us, and I was certain to be made an arguida in the morning.
First he cited video footage the police had shot of the reactions of the blood and cadaver dogs in apartment 5A and also around our hire car. I would be shown this on my return to the police station, he said. Presumably repeating what he had been told by the PJ, he explained how samples from both these sites had revealed Madeleine’s blood and one of them indicated a 15 out of 19 match with her DNA.
I was totally perplexed. Although this news, if true, seemed to add weight to the possibility that Madeleine had at the very least been physically harmed, unusually I didn’t dwell too much on the frightening implications. I can only assume this was because what we were being told didn’t make sense. If, as the PJ alleged, Madeleine’s blood was in the boot of our car, which we had not rented until 27 May, how on earth had it got there? Did this mean someone had planted it? I could see no other explanation. The police theory, it seemed, was that we had hidden Madeleine’s body, then moved it later, in the car, and buried it elsewhere.”

See the confession?


Let me clarify: “Did this mean someone had planted it?”

The simple fact that her mind finds possible to generate the idea that someone may have planted Maddie’s DNA in the boot of a car rented many days after her supposed abduction, means one and only one very important thing, and that is she’s telling us all that she knows that Maddie’s body was accessible from which to withdraw samples from and plant them somewhere else.

Let me put it this way.

If I was to tell you that I’d just seen a monkey dressed in a tuxedo smoking a cigar in the boor of your car, which of the following questions would pop immediately into your mind:

- has this woman lost it completely or is she on hard drugs or something?

- who put the monkey there, and who made a tuxedo that size?

Yes, the FIRST is the logical thought because of the impossibility and infeasibility of the whole idea.

But that is not what she seems to be asking, is it?

She goes for the SECOND, which she knows, for certain, to be POSSIBLE and FEASIBLE.

Possible because she knows the why, feasible because she knows the how.

Yes...those words means she was working on the theory, in her own mind, of how to get herself out of this situation, not the practicality of where DNA would have to have come from.

If she knew, as she keeps telling us she knows, that Maddie was ABDUCTED, and that the car had been rented much later, her reaction would have been “There’s a mistake, that’s IMPOSSIBLE!”.

How feasible would it be to plant Maddie’s DNA in ANY PLACE if she was indeed ABDUCTED?

Only by the abductor. She does say, on page 242 “The only conclusion I could draw was that we’ve been framed, though this seemed completely implausible”

Yes, but that would mean that the “ABDUCTOR would have abducted and killed Maddie, kept the body with him/her, took some samples from it, continued to maintain surveillance on the couple, and, ONCE AGAIN, would have to have waited for an opportunity whereupon they would have left their car unattended and unlocked.

Talk about conspiracy theories… because if it wasn't the abductor, who could have been?

Not the PJ, unless she's implying the PJ abducted Maddie...

And if it was the abductor, why such determination and vengefulness?

So, basically, she’s CONFESSING, very LOUDLY and CLEARLY, that she knows that there was a source from which that found DNA had come from: the unabducted Maddie’s body.


  1. And we can add one more fact here: the rental car company, call them and ask them to hand the car back because the car belongs to Renault Portugal and needs to be handed back. The rental car could immediatelly provide them a new car. They refused it and never handed the car back, onlly after running away, on sep 2007. They wanted the scenic. why?
    Imagine, if you rented a car and the company gave you strong reasons to change the car, and you are a tourist? Would you hand the car back or you force the company to make you another contract with same car? On which grounds? Only a strong reason can leave somebody on
    that situation. Will be interesting to know which excuse they gave to the rental car to keep the scenic. Must be on the closed files.
    In the files was also reported that they have been seen visiting some people in Lagos and they arrive with twins in a small car, not the scenic. they use another car to transport the twins. Then, where was the scenic? What was the use of the scenic? They appear on it every time they call the media, but that was programed. Could be intentionally to show the car and stop the eyes of neighbors or a inquisitive journalist. Nothing on this guys was spontaneous or natural.

  2. - Uma figura de enorme conflitualidade tem sido o procurador-geral da República, Pinto Monteiro. Concorda com Passos Coelho de que conviria substituí-lo?
    - Não me atrevo a dar conselhos nem a Pedro Passos Coelho nem ao procurador. Aquilo que é facilmente constatável é que o procurador e algumas das suas decisões têm sido demasiado controversas e até difíceis de explicar. A sensação que transparece para a opinião pública é que em alguns momentos o PGR passou a jogar um jogo, e não deveria.
    - Acha que houve manipulação da Justiça por parte do Governo que agora cessa funções?
    - Não diria que houve manipulação da Justiça, mas que houve decisões que não foram transparentes, parece-me que isso é claro para todos nós.
    Carlos Anjos em entrevista ao Correio da Manha.

  3. Transparências..... quem as tem ?

    Quanto a C.Anjos é mais um a dar opinião e nem sempre transparente; outro dia saltou em defesa de um ex colega do Norte, penso que de uma 1ª investigação sobre 1 caso de desaparecimento.Quanto a mim, foi muito parcial.

    Nada é transparente.

    Parece que temos :

    uma táctica para aniquilar e silenciar cidadãos portugueses;

    a outra a dar voz apenas aos XX XXXX;

    Seja o P.M.; seja o M.P; seja a I.D.; seja o M.A.C.;; seja a C.N. da L.C. nada é imparcial.Portanto até são muito transaprentes pois não escondem o que dizem e fazem.

    São televisionados; vão a correr para o Algarve para acompanhar a " doce " L.C. São , são transparentes pois! Lidam muito bem com infanticídio.

  4. I recall at the time the forensic evidence was found in their scenic, so they said they were doing their own investigation into forensic evidence !! since when were suspects allowed to manipulate the legal system in such a way.

    The one thing this Mccann case has proven beyond doubt is that our justice system is completely corrupt.
    How two suspects have been allowed the freedom to seek donations from the public whilst silencing the media is beyond belief!!!

    I look forward to the day the Mccanns and their friends finally go to court and thanks to Textusa and her Team for their tireless efforts, soon there will be justice.

  5. If the Mccanns were innocent when DNA from Madeleine was found in their hire car they would have wanted to know how it got there, same as in their apartment, but instead they attempt to rubbish the dogs and blame everybody else.

    Kate should rename her book 'Kate' because its all about Kate not Madeleine, its Kate rewritting history, glossing over facts, attempting to make herself the victim.

    Kate is guilty, she knows it and we know it, it is only a matter of time now.

  6. Tex,

    I see you have had 181 visits today, I wonder how many times each day Kate logs on (probably quite a few )!!!

    Well done Textusa another brilliant blog.

  7. Anon
    Jun 19, 2011 9:05:00 PM

    The post whereby we intend to prove, without a shadow of a doubt that Kate is a Textusa "regular visitor" will be fun to do, as you'll see. But it involves the use of a significant amount of pictures, or at least we anticipate that, and, as as been explained, my priorities lie elsewhere. One of these days, I'll sit down, and calmly write it, as the one that I owe the "Council of Sister" about Mrs Fenn, so that both can be discussed, analysed, wiped free of any detected incorrections or inconsistencies, and then be published. It's a rather cumbersome process on the personal lives of us three, but the credibility of the blog is imperative. Thank you so much for your compliment.

  8. For how much longer will the UK Gov put up with this? Has the Nation completely lost all its sense of shame?!?

  9. Alguem nao gostou das palavras de Carlos Anjos. Se e parcial com um colega seu da PJ, e natural. Afinal a PJ tem sido alvo de ataques metodicos e sistematicos, vindos de varios quadrantes da sociedade portuguesa. Servem quem? Quem prevarica.
    Quanto a entrevista ao CM, acho que Carlos Anjos disse o que milhoes de portugueses pensam do actual Procurador Geral da Republica. E tempo de arrumar a casa e estando la esse senhor, dificilmente sera correctamente arrumada. Mas claro que ele nao quer sair. Nao deixou nada definitivamente fechado porque nao podia. A qualquer porta mal fechada, basta uma corrente de ar mais atrevida para a abrir. Madeleine foi um Portao tao mal fechado que a sua reabertura assusta tanto Kate quanto o sr. Pinto Monteiro. Os dois vao ficar muito mal na pintura.
    Como foi possivel passar por cima de tantas evidencias? ignorar tanta mentira? deixar fazer tanta coisa? Desde detectives privados a importunarem testemunhas, donativos pedidos com base numa mentira, assaltos a eventos de caridade publicos, para recolherem fundos para o SEU FUNDO PRIVADO, ATE AO LIVRO DE AUTOPROMOCAO. Tudo feito debaixo do olhar cego de uma justica nada transparente. Sinceramente, tanta incompetencia e vergonhosa. E o facto de Pinto Monteiro nao se ter demitido ainda, e mais um sinal da sua incompetencia. Ele ainda nao percebeu que o tempo dele ja passou. Alguem vai ter de lhe fazer um desenho e explicar-lhe isso, como se ele tivesse 5 anos.

  10. The evidences Pinto de Abreu saw when Kate was questionned, were strong enough to make him take the decision of abandoning their defence. Next came Rogerio Alves, who is now, more a TV comentator then a Mccann's lawyer. Isabel Duarte is trying to survive but she will fall with Kate. Wonder how many times she regret to be the lawyer of a compulsive and narcissist liar.

  11. The amazing 2, still digging their grave.
    About Kates book to be launched today in Belgium and Holland:

    ""There are several countries from which tourists who visit the Algarve originate and, as such, the edition of the book in Belgium and the Netherlands is of great importance. There will be someone, from some country, who will know something about the disappearance of Madeleine and who could help in the solving of this case," said Kate McCann. ( WHY NOT MOROCCO'S, my dear? AFTER ALL, WAS THE COUNTRY YOU POINTED OUT AT THE BEGINNING OF THE INVESTIGATION, AS THE DESTINY OF MADELEINE. You still suffering from a very selective amnesia. Worried to disturb now a country that can hunt you with a very strategical contre-atack. They don't belong to the EU and were fed-up of your xenophoby. Easily, their police can use an official strategy to discredit you and expose your lies. Over the time, we can see, there is countries you involved on your saga at the beginning when you were desperate and trying to trow the attentions out of Portugal and the Algarve( God's know why) and now you are avoiding to disturb them- SCARED. What changed in middle time if the girl still missing?)

    "And on the other hand, any amount that results from the sales of the book will be spent on the investigation and search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our girl." Kate Mccann. ( That's one hand, the very weak hand. And which amount gos to the other hand, the very strong one, YOUR LAWYERS, YOUR SPIN TEAM, YOUR MORTGAGE, YOUR DAY LIFE, YOUR CELEBRITY STYLE?)

    According to Gerry McCann: "We are hopeful that this book may help the investigation to find Madeleine in other ways, too. Our hope is that it may prompt those who have relevant information (knowingly or not) to come forward and share it with our team. Somebody holds that key piece of the jigsaw." ( AH! AH! AND SHARE IT WITH OUR TEAM? Why not SY, who recieved from the government millions to review the case? Wonder what somebody " knowingly not" can share with your team? Fake sights to distract SY from their work? And wonder what you mean with 'find Madeleine in other ways'.
    You are mocking yourself or mocking Mr. Cameron? Since when a rubbish private team can replace an official police? Since when a part involved in the case can ask the public to hand information to that part? What are you affraid? Who you want to catch and control, before you being catched by the police?
    You'r exposing yourself, including your perverted methodes to manipulate and achieve money. Keep digging, keep talking. For money, you do the possible and the impossible, contrary to the effort spent(none) to reconstruct the day your daughter went missing.)

    Source Mccannfiles/ Destak

  12. Anon 11:13 great post! I find it hard to believe that this couple have managed to get their book of lies released in so many countries, considering what they did to Amaral and his book when his book was based on police records and theirs is based purely on what they and their friends state happened.

    Mccanns book is so obviously another ploy at whitewashing their images and making loads of money in the process. If they had one once of self respect and decency they would donate the funds from this book to a missing persons charity considering SY are now also looking for Madeleine at a cost of 3.5 million, it really is quite disgusting that nothing positive is done about these two criminals. They know exactly what happened to Madeleine because 'they were there'!

  13. Talking directly about video footage, dogs reactions to blood and cadaver scent plus 15 samples from 19 that match with Madeleine DNA tells a lot about the importance of those finding than we think!

    Meaning : these evidences were totally validated and if you cannot deny it the next step is saying that someone had planted it!

    Validated evidences (blood, hair, fluids, clothes) + rented car evidences after she got missing + missing blanket + the tidy bed + fingerprints left in the window + new witnesses + dancing till late in "special" discos for "special engagement" + fake statements + fake timeline schedule with the abductor information already in + erased phone records + washed cuddle cat + rearrange 5A furniture + jogging out of media and witnesses eyes to private and secret places + refused reconstitution + drugged twins + fraud fund + lack of interest on the Smiths sightseeing + a video and now a book that can be used in Court... If I were you I was really worried about where my curriculum vitae was taking me to....

  14. I cannot understand/accept that the PJ released the Renault back to the McCanns after the forensic tests considering the findings! They should have kept the car under lock and key, it should never have been given back to the suspects to allow them their own testing! I know of cases where the Pj has kept the vehicles for years!

  15. When the pj discovered madeleines DNA in the scenic they should never have let the mccanns have the car back, it should have been put into storage and kept as evidence, once the mccanns had it back they probably contaminated it so much that no further evidence would be found in it.

  16. How could Kate suggest someone planted the dna evidence in the car when she was so sure madeleine had been taken by an abductor, it would have been impossible for any dna to be in the vehicle if she had been taken.
    So clearly Kate is trying to put the blame on pj for madeleines dna being in their vechicle.
    The more Kate talks the more obvious it becomes that she is involved in madeleines disappearance.

  17. This is a very good post Textusa, you have paid much attention to detail , by Kate saying 'it must have been planted' she is admitting that as you state Madeleines body was accessible up till the time they hired the scenic, hidden around pdl somewhere.

    All that jogging she used to do, I wonder if they hid madeleines body up by the cliffs and jogged passed everyday to ensure nobody was walking around close to where madeleine was hidden, perhaps the place she was hidden is also visible from the church that is why they spent so much time inside the church alone (with their laptops and mobile phones!)

    The DNA was only ever on items handled by Mccanns. That day when Kate said they almost run over a drunk after she met Gerry at Faro that morning he left for England and there was also a private ambulance on the tarmac and he had avoided all the journalists except one, I remember reading about that and thought how odd, also he attended someone on the plane as they were ill, but we never read anything more about this person, perhaps madeleine was transported back to UK that day, Gerry sent out loads of smoke screens that day said his wallet had been stolen, all lies.

  18. What Kate has been able to do was what they've been fighting against all this time: the publishing of a book that proves the McCanns guilt, on UK soil!!! Well done, Kate!

  19. Kate Mccann never ceases to amaze me !! first she bans Amarals book, then writes a book attempting to clear her and her husband of the crimes we all know they committed, she is always courting the media. Why the media suck up to her I do not know. But thanks to this wonderful site Textusa et al break down all those little inaccuracies of Kates making it so glaringly obvious she is guilty. I am just so grateful for sites like this honest, truthful and analytical.

    As you so rightly point out Textusa Kate attempts to cover up Madeleines DNA being found in the Scenic claiming it was planted by someone else. Kates book should get this case re-opened.

  20. Jane Tanner gave strength to the mccanns version that madeleine had been abducted by stating that she saw the abductor carrying madeleine.

    So can we assume that whatever happened to madeleine happened before jane tanner made her ridiculous statement about bundleman. Again I feel this brings us back to Payne and his visit to Kate at 5.30 his statement and Kates do not make much sense, two people lying..but why?

    During the evening Payne never left the table the other men did, phone messages were deleted. Madeleine was placed in the wardrobe at some point for the dogs to pick up the cadaver, was this early evening?

    Payne stayed with Gerry and Kate next day when Yvonne Martin arrived, why was Payne there and not Fiona, was he worried about what might be said? Are David Payne and Murat friends ?

    Kate said the Paynes had helped her 'jog her memory' when writing this book' the Gaspars statements implicate the Paynes !!

    The Paynes and Dianne Webster hold the key to what happened, Dianne is covering for the Paynes, and the Paynes are covering for David Payne!!

  21. Did anybody ever ask Kate and Gerry why they felt it was okay to leave three children alone in the apartment every night? or perhaps the children were not left everynight, but only on the last night !

    Kate in her book says her married name was Kate Healy and she always signed Healy not Mccann she states she became Kate Mccann on 4th , so why did she sign the creche records as Kate Mccann on 3rd ?

  22. Anon
    Jun 20, 2011 10:02:00 PM

    Apparently, they were "asked" and the answer seems to have been "good parenting distance". If there was any truth to any of this, that is, which there isn't any (ever wondered why the McCanns were the only ones to be "checked" by the Social Services? Why not Oldfield and O'Brien? They, apparently had the same attitude as the McCanns, or do the Social Services only do checks on people who have their kids abducted?).

    Not even on the night of the 3rd were the children left alone, except for a relatively short period of time, in which we think Gerry took Maddie over to Murat's, came back to the apartment and went for his stroll with JT's daughter. Jane then returned to the apartment where all the children were, waiting for Gerry's return. before that, though, Kate lost the plot somewhere, and raised the alarm.

    About the Creche records, they're obviously forged, so are only of interest to understand what they wanted us to believe in. For the rest, they're irrelevant.

  23. Jun 20, 2011 10:18:00 PM

    Textusa wrote:

    (Gerry) "came back to the apartment and went for his stroll with JT's daughter."

    Then this is what the Smith family saw, Gerry with Tanner's child (Ella?), posing for Madeleine. But, from the way the Smiths described the child she must have been heavily sedated! My goodness, what kind of mother is Jane T.?! To allow her own flesh and blood to be drugged and used in that way! Some time after September 2007 after the McCanns returned to England, there were rumours that O'Brien had a nervous breakdown and had separated from Tanner, NO WONDER!

  24. "“Carlos still looked very concerned. There was a great deal we needed to discuss, he told us. He reiterated that the situation was not good. The PJ had a lot of ‘evidence’ against us, and I was certain to be made an arguida in the morning."

    "Presumably repeating what he had been told by the PJ, he explained how samples from both these sites had revealed Madeleine’s blood and one of them indicated a 15 out of 19 match with her DNA."

    I doubt that the PJ would give Mr. Pinto de Abreu false information on this matter or any other. I do not believe they would tell a lawyer that they had strong evidence against his client (and show him what that evidence consisted of) if they had not, if they were only bluffing. I suppose they could do it to an "arguido" during interrogation, to make him/her "bend", but to a lawyer? No, no way! They would be asking for trouble, once the whole scheme is found out a formal complaint would follow, for sure.
    Mr. Pinto de Abreu must have seen SOLID evidence against his clients, such damning evidence that let him very worried! Mr. Abreu is no fool, he's no Marcos Aragão Correia, he's a well reputated professional.

  25. Kate did not dismiss Madeleine ADN on the hired car. Instead, she tried to give an explanation for what was found, blaming others, as usual. She leave the accusation on a Limbo, for her readers to decide who planted the evidences there. Is quite clear that she wants to accuse the police but had no courage to do it openly.
    As usual, she ignored a very important part of the story of the DNA evidences- the other things, where ADN have been found- her personal clothes, the car key and the cuddle cat. If the abductor could planted the evidences on the car, due again of their negligence to take care of the car, how he planted it on her black and white square trousers( the ones she is wearing on the video where she reads the first appeal)? How he planted it on the car keys? and what is really amazing, HOW HE PLANTED IT ON THE CUDDLE CAT IF SHE USED IT LIKE A MASKOTTE, ALL THE TIME IN HER HANDS?
    Negligence seems to be her main word on her daughters saga. And looks very odd when somebody tries to explain so different situations trough the same word and the same behaviour. Only Kate seems to have a close relation with all the objects where the evidences where found.
    Parallel events, also gave us an accurate picture of what happen on May 3. I start believing, the police knows well what happened and who do it. They just did not find the body, YET. When Paulo Rebelo took the investigation he went to PDL to do himself in loccu, what appears to me, THE RECONSTRUCTION OF THE NIGHT OF MAY 3. To do it, he based his decision on two things: The statements and Mccann's abduction claims, and the FORENSIC EVIDENCES THE POLICE HAD AS FACTS. Then, we see Paulo Rebelo trying to pass himself and a Fake Madeleine, trough the window, checking the height of the window, checking the plants on the garden bed(none was broken). And, what is more relevant for me, is the ways Paulo Rebelo checked himself before having a tour inside PDL- He walked toward Murat's Villa and to the beach. He is a top investigator, used with high crime, not a stupid person. At the time he knows He was replacing another top investigator, who also was not stupid. By checking the way to Murats house and to the beach, he knows well what he was doing.
    Murat's arguido status was removed almost at the same time as the Mccann's. The case was shelved with stamp HOMICIDE. Since then, the investigation never stopped( contrary to what the Mccann's say) and the official police did not gave the arguido status to any other characters. Many potential arguidos show up on Mccann's passerelle. So many sights, so many evils got their life publicly exposed. None get the attention of the police. Police knows well who have done it. They know Madeleine died without any negligence. The body is the only missing evidence.

  26. A lesson for Kate and Gerry: After millions spend on lawyers and a cleaning machine. After many interviews, a moccmentary, an injunction, a book forbbiden and another allowed to go free, you did not manage to change the mind of anybody that has an anti-feeling against you. Who suspected your story at the beginning, still suspecting you. Now with more information, with more grounds to strongly desbelieve you.
    Thousands of pro or without a clear opinion, changed their mind and think now, they were naif when, at the beginning, they believe you, based just on the idea that you can't have done it. I have few examples inside my family and my close group of friends. Now, they are fed-up of you. That's what you build, over this 4 years with trillions of lies and many frauds, A GENUINE ANTI-FEELING, A KIND OF COLLECTIVE "URTICARIA", A MASSIVE FED-UP.
    It is already a kind of life condemnation- you can't pass unnoticed, even on the most remote corners of the world. The best translation for that, is what I keep noticing( and I believe not only me) every time I went to a shop and your book is there, or a paper is showing your faces, people insult you loudly in public. Nothing refrain them, nothing stops their genuine feeling. who teach them? YOU, WHEN YOU INSULT AND GAGG A POLICE WHICH FAULT WAS DOING HIS JOB CORRECTLY AND INDEPENDENTLY. YOU TRIED HARDLY TO BUY HIS SILENCE, BUT HE SHOWS YOU THAT YOUR MONEY, YOUR FABRICATED POWER CAN'T BUY EVERYTHING. IN FACT YOUR MONEY AND YOUR HYPOTHETICAL POWER, ARE KILLING YOU.

  27. Two important questions the journalists never posed to the Mccann's:
    1- How they know it was just one abductor who carried Madeleine?
    2- How they know the abductor was a men?

    During 4 years, we saw a parade of evil mens, showing up as 'persons of interest' always acting alone. The Superabductor.

    I can just find an explanation for that: The Smiths sight. They know, the Smiths saw Gerry. Then they became struggled by that FACT.
    On their fictional story, the character is real- A men, alone with a girl.

  28. Tex,
    Your theory fits perfectly, Murat hired a car because he lent his (or did he!) and he had access to empty properties all over pdl. Gerry carrying Jane Tanners daughter coincides with Jane Tanner being around when Gerry spoke to Jez, but what about this court case Murat V Tanner that does not seem to have materialised perhaps it was put about to keep the pair quiet. Murat was paid off received money from newspapers and he did rush out to pdl and said he was part of the biggest f...up. The creche records with 'Mccann' written instead of Healy on 3rd was a mistake perhaps by OC staff or one of Tapas as Kate would have written 'Healy', so maybe Madeleine never went to the creche that day, could her death have happened 2nd May or even 1st May ?
    Paynes statement at 5.30 on 3rd May is very odd indeed something is not right about Kate and Payne at that time.
    If Murat removed Madeleines body to a 'safe house', records would show empty properties and could utility bills be used to determine empty properties using electricity at that time (for the fridge). If a property is empty there should be no electricity usage !

    This would explain his mother's stall. I hope SY take notice of this Textusa because I believe what you have said is about right, again it was only those three ever made suspects.
    Very well done Textusa.

  29. I don't think Madeleine died before May 3rd. Otherwise the couples would not be in the mood for being "so into each other" - don't you agree?

    There are only two possible and plausible theories:

    Textusa - Madeleine was beaten in the head and die immediately (or soon) from a serious injury and none of them (called in a SOS) were able to resurrect a child (as Rachel mention in early days) and in this case Kate and David (and later Gerry) were the last persons seeing Madeleine alive);
    Pat's theorie - in one of their checks (that did not happened so often as Tapas said) Gerry found her missing because she was behind the sofa (neck was broken, or had a serious head injury or die due impossibility to breath well behind the sofa);

    Obviously at this time they were not having dinner they were doing what they meant to be doing since day one. That's why no one is telling honestly where they were at the time of crime has happened.

    Kate, Gerry and Murat were not made arguidos for not reason (they were connected).

    Kate has already validated Madeleine DNA found in the car after she's gone so this is the car we don't need another one, she was transferred in this vehicle.

    We have the two possible death's motives, the people involved (direct and indirectly), the vehicle...still missing the house, the fridge and of course... the body!

  30. Pagarete, also seems he abandonned Murat defense. The last time he appeared on the news, was candidate to some position in the Lisbon football team, Sporting.
    Murat, instead of saying he was part of the B..F.UP. He must thanks PJ. When he was made arguido, he got his passport to the millionnaire world, without having to face a court or went to prison. The money he earn from the papers, same as the Mccann's, was not a court decision, was an agreement between the papers and his lawyer. If the Mccann's had some politics acting behind scenes to help them, who was behind scenes, helping Murat? The same politics? Brian Kennedy?
    These 3, were sharing too many things, to be just a coincidence. SY need to go back to the point where everything starts: PDL & the trio Kate&Gerry and Murat.

  31. For me, the body was transfered by road, to UK, when the Mccann's were doing their trip to Europe. The Scenic, which was supposed to increase zero Kms at that time( parked) had his Kms increased in around two thousands ( enough to cross the border to Spain and go to deep Spain where the body could be transfered to an Unsuspected car with an unsuspected driver that could bring it to UK. Gamble was already on the scene to help crossing the UK border and Michael wright(Kates cousin) stated, he went to PDL to help the Mccann's with twins. Was he really staying with twins? During the day they were in the creche and the Mccann's also made very confused statements about this week and who stayed with twins. Sometimes were Gerry sisters, sometimes Kates parents. They never said was Michael, but Michael justified his presence in PDL with the twins. He was the second legal driver of the Scenic. Their belongs have been checked by the dogs? I don't think so.
    I keep criticising the police for letting the Mccann's to have or pretending to have so many friends and relatives around, without the police been quitely vigilant. But, I know, I'm maybe commiting an injustice, because PJ could do nothing without permission. Even if they wanted a close Mccann's control, Alipio Ribeiro will say NO. They were not arguidos( officially suspects) at the time. The big mistake on that investigation was 'not making the Mccann's and their friends suspects since the first night and not forbbiding them to contact any other person, without police permission'. If the police had take that the decision, the case will be solved in few days and the body found very early. Mccann's had too much free space.

  32. The pj said Murat had lied to them about his activities on 3rd, he was also receiving phone messages late at night.
    Could the tapas tried to frame Murat as the abductor if he help remove the body at some stage, Kate said at the time 'she hoped they would treat Murat fairly! what an odd thing to say about the man that had taken her daughter.

    Gerry and Murat are quite similar looking it was only because the Smiths knew Murat that they said it couldn't possibly be him carrying the child.

    Payne and Kate's statement of 3rd such a simple straightforward meeting, but both felt it necessary to lie, there is something wrong with that meeting between those two. Kate and Gerry also kept out of the days activities with the rest of the Tapas..why, if this group 'was so into each other' were they missing ?

  33. Anon 9.26 I agree the mccanns were given too much freedom, when they were interviewed Gerry sat with Kate the pj said he often squeezed her shoulder during interview (Pat Brown states this in her book).

    The freedom they were given gave them opportunities to colaborate their stories (and they still messed up). They should have all been made suspects in the beginning.

    Perhaps when the case gets re-opened they will all be made suspects, at least SY is fully aware of what has been going on with the mccanns and realises there was never an abductor, Kates book confirms this by her stating the dna must have been planted in scenic.

  34. It is possible that Maddie was brought back to UK in the inflatable that was driven out to PDL from UK.
    Since then one of the men involved has died. What was the point in such a massive inflatable being driven all that way. The two men supposidly paid for it themselves!

  35. Textusa

    Very Good Blog. I have never ruled out Murat at all. He is part of this cover up for some reason or other. He did know some of the Tapas, so they roped him in.

    Who knows what he was even translating to the media. The others could not speak Portuguese !


  36. Anon. 9:42, who contracted the guys to bring the inflatable to PDL was Gerry brother. They claimed the inflatable was an offer from the company, but that raises suspictions because the company, at the time was passing a very bad financial moment. Contrary to the Mccann's Fund which was very healthy. Gerrys brother was a Director of the Fund. It is almost obvious, the Fund Payed the inflatable. What I find very strange at the time, was the little, poor attention, the Mccann's gave to that inflatable. If I'm not in error, on the day the inflatable arrived to PDL, they went to Fatima. Very clever, this two. They always manage to have strange coincidences.

  37. Murat sat in on Dianne Webster interview with the police he never sat in on any of the tapas or mccanns interviews.

    The taqpas all gave their libel money to the mccanns, if they knew madeleine was already dead they took that money under false pretences. Then they gave it away to mccanns because they knew they were not entitled to it.

  38. Kevin Halligen is now set to stand trial in the US accused of defrauding a London law firm.

    Read More;twitter#ixzz1Pw7KcyAn

  39. If Gerry took Madeleine to Murat's house, how come the dogs didn't signal there? I believe they searched Murat's house too, or am I wrong?

  40. Anon
    Jun 22, 2011 2:26:00 PM

    Goncalo Amaral answered that in his TV interview with Miguel Sousa Tavares, and that was that the first dogs that went into Murat's house were tracking a LIVE human being, and not a cadaver.

    Also, the body in Murat's house, was not as carelessly taken care of as it was in 5A. Not saying that the T9 were intentionally careless, but the body laid on the ground for a certain period of time until they decided what to do.

    Lastly, when those first dogs went into the house, I'm pretty sure that any and all places where Maddie's body stood, was cleaned to the point of all bacteria-extinction in the vicinities.


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